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    1. Determination! 2 missed chance

      by , 03-30-2019 at 11:40 PM
      Had trouble dreaming, many HI. Just went ahead to get more sleep and had 1 very short dream and failed ap thing. Still rem depraved I think.

      Went to sleep
      Awake and immediately did GRC

      Short dream:
      It was Movemver, bunch of guys on a long cafeteria table were comparing their beards and mustaches. All sorts of mustaches and beards. I take a look and walk around. I crash into a camera. Finds Joey from vat19 they were filming and ask me if I'm ok, camera lights are hot.


      Wake, Get buzzing, I focus on it, it gets pretty loud, see if I can get out of body. Failed. Arms and body numb but I can move easily. Perhaps too excited. Neck was tense, could be related.

      Key notes :

      So it's good progress. I did rc as I woke up, felt my body touching the bed. That means the rc is setting in. Had I been in rem state it would be a Ld!

      My theory regarding grc and meditation causing rem depravation may be correct. It may make you too aware for rem initially.

      Failed ap may be due to body tension, will relax and soften today. So close!

      MILD. I did mild and shadow work yesterday but I know I did not do it 100 too effectively. But today I did it well and am excited.

      No Ld but were very close considering how little rem I had. Should I ease on grc before and on bed so I get more rem? Would def be easier if I had more dreams.

      Could it be mental exhaustion from doing grc? Increased sws duration to adapt or something.

      Always improving super oneironaut.
    2. Saturday, March 30

      by , 03-30-2019 at 06:28 PM
      I am at work with Lainey. We have stopped a teen girl right outside the mall entrance. I think it’s the same girl that she stopped in Sephora and had me be a witness for. Her mom happens to be right over here, so we have her come over. I kind of explain what happened and tell her it’ll be easier since she’s here. The mom seems pretty understanding. I am holding a shoe box that is apparently what she stole. I start to go through it, and I find ear buds (which I think could’ve been hers since they’re a little tangled and not exactly brand new looking) and a smaller pair of shoes shoved inside a larger pair of shoes (they’re like a converse or something with a high ankle area that allows this to happen). I noticed that the box did feel a little heavy. I talk to just Lainey for a second - she wants to let her go, but I really don’t since the shoes are around $100.
    3. Thursday, March 28

      by , 03-30-2019 at 06:27 PM
      I am outside somewhere with whom I am pretty sure is Scott from work. The area looks like stereotypical Nevada scenery - gentle hills, dirt, and sagebrush. I am chewing on what seems to be a few tiny pieces of bone, separating any meat left on them. As I listen to Scott talk, I spit the pieces completely devoid of meat. He is telling me about Nathaniel’s girlfriend and how she goes somewhere or has access to somewhere (due to wealth, family, etc.). We’re apparently going to use her connections to go there as well. I picture her, think about telling him I know her, then tell him “Kevin, I mean Nathaniel, is one of my old best friends.”

      I am with one or two employees at work (it is not really work, but seems more like a multiple level shopping center or hotel). I think Hunter is one of them. We’re each carrying a stack of jeans and when we walk past a man one of us gets the idea to say something that makes it sound like we’re trying to steal these. The man falls for it and starts following us. We end up down on the ground floor and outside or in an outdoor entryway area, right outside the elevator. I think we’ve left the jeans elsewhere, and the man is gone too. I’m looking at the gap between the elevator and the floor that is exposed by the open doors. I shine my phone’s flashlight into it, tentatively, afraid of dropping my phone down it. I contemplate what happens to things that are dropped down there. I can’t see the bottom.
    4. Shapeshift Russia, Mattress apartment, FA failed RC little Lucid

      by , 03-30-2019 at 03:25 AM
      A little sleep deprived I think, perhaps could have had more dreams. 2 dreams, first one was long, perhaps even separated by microawakenings, may have FA. Second is shorter, but had awareness, failed RC.

      Dream 1- Shape-shifting Immortal (FA)
      I receive a backstory from the dream(should become more aware of any backstories). My appearance varied and changed with the shift of time, elusive as the shadow, yet leaving footsteps in legends and lores through passage of time. I am an immortal being looking for her father, appearance of late teens, dark hair with blue sheen(changes through the dream), attractive with the innocent brilliant sheen in her eyes dark blue more beautiful than any sapphire.

      I am strolling in an outdoor environment that I perceived as somewhere between the slums and the country side of motherland Russia, somewhat empty, cold and bleak-white grey colored streets. I had ended up here somehow, but I need to get back! I need to go back to Japan! But how am I to get back? I could speak no Russian.

      There were some people walking by, and I knew that some of them would likely be able to help me get to an airport.

      So I asked around, "Does anyone speak english?" in moderate volume, loud enough for a close enough vicinity to hear, but would not disturb anyone.

      May have been a bad idea, I may have been approaching the slum territory, and what if I get into trouble now? But I kept going around, asking.

      "Hello" said a male voice.

      It was a trio of late teen or early tween men. One was more stoutly built, and quite tall with short blonde hair and while his face reminiscent of a young Putin, although stockier. One was slightly shorter than him with short black hair, thin with average build, somewhat arabian/european face. Thired one was a younger looking, pink hair (lol) short and cute looking.

      At initial glance I thought they were trouble but they were okay. We talk a little and they asked my help to infiltrate the base of a local gang-ish thing and I agreed for some reason. Perhaps they told me they'd helped me get back. Or maybe I wanted to help improve the living standards of ppl here or something.

      So as we were discussing the plan on how we would proceed, I feel a presence watching me... from where? Above! I see a device resembling an eye and use my mind's eye to look through it, and trace it back to its owner. An evil sorcerer. I see through his eyes and read all of his thoughts.

      He was a very aged old man, living past normal human years with the use of his dark magical arts, his skin wrinked and saggy while his cheeks drooped down past his chin. He wore a dark red robe/ cloak that hid his head and most of his body. He was the one running the gang from the shadows. Then he sensed that he was being watched. But from where? He could find no one in his dimly lit, dark-red lair with only faintest glow.

      "Has someone hijacked my mechanical eyes?!" He thought.

      They were as described, eye shaped devices, made with mechanical parts. It was shaped like an eyepiece of a microscope, a lens in the middle, which resembled an eye, and cone-shaped bronze colored metal tubing around lenses, which allowed him to conduct his mana and control the eyes. He would control one piece, which would feed a immediate visual feedback to himself, with the additional lenses helping to redirect and magnify the vision across long distance throughout the city. Like the all-seeing eye, he oversaw the whole city.

      He went through each eye, floating up in the air for any mana signature that he could trace back to the direction of the spy, yet he found none. He reached the final lens, overlooking the park with a small lake. There was a young woman with pink hair that the eye was looking at, who was casually conversing with the 3 men around her. What? Could that be the one who is responsible? But how!? Mana can only be harnessed with the use of an alchemical device. It must be a mistake. It must... To maintain his sanity, he dismissed the idea.

      (I had pink hair so I could pose as pinky's sister)

      Our group entered the gang's secret base. Apparently Pinky (the pink hair I'll use this as his nickname), was the one selected as the prime candidate as a recruit or something similar. So we decided that I would disguise myself as pinky. I morphed myself and became as replica of his visage. We took a few moments to practice his personal habits and intricate tenancies before proceeding. He had a habit of pushing out his lower jaw way forward and making a funny face whenever he spoke, so we practiced that.

      So 3 of us without pinky, entered the main layer of the gang's base.

      I was tired after the meeting and fall asleep, within the dream.

      I wake up in a bed, a bedroom that's used by the gang members. I felt tired. I watched a video on a tablet and didn't feel like doing much. I speak with the trio and as we are watching tv, I am beginning to recall some events. My awareness shift from my dream body into my visual recall.

      I had likely defeated the bosses of the group, while the sorcerer escaped. There had been an entity that oversaw the sorcerer whom I had to deal with.

      Back to the moment. I shift my being into an unfamiliar visage. A lion-like manbeast, with some unique abilities. Awareness going back to the visual memory.

      I was facing the three-headed beast, a being that had 3 heads. It had a beast-kin like body with strong musculature, slightly yellow fur and claws like the lion. The face to the left was the manbeast from earlier, the one in the middle was a beautiful lady with dark hair, in a ponytail, the third to the right... I can't recall

      I distract them with a small shockwave, then I morphed into the form of the manbeast, and I sucked the soul and ability of the manbeast of the three headed beast through my hand. The head and a part of its body disappeared, his abilities were now forever mine. I had changed and absorbed the one to the middle as well. Now there was only one left. He did not have any spectacular features that I can remember. I think I spared him. He will now serve me, he was kind of bullied by the other 2 so he didn't really mind. I now rule this area from its shadows! I shall transform it into a better place.

      Back to exhausted me, watching TV. A very hideous human sized fly creature was yapping on the news. It had random gloubles of black baseball-sized balls that grew from its face that somewhat resembled caviar, it grew about every 5-10 inches intervals. It's face was about the 3 times the size of the human face. I was exhausted. Too tired to do anything. Exhausted in waking life so exhausted in dream. And this thing was so gross! I think it had sensed my mana signature from my fight earlier, and openly challenged me on TV.

      No I didn't feel like it. Let's go to sleep, yes I'm really tired. I sent the trio to deal with him.

      Wake up.

      Could represent gaining powers, dream powers. Learning, absorbing.
      **Edit*Feeling lost initially is trauma. Got lost in situation like described below. Mom didn't pick me up from school on first day she was very late. I decided to go home myself maybe find her on the way or something. Ended walking 10km in opposite direction. Got dark. Cried and a construction worker who was black called the cops for me. Eventually got home.. But still even the police didn't speak the same language.. Was scared. Was pretty late when I got home. I needed rest. Wish I could have stayed home next day to calm down. Many being lost dreams likely stems from this very event. That feeling of wanting to go back to Japan.

      Dream 2 mattress apartment failed RC

      So I was in a house, somewhat similar to home. We (mom dad me), decided to go on kind of business trip to England or something similar. We end up staying at an apartment. What stood out the most was that the kitchen in the apartment was identical to the neighbhour's kitchen. Almost identical. We proceed to the living room and find two mattresses there, without sheets. In the end I am in the living room with one of the mattresses. I am just walking around the room and I kind of have this urge to pee. While walking I gain some awareness and tries an RC, I try to poke my hand through with my finger. Yet it fails. Disappointed I walk towards the bathroom. Did I pee myself? I check. O god maybe a little. As I head towards the bathroom. I see the bathtub filled with water. Should I let it out? No. (maybe a FA, during the latest part of this)

      I wake up. No I was totally fine lol. I go pee after jotting down both dream key events.

      +++So what's key is that I randomly got the awareness during this dream. I think this may be from GRAVITY RC. I found that during my practice, I could feel the gravity the most when I was walking. I do still have many parts I need to work on but this is great! At first I didn't notice it was I think it was a split-second of gravity RC that induced the awareness for me to RC. I may require a bit more time to forget the hands RC.

      Bad Memories
      So the part about mattress and the living room raises some deepset feelings that I needed to release from within me. As I recalled the dream throughout the day, I realized I uncovered something that I forgot about.

      I was starting my exercise and I just cried a little while recalling forgotten stuff.

      I was little. I had moved recently. It was a different country. We moved into a crappy apartment. One bedroom. While my parents stayed in the bedroom. I stayed in the living room, with a piece of mattress. It was uncomfortable. It was noisy. It had a hamster that we got from a friend that made noises every few moments. It had the annoying buzzing sounds of electronics plugged into the wall. I did not sleep well. Stayed here for half a year or a year.

      Maybe I'm being a drama queen if you think that's not bad. But it wasn't the only thing... There was just too many things piled together that drove me to the wall. I had to relearn a language, my parents spoke their mother tongue, instead of the language I was comfortable with, and kids at school spoke english. Just great. My father enjoyed belittling me with his mother tongue. And who do I talk to for emotional support... No one spoke the same language. Not one person. I was alone. All alone. Not a single person I could speak to, confide to, cry to, laugh with...

      Alone at school, I was expected to somehow know which class to go to... What to do. I had this shitty kid who was suppose to help me with things... they thought that since he spoke the mother tongue he could help me... no he was useless, thought I was nuts. Lunch time sucked too... My mother had bought the cheapest most convinient thing she could find. It was these mini-pizzas that were a dollar for a bundle of 4 or 8. It had a paper thin bits of cheese with maybe some pepperoni. Tomato taste without a hint of basil or any herbs. It was microwaved, then thrown into a plastic bag. Soggy and sour by the time it was lunch. I ate it, threw away some sometimes. Never complained, I never complained about anything. I atleast, wanted comfort in food. I don't think a dog would eat it unless it was on the verge of death.

      I just experienced the feelings a little. I just wanted love.. at that time. Something to enjoy at that time. Video game to escape the reality. But atleast video game kept me sane at that time, likely. Will you release me now? Is it done... or more? Later that day I talked about this event and little more to my parents when I had the chance. Torrents of waterfall. I told them that I blamed no one, but that I really needed to let it out.

      Well maybe if any kids read this u oughta let your parents know your feelings. Or maybe you're a parent, I know you got it tough, kids waking you up middle of the night , gotta take em to school, make em food, and you barely get any rest. But remember do tell them you love em. Maybe they aren't nearby you... well why don't you give em a call... tell em you love them.

      I ended my physical exercise I started earlier. Went to my meditation.

      During my meditation I tried an experiment and sent energy from my heart like I read the QT2 book, just to see what would happen. One of the squirrels just stopped and looked my way, for a while. Got distracted and he left. I noticed before that if I can read a certain state during meditation, squirrels would just come by and stand near me.

      I felt a thorn in my heart, as I accessed my heart chakra area though... still had blockages. I tried to feel love. But I felt pain. I... can I be loved? Please love me I prayed... I raised my arms in the air, I prayed, to the sun, to the sky, to the world, to the universe, to all the other dimensional beings, loving, living or non living. I send you what love I have... Please send me your love. Show me.

      Love like the sunlight, always constant, always in the morning
      Let mine heart be opened and let me accept love, inside and out
      Let mine heart shine with the love of infinite suns, light everlasting
      Lit the shadow of ignorance, guide me with might, insight

      Sun is not enough, much like scorched earth, desert
      Ocean of emotions, when it rise and clouds my mind,
      Let tears flow and ease the pain
      Like the sorched earth without rain

      I parted my hands to my side, and slowly brought them back to the stomach. I felt something. my heart chakra felt opened. The thorns surrounding it, are they gone? I send message of love to infinity. Please reply, show me the love infinity.
      Back to meditation. Back to Gravity RC.

      Remember to do Gravity RC.

      Gravity RC notes
      I noticed that it was easiest to practice gravity RC when I was walking. And the tiny moment of lucidity was when I was walking. Das is gut.

      Walking and standing is easiest, because of the movement and shift in the gravity.

      Need most work when using computer or using the phone. Any activity which is mentally active, but physically pretty inactive, is a little challenging. Improve that.

      So gravity RC is working that's great! 3 days in a row of lucid events! YES! Daily lucidity into always lucidity.

      But don't forget to do gravity RC. Do it right now.

      I feel great Daily into every super lucid dreams

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