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    1. Buddhist temple AP

      by , 04-19-2019 at 05:49 AM
      Training in Buddhist temple x2

      I was attending the buddhist temple to train to be a monk. I've given up on my worldly materials and whatnot and changed into the monk robe. I washeading into the depths of the temple and there was a large pillar or something that I had to climb and I did. But I was stuck in the high altitude and no one would help me! I was furious and I wnted to quit begin a monk.

      I was heading back to the reception office to find my clothes and money. I began getting tense once I wore my regular clothes though. I was looking for my $20k, they took it! I'm asking them for my money but eventually my mom and a few acquaintances show up. THey tell me that I've changed and that there's an aura or something around me. I head into 3rd person POV and see that this indeed was true.

      I had a halo of warm comforting light that surrounded my head, body and etc. So maybe it's not all BS. I take off the clothing I had and go back with only the robe. Tensions gone. I realized that I felt better.

      WTF? This is dejavu. Years and years ago.

      I am heading into the bathroom, change room area. That sort of look like the changerooms of gyms. I'm going there because there was a nun/main kind of lady who was trying to guide me. So I was following her to the area to change. I find another monk, he was a stout guy, darker skin. He also had a nun following him. He tells me to follow him so I did. We head outside and towards a river or lake. There are couple of small tones that are floating down the way. He tells me to follow him and swiftly he hops onto the stones and to the other side. I copy him and do it even better! He is impressed. We go through a series of rivers like this for my training.

      Wake/Change scene

      This time I'm or 3rd person MC, is a fat monk. Pretty round and the abdominal blob had blob on top. Been slacking on the training for the past 2 years and hadn't taken things seriously. As I/he head back towards the changeroom there ia a commotion going on an two boys are afflicted with something sinister. They were afflicted with sort of sexual deviancy parasite. Infact they were not kids, they were in their twenties but the parasite had affected them and made them not grow. So I/he pull out the parasites with the chi or something and they come out of the nose or ears. Huzzah!.

      -perhaps facing my fear or heights in dream, glowed after.


      Failed ap heard kids playing likely in dream.

      I was having the sensation of beginning of an AP. I was focusing on the vibrations as it began getting stronger and I focused on it. Perahps ther was a little doubt in my heart of I was unsettled. But I began to hear children playing outside and was a little distracted or irritated and took me off my concentration. I failed the AP

      However there were no children. It was likely the sound of AP/Dream. Perhaps I've already succeeded and the frustration feeling had caused a frustration.

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    2. Leveling up - Limbo

      , 04-19-2019 at 05:08 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I'm sitting in a chair in my new office. 2 other people are sitting there as well. One is someone I know, the other one, female, is an employee who worked there for a while. She tells me that in my chair used to sit one of the smartest people of the planet. I ask her "he must have told you the secret of life, why we are here, or what is this place?" She giggled and said yes. I went on asking, if this is for real, as in real life, or something else. She said "yeah, something else, we are in Limbo. I understood that as we are "neither here, nor there. We are in between."

      Next thing I know, I'm entering a large, industrial elevator. Some people I know change their minds and get off, but I stay. We are going up, to 7. floor. I'm thinking in my mind "level up, go up". Thinking that I'm on a journey higher up spiritually. I hear a voice saying to all of us, that there maybe things up there we will not understand, but it's ok, just go with it. I get off the elevator, and everybody there has big muscles and they are flexing them. In a middle there is a fighting rink, people are chanting "ka-ra-te".

      Somewhere during this time, I thought I understood the message and tried to "level up spiritually". I was thinking "go up, level up" and I started to feel strong head vibrations and a buzz of the transition. But then I felt the strong need to know where is my bed and where is the door to my place and that took me out of the transition. : (
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. Hotel

      by , 04-19-2019 at 02:18 AM
      Nothing much, just remember myself being in a hotel's bathroom, what's interesting that I have never been in that hotel in real life, and yesterday too I had a dream about place where I have never been including some long and thin snake into which I was assured my sister had transformed and I tried to bring her back by squeezing the snake!

      Anyway, it is now quite clear to me that PLACE is the best category for me to look forward as a dream sign for MILD technique.
      dream fragment , side notes
    4. F

      by , 04-19-2019 at 01:41 AM
      My dad was mad at me because I didn't tell my mom to pick me up at the correct place. She drove to pick me up but it was a dead end so she had to turn around. My dad and I got into a fight. He unleashed a mac miller song about junkie zombies on me and i was grabbed by a blue zombie. But i clenched my body and the zombie poofed into dust.

      Worked event in a theater. Natalie asked me to put my phone on silent. I was sitting down in the theater. She wanted to talk. I was worried it was about me laying down on the job earlier.

      In the brush with strangers who communed at the same place each night to discuss there problems.
      non-lucid , dream fragment