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    1. Hospital hall

      by , 05-08-2019 at 12:15 AM
      Update with more info if needed. Two long dream. Short ld

      Hero group, air balloon. Magic travel with ?? To Pizza place . Something super powers.


      One more dream here trouble recalling now. It was long something to do with friend and mall.


      Laid still trained like last 2 days got HI. Saw vision of amusement park and b became a dream

      walked down University road. Scene change to hospital hall dark . Lucid now. Look behind me bright and fuzzy. Look front getting fuzzy. Touched wall and got clear, also licked wall for good measure it was grainy. Tried touching floor too tried to lick but woke. May have focused too much (vision single spot) and broke rem.


      Should replay dream in head instead of writing if feeling lazy.

      Progress is excellent.