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    1. earthquakes, the saint

      by , 05-20-2019 at 10:45 PM
      May18 - Losing focus, Arnold Schwar

      I had a sister in this dream. She was trying to become an idol. Her hair was extra black looked dyed. She looked nice.

      I had an AP. Actually had 2, where left bed but, lost awareness after FAs.


      Hard a super realistic vision of seeing my body in my dream. Looked so real so I thought I was awake. My dad making a mess of my room. Just trashing about. I am going through the house and I see a scary-feeling door down the hall. It scares me and I will it to disappear and it's gone. I felt better.


      I am waiting for a girl inside a house. Presumably she's my friend. Her bf shows up and begins to pick a fight. I try to find a weapon to fight him. The house is a small detached house. Wooden, maybe more a cot than a house. Country-style. I find and grab a rapier and fight him off.

      I explore around the house and at the back of the house where the backdoor to the backyard is, I find the young Arnold Schwarzenegger. He begins by telling me he's going to test my strength and throws a punch my way. I block it and he acknowledges me. Apparently there's a bomb in the house, I diffuse it.

      I am outside, yellow grasslands, control the weather, make/stop rain.

      I keep exploring the country side and find a noodle shop with some friends. Find my parents there. There's a student looking for his friend. People at the town asks me to follow them.

      Notes: Had control, did AP, but lost awareness.

      May19 - Monkey Song

      The ????(gibberish) getting bullied by classmates???? ???

      I recall being in a dark room trying to solve a puzzle. I meet evan who helped me solve it.


      My friend M was in bed. I hear a song on the radio, it's a very catchy song. went like:

      "Oooh ah ah ah ah"

      I comment on how I could sing it better probably. Upon awakening I decided to name the song Monkey. It was very with the guy's voice and the tune. Tried to record the tune upon awake.


      I am making friends on dream views apparently, finds Michael Raduga's group on it. He invited me and I find him there with a blackboard at the back teaching his phase stuff.


      Tried to write down the dreams on DJ in the dream. x2-3 Maybe I realized I was dreaming in the middle of it. I decided to wake up to write down a few events.

      I think I had the same thing the night before. Where I am writing down the dream in DJ inside the dream, and I have to decide to really wake up or write it down.

      May20 today - Earthquakes, Saint

      I was in a school gym like setting. Y was there and there were yugioh cards.

      +likely incubated by seeing it at dollar store when I was trying to buy a pack of poker cards.

      Going around the school. It's huge more like an academy. It's like the academy in xmen kind of. Ppl having powers in general sort of setting. Apparently I had a rival dude he had short blond hair pretty well built.

      I head to the edge of a building and there's an earthquake. The place is a wreck and I'm one of the only survivors.

      I'm just surveying the area in birds eye view. The place is a wreck.

      Lasts about a day.


      I am in bedroom and earthquakes happen again. The room is rolling over and I'm just being flicked all over the place.

      I head out and end up being in the hall. My home is apparently a rather very spacious mansion, old, brownish colors but nice. There's a large group of people heading through the door. They are a religious group of sorts and apparently came to worship me as a Saint for some reason. They believed I was a Saint from surviving the earthquake when they saw I was one of the only sole survivor of the earthquake from the previous academy scene.

      So they line up in rows with a cardinal like person at the front directing them to sing hymns. I sing along for fun and apparently sang the part of the star choir boy. Not wanting to hog his spotlight I stop and leave.
      I head back towards my room. My rooms a mess and all esp from the earthquake and I preferred privacy.

      I begin to sort articles in my room when I find my pc. Let's erase stuff on my pc before they come! I like my privacy. I tried turning it on but as the fan turns it stops running. A skinny neighbor from previous neighborhood, R, smacks my pc to try to fix it. She repeats it a few times. No it does not work. Stop smacking my alienware! Maybe it broke from the earthquake. No worries.

      A team of saintly maidens about 5 or 6 shows up. They are here to watch over me or take care of my needs. I just feel distracted and annoyed with them here. They keep getting in my way as I try to clean the place and I decided to touch them on the forehead with my palm to erase their memories. I implanted false memories that they already completed their objective.

      As they head back i ask if there are any "special" nuns among the entirety of their mission. There were a couple. I asked them to bring them over to play with each other. They do so.


      I wanted to see if i could get back into previous dream since it was so interesting.

      *I was in the bedroom at start of dream

      I did an AP within the dream. Saw my body behind my family that were eating. I saw my grandparents there. As I watched from another room I noticed my body moving on its own looking silly and I believe I'm possesses so I decide to jump head first back into my body.

      I begin to converse my ap to my grandparents but it appears we are being spied. My grandma tells me that we need to get away as we try to find elsewhere. She appears to have something important to say. But I notice behind me there is a maid or a waitress following us. She is the spy!

      We run away. This building we are in is somewhat structurally similar to the previous mansion but not the same. Somewhat more like a mall but it's the same shape. We head towards where my room was in the previous dream. We take a break at the corridor. My grandpa has some kind of parasitic plant taking over the leg, I recall perhaps I was infected by the same thing earlier. There's a guy with us too and I tell them to undress as I undress too to make sure there are no parasites. I check my body first to make sure I am clean before I can heal the others.

      The waitress from earlier is here and she has an assault rifle. I grab it from her and shoot all the bullets in the air. No ammo for you! But she tries to tell me something. There were a bunch of macho guys who begin to attack us. There were 2 of them who appeared to be the boss of the bunch. Thinking perhaps I should have let her keep the weapon. I pushed them with my palm.

      Maybe FA

      I might become a different person around here. I am now a bodybuilder/ pro wrestler. I guide the baddies towards up a certain stairway and it leads to their demise eventually. The flooring would collapse and they would all be...

      I head away somewhere else. Underground where we'd escape. But it's locked. I was betrayed by Nikolas. But someone else from the group bulldozers the entrance to let me in. I'm about to scold him when I notice to the right there is a small room there. It's my/wrestlers wife. she begins to speak of how I changed. I begin to reflect upon my dream actions. Maybe I didn't need to kill off all the baddies like some overlord. I'm feeling regrets and begin crying.

      I hear a musical that I made before. But the lyrics were different and in the voice of the wrestler...

      I awake in tears.


      didn't focus on becoming lucid.

      Focused on getting good rest and good dream recall.

      Continuation of plot one way or another through all dreams to this day.

      I had control in all dreams, but not fully lucid. I knew I could control it, very close to lucid. I guess I had control in all dreams the last couple of days.

      I listened to monroe audio to sleep better when I had trouble sleeping the last few days. It appears to be very effective sleep aid, when I couldn't sleep for 45 min it worked!

      I feel like I'm getting closer to my subconscious lately via shadow work.

      Visualization before meditation appears to make meditation state more easy to achieve.

      Wondering if a smart watch or fitness band would be a great tool to train reality checking.

      I also practiced visualization more lately, may be the cause of increased control?

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    2. Strange research, then waking into weak DILD

      by , 05-20-2019 at 09:27 PM
      A had power to teleport myself and others or things with me. There were plans to use my abilities to make expedition to Mars. But we run into problem- I wasn't able to teleport there, it was as if there was some kind of barrier. I was doing some strange research to find way to circumvent the problem. At some point I got idea that I'm dreaming.
      Therefore I went away from there to do some scouting... There was dark forest outside of research building... and a clean new road was leading into distance. I started to run... as often in my LDs I either fly in prone position, or glide in vertical position. Here I was running effortlessly with longer and longer steps(tens to hundreds of meters long). After a few minutes I saw friend standing in front of me, she looked lost... Afraid of very dark forest.
      I stopped by her, took her hand and told her: "don't worry, this is only a dream, I will be your guide here. Lets run, its a fun!"
      She was reluctant to move from the place... but then started to walk with me, then we ran. I again elongated my steps to tens of meters length... and she did that too. She started to smile... It was so romantic to run this way, hand in hand... effortlessly and fast. Her brown hairs were waving in wind... The dream had lost stability and I had woken up... with the feel of her hand on my hand... strange.

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    3. 20 May: Random stuff and synthetic biology project

      by , 05-20-2019 at 08:31 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      In a studio with Billy Corgan and Dave Grohl. There's a problem with ticks, I go to the toilet and find bloody paper and a giant bug roaming around.

      With friends at a café in Lisbon, a fancy place. Nuno Markl passes by with a shopping bag, we can see he bought two pink pullovers and that another man just passing by him is wearing a similar pullover. We laugh at the popularity of these pullovers and he looks at us. I wave and he looks puzzled as if finding me familiar but not knowing who I am.
      Then we go down the street, I am dressed like a Jedi, sort of. Then crossing the street becomes a challenge as the road gives place to a very steep hill that we have to climb. I stick a dagger on the ground so I can climb and the mountain moves because it is a dragon.

      I am staying at a house with others, one guy is clearly specialist in ancient Greek myths. I am a biologist on some project. I take a look at some papers describing a synthetic biology project that is taking place in some Asian country where the laws are not restrictive and they talk about growing tissues and limbs. Reminds me a video my mom had sent me, I decide I will share these documents with the guys from that video so we can discuss the project