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    1. evil scout

      by , 05-15-2019 at 08:34 PM
      I was scouted by a talent agency or something. The lady who scouted me was kind of reminiscent of beyonce. She brings me to a small room with other idol candidates or something. The lady takes her makeup off and looks like an old middle aged man. Makeup is amazing really. I'm just not into the bunch. I am told by a skinny woman that I have to go through a program or something. She told me to take these pills that are dissociatives. She's trying to fear monger me into taking it by saying I have parasites in the body from ticks and I'm infected by all the monsters from the original pokemon series inside me and that these will cure me. I just put it in my mouth but don't swallow it. She tells me the dissociatives will help me focus. I call bullshit on her and spit it in her face. She shows a eerie smile saying that the drugs are already having an effect as my tongue is becoming numb. Begins to tell me pretty horrid stuff about regarding the beginning of the dream till now and how she'd use me. I begin to run. She chases me in a wild manic fashion and I try to stop her by stabbing her left eye with a needle but she doesn't bat an eye. Keeps chasing me.


      -I wanted to face this monster again and had that intention in mind. Maybe the monster telling me to value life. Maybe regarding traumatic event feeling used.

      -I think this girl is related to the pervy jester from dream last night. I do admire her unflinching determination somewhat though.

      -maybe being told I got parasite from eating sushi or something raw. Took some de.

      -scene might be same world as the futuristic dream about digital drugs. Where kids were taking digital chip inputs directly into their brain.

      I dreamt about being in a sciency building with some students there. Initially I was doing something I have trouble recalling with some kids - I remember trying to win something. Eventually I am going through tight places in the building and end up in a different room. It had a window overlooking the backyard. I remember some boy was being bullied so I help him somehow. I think I lured the bullies outside with food I think and trapped them somewhere, inside a shed. I was back inside saw and told my dad about the events. Trying to recall more...

      But this dream plot continued on through many awakenings

      -my intention to continue the previous dream applied to this one and not the first one

      -compared to other students


      I have been having more nightmares lately - are they the same entity or part of the subconscious? They do give a similar feeling. Skinny girl, jester man, girl with sword, steel door, etc.. They give similar vibe. There was one with a full monster and I hugged and told it I love you and he disappeared. Maybe I need to do that. I also had daily nightmares when I started DJ that felt the same. Am I regressing or am I getting ready to face my shadows? I am more aware though. Nightmares more likely from sws dream rather than rem from what I read.

      Maybe I need to consume this dream world. Eat it up or destroy it like hukif or sensei did. Create a black hole in me or something to really take in parts of me I've been avoiding. Just reintegrate myself whole. Create a better world! I'll keep this as a goal.

      Maybe just remember to eat if scary and get lucid.

      Shadow work

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    2. The a-MAZE-ing Woman

      by , 05-15-2019 at 06:19 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #527 DILD

      I am standing in the kitchen and for some crazy reason my little boy gives me a container with a bit of cannabis in it. I quickly hide it in an extra pocket in my shorts before my wife sees and freaks out. While doing so, I notice one of my fingers looks really short and stubby. I immediately recognize this as a dream sign and become lucid. My son asks why my finger looks like that and I tell him its my dream finger. He then runs off outside.

      I walk into the living and see my wife laying sexily on the couch. I suddenly get the urge and we have crazy dream sex until I wake up.


      I am in a strange hatchback at the gas station. I notice there is some crazy looking tail fin thing on the back of the car. There is no gas cap anywhere. I find it in the back passenger seat floor. The gas tank fills up crazy fast. I comment on it and my wife says its not that fast. The pump clicks off. I let it settle and go for a little more. Gas spews out all over the floor board. It smells but not too bad. We leave with the windows down talking about how crazily made this rental car is. There is some strange issue with the seat belts and somehow throw the whole thing to the back. We laugh about seatbelt laws and I say something about how we should just wrap ourselves with bubble wrap all the time.

      Suddenly, I am flying down a long corridor with infinite intersections at high speed. Each wall has a simple red painting and the walls are a mauve color. Suddenly, I get it. I tell my wife this is a strange dream I am having. We are walking now. I tell her again, mostly for myself, "This is a dream. It's a dream." Her DC seems a little dumb and I want to be alone. I point and tell her to do down a hallway and then turn left. She runs down and turns right. I say, "Nope other left.", but she doesn't hear me. I shrug and walk the other way.

      I ask myself what do I want to do with this dream. "Explore." It's like I am in a huge maze that doesn't make sense but the colors are vivid and amazing. There are so many mirrors now on each wall. I look at myself. I look like a young woman who's face continues to change rapidly. I'm slightly annoyed to be a woman but I don't fight it. Then my reflection actually starts to look sexy and begins doing all the things women do to look hot in selfies. I say, "OOOOO I'm a woman." I touch my lips and my face. I'm attracted to myself. Then I turn old and grey. I say, "Well now I'm an old woman." I lose interest and walk way.

      I want out of the maze now so I climb a wall. The going is very awkward and my right foot never leaves the ground. I feel the sensation of my whole leg stretching out. The whole time I hear the Mission Impossible Theme Song. I whistle to it. When I reach the top, I have to concentrate on returning to normal size. I stand at the top of the maze looking out as far as I can. It's getting dark. I wonder where my wife went to and try to spot her. Suddenly, the dream fades. I lay in bed for a few moments trying to reenter but it's no bueno.
      lucid , memorable
    3. 15 May: Feeling trapped, weirdo victorian musem and enemies at a foreign land

      by , 05-15-2019 at 02:08 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At my mom's apartment, something happens and I need to escape. I run for the door and in the stairway I jump all floors through the empty space in middle of the stairs. I expect the chasers not to be able to do so and gain some time with that. But it is one of those recurrent dreams I have in which the ground floor has no exit to the outside and I just hide in one apartment that had the door open and a key inside. I lock the door behind me and look for a window. I find an enclosed balcony but then I open a window and jump, just to find I am inside another balcony and this repeats several times until I decide to control the dream and focus that when I exit the window I am really outside. Funny though, I am back on the top floor and not ground floor, but I fly away and hide behind nearby buildings so my chasers don't see me in the distance. Then I fly to the mountains nearby. I reach them at dusk and find a weird place covered in stone ruins and some people walking among them, like pilgrims, they don't seem dangerous, but they all are a bit mad. They let me be, but some are a bit too curious and pushy and I need to stay flying above them because I don't feel comfortable when they approach me.

      Then I am with Zilla and some other friend on a cruiseship, when we're hit by a huge storm. The ship gets dragged to the coast, enters a canal, ends up in the city of some foreign country. We are in our cabin, getting dressed to go out. It's night and it is a hostile place, but we chose to leave the ship and hide on land. We hide on some hill and we are found by a couple enemy guys. They are armed and I make a bit of a theatre that we are "defenseless confused little girls so please don't shoot us". Instead, they decide to have fun with us. One of them, a big guy, gets on top of me, but I punch him in the throat, then kick his balls, slightly slide down through his legs and apply all my force to throw him over my head and we manage to escape them.

      Then we are ok and safe and visiting a museum related to the Catholic church and full of Victorian things and morbid things related to death, all in silver and lots of lace and velvet. There is a section with a dead mummified dog in an exquisite coffin. It smells like a crypt.

      Me and the girls have settled at a home and we are living in peace. But one day we hear strange noises and we think we saw some guy moving around the house. Suddenly a very old police car stops at our door but the cops are dressed as prisoners with striped jumpsuits. We first suspect of them but they say they came to protect us as they claim to have followed a hired assassin that came to kill us and then we believe them.
    4. One Hundred Twenty Three

      by , 05-15-2019 at 06:56 AM
      In which I am married to Micheal Corleone...

      I'm married to Micheal Corleone. He's young, but he does not look like young Al Pacino. I tell him so. He tells me that he's aged poorly. I agree, but I say this does not explain the discrepancy. Then I tell him I know he's been having an affair. I tell him I found out because Sonny, also, is sleeping with the same woman. Sonny is also aging poorly. This is odd, I think, since I thought he should not age at all.

      I discover the identity of the woman having an affair with both my husband and his brother. I invite her to my house for a drink. When she arrives, I'm amused to see that it's Elizabeth Warren. I laugh and offer her a drink.

      How does she have the time to carry off an affair with two men and run for president? She's nonchalant about it. She says one must learn to multitask if one wishes to get anything done.
    5. catching up scary hall ld

      by , 05-15-2019 at 03:41 AM
      From may 10th friend's beautiful mother

      I riding the subway in downtown and then the bus for couple of hours. It was going to the wrong place and I was feeling lost.

      -likely memory about getting lost before

      I remember eventually arriving at a street in a different city. It was one of those warmer climate areas and people walked around. Near middle east maybe or somewhere the roads had a yellow glow from the sun and they were not made with asphalt but more yellow-ish. I recall entering a building. It was an old building fitting of the environment I was in, not modern but they were rounder and were similar to this, but edges were rounder.


      I enter the building to my friend, Wolf who apparently had a place there. I enter and went into a very dark room inside with barely any sunlight inside it. Only a slit of light could be seen that gave a slight vision of the room. It was the room of my friend's mother apparently and she was there. She had the most perfect plump pale skin and her avoidance of the sun had helped her maintain it. She had a manservant inside the room. He watched over her and she seemed to be some kind of a big deal.

      -maybe just message that avoiding sun keeps your skin young

      I am then at somewhere and a bunch of people have to move rocks or something inside the cave. Very gruelling work inside.

      -memory of story of this old guy who carried water

      I meet my friends mom again in a different cave near the river. There was something about her helping me out on a mission.

      -I guess maybe the environment could be continued from the pakistan dream from the day before

      Next day 11 chess guy

      I was inside a house, similar to where I live but slightly different.

      I was playing a game wc3 against my old friend Y. I lost to him though, never lost to him once in real life. It seems that I was playing an old strategy with units that were nerfed and it was the cause of my demise. I decide to change things up with the new meta but I needed to leave apparently.

      -memory of nerfs, perhaps could have become lucid

      There are bunch of people inside the house and apparently there was a party. The outside was the same city I think but quite a bit different.

      -I had been in this specific different version of this city before in a previous dream. It was like the same city but maybe 40 years into the future perhaps. With much more buildings outside and lacking greenery. Lots of minihouses down there, and in that dream I recall walking through peoples homes looking for my home but realized I went to the wrong place.

      I went outside with some friends and I was getting something... I head up a stairs and I meet a guy who asked me if I'd play chess with him. I didn't feel like it and decided to go on. The guy was pretty friendly so he comes taggling along to our group. The next steps to the stairs are missing and I have to jump up risking falling way down just to get to the next stairs.

      Something about a little girl and a guy's dad.

      -something about the chess guy is significant. incubated by an article relating to visualization.

      Next day 12 Scary perv

      I was in the M city. Walking down the road near the school I went to. I was walking down at night by myself and had a ukulele with me I think.

      - I had dreamed about walking this road often before. Usually getting lost or going wrong way home.

      I was enjoying playing songs I think and I end up at someone's home. I think it was similar to my friend M's house and people were trying to set a world record in a game. I was just looking at them do their thing and the console they were using malfunctioned. They all looked at me. With hate in their eyes they accused me of ruining it. They accused me that I used my thoughts and influenced things.

      -Well perhaps it's true since t's my dream, maybe could have become lucid.

      They began to get violent and my fear probably perpetuated things more. I had to run out of the house. I kept running and one perverted maniac was chasing me very persistently. He reminded me of a maybe pierrot or a clown but he was not a clown. There was a cool uncle like figure there though. He decided to help me. Things begin to become 3rd person. He tries to hide me from the evil man and we try to kill him but he just became somewhat of a monstrosity. I hid under a bench and the uncle was on top of me. The clown had pierced the uncle and did not realize I was under him. He died to save me.

      Next dream

      I was in kind of a gym there was a cartoon character Nobita from doraemon. There was a guy who was doing some card tricks and while he distracted everyone with a movement I saw through his trick.

      I was then in the perspective of my friend L. Or maybe I was her from the beginning of this dream. I was L and with her boyfriend F from back then. Something about getting wet, I think it was like a ski trip maybe.

      Had a sense of dejavu.

      Next day 13 make neighbhor leave, Scary school LD

      Parts of dream in 3rd person.I recall trying to make my neighbor move out of his mansion. I think I wanted to buy his place so had to find a way to make him move. His place was next door and was slightly higher on the hill or something and his backyard was more even so I was jealous and tried to move into his place. I hired actors to try to to cause a scene and somehow convince him to move out. Their plot was something about a chocolate lady, a lady who sold chocolates being attacked by a group of people or something like that to scare the neighbor and make him move away. There was also cameo of android 18 from DBZ.

      next dream

      I was attending school in Japan again. I was in the classrom and there was like a scary ghost stuff going on. I think kids were going missing one by one and I was there in the middle of the night. I remember busing myself and eating chocolates that was shaped like candles. They were very tasty and a white candle shaped chocolate especially stood out to me.

      -perhaps the chocolates were gift form the lady in the previous dream, perhaps craving about chocolate craving it during the day but didn't eat any.

      As I was savoring my chocolates nonchalantly, a detective or officer shows up from the police station to check out what's going on. He was an asian man with long hair, I think it was dyed brown? He had a larger head and was very tall but very skinny. He questions me about the incident I think. Some strange phenomenon happens, I think I sensed the spirit going for us. It was one of those ghost women I guess. The officer gets scared and runs away totally chicken. I need to get away too but I decide to pack things into my huge backpack first. I remember it was round and like one of those you carry on a camping of sorts. I carry my backpack and head out the classroom and walk down the hall. It was still the Japanese school environment but in the hall.

      I realize the weight of the backpack is off(a little too light?) and become lucid

      Night-time school was pretty scary. I wanted to leave. I decide to teleport and I think on the second or third attempt I do teleport.

      I am now at a terrace of a high-end condo high up the building. I am looking out and it had a pretty nice view of the city down there. I begin climbing downwards. The building was white and very neatly kept. Some plants or grasses were grown and it looked nice. I kept climbing down. I think I had increased lucidity when I felt the weight of my body on my outstretched arm. I had a dejavu moment about the time in lucid dream where I climbed up a library for no reason and tried to recall something to do. I wanted to meditate. I found a nice spot that was perfect for meditation so I decided to sit there and begin meditating.

      I looked down the roads way below me just driving by. The sensation or the sound of my heartbeat was especially loud though and led most of my attention there. I looked at a few cars, there was a van or a bus and a sedan. Each time my heart beat, time would stop for a moment and all cars paused. This continued for a bit.


      I wake up at a desk trying to write down DJ. My pecil had no lead and I was trying to write with dried up anchovies. I realized something was wrong and became lucid.

      I was once again in the creepy hallways of the Japanese school. I really wanted out of there. I decide to teleport again and this time I end up in a hall elsewhere. It looked like a hospital maybe a library. Lighter and better atmosphere.

      -maybe bad memories or trauma there, or just scary movies. It was the same classroom I attended in the school and same halls, just darker.


      I am trying to escape some establishment rescuing some kids from there. There was a friend there I remember but who? I think it was G. I remember he drove us on a large van down the highway so we can get away from them. His driving was bad and crashed on the side of the road I think. It was near an airport if my memory serves right. We crashed near a large patch of greenery or nature reserve or something like that. We decided to sleep there to get some rest. I realized we didn't use camping gear and our hp was very low after the rest. I told my friend this and we used a tent and camping gear and rested again. This time our hp was full! Upon rest I realized the greenery were surrounded by grey concrete walls. Square in shape. Something about me having massive powers.

      -final fantasy style, influenced by memory

      I remember having a few more dreams.


      Lucidity caused by grc? backpack weight.

      Meditation in dream does appear subsequent dreams to be lucid

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    6. Cold Water Casino

      by , 05-15-2019 at 03:06 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      I’m on a trip with my parents and an unfamiliar young man. We were all supposed to go to a casino—and they did actually go. But I didn’t care much for that plan, and so I’ve been off doing something else and only arrived back at the hotel room in time for their last trip there, late on the final evening.

      I have the impression that this is a place they’re familiar with, but this will be my first time there. I’ve been told not to bring my purse with me for whatever reason, but I don’t like going around without writing materials on hand, and so I say that I’ll just take my wallet out before I go. But it seems my parents are so eager to get back that, rather than waiting the couple of minutes this will take, they go on without me, leaving the young man to drive us there.

      Outside, it’s raining hard, and has been for a while, judging by all the standing water in the streets. As we go on, it only gets deeper, until the car, which is a fairly low one, starts having trouble moving forward. Some light on the dashboard has come on. He curses at the car—and quite probably my parents, who would have had no trouble handling this in theirs. I suggest that we just pull off the road onto higher ground, as some other cars seem to be doing, and walk the rest of the way there. It isn’t very far. He agrees to it.

      The next part I remember clearly is being inside the casino, in a large room with a grand staircase, crowded with fancily dressed people. On the upper floor, near a restaurant area, I meet up with my parents again. It’s sort of like a buffet, with tables in a horseshoe shape, each one with an attendant behind them, offering samples of various kinds of foods to the guests. Mother is going to get a chocolate milkshake—apparently, a favorite of hers there—but my father isn’t interested. The idea doesn’t appeal much to me either, and anyways, this is all new to me: I want to try things out before I order anything.

      He heads off somewhere else. I get some kind of a soup, and then head over to where they’re serving white wine. I try the sample they have there, which is pretty good—but they have all kinds of interesting drinks here, and this would be a good chance to try things I wouldn’t necessarily want a full glass of. And my mother is trying to get my attention from across the room, so I leave the table without ordering anything and head over in her direction.

      Then, suddenly, I feel a spray of cold water—and the people around me do as well, judging by how they’re crying out. It seems someone is spraying people with a hose. I move out of the way, wondering what that was about. Maybe the casino staff themselves are responsible. The whole reason this place exists is to take money from people, after all—I think it’s best not to lose sight of that—and it wouldn’t surprise me at all for one to start charging people to keep things going nicely, once they’ve got them used to it.

      Once out of range, I pause and kneel down to make sure the cat is still with me. He is indeed still there and comes to get pet. He’s an orange cat, an adult, though on the small side, and has been here with me this whole time. So far, nobody has noticed him—or else they just don’t care. But it’s still a little dangerous for him to be here with me, and so I’ve been making sure he stays close, waiting until I feel him against the back of my ankles before moving on.

    7. Miss-Oh-So-Loud-And-Rude

      by , 05-15-2019 at 12:13 AM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 05-14

      Regular Dream -
      Semi-lucid Dream - Lucid Dream - Notes

      I am at a party of some kind. Everyone is dressed up fancy, though very old fashioned. I look around to see what is going on. There is an old man sitting near me and he's getting a bit grabby with his hands. He reaches over and puts a hand on my thigh and starts sliding it upward. I push his hand away, giving him a dirty look. This guy is old enough to be my grandpa! What a pervert! He looks at me strangely, as if he'd expected me to not only allow his touch but to like it. He tries it again, but I just find it too creepy. I push his hand away again and excuse myself. I look across the room and I see a man enter, he is also dressed up but seems to stand out from the others. There are two others with him who look so young they might still be counted boys. For some reason my eyes are held on that man. And it seems he is having the same situation with me, he is staring straight back at me.

      I am distracted from the man by the woman who had been sitting beside me before. She looks pissed. She asks what I mean by rejecting poor Mayor Thorin like that. My first thought of who Thorin is brings to mind a dwarf with a long white beard from The Hobbit. That makes no sense, I don't see any dwarves anywhere in the area. But the woman is angry. She asks what I mean by staring at that affiliation boy so openly. I figure she means the young man my eyes had been drawn to, but since I don't know why I was staring at him I don't answer. This makes her more angry. She calls me "Miss-oh-so-young-and-pretty" which really annoys me. I interrupt her and ask her please not to call me that. She says she will call me whatever she wants. I say that's fine, I tried asking nicely, so now I will call her "Miss-oh-so-loud-and-rude" whenever she does. She turns beet red and for a bit I think she might strike me. I say noting, but the primary thought in my mind is, "Bring it, bitch!"

      I think there is going to be more to the party, people are bringing food out now. I don't feel like staying. I head for the door. The woman calls after me, calling me "Miss-oh-so-young-and-pretty" again and telling me not to dare walk out that door. I call back to her, calling her "Miss-oh-so-loud-and-rude" and I tell her I'm really not feeling well, I'll be in bed. I think the fact I actually called her "Miss-oh-so-loud-and-rude" left her speechless. I get out the door without another word from her, then I wake up.