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    1. Of magic and other worlds

      by , 05-09-2019 at 11:35 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I dreamed about using the magic system I'm currently designing for my novels. I used it to hide it from people who I knew that had betrayed me (not sure what the context was). I teleported behind a stage curtain using my visualization and logical sequencing that I've been working on; I can't remember if there was an incantation or not. But there should be once I finish it.

      I also flew. And I made windows in walls to escape from when they didn't previously exist. It was the night and very beautiful. At one point, when someone was trying to harm me, I used my magic and his hand went right through me. They were convinced that I was about to die, or possibly a ghost. It was super cool and pumped me up to keep working on it!
    2. Give Me Jesus

      by , 05-09-2019 at 04:50 PM

      I walk down the hallway at the graduate school where my father teaches. Two or three other people pass me. I look an old man in the eye and realize I'm dreaming. What to do with my lucidity? I know, I'll look for Jesus himself!

      Show me Jesus!

      But he doesn't come. Maybe he's around the next corner?

      I'm waking up and I instinctively jerk myself out of sleep.

      In waking life I've been listening to Bart Ehrman's audiobook, How Jesus Became God. Next time practice some stabilizing techniques and try to stay asleep.

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    3. 10 July 2019 - Date with Paul Rudd

      by , 05-09-2019 at 05:35 AM (squidnapping's journal)
      Paul Ruddís coming over for a date with me. Iím serving up dinner for the family: fish and chips, sweet corn on someoneís plate, another plate got a cup of tea but itís inside half a lemon or is half a lemon/lime, maybe thatís uncle Michael's. I put the plates on the floor of the living room, so we can all sit together. Paul arrives. I put our plates so Paul and I will be next to each other. He disappears off to the loo. I realise I havenít started eating, after several minutes, though others have almost finished. I go get a plastic fork and start eating. After one thing, I eventually go for a second thing and notice only one prong is left on the little white fork. I show Jesse and Paul, and giggle. So yeah Paul comes back during that time and he says he wasnít able to flush properly and sorry he took so long but thatís why(?) and also sorry but heís left something in the toilet. I look to Dad to explain as I start to say ďsometimes that toilet..Ē or something, not really sure and/or not wanting to be the one to say. Soon Paul and I go off somewhere to be alone and have our date properly.
      Thereís Paul and me and another person, like blind Jenna from Pretty Little Liars. Weíre on a hill, near a little waterfall, and thereís a wooden fence like for a sheep paddock. Maybe Jesse is there too, at some point(s). Before too long, things are going wrong. Paul doesnít seem to be enjoying himself. Granted, Iím 20 and heís 50, and Iím sure we both knew it would be weird. But Iím making an effort to enjoy myself (actually no duh Iím automatically having the time of my life iTS PAuL RUDD) and to help him enjoy himself, but somehow things donít go smoothly. I just remember getting to the point where he was (or they were) offering me/us (me and Jesse?) a plastic case of little bags of nuts and like things, and I was suspicious from the start and trying to read the labels but they looked normal and I couldnít see how theyíd have injected anything bad into them - the bags were whole. So I tried to at least be polite and not let on, until he said something about having everyone we know die or have something happen from eating those, and that was of course the last straw, so I/we argue back to him/them, and at some point not too long later Paul and I are talking about what went wrong on this date and weíre talking about starting over and I think we wonder why Iím being so optimistic and forgiving or why or how we reached this decision and I say maybe itís because Iíve been trying to make it work, not giving up - or something like that.
      So we try again. We go the other way from the house this time, walking along a grassy part near a river. Things go well, and he actually likes me. At some point I link my arm through his - my right, his left - and ask him if heís having a good time. I just love being with him, and like knowing he too is happy while with me. When I link our arms, heís noticeably a lot taller than me, the top of my head coming up to about his shoulders, perhaps a tiny bit above. Iím looking up at him. At some point we must be talking about how weíre having a good time this round and I say it could be because weíre going the other way, along by the river. The river is just nearby, in the background, behind us. We are walking along and up a bit, the long-grassed ground is sloping gently.
      Weíre in a building, like quite a fancy house, carpeted, upstairs, quite a lot of space, and lots of people there, for an event like, a party or a convention. From some point we know itís [our annual summer camp], but not at first I donít think. I'm with Paul at first, and maybe Jesse and/or others too, and then Paul crosses the room through the crowd and I quickly look after him and try to follow where he went, before he disappears. He no longer looks like Paul, heís now an older, shorter, wider man, with white hair, a black blue and pink horizontal-striped t-shirt, or thatís how I imagine him because he looks like someone youíd see like that, someone you canít easily imagine without a fanny-pack.
      Then I remember we're looking at a house, and I'm excited because Paul and I have decided we're going to buy it, we're going to get married and live here. I'm so happy and excited and content with everything. We're about to say we want the place but just before us another person says they'll take it. Oh well, we think, we can find another place.

      When I woke up from this dream I was genuinely very sad that I was not with Paul Rudd. (

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    4. Rubicks cube, spinning dvd

      by , 05-09-2019 at 01:42 AM
      Had 2 dreams both lucid.

      I was in an upstairs of a house not the most familiar one. Maybe ldings house. There was a pc there looked like mac aio ones with large screens. I realize I was dreaming and ask R who was there "you know this is a dream?" and looked at me weird. Solved the rubicks cube at the end.


      I was spinning around in a large cylinder. I come out and I appear to be in a school. Lucid. Looks like the elementry/hs one bc. I looked around and found a girl from hs. I think her name was Sarah. She began spinning something she had into the air just levitating in the air. I had some dvds that I was holding. I tried spinning it but had some doubt and it was reflected and fell. I tried again with more oomph but still had a little worry it worked but crashed against the second floor and fell. Dvd broke. Dream giving me a plot apparently I'm suppose to be dating in the 90's setting.


      Little prophetic regarding mac

      All dreams recalled were lucid! Hurrah