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    1. 5/11/2019

      by , 05-11-2019 at 08:02 AM (BloodSand's Dream Journal)
      I'm on a snow covered mountain with an old man teaching me to track. There is a man up hunting with his boy but they didn't manage to catch much. They seem to be getting ready to move to a different area in their Van. I ask if they'd like to pull our resources and the 4 of us track and hunt together. The man ask how good the old man is. "Supposedly he's pretty good" I say. "How good would you say you are old man?" I ask. "Oh about 70,80,90 years" He answers. I say "Well he's answering in years, I don't know what that's supposed to mean. He says 70,80, or 90. Experience maybe, some years counting double depending on the area?"

      It is a bit darker than it was at the start of this conversation. The man starts looking for his boy and shines a flashlight or something that emits light around. We think we see the boy for a moment but he disappears the moment the light hits him. Unsure of what we just saw the man says "what the hell was that?". There is some commotion at the bottom of the mountain which is my home that is not at the bottom of a mountain in real life. The man and I go to investigate and we see up in a tree in my front lawn is a vulture tied to the tree trying to fly away.

      I seem to understand that this bird tied to the tree is a curse placed there by someone. The man goes to cut the vulture free.
    2. First Lucid Experience

      by , 05-11-2019 at 06:52 AM
      (This was written in 2014 when I was 16)
      Hi, I'm Abintra and I'm new.
      I guess I'll start with my very first memory of lucid dreaming. I was in Target, very unaware that I was in a dream, and I looked at a product and checked the price tag. "Why was it written in some form of Greek and illegible gibberish? I think this is a dream!" I thought. Immediately I jumped into the air but only made it to the roof of Target making a very tall arch. I had attempted to fly. Then a few large men, possible apes (it was hazy) ran at me as if my lucidity was forbidden. Thats when I obtained the will to fly. Soon after bursting through the ceiling of Target, the Earth below me turned into an ocean. I soared past ships and found myself in a New York style city (never been) past skyscrapers and buildings. I flew into a building, ran into a wall, and tried to talk to the hazy images that I know were people somehow. Then I woke up astounded by the entire scenario. I ran to my computer and searched for this incredible phenomenon. Then I got into lucid dreaming for about a week and forgot all about it. Sadly.
    3. May 10, 2019 Lucid and Non-Lucid

      by , 05-11-2019 at 02:23 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The non-lucid part of the dream started in a city at night. I was about 15 feet in the air wearing roller blades or ice skates and I was riding the air up in down in the sky. I was above the sidewalks on the side of the road and would jump over the road and ride the air on the other side. That eventually took me to this part of town inhabited by people that really liked me. I got the sense that I was happy to show up because they were waiting for me and they thought I was a hero or something. So I showed up and they were happy to see me, I took one of the guys by the face who had dark hair and a bowl cut, I look into his eyes and they were cross-eyed. I turned around and started walking away.

      I started to fly into the sky again and then I just had this thought of, "I'm Dreaming.... I'M DREAMING!" and everything exploded into vividness. I started to soar into the sky, excited. I looked to the left of me and my friend was floating in the air next to me but he looked like a cartoon. I looked forwards again to take in this vivid city with cars driving on roads and a train on a rail suspended in the air. I started to fly over the city and everything started turning into the tops of trees, but it was a fractal pattern of these green leaves and I was zooming over them very quickly. I look up and see the sky is painted a very beautiful purple to orange to yellow scene with clouds spaced in a pattern.

      That scene gave away as I started to wonder what the next scene was going to be. The dark part of the sky started to morph as I was slowly floating downwards into this tall room. The room was lit purple as I'm floating down into this library with massive bookcases that are moving and organizing themselves. I float and touch down onto the aisle in between the bookshelves. All of the sudden, I get this thought "I want to meet my dream guide." And weirdly enough the first thing that pops into my mind is Pennywise from IT. A massive bookshelf starts shuffling down the aisle at me and Pennywise pops out from behind it and startles me, causing the entire scene to disappear, and it came back but now the bookcases are all tipped over and books are destroyed. There's this little robot thing that looks like Albert Einstein but shorter and much wider and the thing is talking in a sort of song-like manner.

      Then, I appear in my old room from graduate school and I'm looking at my desk where this robot/computer with a giant screen is sitting. I told it "show me something cool" and it started to play "Warm Thoughts" by Flume and changing around different objects on the screen to the music. While it's playing music there's a door right next to it which keeps flying open and I'm just casually throwing it shut as I'm watching the computer screen. I turn around and start walking slowly towards the door. There are these clown robot things sitting out in the dark hallway and they're just spinning and turning to the music. I go out into the hallway and flip on the light switch. In the living room are two women, one with long blonde hair and one with short dirty-blonde hair sitting under covers on a couch who I think were kissing in the dark. When I hit the switch they kinda just squinted their eyes and were like "hey buddy, can you turn off the light we were in the middle of something" so I turned the light back off.

      And then I woke up.