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    1. Pirates movie precognition (this one is really funny)

      by , 05-23-1998 at 11:23 AM
      Morning of May 23, 1998. Saturday.

      I decided to look over some of my many smaller, older dream journals (ones where I first wrote only a brief outline to write of in more detail in other sources, such as larger notebooks) and just threw this one onto the scanner as is. The original 1998 entry is exactly as it is here from May 23rd, 1998 and I had not even looked at it in several years. See images below. The entry reads (the printed data being May 23 1998 Saturday 143 / 222 Week 21) - this was also recurring a few times:

      “Long, vivid dream about a pirate movie. There are many details and there is comedy in some parts, drama in others. It is about a sort of feminine male pirate and a tough, older bearded one and their misadventures in an almost science-fiction-like plot.
      I enjoy the movie although it seems very impersonal.”

      An additional scan from another part of that dream/dream set:

      “In one part I go down into a part of one building and am near one gateway by The Land of the Dead. One asks me what I am doing there since I am alive…”

      Looking at my more extensive notes, I see that I was writing a fair amount (almost essay-like) on “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”.

      There is only one little problem. The movie, as I understand it, was not even thought of until 2001…and was released on 9th of July, 2003 (USA)…but there is a bit more, as, precognition often comes in layers, linked to several things at once, even when relating to many years ahead.

      The most hilarious connection is the “feminine pirate” reference. Both my wife and myself (only within the last few years - as we did not see the movie until 2008) thought that Johnny Depp was far more feminine in that role as a “male pirate” than a teenage girl would have been - to a point of being near-surreal in its absurdity.

      Anyway, in the pirates movie, the pirates were “undead” (which I would not call zombies, by the way). In another Johnny Depp movie (we have not seen “Corpse Bride”), there is the “Land of the Dead” exactly as I wrote it in 1998 regarding the other “movie”.

      The “Corpse Bride” movie summary reminds me quite strongly of “Castle of Blood (1963)” / “Danza macabra” (original title), easily the most influential and most “lucid” movie of my childhood, “Gay Purr-ee” (1962) being the second-most influential.

      Now, pay attention, very closely:

      Johnny Depp says (see page) on (the Land of the Dead) “Well, Tim explained it really beautifully earlier, and so I’ll butcher it but he’ll fix it for me. It’s the idea that in life there is this kind of constant fear and obsession with death and the mystery of what death is and all of that, to the point of where people are unbelievably tense about arriving there, even though we all know we’re going to arrive there at some point. In fact, the land of the living in this thing is sort of super uptight and grey and heavy as a place and going down to the land of the dead where it could be heaven or hell or it could be purgatory, and it’s like 1920s Paris. Flappers and craziness. I thought that it was pretty amazing.“

      And here from the information on imdb (on "Gay Purr-ee”):

      “The film supposedly takes place in the 1890s, but the montage of painters doing portraits of Mewsette includes Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso. Van Gogh died in 1890, while Picasso would not exhibit in Paris until 1900 (and would not paint in the style depicted until the 1920s).”

    2. Atypical Post Office Visit (precognitive)

      by , 05-08-1998 at 11:08 AM
      Morning of May 8, 1998. Friday.

      I am in a vivid dream, though not fully lucid at any point. I enter the post office south of our home (while it is seemingly closed) that I have only been to a couple times in real life. I apparently have a special key to open different post office boxes and drawers (recurring). For some reason I never see it as stealing (likely because of my awareness of it being a dream at one level).

      I eventually find a stack of small orange packages. There is a set of large earrings and a necklace in one package. The jewelry is round and golden with an unusual and unfamiliar design oriented toward the center. Our surname appears in the newspaper at one point and I contemplate if this is because someone had “reported” me for having the key as there is something about being “caught on camera” in the post office.

      This afternoon, in real life, I actually did end up going to the post office to pick up a completely unexpected prize my wife Zsuzsanna won; a baby diary and an instant one-use camera. Her name had been in the newspaper the day before (though we had not seen the newspaper until later today and did not know about the prize until later today regarding a pick-up ticket in our mailbox). Although she did not win any jewelry, the design of the jewelry was the exact same pattern as the picture on the camera (which I myself had not seen before).
    3. Talking About a Dream from a Don Knotts Movie

      by , 05-03-1998 at 11:03 AM
      Morning of May 3, 1998. Sunday.

      In my vivid dream, I meet Don Knotts. Curiously, he is young and assertive and not like typical characters he has played in movies. I tell him how much I enjoyed his movie “The Incredible Mr. Limpet”, especially the scene where he is dreaming and the stealth bomber transforms into a manta ray (possibly one of the eeriest surreal scenes I have seen in any movie, and for me, very nostalgic). We remain in cheerful conversation as I wake. (I enjoyed the mood of this dream very much.)

      Format of dream: Water induction (implied) to rendering of preconscious avatar (Don Knotts) to the waking autosymbolism of vestibular system correlation as the flight-related event, also liminally associated with the surreal transformations that often occur in dreams. Of course, the fact that I am describing a dream in my dream is a dream state indicator.

      I explain this dream type further in “Dreams of Type PRECONAV-VSCPCEL, 01-15”.

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    4. Canoe Game

      by , 04-08-1998 at 10:08 AM
      Morning of April 8, 1998. Wednesday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and I own some sort of large game, which is as long as one side of the Gellibrand Street kitchen (the side with the internal door, the north wall), where a toy canoe goes across a conveyor-belt-like mechanism that simulates a journey by river where you have to gather a few things worth points as well as go around areas that come up from trapdoors in the “river” (playing field), such as (toy) alligators. I suppose in some ways it is like a real-life mechanical version of a computer game. The game seems mostly made of plastic with metal features. Gears cause different things to come up out of the simulated water imagery.

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    5. Kite Treasures

      by , 03-24-1998 at 09:24 AM
      Morning of March 24, 1998. Tuesday.

      I experienced a vivid semi-lucid dream. My older half-sister Carol was also in the area of an unknown mostly undefined location, though possibly an ambiguous composite of the Cubitis driveway (Florida, America) and a part of Clayfield (Australia). I am flying a large kite in the morning and there is a very peaceful awareness. Eventually, I somehow bring down from the sky, a fancy and valuable bed frame, mostly parts of the headboard and frame at first, of a shiny red color. I later bring down two sections for the foot of the bed. As such, it seems there are more treasures in the sky which kites can be used to manually bring down somehow, sometimes in the (temporary) place of the kite - which then likely needs to be replaced (though apparently sometimes connected to the kite or within a box kite).

      Contrary to misguided popular belief, as with many dreams, the nature of this dream probably only metaphorically relates to the semi-lucid dreaming process itself and a predilection for focusing on the creative process or dual-self (or “self talk”) mechanism while in dream states. Looking at location (in general), most of what is underground or under the dreamer possibly relates to deeper memories, certainly not necessarily suppressed - something that is overly promoted in some misguided works. Most of what is above the dreamer (as here in this dream) is probably related to the supraconscious or waking consciousness (though greatly dependent on context). In this case, it seems my sleeping self is making a creative endeavor to link with waking consciousness (rather than the other way around as some people would claim - but after all, certain levels of consciousness are filled with contradictory and ambiguous nonsense and a seeming deliberate propensity to get anything and everything wrong - unless, at least on some occasions, integrated with both conscious or semiconscious and supraconscious access).

      This is humorous in its own way. My typically less-aware dream self is linking to the potential of active conscious intelligence and so my waking mind sends down a bed to give reference to the fact that I am actually sleeping and dreaming at the time - almost being like an act of playful sarcasm from the waking self to the dream self. At the same time, my “lower” dream self sees waking life (and conscious intelligence) as a very special gift. Additionally, the fact that Carol is near may imply a lesser relationship with her than other relatives - in a subtle “go fly a kite” projection (perhaps indirectly implied by her character).

      In summary, flying a kite in a dream probably only represents either an attempt to wake up or to access conscious mind intelligence. (For example, regarding one relevant dream experience, instead of a noise fully waking me up, it triggered a dream about a neighbor’s kite crashing into the roof - verifying the attempt to wake did not work.) Remember that the very word for waking up is “rising” (as in “rise and shine”) as well as “getting up”.

      Additionally, I had a couple typical task-based dreams; one about changing computer programs internally (relative to conditional jumps changed in a personally useful way) and another about sorting out stamps in a collection (my attention to stamp collecting being mostly focused from 1970-1978).

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    6. Contaminated Reservoir

      by , 01-04-1998 at 07:04 AM
      Morning of January 4, 1998. Sunday.

      I am near a water reservoir in an unfamiliar location which has apparently been contaminated by army tanks and jeeps somehow ending up in it (though I am not sure of how this had happened). A man who reminds me of Bill Gates (and who may be him) starts warning people about this situation and says that people could start dying. However, the problem is supposedly being solved (in a seemingly timely manner) by putting large plastic tarpaulins over the inside walls of the reservoir (though that does not seem logical as I do not think water could properly filter through them). I help with the task and it is seemingly working. In an additional dream or offset of this sequence, I am dancing and chanting in a very positive and cheerful mood (commonly recurring).

      In dreams, water has been validated for me to represent sleep. The condition of water in a dream relates directly to the dynamics of sleep in real time. Water getting lower over time represents the natural waking transition, a scene which has occurred at least once virtually every night for the past fifty years. In this case, during the waking transition, there is even the additional tarpaulin association (dream sign) with bed sheets. Translated directly: “The water is contaminated by the presence of army tanks and jeeps in it though using tarpaulins to line the reservoir will filter the water” becomes, “Sleep is presently somewhat restless with conflicting thoughts towards waking but by relaxing more within comfortable clean sheets a bit longer, sleep will be better.”
    7. Fictional science fiction movie and other events

      by , 09-20-1997 at 04:52 PM
      Morning of September 20, 1997. Saturday.

      In one dream, there is a science fiction movie called “1464”. There is a tribe of children on another Earth-like planet who can communicate with other creatures such as water bugs, frogs, and birds. (I am not sure of the significance of the number. It may be some sort of play on my last street address number in America.)

      In seemingly a different dream, I am in the future where there are strange giant creatures around in the area I travel to. It is not nightmarish; just unusual.

      In another dream, I take my mother to the city to do some shopping. I also get two “Reader’s Digest” magazines in the mail. Both issues have an incorrect variation of the address on the label (which used to happen a lot in real life with a lot of generic commercial mail, including junk mail). In my dream, I am wondering how such a thing could happen. (The most amusing time was when I received a catalog that read “I think” in the address after the street number and name - as if “I think” was a type of, or used in place of, “Street”.)
    8. Fishing in Debris

      by , 09-12-1997 at 04:33 PM
      Morning of September 12, 1997. Friday.

      I am fishing amidst much man-made debris in the shallow water (not sure of location), although I do catch a rather large fish. Whenever the fish jumps, there is a larger splash that reaches me and a couple other males (one unknown who may be with the military, the other possibly from my maintenance job at a college). (Much of my wife’s dream of this date had the same aspects as my dream for no discernible reason.)

      There is a giant black derby “cloud” that “rains” over parts of the ocean and eventually goes more inland, continuing over rivers and smaller streams, mostly. Very briefly, it seems like a UFO, yet continues to function as a raincloud. It seems familiar as if I may have seen it in an illustrated book of dreams in real life sometime in the past (though I am not certain).

      I take a large jar of olives to an Italian wedding reception. I carry it in my left hand. I have something else that is smaller and in thin plastic wrap - sort of near my right hand (something sweet I think; I get the vague impression of a small amount of caramel popcorn), but floating it along near the jar with telekinesis, I think. An older male (who gives the impression of being at least part Transylvanian) comes to the door. I do not go in to the actual party.
    9. Not a Skeleton (or a skeleton transforms into books)

      by , 08-26-1997 at 02:26 PM
      Morning of August 26, 1997. Tuesday.

      I dreamt of a skeleton that was buried in Cubitis (where I have not lived since 1978). The identity of the skeleton remains unknown. A strong wind blows dirt from it as I watch. Eventually, instead of a skeleton, it turns out to be edges of many interesting magazines and books. (Human remains becoming something else over time, or having been something else even when there does seem to be a real change, has been a sparsely recurring dream event.)

      Because skeletons, ghosts, and similar concepts relate to unfocused conscious awareness within a dream when books define a clearer conscious focus (though I do not become lucid), such a dream symbolizes increasing neural activity towards waking. Wind represents the passage of time.

    10. Playing some sort of Pac-Man game

      by , 05-24-1997 at 11:24 AM
      Morning of May 24, 1997. Saturday.

      I am playing some sort of computer game that is like Pac-Man for the most part, but also has text adventure elements that appear on the screen. There are questions at different points depending on the area of the maze Pac-Man goes to. There also seem to be areas where passwords are required, of which I am not sure of the exact nature of but may be keywords obtained from going through the maze in a certain way.

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    11. Obsolete Cassettes, CDs Soon Becoming Scarce

      by , 05-21-1997 at 11:21 AM
      Morning of May 21, 1997. Wednesday.

      There is an unknown music store I go into that does not sell cassette tapes anymore. Cassettes seem to be obsolete, perhaps even for recording. They seem so much out of use that it is possible I am in a futuristic setting.

      At one point, I go over an underground bridge that is a part of the music store. The owner is an unfamiliar black male. There are a lot of different kinds of music.

      One unknown male has found his first CD, it seems. It is one that he had apparently not found or seen anywhere else. Certain other people seem to think the CDs are also to become obsolete. I wander around but do not purchase anything.

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    12. Strange Wakes

      by , 05-19-1997 at 11:19 AM
      Morning of May 16, 1997. Friday.

      My brother Jim (half-brother on my mother’s side) is visiting. He approaches me and starts talking about “wakes” (an obvious dream sign but I do not become viably or actively lucid, only the usual subliminal lucidity). This seems to be focused on sexuality as having something to do with boats. Oddly though, he is talking about a particular type of water (which of course makes no sense other than a dream sign relevant to my typical water induction into the dream state, as water represents sleep and being in the dream state).

      At one point, there is a strange skeleton of a bird that does not look quite right (possibly with “alien” implications).

      At another point, Jim is in a room with other people and acting a bit strange, kicking his leg out.

      As with many of my dreams since earliest memory, this entire dream is a real-time metaphor for sleeping, dreaming, and waking, though in this case, with an additional dream sign related to sexuality. The reference to sexuality is present because it is also a bed reference, which is a first-level dream state indicator (and a subliminal unconscious memory that one has fallen asleep, which is obvious to anyone with critical thinking skills).

      The bird skeleton is a typical “return flight” precursor which represents the waking stage common to the majority of my dreams as such (about twenty percent of the tens of thousands of dreams I have studied, decoded, and ultimately resolved - which brings amazing clarity of mind the more it is done). It first occurred about fifty years ago with the same overall dream theme, mainly influenced by a book on Birds that prompted me to maintain consciously created threads as such when entering the dream state. The “alien” association sometimes occurs as a difference between the transient and fictional dream self identity and the real conscious self identity (non-lucid dreams only as this factor does not usually occur in lucid dreams unless I will it to).

      Even the last scene is a dream sign. When my brother Jim fell asleep on the armchair in real life, he would kick his leg out and sometimes move it a bit and people would joke that he was driving a car and stepping on the brakes. However, even seeing this scene in a dream did not alert me to the fact I was dreaming even when Jim had used the word “wakes” a few times earlier in my dream.

      Additionally, even the collective consciousness of humanity understands that water symbolizes sleep. For example, the word “wakes” is a reference to a disturbance on the surface of the water caused by a boat or swimming animal.

    13. Ash Skeletons with Smooth Oval Stones

      by , 05-06-1997 at 11:06 AM
      Morning of May 6, 1997. Tuesday.

      I mostly see images of skeletal human figures that are made of ashes. They seem to be gripping white, smooth, flat, oval stones. There are images of angels that seem to be flying into me (which represents coalescence of different patterns and dynamics within the dream state). There are some images based on when Helene (my wife Zsuzsanna’s mother) was thrown off the bus yesterday in real life.

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    14. Growing a Giant Jellyfish

      by , 04-12-1997 at 12:17 PM
      Morning of April 12, 1997. Saturday.

      It starts as a strange scene where I over-water some plants over time. A giant “mushroom” grows underground during this time, yet it is actually a rare sort of giant, poisonous jellyfish (that is a land-dweller) that eventually walks around on land. I decide to keep it in a large aquarium at first. It is almost like reviving an extinct or prehistoric species that has the potential to dominate the land in some ways.

      I notice that it has a lot of small quills, a bit like a porcupine. A man visits us and it is his profession to find and eliminate these creatures - I think the last one was seen during the 1600s. I stop him from doing any harm. This is the point at which it had not grown legs yet. Mostly, I remain in safe areas, while I let it walk around. There is no major drama regarding such an unusual “monster concept” or story. I wake during the time of hearing it walk about in a building.

      A second dream involves my wife and I going fishing. The immediate area is much like a place I fished at in real life, but is transferred into an office building. Two men laugh at the idea of us being able to catch any fish there. The water is very shallow and there is a small culvert coming out from one wall. Over time, though, more and more larger fish are in the area inside the building and the men have stopped mocking us and actually look worried now.

      There is a third dream of an airplane crash with my wife and I being the only survivors.

      The main longer dream from this date is very “distant” in some ways but recurring. It is based on walking down an older dirt road through a deep woods (not sure of exact location - I suppose it reminds me of Wisconsin). The area somehow seems very familiar. I am on my own yet I am also aware of a female (wife?) walking on her own elsewhere. There is a point at which the road (going north from directly south) turns at a nearly square angle to go directly to the east. There is a slight understanding that it was or is going to be used for some sort of industry - or as a road for vehicles such as dump trucks, bulldozers and so on. I believe there is another more open area (but still in the woods) that turns off towards the north (from the easterly path) where there is a smaller (one-lane, if assuming for cars or trucks) bridge over a river. Now and then there is a tree across the path but I get through it, sometimes wondering what would happen when the trucks try to come through - it also seems a bit difficult to relate how a car or truck could turn sharply at a ninety degree turn. There are shallow pools of water in some areas, mostly near where trees had fallen, no overly muddy areas.

      This is slightly similar to another highly recurring theme, but not exactly the same, where I go into a very nostalgic and seemingly great “remembered” (fictional, I think) area from a main road, going in at about 22 degrees (or probably about half of 45 degrees, which is half of the square right angle of 90) and ending up in a very “ancient” location or special place that no one else knows about (other than in cases where I show friends the area). Going in at about 22 degrees offset from the main road or highway, I am aware of how I am going farther and farther from the populace which feels more and more “right” and comforting - it is like a place of healing, I think, although sometimes I am vaguely aware that there are bears, panthers, or wild hogs in a nearby area (sometimes seeing trees that had been clawed by bears) - but no present threat. Sometimes the area is slightly muddy or with higher pools of water (at the entrance only) - and sometimes I am showing friends this special place with an enhanced fondness. I have had hundreds of similar dreams, where I am somehow the only one who knows about a fairly visible entrance to a special area right off from a main road. It is a forest that is seemingly much bigger on the “inside” (within the forest) than on the outside.

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    15. Bird and Bear Droids

      by , 03-17-1997 at 06:19 AM
      Morning of March 17, 1997. Monday.

      This was a vivid dream of getting packages in the mail as well as being aware there are many older unopened ones. One is filled with jellylike candy.

      The other packages are related to some sort of subscription in eventually building robotic animals. There are many parts of different birds that have to be built into “real” birds but which remain primarily statue-like. The heads do have veins and gore hanging from the necks but when attached in the kit, they make birdlike sounds. At one point in the background, our son seems to be in a cage for his protection from the larger mechanical or electronic parts in the room, though this does not feature more clearly.

      I soon notice a large bear head that also has veins and flesh hanging from the neck. It also has a couple white plastic tubes and metallic cables connected to it. The head is somehow “alive” and “breathing” with a clicking sound. Some tubes come out of the side of the head as well.

      There are also two parts of the top part of a bear’s body; front and back “shells” with possibly real bear skin and fur and there are also attachable bear “arms” (front legs) and paws. I tell my wife to move away as I am ready to build the “bear droid”, as I do not feel fully safe with the kit, which was apparently a free year’s subscription from a cheap multilevel-marketing company which is also likely involved in scams. The front and back skins zip together at the sides when the sections are attached. The bear head actually complains about how long it is taking me to complete his form. I let it believe what it wants to, due to not feeling safe in contradicting anything it claims about the scenario.

      I ask the bear head if it needs food but it says no; it apparently does not need organic food to function (though it may need fuel or batteries at one point - I am not sure and do not ask). I attach the head to the upper torso and eventually realize that there are no bottom section parts in the house - and the electronic or mechanical torso is not complete yet (apparently relative to missing parts of the longer subscription that have not yet arrived). They may not even send the rest of the parts due to postal rates rising or the subscription running out. When mostly complete on the top, it tries to lick or “kiss” me at one point but I move away. I am not sure if it is just being playful, but I am somewhat aggravated and am wondering about its “programmable” nature and why there would be built-in annoying subroutines as such. My wife seems somewhat worried about the whole idea of a mechanical bear “droid” or even a realistic though mostly stationary model being in the house. Thus far, it cannot walk around (at least very well) at any rate and seems slightly top-heavy relative to its incompleteness.

      At one point, there is a knife in its paw which I take away without any difficulty and from there, I cut the head vertically in half, having had enough doubt about the whole works - and it then complains that I do not like it - almost as if it is personal. The “bird droids” make a fuss as I cut the rest of it up into pieces as if there is some sort of link (though I do not intend to destroy or even damage the birds). I awake with the sound of louder birds in real life.

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