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    1. "The Liberty Bell is Cracked"

      by , 09-11-1974 at 03:11 PM
      Morning of September 11, 1974. Wednesday.

      I am physically involved with a Latina classmate who is lying on her back. There are two older female classmates on each side seemingly giving her instructions as well as holding her legs so that she does not roll over or kick on a large platform holding the hanging Liberty Bell. Her blue jeans tear off like tissue paper. This takes place in the southern area of my backyard in Cubitis, very close to the southeast corner of the house. The cubic platform seems about three feet high and probably has room for about five people in side-by-side lying-down position. I am facing north.

      • This was partly influenced by the television movie “Born Innocent”, seen the night of September 10th.
      • This dream is an excellent example of a metaphorical rendering to halt the waking transition even though my lucidity is minimal. A bell symbolizes the waking prompt but because it is cracked, it is associated with the symbolic pause of the waking prompt to make the dream last longer as a result. (This is not by active dream self will but by native dream state metaphor).
      • This was precognitive in being based on the exact location of my first real intimate experience in Cubitis.
      • In real life, this classmate often wore blue jeans with a large stop sign patch on the bottom. Her last name ended in “bell”.

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    2. Heart of a Volcano

      by , 09-08-1974 at 09:42 AM
      Morning of September 8, 1974. Sunday.

      This is my original dream journal entry name from the 1970s. I am not exactly sure why I chose that name other than “heart” being associated with blood circulation and lava representing blood in an in-dream symbolic sense. “Volcano Maze” probably would have made a little more sense, I suppose, but my “automatic” title clarified the alternate associations and overall meaning much better.

      It is early morning. It is on the weekend and Steve W and Tina L and I have discovered a cave in a mountain in the middle of Highway Seventeen about four houses south of my Cubitis home. This seems a bit strange, I suppose, but the idea it is a dream never occurs. Cars will just have to drive around it somehow, I suppose, or perhaps drive through it thus far.

      Over time, we wander around and discover many maze-like passageways. It turns out to be a volcano which isslowly becoming active, but volcanoes are not really full of caves and explorable tunnels in this manner - and there are even stalactites and stalagmites of glowing volcanic rock. The fire and lava exists at various locations in the “maze”. There are various pools of lava of different sizes in different “rooms” almost as if it was man-made. We decide to leave, as the mazes seem to be getting bigger and the volcano seems to be growing. I find my way out first, but Steve and Tina are still somewhere in the “volcano”. They do manage to escape (from the southern area) and run down the highway to where I am. When I look in their direction, I see waves of reddish and yellowish “flame” behind them, but it is more like a blur of swaying columns of color (like an effect in a movie). There is also an idea that we should go back in with cameras and make some sort of documentary, but that does not sound like a good idea.

      This dream mainly represents my curiosity about the human heart and the various ways blood circulates in the body. It occurred around the same time I had drawn a complex picture of the heart and its functions. Steve W was impressed by my drawing skills (I even did poster art for his student political campaign) but Tina was not impressed and always reflected more of a dominant sarcasm towards everyone.
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    3. Frame of Mind

      by , 09-07-1974 at 08:08 AM
      Morning of September 7, 1974. Saturday.

      I am in a mostly empty room, seemingly in my middle school, but yet a bit unfamiliar. There is mostly only a folding table, I think, and about five or six folding chairs. However, that does not seem quite right as the chairs (only at one point) have divided legs - the two parts of each silver leg are very thin but meet at the bottom and at times seem they would collapse if someone sat on them (though I remain standing). I do not think that there is anyone else around. However, for a very brief time (only a few seconds) I seem suddenly fearful of an “alien presence” or perhaps ghostly (may relate to classmate MG’s unexpected death earlier this year) though that seems odd due to the room showing no direct signs that anyone but myself is around. This slight “terror” passes fairly quickly. (I get the vague impression that Susan R and I had been playing checkers, but this may or may not be residual memory from an actual earlier scene - seemingly somehow related to whether MG lives or dies, like a false memory from before the event).

      Still, I seem to think there is someone else around who follows me unseen (MG?). The scene shifts to the front of a fancy residence. I am walking into the unfamiliar house but am not sure why. For some reason, I get the impression that someone (MG? - or possibly Kip B, the only other male around at the time when MG wanted to fight me that last day) is talking about being in the “right frame of mind”. Apparently, you need to be in the “right frame of mind” to be “worthy” of being in this high-class-appearing residence. I do not actually see whoever has apparently said this. Instead, I see myself from a disembodied perspective (about six feet away) as the “other me” turns around and angrily states, “…assuming you even have a frame of mind!” which seems to be sarcasm at whom now does seem like Kip B only in thought, though it could relate to my own uncomfortable mental state relating to MG’s unexplainable passing (which lasted for about a year).
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    4. "Here Come The Bears"

      by , 09-02-1974 at 06:12 PM
      Morning of September 2, 1974. Monday.

      I seem to be outside at some sort of unfamiliar park or camping grounds though logic would dictate it is somehow associated with Disneyland or Disney World. Still, the area does not have many features; mostly just a cheap-looking makeshift stage and old bleachers in a random stretch of lawn near a forest.

      I hear a younger man enthusiastically say “Here come the bears!” over a loudspeaker. I also get the impression that the event is being televised. After a short time, several people in very loose-fitting thin bear costumes (most of them light-colored such as yellow or pale orange) run across the grounds of the park. They wave as they are running and the scene reminds me a lot of the end of a marathon or of the players of a baseball game running out to the field. I seem to be looking up at them from the ground as they tower over me somewhat and a bit seemingly outwards at an unusual distorted angle at one point (somewhat like a tilted camera view though firsthand from my own eyes). I seem to discern them more as people rather than people in potentially clumsy costumes.

      Apparently, they are the bears of Disney’s Country Bear Jamboree (or perhaps of a cheaper copycat outfit) and they eventually start to do a musical show on the somewhat shoddy outdoor stage, although the actual ones in reality are audio-animatronic figures. Although I have seen them on television in real life, I had not seem them firsthand even when I went to Disney World.
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    5. King Kong Parade

      by , 08-25-1974 at 02:25 PM
      Morning of August 25, 1974. Sunday.

      This dream seemed extraordinary to me for a few reasons. One reason is that it was the only very vivid dream I have had that seemed to be solely in black-and-white at one point, even considering the amazing sense of depth perception and distance perception and orientation. The mood seems quite intense and with a purpose. Just before King Kong appears in a parade (non-threatening, apparently) there is a clear mood of expectation (similar to that of certain other types of dreams, but augmented). I seem to be very large myself (even bigger than King Kong) but seemingly disembodied and apparently invisible and viewing the scene from above, looking at the rows and columns of “tiny” people in the parade as well as the large group of spectators.

      This scenario seems like some sort of special seasonal event or important celebration. Even though there is also an ambiguous “ancient Rome” feeling, the scene seems to be in a modern American city such as New York (although it also seems much like an area in La Crosse that I had not been to in years - near the post office - as such, we seem to be moving due north - though this would indicate the people are very tiny in proportion to this area and with the buildings implied to be much bigger than they are in reality). In a way, my dream seems like a nostalgic blending of the mood and “power” in the original “King Kong” movie from 1933 - yet there is no stop-motion animation feel at any point - it is quite fluid and realistic. None of the cheering and applauding people show any signs of fear. The size of King Kong though, is much bigger than his movie-implied size. The length of one of his fingers is probably as long as four people here.

      This dream was the night before starting eighth grade. I guess I perceived that I would feel out of place or “overly noticeable” going back to school, on some levels (though I did not really expect a “dog-and-pony show” until graduation, though I only went until the first part of tenth grade publicly and got my GED without incident or ceremony). Still, I did not plan to monkey around too much. (Pretend I did not write that - and yes, I know, King Kong was not technically a monkey.)

    6. The Big Diamond

      by , 08-03-1974 at 08:35 AM
      Morning of August 3, 1974. Saturday.

      I am the only character in my dream at one point other than a younger Michael Learned (who I sometimes absentmindedly yet predictably in real life referred to as Michelle Learned), the actress who played Olivia Walton on “The Waltons” television series. Here, she is somewhat like a composite character of her Olivia role (in overall looks and presence) and my German middle school business teacher in manner and vocal style. However, regarding Olivia, her persona seems a bit more modern. She is talking to me about the huge diamond in an area seemingly east of where we are, which appears to be another part of Arcadia. However, at one point, the diamond seems to be lower down in a featureless valley, yet also appears to possibly be a parking lot (where it has either “landed” or somehow emerged from). At first, the giant diamond (seemingly half in the ground in terms of overall appearance or only the top part of a diamond) seems to be an alien spaceship, but in seemingly a nonthreatening way (though I never see any aliens at any point). However, it also seems to be a man-made structure later on, such as a complex glass pyramid for an unknown purpose, though perhaps is a plant nursery. Micheal Learned seems to be cheerful as she speaks with me and “explaining” things, even somewhat motherly, but I do not recall any of what was said. The directional orientation may be important here, because the sun also rises in the east. The area occupied by the diamond seems close to where Arcadia’s hospital would be (in 1974) but the overall area is distorted and quite different than in reality (especially in regard to elevation and the wider otherwise featureless area).
    7. Faux Recluse (Unreal Spider)

      by , 07-20-1974 at 01:20 PM
      Morning of July 20, 1974. Saturday.

      This is a meticulously documented dream from when I was thirteen years old and had been involved in some trial and error messing around in taking apart old electrical items such as clocks, cassette players, record players, and radios during my summer break from school, which was mostly junk my father got very cheaply at the local flea market just north of us.

      In my dream, I am concerned about spiders (as was sometimes the case in reality). Wolf spiders were very large in our house at times in real life, but a greater concern was the much smaller brown recluse spiders which can be problematically venomous (apparently depending on the person’s health). In my dream, I am aware of them being in my room in Cubitis. I decide that it will be safer to go outside at that point. (This of course is in direct contrast to my childhood dreams where I had to go inside to avoid buzzards, dogs, or wildcats outside, or in some cases, a bull or rhinoceros.)

      I go out onto our carport and immediately head to our backyard area, going east, and it seems to be late afternoon. To digress a bit here, directional orientation is probably not always a viable aspect of dream interpretation, and as always, can be seen in different (even opposite) ways. Going east is both going into the sunrise (perhaps “a new beginning”) as well as the future (and also as such when reading English as well as numberlines or timelines left to right or “west to east” relative to maps) whereas going west is heading towards the sunset; completion or “retrieving” the past. In any case, I am simply going into my backyard rather than my front yard here (though backyard and front yard have different meanings and associations as well).

      Looking down at my right hand, I see a brown recluse spider, except that the “brown recluse spider” is actually a capacitor or resistor (possibly some sort of play on “resist”) with eight thin wires sticking out as legs. I am in fear for my well-being (though my fear is somewhat muddied by my awe over the look of the “spider” and how it seems partly embedded in my hand). There is gel (likely poisonous) in this thing and a small amount of blood on my skin, though there is also a vague pondering on whether or not it is alive. Its eight wire “legs” are stuck into my skin on the back of my hand. It is at that point, reaching the edge of our carport (adjacent to the concrete footpath to our large partial shed), I begin to fade from my dream. This was not a more emotional nightmarish perspective, but there was a bit of concern. It takes a bit of conscious awareness to fully understand that this is not even a spider as I am waking.

      (Updated Saturday, 5 September 2015.) Being that my dream was in 1974 before I heard of (or at least consciously regarded) potentially invasive microchips, I still associated the “unreal spider” with “invasive” electronics. This also relates to how spiders sometimes represent hands or the association of how one sees hands at any given time (especially considering a spider has four “fingers” on each side, not counting “thumbs” relative to human hands, and going back to the “Eensy Weensy Spider” hand play song). This “faux recluse” was seemingly essentially a reimaging and “replay” of my own hand being dangerous in carelessness with taking apart a radio the day before and slipping with a screwdriver causing a bit of gel (which I though was acidic, but it was not) to squirt into my eye; my own “hand” upon my hand in a different problematic way. A spider may also relate to tentative feelings about being touched by another person though it depends greatly on the context and the person. Of course, if a person actually has ongoing concerns with real spiders, any dream context is also likely literal.

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    8. Stuffed Bunny as Traffic Light Signals the End of the World

      by , 07-13-1974 at 01:13 PM
      Morning of July 13, 1974. Saturday

      Most of my dream takes place in the southwest bedroom of our Cubitis house. I am not aware of my parents being present at any time. On my father’s large dresser that faces out from the east wall (just to the left of the door) sits a large greenish stuffed bunny, which, despite the fact that it is a fictional and unlikely feature, I am not at all surprised by. It sits on the leftmost side of the dresser.

      Over time, I seem to understand that the stuffed bunny somehow works as a “traffic light” or more correctly, some sort of warning beacon, as it has the potential to turn different colors regarding the level of safety in the environment. I am somehow aware that it is akin to a barometer in some ways and is green because everything is okay.

      Eventually, an earthquake begins. Parts of the ceiling start falling. Unrealistically, the falling debris includes broken rafters, small stones, and thin flat pieces of concrete. Through the falling debris, I see that the stuffed bunny is now red and I feel a sense of awe and wonder. Even though I sense it might be the end of the world, I am not terrified. This is the last thing I see and on one level, it almost seems like a mood I had deliberately manifested.

      After my dream, my father told my mother and I that he was thinking of closing down our rabbit farm. In fact, he did take down two sections of our rabbit shed and a few pieces of concrete, along with boards that had been used as rafters and such, sat around for a time. This is why I have decided my dream had a precognitive layer as well as being a typical real-time dreaming metaphor.

      • The bedroom setting was created because a person is often sleeping in a bedroom when having a dream. If a person is not sleeping in a bedroom in reality, it still, perhaps even more so, signifies the potential of being asleep. This is what I refer to as a “dream sign”.
      • Although my father had a rabbit farm on our property at the time, a rabbit is also a real-time indicator of being asleep. Rabbits (except cottontail rabbits) live underground in burrows or warrens, which is associated with being unconscious (or exploring the depths of the unconscious mind within sleep). Therefore, a rabbit could be considered a third-order dream sign. (Think “Alice in Wonderland”.)
      • Because a stuffed animal may have associations with a pillow, a stuffed rabbit becomes a dream sign on two different levels. The bedroom setting makes it a three-way dreaming indicator, yet I did not become lucid.
      • Red is one of the three waking prompt colors (yellow, orange, red), red having the strongest priority, sometimes suggesting having slept for too long.
      • The ceiling falling merely means cessation of the dream state and the dream self incarnation. Secondly, it is a subliminal projection of the biological falling sensation, that same level of subliminal projection that creates airplanes and birds in dreams (which represent real-time consciousness displacement, that is, being unconscious yet still aware at one level).
      • We never had a stuffed rabbit in our home in reality.

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    9. "Woody Woodpecker in Peril"

      by , 07-05-1974 at 01:05 PM
      Night of July 5, 1964. Sunday.

      One of the first vivid and somewhat lucid nightmares I remembered with more clarity as a young child is this one from age three. Woody Woodpecker is driving a car (which is rendered in my dream as a real car, that is, not like a cartoon), which seems like my brother-in-law Verdell’s car. Knothead and Splinter are also in the front seat. He accidentally drives off a very steep embankment (which is likely modeled after the road up to Grandad Bluff). His car rolls downward and out of control over the very steep incline with my dream showing (as if I am hovering in front of the scene) terrified expressions from the three of them, sometimes taking on an almost anthropomorphic appearance. His car does not turn over or completely wreck; it just keeps tipping forward a bit, dropping and moving forward. I seem to be hovering closer in front of his car at one point (almost as if switching between being in front of a movie screen as to actually being there, though incorporeal). It seemed to go on for a very long time. This was a late nighttime dream, but which seemed to “reset” and repeat near early morning. It did not cause me to wake with a start as with other nightmares.

      This dream is likely my first remembered “failed flight” waking transition. The birds, even though cartoons, are trapped in the car and there is no apparent escape. There is a transmutation of “I am falling” (waking consciousness shift though sustained here in real-time foreshadowing) to “they are falling” as well as “I cannot drive” to “he cannot drive”. This dream was very likely the result of the memory of riding in a car on the road up to Grandad Bluff and the sustained wariness I had in real life for a time.

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    10. Voodoo Trailer

      by , 06-08-1974 at 12:08 PM
      Morning of June 8, 1974. Saturday.

      This dream was possibly inspired by Jim Stafford’s “Swamp Witch”, a song I grew to really like, and possibly “Marie Laveau” by Bobby Bare.

      I am running through the swamp in Fort Ogden, Florida (where I lived when really young), somehow kicking about three or four of my textbooks into the air with my knees and yet they somehow keep “falling back” to my knees (without scattering or falling) as I continue the routine while running for quite some time with a feeling of happiness and freedom. (The only way this would be possible would be by using a belt or book strap around them rigged in a way which would somehow keep them in front of me in the same general position above my knees - however, it is likely just a typical in-dream impossibility.) It had been the last day of school for the semester (and so I mentally “celebrate” as such in-dream and on my own) and I am fully “free”. Eventually, however, I feel that I had ran too far and am far away from home, possibly in a different town or region. It is soon nighttime already. I reach a trailer lit up from the outside with a couple torches on old metal poles. It is extremely vivid and eerie in a stimulating but non-threatening or fearful sense. It is possible I am near Winter Haven. However, the sense of freedom may be relevant to returning to my old home in the swamp where I only lived prior to ever going to public school and the trailer I am looking at is actually my very early temporary childhood home prior to moving to Wisconsin the first time around.

      There are voodoo dolls of various types everywhere in rows on the ground (each side of the trailer’s door, but there are many more on the left) and outside shelves (close to the ground). No one else is around. Some look like ordinary dolls from the store in a sitting position while some seem to be made out of small bundles of straw tied with red string. I never actually see a witch, though I know one lives there, perhaps presently at a normal grocery store buying food in the nearest town. I do not question why a shelf would be on the outside of a dwelling rather than indoors. The beauty of this part of my dream (not the imagery, but the mood, color tonality, and “atmosphere” itself) colored my day in a positive way.

      Here, school has ended for the summer and I am viewing my former classmates as small dolls, but why the voodoo dolls association (though many are also ordinary dolls)? Because, at least to a certain extent, teachers control some of the students (but not all) - though that would be considered an “interpretation” (which may or may not be accurate), not the actual core meaning of seeing them as sleeping (as a real-time dream sign here).

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    11. Snakes in Turtles

      by , 06-01-1974 at 12:01 PM
      Morning of June 1, 1974. Saturday.

      In this dream, I am solely an acknowledged member of an older, more traditional tribe of Native Americans (Shawnee). We have apparently found a few turtles of a special new species in the area of our side yard just north of our carport, but they eventually are (or had transformed into) a group of snakes that have apparently crawled into the remains of turtles and possibly though incidentally cause some people to think they are turtles, and who may take them home or perhaps get “too close” to “escape”. An older male tries to capture one though I am not sure if it is to use in a ritual or to eat.

      This waking metaphor renders the preconscious and emerging consciousness as a snake and turtle composite, but that is quite easy to understand for those who have actually worked with their dreams and understand that most (non-lucid) dreams are waking transitions and dreaming and waking metaphors - the snake because a dreamer sometimes moves about on his or her stomach when lying in bed, and a turtle due to the dreamer getting out of bed being analogous to a turtle coming out of its shell (as well as out from underneath the blanket). (It should also be obvious that snakes and turtles may represent other things depending on the dream type, level of awareness, and either induction or waking stage types.)

      Regarding direct influence, this mainly relates to the “Noggin Nodder” cereal toy surprises I had at the time, where one was a turtle and one was a snake in a log. You could put the snake’s head (and longer neck) in the turtle’s body and it would work the same as with the intended turtle model. (There was also a dog in a doghouse and a duck as well as other animals, thus you could make a “duck-dog” as well as a “duck in a doghouse” or a “snake in a doghouse” among other unlikely combinations. I have tried researching this again recently but can no longer find much information or the number of various photos I found online years ago.
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    12. Writing on My Bedroom Window

      by , 05-04-1974 at 11:04 AM
      Morning of May 4, 1974. Saturday.

      Dream #: 2,693-02. Reading time (optimized): 1 min.

      One of my male classmates (Bobby G) and seemingly another one, (Wayne H), seems to be in my front yard. (These classmates have been obnoxious to me in real life.)

      I had a false awakening into this situation and remain unaware I am still dreaming. These two boys may be there to make bullying remarks or cause other problems.

      At one point, when I look out through the open jalousie windows, I notice what may be somewhat illegible handwriting, seemingly from a felt pen, on about four or five lower louvers. I am unsure how it got there. It may be something I wrote that might cause me embarrassment, though I am unable to make out the words, only various letters. It may be writing from my dream journal that somehow ended up on the jalousie panes, but I do not recall doing this.

      I see Bobby walking away from the front of the house, but I do not know if he read it. It may be that some of the writing became distorted from being wet or partly washed off when my mother was watering the flower box.

      There is a reset where there seems to be an unknown dark-haired girl to the right (in my view), but I do not know if she is his friend or concerned about me.

      “Encyclopedia of Dreams, RAS Window Mediation” is a work in progress. More information about the causal factors and meaning of this dream (2,693-02) will be in that reference by January 1, 2020.

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    13. Remote viewing of “less dishes”

      by , 04-27-1974 at 11:24 AM
      Morning of April 27, 1974. Saturday. (Just prior to sunrise.)

      This entry has been newly researched and fully authenticated in July of 2014 with an additional amazing discovery on September 3, 2014. All of the original documentation is included with only minor additional information.

      This dream seemed to be an extraordinarily vivid example of either remote viewing or personal-path-precognition or likely a hybrid of both. To be as meticulous as possible in my dream work for this detailed special entry, I should add here that my consciousness seemed disembodied and floating about six feet from the floor, looking downwards, about two feet out and a few inches to the right of my slightly-open bedroom door. I was seeing the comic strip as if it might be on the newer wooden living room dresser, but it was actually too close to my “eyes” for that to be the case, unless it was involving binocular-like vision as I have often had before in dreams.

      Probably one of the most detailed, viable proofs I have had as a younger teenager on something I call “universal mind” (sometimes called “non-local mind”), relative to the supraconscious or “all mind” (and the reality of at least something similar to viable remote viewing) unfolded when reading a Nancy comic strip in a dream at age thirteen when living in Cubitis, Florida before I read it a short time later in reality (same day). (This is a comic strip by Ernie Bushmiller that my mother had a tendency to cut out and save in her scrapbook at times.)

      I am still convinced years later in 2014 that this was a paranormal event and not coincidental and there is absolutely nothing that would alter that understanding - it is simply too precise.

      Update (September 3, 2014)…To add more to the strangeness, there is a much older version of this gag that was published on a Tuesday in April 22, 1947. That strip has aspects of my dream which also relate to one perspective (but mirrored). I could not have seen this strip before. It adds another layer to something that is already completely unexplainable - and in addition, it was used at the top of a web page that contains the line “Where others find slippery mysticism these authors, Mark Newgarden and Paul Karasik, see cold hard mathematics”. The old version is below - and to me, looks a lot more modern than the much later version. (In fact, I actually thought it was a modern fake due to Aunt Fritzi’s mode of dress. It seemed too preposterous and out-of-place.)

      In the dream, unlike many of a similar nature involving the reading of such as a comic strip, I was actually able to discern and understand what I was reading (instead of odd, continuous non-words or unresolved gags as was often the case). Nancy drops some dishes while washing them. Aunt Fritzi, from the other room, exclaims “MORE dishes, Nancy?” (as in breaking more dishes). Nancy replies along the lines of “No, Aunt Fritzi, LESS dishes”. As I was seeing this, the sound of the newspaper hitting the front yard (again, it was still very early in the morning) woke me up. The Nancy comic strip in that day’s newspaper was the same as the one I had just seen in my dream, but with very subtle differences in panel width and arm position in the final perspective.

      I should add here that there was a “reset” of the dream that was not as vivid and which seemed like residual “re-imagining” of the prior. In this case, the comic strip was nearly the same except that there was an additional first panel (fairly vertically narrow) showing Nancy standing on a chair at the sink, her profile facing left, actually washing the dishes. This was so clear that I have actually “remembered” the “reset” dream version over the real comic strip.

      Perhaps I should also add that my mother would call out “save the pieces!” whenever I dropped a dish (which usually did not break - they were all plastic) in real life, which also happened later on this day, but is not unique to it. Note that seemingly “doubled” precognitive synchronicity was not all that uncommon for me.

      Note that remote viewing and precognition often “feel the same” at times. However, this particular type of event given here, which seems specific to seeing something not yet read, has its own precise mood and “flavor”.

      It is important to remember that I did not edit the descriptive details and that what I originally thought was “re-imaging” to a certain extent was somehow also “seeing” aspects of the 1947 version (which I had not seen in real life before) but mirrored and blended in with the newer version. This is intriguing to me. This also relates to two of my last dreams that had broken glass in them (in September 2014) - as if the dream was partially “telling me” to look upon this unexplainable event again (although really, there have been thousands of remote-viewing and precognitive experiences in my life that were far too precisely detailed to be coincidence such as with the typical cop-out mentality of “normal” people).

      Below is a representation of the in-dream version, but not exact. For example, the first panel was a little more on the side (more towards a profile of the scene). The real question is why? Out of thousands upon thousands of comic strips, why this one and why the synchronicity of layers? It seems related to my accident as a toddler where my wrist and even tendons and such were severally slashed falling on a broken mug that had hit the floor prior to my fall - note Nancy is on a small stool in one version of the strip, similar to the one I fell from. I still do not truly know the forces behind these sort of events. I can say that this is typical of my day to day experiences since early childhood in that unexplainable events of this nature often have additional unexplainable connections for some reason (for example, in this case, the much older strip I could not have known about and related dates), making it even more unlikely to have a typical cop-out “explanation.

    14. Prehistoric Red

      by , 04-07-1974 at 10:07 AM
      Morning of April 7, 1974. Sunday.

      I am somehow in the distant past in my “orb” form, though not sure if the implied journey was by time machine, by mental will, or due to some sort of cosmic event (as there is no recalled backstory).

      Everything has a sort of strange red glow, not all the same shade, but close. There are reddish dinosaurs such as brontosaurus (apatosaurus) and “cavemen” with red hair living during the same time period. Some of these cavemen, however, are more like stereotypical movie vikings and wearing horned helmets and carrying spears with reddish arrowheads. I have a strange impression that this shade of red is “extinct” and had only existed during these more “primitive” times. The red lava seems to pose a possible threat to this world but I am not bothered.

      Red dominating a dream’s rendering sometimes relates to having slept a bit too long and such seems to be the case here.
    15. I am Called the Wrong Name on my School Bus

      by , 03-31-1974 at 09:31 AM
      Morning of March 31, 1974. Sunday.

      I am halfway between full lucidity and still trying to work out if it might be a real-life scenario that I am in as it is very vivid and I have a high degree of mental clarity. I am on my school bus going home (perhaps about two-thirds of the way home in considering landmarks), traveling north. I am seated at about the middle of the bus on the left side (in regards to facing the front of the bus), nearest the aisle (though I remain uncertain if there is a schoolmate seated to my left though the bus seems more crowded than it would be in reality). Classmate Jeanette P turns her head around and looks back at me from near the front of the bus (also the left side and closest to the aisle) and smiles as if she is going to tell me something important (or that is the impression I first get). Instead, she just happily says, “Claude Smith…”. It is not sarcastic or condescending, but the way she says it is still somewhat annoying even though she seems cheerful and friendly. I guess what annoys me is the fact she sounds so assertive and even supportive while making such a seemingly blatant mistake or slight, regardless of her intent.

      “That’s not my name,” I reply, sort of passively (while wondering how she had forgotten my last name). I try not to sound angry or as if responding to an affront. My dream fades at about this point and I remain annoyed at the nature of my dream directly after waking. I had not gotten the chance to see her reaction to what I had said (though she was still smiling as I was speaking). No one else had spoken to me at any point.

      There seems to be a specific outer layer of the preconscious where the preconscious personification (in this case Jeanette P) is not viably “with” the dream self, though, as here, not always aggressively so. This is curious, as I would otherwise assume such a “separation” to occur in a deeper level of the dream state. However, the logical probable explanation for this would be that the dream self is not perceived as the conscious self, so thus there is a deliberate lack of communication in the preconscious transition (as it would be biologically problematic to stay in the dream state at this point). I have documented and studied a number of versions of this situation since early childhood. It mostly only occurs in the final waking stage.

      The main purpose of many shorter non-lucid dreams (rather than having a whole-self-relevant “interpretation”) and the last section of the majority of dreams in general is to return the dreamer into whole consciousness (utilizing liminal space, “return flight” metaphors, or visual coalescence in many cases). At the raw level, this is done with a falling jolt (or in some cases rising up), the loss of teeth, or something similar to trigger a stronger emotional reaction, such as being undressed in public, both a dream sign and reminder of where the real self is and a situation that might trigger emergent consciousness.

      This dream utilizes the common “return flight” in a form I do not tag as such as it just features a seemingly ordinary school bus (though is still “the journey home” waking metaphor). Again, as my dream self identity is not my full conscious self identity (other than in apex lucidity), I am called the wrong name in the last stages of emergence. The emergence stage is validated by Jeanette P being at the front of the bus and “dismissing” my dream self (as my dream self metaphorically “reminds behind” rather than with a coalescence event).