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    1. Art School Basement Imprisonment

      by , 06-01-2006 at 10:50 AM (Visions in the Dark)

      I was in some sort of boarding school for the arts. I do not remember any specific details of what the above ground levels looked like, but I do remember that the teachers were very strict and for the most part downright cruel. It was private, and not one designated a Christian school, yet strict Christian values were the rules of the school. Since I am not Christian I kept my spiritual designation a secret and went on with my studies (much like I do in waking life actually, because it is nobodies business but mine). I do not remember much of the classes but near the beginning of the dream I got caught by the head mistress of the school when the pentacle I wore under my shirt slipped out.

      The head mistress was old and wore a black victorian dress and had a perpetual scowl on her face. Her greying black hair was always up in a bun and she wore a large silver cross around her neck. As soon as she saw my pentacle she grabbed me roughly by the shoulder and started dragging me along, yelling that I was an "un-godly child" and heathens like me do not have the right to make art, or something like that. She took me to the far end of the school and pushed me through an old door, which she promtly locked behind her.

      I stumbled down some stairs in the dark and found myself in the decrepid lower levels of the school. It was not like a traditional basement in that it had many little rooms and a long spiralling hallway, (more like a bunker?) I quickly discovered that the lights and plumbling still worked. Each of the little bedrooms I explored had two beds and a dresser, and there were personal items from the previous occupants lying about, though everything was covered in dust or falling apart because it seemed that no one had been down there for a long time. One things that caught my attention was that each and every bed had an afgan blanket on it and they were all different by colour and pattern.

      At first I was alone and upset in that place but I occupied my mind by exploring the rooms and going through the personal belongs. I realized at some point that a lot of the items I went through belonged to teachers I have had (most were actually teachers I have had in waking life), and I got the sense that they had been imprisoned in that basement-bunker too.

      Then I discovered a room that I shall call "the Pit." It was like a second basement because it was lower than the bedrooms and it was more diamond shaped than square. There were no stairs down, the entire Pit was illuminated by a light source that I could not see, and there was water gushing down all sides of the bare concrete walls and draining into a small drain in the center of the room. Up until this point I had been alone in the basement, but near the center of the Pit, on his hands and knees, was George Stroumboulopoulous.

      He was on his hands and knees pushing a stream of water into the drain. He looked up at me and said something (but I cannot remember what now) and then he went back to directing the water (which wasn't really necessary because the water was going into the drain anyway). He made not plea to be rescued, or make any attempt to more from were he was, so I left him alone and explored some more bedrooms.

      I came across one room that kind of startled me because the dresser seemed to contain artwork that I had done in the past (in the dream - there was nothing I recognized having done in waking life). The art was really good and it seemed to be past the artistic skill I have now, but I checked signatures and writing styles and the art was definately mine. I also found indications of my past teacher who had overseen the creation of this art I discovered - but it was no one I recognize from the dream or in real life. He looked sort of like DJ Carl Cox, though that description might be a bit off because the dream becomes a bit fuzzy at this point.

      When I was done exploring that room I walked out into the hall and ran into my father. I was surprised and not really happy to see him and I knew the feelings were mutual. He started talking to me about something and we got into an argument (Ha! Just like real life!) and twice he had to restrain himself from exploding into a rage (something he does a lot in waking life too).

      There is a little bit more of the dream with some other people showing up while my father and I are fighting, and something more about the Pit but I cannot remember more than this.
    2. Dark City Circus

      by , 05-25-2006 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      The setting is a very urbanized city that is old, crowded and dark. It is a city that felt farmiliar, but only subconsciously, if that makes any sense. There are lots of tall buildings and the entire city itself exists in perpetual night. Between the buildings and all across the skyline are bridges and ramps that make each end of the city accessable. There are a few roads that lead out of the city and any vehicle that takes these routes simply vanish into nothingness once they pass the city border. Everyone is essentially trapped in the dark city.

      The first part of the dream dealt with being in a car and trying to figure the maze-like crisscrossing roadways and bridges of the city, but the details are fuzzy. At one point I was trying to jump my vehicle on a ramp, near the edge of the city, without actually trying to pass the city border and disappear. I guess it was some sort of daredevil thing I was trying, or something.

      The second part of the dream happens closer to ground level. First there was some sort of circus parade going on in the lesser used roads of the city that actually touch the ground (the majority of citizens in the city prefer the skyway roads and bridges because the ground routes are considered like slums and ghettos). The parade winds it's way through dirty, dark streets and alleys and ends up in a rare open area, like a city square. There is an acrobatic show going on and there are no safety lines attached to the acrobats and no saftey nets to catch anyone who may fall. All of the acrobats are amazing performers (much like Cirqu de Soleil) but seem insignificant to me.

      There is one little boy, however, who seems no older than 8 or 9 and while he did not perform a overly spectacular performance, I was drawn to him for some reason. He had blond hair and blue eyes and I could see his spiritual light radiating from him in a blueish white light and I was sure that no one else in attendance could see it. He disappears into the crowd that has gathed to watch the show, however, and I never see him again.

      Suddenly I was no longer a spectator of the acrobat show, but now a performer, though not as myself. I was a tall, thin, pale man with long black hair and eyes are dark as the nothingness that surrounded and entrapped the city. I did not want to perform but I had no choice because there were monsters and demons prowelling the dark corners of the city and for some reason my life was threatened by these creatures unless I performed.

      As I started my acrobatic flips and turns I suddenly felt connected to some of the creatures hidding in the darkness and found that I had some control over their actions. The dream abruptly ended in the middle of the acrobat show unfortunately.
    3. Tidal Wave, Knights and Cats

      by , 05-15-2006 at 10:12 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I was standing at the waterfront of a beach that had lots of sharp rocks and debris shrewn about. It looked like it had recently been devastated by a hurricane or something. My appearance in the dream was young and slender and with flowing silvery white hair. I was wearing a lavender-coloured dress and a white apron and my feet were bare.

      There were random people standing amongst the rocks and garbage. They watched and did nothing as a huge wave came suddenly from the sea and almost washed me away. I somehow regained my footing and turned to see another wave coming. It was bigger then the previous wave and I yelled at the people on the beach to run and get away from the water - but no one seemed to take me seriously (or even acknowledge the approaching wave for that matter) and I assumed that the people were all washed away while I ran for my life away from the beach. For some inexplicable reason I could run faster then the incoming tsunami.

      When I was too tired to run anymore I found myself in a grassy field. I could see the beach in the distance behind me, but there were no huge waves or flooding or even debis anymore; it looked like just and ordinary beach. In front of me there was a small Mideval looking castle and beyond that - maybe a mile or so away - there was another small castle. There were armored knights on horseback riding between the castles but they were not attacking each other or anything. The knights would just gallop their horses from one castle to the other and then turn around and do it again.

      I went into the castle closest to me and most of the rooms were devoid of people - but the people I did come across were seeminly paralyzed in mid-action and could not move. They were like statues but they were neither made of stone nor frozen like ice. I came across an old man who was holding a letter and though frozen in place he could still talk. He asked me if I could take the letter to the other castle across the field. I said that I would and he asked me if I would bring him some tea from the next room. I went into the next room to get the tea but when I picked up the tray that had the tea silverware on it, one of the horseback knights came galloping through the room and told me to leave. The knight then grabbed the tray from me and spurred his horse out of the room.

      I apologized when I returned to the old man but he said something that upset me so I ran away. I ran seemingly endless halls until I found some stone stairs leading down into thick darkness. I ran down the stone steps and found what was very much like subway station. There was a small group of people waiting on the boardwalk and I joined them just as the train was pulling up. The subway train did not look like a standard "subway train" by more like a large submarine made of thick clear glass.

      The glass train flew up out of the dark tunnel and out into bright daylight. It soared over a vast "s" shaped lake where the water was crystal clear and the lake's fish and other water creatures could be seem swimming around. There were also many small fishing boats in the water and I was jealous because I wanted to be down there. I remember commenting to someone sitting beside me on the size of the fish. The train suddenly entered another dark tunnel and when it came to the station it was not a modern platform but a thick undergroud forest.

      The trees were oversized and deciduous, the roads narrow and maze-like. I wandered aimlessly at first because I was lost. Eventually, I ran into a male elf that appeared to have come from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings triliogy, but I was upset because it was not Legolas. I followed the elf for a while as he walked through the forest because I was lost and I figured that he would lead me somewhere. Eventually he dissapeared up a tree at a fork in the road.

      There was a left and a right path. I headed left because I could see open sunlight and that direction felt warm. I came out of the forest into a trialer park that was occupied by domestic cats and not people. The first three cats I saw looked sort of like dark grey occelots with glowing, firey orange eyes . I walked down the singe gravel road until I came to a hill. I turned around and there was a large pet superstore. The trailer park dissapeared (faded out) and now there was only the superstore floating in space in front of me with the front doors wide open. I did not have a choice but to go in really.

      I was appalled by the conditions in which the baby animals were kept. They were in cramped honeycomb shaped crates (with one baby animal to a cone) behind large panes of glass without food, water or litterboxes and all of the little animals looked absolutely miserable. I started crying because I could not do anything for the suffering baby animals and I was also upset because no one else in the store seemed to care about the poor conditions in which the animals were kept. It was set up almost like a museum display: each crate was numbered and people stolled along gazing at the crates behind glass at their leisure.

      I came across a side corridor and followed it until I found myself in a large warehouse or barn or something. It had a corral for sick and deformed baby animals and on the inside the coral was an oriental woman. She handed me a thin bamboo stick painted black and told me to start beating "the black one," pointing to a listless long-haired kitten. I was appalled and horrified and I picked up the kitten and cradled him in one hand and grabbed the long switch from the lady and hit her a few times with it. The dream ended here.

      The large wave coming out of the sea, almost washing me away is parallel to my near drowning incident that happened when I was about 4 or 5 years old.

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    4. Adventures with Becky

      by , 05-15-2006 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am at my parent's trailer park at Lake Whittaker, in late fall. It is cold and everyone has to dress warmly. Despite the fact that the park should be closed this time year, it is busy and there are people everywhere. In the center of the park lays a large parking lot and it is lined with row after row of picnic tables at which hundreds of students have been shuttled in, by old fashioned taxi cabs, for some art lessons. My friend Becky was with me and I showed her around the trailer park when we got there. I spent a lot of time reminiscing about "how the park use to be," because in waking life there have been many drastic changes since I used to go there as a kid.

      Outside the parking lot and lurking in the forests beyond it was dangerous because monsters like orcs and oversized owls and bats where lurking around. Occasionally the students where attacked and everyone had to take shelter unter the picnic tables or in gazebos nearby. My friend Becky and I had a trailer in the northern most part of the park and when we went there we found a variety store and gun shop where the playground used to be.

      The frequency and brutality of the monster attacks suddenly increased but Becky and I somehow had magic powers that we hid from everyone else that allowed us to make the orcs or giant owls disappear. I do not remember how or why we had these powers. There was one time when a group of students went to hide in the variety store to escape a monster attack. A giant owl perched on the small building's roof and began pecking away at building with it's giant sharp claws. The building was stronger than it looked however and the giant bird eventually gave up and flew away.

      Soon after a band of orcs attacked some students taking art lessons in the large central parking lot, but by now most students had acquired fire arms from the gun shop and they made short work of the spear and sword weilding monsters. Only a small number of students were injured or killed. The art lessons continued and because of the commotion some seats had been moved around, including mine. I was no longer able to sit beside Becky and I was upset but there was nothing I could do about it. Some of the people there gathered the bodies of the dead orcs, threw them in a large green trashcan and set the whole mess on fire. The stench was horrible.

      The students sitting at the picnic tables were given giant sheets of paper to draw on but I forgot something (my pencil?) and I had to venture back to my trailer to get it. I had to go alone because all of the other students had all of their supplies and could start their project right away. I cut through the southern end of the park (called the tenting area because only tents are allowed there) for a short cut and at first forgot that trailers where not allowed in that part of the park. There were a hole bunch of "weekenders" in the tenting area and most of them had small trailers. I wandered around in a confused daze, before I remembered where, I was because I was trying to find my trailer admidst the weekenders trailers and I could not understand at first why I could not find it.

      As I continued through the tenting are and up to the seasonal area in the northern end of the park I passed by many people, one of whom was my uncle Alex. I thought I said something to him as I passed but he ignored me and disappeared amoung the gatherings of people in the tenting area. I arrived at my trailer but instead of going inside I entered a small tent that had appeared just outside of it. Though the tent had just suddenly appeared I acted as if it had been there the whole time. Some people I knew in the park when I was a kid suddenly show up. They are twin boys I used to play with but I can no longer remember their names, though I know their father's name, Kerry, and I refer to the twins as "Kerry's twins."

      One of the boys almost literally dives into the tent as I exit, while the other twin paces back and forth between trailers trying to look inconspicuous. An older man with an artificial leg comes hobbling down the road towards the Kerry's twins and I. He is the variety store owner and when the twins see him they try to hide by lying still. When the older man has completely passed by the twin hiding in the tent reveals that the sweater he is wearing is full of stolen goods from the variety store, but the boy swears he didn't mean to steal anything. He said he was gathering things to purchase when a giant bat attacked the store and instead of dropping the items, he shoved them in his sweater. After telling me their story the boys walk away and head towards the tenting area in the southern end of the park. I do not see them again in this dream.

      As I walked back towards the art lessons going on in the central parking lot I walked along the main road (rather than take a short cut through the tenting area) and noticed large cube shaped indentations in the road. Some people where digging these large brick shaped sections of road to improve their own trailer areas for some reason. Doing this made the road all but impossible to drive and and very difficult to walk on and I ended up walking alongside the road rather than on it.

      Back at the art lessons, Becky and I completed our project and were told that we were now allowed to leave. It suddenly became very cold and it started snowing. This caused a mass exodus of students to begin leaving the park, but rather than wait for the old taxi cabs, the students opted to walk. Instead of heading towards the trailer park's exit, I asked Becky to follow me down to the lake, where the old taxi cabs and a bunch of other cars were parked. I broke into one car that was painted dark red on its front and sides but bright yellow on the back.

      Since I don't know how to drive I let Becky get into the driver's seat but something went wrong and she almost drove off the dock and into the lake at first. I can't remember what had caused the near miss but both Becky and I had a good laugh about it. We drove towards the camp's exit and along the way many students tried to flag us down for a ride but we ignored them all.

      Becky started driving faster, going 45 MPH in a 15 MPH zone and I told her several time to slow down because I was afraid that we would hit one or more of the students walking along the road. The closer we got to the gatehouse the more crowded the road became and Becky was forced to slow down. The large groups of students trying to leave the park were running into large groups of people trying to get into the park, and strangely, all of the new arrivals seemed to be mothers with babies or toddlers.

      Because of all the snow on the road the car we were in acted more like a skidoo and we had fun to fishtails and spinouts and stuff on our way back to the city. The closer we came to our destination the more that scenery changed from that of a rural Ontario winter highway to that of an alternate reality where everything had a purple or blue-ish hue and the snow disappeard to be replaced with strangely oversized tropical plants. Becky and I had to remove our winter layers of clothing because we became overheated.

      I wanted to find a way back to the cold Ontario highway we had just left but there wasn't anyway back that I could see and for some reason it was physically impossible to turn our half dark-red, half yellow taxi cab around. We drove for some time and came to the edge of a futuristic looking city that had many twisting roadways and neon lights.

      The people walking the streets and driving around in this neon city looked like normals humans except for the fact that their skin tones matched the blue and purple hues found in the tropical plants outside of the city. Becky pulled the cab over and I tried asking several people how to get back to London Ontario (our hometown) but no one in the neon city knew what we were talking about because they had never heard of such a place. Becky and I were also the recipient of a lot of strange stares, I'm guessing because of our different coloured skin to that of everyone else in the neon city. For some reason we picked up a blue skinned man and a violet skinned woman and let them sit in the back of our taxi cab. For some reason they too wanted to find a way out of the futuristic neon city as well, though I did not ask why.

      I started having anxiety attacks from being lost in the strange alternate reality city, and greatly feared not being able to find our way home. We came to an intersection in the center of the city and two normal skinned men, dressed in black suits, stopped us and somehow knew that Becky and I were lost and they said they that they could help us but did not say how they would do so. The two men were of middle age and dressed in black suits, like MiBs or something. Indeed, one looked exactly like Tommy Lee Jones while the other man looked like Agent Smith from the Matrix trilogy (played by Hugo Weaving).

      The blue and purple couple in the back of the cab were spooked by the men in black and quickly departed. Becky and I were a little perplexed but said nothing as the men sat themselves in the back of our multicoloured cab. We drove around the neon city in silence for a while before the man in black who looked like Tommy Lee Jones suddenly exited the vehicle at a stop light and disappeared into the night. That left the man who looked like Hugo Weaving and though I did not learn his name in the dream, I will refer to him as "Mr. Smith" anyway.

      We drove around some more before Becky suggested getting something to eat. We pulled into a neon-sign adorned coffee shop and Becky and Mr. Smith went inside while I waited in the car. When they returned Mr. Smith had bought me a tea and despite never having met before, he knew exactly how I liked it (Earl Grey, one milk, bag in). I didn't say anything about it and neither did he.

      We ate/drank in the taxi cab but when we wanted to get going again, the three of us started walking down the neon sign lined street rather than drive. We came to a series of darkend alleyways and Mr. Smith insisted that we try to find our way through them. We walked for a while and came to a dead end where Mr. Smith cornered us. He said that he could not let us change the future and that he had to stop us. Becky and I had no idea what the heck he was talking about.

      Mr. Smith pulled a black hand gun on us and raised the weapon to shoot, but before he could fire a misty blue hazy dropped down on him from somewhere above and he dissolved into nothing with a terrible scream. Becky and I quickly found our way back to the main streets which were now glowing neon like the signs, partly because it had started to rain and there was lots of reflections, but also because some parts of the road seemed to have absorbed the neon signs or something and the pavement was glowing brightly as if it was made of coloured gas (neon lights).

      We eventually came to a neon tunnel in the side of a large building and started walking through. Becky said she could not hear anything when I asked, but I swore I could hear Mr. Smith's voice talking to us even though he was nowhere to be seen. I cannot remember what he was saying now but it was making me nervous and I was trying my best to hurry Becky along.

      There is a bit more to the dream; something about a maze and a bunch of doors or something and getting back to our multicoloured cab and finding our way out of the neon city and back into the wintery Ontario landscape. At the end of the dream we didn't get back home but ended up stuck in a snow drift or something? I cannot remember anymore of this dream.
    5. The Mandala Seals and Sekhmet

      by , 05-09-2006 at 10:25 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I was younger in this dream and had shorter hair then I do in waking life. I did not need glasses as my eyesight was perfect. I wore a long robe that was a light brown or dark tan colour. I did not remember the specific reason for having to break the mandala seals, but in the dream I knew it was something I had to do.

      I was in some sort of magical place, a fantasy-esque temple of some sort, perhaps. This place had multiple levels and each level had a magical seal that was guarded by a powerful being. Starting at the bottom, I had to fight the guardian of that level to break the seal and only then could I progress to the next level. When the guardian was defeated, its body disappeared into the glowing mandala seal on the marble floor, before flashing brightly and dissolving completely. The path to the next level would appear as a circle of light above where the mandala seal had disappeared. For some reason I would also become more powerful when I defeated the guardian, like I absorbed its physical and magical powers when it died or something.

      I do not recall the details of guardians one to four, but I do not think they had any significance. I think I vaguely remember a few of these guardians appearing as character from classic monster movies, but I cannot be sure as my memory of them is fuzzy. All I do remember is defeating them with easy, breaking the seal and moving on to the next level. I breezed through the first four guardians, though I maintained a serious concentration on what I was doing, even as I became more and more powerful.

      The fifth guardian was not so easy. I was shocked to discover that it was non other than my patron goddess Sekhmet, in her fiery war goddess form, leonine head and all. She could have easily killed me, being a goddess and all, but she did not. Instead she played with me like any feline does before they consume their prey. Sekhmet bit me several times and tore off chunks of flesh from my body. At one point she tore off my entire right arm. She ate all of the peices of me that she took.

      Every time Sekhmet bit me or ripped something off my entire essence; my mind, body and soul, were consumed with such an intense burning that I could think of nothing else but that sensation. I stop short of saying it was painful, because while the sensation engulfed my entire being, it also felt that I was metaphysically connected to everything in the universe when I felt it, if that makes any sense. I did not hate Sekhmet for doing this and it seemed that I loved her more and more, despite the burning, as she slowly consumed me. After she took my right arm, I was willing to surrender myself to her, to be completely consumed, and indeed that is just what I hoped Sekhmet would do.

      Instead, something happened that I can not longer remember unfortunately, but I not only regained by lost body parts (and completely healed of all injury) but my regeneration seemed to surprise Sekhmet, who had, for the moment, ceased her attacks. Not surprised as in upset surprised, but more that she was either impressed by it or she just expected it or something. Either way, she just smiled a secret smile and the fight continued.

      Again I cannot remember what happened next, but somehow I bested Sekhmet and won the fight. I am not sure if I actually defeated her with my own strength or if she let me win. She disappeared into the mandala on the floor (with another one of those secret and knowing smiles on her face) and I was offically complete my quest. Despite my victory and though it was something I knew I had to do in the dream, I felt absolutely devastated at what I had done, as I felt that I had just killed my patron goddess. I collapsed on the broken seal were Sekhmet has disappeared and laid there and cried.

      After a while I reluctantly got up and walked through a gate that had appeared at the far side of the chamber. When I walked through I found myself in an ethereal plane where everything was magical and dreamlike. There were solid objects I could step on, but most things were colourful, transparent and glowing. It seemed to be perpetual night there but the stars shone like every colour of the rainbow. I seemed to be alone there, but I felt as I did when Sekhmet had been biting me: connected to everything in the universe.

      I wandered around in that ethereal magical place for some time, but the dream eventually fades.
    6. The Little Girl and the Valley

      by , 05-04-2006 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      It took place in a destroyed and/or abandoned cityscape. Imagine the post-Katrina devasation of New Orleans for an idea of what the cityscape in this dream looked like (minus the flooding), though it was not New Orleans or any city that I recognize in waking life. There was no electricity, running water or law authority in charge. Most building were abandoned or destroyed and most people who were still there travelled around in "packs" to survive.

      The dream starts off with me travelling with a group of teenagers. I cannot remember any specific details about them except that there were more girls then boys and they were all younger than I (they were all about 14 or 15 years old where I was about 18 or 19). I did not really talk to any of them and they all seemed to just let me tag along because I made myself useful. We were going around and breaking into random houses looking for food or anything else we could use for survival.

      In one house that we broke into we found a young girl of about six or seven years old in the livingroom. There was no one else in the house other than the girl. She had long black hair and was dressed in modern fashion. The female teens started talking to the little girl while I searched the house. The teen boys went to wait out in front of the house. After searching the other rooms in the house, I returned to the livingroom and was horrifyied to find the teen girls taking off their tops and playing with their breasts while encouraging the young girl to do the same.

      I was disgusted and angry and I stormed out of the house and into the back yard. There I found that the back yard dipped directly into a deep, lush valley at a very steep angle. There were a few small concrete steps that led from the back door of the house to the egde of the valley (which was more like a cliff with lots of grass and flowers growing on it), and I stood on the last step and had a strong desire to jump. I wanted to fly away but I could not. The sky above the valley was clear and brilliant blue, and there was a soft refrshing breeze blowing. It was very unlike out front where the devastated city seemed eternally overcast and the air dead.

      Then it finally clicked in my head to go back into the house and stop what was going on between the teens and the little girl. I went back in and found that some of the teen girls were searching the house for survival stuff while others sat around the livingroom, talking to each other and ignoring the little girl. The little girl was now dressed in an white, Victorian-style nightgown, right next to a noose that hung down from the ceiling in the center of the livingroom.

      The little girl said something profound to me (but I cannot remember what now, unfortunately), which stunned me into silence and inaction and she placed the noose around her neck and hung herself. When I came out of my shock the "pack" of teen girls was leaving but I hardly acknowledged them as I was struggling to get the little girl down from the noose and resusitate (sp?) her.

      It took a while but I got the little girl down and revived her. Something else happened at this point but I cannot now remember. Right afterwards I picked up the little girl, who now had a large, pale yellow towel or blanket wrapped around her (over her nightgown), out into the back yard. I put her down on at the top of the concrete steps and she cast off the towel/blanket and told me that the lush valley was magic. Certain people could fly there, she claimed, then she walked down to the last step and drifted away into the valley's distance.

      I watched her fly away with a mix of joy and jealously until I could no longer distinguish her form from the horizon. I went back through the house and into the street out front, but the group of teens I had been with were long gone and I was now alone and lost in the devastated city.

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    7. Pegasus Chariot and Candy Cane Canopy

      by , 04-09-2006 at 10:09 AM
      Morning of April 9, 2006. Sunday.

      How wrong can a partly scripted and incubated lucid dream go of indulging in lovemaking while in a flying chariot (pulled by bronze winged horses) above an endlessly continuing large city? Well…guess. Try it, and you will probably see what I mean.

      My wife Zsuzsanna as Vulnavia and I are in a partly undefined area. This area of course starts out as the bed in light sleep paralysis but has motion and movement over time into a cityscape. Regardless of the recent romance in reality (which automatically triggers this form of light sleep paralysis and blissful lucid dreaming in the first place), that only makes my dream’s essence more soothing and “realistic”. Well…make that in some ways.

      I look ahead at the “realistic” rendering. At times, other than the regular team, I see a few stray horses at quite a distance ahead, yet somehow I know they are still pulling our chariot (which I seem to know has the Roman numeral for six on the side; VI). (For some reason, this scene of a horse being way ahead of our vehicle yet still guiding it somehow, has occurred a few times though in different context. Added August 11, 2015; for example “A stolen candy bar wrapper and a girl with golden skin” from May 15, 2014, which also ended with a play on “golden calves” and as with that later dream, I am concerned about “how we will make the corner properly” at one point, though relating to the tops of buildings in this case.)

      There is a strange physical awareness that the chariot cannot maintain horizontal orientation, though that is more of a benefit in this scenario than a distraction. There are transitions in setting between bed and chariot, a bit like typical in-dream environmental bilocation. Mouths press together sensually and at times, there is a sense of slight vertigo at being so high in the sky. I have to check the horses now and then to make sure they know where they are going. A large flock of birds disrupts our otherwise smooth flight and wild lovemaking at one point. Well, I suppose that was almost a certainty.

      After a time, in getting closer to clock towers and whatnot, I accidentally perceive the notion of supposedly linear time and how to “properly” perceive time. Of course, in dreams, that can be an attention-altering mistake.

      We are still having fun. “Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh.”

      (Who said that?)

      Of course, a chariot and a sleigh are two completely different things (try telling your dream-self that). Unfortunately, the power and speed of self-as-dream-maker thought simply does not care. Thought does not wait to check itself for logic or run self-diagnostics (other than in apex lucidity I suppose, but this is a level down from there).

      Thus we are now making love in a bed on a raised platform under a candy cane canopy in a Christmas display (in April, yet) - Gimbels I think (though not extant in reality). I am concerned about visitors though there is only one male who vaguely reminds me of Phil Silvers, but I know many more people are going to be coming in soon. My wife is up and out and in Vulnavia’s white fur outfit.

      “Have you seen Santa?” he asks. Oh, how stupid. I have to remain under the sheets, completely undressed, as I cover my head as much as possible. I feel him tugging on the sheet near my feet and lower legs. It is very clear. “Santa? Santa? Come out of there Santa.” I need to teleport back to our “real” bed and I do. (Apparently, Zsuzsanna had been lightly caressing my leg with her foot in reality in her half-sleep.)

      Update August 11, 2015. I just realized that “Phil Silvers” is possibly a play on “Feel Shivers”.
    8. Sleepwalking

      by , 03-21-2006 at 05:31 AM
      Original entry dated 03/20/2006:

      According to C, the other day (night) I had what we have come to call an 'episode'...
      I sleepwalk, I do it very very VERY rarely. I also talk in my sleep, a little bit more often (sometimes I can actually tell that I'm asleep and I'm talking in my sleep but I can't actually do anything about it).

      She was worried since I was going on 15 hours of being asleep. So she yelled toward my bedroom for me to wake up. My response was, apparently (I don't remember this) to get out of bed, walk from my bedroom to the couch, and lie down on the couch. Apparently I actually said a few sentences to her (she didn't say what) and went back to sleep on the couch.
      After a while, I got up off of the couch, and I was waving my arms and muttering/talking. When she asked me what I'd said, I angrily replied, "I'm not talking to YOU." and went back into my bedroom, lay down, and went back to sleep.

      This reminds me vaguely of an incident that I DO partly remember, about a year and a half ago. At some point, something startled me out of bed, I don't remember what. I remember a very loud, disorienting ringing/buzzing noise. I lived alone at the time. I ran around my apartment, panicking, unable to fully wake up (I realized that I was half-asleep but could not fully bring myself to consciousness - I could barely think at all), running in circles and throwing things around. I vaguely remember that I was searching for clothing to put on so that I could escape my apartment and run outside. Thankfully, two things prevented me from doing this: 1. I realized, even in my barely-awake state, that I was undressed (tshirt and underwear) and could not go outside in that state, and 2. I was too disoriented to find clothing, much less put it on, before the episode subsided and I crawled back in bed. I recall that it only lasted a few minutes (5, at the most) and that as soon as the deafening humming/ringing subsided, I went back to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I thought that perhaps the fire alarm had gone off, but upon asking my neighbors, they said that no fire alarms (including the smoke alarm in my apartment) had gone off the night before. My mother ironically suggested that I had been dreaming.
    9. Armageddon, Cat Cooking

      by , 02-20-2006 at 05:26 AM
      Original dream dated 02/19/2006:
      I had this dream that a whole bunch of people were back from the dead. Not zombies... just suddenly not dead either. Including my old pet cat, Abby, whom I loved more than anything on the face of the earth.
      However, all of the people who had returned were also going to die again soon. For some reason, in my dream, I thought that the best way to commemorate Abby's passing (and soon, her passing again) was to eat her remains. Hell if I know what goes through my head, it was a dream. Except that we put her in the pan and started cooking her while she was still alive, and when I realized "oh my god, what the hell am I doing?!" her paws were all charred and she was halfway cooked. She didn't seem to be in pain and she didn't seem to hold it against me, but I knew that she was going to die again very very soon because of what I'd done... my mom rationalized it by "She was going to die anyway" except that it wasn't good enough reasoning for me because it meant that she was going to die sooner than she would have died on her own...
      So anyway, I held my half-cooked cat for a while and cried. On to the next dream...

      So then I dreamed that there were 2 teams of people. All of them were female. One of them was 3 different people, and one of them was composed of a team of one person, cloned 3 times. The second team sat on top of some very tall poles and had little white explosive balls that bounced off of everything and anything. The first team's job was to get the balls from them. The second team got no weapons or anything at all, but their position was very secure. The first team got a whole bunch of gadgets and toys.

      So, the first team got really close - they had to because their weapons didn't have much range (one of them was a fan attached to a rope). The second team threw 2 of the 3 balls at them, which they managed to whack away from themselves with a flashlight, and the explosions the balls made were really big. The first team managed to kill 2 of the 3 clones, but the third one was impossible to get to.

      Finally, after talking with the clone for a while, it came down from the pole. It had originally been a girl, but now for some reason was a boar. The leader of the second team talked to the boar and told it that she wished that it could see something really beautiful so it would appreciate life.
      There was also a cat. The first teams' supervisor came up, and the boar was afraid of him, so it ran back up the pole. He wanted to talk to the cat, but the cat was also afraid of him.

      Then I woke up.
    10. Dogs Cooking Stew, Royalty, and Underwear Shopping

      by , 02-05-2006 at 05:25 AM
      Original dream dated 02/04/2006:
      So I just woke up from a stupid nightmare...

      I do this thing where I'm having nightmares and for some reason I can't wake up. I don't know why. I may even know I'm having a nightmare, I just can't seem to make that shift from 'asleep' to 'awake'. Basically, I know full well that I'm having a dream, I just can't do a damn thing about it.

      So first, I dreamed that for some reason I was sent parachuting, only for some reason parachutes had the capability to rise off of the ground. Instead of being strapped in with a harness, I just held onto a handle. While I was doing this, I briefly thought "C would think it was funny that I was having a dream about parachuting". Then, when I was fairly high up, I either lost my grip or just plain let go.
      So I 'woke up' a little while later, covered by a sheet, with a nasty case of rug burn everywhere, where I had hit the ground/slid... it hurt like a bitch... anyway, there was some kid there who had found me... I dunno.
      Then, for some reason, I was making a movie, and working with some really cool actors.

      Then, the dream shifted, and I was dreaming about a skinny old witch who had to go stop a bunch of zombies. So she came to this castle... place? There were a king and queen, and they were complaining about how there was an old man who just wouldn't stay dead...
      So she went out to talk to the old man zombie, who said he was waiting for his 'date' who had never gotten there. He was eating some soup. The witch ate some soup, which I guess was pretty good, and asked how old it was. He said "oh, it's not that old, only a year or so", to which she gagged a bit but continued eating out of politeness and a desire to humor him. Then she saw that he had a chess set, and asked if he played chess. He replied that yes, he did, but this one chess problem had been confounding him. She went and looked at it and realized that it was (to her) a relatively basic problem. Meanwhile, he sharpened his teeth on the chair. Before she could tell him how to solve it, he attacked her, making this awful screech. She managed to fend him off. She went back to the castle, where the dog was cooking a stew, and they all turned out to be zombies also, although the dog's stew wasn't nearly as good as the old man's. So she kicked all of their asses and then let out a hypersonic screech of triumph. The screech left them all pretty confused, like, "Why was that woman screaming at us?" so they just went back to eating their stew.

      Then I dreamed about a cat howling in the dark. I woke up from the dream and wandered around, but the cat appeared to be o.k.

      Then I dreamed about clock hands, and about how there was this giant clock with 3 hands, and how the hands had to be arranged just so to indicate a particular point in time - not just in a regular day, I mean, in the past or in the future or whatever. Like, 10:00 p.m. in 3 days looked completely different from 10:00 pm today. So I dreamed that I rearranged the hands of the clock and suddenly I was back to making the movie again and the king from my last dream was there, telling me how to work the clock.

      And then, for some reason, I was underwear shopping, and I was getting very upset that they didn't have the color that I wanted.
    11. Giraffe Video Games

      by , 01-22-2006 at 05:22 AM
      Original dream dated 01/21/2006:

      So I had a dream... something about giraffes... I don't really remember. Or video games. Giraffes in video games? I know it was really weird, but I didn't write it down right away, I just though "Hey, that's a weird dream, even for me". Usually if I forget what a dream was, and I just sort of think about trying to remember it for a while, the memory will come back to me later (usually at an odd/inconvenient time). Something about World of Warcraft, with giraffes, maybe it's that the new race was a giraffe, I don't know.

      Ok, I finally remembered my dream, and it had nothing to do with giraffes.

      I dreamed that I was playing this video game based off of "Inspector Gadget". It wasn't an MMORPG but it had social elements (somehow?). Anyway, it was a VR game for a full virtual reality system that had just debuted, and in the dream, I was one of the main people who developed it. It was REALLY good game, too, not lame like a lot of games based off of animated series' are. Good graphics and special effects, kickass soundtrack, and the sheer gameplay itself was awesome.

      I was basically playtesting the game I helped create in the dream, the particular level I was in involved chasing this one badguy down mineshafts, he kept using explosives on me, it was pissing me off. You didn't play as Gadget, but switched between Penny or Brain. You generally didn't get to choose whom you would be playing as, it depended on what point in the story you were at. In this case, the story was forcing you to play Brain at this point in the game. I think that in this level the Chief was hidden inside of a barrel of explosives (TNT?).
      Basically, you (Brain) were following Gadget, who was chasing the bad guy, and your main objective was to keep Gadget from getting killed by all of the explosives, collapsing mineshafts, falling rocks, and machinery. It was a very tough level - one of the toughest.

      Basically, how 'levels' were completed was, each level had Objectives. As you fulfilled them, your Objective bar lit up and filled. You had to fulfill all of the Objectives to pass the mission. Once you'd fulfilled all of the Objectives for that stage in the mission, the difficulty level went up, and you got another Objective bar. Your objectives changed depending on what you did and what happened, so you might wind up with different objectives every time you played a level. I dunno, it was a system that made sense in my dream... in any case, I had fulfilled objective bar #1, which had been hard as fuck to begin with, and bar #2 was pretty insanely difficult. You could technically beat the level if you fulfilled only the objectives in the first objective bar, but you wouldn't get the best outcome once you had completed it. If you managed to fulfill all of the objectives in objective bar #3, you got the best possible outcome for the mission/level. So basically, objective bar #1 was Necessary, bar #2 was second priorities, bar #3 was going above and beyond what you technically "needed" to do. i.e. bar #1 would be preventing Gadget from generally being blown to bits, bar #2 would be actually harming the badguy he was chasing, bar #3 would be collapsing the mine shaft on top of the bad guy.

      Most of the levels revolved around preventing Gadget from killing himself, or else playing as Penny and sneaking around/hacking into computer systems. So the Brain levels were puzzle levels, and the Penny levels were sneak/recon levels, although they revolved as much around not being seen by Gadget as not being seen by the enemies. And of course, what you did as one character affected your next mission as the other character.

      All in all, not a bad dream. I think the giraffes idea came from Gadget having a stretchy neck... who knows?
    12. Cars and Dogs

      by , 01-05-2006 at 05:19 AM
      "I had a very odd dream. Odd for me, in that it was a dream and not a nightmare, and had people I know in it.

      I dreamed, first, that my roommate and I had gotten our other roommate a gift. The gift was a very small dog dish, with dog biscuits. He was very happy about the dog biscuits because they were from Germany. I sampled a dog biscuit and agreed that they were very good.

      He was masterminding this television program where people wrestled each other live in their livingrooms, him and y were taping it, what ensued was a rampage through our livingroom where we all tried to best each other using a combination of sleeper holds, water, and dog biscuits... then everybody (K, C, me, P, M, Ky, and a whole slew of other people) decided to drive to campus, because it was the first day of classes. On the way there was this radio show where they only played the main riffs from all of the hit songs. We got stuck in traffic but nobody minded. When we got there, we continued taping the show, and small groups of people chose slightly different routes to the main part of campus. Somebody had brought a radio with and had it tuned to the same station we were listening to in the car. For some reason, everybody had been rained on, even though it had never rained, and we were wringing out each others' hair and clothes. We merged into one large group and started picking up other people along the way, acquaintances of people in the group. I think when the dream ended, we were heading toward S Hall dorms."

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    13. The Endless Doors and the Coffin

      by , 12-14-2005 at 03:42 PM
      Morning of December 14, 2005. Wednesday.

      I am going into a different room in our place on Duffy Street, but instead, I end up opening one door after another, each door following another, like a series of smaller rooms in a long sequence. This type of dream usually ends up making me feel very tired and frustrated. I have had dreams like this before when I actually felt exhausted after waking, which even affected my energy that day and the next.

      Anyway, I continue to go through smaller rooms, opening door after door. Sometimes the doors are so close, they almost seem to be only an inch or so apart (somewhat like a combo of a screen door and a security door in some houses).

      This particular dream turns out differently, though. I finally get to where our kitchen is in real life (although it is not like the real kitchen we have) and there is a coffin standing on its end, presenting itself like yet another door into another room. There is a feeling of awe and I still feel that I must continue.

      I open the “door” (lid) of the coffin and instead of another room it is a vast field of beautiful stars and nebulae as if I am looking into outer space.

      I feel happiness and satisfaction rather than fear. For a short time, I even feel an increasing sense of bliss.

      Although this is a recurring dream theme, this is the only one I remember having a coffin (or scenes of outer space) or any sense of well-being prior to waking.

      Again,I have had similar dreams of opening door after door after door (for what seemed for hours at times),and never seeming to find the “last door” that would lead to where I would finally be able to sit down and do something or find something, or whatever. These dreams were probably the most common when in my twenties, though.
    14. The Shaggy Dreamer

      by , 08-12-2005 at 10:14 AM
      Morning of August 12, 2005. Friday.

      They are remaking the Disney movie “The Shaggy D.A.” and I am to hold the starring role. It seems like a genuine moneymaking endeavor at first.

      Instead, it becomes a session in experiencing loss. In my role as a dog in the studio and various takes, I seemingly become more isolated and out of touch with who I was meant to be (relative to my waking life, though I am not lucid). My wife is present but I still feel I am not where I should be since I must be “perfect” in my role for the movie and not be myself at all. She stands with her hands together and is not part of the filming scenario. Pretending to be a dog (and sometimes actually seeming to be a dog) in my role is amusing at first and I even pretend to be a disobedient dog and wreck some of the sets and require a larger number of takes to get a scene right. I also get annoyed with having to hold a large piece of white wool carpeting over my head at times, which cuts down on my ability to maneuver and sometimes blocks my vision.

      The producers become frustrated with me yet I am not fired. When I discover someone else plays me as a human, I become myself again and punch them in the face numerous times. I do not think the movie will be completed…
    15. 12/28/04

      by , 12-29-2004 at 06:18 AM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)

      Joy! Had another LD. Was another tornado dream (tornado=personal dream sign). So I was watching 3 tornados doing a square dance of sorts when I decided I better do a reality test which came out positive for lucidity. So I was like, "Woohoo, alright...been a while. Now what was it that I wanted to do next time I attain lucidity?!" So I thought and thought and thought....but I couldn't remember that I wanted to hook up with CT and *bleep*. Like *bleep* is such a hard *bleeping* thing to remember to want to do. This coming from a woman who hasn't *bleeped* in over a year.

      Anyway, I lost lucidty after a few minutes of really uncomfortable concentrating (I don't like using my brain too much if it can be avoided). But yay I'm happy that i finally LDed after such a long time.