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    1. Ivory

      by , 03-15-2015 at 11:53 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #423 - DILD - 6:08AM

      I'm at Subway. Some man is being a jerk to a woman and she leaves him and comes to sit at my table. She becomes very flirty and ends up asking me to join her for diner later. She's older, but extremely attractive (she looks a lot like Zooey Deschanel) so I say 'yes'. I tell her that she is very beautiful and she responds with a flirty smile.

      Later, I am walking up a sandy hill with sparse vegetation and I get the idea that I am very near the ocean. I'm preoccupied with the conversation with the woman and I keep replaying certain parts in my mind. I keep thinking that I sounded like an idiot the way I told her she was beautiful, but I think I am just being paranoid because she still wants to see me again. I suddenly become semi-lucid as I walk up this hill realizing that I no of this would ever happen. I anticipate seeing the ocean as I reach the top but the hill seems to morph in an odd way so that I never quite reach the top.

      I am non-lucid in some industrial building. I see the woman again and we have some pleasant conversation that I can't recall. I then leave and somehow become lucid as I step outside. I look around and see that I am at some shipyard with storage containers all over the place. I get the feeling that I am in 'the bay area' and still near the ocean. I feel a love for this area and feel like I remember it from somewhere I lived long ago. I am overwhelmed with a feeling of nostalgia and I shout, "I LOVE THIS TOWN!" I walk along a type of boardwalk among the multi-colored storage containers. I see some containers are floating in the water and decide to play around by jumping from one to the other. I notice that though I can see water I can't see out into the bay because there seems to be a high wall of storage containers surrounding the area. I end up having some trouble jumping far enough and I barely grab on to the edge. I have to pull myself up on top and I find the effort is exhausting. This happens several times and I wonder why I am not able to just fly around. When I stand up, I am now on a concrete area inside a warehouse. There is an metal can like paint thinner would come in and has some logo on it. There is a green label with black letters that read "Ivory". My brother walks up looking overly disgusted and annoyed to the point that it seems cartoonish. He says, "Oh you've been talking to Ivory [the woman]. Good! Take her out of here. See that can? It's says 'Ivory'. Take anything that says 'Ivory' and get it out of here. He turns, storms off, and I wake up.
    2. Memory Foam People

      by , 03-15-2015 at 11:25 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #422 - WILD - 4:42AM

      This time I had no vibrations and the entry was all visual. I had trouble sleeping after my WBTB and ended up visualizing random scenarios until I felt myself enter the dream world.

      I eventually latch on to strong HI and it brings me back to a more OBE like WILD. I spend some time flying out of bed and making huge swinging motions. I fell G-forces and the sensation is exhilarating. The dream is very dark but as I swing out, I can see the room stretch out to a ridiculous length. After some time I return to a laying position and manage to sit up on the edge of the bed. I recall wanting to see what I can find under my bed. Will there be a monster or a portal to some place new? I quickly jump down to the floor, but everything is way too dark to see. I feel the floor and find thick plush carpet that doesn't exist in waking life. As I note the texture I shout, "Light! I need some light!" This rarely works for me and this time was no exception. Suddenly, I hear a faint alarm clock sound to my right and see the alarm sitting on the floor. There is a little LED lit up and I quickly pull the clock apart and pluck out the light. I shine it under the bed, but only see carpet; no monster. I'm surprised at the open space, because in waking life we have a bunch of plastic totes under there. I wonder if the floor will give into a portal so I push on the carpet. The floor seems to give in some, but I can't get at it well enough to really make and opening. I try to slide under there, but my body just won't fit. I decide to try calling out a monster, "Come out. You in there?" I feel some anxiety about this and I'm not too disappointed when nothing shows. The dream is still annoying dark so I blind summon a flash light from my side. I have trouble physically feeling it so I just pretend it's there. The lighting only slightly gets better so I decide to give up on this task.

      I try to make my way to the front door in the darkness, but as I walk, the house morphs into the house in Texas. I try to resist this at first, but decide it really doesn't matter. I open a door and enter what looks like a hospital. The lighting slightly gets better, but it's still pretty dark. I wonder around some hallways trying to find light. I end up in a patients room and see a window with blinds. I dive into meaning to phase outside. I feel the blinds press on my face for a moment then break through.

      I am now in a stairwell of concrete and blue railing. I leap up one level and as I do I hear low muffled voices. It creeps me out so I say out loud, "Just talk normal, bitch." The voices stop and I see a light source a few levels higher. I jump as high as I can and push off a rail to get extra momentum. I land in a well lit area that looks like some sort of underground bunker. There is an old man and woman in blue jumpsuits standing near a doorway in conversation with their back to me. As I approach they both turn around and I am shocked to see they don't have faces. Cool! I look at the old gray haired woman then the man. When I turn back to the woman I see she now has eyes. I'm curious so I poke her check with a finger and find that her skin is way too soft and mushy. That's pretty gross so I move on through the doorway into the next room. There's some control panel at a desk with a chair and railing then a large metal garage door. The old man appears next to me with a full face. He's a heavy mouth breather and I find it very annoying. For whatever reason I turn and smile and shake his hand. He too feels way too soft and mushy and I notice that I squeezed his hand so hard that it is now misshapen. I get the idea that these people are made of memory foam. I suddenly wake up.
    3. Coworker Embarrassment

      by , 02-22-2015 at 10:47 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #414 - 8:44AM - DILD

      WBTB 3:30AM 8mg Galantamine/400mg choline, 400mg DMAE
      This one didn't go so well, but I was lucky enough to pull off one LD late in the morning purely out of desperation.

      I am trying to enter my email login on my phone to see an important email from my mortgage broker. Nothing I type comes out right so I look for my laptop. I have an false awaking and become slightly lucid. I think how typical the previous dream was for electronics failure.
      Next I notice SW from work in bed with us. I know it's not real, but I am snuggled against him and I find it mildly humorous. I push him away and initiate sex with my wife by actively summoning and creating the sensation. Several odd thoughts race through my mind as we do it for a few moments.

      I am now in a classroom in a chair with a trash can between my feet.
      Spoiler for EXPLICIT:
      Shocked at my nakedness and sexual nature, I wonder how my dream would cause me to literally end up like this. I look up and see an and old woman that is an ex-coworker (dead) looking at me sort of curious as well as shocked. I quickly pull my shirt down to cover myself. I feel disoriented and confused. I wonder how I could have had such an obvious sex dream in public. I realize that I am in a room pf coworkers both past and present and if feel embarrassed and devastated that this is happening. I'll never live it down. My life is ruined. I pull my shorts up not really getting my underwear and they king bunch down low, but I don't care as long as I am covered. I feel so sleepy and I rub my face and sigh heavy trying to get my bearings. I still can't believe this has happened. I don't even know how I fell asleep. I try to ignore everyone around me as I deal with this trauma; I just want a way out. I begin to hope that by some miracle of divine magic that I am in a dream. Maybe... I do a nose plug out of desperation and am completely delighted and surprised to blow through. I giggle and the feeling of hopeless despair rolls off me dropping like a lead weight. Forgetting about any nakedness, I stand up and walk over to a group of people talking. I think how I am highly lucid as I playfully push V (fired IWL) over and say I relief, "This is all a dream." V falls out of sight and I smile at everyone feeling triumphant and gleeful. Before I can do much else, the dream quickly collapses and I wake up.

      I had another LD much earlier in the night but I cant recall much so I'm counting. Basically, I was running from some enemy when I became lucid and played with a gun. I wanted a shoot out so I blind summoned a rifle. I goes off against a glass but only scorching it. In some burned out building someones head peaked up outside a window. I fire off a shot, but the dream fades out.
    4. Half Pegasus

      by , 02-08-2015 at 10:17 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #408- DEILD - 4:45AM

      Quick WBTB. Galantamine and DMAE.

      I wake slightly and enter vibration and have my usual SP time. I can't get anywhere so I decide to just enjoy the moment. I relax and begin to feel myself float then, slip off the bed. I watch as a fall deep into a void in the floor. I can see my bedside getting smaller and smaller. I fall fast for a long time. I wonder if I will pop out on the other side of the earth. At that thought, I feel gravity shift and I start to fall up. This doesn't last long and I land back in bed. I relax and focus while remaining thoughtless.

      I am now walking in the living room. I am glad the dream has started and make my way outside. My son is in the room and presses against me to be picked up. I decide it would be fun to take him along with me. He feels cumbersome to carry so I just imagine that he is somehow attached to me and continue on without worrying too much about actually carrying him.

      It's rainy outside and looks like early dawn. I walk into the street and remember that I was going to go for the Pegasus TOTY. I call out for Pegasus and look around expectantly. Nothing shows up so I turn around to think about something else. I see my son has been trailing behind me and I get an idea. I say, "R, be Pegasus." as I hop on his back. He's on all fours but nothing is happening. I feel bad at this sight, so I stand up and take a less rushed approach. I say, "R, turn now into Pegasus." I watch as he quickly morphs into only the front half of a white stallion. He's just a horse head with front legs. This is a horrible sight and look away for a quick second. This was a bad idea because when I turn back to look, he has vanished. I spin around trying to see if he walked around me, but he is nowhere to be found. I quietly whisper, "Shit." I decide to forget about it the whole thing as I look at the colorful dawn in on the horizon just above the trees. I decide to fly without much thought and I zoom toward the sunrise at an amazing speed. I can hear the wind rushing in my ears as the dream collapses

      I am back in SP and vibrations. This time the sound of it so strange and creepy. It' like demonic children shrieking in either anger or agony. Before fear can get the best of me I decide to let it go and not focus on SP or vibes or anything else. I remind myself that SP is not the goal and I quickly fall into mediation for a moment. My awareness doesn't fade but I feel my body come back into the waking world. I feel like I could go back in, but I decide I should try to DJ before I fall into non lucid sleep.

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    5. Alternative Perspectives

      by , 01-29-2015 at 02:02 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      There is something to be said about not getting to your dream tasks because, the most bizarre and random things happen.

      Galantamine 8mg, B6 100mg, DMAE 400mg

      There will be typos. There are always typos, but I don't have time.

      Message originally posted by Xanous on 01/25/15 at 02:39 PM
      But he's an idiot and has had it as a draft entry for the past 3 days.

      #402 - DEILD - 5:03AM - (Girlfriend)

      I have my usual vibrations and transitional stage but it passes quickly. I have what may have been an open eye hallucination of a shadow figure running in the room. I dismiss it as nothing. I need to stabilize so I image a woman to make out with. The kiss feel ultra realistic. I emerge from my old bedroom in Texas with a young blonde woman. We are still kissing when I notice I have visual. We walk together into the kitchen and I am still feeling excited. I bend her over the counter and have a little fun but only for a second or two; I really don't want this dream time to be all out sex. She looks back at me and say, "You better stop before you wake up." This gives me to will power to move on to something else.

      I somehow end up on the couch in the living sitting closely next to my dream lover, holding hands. The dream environment is really hazy, but I notice my mom and sisters are in the room and there is a pile of laundry on one of the couches. I say something random to my mom about her being my girlfriend. I suddenly want to see who this strange woman is next to me. I try to look at her face but she keeps letting her bangs fall down to cover it. I decide to pull her hair back into a ponytail with and force her to show me her face. There is a struggle and I end up in on top of her in the floor. I finally see her face but it begins to shine with a white light, sort of like an highly overexposed photo. Again, I have to resist my sexual urge and I stand up. I look around and say to the room, "Well, this is a cool dream everybody." I notice floating sparkling dust in the room as I look around. I begin to remember my actual goal when I suddenly wake up.

      #403 - WILD - 5:30AM - (Big Screens)

      I notice I am in front of some giant screen with a PlayStation controller in hand. The game looks really similar to the clothing menus on GTA5 but it got a baseball theme to it. I do various things to get the right uniform. Things aren't working well and I become frustrated and start mashing random buttons. There is some large garbled text on the screen and I try to make sense of it. Suddenly, I hear an announcement over a loud speaker. The man says something about a light display or light show.

      I turn around feeling more aware and see that I am in something like a casino. There is a lot of red and gold decoration and carpeting. I see a long, high partition to my right that seems to open up a several yards away. I can tell there is something going on down there and take off running. When I round the corner, I see a small crowd of people to left and another giant screen in front of me. There is some 80's, big-hair rock star talking on the screen.

      Hi, new to the forums :)-bighairband.jpg

      I instinctively run toward it planning to dive into another scene. As I make my was I remember that I wanted to try dream LSD. Maybe it was the rocker that brought this to mind. As, I dive in I think I will try this but I don't quite teleport. Instead, I see pixelization and then the void. I don't worry too much, I just keep going and looking for some image. I begin surging forward. I see various gray textures like such as, the moon, a muddy lake bottom. I rip the lake bottom open with my hands and enter another void. More textures. I feel as if I am digging deep to the substance of the dream. I see something like fabric magnified then I feel my eyes lenses adjust focus. This feeling is very specific and vivid as my view zooms out then in to something like metallic mesh or grid. I wake up.

      #404 - DILD - 6:28AM (F work)

      I am at work on a Saturday. There is various machinery like in a cableshop. I see some girl I vaguely knew in high school. I try to place her. She's real, but I don't even know how I remember her. I begin to question things and wonder why I am even here. I wonder if I even signed up. I go to my bosses desk and look for the sign up sheet, but I can't find it. I quickly realize that this wont work in a dream. Then I realize that none of it matters anyway.

      I decide to leave the building. There is and open spot were many people are just standing there like statues. As I weave my way around them, I recall a conversation I had with a friend in waking life. He wishes he could win the lottery so he could tell everyone 'fuck you' and walk out. This seems like a good idea. I start shouting, "FUCK YOU!" as loud as I could imagine over and over. I see a some woman in red with dark hair. On impulse, I back hand her unbelievably hard. She topples over and I gasp in surprise. There is a lot of pain on the back of my hand from the impact. I decide to leave this and the pain vanishes as soon as I go back to yelling profanities. I call out a certain bosses name asking where he is. I say this it doesn't matter and end my tirade with a final F-bomb. I turn around and see some double doors and sunlight. I begin signing, "Take this job and shove it. I don't work here any more." I voice shrill like a classic rockers voice. I kind of dig the sound so I continue to sing as I open the door.

      As soon as I step out, I hear theatrical music and Mel Gibson scream, FFRRREEEEEEEDOOOOOOMMMMMM!

      I uncontrollably float up into the air. I go with the motion and zoom high about the clouds as I look down. I turn and pick a spot to land but as soon as I try to fly down, my feet are suddenly on something solid. I quickly notice that the view of the clouds and trees below are like a painted texture on the ground. I take a few steps and the texture morphs into asphalt and gravel. I look up and see some green vegetation in front of me. I hover up into the air again without trying to. I notice that I can see palm trees in the distance. I shout,"Palm trees!" over and over as I try to fly toward them. I only hover higher then I see dark blue water beyond the trees. It's the ocean! I want to go to the beach! I intend to zoom fly to a point on one of the palm trees. I notice the palm trees are actually coconut trees and I zero in on one of the coconuts. Unfortunately, instead of zooming forward, I zoom backward. In a panic, I try to pinch-zoom in like on a touch screen and this stops me. I pinch again and I move some distance forward. I continue this but at some point, it becomes like a photo graph and I get an over zoomed, pixelated view of the trees. I tell myself that I can still work with this, but I wake up too soon.

      #405 - WILD - 8:06AM - (LSD gay)

      I have a long hour and a half bout of wakefulness but manage to eventually quiet my mind long enough to have one more. As scene materializes and I find myself standing next to the Money Center at Wal-Mart. There is a man standing there and I recall my goal once more (dream LSD). I ask the man where the LSD is and he puts out his tongue pointing to it. I pause then, shrug and go for it. I only intend to lick his tongue. However, the man has other ideas and gives me a very tonge-filled french kiss. I pull away thinking how it felt just like a woman's kiss. I lost in tough thinking how I can get the mechanics of gay sex. This quickly manifests into a side dream and I get a quick visual of having sex with someone bent over. The scene is a lot like the other lucid dream, but it's the man at Wal-Mart. I don't panic as I am distracted by the previous thought and give a good thrust. There is no physical sensation; it's more of a clinical curiosity and a disconnected point of view. It's nothing more that a musing that has manifested in the dream world. I think, "I guess it's fine that some people might find this appealing, but I really just don't get it."

      I shake that scenario off and come back to the present dream reality. We are back to staring at each-other after the man kissed me. I don't know how else to end this without feel gay so I punch the man in the face. He flops over like a pedestrian in GTA5 and I laugh as I walk away. The laugh catches in my throat and I feel bad for the violence. I decide to forget the whole thing and find myself in the produce section. I pick up a pack of mushrooms and hit a lady in the back. As she turns around, I run and hide like nothing happened.

      I walk into another section of the store and remember that I have never actually tried the finger-through-the-hand RC in a dream. I feel pressure as my right index finger sinks deep into my left hand. I get about half way and decide to look at the back side. To my surprise, it looks normal. I trip out at this and let out and bewildered 'whoa'. Then, the pain starts.It's a terrible aching like an intense muscle cramp deep in my hand. I quickly wake up.

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    6. Where's The Doctor?

      by , 04-25-2013 at 10:32 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #170 - 4:16AM - WILD

      I decide to go for MILD this time but I have a hard time getting comfortable and end up on my left side. I'm dealing with some insomnia so I decide WILD might be better. The last time I check the clock, it's getting close to 4AM. I still feel wakeful with racing thoughts as I focus on my face and back of neck so I turn on the irrational part of my brain to avoid thought. I think of random nonsensical words and phrases and soon they come to my mind without any effort. I begin to seen random images and soon I feel myself in a deep trance while maintaining consciousness.

      I suddenly feel jostled as if my wife is turning over in bed or getting up. I feel the vibrations now but wonder if she is going to ruin it for me. I concentrate on the back of my neck and the vibrations get stronger. I hear some sound like she is walking in the room and going around to the right side of the bed for the bathroom. Then, she says something to me. I don't quite understand the words but I am becoming annoyed that she is unwittingly sabotaging my WILD. She keeps blabbing away and I am considering waking myself to tell her to stop but I remember this is a common dream sign during the early stages of WILD and I consider the possibility that none of this is really havening. At that moment I hear my wife snoring on my left side and I now know this voice is a dream character.

      The vibrations intensify and I transition out. When I am standing I see a figure in the dark directly in front of me. I become startled and I instinctively throw a right hook to the face of this DC. I pull back at the last instant as I realize this might be my wife. I feel my hand softly but forcefully make contact with flesh. For a brief second I cringe at the thought that I may have just attacked my wife in waking life. But no, I remind myself that I am dreaming. Without waisting any time the figure turns darker than night and takes a more shadowy, demonic and feline shape. The entity has an appearance like Katz but more muscular and realistic and dark. It takes hold of both my arms and crosses them over my chest so that I cannot swing at it again. I am forced hard on the bed with this entity pressing on top of me and I fall victim to true sleep paralysis. I try to take control of the situation and yell, "You better leave me alone. Get out of here right now!" It doesn't respond. I see red glowing eyes mocking me. Then I think of the only help I can call on. I begin to say, "I comma...." My voice gets stuck in my throat. (typical for SP) I try again forcing each word. My voice is a gasping whisper, "I command you...In the name of Jeeee... In the name of...JESUS." In that instant the weight is lifted and the presence is gone... or at least held at bay.

      I am a little scared to transition again so I wait awhile and begin to spin. I feel myself rotating faster and faster. The feeling is somehow comforting and safe. At some point I feel my central axis shifting and find myself standing, then lying down, then standing again, all while spinning. Then, I blindly phase out through the bedroom door and push onward until I think I'm outside. I look around and see that I am still in the bedroom. I try falling backward through the wall and circle around through the door. I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere.

      Then I am back in bed and I begin to see something bright. It looks like just a chunk of vision but it looks like our hardwood flooring. I feel like my physical eyes have opened and I close them. I see the dark line of my eyelids close over but I maintain the visual on the floor. I feel like I am seeing through my eyelids now. I move forward.

      I am now in the living room but its dark again. I flip a light switch but nothing happens. I remember the demon and become frightened again. I can feel the presence of it in the dark kitchen. I look around and see the rest of the house is lit as it would be at this time of night which always adds to the realism. I say to the demon, "I'm going to kick your ass!" I start thinking that I should not have said that and I start running backward to the front door. I distantly realize that I have never ran backwards in a dream and the feeling is slow and awkward but I want to keep an eye on that demon. I am afraid I will be attacked or held back. When I reach the door I yell again, "Ill kick your ass if you follow me!" I hurriedly step outside and close the door. Safe.

      I look around the neighborhood. There is no light but star light and the stars are uniformly spread across the night sky in a dotted grid of purplish blue LEDs. It's beautiful in a dark and dreary sort of way. I gasp and let out a ,"Wooow." I think of trying to fly to a star but like that one dream I feel this dream is still a little too unstable. Then, I remember my original task and walk out into the street. I call out, "Doctor? Doctor Who?" My voice is strong and loud now and I find this comforting. I am looking for an intelligent DC and I want it to be The Doctor.

      I see a parked truck at the neighbor's and look in the back for the TARDIS but it is too dark. Now, there is a bright street light and nothing but void beyond the light's glow radius. Several times the darkness takes my vision but I bring the dream back by looking at my hands. I rub them and feel the asphalt. The sensation is surprisingly realistic as usual. As I do all of this I continue to yell for The Doctor to come.

      This waiting is hard as I really have to focus to keep the dream together. I wander a little down the street to keep the dream flowing and stay somewhat active. Soon I see the headlights of two cars coming my direction out of the void. They park haphazardly around me and I begin visualizing the doctors face as people get out of the cars. My seems to be unstable and blurry but I see two women and two men. There may have been a fifth person but I cant tell. One woman looks like Bob's wife, Linda, and the other looks and older, heavier version of Sally Field. I didn't realize this until after I woke up but one man looks exactly like a version of The Master"
      thoughts on forum-versions_of_the_master.jpg
      and the other guy stood farther back in the darkness but he was tall and slender like The 10th Doctor.

      I ask Linda, "Where's Doctor Who?"
      She looks confused, "who?"
      I clarify, "I mean The Doctor. Where is The Doctor?"
      She shakes her head.
      "You don't know what I'm talking about do you? No? Of course not." I roll my eyes.

      I feel the dream fade and I grab her arm to stabilize. Then, all the DCs become very animated and start talking to excitedly to each other all at once. The conversation was very fast and seemed intelligent. I tried following but only understood bits and pieces that I can not longer remember. l speak over them all, "I want to talk to the most intelligent dream character." They don't respond. They just keep talking to each other and the noise begins to sound like a crowd of people. I am annoyed but also amused. I say with a smile, "This was supposed to be a simple thing but now I have all these multiple personalties in my head!" I raise my hands in the air in aggravation.

      Suddenly, the "Sally" one stands out the most and I pull her away from the group. "I want the most intelligent dream character. Is that you?"
      She nods "yes" but her eyes stay fixed on the group like shes still following the conversation.
      I beg her, "Please talk to me."
      She calmly replies, "In a minute."
      "No. I don't have much time." I know I will wake up soon.
      She looks at me now. "OK. Ill talk to you."
      I forget my original questions and pause for a moment. Then I think of the nightmarish transition earlier. "Why did I have that horrible image earlier?"
      She automatically and quickly replies. "Because of your background history."
      I pause and think this over but the dream starts to fade. I take her in a hug for stability and let the others fade out though I can still hear them like in a tin can far away someplace.
      It is dark but I can feel her next to me. We continue our conversation in the void as I speak into her ear.
      "OK, That makes a lot of sense but what is it?"
      There's a brief silence as if she is thinking it over then, "It's your mobile imaging..."
      I feel like the DC is breaking down to gibberish now but I continue anyway. "My mobile imaging?"
      "My mobile imaging unfolded?"
      She replies with a flat, "Yes."
      I start to ask what she means but I want to remember this so bad. I repeat the phrase over in my mind. I have thoughts that I might forget the first parts of the dream and I unintentionally wake myself up.

      The "background history" comment makes a lot of sense to me but the "mobile imaging unfolded" seems a little abstract. What I take from her response is that I sometimes get these bedside demonic entities from my radical evangelical religious background coupled with childhood fears. My subconscious mind merely manifests these things into being when I feel confused that my wife or some other person is in the room with me. Basically in short, It was just a figment of my imagination. Nothing more nothing less. Definitely not spiritual warfare.
    7. Inside The Claw Machine

      by , 03-26-2013 at 11:35 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      4:38AM - #153 - Inside The Claw Machine - DILD

      I was going for WILD here but ended up with DILD.

      Edit: I remeber something else. I did in fact have a WILD I just forgot it. I remember having strong HI and then something clicked and I was able to initiate the vibrations by focusing on the back of my neck. I got well into but I either fell non lucid at that point or I just forgot the dream. Damn!

      I can't for the life of me remember the non lucid part as of right now and it's driving me nuts. Was it something about a cheesy bar? Some thing about my mini dachshund? Wait I think it was something about S from work going car shopping with me. Are all these right? Hmm. Anyway...

      Something triggers lucidity and I know I am dreaming. The dream starts to go dark so I stare at my hands. They look zombie like and the right hand turns into something like The Penguin from Batman.

      I start walking forward. I see bars of florescent lights but nothing really lights up the dream. I start licking my hands and soon find that both of then are impossibly far in my mouth. I quickly pull them out.

      I don't know what happened here but the dream sort of took its own course and I just rolled with it. Literally.

      Somehow I am a coin in waiting on one of those washing machine coin slots. I am totally blind but I can feel it all.

      I notice the feel of body and how round and flat I am. I find it odd but amusing. I use my imagination and sort of become briefly dual in existence. I push the coin slot into the machine. I feel myself roll down and hear the coin-dropping-sound. I see some strange track with funny looking marbles on a U-shaped track that is lit up. Then, for whatever reason I decide that I am probably in a claw machine. I revert back to human form. I am crowded around with stuffed animals. All I can think of is that episode from The IT Crowd where Moss gets inside a claw machine.

      harmful effects of lucid dream?-screenshot-2013-03-26-05-20-04.jpg

      I become amused at this. I mutter something like, "What the flip, Ross?" I don't think about any iPhone but I start emptying out the machine. I still can't see very well in this poor lighting but I can feel the various stuffed animals as I push them out the flap. When the machine is empty I jump forward and morph through the hole. I feel liquid at that moment and I marvel at my own shape-shifting abilities.

      I am down on the floor on one knee now. I see a florescent bar going around the bottom of the claw machine. I think, "I really hope I get some light soon." Then I realized that I forgot how the dream started. I try thinking back. I know I should know it but I can't recall it.

      Suddenly, I am staring into a white void. I try to focus and see DV on my computer screen. I can't see text very well, mostly just a blurry rough layout of blue and white. I briefly wonder how I was lucid dreaming while staring at the computer. Was I day dreaming? I do a nose plug and blow through. I can hardly believe it so I do it again. I know I am dreaming so I get up and leave the computer. As I do, I see a full bar of gold stars in my signature.

      Now, I feel like I am laying down. I roll over and see some very fat, pockmarked faced man that looks Filipino. There seems to be red cushion walls behind him and a kitchen door that makes me think "restaurant". Something about him makes me feel like I am back in the first part of the dream. He put his hands under his chin and makes a "cutie pie" face at me. I don't know what to think at first so I move away from him. Then, I hear a laugh track like from some cheesy sitcom show. I relax a little when I know he is probably just joking.

      Then, for whatever reason, I suddenly I become afraid that my lucidity is starting to slip. I think I must have startled myself all because I abruptly wake up without warning.

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    8. Help!

      by , 01-13-2012 at 01:48 AM
      hello, I begun trying to lucid dream about 2 months ago, i tryed hard for about 2 weeks with no succes. i kept a dream journal and did frequent reality checks throughout the day. after those two weeks i gave up. about 10 days ago i begun trying again, but this time i tried using some of the vitamins. started taking DMAE and vitamin b6 i took those for a week and i couldnt get my dream recall back, even with the help of the vitamins. i have been writing down the little bits of my dream that i remember, but now i cant remember any of them. with or without the vitamins. i do about 40-50 reality checks a day, but i have had no progress on gaining lucidity. i would apretiate any advise on SP of anything else.