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    1. Some lucids - November 12

      , 11-12-2018 at 03:25 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Note: These are out of order and I'm missing a few, I didn't have amazing recall last night because of my dog moving me into strange positions and almost kicking me off the bed as the night went on. Another strange thing I noticed was no mention of 9 in any of the dreams I remembered, and instead the almost constant presence of this mountaintop room.
      Dream: FA in dark room, extended version of my own, but it should have been obvious it wasn't. I was thinking about dreaming and even about what I wanted to do in my lucid dreams, but I was convinced I was awake and was trying to shut my eyes. I could see through them though (I convinced myself I was seeing through my eyelashes). Really should have caught this one
      Dream: Longer dream in warmly lit orangish-yellow room, with windows all around the north and east walls. At first I'm sitting with my back against the south wall, sitting at a folding table. I see Gillum, he smiles and walks away -- feels malicious. Some time later I'm over at the east wall facing the corner, in a desk which I've "moved into" -- there's some weird system of school assigned seats + work + real estate going on here. Out of the window I can see a beautiful but vague mountain view all around -- blue skies and white snowcaps. I see the two younger indians from work (who were in the walking on water dream). They say that they're moving into a desk three away from mine. One of them has a broken arm. Later, the older indian man comes and says he wants to take that desk. I inform him they want it. He seems distressed and a negotiator (played by an actor whose name I can't think of -- but he always plays the shifty salesman/negotiator in movies). He says he'll offer them 300,000, or break their legs.
      Frag: A woman is driving a car in an old-fashioned holiday movie version of NY at night. I know her from a previous dream or earlier scene in this dream, but I'm a camera, not a character. She crashes into another car or people off-screen, and the camera pans to an oddly dressed doorman/paperboy/announcer standing on a grate balcony over an inviting bar with flashing lights. He makes an announcement/proclamation in a grandiose but silly way.
      Dream: In Walmart, I'm waiting in a line for self-checkout, but the lines are oriented in a strange way that I've never seen in any Walmart -- they're perpendicular to how they normally would be. I'm with F, but I see a few people passing, and casually examine them. Then I see one woman who eyes me suggestively, and I make a point of looking away and talking to F. I don't know what this dream means.
      Dream: I enter the warmly lit mountaintop room from before, but from a darker hallway in the southwest corner. F is at a table facing away from me. I approach her and become lucid. [Censored for DV]
      Dream: I'm not sure where I was looking back at it, it's highly probable I was in the warmly lit mountaintop room. I see an attractive girl and become lucid. [Censored for DV]
      Frag: Vague memory about a house?
    2. Where dreams are born DILD

      by , 05-22-2018 at 07:31 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was in walmart and had a recent altercation with another customer there. As I am about to walk out of the store a employee stop me and said I needed to come inside for a talk. I thought to myself, maybe I should just leave and not waste my time. But instead upon seeing I had no car park outside in the middle of the night. I thought it was best to give time to the situation.

      He leads me to the room to where I can see the customer that I assaulted. He ask me questions with the idea that he thought I'd be going for the path of lies. But instead I disrupt his speech and explained the truth. He understands and we begin to speak about other things that I possess no memory of now. After the confrontation, I leave the store and now return outside. I still have no car in my environment and the desire to move became stronger.

      The dream scene went in to a state of constant change, to where there would be a one way road among a large field, then a one way road to a rocky mountain, many new things continue to change in till I could no longer drive to the end of the road and the scene would change to another. It was in till the dream scene had change to a place I was familiar with. It was an island named Dominica. I got off the vehicle that I could not see which had the power to change environments.

      Once I got off and took my bags I felt lucidity hit me. I was aware and amaze with the environment and how it look. I went towards the pink house that seemed to float perfectly balance on the ocean of no where. I could see the island not far from where I was. I then see another me hanged up on top of the roof. When I look closer it was like a toy version of me. The toy me was shirtless and attach to the roof. I examined it further and then woke up.
    3. Walmart stuff DILD

      by , 05-04-2018 at 04:46 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      While lying in my bed feeling tired I doze off for a few and find myself in walmart. My father and I are at the cash register and are going through the scanning part. As my father is about to complete his purchase he tells me to go get my stuff that I was going to purchase. I am confused because I do not recall ever going through the store to buy anything. I told my father where?

      He points to where there is a pile of things that I would never have gotten. I am confused as I have no memory of getting those things and putting it there. I then question that I must be dreaming and realize not to long ago I was lying in my bed. Upon this I return to being awake.
      Tags: father, walmart
      lucid , non-lucid
    4. February 7, 2018 Non Lucid/Frags

      by , 02-07-2018 at 06:57 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      First dream I'm at richmond race track. Weird because I had a dream I was on the outside of it looking from a distance in my previous entry. I was watching from the middle of the track, floating and seeing cars race and crash into each other. I was also in the stands at some point. I might've also been in one of the viewing boxes too.

      Another dream I was in the parking lot of either a Walmart or Target with my friend Moo. We were talking about making the perfect song. I was flipping through songs on my phone looking for inspiration. I was also flipping through Ableton in different programs looking for the right sounds. I was hearing dubstep sounds as well as really high sounds. I was able to whip out a keyboard in front of me. I was playing very high notes and it sounded something like a Louis the Child song.

      I see Moo start to walk into the store so I follow him in. There are a bunch of people walking in and out pushing shopping carts. I see someone with a jug of mountain dew which makes me want to go look for one. We're walking in the store in different aisles. Eventually we end up on the second floor and I tell my buddy sam h. to look for this expansion of a game. We're looking and can't find it, but he keeps showing me these super hero games and is trying to get me to buy them, but I wont, specifically the hulk.

      We end up back upstairs and I think my mom is now with us. There are different sections blocked off so we can only go in certain patterns around the second floor. Suddenly, giant purple birds appear in the air above us, creating some sort of line with their wings standing side by side. They slowly start to swoop down which causes us to jump down off the ledge onto the first floor.
    5. Shameful Walmart and Personal Resistance (Lucid)

      by , 12-25-2016 at 06:58 PM
      ...We go to a spot in the airport overlooking a ballroom and I see myself on stage (there's 2 of me - me on a balcony watching me on stage). I am very curvy and I am surprised how beautiful I look. My dress looks nice even though it’s inside out. It's a peachy orange color, long, with a satin texture. My hair has been curled and is thick, smooth, and shiny. I’m trying to dance but my face keeps cringing. Why? There’s not much of an audience. As I look out on the ballroom I realize I’m dreaming, for no specific reason. It’s just a tiny thought that crept on me that I could have ignored, but it grew bigger and bigger until I remembered my intention to lucid dream. I suddenly have a microphone and make an announcement. “Excuse me everyone, I’d like to announce that I am dreaming!” Everyone clapped. I remembered to stablize so I spin, it does feel like I’m spinning but I don’t like that it requires me to close my eyes and see blackness. I get concerned the dream will end, but it doesn’t. Then I got the idea to announce, “I’d like to take this opportunity to ask my subconscious if there are any issues it would like to bring up or address.” But I couldn’t finish and get all the words out, partly because the microphone kept switching backwards in my hand, cutting off my announcement. Also because a large white and black house cat tried to attack me. I attempted to make the announcement multiple times but the same things kept happenening. Finally I give up. Now I'm in the audience and more people are flooding in and dancing. I decide to get on stage and dance. I try to jump up using lucid super skills and barely make it, but I still have to crawl a bit. However, I get distracted because to my left is the inside of a walmart. A woman is pulling her children out of a sale bin. They ate chocolate and pooped in there. I’m disgusted. Another woman is telling on her, she’s like the secret walmart police society. I decide that after I dance I’m going to burn walmart down as the December TOTM, I don’t like walmart. Then it ends.

      My goal for 2017 is to have 12 lucid dreams (at least once per month). I'm counting this as #1 because I made my resolutions on winter solstice, which I also celebrate as a symbolic new year. I have no idea why I became lucid, but Merry Christmas to me!
      In the future, I will try other grounding and stabilizing techniques because I didn't love the spinning. I will also be sure to have more clear goals before I go to sleep.
    6. Walmart's Shower Section Thingy

      by , 06-15-2016 at 07:34 PM
      I am at the top of a little hill with my friend Grace walking down. Then I find myself walking around Walmart with my aunt. We get to where the loofahs and the shampoo is. My aunt goes on ahead and calls back that she'll be there soon. Then, back by the shower stuff, a girl with pink and purple hair walks around at the end of the main isle. Her mom, basically just an older version of herself, comes and they are talking to each other. Then I didn't finish the dream because my Grandmother was calling me for breakfast
    7. Vivid bathroom

      by , 01-13-2016 at 10:46 PM (My Dream Journal)
      I am at Walmart with my brother and sister. My mom gave me $1.25 to spend on buying things for my fish. I found a lady I recognize who works at Petco, but she is talking with another person. I state loudly that the stuff she has is too expensive, and I walk away. I can't find the real fish/pet section, though, and I tell my brother that. He shows me a map and tells me that I can import llamas from South America or Africa instead. I laugh, telling him it is illegal.
      I am at Walmart, (completely different dream) in the pet section, and I see a cute guinea pig named Willow there, in a tiny cage. The sign by the cage says she has been there for 4-7 years. I remember feeling really bad, and thinking my parents wouldn't let me get anymore pets. I tell a little girl nearby that she should keep the guinea pig.
      I am in the basement of a house, piece of broken wall surrounding me. I see a sort of secret door in the wall, and I remember thinking it is some sort of puzzle/mystery. I go upstairs, and my dad asks me what my favorite part of our new bathroom is. I run into the bathroom, and tell him that it is the floor. The floor is sparkly tile with bead-like things on the corners. When you walk in, I think there were two sinks, one on either side. The toilet is on the far left side, along with one of those kiddie toilet seats. I remember going to the bathroom, and trapping a doll or baby or something underneath the kiddie toilet seat. (If only I had realized how different it is from the real one!) Sometime later, I am out of the bathroom, and I am watching a video of migrants walking in a line, one Mexican, and the others are white. I start walking with a black girl down the white line. We are friends, and we are yelling for one of our other friends to join us. But, we can't find her. I tell the black girl to stay with me, and we walk into the building. I see the friend, who I recognize from school, and run into her arms and jump. She twirls me around and lifts me up. I end up doing a flip in the air, and landing somehow gracefully on my back.
      Ok, I know I have a lot of dreams about my bettas, but hears another one. I am watching one of my bettas, and I notice that he is sitting above the water. Scared, I quickly push his head down, and then the rest of his body. For some reason he is in a little bag, and when I first saw him, he was in a little container. (I realized it was strange in my dream.) My mom comes along, and I tell her that we need to get a bigger tank for Bob(the betta).
      I don't know why, but the dream about the bathroom seemed to stand out the most to me. I feel like it's really important.
    8. Hawaiian resort

      by , 01-11-2016 at 12:55 AM (My Dream Journal)
      I went to bed later than I usually do last night, and had lots of little dreams about realizing I am dreaming, and then having false awakenings. The only one I remember clearly is that I was at Pizza Ranch(my favorite restaurant) walking out to the car. I realized something strange about the situation, maybe that I wasn't planning on going to Pizza ranch for a while. I looked at my mom, and I realized I was dreaming. I then had a false awakening. This happened a few times, but I can't remember the other times very well.
      I was in the city, walking down the street. I saw a hotel resort thing that was supposed to be from Hawaii or something. I saw these bath/shower things in the hotel where you got massages during them. Also, I saw an aquarium with some turtles in it. I remember really wanting to go there. Sometime later in the dream, my dad, brother and I were in the hotel, making sandwiches in it, which was a fragment.
      I was in Walmart with my family, shopping for the trip that I just got back from. I got a giant thing of whipped cream. In the Bakery section, I recognized the worker as a Petco worker I see often. I asked her for a piece of cherry pie, and she gave it to me for free. (She gave one to my brother, too.) We were having a lot of trouble agreeing on snacks to bring on the trip. I wanted cake, and my brother and sister wanted chips and tortillas.
    9. Lucid Dreams 528 & 529

      by , 03-30-2015 at 08:42 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      Have had several dreams over the last two weeks. Can't remember the exact dates of them though. I have a few more besides these three that I want to type up too. I'll get them typed up when I get some more time.

      Exact Date Unknown
      Normal Dream: "Its prehistory, brother!"
      Series: The Mind of a Gamer, Episode 8

      I started playing a video game in the dream and soon was "inside" the the game. It was an open world game with various missions, much like Grand Theft Auto. Only, the setting was in prehistoric times. The plant life was huge, and cavemen were the human population. Also, many dinosaurs roamed the world. I was running down these various paths of yellow-ish sand that formed the road. There was a radar on my watch that also displayed in the top corner of my view. Apparently, I was sent back in time, so I had several present day gadgets, etc. Also, several other present day humans had been sent back in time and I was searching for them.

      I followed the radar and came upon a wooden shack. I entered the shack and could see my game character's girlfriend tied to a wooden chair. As I untied her, I heard a familiar voice from the back of the cabin, "It's prehistory, brother!" The back door was kicked open with a bang and out walked Hulk Hogan. He was decked out in caveman gear and had a bone in his famous handle-bar mustache. I tried several different attacks on him, like smashing a chair over his head and throwing these ninja star-like bones at him. Nothing seemed to damage him, it only slowed him down. Somehow, I knew that he would 1HKO me if he caught me, so I kept my distance. Finally, I just decided to run away after knocking him off-balance with another chair. My girlfriend followed me as we ran down the road. I had to fight a couple raptors that were patrolling the path we were on. I had a bone-club the size of a baseball bat and it worked well on them. Hogan was following us still, but he wasn't very fast.

      We came to a clearing when I felt/heard the pounding of some "Jurassic Park vibrations." I then realized that I had to lure Hogan into the jaws of a T-Rex while avoiding both 1hko scenarios. I spotted the T-Rex approaching from one angle and hogan from the other. Right when we were all three about to collide, the power cut out in my dream. I immediately tried to remember when I had last saved. While I was waiting for the power to cut back on, I either woke up or forgot the rest of the dream.

      Series Details
      With the dream series, "Mind of a Gamer," the gaming world and the dreaming world collide to produce a lucid paradise. Read as I take video game scenarios to the next level. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

      Exact Date Unknown
      Lucid Dream 528: Disney by Putin
      Series: Land of Dreams, Episode 18
      Technique: ADA

      I can't remember much about the start of the dream. First thing I remember, I'm at an indoor theatre. It is pretty dark and loaded with people. As I look around, I can't figure out where I am or what I am doing there. I immediately become lucid after this thought. All of the people have now become large stuffed animals. Mostly bears, but some are other animals. I noticed that every single one of them is looking in my direction. It was a bit creepy. They also keep shifting positions whenever I wasn't looking at them When they started all getting closer to me, I decided it was time to just exit that theatre, lol. I flew up to the door and left.

      I now noticed I was in Disney World, but it was located in an old school Communist Russia setting. There were soldiers posted at every line for the rides/attractions. I could see people being yelled at and punished for being to loud or not standing in straight lines. I also saw some signs that were anti-screaming/shouting signs and said, "Enjoy rides on the inside," and had a picture of cheering crossed out. I just walked around and observed this bizarre scenario. There were gun vendors and drug dealers set up everywhere. Though, these were all hidden from plain sight due to the large amount of military soldiers patrolling the area. After walking around a bit and seeing nothing too interesting, besides some giant headshots of Putin with ridiculous quotes that I can no longer remember, I decided to try and find the Rainforest Cafe. I figured it would be awesome in a dream. I took flight, but felt the dream slipping. I awoke soon later.

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "The Land of Dreams," I explore the depths of my subconscious. With no real goals in mind, I explore the creative lands and characters that come before me. Who will I meet? Where will I go? What will I do? These are the dreams that fit into no particular category. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

      Exact Date Unknown
      Lucid Dream 529: Road Trip-y
      Series: Friends, Episode 15
      Technique: ADA

      I was at Walmart and walked by a woman opening one of the freezers. Suddenly, a dead body fell out as she let out a scream. I tried to make my way through the crowd of on-lookers. When suddenly a guy behind the crowd got crushed to death. The room from the Call of Duty:AW map, Bio Lab, that lowers down part way through the game had came down in walmart and crushed him. The store started to panic from all the deaths, so I just left. I was semi-lucid during this time and became fully lucid outside in the parking lot.

      I looked around for something to do when I spotted Brandon and Mike getting into his SUV. I ran over and hopped in as well. Wilson was in the back seat too. Brandon was in the driver's seat, but we were all kind of driving the vehicle with our minds. We began a sideways slide and drove in a giant looping circle. As we slid, we passed through houses, trees, and other objects like glitching through objects in a video game. While we were passing through the objects, they became clear with lines outlining their structure. Much like a video game glitch.

      After doing a few loops, we straightened out the car and began driving on the road. The road had now turned trippy and colorful. It reminded me of Rainbow Road from Mario Kart. After driving on it for a while, I decided to fly the car. I lifted it up and flew just a few feet above the street. Everyone else took over the flying as I laid on my back and looked at the roof. We were now in a large RV. I used my mind to start peeling back the roof of the RV as I wanted to look at the sky as we drove. Once I peeled off the metallic roof, I could see the blue sky and clouds passing by as we drove. I started playing the "cloud game" as I relaxed. The cloud game is simply cloud gazing and using your mind's creativity to make a picture out of the shape of the cloud. We used to play it a lot during baseball practice back in high school and college.

      After relaxing a bit, I sat up and started flying the car again. Soon we were flying over flat ground and the environment began to look like a PS1 style video game graphics. We were flying over low resolution video game characters. They were playing various sports. One group was playing baseball. I spotted Babe Ruth in the group. Not sure how I knew it was him since it was low resolution. Anyway, the homerun fence was actually just a plateau to a higher elevated area. On this area, there was a football game being played. We eventually flew over another plateau and there was a basketball game being played. It was the UNC Tarheels and Jordan was on their team. The next plateau we reached had Jordan playing for the Bulls. I decided to control him with my mind. He performed a sick dribble move and then jumped cartoonishly high in the air and dunked the ball while his shoes ignited into flames. Much like NBA Jam characters.

      I forgot some of the dream here, but next thing I remember, I was inside a house and I kicked a random toy on the ground and it hit a passerby in the eye. He looked at me and said, "It's ok, now I look like the toy!" I looked and the toy had one eye open and one eye closed like the guy. I woke up sometime after this, but can't remember much more of the dream.

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "Friends," I join the DC counterparts of my waking life friends and tackle the dream world. You never know what we will be up to next, but I guarantee it will be one hell of a time. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!
    10. The Elevator

      by , 02-28-2015 at 07:40 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #417 - DILD - 8:30AM

      This lucid is hardy worth counting or posting a detailed account but I should make note of it. Perhaps I should start stabilizing as habit.

      I am leaving work. There is some confusion about the time of day and shift I am working. John is there with a colorful case of canned drinks. I thought maybe it was alcohol but he says it energy drinks. I get a strong need for an energy drink. I walk to a store and look but I don't think I ever buy anything. I area turns into walmart and I have a handful of lucky charms that I brought along with me in my pockets. I munch on it as I walk around. I see they have changed the layout of the store and the spot were we were living has been discovered and dismantled (WTF? ). I begin to worry that Walmart will think I am stealing the cereal I was eating so I wonder off in another direction. I hear some ominous page on the intercom and see a manager with a walkie on his belt stop, look up, then respond on the walkie. I worry it's about me so I decide to hide in a restroom. I see some blue sign and head there. There is a narrow hallway and the light flash and I hear some low siren sound. The hallway starts to constrict and I am barely able to squeeze my way out the way I came in. I turn to look at the doorway and see a sign that reads 'Offices'. Oops. I turn around and see the blue restroom sign again next to some elevator doors. I look closely and see the man and woman symbol and the number eight under it. I find this odd, but go for it. There are only two buttons marked '10' and '2'. I wonder if I am supposed to somehow do subtraction to get eight. I push the 10 first then the 2 and the doors open. I get and and feel the elevator quickly shoot and while the ceiling gets uncomfortably low. Low ceiling? Then I get vertigo and turn upside down. I see my reflection in the mirror. I am in just my underwear and a t-shirt. The shirt is falling to my face and I pull the shirt down to cover my skibs. I begin to feel really uncomfortable and panic as I feel my neck is being jammed in an awkward position from being thrown upside down. Then suddenly, I remember this is only a dream and fully relax though it take some effort. I recall that I was lucid earlier and wonder how I lost lucidity for so long. The elevator turns right side up and the doors open. I step out, but the dream glitches at this point. My vision is distorted and I find my stepping out as vibrating repetition like in a video game glitch (hard to describe). I try to focus and clear the dream up, but I feel at a lose as to how. After a few seconds I give up and relax.

      I have a super brief FA where I open my eyes and see a realistic version of this dude from Bleach leaning over the bed next to me and in my face.

      Where is everyone from?-250px-ikkanzakajiroubou.jpg

      He's saying something rude about lucid dreaming and the elevator mishap. I quickly wake up.
    11. A couple of Ditties - Feb 3, 2015

      by , 02-05-2015 at 01:12 AM
      Well, in this dream I was at the best store in the both the WW and LDW. You guessed it, Walmart! Not! My dream guide came up behind me and made me lucid (no idea how that works). I’ve seen this guy many times before, but I’ve never had a chance to ask his name. He always runs away immediately after I’m lucid, but this time I was fast on the draw, and held out my hand to introduce myself. He stopped and shook my hand with a surprised look on his face! I then asked him his name, finally, and he said, “I’m Jason.” I said, “I like visiting Walmart when I’m dreaming.” He gave me dumbfounded look and said, “Huh?” So I said, “Yeah, I like Walmart!” He said, “Okay, you are dreaming. Follow me.” By this point I totally forgot about my intent to have a little visit with my daughter, and so I followed him. The store slowly transformed into a bright white hallway, and I followed closely him. I could feel my lucidity failing, and I should have swirled, but I didn’t want to lose him. Unfortunately I woke up. I’m sure he was going to take me some place amazing.

      In this second lucid dream, I was back in University retaking 4th year Sciences. I couldn’t figure out why I was retaking my 4th year since I graduated back in the 80’s. Maybe I needed some refresher courses, so I just went with it. Then I realized it was final exam time, and I had missed all my classes and assignments. Hey wait a second; this is one of my dream signs. Boom, lucid again! I walked into a campus convenience store and grabbed a bag of chips (I never use to eat in LD’s - thanks Dawneye11!) Three of my best buds from high school showed up. I couldn’t believe how amazingly the same, in all ways, they were to the waking world! It was truly startling. We sat down on the floor, in a ramp exit area, and started chatting. “Hey guys, we’re dreaming!” Bruce looked at me with some scepticism and said, “No we’re not!” I convincingly said, “Yes we are!” I offered the guys some chips, and told them they tasted good, and then Glen said with his usual big smile, “You can’t eat while you’re dreaming. Food doesn’t taste good.” I pushed the bag of chips toward him, “Try them, they’re delicious!” They all reached in and chowed down, and they all agreed they tasted really good. We walked off and I lost lucidity.

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    12. Alternative Perspectives

      by , 01-29-2015 at 02:02 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      There is something to be said about not getting to your dream tasks because, the most bizarre and random things happen.

      Galantamine 8mg, B6 100mg, DMAE 400mg

      There will be typos. There are always typos, but I don't have time.

      Message originally posted by Xanous on 01/25/15 at 02:39 PM
      But he's an idiot and has had it as a draft entry for the past 3 days.

      #402 - DEILD - 5:03AM - (Girlfriend)

      I have my usual vibrations and transitional stage but it passes quickly. I have what may have been an open eye hallucination of a shadow figure running in the room. I dismiss it as nothing. I need to stabilize so I image a woman to make out with. The kiss feel ultra realistic. I emerge from my old bedroom in Texas with a young blonde woman. We are still kissing when I notice I have visual. We walk together into the kitchen and I am still feeling excited. I bend her over the counter and have a little fun but only for a second or two; I really don't want this dream time to be all out sex. She looks back at me and say, "You better stop before you wake up." This gives me to will power to move on to something else.

      I somehow end up on the couch in the living sitting closely next to my dream lover, holding hands. The dream environment is really hazy, but I notice my mom and sisters are in the room and there is a pile of laundry on one of the couches. I say something random to my mom about her being my girlfriend. I suddenly want to see who this strange woman is next to me. I try to look at her face but she keeps letting her bangs fall down to cover it. I decide to pull her hair back into a ponytail with and force her to show me her face. There is a struggle and I end up in on top of her in the floor. I finally see her face but it begins to shine with a white light, sort of like an highly overexposed photo. Again, I have to resist my sexual urge and I stand up. I look around and say to the room, "Well, this is a cool dream everybody." I notice floating sparkling dust in the room as I look around. I begin to remember my actual goal when I suddenly wake up.

      #403 - WILD - 5:30AM - (Big Screens)

      I notice I am in front of some giant screen with a PlayStation controller in hand. The game looks really similar to the clothing menus on GTA5 but it got a baseball theme to it. I do various things to get the right uniform. Things aren't working well and I become frustrated and start mashing random buttons. There is some large garbled text on the screen and I try to make sense of it. Suddenly, I hear an announcement over a loud speaker. The man says something about a light display or light show.

      I turn around feeling more aware and see that I am in something like a casino. There is a lot of red and gold decoration and carpeting. I see a long, high partition to my right that seems to open up a several yards away. I can tell there is something going on down there and take off running. When I round the corner, I see a small crowd of people to left and another giant screen in front of me. There is some 80's, big-hair rock star talking on the screen.

      Hi, new to the forums :)-bighairband.jpg

      I instinctively run toward it planning to dive into another scene. As I make my was I remember that I wanted to try dream LSD. Maybe it was the rocker that brought this to mind. As, I dive in I think I will try this but I don't quite teleport. Instead, I see pixelization and then the void. I don't worry too much, I just keep going and looking for some image. I begin surging forward. I see various gray textures like such as, the moon, a muddy lake bottom. I rip the lake bottom open with my hands and enter another void. More textures. I feel as if I am digging deep to the substance of the dream. I see something like fabric magnified then I feel my eyes lenses adjust focus. This feeling is very specific and vivid as my view zooms out then in to something like metallic mesh or grid. I wake up.

      #404 - DILD - 6:28AM (F work)

      I am at work on a Saturday. There is various machinery like in a cableshop. I see some girl I vaguely knew in high school. I try to place her. She's real, but I don't even know how I remember her. I begin to question things and wonder why I am even here. I wonder if I even signed up. I go to my bosses desk and look for the sign up sheet, but I can't find it. I quickly realize that this wont work in a dream. Then I realize that none of it matters anyway.

      I decide to leave the building. There is and open spot were many people are just standing there like statues. As I weave my way around them, I recall a conversation I had with a friend in waking life. He wishes he could win the lottery so he could tell everyone 'fuck you' and walk out. This seems like a good idea. I start shouting, "FUCK YOU!" as loud as I could imagine over and over. I see a some woman in red with dark hair. On impulse, I back hand her unbelievably hard. She topples over and I gasp in surprise. There is a lot of pain on the back of my hand from the impact. I decide to leave this and the pain vanishes as soon as I go back to yelling profanities. I call out a certain bosses name asking where he is. I say this it doesn't matter and end my tirade with a final F-bomb. I turn around and see some double doors and sunlight. I begin signing, "Take this job and shove it. I don't work here any more." I voice shrill like a classic rockers voice. I kind of dig the sound so I continue to sing as I open the door.

      As soon as I step out, I hear theatrical music and Mel Gibson scream, FFRRREEEEEEEDOOOOOOMMMMMM!

      I uncontrollably float up into the air. I go with the motion and zoom high about the clouds as I look down. I turn and pick a spot to land but as soon as I try to fly down, my feet are suddenly on something solid. I quickly notice that the view of the clouds and trees below are like a painted texture on the ground. I take a few steps and the texture morphs into asphalt and gravel. I look up and see some green vegetation in front of me. I hover up into the air again without trying to. I notice that I can see palm trees in the distance. I shout,"Palm trees!" over and over as I try to fly toward them. I only hover higher then I see dark blue water beyond the trees. It's the ocean! I want to go to the beach! I intend to zoom fly to a point on one of the palm trees. I notice the palm trees are actually coconut trees and I zero in on one of the coconuts. Unfortunately, instead of zooming forward, I zoom backward. In a panic, I try to pinch-zoom in like on a touch screen and this stops me. I pinch again and I move some distance forward. I continue this but at some point, it becomes like a photo graph and I get an over zoomed, pixelated view of the trees. I tell myself that I can still work with this, but I wake up too soon.

      #405 - WILD - 8:06AM - (LSD gay)

      I have a long hour and a half bout of wakefulness but manage to eventually quiet my mind long enough to have one more. As scene materializes and I find myself standing next to the Money Center at Wal-Mart. There is a man standing there and I recall my goal once more (dream LSD). I ask the man where the LSD is and he puts out his tongue pointing to it. I pause then, shrug and go for it. I only intend to lick his tongue. However, the man has other ideas and gives me a very tonge-filled french kiss. I pull away thinking how it felt just like a woman's kiss. I lost in tough thinking how I can get the mechanics of gay sex. This quickly manifests into a side dream and I get a quick visual of having sex with someone bent over. The scene is a lot like the other lucid dream, but it's the man at Wal-Mart. I don't panic as I am distracted by the previous thought and give a good thrust. There is no physical sensation; it's more of a clinical curiosity and a disconnected point of view. It's nothing more that a musing that has manifested in the dream world. I think, "I guess it's fine that some people might find this appealing, but I really just don't get it."

      I shake that scenario off and come back to the present dream reality. We are back to staring at each-other after the man kissed me. I don't know how else to end this without feel gay so I punch the man in the face. He flops over like a pedestrian in GTA5 and I laugh as I walk away. The laugh catches in my throat and I feel bad for the violence. I decide to forget the whole thing and find myself in the produce section. I pick up a pack of mushrooms and hit a lady in the back. As she turns around, I run and hide like nothing happened.

      I walk into another section of the store and remember that I have never actually tried the finger-through-the-hand RC in a dream. I feel pressure as my right index finger sinks deep into my left hand. I get about half way and decide to look at the back side. To my surprise, it looks normal. I trip out at this and let out and bewildered 'whoa'. Then, the pain starts.It's a terrible aching like an intense muscle cramp deep in my hand. I quickly wake up.

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    13. 12/12/2014

      by , 12-15-2014 at 02:54 AM
      I was at a Walmart working as a cart pusher. It was night time outside and it was also raining, which made me worry about getting sick. The manager came up to me and said that he wanted me to go somewhere else but I didn't know where that was so I was confused. I went to a room to change and followed some girls outside.
      Tags: night, rain, walmart
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. 10/18/14 - zombies and barely a crowd panic

      by , 10-18-2014 at 08:06 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in a Walmart, I'm slinking around the isles and clothing racks because I feel like I'm being watched. Then I see that there is a big commotion in the center of the store so I sneak over and view from behind some things. It's a low stage covered in a red cloth. Some people are sitting on the ledge telling the people standing around it that there is one zombie in the store and that we need to seclude it before it spreads. Then as people as talking a few zombies clumsily goes after some of the people. Me and some people run for the exit of walmart and there are workers only letting the unaffected people out, after a brief search or my acting normal and also for bites they let me outside. Outside I see some zombies attacking people walking around the parking lot doing normal things. The people don't seem to panic until a zombie specifically targets them. And when a zombie does attack them they scream, run, try to fight the zombies off them and everything expected. As I'm watching this mess in the parking lot a zombie forces itself on top of me and I topple over and it tries to bite my face, but I keep it as far as I can with my hands and then roll a little to my right and shove it off of me with the gravity, then jump up and sprint straight through the parking lot. The scene slightly changes and I'm now on the side walk near an old fashioned looking movie theater. It's as though I've run far enough to where the disease hasn't gotten to in this town. I can see into the theaters open door and see a girl that in my dream I know. She's sitting at a table having food with two people a girl and a boy. For some reason I become angered at myself for not being the one with her at this theater, and angry that I haven't told her about the zombies that are spreading and the fact that now I can't walk up to her. So now old friends from high school show up and make me go into the theater with them to see a movie, I have to walk past her and we give each other a strange look. One of confusion and sorrow. Then I just run down the long restaurant area with many booths. It's dim in here and I sense something weird in a lot of theses people. Like I already know they'll be diseased soon and want to eat me. They already have that sinister look. I open the doors to the theater room and all the seats are already nearly full. So I find a seat next to this girl I used to know who liked me but I didn't like. The whole time I never noticed the movie I was just focused on how the girl I liked was suddenly in this theater seated two rows ahead of me to the left, and trying to brush off this other girls advances who's seated next to me. I eventually notice that everything I tell this girl next to me, she immediately gossips about to two girls next to her so I panic a bit and get up and walk through the row the the end left of the room to exit, but then this big blonde haired guy swings his head towards me and his eyes widen and he jumps up and attacks me making the same zombie noises the other zombies where making. Some people in the seats jump up and push off me and I slam hard against the floor and look up to realize some of the other seated people have turned, and are going after people. We all rush out of the theater room and I'm out first, but then I remember the her and shoot back into the room and she's still in her seat covering her head so I grab her arm and we run out and running through the booths area they're all zombies and dragging people by their arms into the booths and we almost make it to the exit, but in the rush we get pushed into a booth and we sit there with our heads down hoping the zombies attention wont be drawn to us. But then a zombie jumps on us so I kick them off and we run out the theater. I see three motorcycles, bicycles, and then this golf cart. For some reason I thought it a better idea to take the golf cart instead of a faster motorcycle. So me the girl, and now for some reason hank hill and bobby hill are on the golf cart driving out of this mess, zombies now everywhere. The scene changes a little and we're driving on cliff side roads that have sharp unexpected turns. I have hank hill lecturing me on the road and -panicking behind me the whole time. Every time he says something I almost drive off the cliff. The scene changes again and we make it to this area of open desert, but the dirt has lots of tired marks depicting somewhat a road. I stop in this circle that's surrounded by lots of dirt paths, lots of ways to go. It's like a compass, and when you look down at the floor these brown arrows move closer to sight and say what is ahead each way. Hank Hill says Billbur City sounds like a smart way to go. We image it to be big, populated, and new. But when we get there it is completely deserted, old, deteriorated. Although there are lots of tall deteriorated buildings. We see a man walking down the street with his head down towards us. Bobby yells to him "HEYYYY". And then it shoots its head up and sloppily sprints to us and we realize it is a zombie and that must be why the city looks like this, then zombies star coming from inside buildings at us, and we speed in the golf cart through allies and junk. There's old buses, tires , and crap everywhere. We see a few cats, and wonder how they are surviving. Then we squeeze the cart through this back yard into under someones carport, and there's junk everywhere, but we see jarred potatoes, I almost grab it because we are hungry but for some reason I don't. Then we see this guy stand in front of the cart and we all freak thinking its a zombie, but it's not. It's a survivor and he's looks covered in ash. He asks us calmly what we're doing here, and none of us know what to say. He points us into the house that the carport is attached to. We get off the golf cart and enter the house. When I go in I realize it's my grandmas house but ti's not, somebody hoarded trash bags in the kitchen, my grandma doesn't do that. Then I walk into the living room and there;'s a blanket on the floor, now the girl hank and bobby hill are all gone and me and my grandma are annoyed that someone put a blanket on her floor under the furniture. And then we sit down confused for awhile. Woke up.
    15. 10/5/2014

      by , 10-08-2014 at 07:57 AM

      I was in a suburban neighborhood going to a friend's house, who had a Muslim father. We liked each other but couldn't date because her dad had just found out that she wanted to be a Christian. Some sort of earthquake was going to happen so I went to pick up something at a Walmart. Some guy started messing with me and we got in a fight. He pulled out a small little gun and I disarmed him and beat him even more. Security took me in and told me to do a memo on what happened. J. Martinez and R. Granado showed up and helped me, even showing me camera footage of the incident. What happened was nothing like I remembered and I did a lot of references to Frozen while talking to the guy I had fought. I watched a lot of videos of me fighting and I was thinking about dreaming and did a failed reality check. In the room I was with, Megan was sleeping. Megan got up because of some sort of leg pain. I hugged her and asked her if she was ok and told her I loved her since she said it first.

      I was in what I knew was my room and somehow realized I was dreaming. I flew up to the top of the building I was in and I started playing with my water magic. I spun in circles embracing the water I conjured. I looked at my hands but no water was coming out, which angered me a little. I flew around the night and jumped off the roof to the ground many stories down, only to do it all over again not once feeling fear or pain. Testing my dream control, I flew through the floor, appearing in the same room I was in. I did the same with the roof of the room. I decided to leave and went back to where I was, looking for a door to teleport me out of the area. For some reason, the first thing that came to mind was a prostitution ring, so that's where I chose to go. Going through a door, that led to a bathroom, I decided to go through the bookshelf and the wall behind it because I knew that would take me somewhere. I walked towards the bookshelf and eventually through it, only to get stuck half-way inside it. I wailed my arms, trying to grab onto something to pull me past the shelf but I told myself "It's all about expectation" and expecting to actually be able to go through the wall, I did, entering a long, dark, scary hallway. I reached for my flashlight, wondering if I even had my duty belt on. I shined my flashlight through the hallway, illuminating the way with a realistic beam. I covered the flashlight halfway, in case there was something on the other side of the hallway that could see the beam.
      Eventually, I came upon a large, empty office room on a high building, with windows that allowed me to see out into the other tall buildings in the city. Looking around, I saw a desk, couch, bookshelf, old TV, and some paperwork. I knew it had to represent something so I yelled out "What does this represent!?" and pointing at the TV, implying that it would turn on and tell me my answer. Instead, the TV turned on and showed a channel with weak signal and static. There was a bag full of money but on the straps holding the money, there were notes that would read in order. The notes were from many different people and I knew one of them was personally from my subconscious, I saw another one that said it was from my pastor. The one from my subconscious stated something about when I was younger. I started worrying about remembering everything when I woke up but kept reading. I saw a map with a list of places but the only one I could remember was 'Rake's, OH' before waking up.
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