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    1. DG Summer Home. ★★★★☆

      by , 02-10-2015 at 11:39 PM (Zödra)
      I am in a snowed over city standing near a road... hmmm... I am dreaming. my goal is... dreamer! I look around for a flash of purple against the white. She is standing in a crowd. I run over and say the line I had rehearsed.
      "Dreamer, take me to the upper league and to where time moves slower."
      "No, the competition is over, I do have something to show you though."
      "Take me there." She grabs my hand and we start running through the city. at first at normal speeds, but then we start moving faster than possible and people are looking at us funny. I want to laugh at the DCs, but I am too busy being pulled by dreamer. We are reaching the outskirts of the city and it seems to end abruptly and there is a huge lake and a big house near it. It reminds me of a lake house that we rented back when my Grandpa was still alive. This didn't seem to be the same though, since it wasn't in a wooded area.

      "What is this place?"
      "A place for the Dreamviews Dream Guides to come for relaxation and an awesome place to hang out!" She says. I notice now that she is in a bikini. I morph my clothes into board shorts and I look down at the water and see dreamy, percy, and NyxCC flying above the water and dipping into it. Dreamy keeps going higher and higher and then just falling into the water and then flying out. Dreamer tackles him during one of his falls and they disappear into the water. I scan in the house and feel ThreeCat meditating in there. I do a bigger scan and notice that there is someone moving towards us quickly from the sky. I look up and see canis waving. What an awesome dream... Don't know if this is shared dreaming, but one can hope.
      I fly into the water and create a huge water vortex and shoot it at canis as he is flying in. It shoots him higher into the air and then he rushes back in at me. Percy runs inside and tells ThreeCat that we are all there, and we all stay outside for what seemed like hours, on, in, and around the water. I realize that canis had been missing for a while and I scan for him inside. He seems to have been doing some lucid cooking and he beckoned me to get everyone inside. I grab everyone with scan and teleport them inside. We all sit down and eat at the table. I don't remember much of what we ate or talked about. I don't know if I had lucidity the whole time, but the feelings were there, I was a little sad the whole time thinking that they might all be fake, but I knew that it didn't matter and I should just enjoy the time I had. I woke up a little after dinner as we were all sitting on the roof watching the sunset.

      I am in a snowy city at night... wait a minute, I look to my left and realize that my brother in law is driving, but I know this city... I am dreaming! I take control of his body through scan and force him to drive like a maniac on the ice (very easy to drive awesome on ice when you decide when it is gonna slide and when it is not). I jump out of the top of the car as we get close to the house and there is a huge spaceship next to the lakehouse. It seems like only Percy is there. I wander where the others are, but then I realize that time has passed since I came there and that the one day that we had was at least a day ago and we all had gone back to our normal dream lives. Percy is standing on the roof and challenging the leader of the ship. An old man that comes out that reminds me of Hades:

      I suddenly realize where this lake house is at. I do scan to check it out and we are at Dreamer's Reach, the whole city and lake are on top of the island. I land next to Percy and say "It is up to us to stop him, really shouldn't be that hard."
      He looks down at us laughs and puts his hands together like he is doing Grimoire Law

      I scan teleport next to him and summon a sword at the same time, with one swipe chopping his arm off before I even fully am teleported there. I look across Hades arm and see Percy has chopped of the other arm. He puts a hand on his back and is getting ready to teleport him somewhere else, but I stop him.
      I create a barrier in Hades heart that will stop it from working if he ever gets near Dreamer's Reach again. I then let him know about this and Percy teleports him and the spaceship away. I don't know if he did this and then came back or if he just did it by touching it. It was quite impressive. I flew down to the house and we talked a bit about how awesome it will be when there are more dreamers there all the time. He mentioned, though, that the lake house should be reserved for DGs and I thought that that seemed pretty cool.

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    2. 09/08/2014 and 09/08/2014 - Fragment; "Totem Experiment #2"

      by , 09-09-2014 at 04:23 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Bladed Djinn"

      Running through an array of back yards and hopping random fences, I was trying to get away from a creature that reminded me of the djinn from the movie Wishmaster. It could also shapeshift, and merge itself with the surroundings. It would frequently disappear into the earth and move within it, then it would morph sections of itself into blades, stabbing upward at my feet and legs as I scurried up and over the residential properties. It was like fighting an ugly version of the T-1000 from Terminator 2.

      "Totem Experiment #2"

      (Another small success, this morning, though my quality of sleep has been less than great, and my recall is still suffering. I had been checking my totem, all throughout the day, yesterday. One of the last times checking it was when I was driving home from work at midnight, rolling it around in my hand and getting a feel for it while asserting that I was dreaming. I tried to levitate it in my hand, while willing it to point me toward my (as yet confidential) objective/destination. After going home and hanging out for a while, I went to bed, clutching my totem and setting my focus upon it.)

      I was driving down the road at night, seemingly on the same highway by which I make my way to and from work. Holding onto my totem, I began to check my state and gradually came to suspect I was dreaming. To confirm this, I looked down at my totem and attempted to move it with my mind. It suddenly stood straight up in my palm, like a football standing on one end. I believe that I focused on either my hand or the object, to bring the dream into more clarity, but I'm not 100% sure.

      As was the plan, I then willed the totem to lead me to my intended destination. The magnet/totem then flew forward, off of my hand, and went through the windshield (without impacting it). I then started to drive after it, following it down the highway toward wherever it was trying to lead me.

      The next thing I remember, it was daytime, and I was standing on a high, grassy cliff with an unknown person. It is assumed that lucidity had already left me, but I can't really recall. The only thing I could see, beyond the green grass beneath our feet, was a bright, almost overwhelming, blue and white sky (I was actually looking at both of us from behind, in third-person). I can at least tell that this person was a friend, and we were having a conversation about something being "wrong" or "not working", although I don't remember what that particular thing was.

      (In hindsight, I have to wonder if we were talking about the lucid dream experiment? I really don't know. I don't think I was lucid for this part, though, so it's hard to tell exactly what we were referring to.
    3. 09/03/2014 - "First Totem Test"

      by , 09-03-2014 at 11:45 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "First Totem Test"

      (A bit of success met with horrible recall, this morning. (Hanging out after work and catching a buzz typically messes up my recall...) I know that quite a bit went on in this dream, after I initially became lucid, but the only thing I really remember is the few seconds surrounding the onset of lucidity. My main focus throughout the day, though, was my Totem. I just wanted to see if I could incorporate it into the dream, and I wasn't disappointed.)

      The first thing I remember is walking through a white hallway and turning to step through one of the doors lining the walls. While entering this room, which turned out to be a classroom with a bunch of high school aged kids turning to face me, I reached into my pocket and pulled out my singing magnet (as I had been doing all day, in waking life, particularly when walking into new rooms and walkways while at work). I rubbed it a bit and checked my state, immediately realizing that I had no idea what I was doing in this classroom. I knew I was dreaming, and I remember grinning at how easily the Totem idea had worked.

      Looking back down at the magnet, I waited to see if it would direct me toward my objective. (During the day, I had been attempting to set the intention for the magnet to somehow be a link between myself and my goal, either by flying toward it or somehow pointing me in the right direction.) The magnet gradually levitated upward, a few inches over my palm, and oriented itself in a fixed direction - like a compass trued to North. I turned to walk back out of the classroom and started heading down the hallway again, following the fixed position of the compass and asserting that it would lead me either to a portal or some other way finding the place I was looking for.

      It is during this search that I began to lose both lucidity and my recollection of the dream.

      (In hindsight, I think I got a little excited and forgot to stabilize my dream, before going off to explore. I will have to try to remember that, next time. I'm kind of stoked that the Totem idea worked so well on my first attempt! Can't wait to give it another shot. I'll be playing with it again, all day at work, today. Lol.)
    4. 09/02/2014 - Fragment

      by , 09-03-2014 at 11:30 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Expect a little more activity, here, shortly. Looking to get a little more involved, despite still having a lot of things going on in the waking world.


      (Actively tried accomplishing a certain lucid goal last night. I was able to become lucid, but ended up losing most of my memory of the actual dream.)

      I remember being in a two-story house; checking my hands at least twice to stabilize the dream; and an altercation with a group of well-dressed, mobster-like goons. At one point, I pinned one of the men down with telekinesis. I had, however, completely forgot to try my lucid goal (which I will give more information on, later).


      I will also be experimenting with a kind of 'totem' (ala Inception, for lack of a better term), for the next few weeks. I have a small item that I will be carrying around with me, during waking life, which I will use to attempt to induce lucid dreams. The item is one half of a pair of "singing magnets". I will be keeping it in my pockets and, periodically, pulling it out to feel it in my hands while asserting that I'm "in a dream", in hopes of incorporating the act into my dreams. This will be combined with carrying the item with me, when I go to bed at night, so that I can have the thought of carrying it fresh in my subconscious mind upon going to sleep.

      I like the idea of using a magnet, because they already have surreal physical properties, and I think that toying with it in dreams might make for some pretty interesting effects. Looking forward to reporting any experiences, once I'm able to disclose a little more information about the project.