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    1. College, Iggy Azalea, The Sims, My Chemical Romance and Blood

      by , 06-04-2017 at 04:53 PM
      Since I did not write the moment I woke up, they're all lost in my mind right now. And I forgot to update yesterday.



      So, I was in college; the bedroom was very girly and my roomates were three korean girls, all of them really cute and sweet. I asked them what they think about Japan, they say they went there and loved it, because it was so clean and better than Korea. One of them makes me sweet bread. So, I fall in love with this guy, I am a little confused if he was redhead or not; another guy, a more handsome one, blonde, blue eyes, is in love with me. He seems like he wants to do skinship and maybe sex with me, I tell him he's exactly my type but I refuse it anyways. He seemed very sweet but got a little disappointed. Later on, I take a look at the dormitory, almolst everyone is sleeping, it seriously looks like a big hungover. As I walk, the room doors are all open, and I see a guy sleeping all naked, with his bum showing. There's a carpet next to each door, and they seem to reflect the personality of each room. It seems like Iggy Azalea is my friend and studies at the same college I do (lmao), and she's having a little rivalry with Azealia Banks (just like in real life), but since SHE's my friend, I feel like I should take sides with her if something happens.

      The Sims Dream - First Dream after I woke up at 4:00

      I was with my cousin sitting on a tree at my Grandma's farm, and we started discussing about SimCity; I remember talking about how the creators were trying to make the game appeal to the lgbt community or something. So I took a close look at the game (now the game became the ground) and saw that some bridges in the game had the shape of genital organs, but of course, it was a dream, so the dreamy genital organs looked nothing like real life ones.

      My Chemical Romance - Second dream after I woke up at 8:00
      So I dreamed about a handsome boy I had a crush on, he was kinda emo, but handsome (although I don't remmeber clearly, but all boys in my dreams I have a crush on are handsome), and we were in a house and I had my laptop; me, him and his friends we sitting down and I was playing popular songs from the past to see if they remembered the names and singers, etc. Then I was going to play MCR's Helena, but I changed my mind and decided to play Welcome to the Black Parade. Before I played I fucked up something, but then it started to play, but they all kinda ignored me and went to my grandma's bedroom (but this one is the other grandma) and I insisted and followed them and played the song, well, they didn't give a fuck.

      This was not a dream itself, it was part of one of the previous dreams, but I don't remember which cause I am a stupid hoe. Anyways, I had to have my blood collected, so I was in this clinic with two guys, one of them was fat and kind, the other one was a woman; I am not sure, but I THINK I was talking about how hard it is everytime I have to get my blood collected for blood tests, because it's soooo hard to make my veins pop out, so usually they have to use 6 needles until they get blood enough (this actually happens in real life).


      Time for interpretation XD

      Redhead -> My real life platonic love is a redhead, although I live far away from him now, everytime I hear his name I get so nervous feel like I'm gonna puke my heart out. Just the day before, I was thinking about how awesome I would be if I had a mutual dream with him;

      He wants to do skinship and sex with me but I refuse it -> In real life, I repress my sexuality a lot for personal reasons, so I think because of that, I dream a lot with situations involving sex;

      Grandma's farm -> I have a lot of dreams located at my grandma's farm since I was a kid;

      SimCity -> Game me and my cousin were playing not too long ago (same cousin from the dream);

      MCR -> Just yesterday I was listening to My Chem's songs and watched a movie called "Suicide Room" and it was about an emo boy.

      I'm gonna realize I'm dreaming everytime these appear:
      -Sex situations
      -Grandma's farm

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    2. One of the weirdest dreams I've EVER had (or: How My Dumb Luck Gave Me a Weird Dream)

      by , 01-20-2015 at 02:43 PM
      01-20-15: This is what I get for viewing past dreams on my blog on this site (especially the one stemming from the "davemadson" silliness with everyone's "termination" reaction with the screaming little girl with brown eyes and brown hair from a couple of months ago). This time, the main dream character had blue eyes and blonde hair and was around college age standing around 5'6"-5'8", kind of like a scene from a '90s-early '00s film. And I thought I wasn't going to get anything after a heck of a bad day yesterday (it has been happening a lot lately).

      This all happened after the first act of the dream inspired by either the PS3 or PS4 version of Grand Theft Auto V made no sense--and it was the online part of the game (I have the PS4 version), and no parts from this were used in the second act (I think).

      However, back to the second act: she was surrounded by two or three boys while she was in front of a yellow muscle car, probably a '70s Ford Mustang Mach 1 or a '70s Dodge Charger Super Bee or Challenger. One of the boys (or other DCs) had a beanie with a patterned or crocheted skull on it (it was black or charcoal/white). I couldn't tell if she was trying to befriend them or run away from them.

      Also, in the background, I could see some downtown Raleigh buildings or buildings near the NCSU (North Carolina State University for all you non-U.S. viewers of this blog) campus.

      I don't know if she was a student at the college or anything in particular. I also do not know if the main DC involved resembles a '90s Reese Witherspoon, a '90s Alicia Silverstone, or anyone in particular from that era with blue eyes and blonde hair, or NC natives Evan Rachel Wood or Britt Robertson, either. I think she was cornered by at least 3 boys, or guys. After their encounter, the rest of the act of the dream made no sense and I woke up at about 6:05 AM unexpectedly. I don't even get why because I started back writing this year (it's my 20th), these weird dreams started happening again.

      (Wow...this is my first post in a while where I went the whole thing without one sentence talking about James Lafferty--D'OH!)

      ...oh, well. Until next time, WM86

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    3. THE HUNGER GAMES (In my house lol)

      by , 03-26-2013 at 01:04 PM
      So I was standing their at a party in my house not aware of what I was wearing... So all of a sudden some guy yells "PARTY!!!!!!!" and all the lights in the entire house just flashed and came off, it was amazing, then I ran around in the dark finding somewhere to hide. Then I finally found a place to hide, so I hid there for a while and then came out, some guy told me to hide in this hideout but I said, NO. So then I ran and then I jumped on my sister and strangled her, the creepiest thing about that, I saw myself do it. I had no eyeballs, my eye sockets were darkness black and I had grey skin and I was wearing a chain around my neck and I also had long black pants and a short black shirt. Then I went over to turn back on the lights, then one of my friends (wearing the same exact clothing as me) said "I RE SPAWNED" and he put his arms out like he was some kind of monster. Then I woke up happy because I had such an awesome dream. :cheeky:
    4. Lol fuck this

      by , 07-09-2012 at 08:26 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      So I'm in bed and I feel the transition. Falling through the bed and all that jazz. I think I got a little disorientated, but other than that it's all good right!? WILD action right?

      No, I'm in the void for a bit and scared to open my eyes and all that basic stuff I should already know. As a matter of fact the dream starts.

      I'm in my room trying to go back to sleep and I hear my nephews enter the hours. Furiously, I yell at them about how they need to shut up. It felt weird cause I don't do things like that.

      I even closed my door so I wouldn't hear them. Seconds later they opened it. I was soooooo mad, Nd then they're like "uncle Auron can we play your game". I gave in and I feel them in the damnbed rummaging around all my old games. Oddly enough they want to mess around with my Dreamcast and Nintendo crap, and I kinda want to punch them. One of them holds up a copy of dead or alive. I say something that I regret, but at the same time I meant it.

      it's so crazy how I was like I need to go back to damn sleep when in actuality, I was already asleep. Just laying there in my dream waiting for the dream to begin. I should have recognized my aggressiveness. Also the whole part where some random kid was with them. I guess I'm going to just pretend that it was going to be a short lucid that wouldn't have mattered anyway.
    5. Emo Nomads

      by , 04-28-2011 at 04:20 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      My friends and I are at some sort of gathering... a concert maybe? A festival? Not sure. My friends and I are walking somewhere (not sure where) when we realize we're getting a "delivery" of new friends, so we go to pick them up. They are a group of emo looking boys from Norway. I can tell that some of them are metal fans from their teeshirts and such. The leader of the group stays close to me. He's very quiet, with intense tortured eyes. I get the feeling that all of these boys are from very cold families, devoid of love.

      We begin wandering together, all as a group, to where we plan to sleep. The leader of the new boys staying close to me, saying nothing. He pulls out of his pocket a very large sized condom, like perhaps a novelty. He carefully unwraps and unrolls the thing and then tosses it at me, laughing.