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    1. June 27, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 06-27-2018 at 05:29 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I'm in a theme park sort of like Busch Gardens in VA or Epcot Center. It looks rainy outside and dark. At some point we talk about how we're at a music festival but we only seemed to stay in one spot under this one random tent the entire time. It seems like maybe the festival is over and we're packing up to leave. It's night time but it's lighter outside with a shade of light blue. I don't think we want to leave.

      I'm walking around the theme park and there's very strange things occurring. It seems like this park is dark and something out of a My Chemical Romance music video. There's different events occurring throughout the park and there's music playing. There's performers at certain stations. There's a girl doing magic with one old man in front of her watching. I walk by exhibits and when I hear music I can see people dancing to it like this strange choreographed dance, they all know the moves. The people are dressed up in some goth clothing, I see a guy with black long hair and pale skin serious as can be doing these dance moves.

      At some point I'm off to the side with Moo and my jaw starts to clench up real bad. I can't control it, it's just strained really bad up and down. I fall to the ground and scream in pain, striking the ground.

      The end of the dream I'm watching this little turtle guy walking around. I think that I've made a video game and this little turtle is walking around in the over world trying to decide which level he's playing next. I remember I made is so the movement wasn't so linear, he could walk to these little leaves or other parts of the map that would trigger a level. He was a cute little turtle walking upright with a very concerned voice like "oh dear am I going to make it okay." I remember thinking this was a very good video game. I woke up thinking maybe he should be an armadillo instead.
    2. One of the weirdest dreams I've EVER had (or: How My Dumb Luck Gave Me a Weird Dream)

      by , 01-20-2015 at 02:43 PM
      01-20-15: This is what I get for viewing past dreams on my blog on this site (especially the one stemming from the "davemadson" silliness with everyone's "termination" reaction with the screaming little girl with brown eyes and brown hair from a couple of months ago). This time, the main dream character had blue eyes and blonde hair and was around college age standing around 5'6"-5'8", kind of like a scene from a '90s-early '00s film. And I thought I wasn't going to get anything after a heck of a bad day yesterday (it has been happening a lot lately).

      This all happened after the first act of the dream inspired by either the PS3 or PS4 version of Grand Theft Auto V made no sense--and it was the online part of the game (I have the PS4 version), and no parts from this were used in the second act (I think).

      However, back to the second act: she was surrounded by two or three boys while she was in front of a yellow muscle car, probably a '70s Ford Mustang Mach 1 or a '70s Dodge Charger Super Bee or Challenger. One of the boys (or other DCs) had a beanie with a patterned or crocheted skull on it (it was black or charcoal/white). I couldn't tell if she was trying to befriend them or run away from them.

      Also, in the background, I could see some downtown Raleigh buildings or buildings near the NCSU (North Carolina State University for all you non-U.S. viewers of this blog) campus.

      I don't know if she was a student at the college or anything in particular. I also do not know if the main DC involved resembles a '90s Reese Witherspoon, a '90s Alicia Silverstone, or anyone in particular from that era with blue eyes and blonde hair, or NC natives Evan Rachel Wood or Britt Robertson, either. I think she was cornered by at least 3 boys, or guys. After their encounter, the rest of the act of the dream made no sense and I woke up at about 6:05 AM unexpectedly. I don't even get why because I started back writing this year (it's my 20th), these weird dreams started happening again.

      (Wow...this is my first post in a while where I went the whole thing without one sentence talking about James Lafferty--D'OH!)

      ...oh, well. Until next time, WM86

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    3. Gothic Band Camp

      by , 11-20-2013 at 11:14 PM
      Original entry dated July 10, 2002:

      First I was sort of at school. Only it was like band-camp, and all of my friends played the trombone.

      I was in the cafeteria getting food with two of my friends, whom I don't have in real life, they weren't real people... one of them was sort of pudgy with sandy hair and whined a lot, the other one was a goth chick with long black hair.

      Anyway, in the cafeteria there were actually 2 food counters, and I was thinking that this was good because the lines used to be terribly long, and about how this was my last day there, and I never had to play guitar again (yes I was the only person there who played guitar). So we got in the car to leave and I was going with my friends, I was gonna stay with the goth chick over the summer, she hadn't been to her childhood home in years. It was an old victorian house. She was talking about how her parents were really restrictive and never let her do anything, and when she was in the yard she was never allowed to look around the left side of the house.

      So we went into the house and it turned out to be haunted. There was this one demon/ghost who... well... had a really big rack. And green hair. She was chasing us around. And this one ninja dude who kept sneaking up on us and trying to catch/kill us. She was dressed kind of like Lum, only... wearing less.

      For some reason I was wearing a full Victorian gown, and I kept falling over and getting tangled up in it.
    4. Failed missions and weed promoting teachers.

      by , 06-01-2012 at 05:44 PM (RommiH's Dream Journal (entries are not dated correctly. i am slowly transferring my DJ from my computer, to the one on DV))
      The dream begins with me and someone else walking in a vegetated area. There are lots of greens and yellows. Both of us have machine guns. As we walk I notice something is wrong with my gun. But whatever it was I fix it. My gun is now ready to shoot. We now sneak past a tree house. From it we hear voices, possibly a man and a woman’s. We move on. We are now at a pool. It is very, very busy there. There are people everywhere. The two of us had a mission to complete. But even in the dream, the mission wasn’t apparent. As we walk, I hide the gun against my side. We need to continue through the area without getting caught. But it seems people have already seen the guns. (Mine is an MP5 with a camera lens as the sight. At some point in the dream I look through it and aim at someone and try out its zoom) More attention is directed at the guns. By now we are found out. Panic strikes the people around us. Two men walk up to us and tell us to put our guns down. I look at my partner. I want to see what he will do first before I act. The two men keep telling us to drop the guns. I do as told. I set down the gun. Now the gun and my partner are gone. I am glad to see that I am not in any sort of trouble at all. Now I walk around for fun. I see Loauy. I run up to him and say hey. He greets me back. I move on throughout the pool area. I see a point in the pool where the two sides of it are really close together. I jump across it easily. Now many of my friends are there. They are having a party sort of thing. I see Donia. I also see a table of food. I go to the table of food. I get a plate of something soaked in chocolate. I walk to where Donia and her friend are sitting. As I walk, they get up and go somewhere else. I am a bit disappointed. I sit down and eat. Now I am in a room. It is the same party. But I seamlessly moved to a new location. I sit at the back of the room on a stool booth thing. The room is filled with people. Among them is Mr. Sidky (my S.S. teacher) and he is talking a lot. He seems really happy for some reason. He begins to talk to us about weed or some sort of drug. He says we need to try it and stuff. I start to wonder why a teacher like him would say stuff like that. He keeps on talking. His words h=get more and more crazy. People around the room listen to him intently. A few others and I conclude that he is high. Then he snaps out of it and says he was just joking and that we was just messin’ with us. He leaves the room. I am still sitting there watching the party. Then there is a girl next to me. She is wearing black and purple. She is very attractive. She looks at me and says, “Could you pick me up and dance with me?” She wanted me to pick her up in my arms, take her to the middle of the room, and dance with her. I would have loved to, but I didn’t want to whith all the people around. So I told her “Im sorry but I don’t dance” I said a few more things about how dancing is not my thing. She seemed fine with it though. We continued to talk about other things though. What we spoke about, I cannot remember. I was enjoying my time with her. She was hot. Now without me or her getting up or moving the scene changed. We remained in our positions and instead of a bar looking room that we were in before, were sitting on the top bleacher at my schools gym. There are still people everywhere. The girl next to me pulls out her phone and starts playing Asking Alexandria. We both enjoy the song. Then it is time to leave the gym for some reason. Now at the bottom of the bleachers, I look for the girl I was sitting with. I look at the crowd of people near the door. I can hear a breakdown and screams from a song coming from the crowd. I know she must be somewhere in the crowd since she is the only one around here with that type of music. I like the song that is playing. I think it strange that no one is bothered by it though. Now I am thrown somewhere in the school. I need to get to English class. Problem is I’m lost. I spend the longest time walking around the school looking for my class. The school (in my dream) was huge. The hallways were extremely wide and there were many floors. So many I lost track of which one I was on. Eventually I make it to the basement. I think of how much trouble I’m going to be in. I probably missed half the lesson already. I couldn’t hear any bells where I was. So I considered the possibility that English was already over. Now in the basement I walk around looking at all the machinery down there. I jump across catwalks trying to find stairs that lead out of the basement. During my search I find a basket of free sweets. There is a large assortment of traditional Egyptian sweets. None I like though. I do manage to find a few things I might like. I take them. I don’t plan on eating any soon though. I am about to continue my search for my English class when I notice Cinnamon rolls in the basket. I must have all of them. But I don’t want to be seen the people responsible for maintenance in the basement when doing this. I feel bad that I’m taking all the good stuff. But I say screw it and take them in a bag. Now I meet one of the guys who works in the basement. I sort of hint that I am lost. He says he’ll come with me. The dream ends.
    5. Everyone Dress Goth

      by , 11-18-2011 at 07:42 AM
      I'm in kindergarten. I'm putting on some very odd shoes. Is something wrong with my foot? I get a ride from my dad.

      I'm walking with A. She calls something gay. I ask if maybe that isn't a little prejudiced. She disagrees. I let it go.

      A South Park-esque scene. There is a group of kids dressing differently. I end up in a red shirt with a black hoodie and am fat and have weird hair. I look pretty funny. I point this out to one of the others. We laugh. I finish dressing in all black. Everyone is dressing goth. It's some sort of Satanic cult thing.

      A girl and boy who are both goth are off by themselves in the woods. The boy gets killed. The girl tries to make some life-restoring goop.

      A Frankenstein sort of guy accidentally brings a corpse back to life. Later, by the river, he resurrects the goth boy too.

      There is a hideously fat guy on an experiment table.

      A message from beyond the grave about working. Some goth-looking cultists are working on something.
    6. Triton Squad

      by , 09-17-2011 at 07:01 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I´m in a Victorian mansion.

      The floor is made of black and white tiles. I´m in the lobby, and the sunlight in a shy way enters the lobby, but i cant see where
      the light comes from.

      The lobby leads to 2 sets of stairs. I don´t go through any of them.
      I see a dark red door in the middle of the lobby,it stands on its own, with no walls attached to it.

      I opened the door, and i was sucked in.

      I´m inside of some sort of catacombs with arcades of gothic arquitecture.

      The catacumbs have water that reaches my waiste. The ceiling columns and the floor are brown.

      Behind me are 3 or 4 persons, and i´m trying to protect them from 3 water-green beings...they look like tritons. They are coming frow below the waterline.

      We are getting trappend between the tritons and the walls of the catcombs and the tritons.
      I don´t fear them, but the people behind me are in pure terror.


      Comments: This dream is part of dateless dreams series.
    7. Goths, Mansions and Car Crashes

      by , 08-07-2011 at 11:19 AM (My Weird and Demented Subconscious Adventures)
      The start of this dream is kind of a blur, but I remember being in school, and getting into trouble about something. The next thing I remember (although, I know things happened between them, but I just can't remember -__-) I'm walking down a pathway with my mother and sister. My mother is looking for a house where she needed to go because of that thing I got into trouble for at school (can't remember what it was :/). After a bit of walking, we saw the house around 200 m in front of us. (This was at night by the way).
      We saw groups of people wearing dark clothes enter the house, and it seeemed like there was a party happening inside. I immediately felt a chill, like something was wrong with the house. My sister seemed to feel it too, but my mum kept on approaching the house. Me and my sister screamed for her to not go, and tried to keep her back, but she forced her way past us and ran to the house. We followed. My sister and I rushed to my mum, who was standing in front of a gate to the left of the main entrance. (This was within the actual front yard of the house). When I approached the door to see what was behind the gate, hands suddenly rushed from within the gate (i didnt see any other body part) and one of them grabbed me. I didn't know what was happening with my mum and sister, but the person holding my hand (i only saw his/her hand) said, as I tried to run away, "One by One, we'll get to you" or something like that in an evil tone.
      The dream then fast forwards to me sitting in my parent's bedroom, with my mother and sister standing in front of me in dark robes, and shiny jewellery around their necks. I realised that my mother was wearing a necklace around her neck with the christian cross on it (we are not christian), and i felt an evil vibe from them. My sister was wearing somewhat revealing dark gothic clothes and also had shiny jewellery around her necks. I don't remember if she had a cross around her neck, though.

      The dream (still continuing) then fast forwards to me, my younger sister (the same one from earlier in the dream - shes older than me but the younger of my two sisters), my mother and my eldest sister's fionce in an old car. My sisters fionce was driving the car. It was rainy and dark (at night). We drove (i didnt know to where) on and on, until my sisters fionce suddenly swerved to the right for an unknown reason, and drove off a cliff into a rocky floor below. We all got up safely and scared, and saw some builders working on building some stone pillars of some sort. Something I don't remember well happened, and then one of the builders said (referring to my sisters fionce) "Haha at least he won't be heere for long". The dream (still going on and continuing) then fast forwards to me sitting on a table and chair in front of the creepy house. This time its daylight, and I'm not afraid. I'm sitting at a table with a friend of mine. He smiles, and I wake up.

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    8. Longest Lucid Yet!

      by , 02-24-2011 at 08:48 PM
      There are some earlier dreams from last night that I only have vague recollections of.

      1. I'm at my parent's place, and my ex boyfriend comes over to see my mom. I'm super pissed about it.

      2. I'm in some self-serve cafe trying to figure out how everything works. The deserts look really good.

      3. My mom has entered me in some pageant for goth kids or something. This is confusing to me as I do not consider myself goth at all. My mom and I argue about it for some time. I get up to use the bathroom. In the mirror, I see that I am myself at 14 years old. Black hair, black lipstick, black eyeshadow and all.
      I go back and sit with my mom. I hear them call my name which means it's my turn to go up for the pageant. I don't want to at all. I don't even want to be here. Everyone is watching me as I stand up, and I just start running as fast as I can. I'm out the door, outside, running through the parking lot and into the nearby woods. As I am running I somehow realize that this must be a dream.

      I stop on the path I am running on and fall to my knees. I feel dirt and chipped wood of the pathway and it feels just like it should. I look up to see a large stage coach rounding the corner up ahead and coming towards me. I don't feel like dealing with this for some reason, so I hurry off the path and start to spin. When I stop spinning, I find myself at my old elementary school playground. There are kids playing everywhere and it seems to be recess or lunch time. I walk into the playground and it all seems so real. So much so that as I pass a kid, he bumps me and knocks my bag off. Even the sounds are real. Kids yelling and laughing, whistles blowing, seagulls, everything! I see an old teacher that I had when I went to this school. I am surprised she is still here. I walk over and start talking to her. I ask her if she remembers me, and she says that she does. "But, this is a dream, right?" I ask. She nods. I ask her if she ever lucid dreams and she says that she does all the time.

      I decide to go in and explore the school. I start to walk around the side of the building, and I notice that the gym door is open. I walk through the gym and it is much as I remembered it, although not quite. A few things were changed. No matter. I continue through the gym and come out the other side by the office. The secretary is young and I do not recognize her at all. I have a sudden mischievous whim and I decide that I am going to piss off the principal. Walking just into the doorway of his office, I see that he is on the phone. He looks up at me, and I make an obscene gesture. "Can I call you back?" he says to the person on the phone. He starts to chase me through the hallways, and I laugh because I know he cannot catch me because I can run as fast as I want. There's a big janitors cart in the hallway and I push it on it's side as I run past, creating a barrier. Then I start to spin again. I want to keep exploring!

      After spinning, I end up on a beach somewhere. It's nighttime and it's so dark I can barely see. I am only sure that it's a beach because I can feel the moist sand and hear the waves. This is not as interesting as I had hoped, so I start to spin again.

      I have a false awakening, where I spin so hard in the dream that my real body starts to spin too, and I roll out of bed. I get up and start updating my dream journal, only to really wake up shortly after and realize that I had to start all over.

      I know I only explored an elementary school, but damn if that wasn't the coolest thing I have experienced in a long time! I think I am finally getting the hang of staying lucid for more than a few seconds!

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    9. 8 Dec: Chase, goths and sucessful meditation

      by , 12-08-2010 at 09:47 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      2:40 GMT

      Selling grandma’s house
      I’m at my grandma’s house with my mom. It is completely empty and I’m telling my mom how I never before noticed the place is actually nice, when it’s empty – no longer crammed with furniture, it let’s light in and has lots of space. We’re doing a last tour to all rooms just to check if everything is ok. A lady is coming to see the house and then I realise it is for sale. I find a paper on the wall, near the fax machine (didn’t know there was one...) and I take it, just when my mom is opening the door to the lady.

      Walking through memories
      Walking by the neighbourhood of my childhood’s best friend. It looks under construction as it was then in the past and not as it looks nowadays. An old colleague from school is walking with me and we’re both going through our memories. From the end of this neighbourhood we pass into the backs of our old school. I recall it was the place for kids to make out and we do find a couple there half hidden by the grass and we smile. He also recalls some guys who did drugs also met on this place but that I never saw. As we keep going we pass by some gardened area where we used to run through on our physical education classes. But there’s a lot of new trees making the path a bit more dark than it used to be. I see some figures going down that path and I feel curious and go after them. My colleague is left behind.

      Golden Buddhas
      At the end of this path I find a building, the door is half open and there are people standing there, people arriving and trying to go inside and I peak and see lots of people sitting there. I see monks and realise it’s a Buddhist group listening to some teachings from their guru. I don’t recognize him and it all seems a bit fishy to me, but I try not to judge before knowing them, so I also try to find a seat. But just when I’m about to sit, it ends and the teacher gets up and heads to the exit. People are bowing down at his passage and I sneak outside where there is a table with some Buddhist relics and sacred objects for people to admire. I just get in there when they are scolding a lady who tried to steal some object by hiding it on her coat. Then I go back to the garden and no longer it looks dark but instead it is very bright and I see many many big golden Buddhas statues. Some are floating in the air above our heads and I pass under one and touch the lotus flower on which a Buddha is sitting. I get an amazing feeling I can’t really describe, like I’m floating on air or dissolving into the air.

      Japanese artist
      Then I see some Japanese banners waving with the wind and go check it out. I meet a girl who paints canvas and banners with traditional Japanese paintings. She is selling her work on some corner enclosed by hedges. Her cheaper painting costs 20 EUR. I tell her I love her work but I have no money with me. Then we start talking and I notice she is Japanese-looking although she tells she never actually been to Japan. I tell her I did and she says “How lucky of you!” I ask why she never been there and she says it’s the land of her ancestors and she plans to go one day, but she is always travelling everywhere but there. She tells me she even travelled on a Japanese boat with a Japanese crew once for some reason, but never put a foot in Japan. Then she tells me (and I see it through her eyes) about her adventures on that boat. The crew was all men and one day she entered some room where they were doing some heavy work and could not leave and she caught one or two peeing to bottles, because they could not even go to the toilet. She was so embarrassed and the men were laughing at her and tell her to come in. After a few days she was already so adapted and relaxed she even took some provocative pictures like one in which she was doing fellatio to some phallic shaped pipe.

      6:00 GMT

      A chase and goths
      Inside some house, on what seems to be the office room. I m looking through the window and I see a couple. I recognize Sandra but don’t know the guy. For some reason they are coming inside the house looking for me and I want to hide, so I run to the toilet and lock myself there. They are trying to break in, so I escape through a window and go to the rooftop and from there I jump to the middle of a street. The street is filled with boxes and bags with groceries and I decide to hide behind it and pick up some food – some bread, juice and so on – to take with me, because apparently I’m planning to go on a long trip. But they come at the window and they see me. I run and I hide on some large building, like an abandoned slaughterhouse. They keep chasing me and I have to climb through some ropes and a few more stunts to get to a second floor. Here I find some offices and hide in one, trying to lock the door behind me. But some group of Goths come inside to do something. One guy in the group wants to help me so he makes me lay down on some kind of hospital bed that they take outside. I’m covered by a sheet, but I am totally sure this won’t work so I jump out of it and decide to just run. The gothic guy help me escape through a window. Outside there are stands – some kind of fair – with gothic, anime and fetishist stuff. But not all the Goths are willing to help me and some I encounter actually try to grab me, so I fly up.

      8:00 GMT

      More lucid meditation
      Something made me feel horny in my dream and I decided to wake up and trying to use it with my BF. I had before talked to him and joked about trying to do it. So I wake up in my bed, he is by my side and I start ... you know... calling him into action. He is so surprised and I’m explaining to him that I’m bringing the horniness from a dream I was having, when I notice that something is not quite right and I realise I’m still dreaming. Then I’m left with the decision to either enjoy the lucid dream or to wake up for real and try again what I was trying to do before. But I didn’t care so much for the horniness anymore and I decided to stay dreaming and do my “homework”.
      I cross a wall hoping to cross to some other dream scenario that is a nice place to meditate and I find myself on some porch. There are some kids playing nearby but in general looks good, so I sit down and start doing my visualization and repeating a mantra. It’s all going pretty well, for maybe a minute. I’m struggling not to be distracted by the kids who are now just by my side, when a third kid comes from my left and pinches me. I try not to react, but he tickles me and starts to really hurt me. I guess my “feel no pain” training is not yet 100% working. I am about to resort to violence and send some energy blast to knock them down, but I decide not to give in to that violence – it would totally ruin my efforts to calm down the mind and they would win! So I fly away to the rooftop of a huge tower nearby and decide to sit there, but the vicious kid is still after me. He climbs some metallic ladders on the side of the building to reach me and I detach it from the wall and he falls down what seems to be 100 floors. Now I’m going to sit calmly, but the tower starts to shake and swing and I am about to fall from it. Can’t stay there and so I fly down to some other rooftop and cross another wall in search of a new scenario. I pass by two or three places – a nightscape, some place with stones on the ground, etc – until I find myself in a very comfy room with dim lights, a girl sitting on the floor and another sitting on a sofa, very quiet. I ask them if I can stay there and meditate and they say “Sure! Can we join you?” Fantastic! So I also sit on the sofa and I do once again my visualization and repeat my mantras. This time I think I manage to hold it for a few minutes. Then dream starts to fade but I hold on and continue on it, this time sitting on the floor. In front of me, leaning against the wall, is a big rectangular mirror and I decide to meditate looking at it. I see my reflection. I’m dressed in beige trousers and top but with lots of skin showing. I look a bit chubby, but not ridiculously. It doesn’t disturb me. I keep repeating my mantras, visualizing the Buddha in my heart centre, radiating light and all goes well for a few more minutes. I notice through the reflection on the mirror that more people are coming inside the room and sitting on the floor. I almost wake up again, but when the dream is strong again I am now turned to the centre of the room and see this dozens of people sitting on cushions. They are all looking towards a lady guru at the end of the room. But she doesn’t inspire me confidence. She has a table full of crystals and she says “So, today we have someone special among us!” They all look at me. Then she adds “Not that you are not all special, but you know what I mean!” I have now stopped my meditation and think about leaving this place to but at same time I am curious to see what she is going to say next. She is coming in my direction with some necklace made with lots of different coloured crystals and then I notice my BF just appeared by my side and he’s looking at me like “What is this BS?” I smile and tell him we should leave. Since we’re just against the wall, we cross it and we’re outside in some garden. It’s raining. The garden is lovely, but then I see two rows of dog shelters and decide to check it out. I thought I would find big guard dogs but instead I find tiny cute pedigreed dogs. They are chained to their shelters and the shelters don’t protect them from the rain, so they are all wet and looking miserable. I feel they are there for the entertainment of rich people who own this place, but their care is totally neglected. I mean, they have food and shitty shelter, but they are totally sad, lonely and scared. I start with first little one, cuddling him and doing some reiki and he shows so much love and thankfulness. I cry. I want to do it to all of them, but they are so many! I feel the dream fading and I wish that all animals who are going through similar suffering may always feel loved and happy, no matter what circumstances they are. Then when I’m about to drop out from the dream I have a vision of the caretaker caught in a moment of truth confessing that he beats up the dogs whenever he takes food to tem. I comment with my BF how hideous is that people like him are always getting these jobs.

      9:00 GMT
    10. Post-apocalyptic goth future

      by , 04-22-2008 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Dream takes place in a bleak future where humanity has destroyed itself and all the existing styles are dark and gothic.

      It starts off in an abandoned house or barn with an oversized exterior through which an elevated train track runs through. The ledges around the house and near the ceilings are covered in bird feces and garbage and the whole place smells terrible, despite that it has several gaps in the walls and is quite drafty. I am looking around for shelter for the night. The gothic monsters and mutants created by the last nuclear fallout come out and prey on the surviving pockets of humanity when darkness falls. I am alone and scared and there is a strange tingling sensation on the back of my neck, though nothing is there when I rub that area. The sensation seems to increase at random intervals before suddenly fading throughout the entire dream and causes quite a distraction at times.

      Some of the details of the dream are hard to remember for the next few parts but I end up at some point on top of the train bridge when a group of people arrive at the oversized building. I think I scramble up there because I am not sure at first if the group are monsters or humans but thankfully they turn out to be the latter. At some point after the group arrives I grab onto one of the ledges near the ceiling and get my hands covered in bird poo. I think I was trying to get off the bridge but I slipped and flailed my arms for leverage and ended up grabbing the disgusting ledge, but the details are fuzzy. When I do get down to the ground and find my way to what's left of the building's kitchen I am surprised to find the the water is not only still running, but appears okay enough to drink.

      A man from the group arrives comes over to me and engages me in conversation. I do not recognize him from anywhere but his voice is soothing and I feel drawn to him because his presence seems vaguely farmiliar. He has short red hair and a goatee to match, violet coloured eyes and is dressed in a completely black suit. He is one of my dream characters whom I call Walter. He is oddly well dressed compared to the others in his group and myself as his clothes are clean and pressed while everyone else is wearing layers of dirty and ragged peices of clothing, mostly whatever they could get there hands on. Most fashions appear stereotypically gothic or Victorian in style. Even though I know his name to be Walter, he is refered to as Mr. Black by everyone in this dream, inclusing myself.

      After I have cleaned up, Mr. Black and I rejoin the group, though they do not welcome me as warmly as my new companion did. They seems distrusting and hostile and while I cannot place it, there is something about their general behaviour that unsettles me, though I cannot put the feeling into words nor do I feel comfortable stating my concern to my new friend lest I upset him. In what is left of a living room or a lounge, and underneath the train bridge, there is a relatively closed off room with a black fire marble fireplace which seems in fairly good condition compared to the rest of the building. A fire is started and the group huddles in a circle. Several people in the group, including an old woman with a hand-woven pink shawl, close their eyes and begin to chant in a language I do not understand. The atmosphere around us changes from quiet and creepy to downright hostile and demonic. The back of my neck begins to tingle again. I desperately want to get away from these people because my instincts are telling me that something is wrong.

      I try to stand and flee but Walter grabs my arm and pulls me back down beside him. He hands me a blue crystal goblet and tells me to place it in the fire. When I do so the room fills with a blue aura seems to paralyze those who are chanting, some of who who were trying to stand. The chanting people open their eyes, which begin glowing an evil red, and the old woman in the pink shawl begins to hover. The people who are not chanting or turning into demons scatter in a panic. Outside of the building the screams and moans of monsters can be heard and it sounds as if they are drawing closer. The people who run outside in terror no doubt meet a terrible fate at the hands of the waiting creatures.

      Mr. Black finally stands up and pushes me behind him. He suddenly has a long silver sword with which he stabs the nearest demonic chanter through the heart. The demon screams in an inhuman high-pitched way before burning up in a blue flame and becoming a pile of black ash. This is repeated several times before all of them are dead. I am scared at first but my fear quickly disapates because I feel safe in the presence of Walter, whom I know is a skilled warrior. Despite the fact that it is still dark outside Mr. Black tells me to follow him and he climbs on top the the train bridge and heads outside.

      We walk in the foggy dark for a long time, the noises of mutants all around us in the dark, until dim yellow lights appear ahead of us and the track suddenly dips down to a cobblestone street. Despite being at ground level there are no monsters around to harass us.

      There are buildings on either side of the street but they appear unihabited and in complete darkness. The details of this part of the dream are a bit fuzzy but we have to get to a trolley car or something, before some other people do, while avoiding more of the demonic chanters that appear at random. The back of my neck begins to tingle again and it is very intense, though there is nothing touching that area of my body and I am becoming annoyed at the sensation. The is something about going underground and wandering through large grey tunnels, but the details are fuzzy. We end up coming out of a water drainage pipe into what appears to be the remnants of a city square, with a crumbling fountain and running into a group of people or monster we were trying to avoid.

      Some how we end up back at the oversized building from the start of the dream when day arrives and there is something about magic and a ritual being performed by another group of people who have arrived there. It is being overseen by a young man with short whitish blond hair who has a rude and condensending attitude. I choose not to participate and instead go into what's left of the kitchen where a bloody Cabage Patch doll's head is trying to crawl it's way out of the sink under it's own violation.

      I wake up in a cold sweat. When I do wake up, the back of my neck is tingling like it was in the dream, though there is no apparent cause for it since there was nothing touching that part of my body. It was weird.
    11. Anxiety about appointments

      by , 02-04-2008 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream came about by anxiety about medical appointments I thought I had February 4th, 2008. I thought that I had a doctor's appointment at 2:30pm and then a dentist's appointment at 4:00pm. While the doctor's was actually on that day, I ended up having to reschedule for a later date because my community support worker (CSW) had come down with the flu. I also later realized that the doctor's appointment was actually the day after. I spent the whole weekend worrying about these appointments which I mistakenly thought were on the same day and thought I had missed them. I had this nightmare because of it.

      It is day time, the sun peeks through hazy grey clouds and there is a breeze which alternates between slightly chilly and refreshingly warm. I think I would describe it as a warm autumn day, especially with the breeze constantly blowing brown leaves and various other light debris through the streets. There are many people around, going wherever they are going, but they are all unrecognizable random DCs. Most of them are dressed for the weather, but almost all look like they have hard lives and come from lower class situations. No one is smiling or talking and everyone has a hard, grim facial expression as they go about their business. The surrounding facades are dull and faded but nothing looks abandoned or out of place, just dirty and worn down from much use and low maintenance. Most of the buildings are tall, imposing concrete office buildings with smaller businesses and apartments squeezed inbetween.

      I look younger than I do now, maybe about 17 or 18 years old. I have my big black highschool napsack on and am carrying something in my arms - a book, I think. I cannot remember much about what I was wearing but I do recall that I had on my black banded digital watch on my left wrist, mostly because I look to it many times in the dream. The dream starts off with me walking down a gritty city street, squinting against the sun that just came out from behind a dark cloud and is shining right into my eyes. I am on my way to my community support worker's office but the city is unfarmiliar to anything I know in waking life and I am not really confident about where I am going. I am worried because in the dream I still think I have those two appointments today and I am late already and afraid that I am not going to get to meet up with Susie (my CSW) on time at 2:15 pm. I constantly look at my watch to see what time it is.

      I turn down one alley, hoping it is a short cut, but I end up running into a deadend street. There is a parked car at the one end and the only way out is back the way I came. I cannot remember what happened next but suddenly I am sitting in a four door, dark blue car with a former co-worker of mine, his brother and one other person I do not recognize. Samir, the former co-worker, is wearing a black leather jacket, a dark blue skully and is sitting with me in the back seat of the vehicle. The car is parked in an alley way under a rusted metal staircase. Samir's brother and the other person in the front seat are talking and looking for something outside the vehicle or keeping watch for someone. Samir is leaning towards me and has a sad look on his face. He is talking, but I do not remember what he said. I think he offered me a ride to my destination, but I panicked because I do not know the way and I am uncomfortable being near Samir - not because I hate him, quite the opposite in fact, since I have a huge crush on him and I am afraid of what he will think of me if he finds out that I require community support to work on my life right now. I flee from the vehicle in shame and run out of the alleyway. Samir jumps out of the car and calls after me, but does not give chase. I steal one last look at his beautiful face before I turn the corner out of the alleyway and back into the busy street. He has a worried and confused look on his face.

      Back on the busy street I run into a throng of people I cannot push my way through. The crowd is moving slowing down the street and I am pushed along with it. At this point I realize that my book and wrist watch are gone and I think that I must have lost them in Samir's car, but I am not certain. The anxiety I feel about the appointments is aggrevated by the fact that I still am not certain where I am going, I cannot tell the time now because my watch is gone, I am worried about what Samir thinks of me, and finally I cannot go back to find either Samir or the watch because the huge crowd of people is forced me to go wherever the hell they are going. The sky has darkened considerably but not because the sun is setting. Indeed it appears that the sun had not moved from where it was at the beginning of the dream, but that the clouds in the sky have became thicker and blacker and are moving much faster across the sky, as if a storm is quickly rolling in. The breeze is also picking up and becoming chillier.

      There is a break in the throng of people and I am able to dive into a small stairwell in the side of a beige, bricked building. The steps lead down to a large metal door that was either green or brown but I can no longer remember. Since it is unlocked, and there is no break in the heavy crowd of people on the street, I open the door and go through. I am in a long, narrow hallway with flickering lights, exposed, leaky pipes and broken and decaying floortiles. It is not scary, just very badly maintained. At the very end of the hall is another large metal door and when I go through I find myself in what appears to be a large covered parking garage that is strewn with garbage and debris. To my right there is a brightly lit store or restaurant of some kind but I ignore it because at the far end of the parking garage I can see daylight and lush trees beyond the opening. I still feel bad about missing my appointments and wish I could call Susie somehow, but I figure that it is way too late for that and I want to go over to the trees.

      Some of the garbage in the covered parking area is very large and I have to navigate through it like a maze. When I am close to the exit, I can see a glass building and a garden full of flowers and trees. I step on something squishy and stop to look down to see what looks like a lump of flesh. I am grossed out but determined to make it out of there but I notice as I walk along many more parts of flesh on the ground. I think to myself that it looks like the large intestine of a large mammal and as I follow the trail of flesh with my eyes until I see a human body laying face down on the ground. It is a caucasian man with dark brown hair and wearing a dark blue shirt and black pants. I cannot see his face but I think he may have been a business man or somehing. His entire body is surrounded by flesh and internal organs and makes me think the man was disemboweled. Strangely, there is not blood or fluids, just solid body parts, and near the man is a large translucent tarp that had been wrapped around something long, narrow and red.

      I do not get much of a chance to see what is in the tarp because I hear a group of children laughing behind me. I turn and see about five or six pre-teens standing with their hands on their hips and trying to look tough. I cannot remember the details of most of the kids other than they were scruffy looking and wore dirty, ripped clothes. The only child that stood out was a blond haired girl wearing black goth clothing who seemed to be the oldest of them all and the leader of the group. She said in a matter of fact way that the tarp contained the body of another person. The other kids ignored the carnage and began playing in the garbage and debris like it was a jungle gym, except for the goth girl who just crossed her arms and glared at me. I forgot about wanting to see the trees and wanted to know about the children - why they were there and why they seemed uneffected by the dead bodies and garbage around them.

      The children ran away when I approached them and turned the corner near the metal door that I first came through. I followed and discovered they had gone into the small brightly lit eatery which I now noticed had a large pink sign saying "Susie's Snack Stop" or something like that. The name on the sign reminded me about missing my appointment with my community support worker and I feel pangs of regret, but I enter the resturant anyway. I pass a large white tub as I enter and see many confectionary treats, like marshmellow squares and nanaimo bars but I also notice that some appear to be made of vegetables instead of candy. The kids are all sitting at a table with an older man who seems to be the only person running the place. He is bald, wearing a light blue t-shirt underneath a white apron and is dishing out what appears to be macaroni and cheese into small metals bowls for the kids. I want to ask the bald man how this place can operate while surrounded by such filth and carnage, but I do not feel comfortable discussing it in front of the children. The goth girl is still staring at me, but her expression has softened and she motions to me to come and sit beside her.

      I remain standing at the edge of table and while the children talk and eat I suddenly hear men's voices from outside the eatery. I head for the exit and my eyes are drawn to the large white tub again, but I see nothing significant and continue on to the exit. The goth girl jumps up and chases after me. Outside the eatery the scene has changed. While it is still dirty and garbage strewn, the area appears to be a basement or something. There are exposed pipes and boilers around, but between those are tables and display cases with flags and lights for decorations. It looks like some sort of promotion or fair or something. There are adult men in business suits hanging around the tables and talking with each other. I see a man in a black suit head to the far end of the basement and walk through a solid wall. I start running in that direction, thinking it is a way out, but the goth girl catches up with me and tells me to stay with her. She has an expression of worry on her face that remind's me of Samir. I ask her why she wants me to stay and she says: "Because I love you." I do not know how to respond and turn to leave, thinking that the girl is being ridiculous. The other children come out and stand around their leader and they all watch me go.

      When I get to the wall that the man in the black suit disappeared through, it becomes transparent and beyond it I can see a concrete staircase leading up. I walk through the wall and a freezing cold sensation almost paralyzes my body as I do so. At the top of the stairs things become much warmer as it leads outside into a busy street. It is different from the streets at the beginning of the dream and looks more like the city I actually live in. The first thing my eyes are drawn too is a clock tower down the street and the time on it says 1:48. I become excited because this means that I still have time to find Susie and make my appointments, but as I start down the sidewalk I run into people dressed in marching band gear holding instruments. There seems to be some confusion and they are all running around like they don't know what to do. Suddenly a marching band line appears from a side street and start down the road towards me. There is a large float parade behind them and the sidewalks are congested with people come to watch the parade. I duck into a walled yard to escape the crowd, hoping to find a way through to a street on the otherside of the building, but instead run into a group of inner city youth having a free style rap competition. I am accosted and told that I cannot pass until I listen to some of the contenders. I am frustrated because I know that I can still make my appointments, I can feel the anxiety welling up inside of me again, but I stay and listen for a while. The first young man has black and had a kickin' afro. It was awesome because it was like a perfect circle. His beats were pretty cool but I did not stay to listen to the entire rap of the second guy (who looked like Eminem). I ran through the yard and around the building and to the street on the other side.

      I stood on the sidewalk and looked around to get my bearings. To my right, far down the street, I could see the parade approaching. To my left the road went under a large interstate bridge or something. In front of me was a small park space with trees and benches and stuff. I ran across the street to the parkspace and saw on the far side another road and beyond that a convenience store with a pay phone. I cross the park and come to another road which slopes down and is congested with cars. I think it is the parade again, but it turns out to be a funeral procession when two black minivans, followed by a black hearse, drive by. I almost get hit by the first black van when I try to cross. I do manage to dodge the cars and make it too the other side and I am almost overwhelmed by the emotions I am feeling. I am so close to being able to call Susie, hoping that she will come and pick me up, but my anxiety and frustration only grows as a approatch the pay phone. The walkway leading up to it suddenly narrows and I am either growing bigger or the store is growing smaller because all of a sudden my legs are trapped between the narrow metal railings on the walkway and my head hits the overhand of the convenience store's roof. I am stuck and frustrated and about to give up in despair...

      ...but then I wake up.
    12. Witchhunter Robin

      by , 09-30-2007 at 06:00 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am in an undergroud museum of some sort. I am thinner, taller and paler looking than I am in waking life. Actually, I think my character looks a lot like Robin the Witch except I have shoulder length hair that is not tied up. There is a pair of black sunglasses that I am wearing at the beginning of the dream, but they disappear at some point. I can only remember this dream in fragments:

      - badly lit, underground passage made of stone.
      - display cases that look like overgrown court yards and open up the the sun above. (Most of the light comes from these)
      - a stone hearth with a lever in front of it
      - secret elevator behind hearth
      - elevator goes up to an indoor, goth themed waterslide park?
      - only one waterslide in middle of room. I climb to top to see what looks like, but am forced to go down.
      - slide takes me all the way back down to underground passage
      - use hidden hearth elevator again
      - go back to top of waterslide, get into argument with young woman who wants to go down first since there is no one else on the slide. I concede after a while.
      - something about finding another secret of the place?