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    1. Firewood / Dream Rain to Real Rain

      by , 09-04-2014 at 06:07 AM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: December 21, 2013 – 9:30AM (USA Eastern)

      I'm driving my truck when I stop at a house with a “Firewood for sale” sign to get a load of firewood. I pull in the lane and find the guy working on some stuff in front of an old log house. After loading a bit of firewood, he shows me how he uses a hydraulic cylinder to level the house. Part of the foundation has sunk so he has to jack up the foundation and add stone to level the house. As he is working, he is telling me how he is going to put an addition on the front of the house and connect it to the garage. As we are talking, it starts to rain a little bit. I tell the guy that I have to go and get the firewood into the garage so it doesn't get wet. I get into my truck and find that I do not have my keys. I look out and see my cell phone laying on the ground. I go pick it up, but there are no keys. I get back in the truck and look at the rain on the windshield and I wake up.

      After waking, I remember that I still have half a load of firewood on my truck. I pull up the weather map and see that rain is coming very soon. I go out and pull the truck under the loafer shed and it starts pouring rain as I'm walking back to the house. Needless to say, I'm glad the firewood stayed dry.
    2. 22/04/13 - deathly ill, vicodin at school, strange daycare and coastline lectures

      by , 04-22-2013 at 03:12 PM (vignettes from a different world)
      i am lying on the couch in the living room of the old townhouse. it is night and the room is lit by lamps. i feel very ill and feverish. my mother is here. she tells me to get up and go to school. i reply that i can't, i have meningitis and i should be in the hospital. she screams at me and we have a long argument. i am intensely angry. later i wonder if i am going to die and think about what my boyfriend would do if i did. (i was violently ill before i fell asleep which probably accounts for the focus on illness here).

      in the next scene i am walking to my high school. it is snowy and i am with my father. i find an iphone sticking out of a snowbank. i ask my father if it's ok to take it. he says yes, so i do. then i am inside the library at my elementary school with some other people. we are watching a movie on a projector screen. at one point there is some starbucks product placement in the movie and starbucks gift cards pop out of the screen and onto the floor. the other people and i scramble to grab them up. they keep coming, along with some lollipops and -- hydrocodone pills... i grab several pills and remark to C.W. that i'm surprised it was legal for the filmmakers to do this.

      then i am working at a daycare for disabled children. i am standing on a large circular mezzanine in a domed wooden building with a rustic/old-fashioned atmosphere. there is a matronly black woman here. later i am taking a bath while covered by a white canopy to research therapies for autism?

      finally i am outside, on a beautiful rocky coastline. i am listening to a lecture about canadian geography from a disembodied voice. i sprinkle green powder onto a moss-covered slope which i recognize to be british columbia. the voice is now talking about aboriginal tribes: "our friends, the mogwai, are dead..." finally the subject of the lecture changes to buddhism. i don't recall what the voice said.

      the general atmosphere of these dreams is unpleasant.
    3. 04/04/2013 - floating dawkins, astronaut milfs, lithuanian pig roast, lucidity and literature

      by , 04-04-2013 at 10:51 PM (vignettes from a different world)
      extremely fitful, disordered sleep. probably withdrawal from desvenfalaxine 100mg + other health issues. surreal and vivid imagery tonight. fell asleep for 1st time around 11pm, woke up every hour or so until ~3am, woke up at 7ish and fell back into fitful sleep until mid-afternoon

      around 11-12pm
      i am upstairs in a version of my house. i realize that my house looks different and suspect i am dreaming, so i do a reality check (breathing through plugged nose). it succeeds and i become lucid. i run outside (it is sunny and beautiful) and begin rubbing my hands together to stabilize the dream. unfortunately, it fades quickly and i wake up.

      i had other dreams during the night but i do not remember them.

      6-7 am
      the entirety of this dream takes place downtown. the atmosphere is somewhat bleak - it's grey and snowy - but the sun is out.

      first i am having a debate with Richard Dawkins and a Christian theologist in a parking lot. the debate is on the subject of marxism. many people are watching from the main part of downtown, which is several miles away; the geometry in this scene doesn't make very much sense. dawkins keeps attaching balloons to himself and floating miles into the air, carrying his debate on from the sky. at times it becomes night; the sky turns deep blue and stars come out. i complain to a friend that i can't hear dawkins from up there and she chastises me, saying i should pay more attention.

      next there is a new attraction downtown: a massive tower which houses a gigantic transparent tube. you enter the tube and it shoots you up to the top of the tower, then back down. my boyfriend decides to try it. a team of middle-aged women in black uniforms pack him into the tube and i watch as he jets into the air then falls down at an astonishing speed. afterwards he mentions something about "astronaut MILFs".

      then i sit down at an outdoor table where a group of unfamiliar people are eating. they arent bothered by my presence, surprisingly. i pick up a menu: some of it is in english, some of it in the Cyrillic alphabet. i decide that the cyrillic language is lithuanian (does lithuanian use cyrillic? i don't know... anyway...) i have no money to order food but the people let me eat some of their food. it tastes delicious: savoury and sweet. the dishes were primarily meat-based. at one point the restaurant owner comes over and asks me if i have any questions. i cannot reply because my mouth is full of food, but i point to an item on the Cyrillic menu for which no price is listed. she explains that this is an entire roast pig and due to the quality of the meat and the preparation time it costs around 900 dollars. she gives me a meatball from it as a sample. it tastes nice. there is a tripadvisor rating in the window of the restaurant: 5.0/10.

      later i am walking through downtown with my red-haired imaginary friend from a previous dream. i complain that i am sick. she tells me i probably have problems with my liver and i disagree with some recondite explanation involving the amount of water in my body. as i discuss water the windows of an adjacent skyscraper seem to turn to segmented/striated bodies of water.

      finally i am walking behind two men and overhearing their conversation. they are talking about a man who was found murdered in a dilapidated house. an old woman found him, rebuilt the house and made it amazingly beautiful, but she had left his corpse in its original position. these men had been hired to clean corpse secretions off of the furniture so the house could be sold.

      9-10 am
      i am in a large, disorganized country house in which the dominant hue is deep yellow. several teenage boys live here. at some point i begin writing a short story about living in this place. as i write the story, by narrating it in my head, the scenes play out in my vision.

      the opening scene is rendered in Poser-style primitive CGI. a generic model of a man -- hairless, no identifiable facial features, no genitalia -- jerks around erratically within a cubic matrix formed by grey rods which connect red, yellow and blue spheres to each other (think of a 3d molecular model). the background is blank white. there is a soundtrack of erratic, metallic electronic music, something like aphex twin, but more aggressive.

      the next scene takes place within the country home and involves the boys. i cannot remember specific events, besides one where a boy accidentally burned my arm with a cigarette and i punched him in the face, but i recall that this scene was very long and involved a great deal of violence + homoeroticism.

      the final scene is staged in a massive, darkened room. there are two glowing crystals here, one green and one blue; i understand that these represent Zeus and Hera. one of the boys is here too, floating naked in midair and dwarfed by the dimensions of the room. the crystal discuss various things. at one point a thunderbolt strikes. there is no definitive conclusion to this scene.

      the story replays over and over in my head, at least 5 times, in the perseverative manner of some fever dreams. i am very proud of the story i have written -- to me it seems to address lofty, complex themes and it takes me on an emotional journey; i recall being impressed by the complex syntax and clever wordplay of my writing. my story, i believe, transgresses and deconstructs the entire institution of contemporary western literature...

      in another dream i am at a swimming contest of some sort. i need id to enter the changing rooms and i do not have id. i try to sneak in through the back door, and i succeed, but i become lost in the maze of changing rooms: there are dozens of different rooms, separated by ages as well as by gender. i eventually find the correct one. i get changed, go into the pool and begin the contest which apparently involves me tackling people while demanding they tell me what subgenre a random metal band belongs to.

      the winners of the contest are me & my friend M.M. the prizes are books -- a compilation of Hesse's Siddhartha & Steppenwolf and some imaginary tome of Faulkner's. (my subconscious loves namedropping, apparently.) M. chooses the Hesse book and I am a bit disappointed because I had wanted it (in real life i would have preferred faulkner!). i look inside the Faulkner book and there is a picture of a beautiful blue-walled estate with exquisite Gothic architecture, which takes up the majority of a small island. i am awed at its beauty. this is Faulkner's home, I understand; the island has some absurdly long and comically French name.
    4. 27/03/13 - cats, snakes, ripping flesh from dead body

      by , 03-27-2013 at 09:47 AM (vignettes from a different world)
      first i am trying to sneak in to a children's arcade. i don't remember anything else about this dream.

      then i am on a hilly cliff-edge with a woman who seems vaguely familiar. the ground is blanketed with snow. there are several white and orange cats roaming around. we realize the cats are coming from an area further ahead so we follow the path to there, but we find that it is blocked by thick shrubs. the woman remarks she hopes to get into that area someday. the ground slopes softly to the right and we walk down there, but as we continue down the slope we gain momentum and lose control. the woman slips and accidentally touches a snake. there are 3 snakes here: one with yellow and black stripes, which she touched; one tawny brown coloured; and one whose pattern i don't remember. the woman is afraid the snake is venomous and she wants to get medical attention. i follow her to a building that resembles my school; it is night now. i have brought the snake corpses with me. at some point they turn to globs of pink flesh. i enter the school and the woman is gone. there are two boys at the top of a stairway with a metal bucket. they instruct me to put the flesh in the bucket and i do so.

      then i am outside the school again with a girl. we see a dead man's body and i remove another glob of flesh from it. this one is lighter pink and fat-streaked. as we reenter the school the girl remarks that i should hide it, so they don't know i'm adding human flesh to the bucket. i try to throw it into the bucket when the boys aren't looking, but i miss. they don't seem put off by the fact that it's human flesh, however.

      i wake up with severe abdominal pain.
      short analysis:
      in the dream i considered the snowy landscape to be part of the dominican republic. this explains the presence of snakes and is attributable to the fact that a friend who had visited gave me a ring from there the day previous.

      the brown snake looked and moved exactly like a large snake i saw in a forest a year or so ago (i live in ontario-- generally the only snakes you encounter here are tiny green garter snakes - this one was brown, 5 or 6 inches around and quite long... unusual sight to see on a walk in the forest. it didn't scare me at all, in fact i was curious -- and in this dream i adopted the same attitude towards the snakes, although the woman was terrified).

      the dead body and the globs of flesh didn't disturb me in the dream; it was all very matter-of-fact. i wonder, upon waking, if these images of bodily mutilation can be explained by the severe pain i was experiencing. although i did not feel any pain in the dream, the body-horror type images could have been a sort of alternate perception of it -- a symbol of pain, so to speak.

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    5. 18/03/2013 - unremarkable fragment

      by , 03-19-2013 at 01:45 PM (vignettes from a different world)
      i dreamt that i was in the bathroom at my old townhouse. i was sitting on the toilet drawing on my laptop while pouring a bath. suddenly i heard a loud beeping sound. i wasn't sure whether it was coming from outside or whether it was in my head. i plugged my ears to check. i could still hear it with my ears plugged. i became afraid that i was going crazy.

      then i woke up... it was my alarm.
    6. Movie: Matrix - Telephone Ringing (fragment)

      by , 11-18-2012 at 06:14 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: November 18, 2012 – 8:30AM (USA Eastern)

      (Note: This was a short dream into which I transitioned due to external stimuli. I have no recall of the previous dream.)

      I am running through a dark room, trying to find the phone that is ringing. When I pass a doorway, I hear the phone ringing. I run in and pick up the handset but the line is dead, much like the scene in The Matrix when Cypher flips out and betrays everyone.

      After a short moment, I hear another phone ringing. I turn around to find it and suddenly wake up to my cell phone ringing. My ring tone is the vintage Western Electric bell ringer.

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    7. Thunder and Lightning

      by , 09-30-2012 at 06:05 AM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: September 26, 2012 – 4:30AM (USA Eastern)

      Thunder awakes me and I find myself laying on a blanket under a small pop-up canopy in the back yard. The rain hasn't started yet, but it is close. Lightning streaks through the sky and thunder follows shortly behind. After a moment, I lay down and go back to sleep.
    8. Evil Annoying Cats

      by , 09-10-2011 at 12:21 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: September 10, 2011 – 4:00AM (USA Eastern)

      I am trying to sleep on a friend's couch, annoyed that their cats keep jumping on me and are trying to pull the blanket off of me. One cat starts to climb under the blanket. As I reach over to push the cat away, it claws and bites at my hand. Another cat is shredding at my pillow until the feathers fall out and the pillow goes flat. I reach down and grab the cat by the scruff of the neck and toss it onto the floor. All 3 cats leap back onto the couch and start clawing at the blanket until I jump up from the couch, yelling at them, “Go away, you evil spawns of Satan!”

      I wake up to find that two of the cats chasing a bug around the table lamp. They are making quite a bit of claws-on-carpet sound as they chase the bug, and these sounds made their way into the dream.

      In reality, I highly dislike cats. For the most part they just leave me alone, but they decided to invade my dream this morning. Now I'm back home and will be able to dream in peace!
    9. Truck, Real or Not? (fragment)

      by , 05-02-2011 at 11:42 AM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: May 2, 2011 – 5:00AM (USA Eastern)
      Text color legend: · NON-DREAM · NOTES · DREAM · LUCID ·

      I find myself standing at a city intersection when a huge off-road dump truck drives through with flashing lights on it.

      I awaken to the garbage truck with flashing lights sitting in front of the house, compressing the load of garbage.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment