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    1. Fairy Training

      by , 11-30-2014 at 06:15 AM
      Part I
      Setting: Earth. mid apocalypse. a city.
      Characters: Me, Father in law, Wife, people, Strange solders, zombies, demon creatures.
      Influences: World war Z, Constantine, the matrix, left for dead.

      We are always running. being chased by gouls, zombies, demons. The Police cant handle them all. They just keep coming. People get bit and turn into creatures themselves.
      We are hiding out in a school. I'm not familiar with it. Its dark, dirty, scary. We hear gun fire outside. The military is here to help. creatures keep coming. They don't seem to be affected by normal guns very much. They are trying to hold them off. We move to a lecture hall. The lecture hall reminds me of a theater. Stage where the prof. would talk and then seats going up in rows. They barricade the bottom doors. Outside more guns, yelling, screams, snares. The creatures break through suddenly! Guns blaze and cut through some of the smaller ones. Bigger ones push through and make their way up to the back where we hide. The back doors burst open! Can't see what came in its to dark. Its a man. Dressed in a trench coat and wearing strange glasses, and firing a futuristic looking hand gun. It seems to shoot strange colored projectiles, almost like light. Another man similar look enters and jumps on to a desk and begins battling the creatures hand to hand. A woman in similar fashion bursts in and tells us to run! My Wife, her dad, and I make a break for it out of the room. We find ourselves running down a dark alley way. the school to the right of us and a large industrial looking building to the left. Smoke stacks and cylindrical tanks adorn the building along with a crane and loading area. I turn around to see the hoard chasing us. jumping down from the roof tops, running out of doors, breaking through windows. The mysterious group continues to aid us and the others in our group. My wife falls behind with her dad and i stop to wait for them. I see a creature dive from a near by roof at them as they walk beneath it completely unaware of the danger. I run, jump and collide with the zombie creature knocking it away from them. I wrestle the zombie but it bites my side savagely. I break away from its bite and proceed to tear the creature apart. I look back at my wife and father in law and say im sorry. I run into the building to the left leading many of the creatures with me.
      =Perspective change=
      I see one of the strangers fighting a group of creatures and receive several wounds and bites. He crawls into what appears to be a release pipe for the factory/industrial buiilding. Through his eyes I see strange colors flowing like water toward a place of unknown origin.
      =Perspective change=
      I am me. Seeing my self crawling now like the wounded stranger. I unexplainedly start to see the same flowing colors and remember one of the strangers saying go to where the white is. I crawl, stumble, limp. Following a stream of color. To my left i can see a orange stream, and in front a green stream. I crawl into a large pipe and see that the colors are mixing into white at the end of the pipe. I slide down the pipe. Like a water ride at a amusement park i slide through tunnels and caverns. Through a conveyor belt system. Then into a sort of mine cart. The cart races down the tracks and i start to see light ahead. I slam into the end of the tracks and i am flung out of the cart. I land on my feet and seem to be OK. I hide as I see a person has seen my entrance.

      Part II
      Setting: unknown. resembles a farm. dirt roads. strange pool of water like fluid. Forrest like area. futuristic training area and obstacle course.
      Characters: Me, Fairy Women, Fairy Men, Trainers, Humans like me, Liam Neeson look a like.

      I am quickly found and captured. I am not ruffly handled but bound non the less. My captors are human in form. They whisper among themselves and I catch words but don't understand. A female of middle completion approaches me and ask why i am here. I then realize that i can no longer speak. My mouth moves and nothing comes out. I panic. She says " I see" then motions to some one to the left. I am sat at a table by what appears to be a lake not far from my entrance, which now has no tracks or carts but rather a gently winding path up a hill. I beautiful woman, looking similar to my age, comes to the table and sets some things down. A strange bottle. A strange flower. A root of some sort. She doesn't speak just looks at me. She has a soft look about her. Golden brown hair. Blue-green eyes that seem to reach out to you and make you feel good. I immediately take to liking her. The way she interacts with me and her almost loving glance is intoxicating. I feel safe when she is with me. Warm, loved, cherished. I am extremely shy of her though. The sensation of her is almost to much. I will name her Clair for discernment sake.
      A man strongly resembling Liam Neeson approaches. They others that have gathered part and greet him. He seems like a leader of sorts. Clair stands smiling beside me. I notice that all the people are scantly clad with garments that appear to be made of large leaves and some simple white cloth as a scarf, cape or toga. Elvish looking one mite say. Leader Neeson ask me a series of questions to which I still cannot talk to respond. They show me visions of my life. The only ones i see are a repeat of the earlier occurrences. I have a scar but no wound from the large bite i receive from the zombie creature. They tell me that I am special and will join their ranks. They explain that the warriors that tried to save me and the others were a special troop from their world. Trained to wield weapons and perform feats unthinkable by normal humans. Certain people have a hidden aptitude and power and can become these elite fighters. I accept the offer and get whisked away to start training. Clair is with me always. She seems to enjoy my company almost as much as i enjoy her's. She does seem to grasp my shyness though and breaks the boundaries of comfort.
      My first task is a simulation of rescuing friendly captives. I am shackled with strangle chains and suspended above a pool. A strange clay/resin like ceiling and walls are in front of me. I see the captive dummies stuck in the resin wall. I don't understand how to get to them. The trainers shout go get them! I can talk now! I ask them how am i to rescue them if i am chained. suddenly the chains jerk and send me into the ceiling. I feel like i am flying. I collide with the ceiling. I am then drug across the ceiling. The resin breaking against me is painful and i reach out to block incoming obstacles. The trainer yells but i can't hear. I see another recruit to my left experiencing the same training. "FLY!" Screams the trainer along with some soldiers watching. I see the wings for the first time. All different. Each pair special and unique like a finger print. Shapes, sizes, textures, colors, all different. Each person had a main color. Some had 2. I would later find out that was a measure of natural ability. I tried to think I had wings. Maybe I did and had to make them appear. The chains continued to drag me around. The pain was intense. I push out my hand again to will myself in a direction. It worked! The chains pulled me towards the captives now. I smashed through the opaque wall encasing them. I grabbed both dummies and again willed my movement back to the place i had started. I descended to the platform and the teacher and Clair stood astonished. I turned to see if I had wings but sadly I did not. A soldier step up to greet me and congratulated me. "I was one of the few that got it on the first try" he said. "You did to and even quicker than i did" he followed. I smiled. i fell to my knees over come by injury, emotion, and mental exhaustion. Clair looked worried at me and I quickly became super embarrassed of my sad state and sorry for making her worry. Even though she never spoke with her mouth, I could feel everything she was trying to say and how she felt. I was taken to rest in a bunk house near the lake i had entered this world at. I woke up, in my dream, from my rest and instantly sad. my heart ached and i was afraid again. Clair was nowhere to be found. I started to panic. I ran out side. I looked around feeling lost and abandoned. I looked to the hill and spotted Clair looking a mirror of my dreary state. As quick as it came my terror and ill feeling left and i was overwhelmed with joy as her gaze met mine. We ran to each other. We met and is grabbed my hand and held it to her chest. I freaked, but was entranced but the feeling of her heart and more so the feeling and emotion that she displayed along with it. I could tell she had worried about me since they had separated us yesterday.
      We are approached by the lady from my arrival and Leader Neeson. They explain that i will be partnered with a beast of color today and it will help me advance and strengthen my inner being. The lady asks Clair why she is so protective of me. The lady ask this of Clair the same nonverbal way Clair talks to me. I seem to be able to speak this almost base telepathic language and i catch the conversation. Clair doesn't answer only states that she will do the discerning. The Discerning I am informed of, by Leader Neeson, is the assessment of my potential, my color affinity and other qualities about me even I don't currently know. Clair is apparently very good at this but has never taken such interest in a recruit before. Leader Neeson is hesitant but gives the ok. Clair leads me off down the path she came from when we rejoined. Beside a lake next to what is possibly her dwelling we stop. She positions me against the wall of the house. She stands arms length from me and stairs into my eyes. Her vibrant blue green wings emerge. They shimmer matching her gorgeous eyes. I feel squeamish. Its just us, alone, her and me. I am nervous for my Discerning. Will it hurt? Why does she like me so much? What is she going to do? She places her hands on my shoulders. I feel her telling me to relax and that it will be ok. I feel my self start to relax. She stares into my eyes and i can't look away. She is getting closer and closer. I start to panic. Her Eyes glow, her wings glow. I see the universe spanning before me in her eyes. I feel as though i will be sick. Her nose is now touching mine. Locked in a solid unblinking stare I feel like we are flying. My nerves are about to explode. the sensation of her touch, smell, gaze, and nonverbals is overwhelming. Her expression changes to one of shock then concern. Then for the first time she speaks. My legs give out. My eyes glaze over and I break my stare. I feel myself slip from consciousness. "Chris" Is the word she said. My name. Never in waking or dream had i ever felt so much from that name. Never had so much feeling and passion been put into it being verbalized. everything is black.
      (Dream fastwards itself)
      I wake to find Clair sitting beside my bed. Watching over me as usual. I am dressed in a uniform like the other soldiers. Clair and I report to the obstacle course with the other trainees. She watches as I begin my final test. All the recruits charge into the course. We defeat trainers dressed and acting like enemies. We climb and crawl through terrain challenges. Then the color field. Our affinity makes allows us to draw power from certain colors of light. Others hurt us and darkness always hurts us. The color fields test our knowledge of our affinities and our endurance to our weaknesses. I approach the field and the "enemies close in on us. Capturing and ravaging recruits just like real enemies the trainers enforce the realism and direness of the moment. I was never told my affinity so i hesitate. I feel Clair reach out to me and say "fly". I smile at her and see her smile back. I think of that day we met. I think of my training. I think of my discernment. I jump full force arms outstretched into the air.

      I wake up. Alarming buzzing. My heart sinks a bit and I revel in Clair's eyes until i can't remember what she looks like. though out the day i think of her and how she made me feel.
      lucid , memorable
    2. Movie: Matrix - Telephone Ringing (fragment)

      by , 11-18-2012 at 06:14 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: November 18, 2012 8:30AM (USA Eastern)

      (Note: This was a short dream into which I transitioned due to external stimuli. I have no recall of the previous dream.)

      I am running through a dark room, trying to find the phone that is ringing. When I pass a doorway, I hear the phone ringing. I run in and pick up the handset but the line is dead, much like the scene in The Matrix when Cypher flips out and betrays everyone.

      After a short moment, I hear another phone ringing. I turn around to find it and suddenly wake up to my cell phone ringing. My ring tone is the vintage Western Electric bell ringer.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. November 14th, 2008

      by , 10-26-2011 at 12:12 AM
      Don't remember much. In Anthony's room, his internet was on the TV. When he was done, he tried to show Ashley's grandmother how he usually deletes the history, but I kept stopping him because then she would "know about the porn, man."

      Alaric called and wanted to know something, but I couldn't hear him because in real life, my nose was stuffy and was making too much noise. I held my nose shut so I could hear, and I'm pissed off at this, but I realised that I was still breathing and making noise. I thought it was weird, but I DIDN'T HAVE A LUCID DREAM. BUT, later on in the dream, something happened. It was a lucid dream, but at the same time, a regular dream. It felt real, had great quality, and I had partial control I think. But, I don't remember it all, I had little control, and it was completely random. No RC took place. At any rate, the dream was that I was in some sort of weird school with bright red walls. Suddenly, I was "aware". I ran out into the hall, passing Madame Arcusi on the way, and "grabbed" some chick in the hallway. I remembered (although it may have just been dream-established) I wanted to fly, and suddenly I was outside. I took off like Neo. It felt real. I flew around for about ten seconds and woke up. Now that i think about it, I have wanted to take off like Neo in my next LD. This leads me to believe it wasnt a LD, but rather a dream of desire?
    4. #150. Aliens

      by , 09-20-2010 at 06:04 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)

      "No! No! Stop!" she shouts at the bizarre figures. She's the character from last night's dream, the roommate who looks like a younger Halle Berry. The girl struggles, tries to pull away, but she's strapped into the machine by strong hands holding her down.

      The black tendrils bury into her wrists and she screams. Sizzling with dark energy and blue sparks, the wires grate against every nerve, causing her pain beyond what she's ever imagined. (I feel the echo.)

      She's suspended horizontally, supported only by the wires on her wrists and ankles, which string her tightly over the laboratory floor. It's pure agony.

      "You should be quiet." Says one of the aliens. "If you keep screaming, we'll put you in the chambers."

      Images of coffin-sized capsules, each containing a human being. The capsules are filled with a liquid which burns ("like lava," whispers one of the victims) and seems to eat away at the person inside. It's a stable chemical reaction which will last for an eternity, providing power for the alien conquerors to sustain their society.

      ("This is hell.")

      "Nonononono..." whispers the girl, trying to ignore the pain. "I'll be quiet, please! Don't put me in there, I can be quiet!"

      I come back to myself. I'm sitting cross-legged on the cold floor, and my arms are suspended by the same tendrils that are causing the other girl such pain. The wires dig into my wrists, and the blue energy sizzles through my arms. I breathe out and sink into a meditation.

      "Is it broken?" One of the aliens asks, curiously.

      I open my eyes. The two aliens are talking quietly amongst themselves. It's unheard of for a human to be able to withstand this particular torture for so long. It's been at least twenty-four hours since I've been put into it, and the two beings in front of me seem to think that it's broken my mind.

      I'm not, of course, human.

      My possible futures flash before me. In one, I collaborate with the aliens and facilitate the destruction of the human race. Eventually, I'll destroy the conquering civilization itself, and move on to the rest of the galaxy. In a few futures, I'll lead humanity in a rebellion, with varying degrees of success.

      I don't pick one. Instead, I play through each of them, living through each possibility until the point that all life in the universe is destroyed.

      It never takes long.

      Scare Factor: 5/10
      Rating: 6/10

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      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Tuesday, August 17, 2010

      by , 08-17-2010 at 04:16 PM (LiveInTheDream's DJ v2.5)

      My dream recall continues to improve...what memories are there are in near-perfect detail, and I even remember more than one dream, although the second one was very short and came late in the morning.

      Dream 1: I was at a gathering of some sort in a large room. Even though it was fairly crowded, it didn't take me long to notice the huge canisters against one of the walls. I walked closer to them, and saw that they were filled with a green, transparent liquid, and a man was sitting Indian-style in the midst of it. He was skinny and totally hairless, plus his skin had taken on a sickly, pale green tone from being in the liquid so long. A tube ran from the back of his head to the bottom of the canister, where a bunch of machinery was.

      "What is this?" I muttered to myself.

      The man in the liquid opened his eyes and replied:

      "I'm being grown into a pickle."

      I didn't believe him at first. But there was another such canister next to this one, and the man inside it chimed in:

      "It's true."

      I ran to find someone who knew what was going on with the men in the canisters. The first person that came to mind was the guy that owned the place, so I talked to him first.

      "Excuse me," I began, "do you know what's going on with the men in the canisters back there?"

      "They're being grown into pickles, what else?" He replied, as if this were common knowledge. After a moment, he realized I still didn't understand. "You mean...you don't know how pickles are grown? No one ever told you?"

      "Told me what?"

      He started to walk over to the canisters as he spoke:

      "That all the other stories about how pickles are grown are just that--stories. Lies designed to cover up the truth that pickles are grown from humans in canisters like these. The machinery at the base runs the whole thing by connecting to the person inside through the tube at the back. The liquid is what causes the real transformation, though. The machines simply speed things up and make sure it all goes well. The process takes nearly fifty years to complete."

      I was shocked.

      "Why would people give up their lives for this?" I asked.

      "They believe it is a better form of existence." Came the simple reply.

      "How the heck is that a better form of existence? That must stink to have to sit down for fifty years straight."

      We had reached the canisters by now, and one of the men inside heard me say that, and I guess he agreed.

      "You're right!" He exclaimed. "Oh, to get to run again! I've been in here for 25 years...I can't take it any longer! Quick! Get me out!"

      The owner of the place protested.

      "You can't quit now!"

      I didn't listen. I grabbed a nearby crowbar and smashed the canister open. All the liquid poured out, which fried the machine and freed the man inside. He looked more alien than human, but he was alive, and not a pickle, which was good enough for him.

      "This can't go on." I told the owner.

      I left the building and marched straight to a political gathering. I pushed the speaker aside like he was nothing and took the podium for myself.

      "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here to inform you of a conspiracy."

      As I spoke, the dream left first-person and was spectating fields of humans being grown into pickles. All stages of the transformation were visible; the ones that were nearly pickle-ized looked quite creepy.

      "It turns out that we have things backwards. Previously, in life as we once knew it, pickles were harvested, and humans were grown. However, I have seen the truth with my own eyes, and it is not that way. The truth is, that pickles are grown, and humans are being harvested--yes, humans are being harvested as pickles through a transformation chamber that is neither right nor pleasant. I would inform you..."

      I was knocked out by the cops, then.

      When I came back to, there was green transparent liquid all around me. I could feel a tube attached to the back of my head. When I reached out, I could feel glass only a couple feet away from me. And outside, I could see the owner of that building I began in. My skin was pale. My arms were woefully skinny. I knew exactly what they had put me in. I tried to break out, but couldn't...

      Then I woke up. It probably would have been a kind of creepy dream if the thing people were being turned into wasn't pickles

      Dream 2: There was a celebration going on in China that had achieved world-wide attention. It was a celebration of McDonald's anniversary, and it was completely led and organized by a 10-year old girl. I wasn't physically present, but I was seeing an interview with the kid on Discovery Channel. She explained to the news guy how she had organized everything and who was doing what and how it was possible, and then showed him the floats of the parade, the most prominent of which was a play on the chinese dragon where a whole bunch of people stand beneath it and walk around with it over their heads. Rather than a long dragon, it was a float that looked like a chain of hamburgers.

      Weird, right? Pickles as a dream sign, I mean. Hamburgers have pickles on them, and the first dream had pickles...so that seems to be the common element with my dreams last night. No idea why.
      non-lucid , memorable
    6. Nighthog's Journal: 23rd June 2010

      by , 06-23-2010 at 02:40 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      Woke up at 5:30 am by noise and forgot my dreams...
      Tried a wild after a little waking though. Worked somewhat. Didn't do any special tasks.

      Fight in the weapons workshop

      I'm in some kind of workshop. I think about woods crafts and such but the place it littered with swords and other martial wood/metal objects. Many look like saws of different kinds. But all are like swords. I found myself having a Japanese katana in my hand and swinging it around to test it out a little. Though id didn't take long before I got to think about what to do with my lucid time.
      I didn't get far off into thinking on what to do as two perps came about to start bothering me. They looked like old schoolmates but had nefarious reasons to being there.
      They picked up random weapon and went to attack me. I at first just told them not to do anything and get away from me as I used my sword to deflect their blows and start to swing back at them. I felt many hits and ripping of the saw like weapons and they hurt when they hit. I decided I would get rid of them and slashed away to cut them into pieces...
      Problem was that they had no reaction or any sign of being hurt by my attacks. It was like I was slashing into the air. They kept getting more evil in their attacks and I kept deflecting or grabbing their weapons to disable them from attacking any more. Some were like a whip of blade saw that spiralled around my hands and such and then they tried to pull. I managed to get the blade in a lock so it didn't rip through my skin as it would get pulled back.
      I was at all times asking for them to stop and ask for reasons on why they do this.
      Lastly I lost my katana and was weapon less and just used my bare hands or threw other weapons at them two.
      I lastly became to bothered and went to confront them for real and asked "Are you here to hinder me from using my lucid dreams?"
      "yes, we are" I got the one to say that looked like a old classmate, we hadn't been on the best terms all the times.
      They kinda stopped with that and I took the chance and picked up another weapon and went in and pushed it through the guys gut and finally I saw blood and reaction. I had taken to attack more slowly than before and not just the fast slashing I've done hoping to cut them into pieces.
      He crumbled down unto the ground
      I told them to stop bothering me and walked away.

      To the Airport, the Airbus?

      I'm sitting in a car with some friends and this older lady, we are on our way to the airport. We are to fly whit a Airbus to the city where a concert is that we have all planned to go and attend. It's some kind of class arrangement. We are many from the class who planned and would go but not all. It was free to attend or not.
      We arrive and I step out from the car that took us here. It heads back and drives away. Someone had just given us a ride to get here. Seems to be a acquittance of the older lady. She is the one person of responsibility it seems. I and other go to walk up these metal stairs to go up into this building terminal I guess from the parking lot. It seems to be a minor airport not a large one.
      Inside we gather and meet up with more people from the class. Seems some have already arrived and others come soon to join us as well. Many are exited about our planned trip. Also kinda more exited that we would be taking a Airbus rather than regular bus or anything else that might take longer time. It only takes a couple hours I hear mentioned. I looked and greeted my friends somewhat. I ask a Girl 'Boris' as was a nickname my friend had given her how she is doing but got ignored.
      many of us have backpacks whit clothing and other stuff for the trip. Seems to be a over the night stay. I kinda panic at first as I thought I didn't bring anything with me. I took out my own backpack and saw it was kinda empty compared to all the others but soon forgot about it and went to walk back out the entrance to the stairs. I saw some more arrive. A guy was hostile towards me. I knew not why but walked away and saw that the lady had gotten the tickets from the terminal and we all should head out again to go to the Airbus.

      We all go out but I notice the lady has with her her two children. A younger boy and a older girl. She makes sure they are with her and take their hands as we head out. They walk out infront of me and I follow them down back to the parking lot .
      I wonder where the aeroplane is and what kind it will be. As it's a Airbus I think about a smaller plane. But this is the car parking lot and we walk about to spot three different kind of cars there. I see a aeroplane fly over to land on the airstrip on the other side of the building but that's not where we are supposed to go. We are supposed to be here in the car parking? Will the plane roll out here?
      No it will not. I learn that the term Airbus doesn't mean anything but that we hire transportation from the airport. Our transportation is the three cars I see in front of us. One looks like a boat. I think it can drive in water as well as on roads.
      I decide to go over to the most normal looking one. Though it's kinda a smaller style of compact one. Others had already chosen their cars and I went to sit behind the drivers seat. It was the older lady that came to this car to drive this one. The kids came also. Another girl from class came to sit in the middle seat that was left in the back next to me, It was 'S' the tall girl. I didn't mind and was kinda smiling at it being her. I remember many good encounters in my dreams.
      "Do you have any hair rings/elastic bands" She went to ask me as she was holding her hear in her hands and trying to put it up into a pony-tail or similar. She had none and there were non on her side. She insinuated that there should be some in the car or someone has to have some.
      "um.. I don't know" I hesitated. "I don't have any at least"
      "Please do check if you have some" she repeated expecting me to have some.
      I thought and checked my backpack but there was non there and then I looked unto the car door and the little trash bin in the door. It was filled with hair-bands.
      "Oh, I found some" I take a couple and hand them over to her and then take another grab to have some more to give her. They are in different sizes and colours.
      "Take them" I say and she goes to have them as I hand them over. She is already putting one in her hair. She didn't need that many but I said.
      "take them all if you would need them at some other time"

      Arriving to a concert

      Next moment we arrive at out destination and have just walked inside the building. We walked through a entrance and were greeted by a person who then guided us toward a room on the side that had a long table with arranged seats. I saw some older woman and men in suits sit at the table. We all were exited to have finally arrived to the place. Some soon spotted and saw the entrance to the concert hall. We were on a second floor compared to the lower ground where the normal audience were. We had a seats and a terrace to be at. I saw more men and woman in fine suits. Some classmates rushed out to go check it out as the guide told us that this one girl was currently playing. They rushed out and a song just ended and was asking the audience for a request on a song to play. The audience goes out loud in cheers and yells on what to play next. It's some song... My classmates get horrified and run out holding their ears. Yelling no the noise and other things. I walk out and see the audience down below are all little kids and youngsters. They have requested a childish song kids love but adults hate.
      Everyone seems kind of disappointed on how could they have chosen this. Some go over to sit in their seats on the long table. I walked over and walked around it checking it out a little before walking away and back into the concert hall. It's more like a gymnastics hall though.
      I decide to try out wall walking and gravity control. I walk up a wall on the higher ground and walk down and back up the walls around the room looking down as they play music I then try to do my roof upside down walking and am on the left side of the scene and it works without issues to stand upside down on the roof and looking up from my own view unto the people on the dance floor and the band playing music. Seems people are more lively now and I hear the tune and feel like playing along to dance a little. I do some dance moves and jumps on the roof like it was the actual ground. I then went to walk over these air-condition boxes and other units on the roof. I have a little trouble trying to orientate my gravity correctly with all these angles as I try to walk over a edge and re orientate my gravity to not make myself fall down instead. It's a little hassle and I have trouble with it as the gravity flips between 90degree angle here or there as I try to cross the edges. I end up crawling and then sitting down on a ledge looking around thinking on what do I do.

      I stand back up and decide I'll get back to the correct orientation everyone else is in but have a little struggle moving about again with these all angle things here on the roof and soon am falling down slowly as I was standing above the stage. The music had stopped and they were having a break it seemed and I soon landed just in front and tangled a little in some speakers and other electrical units and wires.
      I was trying to get out of it without having to break anything or such. The female vocalist comes and walks to me and asks what am I up to really.
      She seems hostile toward me ad was saying something I didn't want to spend a another moment with. I got out and then quickly walked away before it continued to anything worse. I walked down the audience grounds and some other side by rooms around the larger hall.

      Finding my childhood sweetheart
      I spotted and found my childhood sweetheart. I went up to her and greeted her. I was happy to be able to see her here. She seemed a little aloof and not to focused on me and was going to leave but as she turned away I walked up to her and then took and held her hand. She noticed it and took a firm grip by it as I had taken of her. We went to walk and talk as we wandered around the place.
      She told me soon that she needed to find a toilet. I had heard there should be some in this one room. It was a room filled with lockers and other cabinets. They chairs and benches were adapted for young children. I was starting to think is this really a old school? It was all kind of that 50-60 kind of furniture and the building seemed to fit that as well.
      I got a word from a lady who seemed to be a representant off the place and said the toilets were over there and pointed over to this row of 4 closets.

      The toilets were inside. They were wooden ones. made for young children and had small pots and holes. She possibly can not use these. I told her that I think I had spotted a toilet for adults over on the other side as I had walked around. We went to walk there now and passed a room backstage of the scene and saw the musicians etc mingling with various individuals. We just passed through to the room next to it. It had two large opening to the large main hall and it really was a toilet here. Had evry part but it was a open room to the whole hall... There were large windows placed inside too.
      We can't use this unless you want to show you business to the whole world.
      "We can't use this..." I look at the window and the scenery outside. There were many bushes and other things around outside.
      "lets open the window and you can take you piss outside, there aren't nearly as many people there" I saw only 2-3 walking on a road.
      The area soon seemed clear.
      I went and showed the window open and saw we were on ground level. There were some kind of red pipes going across outside.
      She went and jumped out and walked away to do her business and I laid down to enjoy the sun shining on the window perch outside. I was also standing guard so no one from inside would try to peak or do something.
      Seemed she was waiting for a safe moment and soon came back.

      But before she fully returned I was getting now bothered by the female vocalist again. She really had some unfinished business with me. She was asking what I was doing standing at the open windows. My childhood friend soon returned in the middle of her questions.

      A strange kind of conflict
      The vocalist was obviously confronting and hostile. We soon walked over to the stage and then onward to the backstage exchanging words.
      It was like she was a master priestess and in control of all the people in the building. She started to order them around to capture me or hurt me. I went to fend some people off and then wanted to confront the girl. From out of nowhere I had started to speak in a second voice. It was grim and coerce. It was a evil kind of sound and also electronic. But the things I spoke weren't all to evil but more of warnings.

      I am 'the Matrix', and it's a girl?
      I yelled out loud in the grim second voice "I'm a girl!" I'm the Matrix!"
      "Back off, or your going to be sorry" I was a little confused by it but let it flow.
      They recognized the voice and person I had as a second one. They were afraid and cautious of it. It and I said various things but can't recall it all. It was confusing the others.
      "capture him!" I soon heard.
      "The Matrix has been corrupted"
      "We must take it back"
      The vocalist was commanding and yelling to her minions.

      I went forward to tell in my own voice and thoughts.
      "Let me tell you a 'lie' as you may."
      "There is only love"
      "Free will is all --------------" encompassing, through flowing. I can't remember the specific word that was used.
      "evil is a illusion, a creation of your imagination"
      I said one more line but can't recall it. had the word "love" mentioned again.

      She reacted strongly to my words by stepping back and standing down. She no longer was confronting and the people weren't attacking.
      She seemed confused but no longer angry it seemed. I was free to walk away.