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    1. Gotcha.

      by , 03-15-2016 at 07:32 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm on the road in front of my house, but it looks different; there's a old tree without any leaves with its branches sweeping low over the road like crochety hands. I climb up along one until I reach the level right about the powers lines and jump into a fly. I loose control and go head over heels, landing in a heap in the middle of a grand library.
      It's beautiful. The shelves are carved like gentles waves, and the room is two floors high with a balcony running all around it. The room is lit by gaslights of copper and gold with frosted glass covering the flames, the warm almost buttery light gleaming of the polished wood of the shelves and floors. The glimpses of wall I can see are covered with dark green silk, matching the couch and armchairs placed around. At the far side of the library is a big fireplace, currently lit. The room smells sweet, of old books and beewax. There's an open door on a side, with moonlight peaking in.
      I walk to it and step into a covered terrace, all old stones. It opens into a very carefully lanscaped garden under a very bright, very big full moon. At the center of it there's a table dressed and ready, with crystal glasses, vermeil cutlery and candelabra. There are people already seated, dressed in finery of all period and fashion, having hushed conversations and eyeing the rest of the small crownd. I don't feel like joining them but come closer to the table to admire the carving on the cutlery. The guests whisper amoung themselves, making a point of not looking at me. I'm a little annoyed and start to walk around the table to go to the other side of the terrace, so I can access the garden. As I'm going I catch a glimpse of blond hair and turn my head; the silvery man is here, very smartly dressed, his hair brushed to fall on one of his shoulder while letting the line of his jaw free of distraction on the other side. It's slighty distracting, and he knows it. Noticing my presence, he change his course and come to me, easily taking my arm and pulling me to the end of the terrace, inside a small, narrow alley I didn't see earlier. There's ivy on the wall, up to a small alvove with what seem to be an old pedestal on the ground. He pulls me in, leaning against the wall with a impish smile. I cross my arms in front of me, too amused to be annoyed... and wake up.
    2. Ghost of winter past and Dream Ink

      by , 12-18-2015 at 06:03 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm at tha old university, there seem to be a problem with my diploma and the administration is as helping as usual. I get fed up and frustrated and walk out to get a breather. Here I met with a young man*, talking with me about my training period under his wing and being pretty clueless and hurtful. I get even more upset and get away from him, goign to the hospital collaborating with the university. I get down to the basement, which has turned into a sort of warehouse full of glimmering machinery. Operating one of those is the man I worked with, tinkering with it while someone watch. I notice a woman and a toddler off to the side, and while I can't see their face I know that they are his wife and son. I'm happy to see them well and happy; the boy is playing and squealing when his mother give him ice chips to eat. She propose me one and her husband mock-scold her about it; I say that I'll never pass the occasion to eat a book, and she hands me some "dictionnary ice". It doesn't have any particular taste, but I thank her. The man and me talk a little, sharing news. He seem pretty upset that I left the university and the project we worked on, and I try to tell him how hard it was for me, but I make myself upset and can't say the words. He seem to understand and stops me. Before I leave he looks like he's going to hug me, but both of us are too shy and akward for it.

      *my superior was a young woman, but she had a lot of students to work with so I was left to my own devices a lot.

      I woke up pretty early and decided to go for a WBTB.

      I'm slightly lucid, enough that I want to track down the forceful man. The sky is overcast again, the colors both muted and intense. I find myself in a busy crowd, walking on a path in a park. It got a nice landscaping, with stones paths like the one I'm walking on, with nice half buried archways providing shadows in the summer, ponds and old trees, but the paths are riddled with potholes, and this one is caked with feces and sick. It's disgusting and people around me are obvious to it, except a woman who is desesperatly trying not to step in it. I follow her steps and we end up in a store, as crowded as the park, but at least it's clean. I caught a glimpse of a blond-haired man dark clothing, his hair silvery in the artificial light, but he disappear before I can reach him. I fall back to the woman I was with, she's arguing with a vendor about something. Finally she get her bag and smile to me, so we get out together. I ask her about the man I'm looking for, and she seem pretty disaprouving. She tells me he live on the upper hills, in a castle or a manor. I ask her to guide me, and that's the last lucid thing I do, but she say I can't go now. She takes me back to the park, in a nook that's cleaner that the rest, with a old bathtub with clawed feets. The bathtub is full of soapy water, and I strip off to get in and wash off the filth from earlier. The air os cold but the water warm, so I only let my head out of it. The woman unbraids my hair and wash it, before pulling out of her bag a big comb made of black, shining wood with a ivory and onyx handle, curved like a vine and orned with a flower. She starts to comb my hair, taking strands of it out the tub to do so then putting it back in. It float around me, filling half of the tub and covering me like algae.
      She then tells me I need some markings to do what I have in mind. She asks me to sit up and I do, shivering in the cold air. She put something cold and hard against my back, between the shoulderblades, telling me it's for speed and flight, and then show me the metallic plate she used: on it is a creature that at first glance looks like a eastern dragon, a snake body with a horned horse head and insect-like wings. It's six limbs are strangely human, and it's warped on itself in a mess of wings and coils. I barely have to see it before she puts my legs out of the water, my head going under and my exposed skin erupting in goose-bumps. I push my head out, spultering, as she pushes two similar plates against my inner thighs, close to my panties. She tells me I'm wearing Lilith's hands* now, and when she takes out the plates I can see that I've got two very intricate design of hands tatooed on my skin in back ink, left hand on right thigh, right hand on left thigh. It's slightly innerving; it looks like the right hand has a eye embedded in it, and as if someone is pushing my legs appart.

      *Lilith is supposed to be the mother of monsters, and I birthed a snake in a previous dream. I don't know if it's linked, but it's there.

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    3. Could we say... love brings lucidity? Kinda?

      by , 12-12-2015 at 10:47 PM (Here be dragons)
      Woke up after last dream at 7 am, went back to sleep.

      I'm in the family house with my mother and sister, there's lot of stuff to do to fix it up. the garden is a mess, and the inside isn't in better shape; there's rumble everywhere and the place is basicaly gutted. However, it's full of light, and all the the french windows are open, letting summer heat come in with the light. I open the front door, and there's a group of people in working clothes, her to help fix the house. One of them is vaguely familiar, but the other are a faceless crown men and women alike. I let them in to the living room, where my mother and sister are waiting. We start giving out taskes and I ended up in the garden with the familiar man. We're moving the outside furniture, sofa and armchairs of forged iron, alongside table and chair mae of the same material. The sofa and armchairs are only frames and relatively light, and the chairs are easy. Then it's the table, and it's the heaviest piece. We westle it to the back of the house, close to the empty pool. On this side of the pools the only windows are those of the bedrooms, and nobody is there for now. The man mopes his brow as I strip off my jacket and drop it on the table. We're resting a little before going back to work.

      Spoiler for There was a reason he was familiar...:

      Suprisingly, I don't wake up; I become lucid instead. I slip off the table and decide to get out of the garden and into the street to clear my head a little. I open the portal and step out. I end up in the street in front of my actual house, and from the corner of my eyes I can see that I'm in front of it. Rather that getting in I turn to the left, to the end of the street. The house next to mine is completly different; now it's a two stories house in white plaster and black logs, with a cute balcony full of bright flowers. The day is ending, and the tiny front garden is full of lights along the gravelled path to the front door. I go in, singing Eli name. He open the door as I reach it and pick me up into a hug. I wrap my arms around his neck and bury my face against him. The house is full of golden light and fairy lights suspended off the ceiling, and the living room ceiling is all the way up to the roof.
    4. Butterfly and Hurricanes

      by , 10-25-2015 at 05:30 PM (Here be dragons)
      So much music references

      I'm in a university with a friend. We have to take shelter in the gym, as there is a risk of flood or hurricane, I'm not sure which one. The light is muted and grey, there is big windows all around the building* and we're sitting on long plastic benches. I'm cold, probably because I'm only wearing a tank top and jeans, without shoes or socks. The crowd's conversation is a white noise, my friend is checking her phone but the service is spotty, probably because of the storm. I can hear wind, which make me feel even colder. I get glimpse of a dark haired man, on a screen**. Another man, with long, white-blond hair, come and sit next to me, wrapping his arm around me to warm me up. He feels familiar***, and I'm more that happy to snuggle against him. He doesn't seem to mind my cold hands and keep me close, with a knowing smile.

      *I sort of feel like this isn't a good idea to take shelter next to big windows in case of hurricane but why not...
      ** Eli told me that he "peeked" in my dream, but he thought that I didn't look like I needed him.
      ***It's the same man that in my Barely not Safe for Work dream. He is more friendly here. Or less, depending on your point of view
    5. Barely not safe for work

      by , 10-16-2015 at 06:24 PM (Here be dragons)
      It was just a question of time before things got heated up 'round here... I'm keeping no explicit.

      The sky is overcast and the night is falling, giving a gray, eerie atmosphere to the dream. I am in a small ancient garden with gravelled paths gently curving around the lawn, with small shrubs and flowers dotting the place, giving it a pastoral feel, and it's mostly enclosed withing talls gnarly trees that looks like oaks. To my right is a small, free form pool; the water is pristine and looks cold, and close to it is a path made of irregular, hand carved limestone stepstones rather than gravels. This path curves slowly to a stone platform with a tomb or a flat altar on it; it looks old, weathered but well-kept, like the rest of the place. I walk to the platform, laughting as someone stroll behind me. I reach the stone platform and he grab me, pulling me up on the altar and holding me down on it. I'm on my back, not laughting anymore as he pulls me close and pin down one of my thigh with one of his knee, and he is the one who chuckles when I realize his intent and freeze up. His face is obscured by shadows, his hair are pale almost white blond, and long enough to brush against his shoulders and frame his face. over him I can see the first stars of the night sky, but the light is still gray and shallow, like there is no setting sun. The stone is cold and coarse under me, I can feel it through my clothes, and my breath is really short, equally from anticipation and fear, in fact, I feel like I'm drowning in adrenalin, every sensory input amped up to the max. He is slightly too thick for confort, and I can't help but squirm.

      I woke up soon after.
      He made a couple of comments I won't be retranscribing here.
      I still wondering how the hell I didn't wake up as soon as he had me trapped, because everything felt as life-like as it gets.