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    1. Gotcha.

      by , 03-15-2016 at 07:32 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm on the road in front of my house, but it looks different; there's a old tree without any leaves with its branches sweeping low over the road like crochety hands. I climb up along one until I reach the level right about the powers lines and jump into a fly. I loose control and go head over heels, landing in a heap in the middle of a grand library.
      It's beautiful. The shelves are carved like gentles waves, and the room is two floors high with a balcony running all around it. The room is lit by gaslights of copper and gold with frosted glass covering the flames, the warm almost buttery light gleaming of the polished wood of the shelves and floors. The glimpses of wall I can see are covered with dark green silk, matching the couch and armchairs placed around. At the far side of the library is a big fireplace, currently lit. The room smells sweet, of old books and beewax. There's an open door on a side, with moonlight peaking in.
      I walk to it and step into a covered terrace, all old stones. It opens into a very carefully lanscaped garden under a very bright, very big full moon. At the center of it there's a table dressed and ready, with crystal glasses, vermeil cutlery and candelabra. There are people already seated, dressed in finery of all period and fashion, having hushed conversations and eyeing the rest of the small crownd. I don't feel like joining them but come closer to the table to admire the carving on the cutlery. The guests whisper amoung themselves, making a point of not looking at me. I'm a little annoyed and start to walk around the table to go to the other side of the terrace, so I can access the garden. As I'm going I catch a glimpse of blond hair and turn my head; the silvery man is here, very smartly dressed, his hair brushed to fall on one of his shoulder while letting the line of his jaw free of distraction on the other side. It's slighty distracting, and he knows it. Noticing my presence, he change his course and come to me, easily taking my arm and pulling me to the end of the terrace, inside a small, narrow alley I didn't see earlier. There's ivy on the wall, up to a small alvove with what seem to be an old pedestal on the ground. He pulls me in, leaning against the wall with a impish smile. I cross my arms in front of me, too amused to be annoyed... and wake up.
    2. The Attic

      by , 03-03-2016 at 10:08 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm in a house. It's vry modern, with white walls and honey colored wood flooring, shining. I'm standing at the foot of the staircase, and I can see outside from a long, low window that goes all the way across the wall. to my right there's an open kitchen, in grey, slightly textured resin and shiny chrome, with a black marble counter top and thin, spinnery furniture made out of a gray, dull metal. The kitchen open in the living room, but I can only see part of it; it seem that the house is shaped like an L around a garden. I can make out the corner of a table with a frosted glass top, and part of a white woolly rug. Light is everywhere, spot cleverly hidden along the walls, sun coming from the widows in the wall and in the roof. I need to get out, but Where there should be a front door, the wall is whole. I turn around and start climbing the stairs. There are slowing curling on themself, and lined with potted plants. The ceiling is getting lower and lower, and there's no wall on my left, until I reach the top of the stairs. There's a lot of potted plants here, in the bring sun, and the stairs end in a sort of floorless gazebo.

      I can climb out of it, and after a short walk on a wooden beam, I enter an attic with greenhouse walls and a low wooden bench running along them. There's someone here, laying down under a nest of blankets. It's warm but no stuffy in the attic, and the sun and shadows are ideal, making it incredibly relaxing. I tiptoes in, trying no to disturb the sleeper, but he slowly raise on his elbows. He's slim and dark haired, and looks almost cartoony sleepy. I get closer and he shapeshifts, his hair lightening to a silvery blond, his bland face filling with intent. He moves, getting the shadows on his face. I recognize him and stop just shy of reaching the nest of blankets. He smiles and sit up, letting the blankets falls off his laps and showing me that he's naked underneath.

      Spoiler for more nudity after the cut...:

      But in a way, I get it. He's like a green man, a embodiment of sexual energy. I could call him Eros, but I think I can go without gining him a name; he doesn't need one.
    3. Come around and laugh people. Also, party hard.

      by , 01-20-2016 at 08:49 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm in the dark, laying on my bed. I hear the phone ringing and grumble about it, trying to fall back asleep. I toss and turn a little, but nothing do. I get up without bothering with the light and get out of my bedroom into the corridor. I stumble pass the furnitures and into the entrance and take the key to the mailbox before getting out. The cold seize me, and I think that I souldn't have go out wrearing only my pajama. The front of the garden is very diffrent, with a hedge rather than a fence and proper lawn rather that gravel The house in front of mine is still the same thought. I still go to get the mail; the mailbox is cream rather that green, and rather beated up. Inside there's two small packages and an handfull of flyers. I chuck the flyers into the outside bin and get back in. It's still very dark, and I feel heavy and tired. I drop the packages on the kitchen table and head back to bed.

      Then I woke up, and started to list all the points where I should have snapped into lucidity. One of the obvious one being that I'm in my student flat.Dammit. And it was, of course, three in the morning.

      I'm in a ginormous wooden cabin, with a very open floor plan, and all of my family, plus guests. We're preparing a birthday party, for my sister I think. It's a very sunny day, and beams of light stream from the bay windows, one of them open into a glittering snow covered garden. It's pretty hot inside despite that; there's lit fireplace all around. We'ere obviously doing the finishing touchs for the party: tables are dressed with white cloth, and there are garlands on the mezzanine. Half of the people are already in their classy clothes, my sister rocking a snazzy golden dress that enhance her natural tan. My mother and her briefly fuss about her hair and she run away to fix something. I'm here out of duty, and help putting food and beverages around, already dolled up. The friends and family I keep crossing paths with seem very happy to see me here and keep telling me that I should be all dressed up more often. It's a little overhelming and I run back to the kitchen insteand of answering them. My mother boyfriend is here, not ready for the party at all in a t-shirt and short. He looks like he just stepped out of the shower and wandered in. In his usual blunt manner, he point out that I finally look pretty in that dress and makeup.* Starting to feel fed up, I walk out of the kitchen to the back of the house, which is more calm. I climb some stairs and sit on the landing of the second floor, pulling on the hem of the dress. It's a a nice burgundy with black ribbons and a little frill, and the heels I'm wearing match well. The second floor is almost in the dark, with only a fireplace in the back and a little sun shining around the closed curtains. I can barely hear the sound of the party here, it's rather peaceful. Someone come from the first floor, stopping a dozen stairs under me and looking up. It's the dark haired man I already saw before, striking green eyes looking at me with a hint of concern. He's wearing a tuxedo, and has a champagn flute in his hand; it seem that the party has started.

      *Yes, he is that blunt. It's not malicious on his part, but it can be jarring. It's true that without any makeup I look like a mix between a rather ripe zombie and a creepy porcelain doll, but I would rather sleep in the morning that make my face. And I can't find fondation that is light enough to match my skintone anyway.

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    4. All you need is love!

      by , 01-05-2016 at 09:13 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm not sure about the chronological order of this dream.

      It's a post-apocalyptic setting again, but this time the apocalypse happened very recently; we still don't know how bad it is, and what exactly has changed. I'm walking through a facility set in a warehouse with a man in a lab coat; there's a lot of people running around with files and tablets, making impromptu meeting and talking. It's badly lit, and I feel like I'm underground, even thought I can see a boat on the otherside of the warehouse, ad the light boncing of the waves painting pattern on the ceiling. I overhear a man talking about going to live at sea, on oil-extracting platform. I point out to the man walking with me that thoses platform are limited in space and food, so that's not a viable move. He leads me to a computer and we can see the number of people killed, separated in profession in a kind of spreadsheet. He points the physicians to me, telling that one in forty got killed. The number of killed physicians is two hundreds, and the cell color is orange.
      I'm outside now, with a middle aged woman, in an alley between two buildings. It's a very sunny day, the shadows on the orange walls are razor sharp, an the metallic mesh closing one end of the alley is glittering. There's also a grey plastic table against the wall to my left, with a box on it. A man with sunglasses pick something up in the box and put it in his mouth. I sprint to him and kiss him, stealing the thing in the process. It's slightly sweet and chewy, like gum. Now that I'm close I recognize David, and he take another gum; it's small, white and tubular shaped, like a rubber from the end of a mechanical pencil.
      We're back inside the warehouse, with the man and David, and we learn that we have to ask for help to some people. I know that they aren't normal human, and I pick a photograph of one of them, telling the crowd that I know him, that I call him Raphael. One of the people ask him how much I know him, and I answer that he likes me in white. We decide that me and David will go looking for him.
      We're on a road, in a middle of a forest; I check a map, it seem that we are in Europe, somewhere between Germany and Russia. The sun is high in the sky, but the air is pretty chilly. David got a jeans, hicking boots and a warm coat, but I'm in a white, flowy dress. It cover my arms and go down to the floor, but it's made of a light material, in lots of layers. We've been walking for a long time and I complain that we're running out of road. We finally reach a big building, well integrated into the forest, with big glass walls and dark woods. The door has a steel inlay, and I walk in with David. Inside the floor is carpeted, the wall painted white and with the same dark wood panneling. It has the slightly cushy warm of central heat. I go to the admission desk, letting David sit in one of the armchair overlooking the road. The receptionnist is a small, blond-haired woman with a tight ponytail that brush her neck. She listens to me and talks into her headset before gesturing me to go to the armchair. I give her a smile and turn around, but before I can move Raphael enter the room.
      He's a towering, willowy man, crowned with golden curls. He's wearing a long-sleeved light blue t-shirt over a jean and his fingers are stained with paint. He notices me and pulls me off the floor into a bearhug, and I get a good look of his freckled, charming face and light green eyes.
      Later, I'm walking into the nearby city with David, the warm of the sun nicely contrasting with the chillness of the air. We're on a very pretty, pedestrian street made of sandstone. David makes me laugh, and I can see from the corner of my eye Raphael, walking with a small group of friends ahead of us turning around and looking for me. David whispers to me that Raphael agree to help because he's infatued with me. I laugh at the idea, but Raphael big smile when he hears my laugh seem telling.

      Yeah, Eli does find that there's an awful lot of people loving me recently

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    5. Green eyed monster

      by , 10-29-2015 at 02:16 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm at university, talking with a working group about a course we share. We resolve the issue and everyone get up and prepare to leave. We get out, it's still pretty early and we walk to the bus stop. We have to go up a slope, as the university is sort of sukken in the hill, and pretty decrepit. We pass close to some bushes between the university and the sidewalk, there is someone here, hidden. I go to him; he's scared by people picking on him because he's nerodivergent; I guess it's some sort of autism. I coaxe him out and walk him home. It's a rickety flat, very narrow and full of corner and half levels. There isn't a real bedroom; it's the living room, with two mattress throw in and bad, hash lighting. His mother is here; she's a stereotypical hooker, with bleached blonde hair, trashy makeup and black, lacy lingery. She's with a man, who doesn't seem happy with her son and me coming in. The boy have picked up some cookies while walking in the appartement and share with me, his mother is spitting venom at him. I try to be polite and told her that if I knew she had compagny, we would have go ty my place. She turn her glare on me and the situation feel so weird that I realise that I'm dreaming. I immediatly stand up and try the finger through the palm RC; it doesn't work, but I'm so sure that it's a dream and angry at her that I don't care. I tell the mother that she should care about her son more, and at least not have lovers hidding in the closed while accusing his son to bring girls in the flat under her nose. I take the boy hand and storm out. I look back at him when we reach the sidewalk, and he transformed into David. I smile and go to kiss his cheek, but he turn his head at the last moment so my lips land on his instead. I laught and playfully push him and he wrap a arm around me. We walk a little as I think about what to do, then I really that the sun is setting, and that the sea is on the other side of the road. I remember thet I wanted to take Eli to the beach, and we cross the road. I've been to the beach enough in waking life that I'm confident it will feel the same, and I use my usual technique of putting my hand behind my back to call him, but it take a long time for me to feel his hand in my and I call him louder in my head, telling him he's missing everything. He finally show up we the sea reach my knees, but instead of taking my hand he push David in the water and I'm dragged in and both swallow and breath in some water. I choke on it and it feels the same as waking life, cold and burning*, and I start to panic and blacking out.

      When I come back up, I'm in a flat, way nicer that earlier, and alone except for a small animal that looks like a cross between a wolf pup and a kitty. I pick her up and hold her close to my chest, it's my totem. The dream feel weird, loopsized almost. I get out of the room I was because the mirror covering the whole wall is really enerving to me and look for Eli. Something enormous jump in front of me, wearing a caricatural mask of a african man, scaring me. I grab the mask and rip it off, starting to really get pissed off. Eli, still wearing is costume, give me a cheeking smile, but I'm too annoyed to find it funny. "Really Eli? Really?!" He try to kiss me and I wake up.

      *When I was very young, I got caught in a rolling wave and my mother had to pull me out before I drowned.

      Eli is a jalous bugger. I was really ticked off when I got up, and we talked about me having dream friends and how it doesn't change my love for him.