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    1. Spooky Comp. Day 22 - some TOTM´s, searching and summoning FM

      by , 11-06-2016 at 02:04 PM
      the first lucid i only remember the end. i think it was an early night lucid:
      i am in a hurry because i want to get somewhere? i see a car run to it and phase from behind into it. on the seats are two granny´s. i tell them to get out because i need the car. after a short moment they agree and get out. i start riding and waking up. i try to stabilize but no chance.

      later the night after a wbtb:
      i drive a car and touch my chin and notice i have a 1 or 2 day beard. it makes this feeling and sound when you wipe over it with your hand. i start wondering: i have a beard for some years now and in past 3 or 4 month i have a pretty long one. i do a nosepinch and get lucid. after some seconds i decide to get out and just stop moving so that the car continues driving and i phase out thru the back of the car. i move around the corner looking for something? and wake up. i lay still and DEILD back in using tactile sense. i lay in my bed and feel that i am dreaming again. i stop the tactile movement and do a nosepinch its working. i still have my sleeping mask on and i am a little scared if i just can put it off. but it works and i see perfectly (probably because i gave the dream enough time with tactile movement and a long nosepinch). i dont loose time and phase thru the window.
      i fly down in a clumsy way and see a guy. i land/stumble next to him. i ask him to show me a dance. i notice that he looks like a kickboxer or something. big, strong and athletic. he starts his "dance" that looks more like kicks in the air (maybe a little like capoera but really not that dancefull) i tell him "yea but i want to see a dance" and he nods telling me THIS IS a dance. okay i think and for some reason i decide to answer this with a fireball the way i learned it yesterday. and yes it works pretty straight forward without to much problems. but i have a problem throw it on him but nah who cares. he "danced" for me and now i want to put my head into some nice concrete
      i look for a good place in the ground. i notice that everywhere are bigger and smaller manhole covers. i dont want to make it too easy so i look for a place where there is solid ground. i find a nice place and dive free of fear on the ground head first. i stick my head face first into the ground and i feel that the ground gets flexible pretty fast and i sink in. darkness. i want my head to go deeper so i do a hand/headstand and push this little ball of a head deeper into the ground. but i just cant see anything. its pure black darkness. i wait some moments and notice to start see some schemas like HH or looking into the sun and see little bits and balls but nothing with real structure. i decide that its time to get "my head out of sand", spit some dirt out of my mouth and continue with next totm.
      i look around and see several people. i want to do advanced II. i go to a group, turn my back to them and my hand behind my back asking for FryingMan. some random dude takes my hand i turn around ask him "are you FM?" he shakes his head. i let him go and move some meters to the next group and repeat it. again someone takes my hand and again its not FM. i ask/tell him to bring me to FM. we start walking (hand in hand?!) and i see some tables i want to move thru but because he holds my hand i move against them... i let go of his hand and think about some way to make easy points on my way. "i could smash the wall with my bare hand!" i approach a wall and start to punch it strongly. but i cant destroy the wall. just some sand is dropping. on the other hand my hand get no harm neither. " i really am not a fighter guy" i think and keep moving. i decide i could jump super high and try this with no aim. i cant jump significantly higher than normal. i aim for a rooftop and this time jump up and with ease i make several meters. in mid air i start floating and decide to come back to the ground.
      but i have some problems going down again and i feel how the dream destabilizes. i start rubbing my hands and use some tactile movement. next thing i know i am infront of the house i was jumping and i enter it. there is a guy and his dad. they are eating something with eggplant and a dip made of tomatoes and cream. i for some reason feel that they do it "wrong" and the dip is not right. i move into the floor but then i decide i want to taste the eggplants. i go into the kitchen but the boy already cleared away the food. i ask them "where is the food?" he answers "in the freezer" i look around and ask "where is the freezer?" they just stare at me and dont answer. fuck it i think and pick up the bottle of juice on the table. i drink it and its grapefruitjuice. i phase out of the building but put my head in again and call the dad an asshole and phase out again. i look thru the window and see how he gets angry and want to get out. i want to throw him the juice against his head but the bottle dont phase thru the window and just smash against it and falls down. the dad comes out and wants to beat me up but before he can smash me i but both my hands on my temples and use mindcontrol. i say: "you dont remember any of that. you have a headache and want to lay down" the surrounding changes from outside to inside the livingroom. he come around and shakes his head saying "uh i have a headache i need to lay down." i stand up and point to the couch tell him to lay down there and meanwhile i leave him alone so he can rest.
      i leave the building and in front of the house is a girl and another person? we talk shortly about something and then she wants to go somewhere and i accompany her. she tells me where to go but i stop her and say i first need to do something. i put my hand behind my back and this time feel super confident. immediately i feel a hand and ask "are you fryingman?" no answer i ask a second time and again no answer. i turn around and see a thin guy with short blond hair and light skin wearing blueish cloths standing there. i ask him directly "you are FM?" and he nods. i tell him that he wanted to show me how to get invisible last time but it didnt work out and if he can do it now. he starts to get worried like something is not right mumble something around. he seems to be torn between yes and no and i start waking up.
      i try to stabilize again but this time feel that´s over and i should journal to not forget it.
    2. Spooky Comp. Day 12 - lucid after 2h, running around, summoning FryingMan

      by , 10-26-2016 at 11:18 AM
      early lucid. for the time it had a decent quality. some days ago i´ve read this thread and for some reason i remembered it in this lucid. my awareness was not that high to instantly remember goals but i just ran around and see what happend. thinking about it i had several lucids where i had no clue what to do and just go with the flow and for some reason the awareness was always not on the peak but the lucids where pretty long lasting (atleast felt so) and funny.

      i am somewhere with a friend of mine and we eat a kebab. mine is all gone already and i think about eating more. she is still eating and somewhat seem to not enjoy it too much. she has a small bone in her mouth? i thinking about taking the car and drive somewhere where i can get something to eat but i "remember" that i have smoked weed and its not a good idea. i remember also where i am (in a street in my hometown) and that its near a street where i can find a lot of restaurants. i start running. while running i get lucid and do a short nosepinch.
      i pass several restaurants and the dream is partially pretty dark and i cant see that far/good but i dont mind and continue running. i run through some chairs and a sign. i thinking about to fly but remember better not to and continue running. a good friend of mine crosses my way we say hello but i continue moving. i cross a street and phase right thru a person that crosses my way. i look behind (because a guy call me?) and has a skateboard in his hands and asks with his look if i want to have it. i think why not and he throws it in my direction. it lands on the street and i pull it to me via TK. i step on it and ride a small distance but trip and while i retrieve the skateboard i hear two kids. i look back and see that the kids (the dad?) wants the skateboard back and so i give it back because i am not depend on it.
      there is a crossroad and i see a lot of asian snack shops. i turn left and move down the street. my awareness rises shortly and i get the idea to summon Fryingman and let me show something. i put my hand behind my back and ask FM to grab it. nothing happens. not the first time. i move some meters further to one of the shops where two asian girls are standing around. i turn my back to them and try again [so in my mind there is a potential person that can grab the hand] i say "take my hand", feel a hand and ask "fryingman is that you?" i hear a male voice so i turn around. i see a guy next to me but the asian chick is pretty close too [i would hold her hand if i hadnt ask for FM i think]. unfortunately i cant remember how he looked this time i ask him to show me how to get invisible and he turns transparent. nice! i ask him how he does it but he says he down know exactly and sometimes he has problems getting non-transparent again. the whole time we are walking. we move around a corner and shortly after he turns into my girlfriend.
      we are standing infront of an asian sign with some rules about something, something with latex. we enter a small room that have similarities to a cinema and we sit down and decide to see what movie will be shown [i never watched anything for more than a few seconds] she says she needs to go to the toilet and i feel like i should go too before the movie. i look up and see a half broken sign where further toilets are
      and wake up shortly after

      i tried SSILD after around 7h of sleep but after SSILD i felt to awake and thinking about waking life problems so i gave up and stood up at 9 am
    3. Summer Comp. Day 6 - Summon Fryingman, catching FA, stealing Car

      by , 08-04-2016 at 09:58 AM
      after sleepingquality last night was bad and i was tired and anemic the whole day i got to bed at 11:30 fall asleep on my side and woke up 6:30 in same position... no awakenings no recall except of last dream. think positiv, did a WBTB and induced a DILD via SSILD. Later catched a FA that lead to another short uneventful DILD.

      recalled 1 dream and 2 fragments

      i am outside and want to lock up my backpack. it feels like our library at the university but at the same time it is outdoor and i am at a parking lot. a lot of the lockers are damaged, all in the same way. i move away from them do some steps notice the parking lot but see then that a undamaged locker is free. i go there put my stuff in and i know that my phone is in my left pocket and my wallet in my right pullover pocket. i close the door and hear my phone ringing from inside of my backpack... i wondering and check again. no my phone is in my pocket.. so i ignore the ringing and try to lock the door but somehow there is no lock but just a cord. i tighten up the cord and think "nah will do it everyone is doing it like this". i move away and tell someone that we can order rechargeable batteries online? i go to my GF, she is shopping something? i tell her too, that we can order rechargeable batteries online because they are better. she says nah. we start kissing and move now thru a building we pass a room and i pull her inside, there are two beds inside. i somehow like the room and how the bed is made. we climb over the first and i want to start sexytime with her. she says that xy will be inside later but not now.
      i take of my shoes but randomly get lucid and tell her that we need to postpone this because this is probably not a good idea anyway and i have some tasks to do. i put on my shoes again stand up and leave the room. i put my hand behind my back and say "hey Fryingman take my hand" nothing happens. i move on a different place and repeat it. its not working. i get tensed and move away, i loose visuals but still feel my body inside the dream. two drawn eyes appear inside this blackness and they move there where i look too. i play around with it for some seconds but then decide i want the dream back and engage my body and rub my hands. i get back the visuals and standing outside. i again try the behind my back summon but without success. i form a funnel with my hands and shout out hey FryingMan! and one guy in a group of 3 guys shouts back here! i approach them happy and ask him: "you are fryingman?" "yepp" i jump up and hug him (damn his summoning costs me a lot of emotions xD) he is pretty big like nearly 2m? and looks big but not in fat way but trained, maybe around 40? he or the guy next to him has a black leather jacket. we walk together and i start some smalltalk like how are you. one of the guys starts talking and talking and after some time i say "hey sorry man, dont want to interrupt you but i have something going here: fryingman you know sensei pretty good yes? can you tell me a secret about him?" he answers: "oh i dont know him so good but i know him a little yes" the other guy comments something about sensei but before FM answers i wake up...

      i feel like waking up. my one ear is tickling a little and i notice that one of my earplugs has fallen out [i put on some earplugs and a sleepingmask after the WBTB] i stand up and notice that my door is not completely closed and i hear my roommate outside. thats probably the reason why i woke up i think. there is somehow a light reflection or something that suddenly makes it pretty bright for a second. i wonder and try to redo the angle to see where that came from but i dont find it and just close the door. i approach my window and for some reason i feel like doing a RC. i do a nosepinch. nearly no air comes thru. i use now both hands (not the fingers) and pinch my nose as hard as possible. and again a faint of air passes my nose. i cant believe it and look at my hand. its bigger and blurred but nevertheless i count each and everyone of my fingers and there are six of them. i am perplexed but seems to be dreaming. i climb on the window board but before jumping out i look around in my room. looks like always but on my couch are two pillows missing.... hm okay and i jump/fall out and land flat on the street. for a second i think damn what if this wasnt a dream? i could die like this... but i feel no pain and so i shake of this thought and stand up fast. i put my hand behind my back and ask for FM again. but now cars are driving on the street and bypass me. i feel like this is a bad place to summon someone. i jump over a car and start to levitate in the air. one car draws my attention and i decide to steal this car. i fly behind it but it is to fast and i am too slow. i put my hands next to my hip and accelerate like ironman. now without a problem i get to the car. there are 3 guys sitting inside. the first one i just pull out and throw away. i land on the car and now pull out the driver and quickly jump on his seat to stop the car before it crashes. the third guy was sitting crosswise to the driverseat and just disappeared after i stopped the car. a silent voice in my head tells me to not waste the lucid and do something meaningful but i think to myself to drive just a little around and then do some tasks. i accelerate and its an awesome car. the street is pretty full and here and there i ram a car by accident. the visuals turn into GTA. i try to find the traffic ramp to drive faster but again i notice how senseless this is and thinking about how to get out of the car. my vision gets black and this time there is nothing i dont feel my body i dont see anything in the blackness. i lay still and hope for the best but suddenly someone (my brother?) tug around my sleeping mask and blow some air into my ear [FA].... i put of the mask and wake up for good...
    4. "Climbing the Tree" and "Battle of the Bulge(s)"

      by , 11-15-2014 at 06:18 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      I wake around 4:30 and induce. I am with my father on his porch. Suddenly, a Winnebago pulls up to the porch, and some guys get out and begin stripping his tomato plants of fruit. Then then get into the camper and drive off. I run out into the driveway to record a tag number. The tag has been removed, but their "camper tag," which is as large as a billboard, has the tag number (can't remember it now). I run back and tell my dad I have the number. I recite it once incorrectly, then correct myself. We get into his truck and give chase.

      While driving, he is not paying attention. A woman's car, pulling a trailer behind her, is sitting in the road. My father smashes into her, knocking her little car out of the way. I think this is hilarious in the dream and laugh. My dad looks at me.

      "Do you remember who I am?" he ask.

      "Of course," I say. "You're my dad."

      He nods, as though he is satisfied. "Son, you're dreaming this dream."

      I turn around to look behind us at the wreckage, and realize that this is a very odd scenario to be in. I nose pinch. Can't breath entirely, but can breathe somewhat. Am worried about leaping from the vehicle if it really isn't a dream.
      Can't remember how I prove it to myself, but the next thing I know I am waving goodbye to my dad, telling him to be careful. I then leap from the vehicle. I try flying a bit, and can't, so I settle on climbing a tree near me. It is basically just a tall, bent over trunk, with no branches. I wrap my arms around it and lift myself into the air. It is hard work (harder than it should be!) but I am able to climb much better than in real life. I get a pretty good distance up befor dropping to the ground. The dream begins to fade, so I strip off my gloves (wtf) and begin rubbing my hands against the asphalt to stabilize. Oops, the dream is fading out anyway.

      I "wake up," and am reading FryingMan's DJ. It is interactive, and the POV (1st, 2nd, 3rd) begins changing to indicate whether or not he was lucid. For some reason, this makes me think that perhaps I have not woken up at all, but am still dreaming. I nose pinch.Lucid. However, something catches my eyeand I lose lucidity before finallywaking up.

      After a short WBTB with wife (it's about 7 when I get up), I induce and return to sleep. Long semi-lucid. A psychiatrist is talking to me about my dreams, and investigating my dream recall and lucidity. She slowly turns into a very cute psychiatrist wearing glasses. She is mostly naked, and is arching her back very provocatively. For some reason I don't jump on her, but the dream continues. Next thing I know, I am in a boat house and being assailed by faceless men with boners. Yep. I have a pole-axe type weapon, and am fending them off. However, during the dream I have the distinct impression that none of this is real at all. I jump around the building, avoiding the water in the center, and chopping people up as I go. Don't catch me, you dicks!

      I manage to climb outside onto the roof of the boathouse. The roof is flimsy and made of plastic, and I feel that I might collapse it easily, or that it might topple over as I move towards the edge. I know if I can just jump into this water, I'll be OK. I leap in. The water feels amazingly real, and but it is totally dark beneath. I suddenly think, "It's a dream!" and open my WL eyes.
      I can see the room barely, and can also see my sleep mask, so am satisfied. I close my eyes and lie still. Eventually, my dream hands and arms settle back beside me, and another dream begins: some stage curtain draws back to reveal a cartoon singing chicken. The chicken is singing to itself. I watch, waiting for the dream to fully settle. Unfortunately, something distracts me and I wake up.

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    5. Are you fryingman? ★★★★☆

      by , 08-25-2014 at 01:44 PM (Zödra)
      I woke up around 530 and did a micro - WBTB, woke up to my alarm and decided to take another 30 minutes of sleep since I felt like I was almost there!

      I wake up in my room and step outside. My friends are gonna give me a ride to work. I don't understand how I can do my work without a car. Hmmm... RC. Awesome. I see a DC nearby and am about to go all caveman. I notice the dream becoming unstable. I take my hands and rub them together. I have an important mission. I step away from the girl and yell:
      "Fryingman!" I see 3 men across the way. I fly over and as I get close one disappears. I point at one that seems to have the right description.
      "Fryingman?" I ask, and he shakes his head and takes off running. I look at the other one. Too short. Too young. I turn away and turn back. Still looks pretty young, but a dream person isn't really gonna have a set age anyways.
      "Yes! You found me!" He says. I shake his hand.
      "You are dreaming!" He looks confused, maybe he didn't hear me "you are in a dream. You are dreaming." He walks away and I grab him. I need to show him some dream powers, that should awaken him to the dream.

      I look around. It looks a bit like Texas would have looked in the 1800 had it been in Europe. (European 1800s style house, Texas landscape). I see a mansion about a 100 yards away.

      "ill teach you energy manipulation!" I say "gotta get in the right pose" I pose like I am doing a Kamehameha wave. I focus on the core and moveit to my hands and then in between my hands in a ball. I am floating a few feet above the ground for fora proper Kamehameha wave. I release and go flying back. The wave didn't seem to destroy the house either. That was weird. I am lying on the pavement and I can't find fryingman anywhere. I wake up after a minute or so.

      I wake up in bed and my in laws are giving me a ride to work. I am thinking about the previous dream as I get ready for work and my alarm goes off.

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    6. 8/1/14 Sensei's Competition Night 5 DILD few points + Night 4 notes

      by , 08-02-2014 at 12:55 AM
      8/1/14 restaurant with a spinning ride. Trying to cut through to restroom I plan to go through ride platform but end up riding with BrM from work and barely hanging on with just my hands. First try to go through exit door and I'm stopped by waitress. / pro baseball game. Great pitcher won it for other team. I'm on field afterwards. Baseball again..? / I feel like I was not that far off from forgetting this one too: I become lucid when I am at a party in a cafeteria setting that seems to be in (a particular foreign country I will leave out for now because of the tie in to FryingMan). I see "A", daughter of M who lives about 90 minutes north and I realize it would be very odd for her to be in this country at the same time as me and that it is a dream. Everyone is speaking the national language it seems and I try to think of a phrase that FryingMan said before so I could see what their reaction would be. I am also wondering if a DC of him might have been there. I just talk to the daughter that I know telling her that this is a dream and she looked on like she was listening but not surprised or anything. There are two long tables that I go to in this cafeteria like setting, probably residue from the party I attended few days ago. I walk up to this other table with about 6 people at it. The previous table had maybe 8 people. I was trying to think of some foreign phrase to say to the people sitting there but decided to move on and went out through the exit and into a hallway and got down to the end of the hallway and the dream went dark. I remained patient and focused stabilizing the dream and soon the visuals came back up and it seemed like I was in the same hall. I decide to go back the other way and I could hear a party going on in another door to my left and I decided to check it out and it was definitely a different party. They had disco lights going with some people dancing but mostly standing around and this time it was a very diverse crowd. People of all colors. I thought about going in there but decided to go continue down the hall and was just relishing the vividness of this dream. It started to fade again but this time I found myself fading back to bed. Probably the end of my REM cycle. 180

      Some notes from Night 4 where I think I got lucid but I am not sure...ugh:

      7/31 11pm, 5am violent shooting scene day residue from "Shoot'em Up" movie opening sequence before bed. Mole steps out of compound to save himself. Another guy is drawn out and blinded by bright spotlight. And shot with high powered machine gun in slow motion from midsection to head with bullet after bullet tearing through his head. I slowly peel my eyes away from this scene. Survivor going through multiple surgeries is tough as nails but also affected mentally - in one scene looks in shock. /Poor recall lately. As mentioned on the competition thread... I think I became lucid noticing that I was downtown just like I told myself to watch out for as a dream sign because of train sounds. Earlier I remember riding the train and getting on the wrong train just a minute early...just a minute before my actual train came. I was trying to look out the train window to see which destination I was heading to instead but the destination was illegible. There was at least one false awakening where my wife is getting ready and I can see her naked. I remember trying to go back into the dream (I think from the beginning of the (first?) false awakening) and having vibrations. I was so happy to see the vibrations back but I think it was all in dream (maybe it always is).
    7. FryingMan's silky hand

      by , 07-24-2014 at 10:04 AM
      FryingMan's silky hand
      Lucid #28


      I am hiking through a beautiful forest and suddenly hear a barking. I look to my left where I heard the noise coming from and see a steep slope. Nevetheless the dog doesn't seem to care and comes at me. I fall to the ground and he bites me in my arm and I realize I am dreaming..
      I find myself in my house. I stabilize and do the 5-senses technique and also try to remeber my waking life my goals and what it means to be dreaming. Well the first thing I remembered is summoning FryingMan. I shout FryingMan and grab behind my back. I dont know what kind of hand I should exept, but then I feel a hand probably wearing a glove made out of silk. (Thats how I pictured him before in WL, because of him saying he would look like Santa, and Santa certainly has gloves) It feels very warm but kinda just lays there in my hand without really holding on to. I turn arround but I get too exited, also due to the extremely realistic dream and wake up..

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