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    1. Summerish Competition - Night 7 - Finally Lucid

      by , 09-08-2017 at 01:00 PM
      Finally i manage to get lucid again. i really started to worry about the fact that i just dont get lucid at all. the break i had really seem to erase most of my skills. but tonight i finally had a proper lucid like old times where i manage to do things and remember my goals. so here we go:

      i ride a bus. i seem to notice i am dreaming because i want to change some numbers on a busstop. i wink an older woman.
      i ride a bicycle and wear sunglasses. i see a friend and drive in his way and block him. he dont recognize me. i make a fun out of it and say random things in a different voice. after some time i put away the glasses and show him who i am. he tells me he didnt recognize me and thought i am a random girl. i remember that i was dreaming and do a nosepinch and yes still a dream. i tell him i have stuff to do. first i want to finish my 3 step tasks. so i turn around and see some trees. i approach them and run straight thru them. good now some fire. i turn my hand several times until finally i see a small but steady flame in my right hand burning. i throw it on a group of people but the flame only reflects and falls to the ground instead of burn them. well who cares. i turn around and see two women. i want to make on of them disappear. i wave my hand in front of my sight as if i want to erase her. but the other one disappears. good enough i think. i want to make her appear again but i cant do it. i guess because i dont know her or her looks. i move on and see a fire alarm box in a building and make it also disappear like the woman before.
      i enter a building i want to summon someone in my field of view. i pick up a piece of newsletter or commercial or something where a woman is printed. i look at the picture and want her to materialize. a random guy is standing around and irritating me. i tell him to go but he refuses. i go to him hold his shoulders and gently but firmly push him in the direction of a wall and push him thru until i dont see him anymore. i go back and look at the picture of the woman. i focus my eyes on the picture and wave with my hand until i see the woman materialize infront of me. i feel like everything is blurry or pixelated but i guess its because she is from a magazine. i thinking about having sex with her but it feels to early i still have stuff to do and dont want to go caveman and wake up. so i try to summon myself the same way but it wont work. i turn around expecting to find a picture of me and i do. i pick it up and try again but again no success. i look at the pictures. there are some folded into each other. i seem to remember the pics of me. i think about if this is really like accessing old memory or false memory. i wear a tophat. one girl especially seem to feel familiar like if i had something with her. [it was false memory]. i want to continue and turn around. i dont think about the woman anymore and approach the first room. i make a fireball again. it is small. i see my thumb ring. it is black. with my left hand i turn him and the flame gets bigger and seem to drain energy from the ring. i put both hands together and make the fireball even bigger. i throw it on a box with wood and paper. it burns. also does the table nearby. i leave the building with the intention to make it rain outside. but its already raining. i feel very powerful. i cross a street and point on a cardriver and demand him: bring me a magic lamp. he honks and starts driving. i demand him to do fast and he honks again and disappears. i walk over the street and point on some cars driving in my direction "STOP!" and they do a full break. i see a woman standing around with an umbrella and tell her to put of her cloths and she starts undressing but i keep going and dont even look there. i point into the sky and command to stop the rain and it stops raining. some dropps here and there like from trees still fall down and i feel them i again command "stop completely" and the sky gets brighter and no rain at all is there anymore. i move by two women standing next to a car. i approach them and tell them "hey in your car traunk there is the magic lamp right? she denies but the other one seem to want to open the trunk and i open it and she points at the lamp. i pick it up and tell the first woman to not lie again to me. she explains that she understands something else. i start rubbing the lamp but no genie comes out the lamp.
      i sit at a table with friends and talk. i do a nosepinch " i am still dreaming.... excuse me i have another totm to do" i stand up and want to go to the next room and play some pinball or something but i notice there is a computer in this room so i approach it and see that there is a game active. it has some similarities with mario and another game i played once iwas small. i start playing there are a lot of options but i skip them all. i spawn in a forest. it is more or less 3D. i only can walk on given ways up and left. it seems very simple. i am inside the game but still i notice a girl stands next to me and tells me the game is boring. i run a way and even tho i only can run right the character leaves the way and falls down a cliff. i think i loose lucidity shortly.
      i find myself in a floor. i am semilucid and i still want to do the bonus task of the month but first i seem to want to go to a toilet. i sit down and think about the task and wake up shortly after?
    2. 9th LD (MILD) [Mantra: "I will remember to do an RC."]

      by , 02-18-2017 at 01:20 PM
      I'm walking down a street with a friend, we'll call him C, and do a nose pinch RC. Now, this is the thing with RCs. I know I'm gonna become lucid before I do it. So, I do the RC and it works. I become lucid.

      I see someone walking down the street in the opposite direction and when the person gets closer, I see that it's our physics professor. He says: "Hi.", and C also says hi. I curse at him but he doesn't react, he just continues walking down the street.

      There are cars and buses coming my way. I try to make a fireball and shoot the cars, but it doesn't work. I ask C what should I do, and he says that I should try to create the fireball longer, to charge it. And now I can shoot fireballs (thanks C). The longer I charge it, the bigger the ball is. The only problem is, when the fireball hits something, it doesn't catch on fire, or get destroyed (gonna try that in another dream).

      I start running towards a bus that is coming my way and when it gets close, I jump like a running beast, time slows down and I pass like a ghost through the bus. I can see all the things inside, the motor and stuff. I'm doing that, running through the street. I'm really fast while doing that.

      I get to the bus stop of my elementary school. There is a bus, the one like for trips, not the city transport one. The bus is full of children, and the driver is female. A kid from the last row points a shotgun at me, but I don't care since this is only a dream. A kid on the second right row keeps vomiting, there is some vomit on me. The kid next to him keeps screaming "Cough Syrup" and "Memes". I also kept thinking that the back row guy is going to become a school shooter.

      I get out of the bus, and run like a beast to a close meadow. Must've been about 7 dream hours. When I go to the meadow, I do a stabilization technique, the hand rubbing one. I start spinning, and imagine myself in the huge mansion, with black and white tiles. The dream collapses a few seconds after I spawned it the mansion. At least I managed to teleport!
    3. Splendid Comp. Day 6 - 2 FA and trolling around

      by , 01-19-2017 at 01:07 PM
      I am in a bar? with two friends of mine. we leave and i get lucid. i move right phasing thru things. the girls go left. i start to follow them flying. i fly ahead of them and land again. there is a girl on a bicycle. i will her to stop. i hold myself on the sattle and will her telepathically to start moving again. she is pulling me some meters. i tell her to stop again. she leaves and i take her bike. i look behind me and my girls are coming slowly. the bike changes into a super small one person car i am sitting in. i tell them to bring me the cd with the music and they do but the cd is not working?
      the dream fades and i think i wake up but its a FA. i am naked in my bed with my sleeping mask on same as IWL. but the room is different. i lay there and the door to the next door is open and i see people. i dont want to get up because i am naked. i do a nose pinch and notice that i can still breath thru. nice still in the dream i jump up and dont care about my nakedness at all. i think i saw my brother sitting under a table (in a way you couldnt see him IWL because the angle of sight was way off). i approach the corner but he is not there anymore. i see a small rest of a cigarette but i know its a joint. i pick it up and smoke it. while smoking it (again i dont feel a effect) i remember the competition and i want to make some points. i want to do mass TK and aim some books and stuff. but no matter how i do it nothing moves at all. i am confused? is it because i smoke? i try it on a blanket and its slightly moving. i turn around to a table and there is a big glas half full with water. i try again and the water starts moving and boiling. the glass gets full completely but i cant manage to get the water out there. i decide to leave and jump thru the wall outside and fly away. the dream destabilize and i everything is nearly black i only see some dim lights far away. i fly there and rub my hands flying.
      again i think i woke up but this time i do a RC instantly and yup still dreaming. this time i am in a house (the one i was flying to) and there are two more people. in the moment i told them this is still a dream and i dont have to do anything they closed the door and told me to stay outside of the room. i just out of fun phase thru the wall and tell them something i dont remember and phase right back. there is a guy and i tell him i did in "previous" dream some waterbending and now i want to do some firebending. i summon some liquid out of my left hand into the right hand. i try to ignite it by snapping my fingers but it wont work. i tell him to help me and he do. my right hand starts burning. i want the fire to get to a fireball levitating over my hand. i have some problems witrh it and i take my second hand as support. i differ the distance between my hands and a fire/energy filament emerges between those hands and you hear electrical discharges. the ball between my hands gets bigger and i throw it against the wall
      waking up for real this time.
    4. Spooky Comp. Day 23 - totmīs fails, teleport but not to candyland

      by , 11-06-2016 at 02:34 PM
      i stay infront of a mirror in a bathroom. i see that i have no beard and short hear. hm this is not right. i do a nosepinch and am lucid. i rub my hands look out of the window and think what to do. okay candyland here i come.
      i look to the wall and even tho there is no mirror i see a reflection of me. i see myself smiling and tell myself "behind that door is candyland" i open the door but just a floor. the setting is like an very old hospital. i move to the next door and open it and again just a random room. i continue thru several doors until i land in a room with a guy and a girl. both seem to be personal. i see two doors next to each other and i want to ask the guy which one is the door to candyland but before i can ask he opens one and enters. again just a bathroom. i go to the girl and ask her same question. she tells me "none of those but this one" and points on a bookshelf with a small wooden door. she approaches it and puts in a tissue to open the lock. while shes making around i summon a fire in my hand again. its working but with a little more willpower than the two days before. i think iīve found a reproducible and easy way to summon a nice fireball in my hand. i am happy about it.
      she opens the wooden door and i see a purplish portal behind it. without hesitation i jump inside and find myself in the void. pure blackness. i move some body parts to ground myself and not to wake up. i say again and again "candyland" and try to imagine it. this time it feels long to be in the void. after some time i start to see small circles that start to get bigger. suddenly i am in my room. for the split of a second i seem to see some candy outside but i am back in my room standing there. just to be sure i do a nosepinch and phase outside. i feel like in a different reality. the plants i have on my window board are half a meter outside in mid air. i float next to them and look and them. the colors are special. very green and strong but not loud or shiny. kind of different... i float up and see that alle the buildings are different then they should be. there are some constructs made of wire that seem to be a parking lot on some roofs. i try to make a fireball in midair but i seem to concentrate to much because i have problems with the fireball and sinking at the same time. i stop it and decide to fly up into the sky. i fly to a bulding and kick myself of it to the next one like a pinball. i jump strongly and up in the air. its night and the sky is over and over with stars. i see galaxys/milky way and some falling stars but they dont fall straight but in shape of snakes. i accelerate more and more and the stars start to blur and i find myself around stars
      and wake up...

      i go somewhere with my roommate. he has a bicycle. he has a big TV on it. and it seems that i want him to do something for me. transport something? he agrees and i ask him if its really okay and he nods and starts moving slowly. i look down at me and notice that i have nothing on my except a t-shirt. so i need to go back home and get my stuff. i have a pink old bike and i start riding. i see my roommate and ride past him. in a curve the right handle of the bike falls down. i stop pick it up, but it back on and continue riding. i am now in my hometown. the handle falls down again and after picking it up again i do a nosepinch and can breath thru like a king. i am confused and to back this up i look at my hand. yup seven fingers.
      i phase into a car and push out a granny again (dont know why i have a high affinity to cars that much at the moment and why there are always grannys inside...) i say out loud: "navigation on, bring me to candyland." and immediately a blueish arrow shows the direction. i start driving the car and hear music in the background. i accelerate and decide to drive to a place i know and get out there. but because i think about something else i land in a different location and i get out and everything is game-like. i want to communicate with DCīs that are next to the car but i have to type it so it appears as a speech bubble infront of me. i notice something is off and normally i dont have problems communicating with DC. why do i dont just speak? i die?! or reload?!
      however i am back in the car in same position before i started driving. i ask out loud "turn on some music. Sigil plz" and music is starting. i think i even got something similar to what i wished. i get out of the car and approach a girl. since i found the last "show me a dance" not so convincing i ask her to the same. without a word she moves around the car and in the moment she wants to start another girl approaches her looking worried. she wants to whisper her something and i put my hand behind my ear deciding to have super hearing and i hear her loud and clear saying something about to think twice to just like that show a dance and to think about it. shortly after
      i get woke up by a temporary roommate smashing a damn door...
    5. Spooky Comp. Day 22 - some TOTMīs, searching and summoning FM

      by , 11-06-2016 at 02:04 PM
      the first lucid i only remember the end. i think it was an early night lucid:
      i am in a hurry because i want to get somewhere? i see a car run to it and phase from behind into it. on the seats are two grannyīs. i tell them to get out because i need the car. after a short moment they agree and get out. i start riding and waking up. i try to stabilize but no chance.

      later the night after a wbtb:
      i drive a car and touch my chin and notice i have a 1 or 2 day beard. it makes this feeling and sound when you wipe over it with your hand. i start wondering: i have a beard for some years now and in past 3 or 4 month i have a pretty long one. i do a nosepinch and get lucid. after some seconds i decide to get out and just stop moving so that the car continues driving and i phase out thru the back of the car. i move around the corner looking for something? and wake up. i lay still and DEILD back in using tactile sense. i lay in my bed and feel that i am dreaming again. i stop the tactile movement and do a nosepinch its working. i still have my sleeping mask on and i am a little scared if i just can put it off. but it works and i see perfectly (probably because i gave the dream enough time with tactile movement and a long nosepinch). i dont loose time and phase thru the window.
      i fly down in a clumsy way and see a guy. i land/stumble next to him. i ask him to show me a dance. i notice that he looks like a kickboxer or something. big, strong and athletic. he starts his "dance" that looks more like kicks in the air (maybe a little like capoera but really not that dancefull) i tell him "yea but i want to see a dance" and he nods telling me THIS IS a dance. okay i think and for some reason i decide to answer this with a fireball the way i learned it yesterday. and yes it works pretty straight forward without to much problems. but i have a problem throw it on him but nah who cares. he "danced" for me and now i want to put my head into some nice concrete
      i look for a good place in the ground. i notice that everywhere are bigger and smaller manhole covers. i dont want to make it too easy so i look for a place where there is solid ground. i find a nice place and dive free of fear on the ground head first. i stick my head face first into the ground and i feel that the ground gets flexible pretty fast and i sink in. darkness. i want my head to go deeper so i do a hand/headstand and push this little ball of a head deeper into the ground. but i just cant see anything. its pure black darkness. i wait some moments and notice to start see some schemas like HH or looking into the sun and see little bits and balls but nothing with real structure. i decide that its time to get "my head out of sand", spit some dirt out of my mouth and continue with next totm.
      i look around and see several people. i want to do advanced II. i go to a group, turn my back to them and my hand behind my back asking for FryingMan. some random dude takes my hand i turn around ask him "are you FM?" he shakes his head. i let him go and move some meters to the next group and repeat it. again someone takes my hand and again its not FM. i ask/tell him to bring me to FM. we start walking (hand in hand?!) and i see some tables i want to move thru but because he holds my hand i move against them... i let go of his hand and think about some way to make easy points on my way. "i could smash the wall with my bare hand!" i approach a wall and start to punch it strongly. but i cant destroy the wall. just some sand is dropping. on the other hand my hand get no harm neither. " i really am not a fighter guy" i think and keep moving. i decide i could jump super high and try this with no aim. i cant jump significantly higher than normal. i aim for a rooftop and this time jump up and with ease i make several meters. in mid air i start floating and decide to come back to the ground.
      but i have some problems going down again and i feel how the dream destabilizes. i start rubbing my hands and use some tactile movement. next thing i know i am infront of the house i was jumping and i enter it. there is a guy and his dad. they are eating something with eggplant and a dip made of tomatoes and cream. i for some reason feel that they do it "wrong" and the dip is not right. i move into the floor but then i decide i want to taste the eggplants. i go into the kitchen but the boy already cleared away the food. i ask them "where is the food?" he answers "in the freezer" i look around and ask "where is the freezer?" they just stare at me and dont answer. fuck it i think and pick up the bottle of juice on the table. i drink it and its grapefruitjuice. i phase out of the building but put my head in again and call the dad an asshole and phase out again. i look thru the window and see how he gets angry and want to get out. i want to throw him the juice against his head but the bottle dont phase thru the window and just smash against it and falls down. the dad comes out and wants to beat me up but before he can smash me i but both my hands on my temples and use mindcontrol. i say: "you dont remember any of that. you have a headache and want to lay down" the surrounding changes from outside to inside the livingroom. he come around and shakes his head saying "uh i have a headache i need to lay down." i stand up and point to the couch tell him to lay down there and meanwhile i leave him alone so he can rest.
      i leave the building and in front of the house is a girl and another person? we talk shortly about something and then she wants to go somewhere and i accompany her. she tells me where to go but i stop her and say i first need to do something. i put my hand behind my back and this time feel super confident. immediately i feel a hand and ask "are you fryingman?" no answer i ask a second time and again no answer. i turn around and see a thin guy with short blond hair and light skin wearing blueish cloths standing there. i ask him directly "you are FM?" and he nods. i tell him that he wanted to show me how to get invisible last time but it didnt work out and if he can do it now. he starts to get worried like something is not right mumble something around. he seems to be torn between yes and no and i start waking up.
      i try to stabilize again but this time feel thatīs over and i should journal to not forget it.
    6. Summer Comp. Day 13 - 2 short 1 decent lucids - fireball, weekly task fail, totm fail

      by , 08-11-2016 at 08:54 AM
      to bed at ~22:30 - first awakening 3:45 SSILD and tactile senses, problems falling asleep because of sounds and thoughts...

      wake up at 5:15 with this:
      FA: i stand up leave my room and go into the kitchen, i see a pot with some noodle soup in it that starts getting moldy. i turn around and see a chair with some towls on it that are wet and the whole ground is wet. i am pissed and leave the kitchen again and enter the bathroom. here i fill up my glass of water drink some and go into the corridor [the whole apartment has a different layout]. just before i enter my room i see my roommate at the door of my other roommate and wants to silently enter. i drank a lot of water and for whatever reason i ehm.. puke him a waterfountain in his neck. i find it a little funny but i am also uncertain if this might not be a dream. i lift my hand and see and show him this is a dream. at the beginning i cant say anything because i feel still water in my throat i move backwards and show him that the lightswitch doesnt work. then i run backwards and phase thru the wall. while falling i wake up. [after waking i noticed that the dream wasnt that stable, everything was dark and with not too much detail...]

      i am pissed because of the bad sleep quality and the poor lucid. this time i put earplugs in and try again with a little less effort to faster fall asleep. i wake up at 6:30 with this:
      [dont remember the non lucid part] i move down a street and realize i am dreaming, look at my hand to confirm. i want to summon sivason behind my back, feel a hand and turn around. "ah you look different, you are sivason?" he nods but says "only my upper part looks different ... bla... my name is so and so" "wait so you are not sivason?" "hmm" i instantly put my hand behind my back again and summon again sivason. i ask him and he nods. the first guy wants to keep on talking but i softly push him and point him to go. he leaves. i turn to sivason and tell him: "i know now how you do it and i have to channel my energy in my hand. i want to try it do you have any further advice?" "ah i think you get it its not that easy to explain its like this" he puts both hands together and they look veiny and strong. but no fire appears and i focus on my arm i feel some energy run down and as i look at my hands i already see some flames inbetween. cool! i throw it at a tree and it starts burning. i shortly try again but its not working instantly but i am satisfied. the fire disappears from the tree and i want to uproot it with TK. it starts shaking a little and i concentrate on the fact that there is no weight or problem and its easy. i hear some cracking and pulling sounds and the three fly up. i throw it on the ground and i want to make it disappear in front of my eyes but it doesnt work and i feel it not that important to try longer. i turn to sivason and say "hey you are an pharmacist right? i want to put my personality into a pill and make it a DC swallow it. can you help me? what do you need? some hair or something?" " oh thats easy i have done this often, you can give me anything, a 50cent coin for example" "a 50 cent coin?!" a DC that sits around on a bench says " ah you will have a problem because you need very clean water and you use normal water" while we talk sivason changes into a woman and i get a BJ. while this happens i pocketsummon a candy with eucalyptus taste. there are two candy in one foil. i take one and offer the other to the girl noticing that she is busy. i enjoy it for a minute and then she moves away. i walk behind her and she approaches a bus and wants to enter. i hold her and tell her "we can go there soon but first i want to do the TOTM. we have to fly and find a plane and look inside or enter. like we wish" we start flying hand in hand and the sky gets really bright like when you look into the sun and then somewhere else. i feel like the dream destabilize and i start to fly straight down to accelerate to the ground but before i reach it i wake up.

      i note the dream and just try to fall asleep with mantra and looking at the back of my eyes.
      i have a dream and then again a FA that i catch:
      i wake up and feel that a tooth of mine is loose. 'oh no not again' i carefully touch it and i feel that it fall out. i carefully put it out of my mouth and its a small corner one. i put it next to my clock and lay back and try to fall asleep. i move my tong and notice there is more and i pull out tooth after tooth and i feel the sound of loose tooth moving against firm tooth... i see this is a dream and plug my nose. now i have my sleepmask on and try to put it off but every time i take it of there a a new one underneath. i repeat this atleast 5 times and then i start so see in very bad quality and wake up.
    7. Fireball Explosion!

      by , 10-17-2014 at 06:21 PM
      Last night I decided to get up at 3:00 Am and try the WILD technique. I usually practice this technique once or twice per week. I started off lying in bed on my back, and then my right side, and left, then again on my back, and then on my right side again. This went on for about an hour and half, staying in one position for as long as I could stand it. No dreams forming, just random images. Suddenly, and instantly, thereís a full screen dream right in front of me! Iím at a campsite and thereís a big pile of wood in the fire pit. To enter the dream, I decided to raise my right hand with a burning match to light the fire. I could see my hand holding the burning match. I moved towards the fire pit, stepped into the dream, and then threw the match at the pile of wood. Bad idea, there was a massive fireball explosion, which threw me backwards right out of the dream (shortest lucid dream ever)! My body straightened right out, legs kicking, and then I rammed my big toe into my bedís footboard. My toe still hurts. BTW, in my waking life, I usually throw a gallon of gas on a campfire to light it.
    8. 07/06/14 - Show Us Your Stuff!

      by , 07-08-2014 at 09:39 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      I have been away from dreaming for quite a while due to having a great deal of difficulty with recall and motivation. Lately I have been taking some supplements for dream recall and I managed to remember a couple dreams, though they weren't fully lucid ones. Here are the dreams I remember:


      Show Us Your Stuff!
      I am wandering around in a neighborhood I donít recognize. I am not lucid, and I have no idea what I am doing there or even how I got to be there. I stop and look around for a bit, trying to clear my mind. I remember that I am making plans to meet with some new people in a shared dream. I think maybe if I can find a place that looks like the meeting place we are aiming for then maybe I can have the shared dream work. I remember that we are meeting near a large tree so I search the area for a large tree. I wander aimlessly for a while, no real direction in mind, and I finally find myself in a beautiful garden. There is a pool of water there with a waterfall flowing into it. I look at that for a few minutes, the sound of the water is calming. I look around a bit more and I spot a tree that looks perfect! I head over to the tree and look at it for a few minutes. I try to imagine what it would be like to be dreaming about this tree and meeting other dreamers here. I try to imagine what it would be like to have shared dreams again and to get a confirmed match.

      I close my eyes as I think about that and then I hear someone around me. When I open my eyes again there are people all around the tree! I donít recognize them. My first thought is that I am now trespassing on private property and these people are going to be angry at me for being there even though I didnít mean any harm. I think maybe I can slip away unnoticed, but as I am trying to leave, someone spots me. She comes over to me and says she knows meÖ Iím Raven Knight! She says she has heard a lot about me. So this person thinks Iím some kind of celebrity? I feel my face turn a bit red because Iím not sure where she might have heard of me. Then I think what sheís heard might not be good. I comment that you canít believe everything you hear. She said she just wanted to see me use some of my dream powers. I am thinking that would be impossible because this isnít a dreamÖ but the others there also seem to want to see it so I decide to try. I focus on Damage Inc. by Metallica to create a fireball. The resultant fireball isnít a huge one, but then I wasnít really looking for a big one, I wouldnít want anyone to get hurt. I am glad I was able to produce a fireball at all, and everyone around seems to think it is quite impressive even though it isnít something huge. Some of them want to see lightning, so I use Battery by Metallica to call a small bolt of lightning. Then someone asks if I can open a portal to take them to another dimension. I am thinking it is amazing enough that I am doing all these things when Iím not dreaming, can I open a portal? That would mean I can get out of this world! I am about to focus on Through the Never by Metallica to open a portal when I wake up.


      Nuclear Firestorm
      I am at school. I look around and see everyone else has already left the classroom, so class is over. I wonder where my mind has been that I didnít even notice that class had ended. I also notice I have no idea what the instructor has been talking about or if thereís anything I need to turn in that I havenít handed in yet. I ask the instructor if thereís anything I still need to turn in, hoping it is not obvious that I havenít been paying attention. He doesnít seem to think thereís anything strange about my question and he just says no, Iím good. I take my things and leave the school. I get in my car to go home, but I am hearing a lot of strange things on the radio. It is weird that the radio is on, I never listen to the radio in the car, itís always CDís or my iPod. But thereís news on. Something about a nuclear explosion? WTF?

      I reach home, and it is much like the place I live in my waking life, so nothing seems out of place. I go inside and find my mother is all ready to go. She tells me to get what I need to keep and grab the cats and leave as soon as possible. She doesnít bother saying why or where to go, just that. And she takes the dog and leaves the house. I am just standing there, puzzled. I start looking for the cats. We have three cats, but right now I canít find any of them. I think I will also take my computer and hard drive so I wonít lose that. But the cats come first. I keep looking for the cats. I finally get to the back door, a sliding glass door, and I look outside. I see a strange green beam shooting from the sky, from some source I canít see. I can tell itís going to hit in the mountains. Somehow I know the beam will trigger a nuclear explosion, so being this close to it would not be good. I have to get out of here!

      I am frantically looking for the cats now. Thereís no way I can leave them behind. I finally find one of them, my fluffy white cat named Princess. I scoop her into my arms and look around for my keys. Forget the carriers, thereís no timeÖ now where are my keys?! I need to put Princess in the car and find the other two! After searching frantically for a couple minutes I realize how foolish I am being. Thereís no way I can find two more cats and then get far enough from the blast to make a difference. I look outside again and the green beam is now solid and hitting the ground somewhere in the nearby mountains. Nothing to be done for it. I go away from the window and sit down in a corner at the far side of the house and wait. I see a blinding flash of light from behind the house. There was the blast. And shortly after it a searing wave of fire blasts through the house. I feel the heat as my body is incinerated, but not as pain, just as a warmth and a heavy wind. And as I feel the warmth everything fades to black.

      I wake up in bed and realize the nuclear detonation was just a dream. I come out of my room and find my mom fixing pancakes for breakfast. She smiles and asks how I am this morning. I say fine, and then tell her about my dream. I point out the window at the place the nuclear blast went off at. She says she is sure glad I survived and continues making pancakes. I find one of my kitties, the fluffy black one named Shadow, and I am petting her as I wake up for real.
    9. Dragon Bridge - Encounter

      by , 05-28-2014 at 09:23 AM
      In all my life, I can recall two dreams about dragons. The first was in childhood and the dragon was something more like Godzilla. The second is the following dream I had a few months ago and neglected to post to Dream Views.

      I was walking across an abandoned bridge. It was clearly abandoned as there were broken down cars and a number of makeshift shanty homes on it. It was day light and the sky was bright but completely overcast. I didn't see a single person on the bridge. As I walked along the bridge I looked over the edge. Below, on the shore was a forest and more shack-like homes. I saw this rouge-ish looking woman with red hair standing with a rugged looking man.

      They spotted me and started anxiously motioning to something in the woods behind them. Out from the woods, crawling on all fours was an enormous gray dragon. Around its neck was a frill of flesh like a lizard. It was around the size of a full sized bus. As soon as I got a clear view of it, I took off running further down the bridge.

      I recall thinking, "I doubt it can make it up here quickly." It looked too massive for much speed and it wasn't walking particularly fast. I got to section of the bridge that actually had multi-story apartment-like buildings. I ran to it, turned the corner, and hid behind a cement support column. I thought I lost it. I waited a few moments and peaked around the column.

      Rounding the corner, completely silently was the dragon. It was opening its mouth, which looked like an enormous black beak. Its eyes were black with some white showing and it looked intelligent. An enormous burst of flames came steaming out of its mouth directly at me. It was a furious fire filled with wind. The wind generated by the breath, apart from the fire seemed dangerous and absurdly powerful.

      I pulled back in time to avoid the flames but the cement column I was standing behind was breaking apart like cheap plaster.

      I suddenly had the sense that I was not just confronting a dragon. But something very evil. Perhaps even the devil. The fire was still blasting past me. Some strength started building inside me. I felt the power to strike back even though I was unarmed.

      I looked into my right hand and concentrated. A black energy started to draw inward to a single point in the center of my palm. An energetic black sphere started to form. It grew to about the size of baseball.

      As soon as the fire stopped, I leaned out from around the corner and threw the black fireball as hard as I could directly at the dragons face. It exploded with such force the dragons head violently flung backwards and it made an expression of shock. I took off running into the apartment complex. I came to a wood door which I entered and locked behind me. The door lock was very old fashioned, and weak. I looked around and was in a run down bathroom. I could hear the dragon forcing its way into the hall way. The flimsy wooden door trembled with its footsteps. I recall thinking, if it can smell me in here I am caught for sure.

      -Then I woke up.

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    10. 2/22/2014

      by , 02-28-2014 at 06:26 PM

      I was at Megan's house along with her mom and a few other people. I had my Remington 870 along with the 5 slugs my roomate gave me in the waking world. I was talking to Megan about what she's been doing and she tells me how she hates who she's with. There is a car next to us and from the reflection in its' mirror, I notice it's Megan's boyfriend. He gets out and walks to a shed while holding a shotgun. I get angry because it looked like he was threatening or bulldogging me so I get my shotgun and I shoot at him in the shed. He starts shooting back but he doesn't know how to use his gun. I run out of ammo and tackle him and choke him out with my shotgun. I get up and everyone tells me I'm going to jail. I see a sheriff but then notice it's a Correction's Officer holding a brand new AR15, so I give him the shotgun. I ask Megan a few more questions and ask "Be honest; did you ever cheat on me?" She stays quiet and the totem I had turned yellow and said that she felt bad for answering. I get told that the cops are coming and I do a 'dream rewind' as I call it. I'm back right before the firefight but instead of shooting him, I run and choke him out right away. I see something and suddenly realize I'm dreaming.

      I look at my hands telling myself "stabilize the dream! "I go bast the barn and I'm on NM47. I remember what I read about activating my senses so I kneel down and touch the pavement with my finger. The pavement then has a hole with eggs in it and I grab and eat one. No taste but it was runny. The egg was uncooked. My shemagh was in my eye, causing it to hurt so I adjusted it. I pinched my arm and felt like it was getting pinched. I hit my thigh with something but it didn't hurt. I saw a car about to pass so I said "It's time" and ran along with it. I acted as if I was doing parkour on the street but there were no obstacles so I was just imitating the moves. A white and black sports car came to my left and I raised my right hand, summoned a flame, and launched a fireball at the car, causing it to explode. I saw a truck in the distance and sped up to catch it. I looked at my hands to stabilize the dream again. I was then in a village on some plains. There were hills to the right and blue mountains to the left. I was on the roofs running from one and jumping to the other. There were two kids playing and saying they were Lucid Dreaming. I jumped between them and said happily, "No, I'm lucid dreaming!" I grabbed one of the kids and told him "I haven't seen water in one of my dreams for a while so let there be water!" I pointed to the hills but then changed my mind. I spun him around and pointed to the mountains. After a few seconds, a huge wave of blue water came over the top of the mountains. I ran away and the village was engulfed by water. Rain started pouring down.
      I found an even smaller village with brown roads and grass. The colors were vibrant and it looked familiar. It almost looked like the texture of it was from minecraft. I remembered what I wanted to do in my first lucid dream: Hug my mom goodbye. I looked for a specific structure and entered it, taking an elevator to the basement. I noticed the marble floors and the weird design they had. I stood in a small room and my mom appeared. She looked like a zombie and she was very weak. I went to hug her but it was hard to do so. My dream was fading and I sensed that I was going to wake up soon. An orb appeared at the bottom of my vision and it would block my view as it raised. I figured I'd have to return another time because when the orb consumed my vision, I peacefully woke up.

      The dream was hard to control and I know I didn't have a high level of lucidity but I was still lucid. Next time, I'll strive for a higher lucidity level. Upon further reasearch, I believe I lost lucidity when I looked at my hands when I reached the truck. Maybe even before that. I know I was lucid after blowing up the car, though.
    11. Another lucid...WOOT!

      by , 11-11-2011 at 03:22 PM (Pop's Dream Journal)
      Had another lucid dream out of the blue last night, due largely to the fact that I noticed a dream sign:

      I'm walking with my wife along a sidewalk. I'm not sure where we're headed but she's leading the way. We come to a chain link fence and suddenly she is on the other side of it and I ask her, "How did you get over there?" Looking at the fence, the only way I see over is to climb it, so I do. When I get to the top, I see the fence is right next to what looks like a souvenier shop or convenience store. But it's strange because the store has a chain link (or chicken wire) roof and I can see down into the store as I'm crawling over it. I'm going slowly, as my weight is causing the wire to sag down onto the items that are on the top shelf. I wait for my wife to cross over to where the cash registers are so that it won't have both our weight on it at the same time. We finally climb down and walk out the door.

      We're walking toward my truck when I see my son, my Mom, my Dad, my brother & his wife getting out of a car and walking towards us. I tell my wife, "That can't be Justin; he's halfway around the world. And Grandpa (my Dad) is dead. This must be a dream!" I become lucid and do a reality check by pinching my nose closed and trying to breath and I can. So I do it again, just to make sure. Then I remember some stuff I read about studying all the little details around you, so I do stuff like look at the ground and feel the fabric on my shirt. Then I look at my hands and there are fingers missing; I only have, like, two or three fingers on my right hand. So I turn to my son and say, "This is a dream. Look at your hands." He looks at his hands and lets out a little laugh. I say, "You're missing some fingers, aren't you?" and he nods his head. We all walk over to this house and some more people (relatives) are sitting out on the front porch. I tell everyone, "This is what's cool about dreams...you can do stuff like this," and proceed to cup my hands together in a ball but not quite together, and move them back and forth. I'm trying to conjure up a fireball but all I get is this faint blue plasma looking orb. So I concentrate harder to create a ball of flame and the blue color turns to yellow with a small flame springing to life for a few seconds. I try to hurl it forward, like the superheros do in the movies, but it only travels a few feet before sputtering out. Then a cousin of mine says something like, "Uncle Vance died tomorrow." So I ask her, "Do you mean tomrrow? Or do you mean yesterday?" After that I woke up.
    12. I can shoot fireballs!

      by , 10-22-2011 at 06:34 AM (Roving the Dreamscape)
      I can shoot fireballs!

      I just had my 40th LD through a DILD. What I originally did is I WBTB then attempted to WILD, but instead of SP kicking in, I fell asleep. But the good news is, I had a DILD. I really can't remember how the hell I became Lucid or Aware in the dream, but all I know is: I'm in a dream. It was dark, and I was in this open parking lot surrounded by a lot of buildings. I wondered to myself what would I do. I tried to fly, and I flied with out a problem. I flied like Iron man with my 2 hands thrusting fire to the ground. Though I wasn't actually in an armored suit. After a couple of seconds of flying, I thought to myself to try my fire powers. So I aimed my palm in this one spot and boom:
      A fireball came out of my palm. I was proud of myself. I settled myself at the top of this very tall building. I decided to summon Jarvis. Jarvis is the robot voice inside Iron Man's suit and Jarvis is the HUD(heads up display) itself. The program that's like: Warning, enemy fire detected or enemy location: South East. Here's an example of a HUD to give you an idea:

      I was able to summon Jarvis back then, and it was awesome. Jarvis warned me when the dream's destabilizing, and there's a meter of that shows me how much vivid my dream is. But as I was saying, I tried to summon Jarvis, but things didn't go well this time. I screamed: "Jarvis!". A HUD appeared in my own point of view, but suddenly, the dream started destabilized. Everything turned black. What happened next was a mystery. I was only able to recall this dream when I was having breakfast.

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    13. A

      by , 07-26-2011 at 09:16 PM (Naiya's Gallery)

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    14. Vampires and Fire

      by , 06-24-2011 at 07:50 PM
      The dream starts out non lucid, and after a long night of trying to WILD and giving up. In the dream I'm in some kind of giant vampire court and its unimportant and fragmented. (Cool vampires with capes, not prissy ones).

      Later in the dream I appear in some city scape with lots of people, and go into a bus stop with a cover and lay down. When I sit up there are metal covers all around the bus stop like you'd see around closed shops and I get the feeling of a scene of armageddon. Everyones gone, except for me. That's when I notice that I'm dreaming, even without a RC. The scared feeling from before is banished and I spend my time trying to wield fire and as I do I appear in some kind of space capsule about 20 feet long and 5 feet wide. With my first Lucid in a very long time it took some effort to summon a few fireballs, eventually I was able to warp my own reality to catch them after the ricochet. By the end of my fire spree I learned how to throw, catch, and throw two into eachother to cause an explosion; I was pleased.

      After this, I made an attempt at teleporting around the capsule, which I succeeded with mild success, making it back and forth around it with a few blinks and concentration.

      Finally, I induce some super strength and rip the top off the capsule and head out into the world. Ofcourse at this point Samuel L. Jackson is chasing me dressed like he was in various superhero movies. Jumping from car to car, I tried to use my very basic fire and teleportation powers although under pressure I failed and began to fall out of lucidity. My dream self took over and teleported into a large moving vehicle and took out a guard, stealing his gun and figuring it'd be more useful than my terrible attempts at dream-fire. After that the dream fizzles because I actually realized in my head that I wasnt lucid anymore and wasnt getting back in. Woe is me, cant wait for tomorrow now.
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    15. Lucid Dream 226: The Land of Judgement

      by , 05-16-2011 at 08:07 AM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      April 30, 2011
      Lucid Dream 226: The Land of Judgement
      Series: Tartarus of the Dream World, Episode 1
      around 8:00pm

      I woke up from my previous dream and got something to eat. I watched some t.v. for a bit and still felt tired. I decided to WILD. I performed my technique and soon SP set in.

      I started to slowly spin around in my bed and then floated around the room. I heard some muffled conversation and a few screams here and there. Finally, the dream settled in and I stood up. I noticed there was a man standing in my room. He looked familiar. I shouted, "Where the f*** have you been?" The old man turned around and I noticed it was Merlin the Wizard...my "dream guide." He spoke up and said, "You haven't needed me, but I have always been watching." I thought that was a little creepy, but replied, "So, what brings you here now?" I noticed Merlin was wearing a long brown traveling cloak, and held a large, white magical staff with a blue crystal on the end of it. His long, white and grey beard matched up perfectly with his long hair. He looked at me and said, "It is time for you to uncover the secrets of this world." I was very amused and intrigued all at the same time. I performed some quick stabilization techniques as Merlin began to chant.

      After a few moments a portal opened up and he ushered me into it. I dove head first into the portal and found my self in some sort of weird water slide. I was sliding head first through a strange purple tube. The texture was soft and very slippery. It reminded me of a frog's skin. The tube was many shades of purple and the more I observed it, the more it felt like I was inside the intestines of some strange creature. Luckily, there was nothing gross about it. It was an extremely fun water slide that twisted, turned, and had several awesome drops. Finally, i came to the end of the slide which was suspended over a massive lake. I fell around 100 feet from the end of the slide/tube and landed in the lake below.

      I plunged underwater and looked around. I could see several other DCs swimming around in the lake with me. I also noticed that the bottom of the lake could not be seen. The lake water was clear as crystal, but below me was nothing but a dark abyss. I freaked out a bit and kicked hard for the surface of the water (I have a slight fear of extremely deep water). I broke the surface and noticed everyone was swimming in a single direction. I figured I would follow. Suddenly, the person to my right was grabbed by something and drug under water. Splashing occurred all around me as demon-like beings began grabbing people and pulling them under. I sprang up out of the water like a dolphin and took flight. I flew to the shore. Several others made it to the shore and many seemed to be surprised by my flying ability. I told them all that we were lucid dreaming right now. One of them laughed and said, "Yeah...so is everyone else. You still shouldn't be able to fly down here!" You must be one of the chosen ones, eh?" I pondered the thought for a moment and then asked where we were. He replied, "We are in Tartarus of course." I looked around at the area I was in. The walls and ceiling were all made of crystal. The crystals and lake reflected a purple and blue light. The room was absolutely stunning. The DC warned me not to lust over the lake or it would draw me in. He also told me that this was, "The Lake of Judgement," and the unworthy would be dragged to its depths.

      After talking for a bit, we all walked through a large white gate. There was a group of about 30 of us and I just casually walked along with the crowd and tried to take in the environment. We made our way through many maze-like rooms. There was blood scattered all throughout the place as well as many dead bodies. After a bit, demon-like creatures began attacking. I easily fought these off with super human-lucid strength. I found a spear and began stabbing demon after demon. It appeared that most everyone in the group struggled fighting off the demons. Many died and were torn to shreds. After battling off the demons, I noticed the DC from before was still alive, but breathing heavily. He seemed amazed that I was able to use so much lucid power. I asked him for his name and he told me it was "Ash." We all began sliding through the same type tubes as before.

      This time, I landed in a large forest. Many of the trees had sinister faces and branches that looked like claws. I took off running through the forest and the rest of the survivors followed suit. Many were snatched by the evil trees and ripped to shreds. Whenever I came close to one of the evil trees, I placed my hands on it, focused, and set it ablaze. Once I made it to the end of the forest, there was a huge field. The sky was incredibly dark and I could see the silhouette of an enormous castle in the distance. Me, Asher, a hot female in ninja-like gear, and a native american man were the only four people left alive. The native american guy was actually a teenage version of Nightwolf from the video game series, Mortal Kombat. The female ninja was the teenage version of Jade from Mortal Kombat. Nightwolf said, "We have finally reached the land of judgement." I asked them who's bad ass castle that was and they told me it was the kingdom of Thanatos and the god resided in the castle.

      I was pumped and wanted to go battle Thanatos. I told them to catch up later and I took flight toward the castle. Once I got about halfway there, I noticed something flying at me from the distance. it was a dark silhouette and I knew it was Thanatos. Music started playing int he background. I could barely hear it at first, but as Thanatos approached, it got louder. It sounded like battle music. I decided to try and summon my keyblade. After a couple of attempts, I managed to summon a solid black sword. I decided that it must be my Zanpakutou (weapon/sword from the anime bleach). It was all black like Ichigo's sword, but the blade was much thicker and looked more like a claymore.

      I started to get excited as Thanatos approached. His face seemed human, but it was solid white. He was holding two large scythes, one in each hand. Each scythe had multiple black blades and at first it appeared as if he was actually holding about 20 of them. I swung my sword and he blocked it with one of his multi-bladed scythes. I landed on the ground and held my arm into the air. I shouted some nonsense that I can no longer remember and a stream of fire blasted from my hand. The dream became unstable at this point. I continued to battle Thanatos even though the dream was blurry, but I couldn't manage to keep the dream going. I stopped and tried to stabilize, but it was too late.

      I shall definitely be battling him again. This dream was one of my favorites so far. It felt like I was in some sort of bad ass anime-type story/plot.

      Series Details
      In the series, "Tartarus of the Dream World," an evil, yet beautiful land lies before me. Follow along as I explore the darkest depths in the dream world. Stay tuned for more entries to the series.
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