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    1. #26. Really Mad Hostages

      by , 06-14-2010 at 05:18 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Three weeks without missing a day and suddenly something interesting happens on the weekend.
      A man is holding me and two other woman captive. We're being kept in the employee section of a motel in Ixburg, and though I pretty much wander around as I do in other dreams, the women who are with me are terrified.

      I'm left alone in the laundry room, which comes complete with all the stuff involved in running a motel. I idly search through needle-nosed pliers and other vaguely pointy things, before I pull a box cutter from the cleaning cart on the west wall. I use the pliers to pry the safety-features from the knife. I hear footsteps. The man walks into the room.

      I have him pinned to the wall with a knife to his throat before he can blink. I can feel the savage grin splitting my face as I call to one of the other women. Lucy - long, curly brown hair - is standing down the hallway, looking nervous. I tell the man not to move; I won't hesitate to cut him open.

      "You wouldn't dare."

      "Oh, I really, really would."

      Lucy hands me the phone in lieu of phoning 911 herself. I'm wondering if she can still speak.

      "They're not going to believe you," says the man. "They're going to think you did this."

      I ignore him.

      "Amy speaking."

      Confused, I ask, "Um, this is 911?"


      "Wait, Amy?"

      "Sam? Is that you?"

      I break myself out of my reverie. "Amy, I need police -" I glance at Lucy, "and an ambulance at the Ixburg Inn." I briefly explain the situation.

      "Phone number?" Remembrances of the first aid course I took.

      I list off the phone number for the motel, as I remember it.

      The man laughs. "It's been a while since you've lived here, hasn't it? We changed the phone number!"

      "I gave them the address!"

      The man may or may not have lived to stand trial.

      Really Mad Hostages. Scare Factor: 3.

      Actually, I'm pretty sure he did live, considering he was following me through a museum later on. Any tips for dealing with in-dream stalkers? Anyone?

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    2. 06/11/10 Asuka, Come Home

      by , 06-13-2010 at 04:51 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: Still no luck with my WILD attempts. I am not sure why that is happening so rarely now when it used to be so common. I had one primary goal for this night, and that was to track down Asuka and bring her home. Q found a fake Asuka in MoSh's inner world, so the only conclusion, or most likely conclusion, is she was kidnapped. Other than that there is my usual list of goals…

      I was lying on the living room couch. My mother woke me up. She said I had slept through half the movie. She suggested I go to bed if I was that tired. I told her I didn't feel tired. She said if I wasn't tired, I wouldn't have slept through so much of the movie. I thought a minute and realized I couldn't even remember what movie we had been watching… ok… she must be right. I must be tired, even if I didn't feel it… or maybe the nap had been all I needed. I got up from the couch and went into my bedroom. Something didn't look right there… there was a desk with a desktop computer on the far side of the room. I thought there shouldn't have even been room for that desk… I did a reality check… and found I was dreaming!

      Now fully lucid, I focused on remembering my goals. Asuka! Yes, I had to help MoSh get Asuka back. I used my bedroom door as a portal for a change of pace, and I opened it and walked through into MoSh's inner world. I turned around just in time to see the doorway behind me fold up on itself until it became too tiny to see… and it was gone.

      I looked around for MoSh. I saw I was standing in the living room of his house. MoSh looked over at me. He said he had been wondering if I wasn't going to make it. I said I had, and now we had better get going. No time to lose in getting Asuka back. I was pretty sure I already knew where she was, but I figured I would let my tracking guide my portal anyhow… just on the off chance we were wrong about who had taken her. I focused on opening a portal and on finding Asuka. A portal opened, MoSh and I went through it…

      On the other side of the portal we were in a strange place. It looked rather nice. There was a swimming pool there, and it was a beautiful pool. There were several women with perfect bodies lying out on lounges sunbathing and a few more in the pool. I briefly felt ashamed of my large belly and second chin before I reminded myself that it is a dream, and in dreams I have neither of those. There was a man standing on the patio surveying the scene, practically drooling over the women in the pool. He looked like a faker biker, dressed in leather, but somehow it looked like he was trying so hard to look cool that he really just wound up with an epic fail. I knew who that was, it was L. I also saw there was one woman sitting on a chair on the patio, she didn't look happy to be there. That was Asuka. I went over to Asuka. I hadn't even reached her before L spotted me and seemed pleased. He said there is always room for one more bathing beauty in his place… I saw in my reflection that I suddenly had on a string bikini that left little to the imagination. I was about to curse at L, but I got distracted admiring how nice my dream body looks compared to my waking body. L told me to help myself to a drink at the bar or dive into the pool, the water was always the perfect temperature. Wait a minute… I wasn't there for a pool party…

      "Asuka," I said, "I have come to take you home."

      "She is very happy here," L said, "Now go ahead and enjoy yourself. Don't worry about the others."

      "I think Asuka can answer for herself," I said to L, I was a bit annoyed, "Asuka? Let's go home. MoSh is worried about you."

      Asuka looked up at me with a rather blank look on her face. She stared at me for a few minutes before she finally answered. She said she didn't want to go back. She said she wouldn't force herself on MoSh any longer. I asked what she was talking about. She said she knew everything now. She MoSh doesn't want her back. She said he had willingly turned her over to L, not once, but twice. He had willingly given up to L in a contest where she was the prize, and then when he had the choice between her and the alternate Asuka, he had chosen the other one. She said he had been hoping she wouldn't survive the battle to get her flame back. He had been counting on her dying so he could have the better version of her. She said she understood why. She said he had tried to, but he had never been able to forgive her for lying to him. Right now this was the only place she belonged.

      I noticed that the whole time Asuka was talking she basically showed no emotion. It was as if she was rehearsing a script. I had no doubt in mind that L had put those exact lines into her head. L said the fact MoSh had sent me to get Asuka and hadn't come to get her himself. Wait a minute… MoSh had been with me to come get Asuka… where was he? Had he woken up? This wasn't a good time to wake up… I looked around and headed back in the direction I had come from. I reached the place where I had entered through the portal. I looked around. I saw MoSh. He had wandered off in the other direction. Wtf? I went over to him and asked what he was doing. He looked over at me. He looked a bit puzzled. I asked if he was even lucid. He looked at me. He looked at his hands. He pointed at me with his pinky… and then announced I was real.

      "No shit, Sherlock," I said, "Now let's go get Asuka." MoSh was wanting to know if Asuka was ok. I said she was fine apart from the lies L had been filling her head with… which he hadn't been there do dispute just now… MoSh followed me over to the pool, seeming much more alert and lucid. Asuka was still sitting in the same chair. L was watching me bring MoSh back. He didn't seem overly concerned about that. I wondered if he had a plan up his sleeve. I figured it didn't matter. Whatever his plan was, it wouldn't work. MoSh saw Asuka and went over to her and said he was there to take her home. She started repeating the rehearsed lines she had given me. MoSh interrupted her before she was done. He said none of that was true. After MoSh's protest, Asuka just continued with her lines. I told MoSh I was sure she was under the influence of mind control. I would have to break the control.

      "Breaking the silence of the night, can't you hear me screaming?" I focused on the song Breaking the Silence by Queensrÿche, "I look for your face in the neon light, you never answer… I could make all the wrong seem right if you were by my side, I'd gather all the tears you cried and hide them deep underground!" The song played through. L's certainty that we wouldn't be able to do anything to get through to Asuka seemed to be wavering. The song had its effect on Asuka. Her eyes cleared, and she looked over at MoSh. She looked on the verge of tears. She looked at me and then at MoSh. She said everyone kept saying MoSh hated her now.

      "That…" Asuka stammered, "That's not true, is it?"

      "Come on, Asuka," MoSh said, "You know I love you!"

      Asuka got up, looked a bit dizzy, and walked towards MoSh in an unsteady manner. She looked kind of drunk.

      "Why don't you two just go home?" L said, "Asuka wants to be here with me. Although Raven, if you want to have a swim you are certainly welcome to stay…"

      "I'd sooner swim in a sewer than in a pool with you," I said, "And if Asuka wants to stay with you, why does she look like she's about to puke?"

      I used Master of Puppets on L. If he is so fond of mind control, let's do a little on him. "Master of puppets is pulling your strings, twisting your mind and smashing your dreams, blinded by me you can't see a thing, just call my name, I'll hear you scream! Master! Master!" I ordered L to release Asuka. He did. She came over to MoSh. L snapped out of the mind control, I hadn't meant for it to last very long. He got mad at MoSh and me for forcing him to do things against his will. He said no one forces him to do anything! He is his own man and…

      "And there is an alien pulling your strings," MoSh said. He created a hologram of the alien in this picture. "It's a Reptilian, or a Draconian… and I saw one of them draining your energy.

      L looked at the picture briefly, having been completely interrupted from his yelling at MoSh and me. He looked at the hologram, then at MoSh, at the hologram, at MoSh…

      "Are you on drugs?" he asked MoSh, then he looked at me, "He's on drugs, isn't he?"

      I didn't really have a chance to answer. MoSh was answering. "I saw it," MoSh said, "It was draining your energy. It is controlling your every move. Maybe that's why you're such an ass."

      "You're making excuses for me being an ass?" L asked, sounding thoroughly confused, "Now there's a new one. Now why don't you just leave these two lovely ladies here with me, and go on your pathetic way?"

      "I'm not staying with you," Asuka said, "Go back to your stupid DC bimbos," she looked at me, "They are all DCs, you know. Just illusions. He couldn't get the attentions of a real woman if he paid her…"

      "And if I have to look at your face for one more second," I told L, "I think I'll vomit. So we'll all be going. Have fun with your DCs… which is like using blow-up dolls, right? So have fun with your blow-up dolls." I opened a portal to get us all back to MoSh's inner world. The three of us went through. On the other side of the portal, we were all in the yard in front of MoSh's house. I closed the portal before L could consider following us. MoSh had his arms around Asuka, who seemed happy to be there. I was going to ask if Asuka was ok. I didn't have a chance to say anything.

    3. Horror (23 July 2004)

      by , 06-05-2010 at 12:11 AM (Way of the Lizard)
      Nightmare (1st vivid dream after I joined this forum)

      This was last week, and I didn't dwell on it, so my recall is so-so. My nephew (he's 3) was kidnapped, and I was communicating with the kidnapper through this guy at a pharmacy-window. Dude let me know that my nephew was being held with a bunch of other kids by a pedophile ring with one guy in charge. Somehow, I managed to find the guy, and turned him over to the cops. I was feeling all frantic, like "How bad was this for my nephew, how are we all going to deal with this?" Then I was with my sister, and when I ask how my nephew is, she very calmly tells me that on the way back from the pedophile place he crawled out the car-window, and she tried to hold onto him, but he flew off and died. My sister was really calm, but I totally broke down, reviewing the situation and thinking maybe I should have killed the pedophile-guy when I had him, but that wouldn't have helped anything, and OMG my nephew's dead, his life got so bad that he killed himself at age 3...etc.

      I woke up just numb, and it took a minute to realize that this world where my nephew was dead was not the world I was now in, and I wasn't even relieved, just numb. This is how nightmares are for me on those rare occasions I have them: here, have some intense emotional trauma, no wait, ha ha, it was just a dream.
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