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    1. Travelling Through a Nebula and the Valley of Golden Temples (Jan 6, 2015)

      by , 01-07-2015 at 11:53 PM
      In this dream I was at swimming pool play wrestling with an invisible dream figure. The objective was to throw the opponent into the pool, which didnít have any water, just gymnastic crash matts. I had this dream figure in a headlock, but I was really struggling with the fact that this person was invisible. I put 2 and 2 together and realized, Bingo, Iím dreaming! I let go of the dream figureís head and I stood up. The invisible dream figure never did appear. A couple of other dream figures, standing off to the side, asked me to follow them, so I did, and we went through a doorway into a hallway. The hallway went for about 20 feet then turned right. At the corner there was closet, and inside was 2 foot tall man standing on a bench talking to an East Indian man. I introduced myself to the small man first, and asked his name. He said, ď___??___Ē (I canít remember). I then asked the East Indian fellow his name, but I couldnít understand what he said because of his accent and his name was totally foreign to me. I just nodded and pretended I understood his name. The East Indian guy then asked me to leave because ď___??___Ē (the short guy) was helping him out with something. I apologized for interrupting, and I continued on down the hallway, but my vision started to fade to black. I started to swirl to bring back my vision, and I was saying, ďSomebody, please help me!Ē Somebody answered, ďI donít know how to help you.Ē I asked them to grab my hand and swirl with me, but they didnít answer. I swirled faster, and faster, and faster!

      Stars started to appear around me, faintly at first, and they then gradually increased in clarity until I found myself floating in a dramatic view of space. It feels so strange to be floating in space, kind of a mixture of excitement and loneliness. I could feel the sun beating on my back so I turned around to face it, and I momentarily saw its brightness, but then a black disc moved in front of it. I looked away and decided to repeat what I did, but really fast. Sure enough, it was the sun! And once more a black disc quickly moved in front of it so it was hidden. Interesting? That gives me a good explanation why I rarely see the sun in LDís. I could see the Milky Way arching across space, and decide to fly at high speed right at it, and soon a pinkish nebula came into view, and then I came to complete stop to admire it. Wait, whatís that? I could see outlines of several human bodies against the pink nebula, distorting the nebula just enough, that I could see them. It appears some dream figures decided to accompany me on my journey. Iíve never been in a Nebula before, so I decided to fly right through it at high speed. The nebula never really became clearer as I flew through it (not what I expected), if anything it lost its vibrancy, but I could feel the particles hitting my body, like standing in a sand storm, and the impacts were luminescing reddish blue. This gave a cool visual effect on my arms!

      Off in the distance I could see a planet, and I slowed down for a controlled entry and landing (Donít fly full speed into a planet!). The planet looked like something from the movie Dune. It was covered in desert and mountainous rocky outcroppings. Below I could see some gold structures, so I flew in for a closer look. When I fly, I usually do the ĎSupermaní with my arms down, but as I approached these golden structures I started to fly in a standing position. Itís a more relaxed position for viewing, but does look a bit odd, no doubt (as one dream figure told me in previous LD). The gold structures were actually golden temple domes sticking out above the sand dunes in a mountainous valley. There was a natural rock archway extending from the side of mountain, which I flew through as I entered the ďValley of Golden TemplesĒ. I discovered this place, so Iím giving it a name Ė lol. There was a woman in a flowing dress standing on one of sand dunes and she watched me as I flew by. I should have landed beside her, and asked her what this place was, but I wanted to get a closer look at these golden temple domes sticking out of the sand. Then I could hear East Indian style ancient music playing all around me, with singing to match. Honestly, I donít think Iíve heard anything like it. I landed on a sand dune, beside a golden dome, and there was warm colored light coming out from openings immediately below the dome. The sand was right up to these openings. Everything quickly faded, and then I woke. I really wanted to go inside!

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    2. Longest Lucid to this Day

      by , 02-12-2014 at 03:34 AM
      Feb 10-11 2014 (Lucid)

      The Chronicle Dream
      * *I had a dream about the movie chronicle. I was a character with super powers alongside about 2 or 3 other friends and we were in a warehouse hiding from people looking for us.

      Space, Summoning, Dragon Dogs, TotM's, and Reviving Zombies (Lucid)
      *This lucid was very long, and several times I woke up but went back into the dream through DEILD technique. It was also hard to recall absolutely everything I did just due to the sheer length and detail of the dream*
      * *Realized I was lucid. I knew I wanted to get to space, and an elevator was probably my best bet. I scan my surroundings and see some large skyscrapers in the distance, and knew they had to have elevators. I run over to them, crossing streets, sidewalks, and train tracks to get there. I stop at the nearest one, figuring I can figure it out with this one. I go around the side of the building and see 2 elevators in a section of the wall. I went to the elevator, and pressed the "up" button on it to call the elevator. It opened immediately so I stepped inside.
      * *It was a fairly deep elevator, but the buttons were to my left just on the wall. I noticed there were only about 10 buttons and thought to myself that wouldn't work, so I waved my hand over the buttons to add more and a few more popped up. I wanted more so I did it again, but this time many disappeared. I do it one last time and a whole bunch appear, and I figured it was enough. I notice the text on the buttons keeps changing and the numbers are not consistent. Either way, I choose a high up button, and the elevator starts moving up.
      * *It arrives fairly quickly on a high floor and I step out. I'm reminded of being in the John Hancock tower in Chicago as people were eating and just sitting around there looking out of the big windows. Looking out of the windows myself, I notice it was sunny in the sky with clouds extending forever in every direction. I start to be disappointed, but tell myself I can work with it. I remember techniques from DV to kind of trick your memory and what not so I decide to try it here. I told myself that we really were in space and what the windows were showing were just holograms chosen by the people inside. One of the hostesses kind of agreed with me and soon bright nebulae started to form in the sky. Giant twirling mushroom like things, large wormlike colorful nebula clouds, and other incredible sights starting passing by.

      * *I decide to try a few other things while I'm in the building. I thought about doing some task of the month while I was at it, but had trouble remembering them. I get slightly angry since I helped partly come up with some of the tasks, but then remember the soulmate task. I asked who my soulmate was to a girl nearby, but I forgot what she said! I know she didn't specify a name and said something along the lines of I didn't need one, but I can't fully remember.
      * *I also decide to try to summon a celebrity. I start thinking of female celebrities that I like, and Taylor Swift comes to mind, then Selena Gomez. I decide to summon Selena Gomez. A technique comes to mind from DV where I stick my hand behind me and then believe they'll grab it and then pull them into view. So I thrust my hand backwards and kind of say "come on up here" trying to beckon her into existence. I feel my hand get grabbed by another, and pull the person forward and, sure enough, Selena Gomez is the one attached to my hand. I'm ecstatic. We head over to a couch to sit down and talk, but I don't think much is actually said.
      * *I also remember the task to dig your heart out and give it to someone. I knew there were plenty of DCs around to give my heart to, so I just started trying to dig my fingers through my chest. I'm normally able to phase through walls fine, but my fingers just did not want to penetrate my chest. After trying a little longer, I decide I'll try it later with another way of doing it.
      * *At some point later in the same dream I'm just outside the building, back on the ground. I remember I want to ride a dragon, so I start calling out for dragons. I think of Eragon and how he calls out with his mind, so I yell out for Eragon's dragon, Saphira, with my mind as loud as I can. Doing so, I notice far in the distance two dragon are climbing all over a large building, and I call out to it with my mind. It reacts and starts flying over to me. When it lands I notice it's some sort of dragon hybrid with the body of a very large Rottweiler dog, and the wings of a dragon. I think it's perfect and it lets me on it's back. It takes off and we go a bit in the air, and it decides to land after just a little bit. When it lands it actually falls over and I kind of hop off. I notice it's a lot smaller than when I first saw it, especially the wings. It told me it wasn't used to being ridden, but I thought that was off since he's mine, and should be used to being ridden.
      * *Later I remembered the task of reviving a zombie. So I start looking around for a zombie, and notice that my DCs seem to have all pretty much disappeared. I reach this small wooden cabin, when I see this figure in ice at the edge of the porch. Realizing this is the zombie I was looking for, I run up to it, and think of ways to thaw it. I decide to just use hot breath to melt the head portion and free it's face first. So I tilt it on the ground and start exhaling all over the face. It's slow at first, but soon it just all sorta melts away.
      * *I notice immediately that the zombie trapped inside is my co-worker I, but with a green face. I think that it is weird she was the one my brain picked to be infected, and also weird how it's not a very gory face, just green. She notices me and scowls, and starts trying to break free from her icy prison. I realize I can score bonus points here by reviving with a kiss, so I swoop down and kiss her for a brief second.
      * *When I stop I notice the ice has all melted and she is back to normal, although looks offended that I kissed her without her permission, and then she walks away. I think oh well, at least I accomplished the task.
      * *Later in the same dream I created a whirlpool. I was in a boat and we were just headed somewhere. I think it'd be cool to just create a whirlpool, so I think about it, and the boat starts turning right, and the waves get more rough. I realize I'm creating it the wrong way and won't get to see it since I'm looking out the left side, so I somehow just flip the direction of the whirlpool and I see the center start forming out in the distance.
      * *I wonder what things I'll see when we go down the center, but am interrupted by attacks from whale/narwhal creatures. Our boat is fighting back, but knowing it's a dream, I just kinda fling them back and forth with my mind, but it's not doing much good. It's now stormy and rainy out and I wonder how much control I actually have at that point, then I wake up and can't get back in.

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