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    1. Not My House

      by , 11-22-2016 at 04:13 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)

      Well this should make up a little for the last few LDs; really vivid and stable.

      I am in some strange house back in town. I see my Father and and wife milling about. Then we are in a car looking at the house. Neighbor's are outside staring at us. I think how this is all wrong. We live out of town now. I hate this. Then we are back in the living room. I am still perplexed why I am living in town, but then it dawns on my that this has to be a dream.

      I immediately remember the lucid task to put my head through the floor. I kneel down and take a moment to stabilize visually. I pay close attention to my hands and the carpet. The texture is very vivid and the color is something like faded dingy mauve. It looks like someone needs to vacuum or, perhaps, shampoo. I go ahead and start pushing my heading into the floor. It feels a little like jello then solid wall. I try several times and stop when I realize and I not thinking about it the right way. This is more like phasing. I think to reach through like its an open window. Suddenly, There is an electronic whoooomp sound and a space opens up for my head and I peak into the sub-flooring. Of course, it's pitch black so I snap my fingers and create a flash light with my index finger. ET phone home? I am a little shocked how well my dream control it. Darkness it always a struggle for me, but everything is now brightly lit.

      There seems to be a space of a few feet deep in here and directly in front of me is a mirror. I look into it and see my face is just a skull is with frame around it. I giggle at the oddity and then look around some more. The area is dirty with a few pieces of scattered trash. I try to take mental note of each piece but quickly realize it's a waste of time.

      I stand up and now my head is poking out the top of the roof. I go ahead and climb up and see one of the neighbors taking out the trash. I tell him he's not my real neighbor and that I don't live here. He asks why and I say that it's because I don't like him. Then for some reason, I jump down and hit him with both feet. As I do, he grows like Jake the Dog and pushes me back up on the roof. Everything is getting weird and I realize that I am loosing focus. I decide to go ahead and wake up so I don't lose lucidity and forget the dream.

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    2. …And Not into Orbit

      by , 06-02-2016 at 10:48 AM
      Morning of June 2, 2016. Thursday.

      This dream, in the final segments, was the usual “coming down” waking metaphor which has occurred in the majority of my dreams (tens of thousands) and of course merely represents the biological waking mechanism.

      The setting for the most part seems to be, very atypically, the lunchroom and auditorium area of my middle school as well as the north section (which has rarely featured in my dreams even when I was going to school there).

      There is an unusual plot relating to finding an “ancient” technology related to space travel and a setup for launching a rocket (which actually appears of 1960s NASA design at one point though the new 2015 NASA logo appears at another point). However, it may also imply that I am in the distant future in some sort of science-fiction scenario. A group of people set up the launchpad on the stage with the “cannon” of this unusual device facing partly upwards but towards the audience area.

      I feel a bit strange seeing what these (unknown) people are doing. The whole setup looks like some sort of odd composite of wrongly arranged rocket launch features, parts of a bed (obvious dream sign) and a cannon. Three unclothed males (another dream sign) are inside this large device that takes up most of the stage. The front-most setup actually looks like a male wrapped up in a blanket and a mattress around him (again, a rather amusing and “overly” obvious dream sign although I reach not an iota of lucidity). The two other males are each protruding from the side as if representing wing function.

      I try to tell the authorities and spectators that this is not necessary and that the rocket will launch without risking the lives of the three men. No one really listens to me and the device is soon set off in a cannon-like event.

      The rocket rises into the sky without incident, getting higher and higher, and everyone seems cheerful and amazed. I watch and it seems somewhat “realistic”. Soon though, the rocket does not have the required escape velocity - which is equivalent to the square root of 2GM divided by r, though this concept is intriguingly skewed in my dream.

      Instead, in fact, the rocket crashes into the invisible seemingly solid dome-like interior of the Earth’s atmosphere, which does not seem that high (in comparison to where the first change of the layer would be). People are startled and it reminds me much of the Challenger space shuttle disaster, with trails of smoke arcing out and down.

      After this, the scenario changes slightly. It almost seems as if I am now at a nude beach though where most are half-dressed (distorted dream sign), though still implied to be the same overall setting. At one point some schoolmates and I (all fully dressed) find the front of the skull of one of the would-be astronauts on the sidewalk near the north entrance. However, I then see it is a “Stars Wars” stormtrooper mask but still try to determine if it is actual human remains. I also very briefly and very vaguely get an eerie reference to Howard the Duck’s face (flight symbol) - not the utterly awful movie rendering, but the original Marvel art.

      Soon, I go up to a row of three robotic but skeletal figures which are arranged on a slightly elevated platform and that apparently represent the remains of the would-be astronauts - though it may also be that they will be using these figures on another launch attempt. Looking at one figure for reference, I fit the “skull front” onto a figure that does not yet have it. The “mask” fits onto a feature where the implied eyes on the “robot” come out on stalks and it is almost like a snap-together model at this point and it easily fits on with four connections (eyes, nose, and mouth extensions on the stage feature). One boy tells me that this is not correct and I firmly tell him that it is the same as the other (which it is).

      From here, I notice Zsuzsanna in the crowd, half-dressed. I decide to become intimate with her even though there is a very dense crowd at this point, and slowly wake from here.

      Although a stage represents the dream state and its nature I am inclined here to reflect that it probably also is a play on “waking stage” since this is the setting from where the “coming down” metaphor is utilized. The “unreal” nature of the “remains” is the typical preconscious transition as in countless similar dreams.

      A rocket represents rising in dream state awareness, which “fails” when the waking state reaches past the halfway mark (or the event horizon of the waking threshold). I have experienced this in thousands of various (but similar) ways since earliest childhood. The first dream sign in this one was about as obvious as possible to the point of being hilarious (yet I still did not catch it within my dream), that is, being launched by a device with bed-like features including three rolled-up mattresses.
    3. "Mortal Kombat 10"

      by , 05-03-2015 at 05:50 PM (My Dream Goals)
      Notes Dream

      Non-Lucid. I was watching someone play "Mortal Kombat 10" which I purchased 3 days ago, but it seemed more like a Soul Calibur game with characters from the Mortal Kombat series. Each character had 2 or more "icons" to represent them, and I remember that Sonya Blade had a green star and a gray skull to represent her.
    4. [18-04-2015]

      by , 04-18-2015 at 10:44 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Bloodbath and sword of shrooms

      I was playing Blood in Bloodbath mode. The map I was playing on belonged to a od or expansion, as it wasn't part of an original game. It was dark, with apocalypse setting. It was placed in cliffs. The sky was red. There were many power ups scattered around, that were never in the game.

      Suddenly another player joins me. He had a nickname "bone2boons". We started to fight. He wanted to shoot me down with a sawed-off, but I was quicker and shot him first. I ran for another weapon. I jumped down the cliff into some kind of plateau.

      There were many weapons and power-ups there. I picked up spray can. He ran towards me. I prepared lighter, and sent him a wave of flames, which incinerated him quickly. Then he ran back towards me, and picked up one of the new power-ups: vampire suit.

      I tried to shoot him down, but I missed all the time. When the power-up respawned, I picked it up and transformed into vampire. I flewn up, and we fought in the air. We both used shotguns. I killed him another time. The punctation was weird, as after three kills I had 110 points.

      Suddenly he disappeared, but was still present on the server. I looked for him in the cliffs, plateau and a new chamber with skeletons I discovered. He started to use chat:

      b2b (bone2boons): The skull and skeletons.

      Suddenly I found a new way up to the mountains. When following it, I saw a huge cavern. Then a huge, terrifying skull jumped out of it with it's undead army. It killed me before I could do anything. I respawned on the plateau, and ran back to the skull.

      When it spotted me, it started to chase me. I jumped down the cliff, and survived using vampire suit which then lost it's power. The skull killed me again. I ran back to the cavern. Bone2boons started to write again:

      b2b: the cavern.

      b2b: take the sword, the heritance of shrooms.

      I entered it, and took a sword made out of mushrooms. The cavern changed to my kitchen. I saw somehting lying up on the wardrobe. I climbed up the furniture, and found evidences of kidnapping. Suddenly I heard a voice:

      - Wow! You're getting good at this!

      And then a text appeared in the middle of my vision. The letters said "Desert". I realised that I'm inside some kind of TV show.
    5. Character Narration (EILD)

      by , 02-20-2015 at 06:41 AM
      Ritual: wtb 3am, around 9am set vibrating alarm for 36 minutes. The first time it went off, I felt like I was already awake, that I had been lying awake for several minutes before I felt the vibration. In retrospect I was quickly suspicious that this was a false memory, but the consequence was that I woke up for real. I reset the alarm to go off in 28 minutes, and went back to sleep.

      EILD: I felt the vibration again, and at first I thought it was another failed attempt, that I was wide awake again. But this time I convince myself not to give up so easily, to lay still and explore it. I wiggle my fingers. Actually... that feels right, like dream movement. I wiggle the fingers of the other hand and gradually start to engage my whole body, but soon, no, I can still sense the dream body but I'm convinced that I'm accidentally moving my real body too. (In retrospect, it seems likely that my impressions of moving the physical body were false, as this surely would have broken aphasia.) It feels like the two kinds of sensory awareness are layered together. My dream sense is not broken but I need to find some way to desynch from the physical, to move unnaturally in a way the real body can't follow. I try to bend my arm the wrong way at the elbow, down into the mattress. I find this a bit difficult for some reason, but something else happens: I start to understand that I am creating all this difficulty in my own mind, that it really doesn't have to be this complicated. Upon this realization I simply find myself standing next to the bed, fully in dream. That certainly makes things easier!

      My WL awareness was somewhat confused throughout this whole process, since during the whole time I was lying in bed I had the impression that I could overhear a colleague from work talking to her daughter (who I have never met). They were discussing a humanitarian volunteer program that the colleague was doing in another country, maybe Africa. I listened with interest since I had not been aware that she was involved with anything like this (there is no RL basis), but it made sense since she is a very kind and generous person. She was talking about some kind of environmental crisis and said that the local people trusted the "agents," that is, the field workers of this organization, like her, but not the administration or the experts that were sent in to instruct them. The challenge was teaching the locals new ways of environmental management so they were no longer unsustainably exploiting their natural resources. I think it was targeting water usage.

      After I was fully transitioned into the dream, I remembered that I had reset my vibrating alarm to an interval of only seven minutes, so I would have to work quickly before it went off again, waking me up. Curiously, now I'm not sure if I really did reset it, and suspect I dreamed that part too. The nice thing about a device like this is that it actually provides hard evidence against which to check my unreliable memories. Nope! It's still set to 28 minutes. So there was one point this morning where I definitely did reset it from 36 to 28, but the later memory of resetting it to 7 minutes—for some reason convinced that I would be able to fall asleep within that time frame—turns out to have been an FFA (false falling asleep), evidence that I was already asleep.

      With (so I mistakenly thought) only seven minutes to work in, minus whatever time I had already spent transitioning, I walk quickly through the house and toward the front door, ready to plunge into deeper dreamspace. As I pass through the living room, something bumps into my leg from the pile of wood stacked near the fireplace. At first I plan to ignore it but then I wonder if the dream is trying to get my attention, so I glance down and see a pair of scissors. I'm not sure what to make of this but I grab them and take them with me. I go outside, where the sky is cloudy and half-lit as though it were dawn or dusk. I realize that this is wrong, and recall that it must already be after 9am in WL.

      What was my task? I have difficulty remembering, so while I'm thinking about it, I decide to do something spontaneous. I'm still holding the scissors... I know! I'll cut off my hair. As I walk I reach awkwardly behind my head and randomly lift locks of hair with my left hand, cutting them near the scalp with the scissors held in my right. This all feels surprisingly lifelike, which makes me think momentarily: I had better be right that I am dreaming! But then I figure, what's the worst thing that could happen if I accidentally cut off my real hair? I'd have to shave my head? Not a big deal, I even did that once in college.

      All this time I'm still trying to think of the tasks I had planned—why is it sometimes so hard to remember? Finally it comes to me. Right! I was going to try to roleplay a familiar character. I decide on Shriven, my WoW character, since I've played her the longest and also the most recently. My tabletop characters are much more psychologically complex, but I think I should probably start with something simpler. Okay, how do to this? I remember that I was going to try the narration technique. I start with something really basic: "Shriven is running," I murmur. My stride changes as I think I remember what her run looks like, becoming more mechanical. That part makes sense, given that she's digitally rendered. I don't have the impression that I look or feel any different, though. I keep trying, and although I don't recall my narrations in detail, I have the impression that they were extremely bland.

      I'm running through city streets now. At one point I notice that the buildings all seem older, eighteenth-century maybe, though this still just looks like one of my typical dream cities rather than a more appropriate setting for what I'm trying to accomplish. I'm still cutting my hair as I go—having started, I feel like I should finish the job. When I finally slice through the last tress, I stop and gaze at my reflection in a store window. Not bad! Although short hair never really suits my features, the haircut itself turned out alright, kind of punk/pixieish. In fact, it even reminds me of Shriven's hair, which is short and spiky and irregular. However, there is no real resemblance, and in all other respects my reflection looks unusually like my WL appearance: same eyes, same face, same hair color. Usually in dreams I see a lot more distortion.

      I use the scissors to make a few finishing touches to the haircut before realizing that it is pointless to be so finicky in a dream. In fact, I'm done with the scissors now... I'm just going to drop them on the ground! This always feels so liberating, since I would never do that in WL. I continue running effortlessly down the street and when I come to the end there is a ten foot gap to cross to reach a platform or walkway. Jump—you can do this! I clear the gap, just barely, and feel proud of myself as I land.

      Still, I don't feel like I'm making much progress on my task so I try to figure out how to improve my approach. What does Shriven do? Well, she often summons her mount, an undead warhorse. I narrate this to myself, but nothing happens. Every time I do this in game the horse makes a distinctive shrill whinny, so I try to use the sound as a focal point. I find it becomes ambiguous whether I can hear the sound in the dream or if I'm just remembering it.

      As I pass through a T-intersection, a blinding light directly ahead causes me to swerve. It is so bright that I assume it must be bleedthrough from RL. I remember the conversation between my colleague and her daughter that I overheard during my transition; with true dream logic I never questioned the impossibility of that taking place in my bedroom, and so now I assume that one of them must still be there, taking flash pictures. Instead of going straight into the light, my initial direction, I turn and take the street on the left, even turning my face away so to diminish the brightness. I can hear a voice from the direction of the light saying, "Don't shoot! Don't shoot!" So I was right about the camera, I conclude. At no point do I recognize the absurdity and error in my thought processes, but I do reflect that it is interesting that the environment made me change the direction I was going—is the dream trying to control my movement?

      After this interruption, I go back to trying to summon the undead warhorse. It's still not working, but then I notice that the shop just ahead of me seems to have horse skulls hanging on the back wall. That's an improvement! I go into the shop, which is now a tiny space almost completely filled by a large bunkbed. A bearded man is lounging on the lower bunk, eating a meal and watching TV, while the upper bunk is shacked with sheepskins. I ask the man about the horse skulls.

      "That's not a horse skull," he responds.

      I realize he must be referring to the giant animal skull on the floor at my feet. It must be about three feet long. "What is it?"

      "That's an academic-size magic detector," he answers, hardly taking his eyes off his TV program. Not sure what to make of his words, I look at the skull again. I realize it must have come from some kind of giant lizard, like a crocodile, but it has a small horn at the snout like a rhinocerous. As I study it, I see that it is now green and sparkling, the color offset with pale stripes. I am tempted to compare it to an Elvis suit, but fear that the proprietor might be offended.

      FA: I wake up and start taking notes right away, starting from the last scene and moving backward. Fortunately I don't get very far before I realize I am writing on dream paper. I wake up for real and record my notes on my laptop.
    6. 11-24-14 Crater-head

      by , 12-04-2014 at 08:45 PM
      I worked in a very fancy pastry shop. The walls were sort of a pastel red and there was lots of gold trim. Lots of sunlight streamed through the large front windows. The shop was owned by a guy I know. He had a big hole in his forehead, about the size of a lemon. It went all the way down to his brain. There was a Wes Anderson museum a few doors down to the left of the shop, and I was excited about getting off work and visiting it.
    7. The Importance of Being Earnest

      by , 04-11-2014 at 05:39 PM
      4/11/14* Not a high-level LD but my previous one launched me too high that it took me a while to find my way back and break my dry streak. I thought dry streaks of more than several days were in the rear view mirror. This was my longest in 9 months! I got over confident and complacent among other things. I started to get my recall back up to respectable levels over the last few days and noticed my awareness was up before my LD early this morning. I also had a 2am and 1:30am bedtime last Friday and Saturday night that didn't help. During the dry spell I had a "false" lucid about a week ago where I was in a room with a group of other people and I was trying to do telekinesis and saying to the others "see it is not working" before floating up in the air and saying oh wow, at least that is working...but not a lick of self awareness...it was as if I treated the whole affair as real life in which I can do these things...dreaming of lucid dreaming powers with no true realization that I was dreaming and that I can make the TK work if I really want to.

      In dream WILD (DILD) or DEILD: I am laying on the couch and the TV is on, my wife and nephew are nearby also. I can see that my eldest nephew is coming around to get the remote and change my "boring show" and I retrieve it. I vibration is felt in the room like when our surround sound system hits a low note and my nephew looks scared. I get the impression that he is scared because he experiences vibrations at night and I tell him that vibrations are nothing to be scared of, that they are just a sign of entering or exiting sleep and if you maintain that thought through them you can have a lucid dream! I start to feel the very type of vibrations that I am talking about and realize that I am dreaming and basically am exiting one dream and have the chance to enter another and I take my own advice to heart. (I had repeated a mantra several times at WBTB that I would recognize vibrations since that had worked off and on in the past.) Various images like HI's come into view and I treat them as HI's but in hindsight they may have been all part of the same dream...either way I was resolved to remain patient having recently read someone describe two types of vibrations, mild and heavy, with the former only being signs of heading into sleep but not necessarily directly into the dream...these vibrations were kind of in between but on the stronger end of the spectrum. A lot of the images were nice scenery and the last one was like a peep hole that grew and grew until I was inside an apartment with a man and a topless blond woman (maybe influenced by Scarlett incubation, looked a little like her). They both look at me like, haha, he showed up at an opportune time, catching you topless and all. She stands there with her hand on her him in a sassy pose knowing that I am liking what I am seeing. I decide to ignore the guy and pretend like he isn't there and I know that usually makes a DC disappear and make my way over to her but unfortunately I seemed to be at the end of REM and probably could have easily exited REM at the time of the vibrations if I hadn't been paying attention to them.

      I had a couple of normal dreams with no awareness and a couple with some awareness including an interesting one that was along an underground river/sewer system (no smell, just creepy in spots) and one of 3 people were being fired or sent home early. I had to inspect the system on my own (not my job IWL!) and at first I start off in a canoe but later I am in the water and thinking about how they said it is 7 feet deep in spots. As I travel along I think to myself "I hope I don't run into any bodies in the water" and shortly after see an odd looking skull, must be an animal skull but it looks alien. The water gets shallow in spots and I am horizontal floating on my stomach and can feel a soft-sandy-like surface just below the water before waking up.

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    8. Why Five Skulls?

      by , 01-09-2014 at 07:09 AM
      Morning of January 9, 2014. Thursday.

      This is fairly short in detail, but not that short a dream. Five of my friends from my school days have died (possibly at the same time), including males Steve W and Bill W. There may be only one female in the group - I am mostly only certain of two of the male identities (perhaps a third being John C, who swallowed a tack in fifth grade and he thought he was going to die, but nothing happened to him from that event). I am at a computer at my (seeming) home at one point - I think I am facing south, but it is an unfamiliar apartment. For some reason, my five friends are to be entombed in my house.

      I have a small “coffin”, possibly only about three or four feet long, yet somehow all five of the full skeletons fit in the one box longways (not sure why all five are supposed to be put together - they were not related in real life). There is a bit of sadness (not intense) and a vague thought regarding my own mortality. I am to store the “casket” near the computer desk. Logically, to be skeletons, either they had died some time ago (which does not seem to be the case) or some special method was used to both shrink and reduce them to only bone. I also am not even sure if they had been interred elsewhere for some time. This other character (unknown) just shows up and the theme unfolds.

      I do notice that their skulls seem a bit “too small” at one point, yet realistically, they were correct size in my dream on afterthought, yet somehow they all still fit full-body in the box. There does not seem to be any logical reason why I am to be the “caretaker” of their bones (other than perhaps that I am the only remaining living one alive of their age or group, or perhaps class regarding a certain grade - unsure). As of this writing, they are all still alive.

      In another dream, we are back living at Duffy Street and my father comes by with a few bags of groceries. For some reason, I am not alert to the implications of my dream. Then again, it could have actually been an older version of myself, as, in afterthought, I am not fully sure anymore. Maybe I will look in a mirror twenty years from now and check. The building seemed mirror-imaged (reversed east to west) to its actual design.

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    9. Human remains inside couch (recurring dream theme)

      by , 06-19-2013 at 12:19 PM
      Morning of June 19, 2013. Wednesday.

      This dream uses a fairly recurring idea of human remains being inside a couch (sometimes inside the cushions).

      In my dream, I am sharing a place with the actor from the television series “Lost”, Josh Holloway, that I vaguely dreamt of only once before as his Sawyer character (in a representation of Tom Sawyer in that particular dream). In this dream he is also his Sawyer character, but instead, named Sylvester (even after waking, “Sylvester” seemed to be his “real” name or “identify”). The apartment seems to be one I had in real life at King Street when I was in my late teens, the one where I also had a noisy refrigerator in one of two larger closets and which was an “expensive” $25.00 a week. (I had, in total, three different apartments in that large historical house during those years; the smaller L-shaped one in back, the one in front with the rocket-like cupola on the east side, and a larger one near the middle of the building as in this dream.)

      He is sleeping on the couch in our apartment, but wakes up because the couch seems to be moving inside. A large nail is sort of moving out from its position along the top area of the frame of the seat area in front, near the middle, but closer to the west end. This is very mysterious as if from some sort of ghostly activity. The nail slowly moves out as if representing some sort of approaching eerie revelation. Sylvester seems a bit nervous. I mostly find it curious and not really frightening in any way.

      Eventually, there are bluish-green fingers visible, of a sort of ghostly nature that continue to work in moving the nail. The fingers are the only thing that is visible at the time, seeming to come out of the surface of the wood around the nail. (Some sort of odd play on “fingernail”?)

      A little later, the east arm of the couch opens up from the front (I think we both may have pulled the upholstery off) - on my left when facing the couch - showing it to be somewhat like a two-level shelf. The bottom area holds a human skull, the second “shelf” or part of the internal couch frame holds a bowl of old human eyes and hair, and a skeletal hand is also inside the arm.

      Sylvester is rather alarmed and of course, people must be told. There is no idea at all of whom it may have been or what happened. I am thinking that the bluish-green hand may be part of an arm that was kept in another part of the couch and acting somewhat like ghostly “remains”.

      It is easy to determine here that the “ghost” inside the couch (a dream sign, as one can sleep on a couch) is a subliminal distorted perception of my sleeping body. But why Josh and why is he called Sylvester? He played a character that was on an island (dream state within sleep as water represents sleep). I associate the name Sylvester with the cartoon character Sylvester the Cat. A cat is a circadian rhythms feature (as well as a liminal space element) typically based on nighttime activities (such as dreaming). (Even though a cat seems to sleep a lot, they are of course active in the daytime.) The skull on the shelf represents lesser critical thinking skills (such as reading books) while in the dream state.

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    10. Pre historic face tattoo

      by , 08-09-2012 at 02:23 AM
      I began in a laboratory with a another person who is operating a digital microscope, we view a small area of a human skull on a monitor, the surface of it has small chipped places in the shape of a tiny smiley face. The person (who I realize is wearing a lab-coat like I) explains that what we see is a type of pre-historic tattoo. (the dream begins to fade and I slowly wake)
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    11. 26.06.2012 - LUCID DREAM from WBTB / WILD & 2 x non lucid

      by , 06-27-2012 at 11:46 AM
      Date: 26/06/2012
      Place: My own bed (for a change!)
      Time of getting into bed: 11pm
      Glass of apple juice in the day.

      Dream 1 - non lucid

      We are at a music festival or music event. There are lots of bands and different stalls etc. We go into a small, dark, dingy shed. (We being me, and friend I and friend R) We are just chilling / talking in here. I know of a group of people just outside, and I know that they are not friendly. One of them comes in to retrieve a bag he left inside here, which is like a holdall type bag. He tells us there is a human skull inside, and we just say 'ok' because we don't want any trouble. The group are young, hooligan type kids (god I sound old) who have guns. The young guy gets offensive and pulls out his gun, but my friend I takes it off him. There is no struggle, more like a nervous tension. I plays with the gun, asks the kid some questions while the kid answers them. I then aims the gun jokingly, and 'accidentally' shoots the kid several times. Although he is not hurt, they shots are close and nearly hit him every time, so the kid takes the gun back. Now he has it back, the kid dos the same; talks about the gun and aims it at people. I panic, assuming he will end up shooting someone. He shoots at me, and I get scared but he tells me not to be scared, and that my jumper is too baggy, and will catch the shots before they get to me. Amazingly he's right.

      [Dream 2 - Lucid dream

      I woke and wrote my previous dream (see above) I needed a pee so I went to the toilet and came back. As I lay down, I attempted to WILD. I was very hot and had to stop to remove covers then continue. (I always get hot when I WILD?) I start 'feeling' a dream, talking with friends, playing with my friends cat. To keep myself aware, I start 'rubbing' my friend's sofa that I am sat on while this dream forms. (Dream sofa, I am really in bed) However the dream is not solid yet. Suddenly, I am in a fully fledged dream and don't know how I got here! However I am fully lucid. Unlike my last lucid, I do not panic and I stay calm. But I think this is due to a lower level of awareness. So I'm walking with my partner (let's call him 'N') down the road, I fear there was more to the beginning of this lucid but alas, I have forgotten. I am telling N that I am dreaming. He doesn't believe me, but does ask me some questions to test me. I tell him let's get a train, so take him to the train station. As we walk there, I am amazed by the details my mind has come up with. The scenery etc. We get on the train and I see a pigeon close by, I try to touch it but it flies away. However I'm not bothered as I'm happy I am dreaming, so we hop on the train. As I walk by a DC, I stroke his face to feel the stubble on his face, he stares at me but doesn't seem to mind. We get off the train again, and I'm not sure where we have got off. I ask N if he believes me yet, he says no, but does seem to be thinking hard about it, like I am beginning to convince him. We have to go through a check-point before we can leave the train station (like guards on a gate) and as we approach I get horny. I get out my junk with the intent to present it to a DC when we arrive at the gate. N notices and asks me what I am doing. I suddenly realize I don't want to upset N, even if it is the DC version. So I put it away and pretend I wasn't doing anything. However N is very persistant, grabbing me and challenging me. I get a bit frustrated and suddenly N is as well. I fear he may become angry and ruin the dream, but I remember what I read on DV about making DCs do what you want, so I think of the most plausible thing I can and say 'N, aren't you supposed to be at the post office today? It shuts in like 5 minutes you better hurry!' N works for the PO. He suddenly realizes and rushes off, leaving me alone. I decide I am no longer horny after that charade, and progress through the gates into this new, unknown place. When entering this place (must have been a building, but I don't remember doors of any kind) I was almost speechless about how AMAZING it looked. Not necessarily real, but just very detailed, and beautiful. It was along the lines of a train station, mixed with a shopping centre, and maybe a pub or nightclub element to it too. I saw so much in here, simple wandering round that I have probably forgotten much of it. First of all, there were lights and displays. I think it was evening-ish time so these lights looked BEAUTIFUL, I really stared at them, noticing they were made of little lights, with a yellow glow. Reminded me a bit of Xmas lights. I was smiling madly, thinking 'this dream is awesome.' I then walked off, found some women searching in a fridge for their dinner while they were on a break. I searched for a little bit but then walked off. I was at a bit of a loss of what to actually do. I didn't even think of flying (dur) and even though I knew I was dreaming, I didn't do anything crazy or mind-blowing! I suddenly remembered the task of the month. I knew it involved walking through a mirror. I turned around, expecting to find a mirror, and taadaa! A lovely mirror. It was a bit high for me (I'm a shortarse) so I pulled myself up to it, and just stuck my head through boldly. At first I thought of a beautiful park scene, and thought 'don't think of that, cos then that's what you'll see!' however it wasn't, what I did see, was SPACE. Like, our universe, just black, and filled with stars and I could even make out the milky way. It was BIG. There were brightly coloured parrots flying through space, just casually flying around, in all directions, kind of slow. The vastness of the space scared me however, and I decided there was no way I was climbing in there! So I pulled my head out. It was hard to get out, like I would somehow fall in, and for a minute I was stuck, but a very nice young DC, who had black hair and a friendly smile pulled me out. I thanked her and told her the mirror was 'all hers.' So she climbed up and stuck her head in too!
      I walked off again, repeating over and over that I would remember the mirror for the TOTM, determined not to forget. I followed rooms in this building, not going in them but reading the signs above the doors, observing the DCs going on with their lives. I came across a large photo booth (the type you get passport photos printed instantly on) but it was 4 or 5 times bigger. I went inside, and realized you were supposed to sit on the tacky-looking plastic sofa (it was an old, battered machine) and put money in, then a person would have a conversation with you about anything you liked. I found this silly and walked out, the thought crossed my mind that if I pulled the curtains, I could have some 'adult fun' in this booth. But I decided against it, not wanting to end the dream early. I walked up some stairs, running my hands along the metal pole at the sides, and finding it very metal-like. I found a room which I spent some time reading the sign above it, but have now forgotten what it said. A young guy walked past, and I got horny again. Figuring I'd just go for it, I walked up and asked him if he fancied some fun. He ignored me, but clearly wasn't interested. He wasn't even that good looking, but for some reason I persisted, taking his hand and placing it down my pants. He was clearly uncomfortable with this, and gave me a terrible look which made me question my morals. However I knew I was dreaming, so kept telling myself he wasn't really upset and it was just my mind telling me its not nice to do things like this to strangers! However the guys dad suddenly appeared, concerned where his son was. His dad looked mad so I left! While walking away, I thought 'hey, I haven't had to stabilize this dream once!' So I rubbed my hands together to practice, and the whole place lit up, and became a bit clearer. However this faded again as soon as I stopped rubbing my hands. I already thought everything was clear, but now it had been clearer and gone back again it seemed a little unclear. (If that makes sense) I shouted stabilize! But my dream began to fade, I shouted it again, this time with NOW on the end, and summoning up as much confidence and courage as I could. The dream came back. I had a few more seconds of walking around, then blackness began to set in. I tried spinning, but I couldn't do it, it was really hard! I couldn't even get close, I tried rubbing my hands again, and this was better, but in the end I just gave up, and let myself wake up. I figured it was the end.

      When awaking, I could have gone straight back into a dream again, I didn't move or open my eyes. However I wanted to write in my DJ, I didn't want to lose the dream! So I got up. Although this dream was clearly lucid, it didn't feel as real as the first time I had a lucid dream. I think this is why I was a lot more in control, because it wasn't so shockingly life-like. Don't get me wrong, it was pretty amazing. I feel annoyed that I didn't do more, and super annoyed that I let my penis get in the way of a decent dream.

      Dream 3 - Non Lucid dream

      My cousin 'C' has come to stay fr a few days. I got on well with him (he annoys me in RL) and we had lots of people who were crowding round to see / meet us, like we were famous or something. More him then me. We were talking about going to a music concert while he was here, I told him Linkin Park were playing, but he wanted to see Rhianna. I thought 'he used to have decent taste in music...'. There was some sort of parade going by, with lots of drunk people watching and celebrating. I have a fish tank with lots of shrimp but no fish. I complain about this and someone tells me to draw some fish, put them inside and they will come to life. I start doing this, but my cousin distracts me, as do our fans who keep watching us / asking us questions.

      LUCID DREAM!!!
      WBTB / WILD
      Festivals / concerts YET AGAIN - DS
      Cousin hasn't visited for a while
    12. 10/07/04 The mystery bag

      by , 04-05-2012 at 06:09 PM
      My friend Ki Ki from work was with me in my dream and we were in a school, trying to get some lockers open to use them. They had combination and Key locks both. I managed to find a locker that wasn't locked, and it had locker keys in it! So I took the keys and unlocked another locker nearby. There was a bag in it like a dufflebag, but with drawstrings to close its opening. I could feel it had something round in it as I grabbed it and handed it to Ki Ki. She opened it and looked inside, and I was glad she did instead of me! She said, "I see the bottom of a skull!" I took her word for it and didn't look in the bag, because I did not want to. Neither did I want to investigate any more lockers.
    13. Finding a Sword (January 24, 2012)

      by , 01-25-2012 at 12:58 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Finding a Sword

      I don't know when I became lucid, but I was lucid. I was walking down the stone path of a medieval city. I was helping a kid who was a couple years younger than me find a weapon. He wanted good sword so he could start his own adventures. I led him down the path to where the sword shop was. When we got to the shop it exploded and a giant bug flew out of the flames. The shop owner was standing outside, so we went over to talk to her.

      "Your shops on fire." I told her.
      "Yes, I see that!" She said in frustration.
      "Do you have any swords left?" The kid asked her.
      "No, but there is a powerful sword hidden inside the city. I'll let you keep that sword if you use it to kill those things." She told us.
      "Where's the sword?" The kid asked.
      "He knows." She said pointing to me.

      The funny thing is, I really did know where it was. I actually knew the city pretty well even though it was fictional. I pointed to a dark alley across the street from the shop. We descended the stairs in the alley and came to a maze of multiple paths. I was somehow able to guide him along the right path. We came to a dead end where there was a carving of a dragon on the wall. I placed my hand over the dragon picture and it started to glow blue. A piece of the floor beneath us then tore away from the ground and levitated up to the top of the wall. We stepped off the floating floor and onto the rooftop. We found a longsword sticking out of the roof. I took the sword and gave it to my friend. He then did one of those video game victory poses where he lifted it up in the air and smiled.

      "Wow! That sword boosted you up to lvl 23!" I said reading his stats.
      "Wait, don't we have another job to do?" He asked.
      "Yeah, we have to find those monsters." I said

      We walked back onto the floating floor and it descended back to the ground. We then walked out to an open area and stopped. I could feel the ground vibrating slightly below us. Then 3 flying monsters came out from under the ground. One of them was the giant flying bug from before. It had the body of a bee, the face of a beetle, and the wings of a moth. The second monster was just a floating skull with glowing red eyes. The third monster was a floating purple ghost with a skull mask.

      "Look out!' I said to alert my friend.

      I jumped back and transformed into a black dragon. The ghost and the bug decided to pick a fight with me while my friend fought with the the skull. The ghost shot a ball of shadow fire at me and I dodged to the right. I ran straight towards the ghost and stood on my back legs so I could start clawing at him. I made a few swipes and then tried to sink my claws into him. The bug flew in and tackled me before I could grab the ghost. The bug kept trying to stab me with its giant stinger. I would swipe at his stinger to block his attacks and he would do the same. It was a sword fight with claws and stingers. When he had a chance to land a direct hit on me, I did a backflip and striked his stomach with my tail's blade. At this moment I had instinctively learned how to use the dark element of poison. Not only did I cut his stomach, but I infected him with a lethal poison that killed him quickly.

      The ghost then came out of nowhere and knocked me to the ground. It then unleashed it's shadow fire on me, but I slowed down time and rolled out of the way. I tried to swipe it with my poison tail, but it turned into a shadow and appeared behind me. He then smacked me into a wall when I wasn't looking. I kept trying to slash him with my tail and claws, but he just kept turning into a shadow. When I was starting to tire out, he created a shield of shadow fire around him and charged towards me. So then I thought, "If he can use shadow powers, why can't I?". I stood up and charged towards him. Right before we were about to collide, I let a cloud of darkness rise from the ground and surround me. I phased right through him and caught him off guard. I stabbed him from behind with my claws to make sure I had a good grip for what I was about to do. I flew high up into the air with him and threw him back down to the ground. I then dived down towards him in a ball of shadow fire. When I crashed into him, he turned into a shadow mist that sort of evaporated.

      I looked back at my friend to see how his battle was coming along. The skull was shooting flames at him, but he was able to dodge them. He then held the sword out in front of him and charged it with a powerful red energy. He then leaped towards the skull at a super fast speed. Using this speed he was able to slice up the skull from all angles in just a few seconds. The skull fell to the ground and my friend delivered the final blow with a cut down the center. We had won the fight and I went back to my human form.

      I guided us back along to the main road. From there we walked to the castle. The king was supposed to give my friend a quest that would start his real adventure. Unfortunately I woke up by the time we reached the drawbridge.


      Yay! Shadow and poison magic!
    14. Riot !!!!! (Between 20 th August 2010 to 21 th August 2010)

      by , 10-08-2011 at 06:45 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I dreamed I was in F. F. in the bedroom of my grandparents.
      He had come from a all-night stand (work or play, I do not know), and needed to sleep.
      There was a lot of people in the bedroom, my mother, my grandmother and my father.
      I sent everyone away so i could get some sleep.

      After sleeping a while, i got out of the house. It was night time again. I walked for a while and stopped near a water fountain. I lay down on the grass that surrounds the fountain.
      Herein comes G , T (peaceful-looking) and M and ask me what I was doing there. Suddenly there is more people around us, some of them are my acquaintances, others i don´t know.We are all having a party near a hot dog stand.
      I was talking with Omnio.

      I asked him if there was a way to speak between all network operators through messaging, and he replied:
      "Yes, there is...it´s called mobile Messenger... in America."
      As he was speaking, he was messing with a Nokia phone.

      After I talk to him, I laid my blackberry touchscreen over a hood of a jeep and started talking to someone, I do not remember who.

      A gang member approached me, and gave me a friendly punch in the right leg.

      M begins to speak with him in Creole, and after talking to him, M turns to me and and says:

      "Well, let's take a walk? This guy´s gang just want to get in trouble with us, and I don´t feel like it tonight. "

      As the gang member steps away from us, the turns to M and says:

      "You bounce, only when you´re with your friends!"

      Me, T and M go for a walk through what appears to be narrow and old big city streets.
      When we return to the hot dog stand, we saw a crowd in front of us...it was a riot! Two factions against each other. Our friends against the gang from the guy to whom M spoke.
      One of our friends saw M, and said to him:
      "Come, come, let us beat the hell out of them!"

      M began to run towards the enemy faction.

      The crowd grabbed him and I saw his arm disappearing into the crowd.
      T and I started to "smash heads" to see if we could rescue M.
      I grabbed a long black hair guy (looked like a typical heavy metal fan) that was grabbing the arm of M and started kicking and biting the arm of that guy. I pushed his hair until a little bit of the scalp of his head came out...he let M go.

      I started to feel an electrical vibration through my body, and i teared his skull apart with my bare hands, i felt pieces of flesh from his scalp between my hands...my hands were covered in blood.
      Before he died he said:

      "This must be the new way to enjoy this scene."

      The whole scene happened to the sound of Deftones - Back to School.

      Only I could hear the music.
    15. Epic Diamond Quest! Vocal Command Experiment!

      by , 10-02-2011 at 02:03 PM (The first foothold of Arch.)
      Yay, recall is back in the house, I'm very happy with these dreams!

      Recall: 7
      Overall: 8 Pretty Epic!
      Non-Lucid Lucid Comment

      Heading down an empty narrow road, it's winding through the night like a snake, I am in a new white car, and my mum is sat next to me. Switching from 3rd person to first person and various angles in between I feel like I have no control, yet the car remains perfectly on the road, taking each corner with grace. The drivers seat is on the left side, which is strange because in England it is normally on the right. I am in dialogue with myself, taking about how I can't drive a car, only a motorbike, and I'm very worried about crashing. For some reason I'm driving the car with my head stuck out of the window, like I shouldn't be watching the road through the windscreen.
      The road starts to become inclined, I see a sharp corner ahead, and drive straight through the metal barrier, into the sea below.
      Underwater, I turn to my mum, and say half hearted:
      "Should we go back to the last checkpoint?"
      She disagrees and points out a underwater cavern nearby, it looks kinda creepy, but I shrug it off and we decide to head here.
      Appearing in the carven, I observe my surroundings. The room is very tall and old, I can barely make out details of the upper staircase. The floor is most and covered with large broken tiles, but its not hard to remain standing. There is a cornered staircase in front of me, heading up to a room which is brightly lit.
      Realising that my mum is here too, I turn around, she looks very nervous and tells me not to look to either side of me because of the skull monster. I'm not too bothered and turn my head, instantly a hooded figure is right close up to my face, a skull appearing from under the hood.

      I'm startled not scared, she tells me that we have to go to a ceremony up the stairs, so we decide to go up the stairs, I occasionally turn my head back laughing at the skull!

      The room is brightly lit, and reminds me of a church, we head to a seat at the back of the room, I am joined by my brother and sister... and the random skullman.

      We are told of a lost diamond, that we perfect in all ways, and the size of a mans fist, I am taken to the front of the room and asked to find it.

      Outside, everything is nice and green, lots of plants everywhere, I am dressed in armour, with a large two handed sword which is magnificently polished.
      I head into the forest, and look for the diamond. (loosing detail here) I manage to find the diamond, it's huge, I can barely hold it with one hand. I hide it under my cloak.
      My brother (who looks nothing like my brother) comes and talks to me, I tell him I found the diamond, swinging the sword in a playful fashion.
      I lead him inside to the church like building, but the diamond has gone, I ask my friend Ali where it is, he looks very happy with himself.
      He tells me he as the diamond, I ask for it, and he holds out his hand, and there is a tiny version about the size of a pea.
      "I shrunk it so people can't find it", but the diamond has lost its beauty and I am disappointed.

      I wake up and stumble over to the bathroom, I remember that it is a dream, but I am not sure, I think it's a dream because I remember falling over and smashing my head (?), and that has caused me to enter a dream. I try multiple RC's but they all fail, I look in the mirror and attempt to change it, nothing, I look down, look up, everything is black behind me in the mirror..."I'm Dreaming!"
      Running into my bedroom, I hear someone singing upstairs, I decide to try some vocal commands by saying "Mute", the voice instantly silences. I conjure a mirror on my closet.
      And look at myself, I look normal, slightly blurry. I want to have a medieval theme, so I say "armour", close my eyes, and open again, and I am clad in some armour. I want to be more heavily plated so I say "more armour" and I am a living tank!
      My dad comes up the stairs and I hold out a hand and blast him away (we had an argument that day, lol).
      I fade out into blackness.

      I am in a shopping mall, when drinking lucosade, I decide to eat loads of food, and become fat.
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