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    1. Psych ward

      by , 11-13-2017 at 01:21 PM
      When I woke up I was on a hard hospital bed. My body ached and for some reason I was being forced out of the room. When I finally stepped into the bright light I realized I was in the psych ward I worked in, but this time I was a patient. I vaguely remember being in a courtroom. Facing charges for telling someone I would kill them with my gun. Except I hadn't told anyone that and I didn't even own a gun. Even though I tried explaining this to a judge he would have none of it. As I looked around the room I saw an empty seat and as I sat I curled my legs under me so my chin was resting on my knees. As the other patients came in two girls came and sat beside me. I was too tired to eat breakfast, when one of the counselors came in he rested a hand on my shoulder and looked at me. Almost as if he was trying to console me without speaking. Then he announced that therapy would be upstairs today. As the familiar wave of groans spouted like daisies he turned around and walked away. Shortly afterwards we all got up and walked towards the stairs and he called them all at once except for me. For new patients you got an initial assessment, that could sometimes take hours. As they all filed upstairs I looked at the walls,there were watercolor paintings pinned up neatly and miscellaneous papers laying on the ground. Some had been trampled on and others were merely crushed, skewn across the hall. Whenever it was my turn cole came and got me. "I thought you were dead," I stated in suprise. His bright yellow apparel almost blinding me as he rode a bright yellow electric scooter towards me. "So did I" he answered. As we got to the counselors office door cole came to his little office right outside the door. There he and another man sat and began typing on their computers. I opened the door and walked inside. Thr room was dark and had a bit of a greenish hue. There were wires and scattered sewing mannequins everywhere. I even spotted a small bed covered in bags. As I walked in the room further I spied a woman in a similiar green dress. She had some sort of military patch sewn into her dress. Which was odd because it was obviously not a military uniform. As I approached her she spoke, "Come sit on my lap." "No thank you," I replied. "Why not,almost everyone sits on my lap," she goaded with her innocent elderly voice. I shot another look around the room before zi retorted," it's just a personal preference." As she slapped her lap motioning me to sit on her thigh my alarm went off.
    2. Psychiatric Hospital

      by , 06-20-2013 at 06:20 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      Ok.. I woke up 3 or 4 times in the night and each time I tried WILD but it never worked. This is night #4 (I didn't record dreams from the night before because I don't remember the dreams)
      I can barely remember dreams from last night...

      Me and my parents were in the psychiatric hospital visiting my sister. I was with this black, curly haired girl and we were either trying to leave or enter the unit. We needed passes to cross, it was kind of like going through those gates at Six Flags or Summerfest. The girl got in easily, but when it was my turn the lady said I had the wrong I.D. I looked and my I.D. belonged to the black girl, which was strange because she got in without her I.D. Anyway, somehow we got in. The next thing I remember was getting ready to leave with my sister and parents. I stopped in this room with this girl with a name that started with a J... and somehow I got to know her. It was as if I had spent the week in the hospital. She said she was going home that day but had nowhere to stay and she didn't feel safe by herself. I told her it was okay if she stayed with us, I'd be happy to have her. I said I have to ask my mom, but that she'd say yes. I ask my mom and, to my surprise, she said no. I said, "we have two houses to stay at. What if we stayed at the one in (hometown)? Or up north?" But she said no way. I got really upset and started crying.

      Wow I did a horrible job remembering... there are so many pieces left out. I need to practice my dream recall.
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    3. Craziness!

      by , 12-12-2010 at 05:06 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Psych ward

      Dreamed I was getting picked up from a psych ward by my friend Jared and his girlfriend sarah. Apparently I wasn't taken well care of in the ward... what I was wearing was soiled and I stunk. Sarah kept bitching about my smell and was making rude jokes about it. In the dream I remembered this being my second time to this psych ward...


      Remember being in a hogwarts class where I was kung fu training. I was paired with a woman, I remember doing lots of blocks and stuff. This woman lured me into a backwards trip kick. and when I was on the ground I had a vague memory of choking a woman in my inner world... disturbing.

      Picked on

      I was walking around hogwarts and people were yelling at me and calling me a woman beater. One of the weasly twins dumped some crap on me and laughed. I just walked frustrated through the hallways.

      Woke up, Remembered that from a few days ago, someone gave me a dream flu shot which poisoned me and made me attack harry during a portion of the tri wizard tournament. Concluded someone lured me to the dream psych ward for the first time, where they administered another shot. Was realeased and went home to asuka, being poisoned and attacked her. I was sent back to the psych ward for attacking her and then relased. By then word spread to hogwarts that I'm some maniac.


      After Raven healed me.... I went angrily into Dumble dore's office, Lucious was there... I knew he was behind my druggings and poisonings. But no way to prove it so I use my astral tentacles to extract Lucian's memories which Dumbledore then views in his weird memory fountain thingy. Turns out Lucian was usng a portrait in his home to communicate with Voldy, who was giving him instructions to sabotage me and stuff.

      I get an award before the entire school for exposing corruption, everyone claps and smiles. People apologise to me etc. I wish I remembered it in all details.


      I was with some people in some town but started flying up. I saw someone i recognized on the ground and called him by his name. He looked up at me and waved. I took off on my broom and remembered that he had a twin brother and was pondering if I met who I thought... or his twin.

      Not enough breakfast.

      I was in some weird underground warehouse where some guy was cooking breakfast. He looked at me and said "help yourself,". i looked and saw that there was only one egg and half a slice of bacon left...

      New kid

      Apperently me and Asuka have a new dream baby now... ha ha. Already a few months old. i'm in the living room with Asuka, who looks like a native american in this dream. She's just watching TV. The kid is crawling around and I follow the baby to make sure it stays out of trouble. It crawls in some weird cup board and is pking it's head through som small holes.i keep pulling the baby back. and it looks at me and laughs. It keeps putting it's head in weird holes and I spent the rest of the dream making sure it doesn't get it's head stuck.