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    1. Psych ward

      by , 11-13-2017 at 01:21 PM
      When I woke up I was on a hard hospital bed. My body ached and for some reason I was being forced out of the room. When I finally stepped into the bright light I realized I was in the psych ward I worked in, but this time I was a patient. I vaguely remember being in a courtroom. Facing charges for telling someone I would kill them with my gun. Except I hadn't told anyone that and I didn't even own a gun. Even though I tried explaining this to a judge he would have none of it. As I looked around the room I saw an empty seat and as I sat I curled my legs under me so my chin was resting on my knees. As the other patients came in two girls came and sat beside me. I was too tired to eat breakfast, when one of the counselors came in he rested a hand on my shoulder and looked at me. Almost as if he was trying to console me without speaking. Then he announced that therapy would be upstairs today. As the familiar wave of groans spouted like daisies he turned around and walked away. Shortly afterwards we all got up and walked towards the stairs and he called them all at once except for me. For new patients you got an initial assessment, that could sometimes take hours. As they all filed upstairs I looked at the walls,there were watercolor paintings pinned up neatly and miscellaneous papers laying on the ground. Some had been trampled on and others were merely crushed, skewn across the hall. Whenever it was my turn cole came and got me. "I thought you were dead," I stated in suprise. His bright yellow apparel almost blinding me as he rode a bright yellow electric scooter towards me. "So did I" he answered. As we got to the counselors office door cole came to his little office right outside the door. There he and another man sat and began typing on their computers. I opened the door and walked inside. Thr room was dark and had a bit of a greenish hue. There were wires and scattered sewing mannequins everywhere. I even spotted a small bed covered in bags. As I walked in the room further I spied a woman in a similiar green dress. She had some sort of military patch sewn into her dress. Which was odd because it was obviously not a military uniform. As I approached her she spoke, "Come sit on my lap." "No thank you," I replied. "Why not,almost everyone sits on my lap," she goaded with her innocent elderly voice. I shot another look around the room before zi retorted," it's just a personal preference." As she slapped her lap motioning me to sit on her thigh my alarm went off.
    2. LD #295: Taekwondo and Deadpool Clones

      by , 06-03-2016 at 03:44 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I started Taekwondo a little over five years ago. I did the same with proper lucid dreaming practice. And for anyone who reads my dream journal, they know that random martial arts fights break out. (Often with me a participant) The one thing setting this apart from other common themes is that the martial arts dreams (I use the term martial arts as a general term since some of the moves used are clearly not taekwondo) is that they are often tied to semi lucid or lucid dreams, while other dream themes. Space themed dreams, for instance, are almost always non-lucid.

      I theorize that because I began lucid dreaming and taekwondo at the same time, Taekwondo became mixed up in that phase of heavy learning in the beginning with lucid dreaming, and is now pretty much a permanent aspect of semi-lucid and lucid dreams. Probably should feel happy that I hadn't started say, driver's ed at the same time I began lucid dreaming. Then my life would be a never-ending string of car-crash dreams.

      I remember being on the main street of my town. We were under attack by deadpool clones. I think there were 6 or 7 of them, and they all had numbers on their foreheads. They were made by an evil comic book antagonist who was 'testing them out' on our town. I also remember there was a school bus loading up kids who wanted to take them away because deadpool was rated 'R'.

      I reached into hyperspace and pulled out the anti-regeneration sword from the comic. (The one I saw on Death Battle) I started fighting them. I remember each of the deadpools had a different aspect of the deadpool amplified. One was super fast, one was super strong, one was extra crazy, etc. The one that was extra fast ran around me and there was a one punch man reference where he tried to kick me and I just held up my fist and his momentum carried his no-no zone into my fist. I think the dream even went as far as to show the 'technical difficulties' screen for a few moments afterward.

      I recall at one point attempting to throw a lamp post at them, but super strength has never been my forte in dreams and when I tried to throw it it dropped before it made it to them.

      But there was also logic that since they were aspects of the deadpool they all had 1/7th his intelligence of the original and were all as dumb as bricks. That's how I was able to beat them. I remember I got onto the last one who had a blue and black costume instead of red and black. He was supposedly the boss guy. He said something about chimichangas and pulled two burritos out of his pants. He bit two of them and spit out grenade pins then threw them at me. I dodged by hiding right next to my taekwondo studio. I distracted him with a poster of a naked woman that I pulled from hyperspace and threw my sword at him when he was distracted.

      He didn't die though, he just became neutral and stopped attacking, and seemed completely uninjured. He made some kind of fourth wall joke, but in the dream that translated into saying something about the dream and making me
      lucid. (I had already been semi lucid.)

      I remember blue deadpool walked off. I was standing outside the taekwondo studio. (I think it was on the wrong side of the street though.) I was lucid, but I was in a bit of a daze. I didn't know quite where I wanted to go with it since I wasn't expecting to be lucid. There were a few people standing outside waiting to be let in, none of whom I recognized from WL. One of them was this really old lady who was only about 4 feet tall and hunched over on a cane. She had a white belt uniform and she said that it was sparring class today, me vs her. It seemed like she was so old and frail she shouldn't be able to lift her leg to kick, but I could tell something was about to happen.

      Sure enough, her opening move was to leap several feet into the air (additional note: dream martial arts usually seem flashy and impractical. If you've ever heard someone say that the martial arts in movies are flashy and impractical to make for a good film, well those also seem to be the moves that are used in dreams. Probably because dreams are a visual representation of a conflict or aspect of yourself, like a movie. They're not meant to be like waking life. But I just punched deadpool in the groin, and distracted another with a pin-up poster. Who am I to talk about this.) and attack me with a bunch of kicks. I blocked all of them.

      Me: [I knew it. A trick!]
      Her: [Hmph! Everyone I know falls for that.]
      Me: [I haven't been around as long as you, but I'm no fool.]

      She kept attacking me. I played defensive, waiting for her to make a mistake, leave an opening, or just get tired, but she wouldn't have it. I tried going outside her range, but she was too quick to close the gap. Eventually I saw her let up. Jumping snap kick threw her through a loop and tagged her chest. She jumped back.

      Me: [I can't believe someone as good as her fell for that old trick.]
      Her: [This is the same one who *garbled* Jonathan. Shouldn't have placed my expectations so low.]

      I tried to put my foot down. I could tell the fight wasn't over and might have escalated from simple martial arts to including dream powers. But for some reason my right leg was stuck to my pant leg in a weird dreamlike way that left it bent and I was stuck standing on one foot.

      Her: [Well put your foot down! Fighting Stance, let's go.]
      Me: [I can't... well... this is embarrassing.]

      She came over and helped me by putting a magical golden paperclip on my pant leg that would supposedly stop that from ever happening again. I guess the fight was over.

      She said something and the dream scene shifted to the beach from my first lucid dream. The old woman said something about reconnecting with the past. I lost the dream the moment after we transitioned and woke up.
    3. The Chicken Breast Rooftop Challenge

      by , 01-19-2016 at 06:17 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      The Chicken Breast Rooftop Challenge (DILD)


      I’m standing on top of a blue, pastel stylized rooftop with another dream characters. The plot of the dream was to ensure that the chicken breast packages that you would typically see in grocery retail wouldn’t topple over.

      How I assessed this was by standing in the center, and then analyzing the environment through different angles to calculate which crevice underneath the peculiar roofing would have the chicken breast packages fall over. There was one moment where there’s an old lady underneath walking out, and I had the feeling that the chicken breast package on that side would topple over.

      I dash over, and managed to place it back through the slot in time. Fortunately, there was about 30 seconds left on the timer displayed on top in the dream. And as soon as it reached zero, I take a jump into the blue abyss below me, and start looking at the area I was just in. It was contained in some transparent sphere, and I’m falling at a moderate pace while smiling at someone, but I’m not sure who.
    4. #145 - violent iguanas

      by , 10-31-2015 at 10:20 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream - Violent Iguanas
      I'm by a farm fence that runs next to the road. It's me, Sam, and a couple others who have come here to steal something from a building that's just beyond the fence down a small slope. Me and Sam hop the fence onto the grass field on the other side. The other 2 guys with us hand us some equipment. Hmm, this won't do... There's too much stuff and the bags are already filled with the stuff we're trying to steal? (we were trying to steal ice, and possibly biscuits). Sam goes ahead with his share of the gear while I contemplate how to lighten the load. I unpack the plastic bags and decide to leave a couple boxes, there's way more than we need. Suddenly I look up and see my friend Sam running back up the hill. Uh oh, he's been discovered and is making a break for it. I turn and bolt alongside him, the other 2 guys don't need to run apparently because they haven't done anything. Me and Sam head onto the main road and keep running, there's an old lady sprinting after us (I saw her at the gym yesterday, I was amazed at how such an old person could work out like that O_O). I'm much faster than my friend and he's already running out of stamina... The old lady is really fit and is slowly catching up with single-minded intensity. How the hell? She's going to catch my friend, I could leave him with my speed but I don't want to, if he goes down then I won't let him go through it alone. I stop running and the lady catches up, there's no point wasting more energy. She talks to us and tells us to follow, leading us back to the building we had been about to rob. We're at the top of a stone staircase by the grass field that leads into an animal sanctuary (which is apparently what the building is for). "Do you like iguana?" she asks.
      "Uhh yeah I guess so?" I respond, not really sure what she wants.
      We're walking down the steps now, "We have a new male iguana arriving today" she says. I think to myself that it doesn't feel like she wants to punish us, hasn't she called the police? I get the feeling she's offering us a chance to do something with our lives maybe. We turn left at the bottom of the steps, it's almost like the area has become enclosed like we're in a building but there's these dense trees and shrubs as the walls? On the left is an exhibit for iguanas. Wow, they're huge! Maybe 1-2m long? I focus on two that are walking along the same branch, I get the feeling there is about 2 more somewhere in the background. It's almost like these iguana aren't even iguana, they have a kind of monkey-like head with a bony looking cranium with ridges. One of the iguana shoots its tongue at the behind of the other iguana, latching onto it. Is this some kind of mating ritual? I'm watching what's going on intently now. The iguana that has been latched onto seems to want to get away? It turns around and is face to face with the other iguana that has caught up... SMASH!
      What in the hell?!?! The iguana that shot its tongue out just head butt the other iguana. SMASH! SMASH! SMASH! Over and over it repeatedly rams its head into the skull of the other iguana, of which collapses and caves in on the last hit. It goes limp and falls off the branch. Whoa. I'm in a bit of shock after watching that. Its head is lying against the glass of the enclosure we were watching through. The old lady walks up and calmly inspects its head. She starts playing around with it, tinkering almost. Is she going to save it? But it's already dead? She opens up its skull and there's blood and brain, so gross. I think I ask her if she can fix it, and she responds saying that she might be able to.

      1 more night and then I'll have my exam, just focusing mostly on getting a good sleep atm so my recall isn't that great.
    5. DVD Player, Dream Fragments (2.8.14)

      by , 08-02-2014 at 12:32 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)

      I give an old lady a DVD player to keep. She sets it up herself and must of had a few problems with it. I try it out and notice that everything is working fine for a moment until it starts playing up. I check behind the DVD player to see if she has connected it up properly. I notice that she has only connected one cable up. I grab the box that all the cords are in and tell her she forgot to connected the rest of them. I see a cord which is only used for a car, I tell her about that cord and what it's use is for. I remember that I needed a HDMI cable which wasn't in the box, I must have left it at home. Instead I use the other cables instead.

      Dream Fragments:

      1. Im waiting to get a haircut. There's people waiting also, about 3-4. The barbers call out names when they're ready for a haircut.

      2. I'm looking into the mirror and see that I have an eyebrow ring. I start to clean it and I see layers of scabs come off of it.
    6. Reputation, assholes, and forgiveness - night of 17/5/14

      by , 05-18-2014 at 05:40 PM
      crash after 400 mg valerian, 100 mg B6, some starchy and fatty food
      got up a few times in the night
      later dreams recalled, jotted down notes, and now fleshing them out. some details may be lost

      Dream 1
      I fall asleep during a school trip on a public bus; I might be back in high school. After waking, everyone is treating me differently and avoiding me. Back at school, everyone being haters. From students to teachers, everybody seems to detest me. I completely forget the reason why I've become so infamous, but it comes to my attention that my close friend at the time JF has been either slandering me or telling certain secrets, which seems to have permeated across the school. One teacher in particular is giving me so much shit and spreading these tales. I feel so much sadness and rage; i feel coloured a rich blue and vibrant crimson. I wake and not much more detail is recalled until

      Dream 2
      one of my friends, RZ, is willing to support me, along with one very supportive teacher. she seems to be a confusion of details from many of my previous teachers; she's lanky, tall, gaunt but comforting, and has wild black hair. I plan a way to redeem myself by destroying that one asshole teacher's reputation by getting her to admit to actively trying to defame me and expose her lack of suitability as a teacher.

      My friends, that teacher, and I are at a house
      which I later determined to be my grandparents' old house where I manage to confront her. Her appearance has shifted to that of the supportive teacher, though different. this may be because I've forgotten her appearance from the previous dream. She admits to being a total twat about other's perception of me, but I also manage to get her admitting to not knowing the definition of some fairly basic words. I just notice then that there are other school staff and administration just outside who have overheard, and I see that supportive teacher from the corner of the house give me a thumbs up. she had my back the whole time In the dream, I feel that justice will now work itself out and I wake

      Dream 3
      I'm eating at a restaurant with 2 of my friends (RZ and 2 others) at a square 4 person table. The restaurant has light blue walls, with a horizontal row of mirrors about chest high lining the walls. We are seated near the entrance, which has a glass door and cashier counter, and the unused seat at our table seems to open towards another 4 person table, at which JF is seated. After a bit of teasingly shunning him, I invite him over as an act of forgiveness. He's eating rice and cheese a snack which I had just heard about earlier that day and we begin to chat about his visits to some temple or something

      Dream ?.?
      This occurred between some of the previous dreams
      I'm walking with a family may be my aunt, her mother, and someone else and we're transferring the mother from something to a motorized wheel chair. Unfortunately we are walking down a hill and once we let go of her chair she speeds down, across the street, and straight into the side of a garage door. this launches her straight out of the crashing person transporter and face first onto the street. Although I was near, I didnt try to run and catch her. I pick her up after and place her back in the chair which had spontaneously reassembled itself

      i feel like there was more but cant recall
    7. WW2 banned dance

      by , 04-17-2014 at 11:14 AM
      Sorry this is so long! It would be more detailed but I'm writing this a few hours after it happened

      My dream was set in WW2. I don't know how I know this apart from the odd mention of bombs. In this place we were not allowed to do dancing (which I am fond of) because we were meant to be serious because of the war. But, there was a secret club which we snuck into to dance and have fun.

      Non - lucid:
      It started of with me and my friend (I don't know who) running away from the patrol who were searching for people doing something wrong. They were on a motor bike wearing dark sunglasses with dogs beside them. Me and my friend were running away from them as we were dressed in our red dresses which we danced in. We ran until we reached the sort of speed where you can't go any faster but I used the near by cars to push myself to go further. My friend could not catch up but I did not realise. I ran into the corner sweet shop where I lived and dived behind the counter.

      The guard people came in looking to see if anyone was there but left. My friend arrived a few moments later and had a go at me for leaving her. My elderly friend Mrs. Dubose who I lived with was sitting in her chair:
      'Im coming with you to that dance whether you like it or not!'
      She always liked to protect us. I replied,
      'You can't, what if a bomb were to drop on us?'
      'A bomb is just as likely to drop on this house as it is to drop on the town hall!'
      But she agreed to stay.

      It was only a short awareness because my cat suddenly jumped on me:
      When I hugged Mrs. Dubose goodbye I felt her soft wrinkly skin. I felt like a pillow and I thought she must be at least 100. Then I smelt her and she smelt so nice. She smelt sort of like old people's talcum powder but when I smelt it I though 'is this a dream?' And everything sort of disappeared although I was still holding onto Mrs. Dubose

      I woke up I imagined where I last was I took off again

      Non - lucid:
      We walked to the hatch in our floor and down a flight of stairs, across a corridor, up another flight of stairs and through a door. We were suddenly in the town hall where the dancing took place and it has 15 people in there. Girls dressed in red and boys in suits.

      -gap which I can't remember-

      We heard people below us and all the dancers went down to investigate. All the towns people were there in one room. The elderly and young including Mrs. Dubose on beds and the rest of the floor. They explained there had been a sudden attack from the enemy. Mrs. Dubose invited her horrible friend over to her bed to share and wrapped her checked blanket around them both.

      We heard a loud lady's voice above us:
      'I know you're not in your beds. I know there's some people down there. Whoever is there will return to there own beds immediately. I will count down from 5. Go!'

      There was a rush of people. I knew we wouldn't make it.
      1. There was a jam of people at the door
      2. Mrs. Dubose would not be able to run and we would have to assist her
      3. Our house/shop was the furthest away

      However, I had a plan. The lady in charge had bad eye sight. However, she had very good hearing. If we went back the way we came she would hear the door. But if we went round the side door of our house she would not.

      We ran around and let Mrs. D go in front. She went ahead but the lady saw/heard us and stopped us.
      'Hello Annie and Jack!'
      She was talking to me and my brothers toys and obviously thought they were small children
      'Now you hurry back quickly, I'll give you two extra time!'

      We ran quickly back to our house. Usually we would all share the same bed even though it wasn't allowed. I went in the bed and Mrs. D and my brother hid in the cupboard. The lady walked in and the bell in the door chimed. She walked swiftly across the room and nodded. And walked back out. My brother let out a deep sigh and thumped out the cupboard loudly. I held my breath as he quickly hid again and the lady walked back in. She opened the cupboard and gasped loudly.

      I woke up. Sorry for the length again but it was a very vivid detailed dream.
      Tags: dance, old lady, red, sweet, war, ww2
      lucid , non-lucid
    8. Through the Fence

      by , 04-17-2014 at 10:17 AM
      Morning of April 17, 2014. Thursday.

      The setting is very similar to our backyard, and it probably would be our backyard were it not for a group of Aboriginal Australian girls moving from near the front of the house along the side, seemingly coming to talk to me (perhaps I am trespassing). They are mostly dressed in blue jeans and casual blouses and tank tops. It seems to be late afternoon. I am only semi-lucid and I am thinking of some sort of “trick” (in case I am absentmindedly trespassing and thus to avoid a confrontation by going over to what appears to be a public-park-like area) which involves walking through the tall wooden fence (which looks very similar to the one we have in real life). I move one slat on the fence (so that it is only still attached near the top by one nail) that is almost to the end of the backyard (perhaps the fifth slat back from the end corner) and am able to step through sideways with just a little difficulty. However, I end up in an area (which may either be a public park or another backyard, though seems almost like a woodland area) that also has a large group of Aboriginal Australian girls who seem a bit annoyed at my antics or appearance from the other yard (it is possible that the two groups are having a feud with each other).

      An older female of about seventy or so, with white hair, asks me if I have seen her husband. There is some sort of short conversation she continues with, with me, relative to whether he has been “left alone” (I am not sure if he was supposedly on the other side of the fence or had disappeared or become lost - I get the impression she means that he might have even died) which seems a bit odd and with an ambiguous meaning; that is, “being left alone” in a negative sense (and not having a partner to share life with) and “being left alone” with a positive implication as in not being bothered. I am trying to work out the odd ambiguity as my dream looses focus, the older lady’s eyes being quite vivid and intense and I am not sure what to say because I am confused about the meaning. I say something like “People have never left me alone in my life,” (coming off as a bit sarcastic) which does not sound quite right, as I am supposed to be talking about her husband, not myself, though I have no idea who he is or about anything else that is going on.

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    9. Demon Dogs

      by , 11-21-2013 at 11:16 PM
      Original entry on March 18, 2008:

      So first I dreamed about this one river, and it was very very polluted, and these guys decided to go fishing. Only they found this one invisible island. At first it seemed like a really wonderful, idyllic place, and this nice old lady invited them inside.

      Note: if a "nice old lady" invites you ANYWHERE, it's a good idea not to go. In fact, run really fast in the opposite direction.

      Anyway, so of course they listened to her, and they went into this house and down these stairs into this, like, underground mansion thing. Which seemed really great and everything at first, but then they started to notice discrepencies in stuff that they didn't notice at first. The woman had a pet dog, like a big mastiff, only it seemed a little strange sometimes, like it couldn't quite fit entirely inside of its form. Like sometimes the walls would flicker, or there'd be stains where there shouldn't be, or the furniture or the stuff hanging in the closet would seem really weird for a second, that sort of thing. Then one of them made the mistake of looking behind the shower curtain and there were a bunch of skinned bodies hanging there. So all of the sudden the illusion fell away and they realized that they were in a structure made entirely of bones and decomposing bodies and other stuff like that, the remains of people and animals and stuff. She'd fed some of them to her "dog", which was actually this huge demonlike thing. So anyway, she turned out to be a pretty ooglay monster thing herself, and chased them. They jumped into the river and managed to get to their village. The mayor, who was a woman, and looked strangely... well, familiar... led an expedition to the island with a bunch of big tough guys, only when they got there the place was deserted and all of the bones and stuff were dried up.

      Ok, dream number two, there's this really busy police office and they're trying to catch this one serial killer dude who's responsible for a bunch of really gruesome murders. But well the police office is really busy, and they're very overworked and everything. They get this call from this one woman who seems to sort of be freaking out, there's a bunch of growling and snarling in the background that sounds like really pissed off dogs, and she's asking them to send people over. The cops are like, "We're really busy and we'll send animal control, ok?" and then they hang up before she can say anything. So the woman's stranded on the bed with her two kids, and she DOES own a doberman, only it's sort of dead right now because she's being attacked by evil vicious snarling demon-babies. And one of them goes after her kid so she winds up wrestling with it and it sinks its teeth into her arm.
      So the cops are looking at this newspaper clipping later on, and the headline is "Woman And Children Found Dead In Bedroom, Eaten". And they chalk it up to this serial-killer who's been going around. They just can't seem to catch the guy.
    10. 15NOV13 Scrap Tower

      by , 11-14-2013 at 10:25 PM
      This dream was rather confusing....

      It started out in a very sunny Autumn wooded area. There was a large tower made of scrape metal that was piled and welded together. There I was looking for something but kept finding replica or incorrect material....

      Then the tower is getting torn down/apart by a giant man. I'm glad for this because at the base in an alternate access that is blocked off. So i'm waiting as the metal sheets are being torn off the structure.

      There was a sort of celebration. A kid was the one leading/organized it and had a bunch of girl scouts to help. The performance was for an older black lady who was teared up. She was very emotional but I don't know if it was Happiness or of mourning....
    11. Skate Park

      by , 10-01-2013 at 04:50 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was at the local skate park in my home town. I was with a few people and we were building an extra ramp.We left the skate park not long after.

      My local skate park.

      I decided to come back with Kayley, and continue what we started off. I noticed a table top in front of me that was made out of timber. I think it was something we had worked on earlier.

      I looked into the distance and saw a group of people, only to recognise a few of them. They were just standing there, looking at us. I waved them over I think.

      Eventually the group of people made there way over to us. I was talking to Pete R about what was happening. He's friend Bryce Gibbs (AFL Player) had did a mono and accidentally bumped into Pete. Pete kind of gave him the look of WTF.
      AIM users-temp-file.jpg
      Pete Radivo (somewhat famous BMX rider) - Bryce Gibbs (Australian Rules Football Player)

      I was going to start finishing off a few things on a ramp we were building earlier, but made sure I didn't leave anything around the skate park to be taken without me knowing. I noticed I had left a few tennis racquets under a chair?

      I made my way towards, where the community centre was in real life, but it wasn't there in my dream. I walked up onto the platform leading to where we were building earlier. It was a long narrow hallway looking obstacle. I proceeded to walk to the end with Kayley. I was looking around to what I could do. I saw pieces of timber laying on top of the nailed down timber, so I was trying to move that out of the way before continuing.
      I realised that I didn't really have the right sized nails to use to hammer into the timber, only a couple were the perfect size. I saw a scene of where I was looking at nail gun nails?

      I saw a black man coming our way, he looked South African. I showed him what we were doing here.

      Someone had pushed the wall at the far end down, as if they were doing what happened in the movie ''What Dreams May Come'', where Cuba Gooding. Jr had pushed the wall down, showing Robin Williams a new world (I had watched this movie last night for the first time).
      AIM users-what-dreams-may-come.jpg

      I was looking around and noticed that we were building in between 2 house fences, which gave us about 5 metres in width to work with. I saw houses in the distance that I've never seen before.

      I saw an old lady come over from next door. I started to feel a little bad, thinking I may be building on part of her property. She began to start mowing the lawn where we were building. She reached the area where there was a platform, and she tried lifting the lawn mower on top of it. I offered her a hand with lifting the lawn mower, as she was struggling a bit. She didn't want any help. I had a good look at her, and she had an unreal amount of muscle on her for a older women. I looked at her T-shirt she was wearing, it was white with 3 layers of photos on it, 1 under another. I knew the 3 people that were in the photos but only remember 2, which was Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) in 2 of the pics. DJ was inside a wrestling/boxing ring in both of his photos. 1 of his photos he had longer hair, compared to the other. I could now see a scene in my head of the picture, but it formed into a full blown moving scene. DJ was fighting Mixed Martial Arts against someone. He was doing very well at the start of the fight, getting some good shots in. The tide turned when his opponent gave him some punishing shot back. The strikes were pin point, one after another. DJ was all over the shop, he was on the verge of getting knocked out, but showed great heart to stay on his feet. The ref (Big John McCarthy, MMA Ref) had a look at DJ closely, and noticed that the lights were on but no one was home, and stopped the fight, he thought he had taken enough punishment and saved him any unnecessary shots.
      AIM users-dwayne-johnson.jpg
      Dwayne Johnson (The Rock Wrestler, Actor)

      I heard someone mention that a mod or member from Dream Views had chosen to see a movie (Harry Potter) over an important meeting or something, regarding dream view staff. They had mentioned that he really wanted to do a certain thing in his next lucid dream, that happened in the movie. I could see a scene of what exactly he was intending to do. There was a cartoon looking character (similar to a character in angry birds), it was shooting itself out of a cloud into another cloud across the sky. It was continuing this process, from cloud to cloud. Someone said that this is where he stuffs up. The cartoon character was losing momentum and was on the decline.
      AIM users-angry-birds.jpg
      Angry Bird

      I had a brief moment when I was thinking about morphing myself into a character or a body part (something like that..) to surprise the people I was with.

      I started to feel as if I was wasting my time with the building. Nothing was really getting done. I said to Kayley that we should just pack it up for the day. She looked at me with disbelief, which made me re-think about what I should do. I think I continued, until I woke up.

      Side Notes: I tried to DEILD when my alarms would go off but I kept swallowing and focusing on it too often.
    12. The Fair and a Higher Spiritual Enlightnment

      by , 09-17-2013 at 07:04 PM
      I was at a fair, or amusement park. I was responsible for my own room set up, to have games or sell things..it was part of the military and friends, as a project that i had to do. I can remember fragments.
      I was on the other side of the park, and there was a girl, my age, putting on a type of suit, apparently she was some type of fighter, like a kick boxer, and she was the best female fighter. But in order to fight, she needed to wear this suit, and she needed a ring or key to complete the suit or else it wouldn't work. She asked me to hurry and find the ring/key and bring it back to her so she can start the event. I ran across the park and found my aunts accounting firm, and standing outside, i met her boss, who had a little wooden box, and inside she had the key, i took it and ran back and gave it to the girl.

      The next thing i remember:
      I was in a crowded room with people i knew from all walks of live, past and present, school and military, and i kept floating up (flying) to the ceiling and pushing my hands off the ceiling and floating back down. I was the only one able to do this, and so the people in the room thought i was weird or something. There was an old lady in a black hooded robe in the center of the room behind something of a island desk or counter in the middle of the room. She was very nice to me. And was also not surprised by my ability to float. She was the only person i talked to and she told me that the other people were not as spiritually enlightened as I was and therefore were not able to float like me,. She explained that she was the most enlightened person in the room and i was the second. She took off this mask like thing she had tied around her face, close up as she and handed the tin to me. It was a small metal (tin-like) circular box, with bars across the lid. She wanted me to keep this, and i looked at her, and realized she had no face, but was speaking to me telepathically, her voice just coming from around me, like it was on speaker, but no one else paid any attention. She then exited through a door, i took another look at the thing she gave me, and the string that was tied to it, that held it over her face, trying to make sense of what it was, thinking of how neat it was, and my love for small, antique boxes, and i woke up.
    13. 7/26/13 - caves/diseases/binoculars

      by , 07-26-2013 at 07:04 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      My sister and I are in dimly lit caves, and we're talking about my Uncle, the caves are also like living social media to the people in the different parts of the cave. My sister tells me that she will talk to my uncle about this problem, I tell her that's fine, then she tells me she wants me to unfollow the two posts she wants to speak to him about. I figure she doesn't want me to see the conversation they will have so I do so because I don't care, the posts are two big white squares floating in the sky. She goes off somewhere I guess to have a conversation, then I'm in someone house I've never seen before, and some blond girl walks up to me and says she needs my advice, and she's holding two things and asks me which disease should she cure from herself, I tell her I don't know and I walk off because the girl is stuck up to me. Then I'm suddenly in my bathroom looking out the window, trying out two of my old binoculars, and this new pair which aren't really strong, and they're ugly cow print for some reason, I test them on the old lady across the street tending to her garden.
    14. Job interview with comforter and dictation

      by , 04-17-2013 at 11:38 AM
      4/16/2013 recorded outside of dreamviews first - late morning dream after awakening after each sleep cycle with no other memories

      I was interviewing for a job with an elderly lady in her home, which was like a fancy mansion. Out of some reason i had the down comforter with me - for comfort? I was shown from a hallway to a living room / salon. The comforter stayed in the hallway. Another woman left just as I arrived, and she was going for another job interview and worried whether she looked good in the yellow blouse - it was very canary yellow, but suited her. The old woman among other things asked me to take dictation using a video which told me what to write. I tried, but then admitted defeat: I was making too many mistakes, not catching up, and the next set of dictation was going to be even harder. I said that I seldom write with a pen any more, and I don't type well fast either - never had to. But I do regularly use the computer and also type on my phone, but generally not dictation. I realized that the reason why she had me do dictation was that when she interviewed for a job decades ago that's what she would do. It showed a difference in generations: what was expected of a woman in a job interview. I expected that I had failed the interview, but to my surprise, I got a job offer. She realized that dictation was not needed for this job, and she liked me.

      I think even though this dream was set at a job interview though I decided that I am not actively looking now after all for now, I think this dream is actually about my desire to be accepted by others for who I am despite faults. I think the setting was a home not an office because this dream was personal not official.
    15. The Dinosaur Petting Zoo

      by , 11-28-2012 at 06:05 AM
      I've been reading Robert Waggoner's book so I took the opportunity last night to ask my subconscious a question. I had to ponder the reply a bit, but in the end the message made a lot of sense. Cryptic, yes, but felt very relevant.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #34: The Dinosaur Petting Zoo

      I'm walking down a suburban road on a cloudy morning. I look up at the sky, noticing the way that the sun gently illuminates the back of the clouds. Even though everything in the scene feels as real as waking life, I know this isn't any place I've ever been before.

      When I shout up at the sky, my voice is loud but takes on a slightly buzzing, almost robotic quality. "Tell me something important!"

      There's no response, but I hear two dream characters chattering across the street. There's an Asian lady in her early 60's, dressed in a silvery fairy costume with puffy sleeves and fairy wings. She's talking to a young girl. (Her granddaughter?) I approach the lady and decide to talk to her directly.

      Me: "Will you tell me something important?"

      Her: "Yes. I'd say that you're not usually afraid, but sometimes you let yourself get scared."

      Me: "When should I be less scared?" I can see the scene shifting around me. The house behind her is turning into some sort of white wall, but I ignore it for now, keeping my focus on her.

      Her: "You're the kind who won't try the dinosaur petting zoo."

      Me: "The dinosaur petting zoo?" Now her face keeps changing. She's becoming younger, then older again, her hair lengthening and shortening while we talk.

      Her: "Yes. You're the kind that will walk right up and make a donation... and then be afraid to go in yourself."

      I see that we're in a bustling airport terminal now, all white walls and windows. The lady has become a young woman, and she smiles and turns away. I lose her in the crowd.

      Briefly, I consider exploring this new environment but decide that I want to remember every detail of this conversation so that I can think more on it later. No more exploration, and no DEILD. Time to just
      wake up.

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