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    1. Psych ward

      by , 11-13-2017 at 01:21 PM
      When I woke up I was on a hard hospital bed. My body ached and for some reason I was being forced out of the room. When I finally stepped into the bright light I realized I was in the psych ward I worked in, but this time I was a patient. I vaguely remember being in a courtroom. Facing charges for telling someone I would kill them with my gun. Except I hadn't told anyone that and I didn't even own a gun. Even though I tried explaining this to a judge he would have none of it. As I looked around the room I saw an empty seat and as I sat I curled my legs under me so my chin was resting on my knees. As the other patients came in two girls came and sat beside me. I was too tired to eat breakfast, when one of the counselors came in he rested a hand on my shoulder and looked at me. Almost as if he was trying to console me without speaking. Then he announced that therapy would be upstairs today. As the familiar wave of groans spouted like daisies he turned around and walked away. Shortly afterwards we all got up and walked towards the stairs and he called them all at once except for me. For new patients you got an initial assessment, that could sometimes take hours. As they all filed upstairs I looked at the walls,there were watercolor paintings pinned up neatly and miscellaneous papers laying on the ground. Some had been trampled on and others were merely crushed, skewn across the hall. Whenever it was my turn cole came and got me. "I thought you were dead," I stated in suprise. His bright yellow apparel almost blinding me as he rode a bright yellow electric scooter towards me. "So did I" he answered. As we got to the counselors office door cole came to his little office right outside the door. There he and another man sat and began typing on their computers. I opened the door and walked inside. Thr room was dark and had a bit of a greenish hue. There were wires and scattered sewing mannequins everywhere. I even spotted a small bed covered in bags. As I walked in the room further I spied a woman in a similiar green dress. She had some sort of military patch sewn into her dress. Which was odd because it was obviously not a military uniform. As I approached her she spoke, "Come sit on my lap." "No thank you," I replied. "Why not,almost everyone sits on my lap," she goaded with her innocent elderly voice. I shot another look around the room before zi retorted," it's just a personal preference." As she slapped her lap motioning me to sit on her thigh my alarm went off.
    2. Bags of Frags

      by , 11-16-2015 at 05:39 PM
      F1 - Spending ages fiddling with black wires and some kind of diodes, fitting them together in correct sequence...
      F2 - Waiting for slidy gates for lorries to exit
      F3 - Watching bushes appear at high speed around a race track
      F4 - Hiding in a wardrobe while someone who is me comes into the bedroom

      I recall other dreams instead.
      F5 - Going up and down trying to evade others in a tall office building with central lift shaft.
      F6 - On a ship with zillions of cabins
      F7 - In a muddy field with big concrete halls of residence. Searching through halls for someone.

      Buildings seem to be a big dream sign
      Tags: black, muddy, wires
    3. Nov. 22 Dream Journal: Sick children and one-legged puppies

      by , 11-22-2013 at 07:52 PM
      I am helping to clear out tables in a gym for some sort of lunch event. At one point I shot a stray basketball, but I missed. I then shot my jacket (seeing as there's no other place to put it), and it hung itself on the rim. I remark something like "well, of course that worked."

      Things moved to the actual lunch itself, where I'm situated in the middle of a long table near the corner with a single push-door under a green EXIT sign. The food was mediocre at best, and I didn't really want to be there. The table next to us was serving "Mexican" food, but all I can recall were fries and fried chicken. They looked like they were enjoying themselves much more.

      At this point, C, someone I have a very poor opinion of, showed up, and he has a 2 or 3-year-old nephew that looks just like him. They both have close-shaved heads, and that makes the kid look like a kiwi, so I stuck a piece of red tape (missed MILD cue alert) like you'd find on bananas in the store on the side of his head. A mutual friend, T, appeared just to roll her eyes in disapproval.

      I reappear outside, and I'm by a bus stop in what looks like a rainy day in downtown Vancouver, probably somewhere in East Hastings judging by the condition of the buildings. I just missed my bus, apparently, so I run back inside to take a shortcut.

      It's now a mall inside, and I'm running towards one of the large department stores at an end of a wing. Along the way, I notice a gathering/event, and it's for -- I'm still a little distraught at this -- pairing dying kids with one-legged puppies. And Dream Me -- I need to make a distinction between the two of us -- hurdles over a sick, bald boy with tubes up his nose who's petting a one-legged collie that is sadly flopped down on the floor. Dream me didn't even look back.

      ANYWAYS. So I arrive at my destination, which is a theme restaurant/hotel much like the Hard Rock cafe. I sprint through the restaurant and head down a flight of stairs next to the bar.

      I re-appear in one of those Jeep/SUV hybrids, like a black Range Rover or something, and I'm barreling down a glass tube in the water like you'd find in aquariums (or maybe screens showing water/marine life, or both?). And when I say 'barreling down,' I mean a literal vertical drop off at least 30 stories, and towards the end, it looked like an elevator shaft. I wasn't panicking at the fall, but it felt more like "ooh, the bump at the end is gonna hurt my ass." This was still a part of the restaurant/hotel's architecture, by the way.

      I somehow exit the tube (not sure how), and now I'm out in the field on my motorcycle (Red motorcycle -- Missed MILD cue alert) in gray, autumn weather. I'm heading towards a large structure that stands out a bit like Scrooge McDuck's vault, except I know this is like a memorabilia building/museum for the restaurant/hotel. I also noticed that there is a money counter to the top right of my vision at something like $71,XXX/$154,000 (I'm surprised the values were this vivid). When I crash my motorcycle through some giant glass windows and start purposely wrecking the place up, I begin to meet my quota.

      At one point the lights go out, and security is walking about with flashlights above me on some sort of glass pane, but they don't notice me at all. So I keep purposely running into things, and I think I was at $151,XXX when I notice that I unplugged my router. Apparently, my earphones got caught, and this all somehow forced an end to whatever I'm doing. It's also at this point that a security notices something is going on, so I scoop up my router and earphone (I tried to untangle them first, even) and make my escape. It's night time at this point, and I see headlights on the road. It's wet and windy out, and the leaves are yellow and orange. My dream ends.
    4. Wi-Fi Connection at Home

      by , 11-07-2011 at 01:38 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in our hometown. Was talking to Chona. Then I had to walk.

      I was in our plaza. Or outside our plaza. I saw the wi-fi guy fixing some wires. I asked when the internet will be back. He said probably later or tomorrow. I complained because I couldn't work overtime. I sat at the stairs, and he accidentally stepped on my fingers, although it seemed as though I was too far for him to step on. I asked then how we can set up my laptop for it to work on the new wi-fi. We checked and it asked for I password. I told him I don't put in any password. I thought I should have, but I also wondered why a network I don't put password in would ask for it.

      I went home, and a friend was there. At first it was Donnie. Then it was Christian F. We were supposed to set up the wi-fi. But for some reason I brought my laptop, its wires, and a small fan, over to another place. Then I forgot to tell them I can't go "there." I was thinking of asking Christian if he's still around. They must have waited for me, and I felt bad.

      Around this time, Chona texted she's coming back, and asked if I wanted her to bring something back. I thought of sweet rolls, but I was so scatter-brained I forgot to text back.


      NOTE: was able to hear the Affirmation when I woke up, although I almost forgot the dream.