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    1. Exchanging Walls at Gellibrand Street

      by , 08-29-2017 at 02:29 PM
      Morning of August 29, 2017. Tuesday.

      My family and I as we appear now are living back in an altered version of Gellibrand Street in Clayfield. Over time, there are some abstract concepts of needing to remake part of our house (though it was actually an apartment) by switching two front wall sections. This mainly includes exchanging a wall with a window with an area where there is more plumbing (with two silver metal pipes).

      I somehow manage to have this done (with no dream self memory regarding the physical dynamics of the act) whereby the walls have been exchanged. The room with the window is now closer to the entrance and the room with more plumbing is at the right (front of the building viewpoint).

      At one point, I start to realize that, because the pipes come from the ground, it is not possible to connect them properly unless many adjustments are made and new parts are purchased. I look at the pipes coming up from the floor and see there is nothing they will presently connect to, as what they were meant to connect to is now in the other room.

      I then decide that it is not feasible to rebuild the house with this orientation (again, relating to the pipes), so I undo it as if it never happened (though I wake up realizing I am on my right side instead of my left).

      This was part of a longer series of dreams, including resets and partial repeats of this one, a few other dreams related to pipes, and a few unrelated dreams (all in all, about fifteen non-lucid and semi-lucid dreams on this particular date, which is not uncommon, not including the hundreds of hypnagogic sequences).

      In this case, I was vaguely aware of my conscious mind creating my dream’s dynamics and symbolism (which is quite common and has remained one of the puzzles as to why other people do not seem to understand the meaning of their dreams).

      Exchanging the walls directly relates to absentmindedly sleeping on my right side for a time instead of my left. I mostly only sleep on my left side as sleeping on my right sometimes causes indigestion and anxiety (one reason being that the stomach and its weight is naturally oriented to the left side of the body). The pipes in this dream relate to the digestive system (though in other dreams, depending on the dream type, can also relate to the circulatory system, the dynamics of dream induction and waking as directly related to the glymphatic clearance pathway, among other causes). The pipes in this dream were mainly in two locations from the floor, one lower than the other, which associates with one being symbolic of the esophagus and the other, the duodenum. The causal effect is based on the norovirus I had yesterday.

      Although different types of dreams have entirely different meanings (which many people typically fail to differentiate), often simply waking transition symbolism, biological symbolism is quite common in my dreams, even in some stages of hypnagogia, where I clearly see patterns of the neural web (as in just prior to this dream), which can often be used to automatically control dream state induction (especially in lucid hypnagogia, where I “step into” the preferred dream setting). Ordinarily, water symbolizes induction into the dream state (often a river or stream or, within certain stages of sleep more towards morning, the ocean). Though that is true here, it takes on different dynamics out of subliminal awareness that I am “sleeping on the wrong side” after the very common water induction (at least two dreams per sleeping period for over fifty years) begins.

      From “My Dream Journalist Creed”, article 1: It is wholly unreasonable and offensively ignorant to assume that the time spent in preparing for bed, going to bed and going to sleep (and including the dreaming process itself), and waking up and getting out of bed in preparation for the day, is completely excluded from the dynamics and symbolism of the dream state, especially as this is one of the most basic and continual events in life. Waking up for the day is the most important act that a person can perform. Without it, there is no life, no conscious self. This is why many non-lucid dreams are inherently symbolic of the basic need for the return to consciousness (to attend to physical needs or as an alert to an unknown environmental noise), yet in virtually infinite ways.

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    2. First Real Lucid dream. Water and flying and Walls Oh my!

      by , 05-17-2017 at 04:38 PM
      Oddly I'm not sure what exactly made me lucid in this dream. It just happened and I had total control of my actions in the dream environment. To start out with I was in Dubai swimming in the gulf. The water was crystal clear and I was collecting coins from the gulf floor. The coins were of all different Currencies including my native Canada. It was easy for me to find all sorts of things on the floor of the gulf because it was a very hard surface, sort of like the salt flats or even the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. I wasn't alone as I remember picking up coins nearby other people's feet. From there I went to a dark blue room with a high ceiling. It had a large window on one side and a staircase in it. I decided that in this room I was going to try out flying to see if I could figure it out. I hadn't tried that in my last LD. I easily flew around the room and instantly experienced the joy and euphoria that many LDers have described. Knowing from others that this feeling often kills the LD I returned to the ground to focus on remaining lucid for a moment and succeeded. I decided to make my next task flying through a wall. I remembered that many other lucid dreamers have reported difficulty in achieving things like this due to perception so before I started I thought to myself that just before I got to the wall I'd close my eyes so that I couldn't see the wall. I jumped into the air to start flying again and headed toward the wall with a little speed behind me. Just as I approached the wall I closed my eyes and went through it. Once again euphoria ran through me and I struggled to maintain my lucidity. Unfortunately I don't remember much of my dream after that but I am happy that I managed to complete 2 major tasks in my LD in addition to controlling my lucidity.
    3. Walls within Walls and Beyond Walls

      by , 05-09-2017 at 02:51 PM
      Morning of May 9, 2017. Tuesday.

      I am in a setting which seems to be modeled somewhat after the Loomis Street backyard, though there is the typical ambiguous feeling of being indoors and outdoors at the same time. The north fence is present but higher than in real life. There are a few unknown people present.

      I am aware of a set of parallel walls. There are at least five or six in a row and only about four feet apart. The first wall, farther south from the real fence, is made of old stones. A couple walls are more like the inside of a house.

      There is some sort of sense of wanting to explore. The main scene involves an unknown male opening a door between two walls, and this event is somehow duplicated simultaneously between two different walls, and yet it is also the same man. I believe this is the first time this has occurred in a dream.

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    4. Totm's - Tail manifesting and body swap

      by , 09-07-2016 at 03:51 PM
      Bed around 10 after listening to Dream Yoga audio for 20mins and fall asleep with mantra's like - ' Tonight I lucid dream' and similar

      Woke up around 12.30 with first dream and then stayed awake for ages - did my best to keep mind focusing regularly on dream stuff...finally fell asleep

      Wake around 4.50am sit up and listen to Daniel Love's Wbtb audio for my Wbtb.
      Lay down with the audio finishing probably around 5.10am

      Get lucid with dild some time between 5.30 and 7am - I am pretty sure I get lucid while walking down the road .... I am remembering things and looking at where I am thinking
      ' is this for real?...Could I be dreaming?' ...it felt very much like real life but I dare to test the surroundings by pushing my hand through wall a wall I am walking next to - it softly and gently pushes it's way through the wall like putty - great " I am dreaming!'
      I carry on within the dream frame and speak to one the the DC's about this being a dream- I look around and see I am at a large depo/bus stop,lots of folk waiting for different buses. Remembering the task I move close to a middle age lady - I tell her I am about to come into her body and see what it feels like and she could switch to mine...she is a bit defensive and not up for it initially- I carry on and move into her body. I can sense her agitation as I feel how it feels in her shoes. After the initial awkwardness she relaxes and seems to move out or relax enough for me to get comfortable in there

      I am sure I am in her body but struck with how comfortable it is ...it's still me ...I am not sure if she went into my body or not as I look around for my body I can't see it. I get on the bus when it comes and soon move on with my lucid

      Does that mean the task is done or not?

      Ok I am sitting lucid on the train and remember the ' grow a tail ' task. I tell the gentleman next to me that I am about to grow a tail for the totm. He is intruiged and watches my back side in anticipation

      . I put my hand there and feel around - I am aware I havnt manifested anything like this before in a lucid so it's gonna be good - I am excited! I keep my hand just above my butt on my lower back feeling for movement ...Yes! I feel movement from within

      - soon a little stub of a tail grows out! I start to laugh and show the man - he is as surprised as me and we both watch as it keeps growing until it's about half a meter long...it's thin and grissely but it's deffinatelly a tail - I am delighted.

      I stay on the train for a while - I am laying down on a seat and pushing first my hand, then my feet into the wall - pushing gently in and out sometimes pulling the structure of the wall out and playing with with it reminding myself this is a dream - my dream - test myself see the surroundings and test them - I do this by walking into and through walls etc as I mentioned.

      I am sure I awoke a few times and Dield back in gently - there was more but I dont remember all - just know it was awesome to be aware in my dreams again!

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    5. Stretchy arms Totm's🌈

      by , 05-03-2016 at 08:37 PM
      🌹🌹🌹A group of short wild/deild after wbtb

      After wbtb from about 4 till 4.30 am - had some short but sweet encounters with Lucidity that enabled me to try both the Basic tasks and have success with the stretchy arms Totm

      I am lucid but things are dark, visuals are not clear so I remember the stretchy arm task and start to feel my arms stretching out and out and out and out and you guested it yes - out some more. I had imagined today I might stretch them so far they go around our planet earth so I was thinking I might see earth within my arms at some point...I didn't ...but soon a saw my two hands reach each other - miles and miles away in front of me ~ they clasped each other and it looked like they were wrapped around, engulfing a huge invisible planet in space ( as the visuals were still pretty dark and space like.

      I then remember the taste in the mouth Totm and put my attention there trying to get something ...no ....no ...nothing except starting to wake up... Oh well. Will have to work on this one again ~ when I am Lucid again soooon

      Some dreams🌸
      Sexual encounters
      DR walking into JH - he is skinny and shocked - when he sees me he walks away fast - he is very shocked to see me.
      I am crying alot missing A very badly and telling people I cant believe he is gone

      later Lucid 🌹
      I am walking straight ...straight...straight...i know i am dreaming - the scene is darkish once more - i carry on pushing through walls and walking forwards. Everytime i push a wall through i see a flash of light and it feels good. i wonder if i can get some brightness into the dream and call out for light ...still walking ...i call out for a beach scene ...nothing. Still pushing walls i call out
      " I am ready for the next level - now " a couple of times...
      As i continue this activity i remember todays ponderings on " I am ✨" and self awareness and that they are one and the same. I ponder on my moments of self awareness during the day " I am" I repeat and feel apreciative of these pearls of wisdom dropping into my Lucid mindset at this very moment ✨

      Soon waking 🌹

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    6. 04.12.2016 Energy Ship

      by , 04-12-2016 at 06:14 PM
      Sleep at midnight or later. Practiced breathing exercises before sleeping. Tried to WILD but ended up dreaming.

      DR 1
      I was in the middle of a street and I was building a ship. I wasn't building it physically, but with energy. I was doing things- making gestures with my hands and the ship was being created. However, it wasn't an tangible ship. You could see that it was an energy ship- energy in the form of a ship. The ship was green and blue- like a teal color, very blue. It didn't look cloudy, and not glittery but brilliant. Brilliant energy with beautiful colors and it was getting huge. The ship was getting really big. But someone didn't want me to build it. Someone tole me that had to stop. I guess I stopped.

      DR 2
      I am walking around some type of event. It looked like a huge shop, it could have been a Wal-Mart, only it was not. Its cold. I see a large rack of coats. Apparently, I came in with a long oversized brown coat- but somebody has taken it, and I am looking for my coat on this rack. This rack of coats is not for sale, it belongs to people- I guess a place for people to hang their coats while they shop. I see a cute Guess Jacket, a satin puffer with a satin red lining. At first, I think its going to be too small, but I try it on and it fits perfectly even over all of my clothes. I take it off and return it to the rack, because I start to feel bad- someone will miss the coat. I start looking around. Its this huge plaza all around me
      huge beige floors and walls with racks of shelves of clothing and goods, I start walking . I hear people in the background buzzing, just like a regular superstore. I walk to the back of the store and I see a place where they sel shoes. There is a huge beige floor, and beige walls. Its almost like the store was set up to provide that space as a "walking room" so you can try out the shoes. Shoes and a couple of other things are up against the walls, but the floor in the center of the room is completely clear.. There is a huge counter (beige again) that runs all the way around the room- the room is a circular shape. There are people behind the counters and there is a black girl, pretty, she's got a really good attitude. She's in a great mood and she is greeting and talking with everybody. She's laughing and talking with other employees. There's just a really good good energy in the room, so I feel better as soon as I walk in.. They say hi and they are smiling..there is faint music in the background but they are just listening to the music and I can tell that they are just enjoying being there-having a good time at work. I forgot all about trying to get my coat back.
    7. A City Within Walls 10.17.15

      by , 10-18-2015 at 03:52 PM
      Note: These fragments may be out of order chronologically. NON-LUCID

      There was a city built within high almost "castle like" walls, these walks were built very high to conceal the city. I was walking around with me and a few companions, one of them being my old high school friend. We were searching for the venue hall, as my professor's saxophone quartet was about to play (IRL his quartet is one of the best in the world and is actually performing this weekend across the country).

      The walls were stone, the ground was a mix of earth and stone pathways. I kept getting lost trying to find the concert venue.

      I remember being with my boyfriend, still in the city but this time we were doing laundry at one of the Laundromats within the confines of the city. We had a LOT of laundry to do. We almost left it unattended because we wanted to go someplace else for some reason, until I spoke up and said that we need to take care of the laundry, and at least get it into baskets before we leave. I think I said something to the effect of "We don't want someone stealing our clothes while we are gone."

      I remember running from these large, grey hound-type dogs. They were rabid and vicious. I almost want to say they were the guard dogs of this city, yet they were mistaken in attacking us, perhaps just attacking anything. I remember telling my friends and I to get to higher ground to escape them. We frantically climbed up a smaller wooden wall and stoop upon it while the rabid dog below attempted to jump, snarl and bite at us.

      I am in a class room with my HS friend again. We are being passed out worksheets to try and calculate our final grade in the class. I being to fill in the blanks when another classmate, some young blonde girl, tries to tell me that I can't fill in the blanks giving the information I had. I tell her "what do you mean I can't do it? I'm good at math and I can figure it out". She just shrugged and said "Ok then, suit yourself". As I attempted the task again I realize that the numbers I have been given don't add up, and that I cannot complete the assignment like the blonde said.

      Then, I was at a pub, or bar, with again one of my HS friends, but a different one this time. We first start off in the very large bathroom behind the counter of the pub. The bathroom was unisex and had many stalls for anyone to use. Just outside the bathrooms were almost "lounge type" areas with couches, TVs, and books for patrons who perhaps did not want to drink could enjoy. I remember sitting at the bar, ordering a drink I don't recall. The bar itself was the color orange, and there was a large pumpkin behind the bar. I remember my friend asking me if we wanted to go sit at a table, I said ok. We went to the back of the dinning area to sit with our drinks and talk. I remember we had to speak about something important, but I don't recall what that was. We look over to the table next to us, a middle age man sat with his young son drinking and being happy. They were very loud, but kind, and they told stories of their adventures together. The older gentlemen noticed us watching them and asked if we would like to join. I think we agreed because we sat down at their table and chatted with them a while.

      **That's all I can recall for now**
    8. An unusual transition

      by , 03-07-2015 at 11:22 PM
      After a DA:O-based scene about pleasantly passing time with Zevran, I have a false awakening and go lucid in a much less pleasant setting: a college dorm where people are being influenced in their sleep by some sinister mental voice - I could make out his tone but not his words. My initial intent was to investigate this without letting the source of the voice realize I was immune to his influence, mimicking the behavior of his victims, but I approach a stone wall surrounding the building and decide nah, I'd rather just leave. I fly over the wall with some slight resistance which I think of as coming from the source of that voice, unwilling to let any of his prey escape.

      This takes me down to a river surrounded by great grey boulders, leading down to the sea; as I follow the river it becomes filled by creatures similar to dolphins or porpoises - but incredibly ugly. I'm still feeling a sort of dragging effect from the scene I'd just left, resistance to moving further away; the water and open air feel refreshing but the animals' ugly appearance reflects some negative feel that's still affecting the dream.

      There's a song in my head, and I choose to focus on the song instead of on my surroundings - an upbeat dance song from the 60s. I begin to see a music video that goes with it, though not vividly, more like daydreaming, still firmly aware of my surroundings along that river. I'm thinking this could be an interesting opportunity.

      The music video has a wipe transition effect, like a clock hand sweeping around, and I focus on it - and now the music video has changed scenes from a dance hall to a boardwalk, and I've transitioned with it. I'm observing the boardwalk from above, 3rd person, with no more sense of that river with the sea creatures, or of the general feeling of unpleasantness from the past few scenes. I'm surprised that worked. It's unusually unvivid, though, still about the quality of a daydream; I wonder if I'm waking up. I shift my perspective, now standing on that boardwalk in the 60s, with a row of brilliantly colored pinball machines off to my right. That's much better.
      I drop back to non-lucidity for two more scenes.

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    9. Asylum for Gifted Children

      by , 04-10-2014 at 12:18 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)

      Had an interesting dream this afternoon after drinking a cup of coffee (instant cappuccino). I went to sleep meditating — focusing on breathing, but I let the playlist continue. I did not expect it will loop, so when I woke up hearing it, I just flowed into meditating again.
      I set the alarm for 1 hour and 50 minutes. 90 minutes (1.5 hours) for the REM cycle, 14 minutes for the time it takes to fall asleep, and 6 minutes to set up the meditation sound, adjust bed, whatever.


      I dreamed I was in a mental asylum for gifted children. I saw an adult patient trying to choke another with a pillow. It was dark or shadowy. Not night, but it's like the blinds are down. "I" ran, I think trying to escape.

      I ended up in something like World of Warcraft location, facing a crossroad where skeletal beings and wraiths go back and forth on the road that goes towards and away from me, while on the road crossing it are cars speeding from right to left, seemingly unaware of the creatures. There's a hut a little to my right with some people in it. Once in a while, one creature would walk almost right to the hut, but only stay outside the window.

      I climbed on the roof and watched while a couple of creatures attacked, telling one person/kid on the ground to go around the hut, not realizing until then that there were two creatures attacking.

      We climbed up the building nearby with exterior ladders and ended up in a large dorm room for the gifted. "I" (because it's more like I was looking through the kid's eyes) tried talking to them that night when they're asleep because I was too shy.

      We "escaped". It seems like it was an experiment, and the guy who tried to kill another was an actor. I met him outside the "walls" but I still felt the shock. I moved on eventually, with me and a friend taking a huge 10-wheeler-like truck, but with 4 huge tires (reaches up to the roof of the truck) instead of 10 small tires. We crossed a bridge.
    10. If at first you don't succeed, rewind time and try again

      by , 03-12-2014 at 10:44 PM
      A man walks up to a wall and shouts at the guards on the other side, trying to get them to chase him somewhere. It's part of a bigger plan - but I've already seen this happen, and the plan didn't work, we need more people. So I shout to the guards too, telling them this man is a monster, send help, send backup, send everyone you've got. He turns around to look at me and is completely bewildered - he doesn't know me, he has no idea what I'm trying to do. But it works. He ends up being chased by far more people than he was expecting.

      They've surrounded him, and everyone's drawn their swords. There's a small audience of people who are thinking of this as a duel, despite the difference in numbers. He's killed immediately, but I rewind time to let him try again. As I do so, I see an image of a page in a book describing this scene as though it were a story - it only describes his actions, the duel, not the part about me turning back time. He keeps being defeated, and I keep rewinding time by moments. He's the only person aside from me who's aware of what just happened, so he has the chance to adjust his actions accordingly, although that's easier said than done and he dies over and over again. But I'm giving him an infinite number of chances to succeed.

      Just now he's cut the head off one of his opponents. The people watching the 'duel' exclaim over this. From his perspective that was the end of a long struggle in which he's lost far more often than he's won, but from the audience's perspective, the duel's only just started and he's completely dominating. A woman calls it horrific, the way he coldly executed his opponent. A young man who's an aspiring duelist is admiring what he calls 'the skill that comes with experience,' which amuses me, given my very different perspective on how well this fight is going.
    11. 14th Apr 2013 More false awakenings and 'WILDs from the dream'

      by , 04-14-2013 at 11:53 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Recall from today's naps, bunch of confusing false awakenings once again and fake sleep paralysis.
      The first nap was weird one though, i am not sure what i was trying to do there.

      Nap #1(fragments):

      Can't recall much other than that i was WILDing and the room was different.
      Then i woke up in my room and i exactly knew that i was dreaming, i got up from the bed and spontaneously started trying many kinds of dream control and failing... i probably didn't had full control over myself either. Shortly dream faded out and i woke up.

      Nap #2:
      Dream 1(fragments):

      There was some kind of theatre and i was behind the scenes, where people were making a movie. Then later i was using subway to get somewhere, then i was in some other place and there was movie like cutscene. Finally i was back at home and i was doing WILD, family was watching movies and distracting me but i continue.
      I wake up back at my room, and i can't move
      , i try to break out of it, but chandelier appears and everything gets filled with lamps. Dream fades out and i wake up again, i take off headphones and i still can hear binaural beats, but before i can do anything else dream fades out again and i wake up distracted by family watching movies, can't recall much after that other than some dream skips.

      Dream 2:

      I was back at home again, and again trying to WILD.
      I wake up again in my room, can't move, and chandelier again is here, i attempt to break out of paralysis and this time i barely manage to get able to move to take off headphones, binaural beats still heard. Then suddenly dad appeared out of nowhere, grabbed me and thrown me out through the balcony door, while shouting 'Thanks!'. Outside i am able to move normally again, i feel wings and fly, i respond to him "No, thank /you/" since for once family member helped me in lucid dream, usually they were more distracting me.
      Dream, however is not very stable, so i rub hands and quickly stabilize it. Then i look around and outside... is weird. It looks like outside area near the house is surrounded by same walls that are in my room somehow? I fly higher into the skies and do decide to attempt to do transformation into a dragon again. I give it a few tries, using various commands and visualization, and during one of attempts, i start feeling bigger... but my visible body is the same size, not changed at all... that's weird, also my voice gets more booming. I fly around some more and i somehow get into some kind of tube, walls of which are made of screens with blue ads on them...
      At the bottom of the tube there's room with wooden floor, i fly there, by the time i reach it the feeling of bigness vanishes, i also notice that walls are white and cyan. I am now inside some building and there's janitress, as i fly closer she throws a bucket at me, i feel the hit but i take no damage of any kind. Then she disappears while i look confused. I look around some more and see a group of schoolmates from my past. I fly closer to them, but before i can do anything dream fades out and i
      wake up.
    12. Cloning and making walls

      by , 12-09-2012 at 10:22 PM
      Non-Lucid Lucid

      So today I decided to take a nap (this seems to becoming a thing) in the hopes of being lucid and because I was tired. So anyways I fell asleep and was in the dreamworld. I can't remember where I was but that I was with two companions. Somewhere along the way I became lucid and decided I was going to fly. (I don't know how I didn't lose lucidity here, but whatever) I sadly did not fly as I had hoped to and became frustrated leading to the loss of my lucidity. In the rest of my dream for some reason I decided to make clones with one of the people and then with the clones turn them into walls. If only I had done this lucid. Ah well. Hopefully I will have better luck tonight.
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      lucid , non-lucid
    13. First Lucid Experience in a While

      by , 12-06-2012 at 08:06 AM (Ultra-Rad Dreamage Supreme)
      Not last night, but the night before I had my first Lucid dream in what seems like forever!

      i was in a building with dim lighting which resembled the recording studio I work at. I was standing in one of the studios, and thought to myself: "Wow, this is boring... I'm in a dream, I should do whatever I want." I went lucid, walked towards a wall and managed to walk through it, which was an amazing feeling!

      I proceeded to walk through several walls, but after a while I decided I wanted to go outside. I walked towards a brick wall, which posed as the perimeter of the building. As I passed through it, the blinding light of day was so much so that it overcame me and I woke up
    14. Dream of San Andreas

      by , 10-20-2012 at 01:35 PM
      These are fragments of a really cool and long non-lucid dream, which I have unfortunately mostly forgotten.

      So I remember myself driving in a big street which is in my area, but I was controlling myself with keyboard. I wasn't actually seeing it or looking at a screen, but this experience is memorable. I was playing GTA:SA. So for fun, I stopped i front of people not letting them pass or hitting them. Inside the other cars I was seeing faces from superstars to my teachers at school. Suddenly, I died in the "game".

      [Dream Skip]

      Next, I see in my HUD that my money and my weapons are removed, so I go to the casino to recover them. For some reason the casino is a place you take back your weapons and money, not throwing it away!

      So I was walking through walls and stuff as game glitches and I was ready to air-break, when I woke up!