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    1. 25 Apr: Party in an old city and doing oral sex to myself while lucid (graphic)

      by , 04-25-2019 at 09:18 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Going through a beautiful old city. I find it similar to some place I've been before (not actually, but that was the feeling in the dream). I find a little shrine on the wall of an ancient building, I notice it is damaged compared to when I last saw it. Seems to have had some water infiltration and erosion. Then I notice some strange objects semi-buried in the wall. I check and find a kind of stone with different semi-precious gemstones in it. Old ladies pass by and look at me with disapproval, but I don't feel that I am doing anything wrong.
      Then I go down a street where these old ladies live in and one of their neighbors is throwing away a few decorative items from her house, that are actually antiques with some value and I ask if I can keep them. She's ok with that. I wonder if I can fit all that in my luggage when I travel back home, but I take a chance.
      On my way to the place I am staying, I come across a big parade party of young people, some of which I know, all heading towards same place I am going. I join the party, I drink a bit, but draw the line when they start dancing a silly choreography from some current hit song I never heard of and hope never to.
      We pass by a truck where a dude is sleeping on top of the truck, sunbathing practically naked. It is Avelar. I pretend I don't see him, although I am happy to see him. I have the strange feeling he is there because of me. When the party is coming to an end, at early dawn, I pretend to be falling asleep sitting against a wall, where others are also taking a rest. Then some friends come pick me up to take me to wherever we are staying. Avelar has surely seen me by now but neither him nor I acknowledge each others presence.
      On our way, we stop by a grocery store, but it is in such a bad neighborhood that they have the most unwelcoming entrance. We have to crawl under a slight opening of a sliding door, then climb a balcony and land in the middle of the workstation of 3 ladies that work there. Then they open a door with a grid, that allows us in to buy groceries. I comment how old people from the neighborhood can't possibly buy food there.

      Some walks up and down the city, semi-lucid, enjoying the architectural details and enjoying a slide down a hill to a coastal area, while listening and singing a Portishead music. Then arrive home, which has some similarities to my childhood's house but totally different place and disposition. My dad is there. He is being unpleasant about something, trying to control my life as usual. So I go to my room. I can still hear him and know that he is coming in, so I decide to go out the window. But we are on a precipice kilometers high above the ocean.
      I recall that I am dreaming and I can just jump and fly, so I do that, but all my father sees is me jumping and he runs to the window in distress thinking I killed myself. I feel compassion for my dream dad and I go back to tell him "look, I know you think very little of me, but I am fine. You see, we're dreaming and I have all sorts of powers that I use at will. I am fine, I don't need your help." He has no reply and slowly fades away.
      I fly away, enjoy it for a while, then land back home, but now alone and think what to do next. I sink my hands on a wall to reinforce lucidity and decide for the first time to also eat the wall and taste it. Zero taste.
      Then decide to try something I have been wanting to try for some time. Oral sex on myself. I contort myself in impossible ways and yes I do it. It is very weird because I am still watching from my head in its normal position as another head with my face comes up from between my legs and does it. I feel simultaneously the me doing the oral sex and the me receiving the oral sex. More than the physical sensation, it's the feeling of being two and being one at the same time that I feel more interesting in this experiment. Not something I can explain, you really need to experience yourself.

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    2. Buddhas and Wario

      by , 10-08-2016 at 08:19 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I was sightseeing through a rustic-modern, asian-feeling neighborhood. We walked through a dusty dark shrine, filled in shapes of buddha statues in the darkness, made out of brassy, coppery, dark metal. There was a multitude of them, some of them seemed to be fused together. An unknown acquaintance was accompanying me, and they prayed to the statues. I did not pray, but as the sound of the prayer resonated with the metal it produced an unearthly echo that sent a chill down my spine, prompting me to pray as well.

      We moved on to an arcade, where familiar but also unknown people are there. There was a computer there and I showed them a 'glitched level' where I play as Wario in a 2D platformer navigating a procedural-looking cavern that reminds me of the Ice zone in Spelunky, but with trees and unknown sunlight from above. The graphics were modern but not 3D.
    3. 06/19/10 Cold Fire

      by , 06-20-2010 at 11:31 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: My first goal for the night was to go to MoSh's inner world and heal both MoSh and Asuka. I wasn't entirely clear on what had happened to them, but MoSh said that Asuka has been behaving strangely since we rescued her the most recent time and fought the reptilian alien. Other goals I had included opening the locked book (still on my list) and having a DDO dream with Tigress (also still on my list). Tigress and MoSh also volunteered to help me try to open the book, so they would be with me during that task as well.

      I was in a green field. I looked around to see where I was. I didn't recognize the place. I wondered how I had gotten there. I stopped to think back about what events had led up to my being here. I had no memory. That seemed really strange. I started walking across the field towards a forest. I could see strange things over near the forest, small flying things. As I got closer I saw they seemed to be glowing. I went over there, and I saw that there were small creatures flying… they looked partly like insects of some kind, partly like fairies… They were also glowing. Closest to a cross between a fairy and a ladybug… And there were many of them. Animals were fleeing the forest, apparently under the guidance of those fairies. I wondered what was going on in there. I headed for the forest to see.

      A couple of the fairies flew over to me and got in front of me. They were about the size of a hummingbird, so I couldn't miss the fact they were trying to warn me off. One of them flew right over in front of me. She was talking in a strange language at first, sounded like squeaks and whistles, but then she changed to English… or there was a translation being done. She said I didn't want to venture into the forest, there was a fire. A fire not of this world. I asked what she was talking about. She said that a strange dark fire had come from somewhere in the middle of the forest. She said some kind of demon had attacked a long abandoned shrine and set it ablaze. She said if the flames had stayed in the shrine it wouldn't have been a problem, but they had spread. She said she and others of her kind were supposed to be the guardians of the forest, but they could not stop this flame… they had failed and were trying to save as many lives as possible. Somewhere in all this I became at least partially lucid, and I told her I would see what I could do to help. She looked at me strangely. I assured her I could help, then I took flight. She was clearly surprised to see that… I flew up to where I could look out over the forest, and I could see the black flames consuming the forest.

      I flew towards the dark flames. I could tell right away what it must be… someone had started a fire of dark energy. I wondered why someone had wanted to destroy this forest. Well, it wasn't going to happen. I reached the flames and flew right into them. The flames around me felt cold instead of hot, they were not actual burning flames, but a cold fire that was draining the life out of the forest. I focused on the song Full Moonlight from the Devil Hunter Yohko soundtrack, and used the song to gather up all of the dark energy into one place. I flew through the forest as I did that, collecting it from every place I could find any. The collection ended up with me in the shrine the fairy had spoken of. The shrine was abandoned as she had said, and it was completely destroyed. I looked at part of it, and it looked like whoever had used the shrine had been worshipping some kind of… um… piecing this together from a few shattered statues… worshipping a something that had angel wings, some parts of a snake, and a human face?! Wait a minute… I wondered if they had been a race of nagas… winged snakes… but I didn't know, and it didn't really matter. This place hadn't been used for many years. I collected the last of the dark energy and absorbed it into myself. I felt the cold energy inside, used The Curse to stabilize it. It was surprisingly stable already considering it had been a raging flame… or maybe it is just getting easier to stabilize it.

      I looked at the forest around the shrine. It was already dead… I used the song Full Moonlight again to spread golden healing energy through the dead forest, and into the areas around it that just looked a bit sickly. The golden energy flowed into the dead trees and plants, flowed into the disgusting looking water, flowed through the polluted looking air… and it was visibly restoring things as it went. I wasn't sure how long it would take to restore things, but it was getting off to a good start. I flew back to the edge of the forest and told the fairies that the dark flames were gone. They seemed very surprised at that. They were also very grateful for helping their forest. They started leading animals back into the healthy areas of the forest. The female I had spoken to earlier said they would be able to get to restoring the forest to full health now. It was here that I let myself wake up.