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    1. The “Patches” Odyssey, Part Two

      by , 11-02-2018 at 05:02 PM
      Morning of May 24, 1970. Sunday.

      Dream #: 1,252-01. Reading time (optimized): 2 min. Readability score: 73.

      In Part One of “The ‘Patches’ Odyssey,” I described the beginning of my dream, of which was like watching the opening credits of the animated musical “Gay Purr-ee” (1962). “Opening credits” had been a part of many other dream state beginnings in my childhood, but this was clearer and brighter than usual. There were several different versions of the “Patches” dreams (later ones by intent), though with the same main segments.

      After the alligators had flipped our canoe, they drag Brenda to the opposite side of the river from where Toby and I had been in the cypress trees. In addition to the “alligator king” character being influenced by “Turok Son of Stone,” the scenario itself was from an influence of the cover of the January 1968 issue.

      Toby and I are later on the opposite bank of the river. We discover that Brenda is on her back, presumably having drowned, draped over a tree stump, with water dripping from her shoes (which are dark blue with silver buckles). I am kneeling before the dramatic scene on one knee. There is no blood or gore. Eventually, three bats fly around and seem to mourn the scene. I am also aware that they are fairies which may be able to heal her at a later date. (This stems from earlier dream segments about three fairies changing into different forms, including bats, birds, butterflies, and moths.) They sing the Dickey Lee song “Patches” with different lyrics, which oddly distort to “down by the sea” (instead of “down by the river,” even though the setting is near the river and not the ocean). Her resurrection is a result of otherworldly magic.

      In another dream segment, Brenda is missing. She had been kidnapped by a man who sells Holy Bibles from a small market stall. I follow the three entities (that are now butterflies that become moths as evening approaches). I discover that Brenda has been tied up and gagged and kept behind the market stall on the lowest shelf facing the inside. The unfamiliar man (who presents a mean visage) is selling small King James Bibles with both black and white simulated leather covers. I untie and rescue her when he is elsewhere. Red silk bookmarks of the type sewn into the Holy Bibles were sewn together and had been used to tie her up. (There may be an association with snakes, as such bookmarks are narrow and red as well as forked on the outside end.)

      In an offset segment, a literal bed space strand occurs. I see myself as sleeping in the southwest bedroom (my parents’ bedroom that my father later used for music). The head of the bed was against the west wall, where there was a row of three big jalousie windows in reality. In my dream, however, there was only one sash window in the middle of the west wall. It has twelve small panes. The top three are missing.

      End of Part Two. There will be one more main part.

    2. Angry Fairy and Turnip Fairy (DILD)

      by , 04-26-2016 at 07:52 PM
      Ritual: WTB 1am, woke 8:30am after spontaneous DILD.

      In the course of an NLD, I was changing clothes in my bedroom when I spontaneously realized I was dreaming. I decided I shouldn't waste any more time fussing with clothes and instead get to work on the next task I had prioritized: the Fairy Circle TOTY. Glancing at myself in the mirror, still partially undressed, I headed outside.

      I wondered if the dream would let me pass through the sliding door to the patio without obstruction, but instead I found myself exerting what almost felt like a realistic level of force to open it. Once outside, I didn't want to get bogged down looking for a fairy circle, so I primed my expectations. The fairy circle, it was right over here... I've seen it before. I headed right and found a nice patch of soil like a garden plot. Just as I had "expected," I saw tiny plants like seedlings growing in a distinct circular ring about five feet in diameter. At first I didn't see any mushrooms, so I reminded myself: And there were mushrooms. Looking closer, I now observed a few small mushrooms interspersed among the plants. I also saw a few smooth, bulbous growths that reminded me of the "stone plants" that had fascinated me when I was a kid. I had forgotten those even existed!

      Now that the circle was adequately established, I needed to summon fairies. I knelt down and focused on the center of the ring, where the soil was bare. I noticed faint movement in a spot slightly off-center, and then the loose earth began to fall inward, as though a hole were forming beneath it. I continued to concentrate on the summoning, and then an odd formation slowly rose out of the earth until it stood about two feet high. It resembled a candelabra with at least two tiers of arms in all four directions, except instead of candles, it held small figures that I presumed were the fairies. I reached out and grabbed the one from the very top of the arrangement. It was about eight inches tall and stiff like a statuette.

      I looked closely at the small figure in my hand. She was dark-skinned with shoulder-length black hair, wearing a crimson dress with a dark green cape on her back. Her hat was the same crimson as her dress, but in form it resembled a Santa hat, with a white fuzzy brim and a white pompom at the end of the conical tip that draped behind her. Attached to the toes of her green shoes were round bells, both silver and green. I thought the overall impression was really cheesy, not at all how I would have preferred to imagine a fairy! There was one more incongruous detail: her face was contorted with an expression of unmistakable anger.

      I was tempted to ask her name, but remembered how pointless and distracting this line of questioning can become, so I should get straight to my real question: "What is your secret?"

      Her response was both unexpected and chilling: "It is evil." She sounded as furious as she looked.

      "What is?" I asked, utterly perplexed.

      I can't recall her initial response, but it did not resolve my confusion. I decided to be more specific: "When you said, 'It is evil,' what did you mean by 'it'?"

      She said a few more things that I don't recall, and then a line that struck me clearly: "The evil of a controlled substance is the substance."

      This was even more confusing. I hardly ever use controlled substances, at least not illegal ones, so I didn't understand how this could be relevant. Moreover, I disagreed with her stated position: in my view, the main evil of a controlled substance is the social strictures that punish people for possessing or using it.

      "Why did you bury amphetamines?" the fairy pressed.

      What happened next was the clearest case of false memory that I've experienced to date. With what felt like a flash of insight, I suddenly realized the probable reason she was so angry. I "remembered" something about my fairy circle—something that I'm pretty sure had not come up in the dream until the point at which I now "remembered" it, but now seemed to explain everything. I recalled that at one point I had buried a bunch of drugs inside the fairy circle, mostly amphetamines, as part of my preparations for the ritual to lure or summon the fairies. It now occurred to me that this might have caused problems within fairy society, and I felt a twinge of guilt.

      I didn't think I would get any more useful information from this fairy, so I put her aside and grabbed another, this time from the side of the candelabra-like arrangement.

      This fairy didn't look human at all. It looked like... a turnip? Was that the right vegetable? The white round bulb with a blush of purplish-red at the top? Yes, a turnip. I was reminded of a photograph of a white radish by Edward Weston (1886–1958) that I had seen the day before in WL. This was clearly a turnip, not a radish, but it gave me a similarly vulgar impression. If this was a fairy, it was clearly not from the upper echelon of fairy society. Or could its abject appearance be the result of too many amphetamines?

      Well, here goes.

      "I have a question." I said, wondering if the turnip-fairy could understand me. "The question I've come to ask is: What is your secret?"

      I was still rotating the turnip in my hands as I spoke to it, uncertain which side was the appropriate one to address. How do you talk to something with no face?

      I heard a male voice, faint, with the accents of a yokel, like Cletus on The Simpsons. It responded to the question in my mind, not the one I had voiced: "There is a side that says: 'Look at me'."

      I realized the turnip must be trying to help me orient it properly, so I turned it until I found a round black label with white block lettering that, sure enough, said "LOOK AT ME." It was hard to make out—I missed it at first—because the label was embedded in a scene featuring the stylized profile of a man in a black cloak.

      "It would be a lot easier to see if there was some white space around it," I commented about the label.

      The turnip-fairy took my suggestion and the surrounding scene promptly faded, leaving the round black label with its white letters clearly discernible. I reminded the turnip that I had come to ask its secret.

      I don't recall its initial answer, but I do remember my skepticism. Whatever he had said had sounded as unconvincing as the response I had gotten from the first fairy, and I assumed that he, too, might be pursuring an agenda that involved concealing the truth.

      "I don't think that's your secret." I said doubtfully. "Tell me your real secret."

      The tone of his response implied that I was wilfully ignoring the obvious: "Oh come on, we can't tell you that."

      Even before his sentence had concluded, I was ejected from the scene and found myself standing in my bathroom. I felt like I had woken up, but wasn't sure. I briefly considered going back outside and attempting to continue the scenario, but realized I should promptly write down what had already happened. I grabbed my notepad from the bedside table, and after a bit of trouble with the pen—which I recognized as another dream sign—I started writing down what had happened. Although I realized I was probably not yet awake, I figured that even while still dreaming it could be useful to write down some initial recollections while they were fresh, and it might help me remember them better when I did wake up.

      However, I hadn't gotten more than a few sentences into it when dream-writing began to feel tedious, and I was afraid I would get distracted, fall into an NLD, and lose the memories entirely, so I forced myself awake. But as soon as I grabbed my actual notepad to begin writing in WL, I realized my mistake: merely transitioning to wakefulness had dulled the memories of the dream that had been so crystal clear just before I had woken up. I wrote down everything I could still recall, but unfortunately some details of the conversations were lost.

      Updated 04-29-2016 at 07:05 AM by 34973

      lucid , task of the year
    3. Fairy Training

      by , 11-30-2014 at 06:15 AM
      Part I
      Setting: Earth. mid apocalypse. a city.
      Characters: Me, Father in law, Wife, people, Strange solders, zombies, demon creatures.
      Influences: World war Z, Constantine, the matrix, left for dead.

      We are always running. being chased by gouls, zombies, demons. The Police cant handle them all. They just keep coming. People get bit and turn into creatures themselves.
      We are hiding out in a school. I'm not familiar with it. Its dark, dirty, scary. We hear gun fire outside. The military is here to help. creatures keep coming. They don't seem to be affected by normal guns very much. They are trying to hold them off. We move to a lecture hall. The lecture hall reminds me of a theater. Stage where the prof. would talk and then seats going up in rows. They barricade the bottom doors. Outside more guns, yelling, screams, snares. The creatures break through suddenly! Guns blaze and cut through some of the smaller ones. Bigger ones push through and make their way up to the back where we hide. The back doors burst open! Can't see what came in its to dark. Its a man. Dressed in a trench coat and wearing strange glasses, and firing a futuristic looking hand gun. It seems to shoot strange colored projectiles, almost like light. Another man similar look enters and jumps on to a desk and begins battling the creatures hand to hand. A woman in similar fashion bursts in and tells us to run! My Wife, her dad, and I make a break for it out of the room. We find ourselves running down a dark alley way. the school to the right of us and a large industrial looking building to the left. Smoke stacks and cylindrical tanks adorn the building along with a crane and loading area. I turn around to see the hoard chasing us. jumping down from the roof tops, running out of doors, breaking through windows. The mysterious group continues to aid us and the others in our group. My wife falls behind with her dad and i stop to wait for them. I see a creature dive from a near by roof at them as they walk beneath it completely unaware of the danger. I run, jump and collide with the zombie creature knocking it away from them. I wrestle the zombie but it bites my side savagely. I break away from its bite and proceed to tear the creature apart. I look back at my wife and father in law and say im sorry. I run into the building to the left leading many of the creatures with me.
      =Perspective change=
      I see one of the strangers fighting a group of creatures and receive several wounds and bites. He crawls into what appears to be a release pipe for the factory/industrial buiilding. Through his eyes I see strange colors flowing like water toward a place of unknown origin.
      =Perspective change=
      I am me. Seeing my self crawling now like the wounded stranger. I unexplainedly start to see the same flowing colors and remember one of the strangers saying go to where the white is. I crawl, stumble, limp. Following a stream of color. To my left i can see a orange stream, and in front a green stream. I crawl into a large pipe and see that the colors are mixing into white at the end of the pipe. I slide down the pipe. Like a water ride at a amusement park i slide through tunnels and caverns. Through a conveyor belt system. Then into a sort of mine cart. The cart races down the tracks and i start to see light ahead. I slam into the end of the tracks and i am flung out of the cart. I land on my feet and seem to be OK. I hide as I see a person has seen my entrance.

      Part II
      Setting: unknown. resembles a farm. dirt roads. strange pool of water like fluid. Forrest like area. futuristic training area and obstacle course.
      Characters: Me, Fairy Women, Fairy Men, Trainers, Humans like me, Liam Neeson look a like.

      I am quickly found and captured. I am not ruffly handled but bound non the less. My captors are human in form. They whisper among themselves and I catch words but don't understand. A female of middle completion approaches me and ask why i am here. I then realize that i can no longer speak. My mouth moves and nothing comes out. I panic. She says " I see" then motions to some one to the left. I am sat at a table by what appears to be a lake not far from my entrance, which now has no tracks or carts but rather a gently winding path up a hill. I beautiful woman, looking similar to my age, comes to the table and sets some things down. A strange bottle. A strange flower. A root of some sort. She doesn't speak just looks at me. She has a soft look about her. Golden brown hair. Blue-green eyes that seem to reach out to you and make you feel good. I immediately take to liking her. The way she interacts with me and her almost loving glance is intoxicating. I feel safe when she is with me. Warm, loved, cherished. I am extremely shy of her though. The sensation of her is almost to much. I will name her Clair for discernment sake.
      A man strongly resembling Liam Neeson approaches. They others that have gathered part and greet him. He seems like a leader of sorts. Clair stands smiling beside me. I notice that all the people are scantly clad with garments that appear to be made of large leaves and some simple white cloth as a scarf, cape or toga. Elvish looking one mite say. Leader Neeson ask me a series of questions to which I still cannot talk to respond. They show me visions of my life. The only ones i see are a repeat of the earlier occurrences. I have a scar but no wound from the large bite i receive from the zombie creature. They tell me that I am special and will join their ranks. They explain that the warriors that tried to save me and the others were a special troop from their world. Trained to wield weapons and perform feats unthinkable by normal humans. Certain people have a hidden aptitude and power and can become these elite fighters. I accept the offer and get whisked away to start training. Clair is with me always. She seems to enjoy my company almost as much as i enjoy her's. She does seem to grasp my shyness though and breaks the boundaries of comfort.
      My first task is a simulation of rescuing friendly captives. I am shackled with strangle chains and suspended above a pool. A strange clay/resin like ceiling and walls are in front of me. I see the captive dummies stuck in the resin wall. I don't understand how to get to them. The trainers shout go get them! I can talk now! I ask them how am i to rescue them if i am chained. suddenly the chains jerk and send me into the ceiling. I feel like i am flying. I collide with the ceiling. I am then drug across the ceiling. The resin breaking against me is painful and i reach out to block incoming obstacles. The trainer yells but i can't hear. I see another recruit to my left experiencing the same training. "FLY!" Screams the trainer along with some soldiers watching. I see the wings for the first time. All different. Each pair special and unique like a finger print. Shapes, sizes, textures, colors, all different. Each person had a main color. Some had 2. I would later find out that was a measure of natural ability. I tried to think I had wings. Maybe I did and had to make them appear. The chains continued to drag me around. The pain was intense. I push out my hand again to will myself in a direction. It worked! The chains pulled me towards the captives now. I smashed through the opaque wall encasing them. I grabbed both dummies and again willed my movement back to the place i had started. I descended to the platform and the teacher and Clair stood astonished. I turned to see if I had wings but sadly I did not. A soldier step up to greet me and congratulated me. "I was one of the few that got it on the first try" he said. "You did to and even quicker than i did" he followed. I smiled. i fell to my knees over come by injury, emotion, and mental exhaustion. Clair looked worried at me and I quickly became super embarrassed of my sad state and sorry for making her worry. Even though she never spoke with her mouth, I could feel everything she was trying to say and how she felt. I was taken to rest in a bunk house near the lake i had entered this world at. I woke up, in my dream, from my rest and instantly sad. my heart ached and i was afraid again. Clair was nowhere to be found. I started to panic. I ran out side. I looked around feeling lost and abandoned. I looked to the hill and spotted Clair looking a mirror of my dreary state. As quick as it came my terror and ill feeling left and i was overwhelmed with joy as her gaze met mine. We ran to each other. We met and is grabbed my hand and held it to her chest. I freaked, but was entranced but the feeling of her heart and more so the feeling and emotion that she displayed along with it. I could tell she had worried about me since they had separated us yesterday.
      We are approached by the lady from my arrival and Leader Neeson. They explain that i will be partnered with a beast of color today and it will help me advance and strengthen my inner being. The lady asks Clair why she is so protective of me. The lady ask this of Clair the same nonverbal way Clair talks to me. I seem to be able to speak this almost base telepathic language and i catch the conversation. Clair doesn't answer only states that she will do the discerning. The Discerning I am informed of, by Leader Neeson, is the assessment of my potential, my color affinity and other qualities about me even I don't currently know. Clair is apparently very good at this but has never taken such interest in a recruit before. Leader Neeson is hesitant but gives the ok. Clair leads me off down the path she came from when we rejoined. Beside a lake next to what is possibly her dwelling we stop. She positions me against the wall of the house. She stands arms length from me and stairs into my eyes. Her vibrant blue green wings emerge. They shimmer matching her gorgeous eyes. I feel squeamish. Its just us, alone, her and me. I am nervous for my Discerning. Will it hurt? Why does she like me so much? What is she going to do? She places her hands on my shoulders. I feel her telling me to relax and that it will be ok. I feel my self start to relax. She stares into my eyes and i can't look away. She is getting closer and closer. I start to panic. Her Eyes glow, her wings glow. I see the universe spanning before me in her eyes. I feel as though i will be sick. Her nose is now touching mine. Locked in a solid unblinking stare I feel like we are flying. My nerves are about to explode. the sensation of her touch, smell, gaze, and nonverbals is overwhelming. Her expression changes to one of shock then concern. Then for the first time she speaks. My legs give out. My eyes glaze over and I break my stare. I feel myself slip from consciousness. "Chris" Is the word she said. My name. Never in waking or dream had i ever felt so much from that name. Never had so much feeling and passion been put into it being verbalized. everything is black.
      (Dream fastwards itself)
      I wake to find Clair sitting beside my bed. Watching over me as usual. I am dressed in a uniform like the other soldiers. Clair and I report to the obstacle course with the other trainees. She watches as I begin my final test. All the recruits charge into the course. We defeat trainers dressed and acting like enemies. We climb and crawl through terrain challenges. Then the color field. Our affinity makes allows us to draw power from certain colors of light. Others hurt us and darkness always hurts us. The color fields test our knowledge of our affinities and our endurance to our weaknesses. I approach the field and the "enemies close in on us. Capturing and ravaging recruits just like real enemies the trainers enforce the realism and direness of the moment. I was never told my affinity so i hesitate. I feel Clair reach out to me and say "fly". I smile at her and see her smile back. I think of that day we met. I think of my training. I think of my discernment. I jump full force arms outstretched into the air.

      I wake up. Alarming buzzing. My heart sinks a bit and I revel in Clair's eyes until i can't remember what she looks like. though out the day i think of her and how she made me feel.
      lucid , memorable
    4. Backpacking

      by , 02-04-2013 at 05:54 PM
      I might have to start considering famous people a dream sign, this time the Crocodile Hunter was in my dreams haha.

      1. I was in a grocery store/complex of some sort, there were many many rooms in the building. The hallways had fairies everywhere except they just seemed like lights down the hall, don't remember this part very much but I wrote it in my dream journal. I started going down these hallways with small rooms in the side and once you spotted a zombie-like corpse thing, it followed you around. I remember I had some sort of inventory system in the dream and I tried to bring up a weapon, the closest thing I could find was a pickaxe. But when I tried to hit the zombie it sort of just nudged down a little bit, and I could barely move the pickaxe at all, not because it was heavy but some sort of "glitch" in my dream. Except when I nudged the pickaxe the zombie flew away down the hall. After that I got scared and I kept opening rooms to find the crocodile hunter. I knew he was somewhere in the building and I opened this one room down to some sewer system and the water was waist-deep. I found the crocodile hunter going down one of the halls in the sewer with a torch. The sides of the walls were made up of bricks, almost like in boo's haunted house in mario 64 except less cartoon looking. After a few seconds I get teleported to another part of the building. And I find the front of the store has cash registers like the whole building is a giant grocery store or something. What is strange is every clerk was a hot blonde girl, they all seemed to be talking to each other but they stuck in their respective cash register places. I thought this was very strange because hot girls are so rare, but then I kept going because I wanted to find the Crocodile Hunter again. I went back to the sewer and he was still holding the torch, then after a few seconds the dream was over.

      2. One fragment of another Dream I had was that I was just walking around with a heavy backpack. I was walking around some city at first and I remember walking down some streets with just garages on one side and the backs of some stores on the other side. There was also a scene where there was a circular giant sidewalk with artistically designed bricks on the ground and I was looking at myself walk towards where I was looking at myself from. On the left of where I was looking was a street, no one else was there but there were cars in the background. I don't remember parking my car but I remember my car got towed, I went back to the place I parked it, which was some random persons driveway lol. I put my gloves and hat on the driveway and laid them all out neatly for some reason, when the family got home and parked their car on the side of the street.

      Another fragment I remember from the dream was I was walking behind a middle school, and two girls were just walking home at that time, except it was extremely strange because it was midnight. I was so confused that I just stared and wondered what they were doing at this time of night, but I kept walking. Then I found a construction crew not really doing any work but just talking amongst themselves and just glancing at me as I go by.

      I feel as if there were more of the dream where I walked on some nature trails but I just do not remember it.
    5. Dream control

      by , 09-29-2012 at 10:03 PM
      I love dreaming. It's like my favorite thing to do at night! Recently, I've been doing a lot of research on the web about lucid dreaming and controlling your dreams. And last night, it finally paid off.

      I had like 10 dreams but obviously could only remember a few. #1. My family was in a haunted house, and we were scared. Our dad was missing, and we were worried sick We were all huddled in a room, the wind was blowing against the house. It shook. It was midnight, black. We heard creeking throughout the house, and saw a dark shadowy figure creeping up the stairs. I suddenly remembered, can't you change the endings to your nightmares? Could this be a dream? So I close my eyes, and imagine a happier ending, a beautiful place. And I opened them.

      Everything was now like they were submerging from water. The setting shimmered and changed, I was amazed looking around. Feeling soo relived it worked. The dark turned to light. My family turned happy. We were now in our front yard.

      #2 Now i know this is a dream. I tell my mom, dad, brother, everyone. "THIS IS A DREAM!" They were like really? It was pretty funny. I start laughing hysterically and bring my little brother up on this hill. I remember somewhere in a book that if you realize you're dreaming, you can do whatever you want! Of course, I wanted to.. FLY! So I go up to this hill we have in our backyard, I jump off. I floated for a little, but fell down. Determined, I kept trying. I IMAGINED myself flying, I BELIEVED, I could. I PRETENDED to have this powerful wind LIFT me up in the sky. Guess what? It worked. I was laughing and so happy. I was kicking my legs like you would if you were swimming, so i could move. It was.. amazing. I soared over my mom and dad, who were under a tree. I yelled, LOOK! IM FLYING! They didn't see me. Oh but my brother did. I picked him up and went across the road to these fairies (weeeird) who were building 4 houses, one representing each season. They were beautiful. I accidently landed. So I pick up my brother and try flying again. I crashed in the road. A car honked at me. Wow lol.

      #3 I was at someone's house, I still knew it was a dream. We were eating dinner, it was hotdogs stuffed in a caramel apple. CREEPY But they were surprisingly REALLY good. IN the dream at least. I thought it was missing something to it. I concentrated just a bit, and POOF! There's a bottle of cheese next to me. "Yay!" I put it all over my hotdog stuffed apple.

      I love controlling my dream. Today, I'm gonna try to do it again. I'm gonna change the setting, make people i want appear, and walk on water! Can't wait to try it out
    6. ..Is that a fairy at my window.. waving?

      by , 03-08-2011 at 06:30 AM
      i'm in some... magical amaizing shed,... i'm looking out the window, when three gnomes run by, i question reality, i'm now semi lucid, i back off from the window, my dream character brother comes in and says "stio, i think your dreaming" . a fairy pops up, it's at the window, i look at it, and it waves, it had a bit of a .... hedgehog, or.. dog.. like character.
    7. 06/19/10 Cold Fire

      by , 06-20-2010 at 11:31 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: My first goal for the night was to go to MoSh's inner world and heal both MoSh and Asuka. I wasn't entirely clear on what had happened to them, but MoSh said that Asuka has been behaving strangely since we rescued her the most recent time and fought the reptilian alien. Other goals I had included opening the locked book (still on my list) and having a DDO dream with Tigress (also still on my list). Tigress and MoSh also volunteered to help me try to open the book, so they would be with me during that task as well.

      I was in a green field. I looked around to see where I was. I didn't recognize the place. I wondered how I had gotten there. I stopped to think back about what events had led up to my being here. I had no memory. That seemed really strange. I started walking across the field towards a forest. I could see strange things over near the forest, small flying things. As I got closer I saw they seemed to be glowing. I went over there, and I saw that there were small creatures flying… they looked partly like insects of some kind, partly like fairies… They were also glowing. Closest to a cross between a fairy and a ladybug… And there were many of them. Animals were fleeing the forest, apparently under the guidance of those fairies. I wondered what was going on in there. I headed for the forest to see.

      A couple of the fairies flew over to me and got in front of me. They were about the size of a hummingbird, so I couldn't miss the fact they were trying to warn me off. One of them flew right over in front of me. She was talking in a strange language at first, sounded like squeaks and whistles, but then she changed to English… or there was a translation being done. She said I didn't want to venture into the forest, there was a fire. A fire not of this world. I asked what she was talking about. She said that a strange dark fire had come from somewhere in the middle of the forest. She said some kind of demon had attacked a long abandoned shrine and set it ablaze. She said if the flames had stayed in the shrine it wouldn't have been a problem, but they had spread. She said she and others of her kind were supposed to be the guardians of the forest, but they could not stop this flame… they had failed and were trying to save as many lives as possible. Somewhere in all this I became at least partially lucid, and I told her I would see what I could do to help. She looked at me strangely. I assured her I could help, then I took flight. She was clearly surprised to see that… I flew up to where I could look out over the forest, and I could see the black flames consuming the forest.

      I flew towards the dark flames. I could tell right away what it must be… someone had started a fire of dark energy. I wondered why someone had wanted to destroy this forest. Well, it wasn't going to happen. I reached the flames and flew right into them. The flames around me felt cold instead of hot, they were not actual burning flames, but a cold fire that was draining the life out of the forest. I focused on the song Full Moonlight from the Devil Hunter Yohko soundtrack, and used the song to gather up all of the dark energy into one place. I flew through the forest as I did that, collecting it from every place I could find any. The collection ended up with me in the shrine the fairy had spoken of. The shrine was abandoned as she had said, and it was completely destroyed. I looked at part of it, and it looked like whoever had used the shrine had been worshipping some kind of… um… piecing this together from a few shattered statues… worshipping a something that had angel wings, some parts of a snake, and a human face?! Wait a minute… I wondered if they had been a race of nagas… winged snakes… but I didn't know, and it didn't really matter. This place hadn't been used for many years. I collected the last of the dark energy and absorbed it into myself. I felt the cold energy inside, used The Curse to stabilize it. It was surprisingly stable already considering it had been a raging flame… or maybe it is just getting easier to stabilize it.

      I looked at the forest around the shrine. It was already dead… I used the song Full Moonlight again to spread golden healing energy through the dead forest, and into the areas around it that just looked a bit sickly. The golden energy flowed into the dead trees and plants, flowed into the disgusting looking water, flowed through the polluted looking air… and it was visibly restoring things as it went. I wasn't sure how long it would take to restore things, but it was getting off to a good start. I flew back to the edge of the forest and told the fairies that the dark flames were gone. They seemed very surprised at that. They were also very grateful for helping their forest. They started leading animals back into the healthy areas of the forest. The female I had spoken to earlier said they would be able to get to restoring the forest to full health now. It was here that I let myself wake up.
    8. War between "Demons" and "Fairies"

      by , 05-06-1995 at 05:36 AM
      Morning of May 5, 1995. Friday.

      I am in my older sister Marilyn’s house on Loomis Street in the dining room area. My sister Marilyn, brother-in-law Bob, Anita P, older brother Dennis, CS, and my mother are present.

      There is apparently a “forced battle” underway (uncertain of reason - may be just me messing around to see what happens, sort of like a chemistry experiment I suppose) between “demons” and “fairies”. There are miniature mechanical people yet at the same time they seem to be alive (fairy cyborgs?). I put a smaller “demon” (a “possessed” cocktail umbrella - watch out for those demonic cocktail umbrellas) and “fairy” together and they explode, leaving a blast pattern that seems mostly of salt grains, but there is no major damage.

      I have a small disc in my hand, somewhat like a Frisbee, with lights flashing within it (as if through a gel of some sort). It is a small Japanese umbrella demon/creature and is expanding almost balloon-like. Soon, it is somehow crawling on the ceiling and there is the idea that it will swallow many people. I feel that it is my task to stop it. I hold up a small metallic object or rock in the form of a somewhat squarish dark brown or bronze and black carved cat’s head - which possibly serves as a lid for the container where the demon is kept in its “baby” form. It says “Damn!” in a male voice and with a distinct “powering down” pitch in the audio (as the word trails off) - with a sense of authority, yet also beaten - and I happily sense and accept its defeat (the audio is extremely vivid at this point). It becomes more and more wrinkled as it seems “stuck” on the ceiling like a sort of “giant amoeba” and I guess goes into a state of inactivity. This entire scene actually seems quite vivid (though not lucid) regardless of how odd it is. There is also something (fairly vague) about the wall clock in the northwest corner of the dining room moving in reverse or jumping back a couple times (recurring at that time).

      There is later something about moving boxes and other things from another room. My brother-in-law’s younger female relative Anita P is there to help my sister at times. I dial 0700 and a man’s voice is loudly heard all around the room but it is a recording, coming through some sort of smaller intercoms along the walls and corners. Finally, realizing other people are probably tired of hearing it (even though they do not seem to notice - my brother-in-law spends mostly the whole time watching television in a daze as in real life), I hang up. I am not sure what any of the actual words were (if any) or what it related to.

      The first thing I saw (on television) after waking was an umbrella of the same appearance as from my dream (at one point, prior to an additional transformation) which happens all the time - that is - certain dream imagery unfolding fairly precisely right after waking. I even get this with some forms of meditation.

      Moral of the story: If you go into a Japanese restaurant and you receive a metallic cat-shaped container and open it to find small cocktail umbrellas, time to leave, I guess.

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