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    1. 25 Apr: Party in an old city and doing oral sex to myself while lucid (graphic)

      by , 04-25-2019 at 09:18 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Going through a beautiful old city. I find it similar to some place I've been before (not actually, but that was the feeling in the dream). I find a little shrine on the wall of an ancient building, I notice it is damaged compared to when I last saw it. Seems to have had some water infiltration and erosion. Then I notice some strange objects semi-buried in the wall. I check and find a kind of stone with different semi-precious gemstones in it. Old ladies pass by and look at me with disapproval, but I don't feel that I am doing anything wrong.
      Then I go down a street where these old ladies live in and one of their neighbors is throwing away a few decorative items from her house, that are actually antiques with some value and I ask if I can keep them. She's ok with that. I wonder if I can fit all that in my luggage when I travel back home, but I take a chance.
      On my way to the place I am staying, I come across a big parade party of young people, some of which I know, all heading towards same place I am going. I join the party, I drink a bit, but draw the line when they start dancing a silly choreography from some current hit song I never heard of and hope never to.
      We pass by a truck where a dude is sleeping on top of the truck, sunbathing practically naked. It is Avelar. I pretend I don't see him, although I am happy to see him. I have the strange feeling he is there because of me. When the party is coming to an end, at early dawn, I pretend to be falling asleep sitting against a wall, where others are also taking a rest. Then some friends come pick me up to take me to wherever we are staying. Avelar has surely seen me by now but neither him nor I acknowledge each others presence.
      On our way, we stop by a grocery store, but it is in such a bad neighborhood that they have the most unwelcoming entrance. We have to crawl under a slight opening of a sliding door, then climb a balcony and land in the middle of the workstation of 3 ladies that work there. Then they open a door with a grid, that allows us in to buy groceries. I comment how old people from the neighborhood can't possibly buy food there.

      Some walks up and down the city, semi-lucid, enjoying the architectural details and enjoying a slide down a hill to a coastal area, while listening and singing a Portishead music. Then arrive home, which has some similarities to my childhood's house but totally different place and disposition. My dad is there. He is being unpleasant about something, trying to control my life as usual. So I go to my room. I can still hear him and know that he is coming in, so I decide to go out the window. But we are on a precipice kilometers high above the ocean.
      I recall that I am dreaming and I can just jump and fly, so I do that, but all my father sees is me jumping and he runs to the window in distress thinking I killed myself. I feel compassion for my dream dad and I go back to tell him "look, I know you think very little of me, but I am fine. You see, we're dreaming and I have all sorts of powers that I use at will. I am fine, I don't need your help." He has no reply and slowly fades away.
      I fly away, enjoy it for a while, then land back home, but now alone and think what to do next. I sink my hands on a wall to reinforce lucidity and decide for the first time to also eat the wall and taste it. Zero taste.
      Then decide to try something I have been wanting to try for some time. Oral sex on myself. I contort myself in impossible ways and yes I do it. It is very weird because I am still watching from my head in its normal position as another head with my face comes up from between my legs and does it. I feel simultaneously the me doing the oral sex and the me receiving the oral sex. More than the physical sensation, it's the feeling of being two and being one at the same time that I feel more interesting in this experiment. Not something I can explain, you really need to experience yourself.

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    2. 7 Dec: Italian mafia movie, tourism and a rich friend's mansion

      by , 12-07-2018 at 11:25 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I dream I am watching and at the same time living in the flesh an Italian movie about a guy who adopts two orphan boys about 2 years old. It is lovely and adorable, until a mobster wants to settle an issue with him and kidnaps the boys to raise them as his own. He tries to make them copies of himself, so they are dressed like little gangsters and he takes them to see all about his business, including whacking other people. The kids are becoming traumatized and insensitive.
      One day their father comes to rescue them with a bunch of men and shoots the gangsters when they were about to climb some staircase to enter a building. One of the kids is so traumatized that he runs away from is daddy, crying, but some of the rescuers go after him. The other kid stands still without a reaction, but when his dad comes to him he bursts into tears and says "papi" (although that's spanish). I also cuddle the poor kid.

      Doing tourism with my mom in Italy. Drivers are just insane, speeding on tight alleys, almost hitting us. We hear a crash. I fly over the houses to get a view. It's a truck with vegetables who went over the pier and landed on a boat. The driver can't believe it. Meanwhile my mom arrives and wants to help him by buying him vegetables, but I don't think it's the best time to do it.
      We go to the historical city center, crazy ladies put pots with plants outside their doors, basically filling the narrow alleys with obstacles on which we trip for a couple of times. We enter a very cute restaurant which is also a b&b and I recognize it from having stayed here before. My mom confirms she recognizes it from pictures. I go talk to the owner and they say I left a big bottle of hemp oil when I last checked out from here. I had been worried the customs would not have allowed it, but this time I will try to take it back with me.

      I am staying at some rich friend's mansion. She is an Asian video artist. She shows me a video clio she did for an H&M campaign, very conceptual with people swimming in the sea and a centaur swimming with them, that becomes a horse on land. She says it wasn't picked up by the brand, because they didn't get the meaning, which was none. I said I liked it, even without any meaning, it was trippy and inspiring.
      She puts down the usb pen with some of her work and we check for some paintings I left in her house last time. I promise to take them with me this time. They are hideous and amateur, but she encourages me to continue doing it. Then she notices the pen is gone and freaks out. I say the only person I saw coming in was a certain guy, part of her team and she goes look for him in the studio. She is furious because she knows he wants to steal her ideas and undermine her work. She yells at him and they begin a nasty discussion,
      I decide to go check the rest of the house. Her amazing kitchen is on a hanging deck over a cliff, with glass walls with view to the town underneath. There's a large spiral stair to a garden below. From the garden, there is a large entrance to a lounge area where I encounter some of her friends chillin'. One of them says he found a recording of me singing a Grease medley and he wants to play it for everybody to listen. I say no, no, I am embarrassed, but he assures it is really good and they should hear. They are VIPs and might help me launch a career, but I run away to hide under a staircase. Another lady, also Asian, comes to sit by my side with lots of bags, says she is leaving for her flight, but feeling very tired and asks to rest her head on my lap for a while. Then some guy looking for me asks me to join back the group, he insists they really liked my recording. Along the way he sings bits of the song, trying to trick me into singing, but there are people all the way on the hallways and I just can't sing in front of people. He understands. Says we will just be watching another friend athlete on tv and not bother me with the singing.
      We watch her on some competition. She is also Asian, very pretty and with some very original outfit and hairdo, unlike anything I have ever seen in sports. At first I thought she was doing pole vault, but then realize it is some kind of new modality, in which athletes gotta climb a kind of metallic ladder reaching the highest possible step, with a minimum jumping movement, like cats do. I think she breaks a record and everyone is celebrating.
    3. Sat Feb 23 (2:30-12:05) **

      by , 02-23-2013 at 10:31 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Quests Galore

      I decide to play an old Harry Potter game for nostalgia's sake. I finished the main plot long ago, but there are a bunch of bonus quests that never did finish, and none of them are easy. You have to save up a lot of gold before doing them. After collecting some money, I try starting one of the quests that I've heard is particularly hard--not because of difficult battles, but because the quest is sort of a mystery and it's hard to guess where you're supposed to go next. Indeed, a glob-like creature rises out of the darkness, eats most of my gold, and vanishes without a trace. Well, that got me nowhere. So much wasted time gathering that gold.

      I decide to give one of the other quests another try. It involves defeating a ghostly horse-riding warrior. I've tried it before, earlier tonight, and I know that he does a lot of damage, but at least the objective is straightforward. I ride down into his canyon lair and we immediately start fighting, repeatedly charging down the canyon and passing each other like we're jousting with swords. If I hold down one of the trigger buttons on my controller (like the R2 button on a PS2) it will charge my attack, so that if I release the button at the right time, the slash of my scimitar will do lots of extra damage. The trouble is, he's doing the same thing, and we're both losing health at about the same rate. In fact, I'm about to die!

      Hurriedly, I pause the game and try to find a health potion in my inventory. While looking around in there, I realize that I also still should have Armageddon's Blade, an epic weapon that I received for completing the main storyline all those years ago. I drink the potion, unpause, and run away from the ghostly warrior to give myself time to search for the sword. I'll also have to ensure that I'm suitably fireproof so that I don't kill myself as well when activating the sword's epic power.

      Somehow I end up in a village with a friend of mine, a girl, accompanying me. While I'm talking to some NPCs, she sets off to do a different quest. The NPC remarks upon her departure, saying in a commiserating tone of voice that "women are ever unfaithful." Irked by his sexism, I try to explain that women are people too, and this one just happens to be busy at the moment: "There are only ten slots in our inventory, and we're each trying to do about twenty quests at the same time," I say.


      I'm hanging out with my dad's friend's son, whose father is there as well. The father makes a casual remark that I respond to at face value--then I realize that between the lines, he was actually saying that his son is gay and he thinks I ought to start going out with him. Apparently he thinks I'm gay as well. I'm impressed that he can say this much without actually saying any of it outright: it's the only logical interpretation of his comment. [I can't remember the exact wording of the comment, but presumably it wouldn't make as much sense in waking life anyway.] I add something to my previous response, hopefully making clear that now I understand his second meaning and I'm actually not interested in guys. The son does indeed interpret it that way and hurriedly responds, "That's fine." I suppose he probably feels a bit uncomfortable about his dad's attempt at matchmaking.

      Previous hours:
      Feb 20, 0:00-8:31
      Feb 21, 3:40-8:30
      Feb 22, 0:25-8:33; frag: doing touristy stuff

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    4. The search for the artifact + the gay marriage debate

      by , 08-14-2011 at 06:32 AM (The journey of JussiKala)
      #1: So I was in this large old medieval castle. We were walking around with the tour leader, apparently I was in some sort of tourist group (again, lol). The layout of the old castle was the same as the internals of the house, now that I think about it after waking up. Everything was just a bit bigger. So at one point, the tourist guide was telling us about how there was this old magical artifact from the 1582 that belonged to some dude that had the power to control a lot of things. She said that multiple tries to find the artifact from the castle had failed. It has been lost. I didn't think it had been, and I went off. I arrived at what is actually the main store-room of my house, and looked a round. I knew, KNEW, the thing was here. So I looked around, not finding anything since the room was filled with stuff. I saw the bigger picture howerver, and knew that I had to summon it, so I went into this meditation like state, and hummed until it appeared to me. It was a ring with two stones attached to it. I put it in my hand and I heard hissing. Then I heard the wind, and saw how the ghost of the dude the tourist guide told me about flew threw me with an angry face. I laughed like an insane man and ran outside. I messed around with the ring but I do not remember how, since my recall ends here.

      #2: I was at my old elementary school yeeeaaars back and there was this lesson about what homosexuality is. After the class, both the teacher and one of the students started arguing about if gay marriage should be allowed. I listen to their debate outside the door for a while and decide that they're both complete idiots that dont' know how to argue, and I tell them that. They get mad but tell me to make better arguments than the ones they have made, and I spend an hour in the library on a computer typing up this argument. I come back with a 17 page thing and I hand it out to them. They are "mmmmkay" and I leave. Later when I come back, there is this group effort to build a mosaic on the unused floor space of one of the hallways. I participate. One of the people who made most of the effort realized she did it wrong and had to start again after disassembling what she had made.
    5. Bunch of unnamed dreams #1

      by , 08-08-2011 at 08:21 PM (The journey of JussiKala)
      I had 3 dreams I remembered before these but forgot them since I fell back asleep.

      Dream #1: I was walking around this old town (older norwegian architechture roughly). Apparently I was in this group of tourists lead by this energetic slightly fat woman (tourist guide) . I was maybe a 35yo single dude. The streets were of gravel, the town layout was very complex, and it was nice in general. There was this single mom who wanted me to carry one of her children because she had difficulties carrying 2. So I carried this 10 week old baby. After a while, we arrived at this larger opening surrounded by buildings. On one side of the opening, there was a big stone church with a clock face on it. And on the other side, I saw a WC sign on the back alley. I suggested the group we stop there. So we waited in line for the WC. When I finally got into the booth I was waiting in l ine for, i handed the kid I was carrying back to his mom, and went in. The booth was disgusting. There was a urinal and a toilet, and I went for the urinal. however, the backs of my legs couldn't fit well enough and they hit the toilet that was absolutely stained by urine and some blood and some fecies (gross). However, I got my stuff done and the trip continued. The single mom wanted me to carry one of her children again. I asked for the older 1yo one, since the yonger one was difficult to carry carefully. At last, we arrived at this sandy beach. There was this big kayak there waiting for us that we all fit in. The tourist guide told us to go back to our hotel rooms and pack up our stuff. I did, my luggage was this long long 3m long bag. I fit a lot of stuff in it, like 3 backpacks and a few clothes and such. Then I went back on the beach and handed my luggage to the instructor, who put it in the front of the kayak and the trip continued. End dream.

      Dream #2: So I was at the same freaking beach from the last dream. The same instructor told me to go pack my stuff up before leaving. However, the kayak was smaller, for about 10 people, and I was like 15, and this was like a summer camp or something similar. So I went to my room and started packing up my stuff. Again, I had 3 backpacks that I put in the same long bag from the old dream, and I put them there. However, I also had like 200 video game boxes there, that I was shoving in the bag quite quickly. I remember my roommate helping me pack the stuff. Halfway through the packing, I see it's already a little past 8:00, and the kayak leaves at 8:30. I panic and start packing stuff faster. Dream ends with me walking down to the beach with all my packing done and a good 15 minutes to go.

      Dream #3: I was in this town. It looked like something from the simpsons that was taken and put into real life. And I had this school bus that I had taken from somewhere I do not know where. And I was running away from something. I do not remember what anymore. So, I floored the gas and just drove. A lot. And the layout of the scene was really interesting. The town was divided into many sections in an odd manner. There was a few blocks at a time that existed, surrounded by a black barrier. Every few blocks, I'd have to pass that black barrier with my bus and it'd teleport me somewhere else on the huge plane.

      Dream #4: I was driving in the crysis (it's a game on a tropical island) scenery with this car. I stopped at this enemy base and knew that it had something that I needed to set something up with. I had to send out a transmission somewhere. So I went around the base shooting all the people who I needed to get rid of. Some of them set up forcefields around the place but I could disable them from the control panels on the other side by using the force (from star wars lol). And killed them all. They called in reinforcements so I took one of their cars, and set up force fields on the doors and windows and started transmitting my signal. I saw one guy with a rocket launcher behind a house, so I teleported out of the house and killed him. Then I saw one guy had gotten inside my car so I teleported back, fought with him fist to fist, and saw that my transimission alarm was beeping, my signal had gone through. I ripped out the batteries powering the force fields and threw the guy out of the window. And then I hit the gas pedal. I went full speed on this forest road. At one point, I stopped to save an ewok from dying under a landslide, but otherwise I just kept going. Dream ends about here.

      Fragment #1: I remember going through the crysis area with the car from HL2 and thinking "this is boring, who plays this crap?"
    6. 29 Oct: End of the world, museums and art and a geeky teen all over me

      by , 11-04-2010 at 07:24 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      21:30 GMT – sleep

      Visions of the end of the world
      I’m again in Japan hanging with some friends and having fun: shopping, invading other people’s homes, etc. Then we notice a big commotion outside and we go check it out. There are red and pink northern lights on the sky and it’s quite a show. I remember I’ve been dreaming a lot about this and I know it means a strong solar flare has hit the atmosphere. “No, not now! I’m supposed to catch a flight later today!”. The day is the 16th but I can’t recall of which month. But what does it matter? I then see like telepathically what is going on on my home town. A huge boat, like the Titanic, is falling from the sky which is looking bizarre, in pink and red swirling clouds and electric storms. Then airplanes also start to fall. None hits my mom’s house but then a violent wind, like a shockwave from a nuclear bomb wipes out what’s left. I then see this repeating in many other places on earth, including the place where I am on that exact moment – some kind of marina. When the visions ends, I’m back to the place I was before and all seems well. Even the northern lights have faded away. Did I just imagine everything or we were given a second chance?

      Framed at the airport
      On my return home, I am leaving the hotel and it must be a 5 star one, because some guys are carrying the bags for me. But one of them is very annoyed, because my friends who just left, were not very civilized and he thinks I don’t deserve being at this hotel. At the airport I don’t pass the security check and I have to leave some objects behind. Then I notice I’m being closely watched and followed. When making time for my flight I am going up some stairs on the emergency staircase which is a bit deserted, when I hear a shot, then on the upper floor I see a body lying down and a gun on the floor. Security appears instantly, they look at me and I feel I just have been set up.

      1:25 GMT

      Visiting a museum
      On a foreign city on a mountainous area. Looks Italian and has really beautiful limestone buildings, canals and a view to majestic mountains around. I am walking through a path for tourists which is a bit challenging, along the main canal, but with some obstacles, like hills or abandoned buildings where we have to climb a bit. The sun is setting and I’m still in the beginning of the path, so I decide to go back and return next day to finish it. Then meet a group who is going to meet another person at a museum and they invite me to join. The museum is bizarre, because if you go to the right you enter a spa and if you turn left you visit the exhibitions. Some of them decide to go to the spa instead and they have to buy weird white shirts they need to wear to enter the spa. Usually on spas they give you a robe, but this is more stylish, artistic... Only me and another guy end up visiting the exhibition and I see nautical stuff, globes and maps and my attention is caught at a huge poster on the wall, explaining the light diffraction and there’s an object diffracting the light equally in all directions and making a perfectly beautiful wind rose compass of light.

      Bizarre under water backyards
      When I decide going back to hotel the guy offers me a ride and he has to park a bit far and then we have to cross on foot some backyards area with nice vegetable gardens tended by the old folks of the oldest part of the town. Then something bizarre happens. Above us in the sky are some translucent pinkish plants and the whole sky above looks strange, as if we were inside a pond with water lilies above us and were seeing the light crossing the water and the leafs and flowers of the lilies. I turn to the guy and ask how is this possible. I almost grasp the answer but it slips and decide to just enjoy the weirdness.

      Meditating among turtles
      Then I enter some humble guesthouse, which has a view over the vegetable gardens below. I guess it’s where I am staying. I go to the bathroom and notice there isn’t much privacy, because the tiny window has no curtains and is facing the neighbour’s window. Then I go to the balcony and find a small aquarium with turtles inside and three more turtles roaming on the floor. I notice other neighbours around also have turtles in aquariums on their balconies. Because the turtles on the floor seem in need of water, I fill the balcony floor with water. Then I go to the kitchen and from there to the corridor, when I see my mom entering through the door. Because that’s totally unexpected in this context, I finally get lucid. I think she is just a DC so I ignore her but she is talking and talking, so I lean her against the wall and say “I don’t care, you’re just a DC!”. She first looks offended, then she gets mad and finally she disappears. Then I recall what my guru told me to do during the day, and I visualize the Buddha, preparing to sit and meditate. There’s a gap in my memory, but I remember clarity and light for an indefinite period of time. Then I’m interrupted by the same DC as before. I look at her thinking “really?” and so she transforms into a younger girl and her attitude also changes. She starts crying, saying I have no right to eliminate her. She says she wants to live and that I must let her exist. She looks so sad that I feel compassion for her. I realise she is just the product of my mind, but I also feel genuine sadness for her ephemeral existence, so I hug her and also shed some tears for her. Big mistake! She gains strength and soon some big Italian guy (her boyfriend) and a small kid are also coming through the door. I lose lucidity and wake up.

      5:00 GMT

      Eating cookies at art gallery
      Doing more tourism. I see what seems to be a public toilet and go inside. There were two doors, for men and women but inside it’s a common space, actually a lobby with staircases going up and down and there’s a toilet just there, in the middle of this lobby. I realise it’s some kind of artistic joke and guess this is some museum or art gallery. I go upstairs and realise the art gallery spreads through several floors. Lots of nice paintings of different artists on each floor. In the centre of the building there’s a wooden staircase and an old elevator and the galleries go around this central space. I think it’s opening night, because they are serving cookies to the visitors. I am quite hungry so I take quite a lot of cookies from all plates I see. I am fascinated by an artist who paints in earth and green tones, plants and vegetables over abstract background. She uses juicy extracts of the plants or vegetables which are the theme, mixed with the paints. The information with the percentage of plant extracts mixed with the paint are on the labels by the side of the paintings. Quite original.
      But then they start gathering people to watch some film or listen to some lecture on a room and I decide it’s time to go, cause I’m not in the mood for that.
      I go to the elevator and see my reflection on the metal doors. I look like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I fill my pockets with Belgian butter cookies which are on a plate on a table by the side of the elevator.

      Geeky teen trying to get lucky
      On the street I arrive at a huge square with an enormous imposing building from a famous architect from this city. It’s an old building but quite visionary for it’s time. It reminds me Gaudi’s architecture, because main fašade structures is in stone and iron with huge glass walls allowing to see to the interior and then a huge tower structure rises from its interior - its legs are human legs but its top, which rises above the building’s rooftop, is just like the Eifel Tower. Wow, that’s dauntless!
      A geeky teen approaches me and offers to take me a picture in front of it. I agree and offer to take a picture of him in return. He then didn’t let me go. He was quite chatty and I let him come along in my walks. He tells me everything about his life, including that he broke up with his first girlfriend just before summer break and would like to get an older girl to gain experience. I think he is joking and didn’t take him seriously but as time goes by I notice he really thinks he can get something from me. I’m having fun having a younger fan stalking me around while I visit the city, but I tell him he chose the wrong older girl, because he wasn’t going to get anything from me. He then starts trying to kiss me whenever I’m distracted. I’m amused with his attempts. One day I allowed me to kiss me in the face innocently just for the picture so he could tell his friends he had gotten lucky with me. But he moved on quickly to suck on my neck and hugging me tightly. As I try to get rid of his arms around me, he rubs against me, I feel his erection and I think he came. I feel embarrassed, so I get up and say it’s time to go. I cross a road and he is still after me. We continue talking although I’m more distant now. We then pass by some door and he says it’s his music school and he needs to go inside to check something about the schedule of his classes. I wait outside and then notice the next door is a designer’s shop. I go inside and she has amazing boots and shoes in recycled and natural materials, bags and so on, all totally original and so cheap – boots 9 EUR, no way! I really wanted to buy this stuff and then had the slight feeling maybe i was dreaming...
      Then I woke up.

      7:30 GMT – wake up

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