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    1. 3/18/18 (L) DILD | 100 Years Prior, Skyscrapers, Coastal Flooding

      by , 03-18-2018 at 09:59 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      I was at the location of my old house about 100 years prior. Multiple houses were missing, and some streets were only driveways. A thunderstorm was going, and a gray, modern vehicle passed by, which I thought nothing of. A few seconds later, I stood on the street and saw a bunch of skyscrapers on the lake and to the south. This could have triggered lucidity, as much of this made absolutely no sense. Time-travel that wasn't even accurate, skyscrapers right next to logging roads and randomly placed, and a modern vehicle in the past. Heck, even the idea of being near my old house should have given me a cue. The only thing that made real sense was the coloration of the skyscrapers, and the cloudy weather. Later on, I was running in traffic at night when I became lucid and started my routine. I got through about a third of it before waking up unexpectedly. I was standing on a very wide 2-lane road with fir trees on both sides.
      [New Scene]
      On the way to Grays Harbor (still 10-20 miles out), I commented that the tide was in, because the water level equaled the height of the perfectly flat road, which was partially and uniformly flooded. Fir trees were present in random places. The weather was cloudy and extremely calm. Everything seemed to be increasingly more dead (except for the trees) the closer I got to the coast. The area felt static and unchanging.
      Lucid Time: 50-80 sec
    2. Fun with Unreal Flood

      by , 02-06-2018 at 08:22 AM
      Morning of February 6, 2018. Tuesday.

      In this dream, I sustain the water induction stage and create the concept of a world flood, but I am mainly focused on how many different ways the dream state can render it wrongly while remaining vivid and while I remain at least partly lucid.

      The setting seems to be a large city. I have a lot of fun walking and running on the surface of the ocean and riding the tidal waves toward the city, which is mostly already covered by floodwaters. I also go underwater at times (though my dream self can always breathe underwater, as it is just the dream state and the dream self’s “physical body” is just an illusion anyway).

      There are some obvious errors in rendering which I focus on with amusement.

      At one point, I am swimming, but the water’s surface seems solid, though soft. Still, I slide over it on my stomach, somewhat unrealistically. In the distance, I see the tops of skyscrapers, though barely visible, emerge from the water and then sink again. This is based partly on the slope of the water’s surface changing at times.

      At another point, I realize that the skyscrapers are miniature buildings. Some of them are not even as wide as my computer desk but imply a number of windows on each side. Still, I see them as normal buildings. Lesser waves, caused by my swimming, the water dynamics being far more realistic at this point, hit the buildings and I hear glass breaking, with the illogical impression that the small pieces of glass are going down to the bottom (inside) floors of the skyscrapers. I find interest and enjoyment in this situation for several minutes (mainly because it is the semi-lucid dream state and I can create and destroy whatever I want, the breaking glass sometimes sounding more like wind chimes).

      At another point, I find amusement in how there is a dry area between a number of miniature buildings (again, still implied to be a real and normal-sized city) with the water somehow kept back by an invisible wall in this particular area (at least one city block implied), though it is not perceived as an invisible wall by my dream self, only an erroneous dream rendering, which I actually start to make fun of in my dream. That is, I am making fun of the dream state and its inability to be consistent or render the setting realistically in this particular case, actually speaking aloud (my dream self’s voice that is) to the dream itself.

      I play around with the setting and various dynamics for a long time before waking. I mentally will new buildings to appear at times, and then bring the floodwaters to them. There is no evidence that the city is inhabited by miniature people. I am the only one present in my dream manipulation. There is not even any indication of RAS mediation, dominant or otherwise (though this is mainly because it is not the last dream of the sleeping period, where things like needing to wake and go to the bathroom are not yet dominant factors).

    3. Night 13, Competition #16, Christmas Morning Gift, Smashing Skyscrapers with Telekinesis!

      by , 12-30-2013 at 05:31 AM
      I thought I posted this already in my DJ but I don't see it... From Christmas Morning!

      12/25/13 quick excerpt: I was driving down the street and I saw my friend M from A outside his garage. I stop to say hi and he is telling me about something he invited me to recently. I look around I notice there are a lot of people there and it is a party. I don't think much of this at first but then I see my aunt L and D and at first I think he must've met them before but wait a minute what are they doing here they are hundreds of miles away I am dreaming! Almost immediately I think of my goal, the next task for the competition, mass telekinesis and I teleport out of there thinking about a cityscape. I am fairly sure I closed my eyes Boss style. Either way I went from a day time scene in a town a good ways away from the city over to a moonlight scene and some version of a city. There were only two large skyscrapers at first and a green patch of grass in between & in front of them. It all seems a little fuzzy or cloudy so I get down on my hands and knees and feel the grass to stabilize it feels so nice and cool that I almost was tempted to lay n roll around in it but no I got back up and proceeded with my task I used to telekinesis to pick up one skyscraper and throw it into the other. Awesome!!! I fly over to another group of buildings and I see quite a few more I threw a couple of them together with telekinesis. I stop and think about my next goal, Scionox would like it and it was starting to work but then I started fading back to bed. Felt I could definitely re-enter a dream but I feel my wife next to me and switch priorities which turned out nice. Also had to get going with Christmas activities.

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    4. Just walking and Chilling, I just want to sign my freaking signature!!!!!!

      by , 05-15-2012 at 07:45 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Just walking and chilling (DILD)


      I'm walking in the back alley or some remote and quiet area was what seemed like a city beyond my view. I start spacing out a bit, and as I'm walking, something doesn't feel right. I nose plus reality check,
      and I can breathe through my nose.

      Instead of getting too excited, because I know there were so many things I could've done, especially with the city that would be apparent if I had been able to stabilize a little bit longer.

      I believe I was wearing dark or blue jeans, alone with a white dress shirt with short sleeves, and there really thin black lining on it going vertically or horizontally.

      It could've just been the shade, but yeah, I saw myself in third person view for a while, like seeing myself and looking up from the ground, and then I established a first person view again.

      The area I'm in, it had a huge contrast compared to the city that would appear if I moved a bit further.

      I'm going to take a moment to describe the feeling and the environment around me, since there's not much going on except me focusing only on the external.

      When I realized that I was dreaming, my hands were extending out in front of me, and my eyes slowly opened. It was completely dark at first, but I could still see the city from beyond exhibiting a very bright energy.

      The place I'm in had this sense of calmness despite it being a little dark, it was just dark enough for it to be considered as shade compared to the city out there.

      There were small hues of purple on the skyscrapers I was walking through. When I looked up in third person view, these skyscrapers were huge, and I literally so the point of view from above as if I'm zooming in my perspective at a certain point.

      I said that now because in waking life, it isn't like that, normally, I would only see this rule being applied loosely in things like How-To-Draw that include a section on perspective and everything.
      I just want to freaking sign my Signature!!! (Non-lucid)


      This dream happened after the lucid I had. I heard the alarm play the two times I set it for the late morning.

      I honestly don't know how I'm remembering all of this, but hey, if my mind is giving me the experience back again...no use complaining!

      And I really need to start describing my dreams more and more, really helps with linking things back together.

      I'm riding my bicycle at University Drive in College Station, and I believe I'm wearing something related to the sleeveless cardigan sweater I was wearing in waking life
      (because it was kind of cold in the morning, and I didn't want that to interfere with me trying to go into a dream).

      I also had a orange shirt under it as well. In my mind, I was wondering if I should head over to Jin's Asian Cafe around here, but I already passed the road to get to it from University Drive.

      Then I decided that I should just go ahead and go the extra length to get there. I stop at the intersection at University Drive, turn to the right, pass through whatever eating areas were there, only focusing on going to Jin's Asian Cafe.

      I believe at one point while riding on the University Dr., I was waiting for a few people to
      pass by, but I got impatient, and there was a round curb.

      There was the metal pole that would be the support for the stoplights above on the left, and I saw that there was a little space I could ride my bicycle through, and if I timed it right, I could dash through the people walking slowly without bumping into them.

      I managed to riding into that tight space, and then....I saw this girl.

      Not your ordinary girl, compared to the rest of the dream characters in this dream, at least the females, she was completely different, and although I shouldn't focus too much on her, seeing as I didn't really care about anyone in the dream because I was hungry
      (talk about biological needs....hahahaa).

      Anyway, she had black hair, and it had a shine to it that made it looks so realistic and full of depth. I believe she was wearing black lipstick or dark red lipstick as well. She wore one of those Black trench coats, probably because it would be better at resisting the slightly cold weather in the environment.

      I know I started to feel cold the moment I saw more dream characters wearing jackets as well, not all of them did though.

      Anyway, back to the girl, when I almost ran into her with my bicycle, she freezes and is in a slight shock.

      We both gaze into each others eyes for a while, and even though it only happened for a split second, something tells me that she was trying to get my attention by randomly appearing and accidentally bump into me, go through that whole "Oooh I'm so sorry" phase and introduce each other like how Mako had the Moped accident with Asami in the Legend of Korra.

      I just know those two characters are going to reach a conflict and have some kind of dramatic breakup...the potential is just SITTING RIGHT THERE!!!! No chick that hot would just randomly go up to a guy and go out with him without having some kind of mischievous plan....right?? /legend of korra rant

      But nope it wasn't like that, I managed to just barely stop myself from accidentally ramming into her with my bicycle by stomping my right foot on the ground, since only one side of the brakes (the right side I'm presuming) was working.

      (And it's like that for the bicycle I have in waking life...).

      I just treated her like she was just a random dream character, I get on the bicycle lane, and then as I'm going to head right, (sorry, I'm back tracking again because I remembered more events as I was typing this out) I have to stop AGAIN to wait for another slow walker going through the lane for walkers when the light showed up for them.

      I tried to restrain myself from getting pissed off, but this dude was being slow, and I don't know what's up with random people like the lady in the black trench coat suddenly being in my way.

      But I couldn't take it anymore, I screamed,


      I knew the guy registered my rage towards the general people, but I was trying to indirectly tell him that, and I knew he heard me. Yes, you fucking heard me, but he looks down the ground and tries not to look at me.

      I look at him in rage, then shifted my attention back to turning right from University Drive (again, sorry for the back tracking there). Anyway, as I'm riding down to another stop sign, there aren't a lot of cars around the small intersection, so I immediately take a right.

      I'm riding, and the road itself to the right had a slight slope to it. It wasn't bothersome, but I felt that was I'm trying harder and harder to pedal the bicycle, the gears might make that weird shift, and that sound where you know it's trying to go to the right level might occur.

      But I kept going, despite it being difficult to ride the bicycle. I finally reach Jin's Asian cafe, and now, I had to find a place to lock my bicycle in place. There weren't any bicycle rails to do so, and I saw one bicycle on my right lock their bicycle around some small pole.

      I turn to my left, and I see some weird furniture on the parking lot, but I ignore this, like I normally do. I can't remember where I lock my bicycle, but I'm sure I found some area, because I wouldn't be caught dead without my bicycle if I'm using it.

      I go inside the restaurant, and I see an Asian lady who looks similar to the one I normally see there at the store, the shy and quiet type. She's not really all that enticing, but she has a nice and kind behavior in waking life.

      However, the one in this place was kind of cute, though my recall on her complete visage is slightly blurry.

      I take a moment to sit down, and there are other people who are waiting for their To-Go meals as well. The environment was kind of tricky to analyze and test my reality and all, since I'm not really used to the area in waking life because I only went there a few times recently before leaving to go home.

      It takes me a while to realize that I didn't order anything To-Go as yet, so I quickly get up to the counter, and tell the lady that I would like Sweet and Sour Chicken with Fried Rice.

      She asked,

      "Anything else?"

      I respond, "Ummmm, how much would it cost if I wanted to have the cheesecake as well?"

      She inputs some information down on the cash register,


      Not to make myself look like some guy who knows too much about the prices of this area, I do know that cheesecake was definitely not that cheap in this restaurant, it's actually $3.99 in waking life because I remembered the pink menu I got from them in the mail.

      I find it funny that I'm aware of that in waking life, despite not being aware of other things....I guess when it comes to food, I have a better awareness for these things, hahaha....hmmm that could be good practice for dream awareness, but again I might be oblivious and ignore those subtle alterations.

      Anyway, instead of doing a reality check, I said "Okay" with a slight smile, and she tells me the price for everything in general, and I forgot how much.

      I would assume it's over 12 bucks in total, at least, since the Sweet and Sour Chicken would be $9.65 including tax alone, again, there I go again with remembering the exact price in waking life! XD

      I check my wallet, and it looks exactly like my wallet, except my debit card isn't there, but I wasn't too worried about that since I knew beforehand in this dream somewhere, that I had over 20 bucks. I know I had at least one ten dollar bill, 2 five dollar bills, and a few 1 dollar bills as well.

      I take a while to decide I'm going to give my money, because I wouldn't want to use a ten if I could use the the two five dollars along with the several one dollar bills. I forget what I decided to do, and just hand the lady the money.

      She inputs the amount on the register, and takes out the receipt and I have to sign it.

      That's another thing I didn't pay attention to, because I would only have to sign it if I used a debit card, but not cash....oh well. Something to work on next time, I guess.

      I go ahead and sign it anyway, and I'm doing pretty well signing my name in a dream on a receipt, except when I tried to sign my last name. I wrote something completely different in cursive.

      Instead of asking the employee for another receipt to sign, I cross out the random last name I put, and tried to put my actual last name this time, but the pen started to run out of ink.

      Ugh....DAMN IT!!!! Always happening when I really freaking need a pen...I changed my pissed off demeanor back to a neutral state and told the cash register lady that the pen isn't working. She looks up at me, and I give her the empty pen, and she gives me a new one probably.

      After this, things start getting a little TOO dramatic. I can't remember much during the transition phase, but there's some old man who is wearing a light brown suit along with a white dress shirt underneath it, and he's also wearing a light brown cowboy hat as well. As for the pants, I can't remember how they looked, and prefer not to look down there anyway.

      It seems he's annoyed that some order of his isn't getting through, and he's a little TOO angry, because there are other people waiting for their To-Go orders as well....man...old people....

      I don't mean to disrespect them or anything, but wow, after him getting pissed off, it was kind of annoying because it was distracting me from getting this fucking signature signed on the receipt! After indulging in the moment with this man's rage, I turn my back, and then I heard a cock of a weapon..

      Are you fucking kidding me old man...you're THAT impatient over an order that hasn't gone through for you as yet?

      He's not aiming the gun at me, but I silent turn my head and see that he's holding an old-school revolver. He starts getting more confident, obviously since he has a gun. I'm not sure if I had a gun in my dream, and I would assume I wouldn't anyway since I'm going somewhere remote and humane like this restaurant.

      The guy starts threatening the staff members, and I'm just like......annoyed by this point, even though I should be scared because this guy was being a bit sporadic and could've sublimate some of that rage towards me.

      God damn it, why can't I just sign my fucking [email protected]$%@#%$

      That's all I remember unfortunately...I know I had another dream after or before the lucid I had at least, but it really doesn't matter...I hope..

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    5. The City (Lucid Dream #26)

      by , 10-21-2011 at 10:38 AM (Typho's DJ)

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    6. So Close!

      by , 05-20-2011 at 11:23 AM (Typho's DJ)

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