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    1. Now this isn't Podracing

      by , 09-17-2018 at 07:08 PM
      I'm walking through a mall of sorts with my little brother. He stumbles upon something that he really wants to do. In the middle of the mall is a racing simulator where every seat available is in the form of a star wars character's vehicle. He asks if it costs any money and when the operator says no, I also head over to participate. I forgot which one he gets on but it was the one I wanted, so I look for another. Every star wars character is a Jedi, or a Sith, or any other saber- wielding person. I choose Darth Maul's seat with his vehicle being the speedy land cruiser used in episode I. The operator comes over and shows me what's what controls-wise, and then straps the VR goggles over my head. I'm immediately engaged in the new scene which is just a generic, pixelated race track that is similar to older racing arcade games. The controls feel the same as well. I can get up to full speed and stay that way the whole time, even going through turns. The turning feels weird, however, partly because I don't have a steering wheel but a joystick for my right hand. I think about how much better it would be if it was in my left hand since I'm left hand dominant. I get a good lead against my brother early on, but now he's catching back up. We are now in an open field following a faint trail, and I look down to see the racing vehicles we had are now bicycles. As he continues to gain on me, I attempt to cut him off which leads to him crashing. I stop to help him back up and we both start walking. The open field begins to turn into a rain forest as we continue walking . My brother points to something behind us. and through the leaves, I am able to just make out the outline of a hippo. Knowing how dangerous they can be, I tell my brother to start running away. We don't make it far before running into another hippo, this one being the mother of the first one we saw. It doesn't attack us, though, and just walks away.
    2. Golf, Balloons, Packages, and Phones

      by , 08-22-2017 at 11:41 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-22

      Golf, Balloons, Packages, and Phones

      I was playing golf. Not miniature golf, but real golf. I was out on a golf course and I have a bag with one golf club slung over my shoulder. I found that discarded. I also find a few golf balls lying around, and I decide to take a shot at golf. I set up a golf ball, and smack it with my single club. I am surprised at how accurate my shot is considering I've never played golf before. I do this for a while, walking between different areas, then I'm thinking I should pay admission. I go to the entrance of the park to see how much it costs. When I look at the price, I decided I'm not going to pay after all. It's way too expensive. I go out into the course again, and play a few more holes. Now I am a little nervous about getting caught, so I am careful to play the holes that are farther away from the entrance. Soon some people come out there, and I think I better quit before I get caught. I quit by waking up.

      I see a party at a park. I go over to see what's going on, and I find Alicia is there. There are a lot of colorful balloons. The balloons all look like Pusheen. The party breaks up, and the people at the party take all of the balloons when they leave. I am a little disappointed, I wanted one. Then I see there's a deflated one on the ground. I'll pick it up and blow it back up. I realize it has holes in it. I find some tape and start taping the holes. An employee sees me doing that and says if I wanted that badly he will fix it. He takes the balloon into the back room. I have the feeling that he's not going to bring it back. Alicia says she wants a pink balloon. I was wrong. The employee brings the Pusheen balloon back, and it is completely inflated now. But I have barely put my hands on it when it immediately pops and I wake up.

      I am in my own house. My mother is there with me. We are sitting there when I hear a truck outside. So we go to the window and look. There is a UPS truck outside. My mom opens the gate and lets him in. The UPS delivery person gets out with a large package. I go out and bring the package in. My mother is asking if it is surely for me. She asks what I have ordered that would be that big. I told her I don't know what I have ordered that would be that big, but of course it's for me. And look at the address label, and I see it has the name Little on it. Why would James’ packages to be delivered to my house? In spite of the name not being mine, I open the package. I find a lot of stuff in there. I find some unopened boxes of brand new Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon cards. I am thinking I'm going to keep those. I also find some comics. I really don't have any interest in those. Then I find some really cool stuff. I find video games for the PC, some really good joystick controller's, and a VR set up. I am thinking I have just scored. I am looking at the virtual reality helmet when I wake up. I am disappointed.

      I am with my mother at an electronics store. We are looking at new phones. I am looking at a new iPhone and thinking I might get it. I see my mom is looking at a smartphone. I go over and see it’s a really nice one. The salesperson is explaining its features to my mom. He says it’s as powerful as any desktop computer, and the amazing thing is it can run either iOS apps or Android apps. I am surprised when my mom says she wants one without knowing the price. The man then asks how about me. I try the phone out and want it. But I say I need to know the cost first. He says the phone is free. I do a double take… free? I don’t believe that. He says it really is. He hands me the phone I tried out and says to keep it and get it set up on the service of my choice. I am still thinking there’s no way this phone could possibly be free when I wake up.
    3. Dreamed of Full Dive Virtual Reality (Like SAO)

      by , 03-02-2017 at 12:31 PM
      I wasn't lucid for this dream at all, and I can't believe I never thought of doing it lucid!

      I dreamed that me and a group of friends, which were all DC's didn't actually know them, where playing a Full Dive Reality game that was like a futuristic shooter, more like the Crysis series than Halo though. We ran a raid through some sort of high tech terrorist compound, but we were doing it all Splinter Cell like. Until about 10 minutes in we got spotted by a damn camera >.< unfortunately for the terrorists, they didn't have the badass suits that we had, that pretty much made us ninjas, and assisted with accuracy.

      Let me tell you, you haven't lived until you ran across a wall for a few seconds and managed to get a few headshots in.

      After we finished the raid we walked through the exit door and it become like a lobby type area, where cold drinks were waiting for us, nice couch and tv, and we sat and talked about the raid until I woke up.
    4. Virtual Hedonism (NSFW)

      by , 10-09-2016 at 09:54 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      My dream transitioned to a virtual reality version of Second Life. There were many people around. My virtual house was in the middle of a grassy plain. It was mostly made out of wood, and had a look that won't be out of place in a magazine for architecture. I was a buxom woman with a male's part. I just finished having my time with a black-haired, slim man, and is trying to convince a jovial, muscular, white-haired, soldier-looking man to let me top him. We were all naked. I did not recall actually sleeping with the black-haired man.

      Later, I was myself again, but I was still trying to sleep with the soldier. There were people going around my hosue and I was trying to convince them to leave. One of them kicked all of us out of the house despite not being the owner, teleporting us all out.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. Zombie Mod

      by , 08-01-2016 at 07:18 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I was playing on a zombie mod in virtual reality. There were 4 other players. We were going through a wasteland and it was really dark. We were moving through an alleyway and a group of about 5 zombies (who used to be cops) attacked us. We were able to fend them off and grabbed ammo from them. We kept moving through the map and reached a laboratory. Inside the lab we had to go through a maze. We got separated and I was scared to turn each corner as I didn't know what to expect. I heard something above me and when I looked up there was a Licker from resident evil. I tried to pull out my shotgun but it was too late. It jumped on me and ate me.

      The next round was on a ship. There was a Zombie Megalodon and Zombie Pirate Ship trying to board us. There were probably about 20 humans left. We were fighting the Zombies trying to board. They had swords but we had guns. The Pirates of the Caribbean main theme was playing. eventually we were able to fend off the zombie pirates but we had no idea how to fight the Megalodon. It kept bumping out ship and people were falling overboard. I tried to take cover inside the cabin but the ship started sinking. I held on to a floating board but was suddenly devoured by the megalodon.

    6. Diner South 85 DILD

      by , 03-12-2016 at 11:07 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I appear in a car with someone I don't remember ever meeting before. He looks like he's 10 years old and somehow he is in the driver seat. We're driving and I decided it's best to look out the window to see where we are. Judging from what I can see, we're in the middle of no where through a desert on a one way road. Suddenly this other car showed up shooting behind us. So we decided to shoot at the car. We had more gun power and the car began to drive away as we continue to chase it.

      However as we're going faster than the speed limit and shooting at this random car. A cop car like in most typical movie is park on the side of the dusty road. He sees this and begins to drive toward us. I tell the kid in the driver seat to keep driving away. I continue checking the back of the window to see if we were losing the cop. Fortunately we did and I proceeded to tell the boy to forget life rules and just do what you're after. He nods his head with a smirk while parking to a near by Diner.

      We enter inside and my semi lucidity has now turn in to lucidity. I decided its best to act like I'm not dreaming but instead myself in to thinking I'm in waking life using some virtual reality technology. I look using my eyes to see if there was a person that could take our order? A woman in a green sweater and dark brown pants pass through the door. As I approach her the kid in the car taps my shoulder a few times. I turn around saying I'm with someone at the moment while asking what did he want?

      He leads me to a section in the diner where there were a lot of chairs. I sat down on one of them as he decides to sit on the floor. There was another kid sitting beside me and I figure I might as well act like I know the guy since we're in virtual reality. I say hey, he looks at me and says it's been some time and ask what have I been doing? I laugh and said just some bad driving. I look in the direction of the 10 year old boy. Just when I did this I had this moment that I knew his name.

      I ask Willie will he be working on that soon? He gives me this face gesture that says really? He couldn't believe I thought his driving skills were bad. He replies with yea we're going to have to talk about this after we're through here. This reminds me that I've been lucid for a decent amount of time. The difference in how I view the experience was working. It was after this that the two kids and I got up and went in to the back section of the diner. We enter this dark stairway, the dream scene look entirely different from the old 40's diner. The two kids have change to different dream characters and my lucidity went back to semi lucid. Later on I have an FA and then woke up. Lucidity Time: 4 minutes
    7. #76 - Virtual world MMORPG/A big shark made me lucid

      by , 03-09-2015 at 07:31 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream 1 - Virtual world MMORPG
      I'm in a virtual reality MMORPG (think SAO or .Hack//) and another player takes me under his wing, guiding me and teaching me about the game (at first it doesn't feel like a game, and becomes more game-like as the dream progresses). We travel down a dirt road, the scenery is somewhat chaotic, like we're in hell or something... The sky seems red, the clouds are more like smoke, it seems like it was hot too. We come across our destination, a demon gate, my mentor leaps down and I follow without hesitating (it resembled a hole in the ground with a bright flaming portal a couple metres down). We get teleported to a new room, as we fall there is another portal beneath us and we air-jump to the side to avoid falling into it, it appears that this portal takes you to the next level of the game which I'm not strong enough for. Landing on the ground in this new room next to the portal, I notice the floor is made of sand, the room itself is square and a bit small, the walls don't really exist and there is darkness beyond (like the edge of a map in a video game). There is danger in this room though, tall sand people form from and spew sand at me, then collapse back down. If they spawn beneath you and you don't move, you die, and if they hit you then you die, so the whole time being in this room I'm just jumping and dodging. While doing this, the mentor tells me that he made a miscalculation and lost a great deal of his money by accident and that to make up for it we should try reach the next level, but it's about 9:35pm and my gf and daughter just got home so I want to spend time with them. At this point I'm circuiting the room in a sprint and the sand spews are piling up a dune of sand making it easier to get out or something, the mentor compliments me on this strategy.

      Dream 2 - A big shark made me lucid
      I'm standing at the edge of a deck, I seem to own a beach house that's right next to the water. I notice some beautiful starfish, sea urchins, seaweed, etc, and think to tell my daughter about them... Like posing a question to make her think about life or something lame like that . Suddenly I realize I have to be careful, then look to my right and spot a HUGE shark fin slicing the surface of the water. It must have been 1 metre high and a grey-white colour... I jump backwards and it comes close enough to touch the edge of the deck which should be impossible (since the water by the deck is only foot deep and is rocky as hell). Knowing that it was impossible I think to check if it's a dream, I get my hands in front of me and just look at them for a bit... My eyes start focusing and I see the imagery of my hands jitter a bit, I feel something in my mind changing as I become lucid, like a veil being lifted. I stand up and look for the shark, thinking to myself "whoa this is cool, I'll shoot a kamehameha at the shark!". I hold my hands in position (a bit different to the way it's actually done)... "Kaaaa... Meeee... Haaaa... Meeee... HA!" a subtle 'whoosh' 'brrrgh' 'splash' happens as an invisble orb shoots from my hand, flys through the air and smacks the water. Underwhelming, but it's progress. Moving on I decide to run around the corner of my house (internally I was thinking about doing a TOTM but couldn't be bothered in the end), there's water here and some waves (a bit inconsistent, like the waves were coming from the wrong direction) there was another shark that looked a bit handicapped. The water was still way too shallow for any of this, but there was also some people playing in the water. I feel like I'm not moving fast enough, the idea to fly crosses my mind, the last time I tried I had failed miserably, but this time was different . Leaping into the air I suddenly feel lighter, then WHOOSH! I shoot off into the sky and fly through the clouds. The feeling is euphoric and I quickly calm myself so as not to end the dream. I notice that the clouds are dark with a red hue, crackling red lightning from some spots. Not wanting to deal with this shiz, I wave my hands, signaling the dismissal of the clouds. They part and dissipate, and as I continue flying I see a floating cloud castle. It had brilliant hues to it, it seemed majestic and beautiful, a large cloud man floated out of a nearby window, he beckoned me towards him, it was none other than Zeus! I feel the weight of my body change, becoming heavier... Suddenly it's a bit harder to control my flying, and the next thing I know, I'm awake and I was having such a good dream >_<

      Note: Only used SSILD, no longer sick and had an awesome sleep the night before.

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    8. Miranda Gloves

      by , 11-04-2014 at 08:29 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #253: Miranda Gloves

      Wife and I are sitting next to each other on the patio of a restaurant, chilling out and enjoying the nice weather. I think that we’re near Disney World. Another couple enters the patio area and Wife asks them how they liked Disney World, but they look irritable and don’t respond. Wife gets annoyed at first, but then says something like, “Never mind, they’re having a problem right now.”

      Wife gets up and walks through a nearby door, signalling that I should follow her. Now we’re in a carpeted area that looks sort of like our master bathroom. She locks eyes with me while explaining what this woman is going through. I feel this big swell of lovey-dovey and amorous feelings and think to “look for the dream”,
      becoming lucid as I do this. Wife continues talking, explaining that the woman is frustrated by her life and is eager to disappear into virtual reality. I get a vision of the woman wearing a pair of haptic gloves that Wife calls “Miranda Gloves”. There’s something terribly sad about her life, but she feels real hope at the idea of her escape into VR.

      As the story concludes, I’m incredibly drawn to be physical with Wife. I say some silly line that I can’t remember (but I remember even then thinking it was really cheesy, ) and Wife looks unimpressed. I shut up for a bit, though, and now she’s interested too and we start making out. Things proceed quickly and we go to the floor for sexytime.

      I'm leaving out most of the details because this got quite graphic, but one part in particular was very striking.

      Spoiler for Explicit:

      As we continue this, a woman dressed like a food vendor at a baseball game wanders by. The box of items she’s wearing contains haptic gloves instead of food! She notices what Wife and I are doing and looks interested, beginning to take off her box of gloves so she can join us. Wife waves her away, though, and she wanders off.

      A window to the left catches my eye and Wife and I somehow flow from what we’re doing to standing beside it, dressed again. We’re looking over a city skyline set against a reddish sky. Wife is surrounded by a faint red halo, too, and she looks stunning. I place my arms around her waist and lean in to be as close to her as I can.

      The building nearest to us towers above the rest. As I look at it, the other buildings fade into the red sky. This building has a large sign on top of it that reads: “Miranda Gloves”. After a moment of looking at this
      , I wake up.
    9. Rollerblading and Putting Away My Manager's Electronics

      by , 09-25-2014 at 11:17 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at work at what appeared to be the check out, and this older guy was telling me something about something that he wanted. It may have been a cake, but I'm not entirely positive.

      Then, I was in what appeared to be some virtual reality thing, but it was actually real. This street in a town appeared in front of me and many others, and we were rollerblading down the street! There were people that were coming towards us who were also rollerblading. There were all kinds of different people blading: Kids, adults, black people, white people. At first I didn't go as fast, but then, I really remembered how to roller blade and went really fast, blading like a pro. I was avoiding hitting anyone coming towards me.

      I then felt as if I was going too fast, so fast in fact that I felt that my blades were almost not touching the ground. I was going way too fast, so to slow down, I sat down on the ground. My butt lightly scraped the ground, but it didn't hurt at all.

      I then was in some weird area, again, it was like virtual reality. It was like I was in some training area for a new person who was blading. It was dark with a blue floor that was slightly raised in a square shape in the middle that had two circles on it, one for me to stand on and one for the new guy to stand on. I didn't think I'd have to go through it with him, but I did. It was telling me to stand on a certain circle on the floor. This part felt like it was in third person. I went and stood on the circle.

      Then the area turned into Shannon's, my manager's, house. I was in her living room, which looked small and a little cluttered with all the tables, but nice. The light was kind of dim. She also had many candles lit. She gave me a cart that had a bunch of appliances on it, speakers and other electronics, to set up in her living room. This was something that other people had done before as well. I went through, going as fast as I could putting things away in what I hoped was the right spot. When I finished, Shannon went and checked my work. Things were in the right spots, but the cords were hanging out everywhere, not how she liked it to be. She was tucking a speaker cord in that was hanging off a table, and told me I was disorganized. She kept messing with all the cords. There was one point where she had a power strip and was messing with the cords on there. She was messing with a power wrench that looked like an electrical plug, doing something to whatever was on the power strip.
    10. Virtual Reality

      , 09-14-2014 at 02:02 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I'm working on the prototype for a video game I intend to create with a good friend of mine.
      The game will require fast AI pathfinding over dynamic terrain for a large amount ( >1000 ) of enemies.
      My current navmesh/A* approach is working fine, but I'm a little worried that it's not going to scale well if we want to add even more enemies.
      I remember that one of my friends did her masters thesis on swarm AI,
      so I decide to call her on Skype to get her opinion on my situation.
      Unfortunately I'm having trouble navigating my contact list.
      The names don't seem to be sorted alphabetically...

      I hear the door bell go off, so I go downstairs to check who's at the door.
      A man in his early 20's offers me a package addressed to "Hyu".
      Huh? Did I order anything using my nickname? Why would I do that?
      I accept the package and the man just leaves without asking me to sign anything.
      What the hell?

      I go back upstairs and open the package.
      OH MY GOD. It's the Oculus DK2 I ordered!

      I am so excited!
      I unpack everything as quickly as I can, tossing the empty package into a corner of my room.

      Once I've plugged everything in I notice that my computer is now running Elite: Dangerous.
      That's not right, I was working with Unity3D before...
      I try to increase my awareness, going through the last few minutes in my mind.

      Yup, I'm definitely dreaming.

      I'm so disappointed. I got all excited for nothing.
      Then again... I wonder what happens if I...
      I sit down and hold the device in front of my eyes, trying to see if the displays in it are showing anything.
      The device just straight up vanishes from my hands as soon as the screens cover my entire field of view.
      I'm left completely immersed in the game, sitting inside the cockpit of a Sidewinder, which is the ship you start out in in the game.
      Huh, that's kind of a neat trick.

      Also I'm in a spaceship. Did I mention I'm in a spaceship?
      I'm super excited and get going immediately.

      Fortunately the controls are identical to the joystick setup I use in waking life, so I have no trouble maneuvering the ship.
      I use the lateral thrusters to lift off and to get to the center of the station.
      The moment I let go I immediately feel the weightlessness, which makes me feel a little sick initially,
      but the feeling quickly subsides.

      As I maneuver out of the station, I notice for the first time how tight the entrance actually is.
      You don't really get a sense for it on a computer screen.

      Unfortunately I don't really remember much else.
      I faintly remember feeling the heat of a sun radiating into my cockpit as I dropped out of frameshift, but that's about it.

      The experience got me thinking about how virtual reality is going to affect dreams though.
      I wonder if it'll make it easier to incubate dreams about video games.
      I imagine it could also make such dreams more immersive.
      Usually when I have video game dreams, it feels like I'm merely an observer.
      I'm not really in the dream, it's more like I'm viewing it on a monitor that happens to cover my entire field of view.
      Perhaps this is going to change with regular usage of VR.
    11. 11 June: alien VR simulation

      by , 06-11-2014 at 10:32 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At some community by the sea, maybe on vacation. I don't fit in, people of my age don't get along with me, find me weirdo.
      One day while everybody is outside for some kind of town celebration, I am in a cellar, looking for something or also a bit hiding out. That's when I have a close encounter with a kind of dragon eel. I disturb its hiding place and it attacks me. I escape barely and the weird beast disappears. But nobody believes me when I tell the story.
      The next day the whole town is under a dome and people talk about aliens. Eventually some turn to me asking me about my encounter with the alien eel, but there's not much I can say about it. Some days after, we wake up to find we're no longer in a glass dome under the sun, but in a rusty metallic enclosure, as if the entire town had been teleported to inside a giant warehouse or ship. By then people were freaking out and kept coming to me to ask questions I could not answer.
      Some other day, we got back to see the sun and apparently were freed, but it happened that I had caught a glimpse of something, no one else had seen. I saw the moment of transition and I knew we had not been beam up back home, we had been plugged into a VR simulation. I guessed either they gassed us to put us unconscious and plugged us in individually to the simulation (like in the matrix) or they had means to telepathically plunge us into a VR world. Either way, I seemed to be the only one aware of it. No one else had picked up the transition moment or, once again, believed in me.
      I notice that a new face appears among us. It's a lady I haven't seen before and I am sure she is one of the “others”, whoever “they” are. She comes to me. She confesses she is one of the aliens. She also explains she is merely using a human avatar to blend in and confirms we are in a VR simulation. She wants to help. She explains her people kidnapped us and keep us in this high-tech zoo, just as we would keep earth animals in a zoo, for entertainment and research. But she belongs to a small group of activists who understand we are intelligent and sensible beings and who defend our rights. She wants to help me by bringing me along to their assembly, to present our case and to prove that we should be set free.
      I wonder how we can do that, but she explains they don't really meet physically, they do it telepathically, in a sort of shared dream environment and she can grant me access to it. Because I don't even know how they look like and everything would just look incomprehensible to me, she makes a kind of filter so that I see things through my expectations of a human like world. So when we enter this meeting place, to me it looks like an auditorium where hundreds of people gather. There's a group presiding the session and different groups seem to present petitions or motions to them. Then they seat down, but when I turn to my friend to ask what I should do, people are already getting up of their chairs. I'm confused. She tells me that since everything is shared telepathically, stuff happen instantly, as soon as a motion is presented, everybody knows what's in it and vote and decisions are made. I just could not pick it up since I don't have such developed capacities. But she says now is the time to come out and reveal myself and present my case. Which I do in a loud, chaotic way. At first they just look at me, emotionless, and many turn away, ignoring me. Others stay in place, but still showing no emotion. Don't know what else to say to convince them. In panic, I start to sing. More heads turn, their faces start to change, at last I get reactions. They are a species who does not know much emotion, they are rational, effective, but since ages they have lost their creativity and passion. They no longer have music or other arts. As I continue singing, I start conquering new adepts, intrigued by this thing that is affecting them. I start to feel that maybe we'll have a chance after all...

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    12. Drug Cartel Virtual Reality

      by , 04-30-2014 at 09:15 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am vacationing somewhere in the Caribbean when some man steals my wallet. Another man tells me that he knows that man is working for a drug cartel and knows where I can go to find him. What followed was a long chase across several islands utilizing planes and boats. We eventually cornered the man at this unassuming resort where the man who had been helping me explained that they were actually part of the same drug cartel.
      The thief gives me my wallet back and states that this was actually just a plot to get me here. The resort manager opens a secret trapdoor behind the desk and leads me into this basement area. Once down there, he explains that this is not a drug cartel at all, but rather an international secret project to develop the first virtual reality simulation.

      There is this girl with a robotic arm who has supposedly built the first prototype of the machine. The machine is huge, and I did not get a good look at all of it. But what I do recall was the room where you entered the virtual reality. It was a concrete room (because we were in a basement, duh) with wires and tubes running everywhere. There were four metal chairs, and there was a large chrome disc mounted on the front wall of the room. Several wires are clipped onto the outside.
      And of course, I have to be their test subject, that being the reason they lured me all the way out here. So I sit down, and they place this small nose-breather thing onto me with this blue fluid running through it. Supposedly, it is supposed to help stabilize the VR link. robot arm girl fires it up and a beam fires out of the silver disc.
      The room begins to distort and change. When its done, all i can see is the four metal chairs sitting in a black void. Two people phase into the other chairs and explain that they are agents sent in after me; the machine malfunctioned and locked me in. It also altered my perception of time, and now with every second we experience, an hour goes by. They let me out. I wake up.

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    13. 15th June 2013 Video games, Dark City, AI War, Virtual Reality, Hacker, Abandoned Place

      by , 06-16-2013 at 12:15 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      There was something about video games and there was one AI War like game, then there was some story about control and some kind of monk person that was lacking power, then later i was in some metallic place and there was something about medics.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was in some dark city, there were metallic walkways around buildings and i was with a group of people, we had some kind of power and we were fighting some mutants while searching for something.

      Dream 3:

      I was playing AI War with SilentEternity, the map was mazey and squarey, starting position was on the bottom of it, one AI homeworld was roughly in the middle, accessible only from the left, and another in the upper right. The map interface looked weird since it had those weird blue grid quite differently from normal. We had a good army and soon most of the map was controlled by us, also we were using five frigate champion ships.
      Some planets were quite different, in a way that zooming in started completely different game that was FPS in some 'virtual reality' style setting with grid textures and such and it was occasionally turning into an 2D platformer too. We were doing some of those missions and there were also 3D jumping puzzles. AI Core worlds near homeworld had some missions too, the objective was to blow up some sort of generator.
      Soon we have unlocked most of the stuff and there were only a few AI Planet clusters left, champions were still frigate level and there was only one nebula on the map, though SilentEternity told me that thjey are unlocked in order of completion, we decided that we will be fine with just frigates though. We triggered last mission and it was some arena with the mechanism in the middle that we had to defend. We were successful and soon the path opened.
      Then i started having problems with PC, there was some code not working properly, then some hacker looking guy came and started trying to help, but was really bad at it. I told him to go away and fixed everything myself. He flied away.
      I continued the game with SilentEternity and after path there was some high building we climbed, on the top, some weird dude waited for us, he said that he's the author of the game and then credits rolled. At the end hacker dude flying threw some metallic disk and destroyed some enemies that were trying to attack us, also disk somehow cut dad's beard in the process and also killed a few birds on the way back, hacker dude was surprised with that throw and i laughed.

      Dream 4:

      I was in some weird, abandoned building and some female AI-like voice was talking to me about that i was in game and i had find something to get out. There were some ghosty entities occasionally moving around. I was following some instructions and soon reached some ventilation shaft, it was too tiny to get through but i managed it. View switched to third person on the top and some dude in black suit appeared, ran towards me and said that he's friendly, then dream ended.
    14. So Close!

      by , 05-20-2011 at 11:23 AM (Typho's DJ)

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    15. 04/04/11 Virtual World: DDO

      by , 04-05-2011 at 12:07 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      My Virtual World
      I am in a place that looks like a video game. There is just something about the place that makes it look like a computer rendering instead of a real physical place, though I'm not entirely sure what that something is. I am designing the place as if I was in a 3D virtual reality design system. I place pieces of geometry to form them into buildings and such, then I choose textures from a menu that pops up in mid air to apply to the buildings… it is really cool. There are a couple people there with me, but they don't seem to be real people. They are actual NPCs I have already designed for the game, and it seems I programmed them well enough that they can now help me with designing the world.

      That is awesome. I have to give them explicit instructions, but they are still very helpful. I leave the virtual world for a bit and find out I am at school, at ITT Tech. I wonder when they got such cool equipment in, and why did they have to get it when I am just ready to graduate? My instructor tells me what effect I need to be creating in the virtual world, so I go back in and begin setting that up. It is a lighting effect where the rays of the sun are visible shining through one of the windows of the building. I create the effect without much difficulty. There is another effect I have to do in the same setting. I enter a completely blank void. I pull out what seems like a blanket and throw it out in front of me. It expands to become a copy of the world I just made previously. Now that is a useful feature! I pull my NPCs into the setting again and then I begin adding the details I need to achieve the next effect. My NPCs are getting annoying now, however, they just want to stand around and do nothing while I do all the work.

      DDO - In Poisoned Waters
      I am in a place that looks a lot like the city of Stormreach from the DDO game, I am in the harbor area. I am not alone there, I see there are two men and a woman there with me. I am instantly aware of who they are, though I do not become aware it is a dream. It is Nomad, MoSh, and Tigress, but I am thinking they are just in a virtual reality version of DDO with me. And the game is completely awesome! I look around at all of the NPCs and the other players, there are actually some of the NPCs with golden chalices floating over their heads indicating they have quests… Tigress heads over to one of them and talks to her. I follow Tigress, Nomad and MoSh come with me. The NPC is telling Tigress how some of the wells in Stormreach had been yielding poisoned water. She says the kobolds are responsible, though no one knows why. The poison is coming from the waterworks.

      The four of us go into the waterworks. At first we get attacked by a few kobolds, but there isn't much kobold resistance. Farther down we start seeing a lot of dead kobolds lying about in varying stages of decomposition… yuck. The water smells bad, it is poisoned. Why would kobolds poison their own water supply? We go deeper, and soon we aren't in the waterworks any more, now we are in what looks like mine shafts. Kobolds are digging at the mine, but they pay no attention to us. Most of them look very weary, exhausted even. I see a kobold fall over from exhaustion. A goblin comes and starts poking the kobold with a spear, snarling at it to get up and back to work. It is clear the kobold can't go on any longer. It weakly tries to get up and then collapses again. The kobolds around the fallen one make no move to help, they hardly seem to notice. The goblin kicks the fallen kobold.

      Nomad tells the goblin to pick on someone his own size. The goblin notices us for the first time and calls out that there are intruders. Nomad picks the goblin up by the neck in a hand that has grown huge, and snarls at the goblin that he is pathetic for being able to pick on those who can't fight back but he calls for help the instant someone who can fight comes along. He crushes the goblin's neck. More goblins are coming now, so a fight breaks out. I am a paladin, Nomad is a dark knight cutting down goblins with a black sword and drawing their energy into himself, Tigress is a rogue hitting the goblins when they are distracted attacking Nomad, MoSh, and me, MoSh is a monk knocking goblins to the ground with martial arts moves. We fight all the goblins off, but we know the boss is down farther into the dungeon.

      The four of us continue down farther, past a lot of kobolds who are working as hard as they can. A couple kobolds pause in their work to look over at us. We get down to the bottom chamber where the kobolds are digging down even farther. There is a really nasty looking goblin there, examining a chunk of metal. He smacks the kobold who presented it to him, saying he would not stand for them bringing him crap like that. He says any fool can see it's the wrong mineral. The kobold is on the ground, begging for mercy. The nasty goblin says mercy is for the weak and kicks the kobold. He then tells the kobold to get back to work and don't bring him any more crap or next time the penalty would be death. The kobold can barely stand, and is moving slowly away. The goblin tells the kobold to move faster or he might change his mind and kill the kobold now. The goblin looks over and finally sees us, and asks who the fuck the three of us are. Three? I notice that the rogue Tigress is not with us. I then spot her in sneak mode over behind the goblin boss. I comment that they are polluting the water, and that has to stop. The goblin laughs and says he doesn't care. That's what he told the kobolds when they bitched about it, and that's what he's telling us. I say I guess that means it's time for him to die, then. He laughs harder. He says his goblins are more than a match for three pathetic humans.

      Tigress attacks the goblin boss, which takes him completely by surprise, he spits an obscenity… AAHHH!!! SHIT!!! What the FUCK? We get into a big fight. I am fighting off goblin warriors and throwing out healing spells to allies. I can't see their health bars… so I don't know if they are needing the healing… but I don't want to take any chances. It feels like my supply of mana is limitless, and I credit that to a potion that gives that temporary effect. The goblin army that the boss boasted about proves to not be so tough. Archers are shooting at us from above. Tigress is sneaking around the rim up there and knocking the goblin archers off one by one. On the other side of the room I see a couple goblin archers get attacked by kobolds. It seems some of the more capable kobolds decided to join in the fight. The goblins never had a chance. We wipe out their numbers completely, I see Tigress finish off the boss near the end of the fight. I see Nomad over near the underground stream, he is doing something to clean the pollution from the water. The kobolds keep saying they don't want any trouble, won't attack any people, they just want their home in the waterworks back… I don't see any reason to attack kobolds right now, so instead I heal some of the ones that are more seriously injured. I tell a couple of the kobolds in charge that as long as they're not hostile towards the inhabitants of Stormreach, I certainly have no problem with them. The kobolds say we helped free them, they won't forget that. I'm not really sure that will prove to be true, but Stormreach is used to dealing with kobold problems… and they'll probably be busy for a while cleaning up the mess the goblins made.
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