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    1. 2 Mar: Newly rich, blasting a plane and water-haunted palace

      by , 03-02-2019 at 09:35 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      [B]non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      A girl from the hood has some savings and goes to the bank to check how much and get some of it to help a friend in need. Finds out a small investment she did in has made her millionaire. Very calmly, she gets the money for her friend and some for herself and calls her 3 best friends who quit their shitty jobs and go work for her. They decide what they wanna do, from creating a network to buying a porsche. But first they go shopping. Once they get a "pretty woman" makeover, they go to some fancy places and cause a lot of gossiping from all the rich white people, who have no clue who these girls are. And they are enjoying a lot all of the doubts and speculation they are causing.

      Sunbathing in a balcony in California. Some small plane is flying above and the pilot sees me and gets close enough that I see him to. He makes maneuvers to impress me. I play with him a bit, making poses and he starts playing, pretending he is going to dive in my direction. I pretend I am scared, but unfortunately I react with a chi blast that knocks down the plane half way.
      The army then comes to find out what happened and they still don't know it was me but I hear them saying they need to get their hands on that weapon.

      Went to visit my aunt Ludovina and some imaginary cousin opened the door for me. He welcomed me in the ground floor before the staircase to the 1st floor, he complained about renovations taking place and led me upstairs. I saw some walls with big cracks. He says were due to landslides since some water phenomenon affected the house. I don't understand what he means, think has something to do with the renovations. He takes me inside the house but through a different area I had never seen. And then instead of my aunt's old house, he takes me through a rich palace from the 18th century, in which roam quite a few characters in the approppriate robes and gowns from that time. Supposedly my aunt was related to these nobles who survived the ages and lived their lives in a separate area of her house that I never knew about. I cross the ballroom, a ball is taking place and I head to a large window with a terrace over the river. Some men are signing papers on a table on the terrace. There is also a chapel and my fake cousin takes me there to explain this water thing. It is some kind of haunting. A bunch of priests are doing prayers, candles are burning, and water is pouring over the candles constantly, yet they keep burning. Water from the river sometimes invades and the house, but it's not a natural flooding phenomenon. He tries to explain, but I don'r really get it. I go to the riverbed, trying to find clues and on the sand I find many jewels buried. Some kids see me digging the jewel and come to see with curiosity. Then a kind of tubular wave forms in the river and enters the house dragging a whale and then everybody who was in the house gets somehow carried on the back of the whale. Not me, I just watch it unfold.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. First dream in awhile:Angels?

      by , 05-14-2017 at 06:47 PM
      Something terrible had happened. For some reason we fled to the woods. My current boyfriend got sick, we were in the woods for a long time, I tried to care for him but he got too sick too fast. One day I went hunting so that we would hsve something to eat. I came back and he had died. It was terrible I cried and cried for days. One day I saw an angel he picked me up, he had black wings and told me not to look back. So instead I hurried my head in his chest. When I came back from wherever I had come, I too had wings. They were white, a friend of my bfs wife had passed so he came and visited often in my grief. One day he decided to touch them while I wasn't paying attention it didn't hurt but it did make me feel uncomfortable. Fast forward to the not so distant future and invaders came. Men with spears,you could smell their rotting insides, they smelt of death. Somehow one went to kill the man that came to visit me. I stepped in front of him the spear did not pierce my skin. This made me angry, my eyes became black and my wings became black as well. I spoke but its as if it was a voice from someone else. "I am neither good nor evil, black nor white, human nor god, man nor beast, but you have tried to harm my people and that has angered me." and Its as if invisible threads snapped their necks. And then I fainted, my wings remained black, the man tried to catch me, then I woke up.
    3. Apocalypse depeartment store

      by , 04-06-2017 at 10:44 AM
      I am in an abandoned depeartment store. I appear to be quite high up, juding from the view out the windows. Laying on top of a large bare wood shelving unit I hide from other people as they scour the store. Eventually they leave but I remain and several weeks later am still there. All is still and quiet, everyone has left the town. I have a store of milk cartons and some tins of stuff to eat, though they are like large paint tins. No one has found them. The milk has been radiated by some nuclear fallout type thing and so does not go off, its just watery.
      A small girl arrives (rl Victoria) I show her where the food is. She wants to go outside as there are large fluffy flakes of snow coming down outside. I search among the loads of strewns shoes and find her a pair, and get a brand new pair of lace up black doctor martins for me. We set off.
    4. How not to redecorate and lost!! nightmare

      by , 03-29-2017 at 07:10 PM
      My recall has been mehhh for a while, i've been sick, so my journal entries have got shorter and shorter...Now is the time to plum the depths of my memories to do these scraps justice, and let them loose on the world (well type em up).

      D1 - Very vivid dream,I notice in a very small room, that for some reason I know is very high up...Is it an attic maybe? Yes behind me was a hatch door. There is a window with a thin white curtain with bright light streaming in. Anyway I notice a roughly painted hinge on the wall in front of me that is green and blue. It needs touching up with blue paint. So I get a paint brush but no sooner do I than the world literally turns upside down. I hang on for dear life as the room is tipped upside down. I have a feeling of my stomach lurching like on a fairground ride. The room stops moving and I notice a can of black paint has emptied onto the floor, fortunately also a load of clothes seems to have been dumped there too, on top of the paint.
      Next the room starts to move again and the hatch behind me flies open, I hang on desparately again, feeling im going to fall any minute.

      D2 - With my parents somewhere in the countryside I need to go pee, so I leave them in search.
      I head down a path in the afternoon sun, it heads down between trees on a woodland path.
      They're are people about everywhere so I can't find anywhere to pee. I search and search, eventually I try and head back the way I came and come across some kind of cave. I have a great deal of trouble getting out, it is very dark and cold. There is a European woman with blonde hair there. I have to climb up a stair case which seems to be made of dental plastic braces things, ugh. They are moving all over the place making my progress very unsteady.
      Eventually I get out and am near a pavilion style hut and a boy steps out and shoves me in the right direction. I get to a type of marble underground station. I think it is called "talos" but am unsure.
      I have a old fashioned gold wrist watch with buttons on it that I use as a phone to try and contact my family. I get through to them but feel I am lost and can't get back to them as I don't know whether I am imagining thing or am where I think I am. Desperately I use my powers to transmit myself hologram style to where they are but my powers fade and I am lost.
    5. night three - bull dog?

      by , 01-17-2017 at 08:47 PM
      D1 - At my parents house, and it's breakfast time in the kitchen. There is loads of stuff on the table ready to prepare for breakfast. I am annoyed that no one is making breakfast and is only sitting there.
      I make some cereal but my sister spills it on the floor. I pick it up and go to the back door (which is actually the front door and is never used) and there is a large black dog/bull thing, rather menacing. I throw the cereal out the door (we used to feed food to the birds in our garden).

      D2 - On an island , I get to the end where there is a small hill next to the sea. On the hill is a person who asks to borrow 500 and then another 500. And I have long discussion with them.
      Tags: black, bull, dog, holiday
    6. I ken-do that

      by , 12-28-2016 at 12:36 PM
      One dream blended into another, I was at a work place when a guy with a bald head and glasses came in.
      He lifted up my clothes revealing a black and red silken kimono apparently a martial arts garb. He too was wearing similar garb.
      We had a friendly bout discussing our fighting styles and I threw him to the ground. He asked me smilingly to come with him to help.
      They had a problem with some people trying to takeover their operations. He was a farmer Oo.
      I headed out to a muddy farm yard, where I was assailed by many ruffians. they circled me and matrix style I got hold of a kendo stick
      from somewhere and started battering them. Swirling the stick I hit many at a time. Eventually the battle was over, it was quite fun.
      A large lorry had drawn up in the yard with a big old guy in it. He asked if I could come with him to sort out some more problems.
      I woke up.
    7. Vivid nightmare and Lucid sky castle of eagles

      by , 12-16-2016 at 07:15 PM
      Went to sleep and dreamt of being in a bunk bed like when I was a kid. It was incredibly vivid.
      It felt very oppressive in the pitch dark, closed in by darkness and silence in the room.
      (When I was a kid and lived in the countryside it was silent and pitch dark at night).
      I could then see myself 3rd person view from above, looking stark white in the dark of the room, huddled up.
      In my head I was thinking "come on bring it on, do you worst!" whatever you are. And tensed for something to strike me. Nothing happened.
      It was all so vivid and intense that when I woke, my mind was awake but i was still half a sleep.

      So when I went straight back to sleep I was lucid.

      I was inside a broken down school, there was a dark corridor with a pipe broken spraying water everywhere and broken masonery. Two boys in green school uniform were heading towards me, hands in pockets.
      I thought to myself last time I was lucid I couldn't control much, so I took direct action.
      Grabbing the first boy that came towards me by the face, I said take me to see the person I want to see, now!
      He didn't have much say in the matter,looking at me wide eyed, he complied. We moved on and through some double doors met a giant man about 8 to 9 feet tall, wearing a blue medical gown. We were now in a hospital. He was blind and I could see wounds where his eyes had been. He was very strong, I could feel power pouring from him and without speaking I went with him (there was no need to speak).
      We went along a corridor which which led into the front reception area of a large hospital.
      There a large number of patients were sat in wheelchairs, in front of a row of glass doors to the exit.
      The sun was shinning brightly into the entrance foyer.
      The person I wanted to see was there in the closest wheelchair, her hair was fine and blonde hanging straight, she wore a silky white robe.
      She got up from the wheelchair and took my hand. The giant took my other hand and we left the hospital and went out into the sun.
      The site before me I will never forget. The sky , a beautiful greek blue, and the sun dazzling.
      Above was the most amazing site, towering dizzily high above me was an immense floating castle.
      The highest towers were in the shape of gigantic eagles. All parts of the tower were so black that it was almost hypnotic to look at them. I don't know if they were black because of the shadow from the bright sun or something else.
      We flew together up, higher and higher with a feeling of great power, security and happiness washing over me. The giant was in the lead pulling me higher, then me, then she.
      We went higher and higher, this bit went on for a long time, hard to describe but it was wonderful

      Had two false awakenings where I tried to write dream up in journal, but was only dreaming it lol

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    8. black holes

      by , 11-16-2016 at 09:52 PM
      D1 - On holiday in spain, I am some kind of water ride and i'm repeatedly going on this scary ride. You drop into a pipe that is really dark but then you just drop into space and are falling. I got that lurch in my stomach every time it happened. (I don't like rides like that in rl it was more of a letting go and saying whatever will be will be).

      D2 - Living in a small apartment block over looking Ed's breakfast room, which was rather spacious in comparison.
      In another part of the building their are bubble like rooms, in black transparent plastic, a bit like a gerbil run ^^ it was all very futuristic.

      seems kind of generic idk

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      Tags: black, future, holiday
    9. Iudex

      by , 10-23-2016 at 03:23 PM
      A woman made a deal with one of my kind, a short man in a black suit who irritates me, and so he's placed his mark on her wrist, a symbol in the shape of a sword, representing "Iudex," the judge. This will allow him to possess her, though she was unaware of this. I'm furious. He's well within his rights, but I deeply dislike him and his people who bear that symbol; I'm going to destroy his mark. It's not difficult, any changes to the lines in her skin will do the job. I ask her to choose the method (a knife) and if she wants me to do it for her or if she'd rather do it herself (she asks me to do it), three horizontal cuts distort the symbol sufficiently, and then I set out a bandage for her.
    10. escape

      by , 10-18-2016 at 05:29 PM
      D1 - In office, virus on computer. Technician tries to track via Keypresses on computer being traced.

      D2 - In a room in an abandoned house, hiding. Make a break for it down the road. It is a normal suburban area and the roads go on everywhere in every direction. Where to run? There is a large white triangular wall in one direction, I head towards it.

      D3 - Stuck in a museum with a girl. We use a cloaking device to hide. I can see its semi transparent from the inside. I am lose contact with her but I have her number and try her at work.
      The phone has a camera so I can see her work solleague pick up the phone. There is a bright blue neon light.

      D4 - I am driving along a rough country road through a shanty town. The road is all baked mud and rutted.
      The car can only make it so far. So I get out and walk.
      I walk past a large temple and off the road to under a tree lined path overlooking a grassy area. Two people from the temple offer me shelter for the night. I accept but find it hard sleeping on black leather chairs and keep slipping off.
    11. Moving fragments

      by , 10-01-2016 at 11:47 AM
      D1 - [Repeat dream] I need to meet a deadline for a performance
      I have no instruments for my class or choice of song. We start to make our own instruments and manage to make a few percussiion things. Then a second group make something else etc. Next the song we make up at random.
      I go from the usual panic in the dream to feeling things are achievable.

      D2 - Outside school parents are being run over by traffic but due to holes in the road filled by flooding, they are knocked underwater tempoarily only, but it is upseting to watch and i am very concerned each time it happens. I see the face of a blond woman going under water then breath sigh of relief as I see she is unhurt.

      D3 - At last I am moving to a house where I will have a proper bed. I imagine my previous homes in the dream. One place where I had to stay on a L-shaped black leather couch in the front room of a modern style apartment. And another place where I had to sleep on a black leather gym bench and remember it being cold in the morning with the sun light of early morning shining in.
      I awake in the new house next to shonuh, she is kissing me but i am still half a sleep and dont realise what is happening until she has stopped. She says she knew she shouldnt but had always wanted too. I feel its a shame I wasnt awake LOL.

      Frag - Going out the exit before remembering to get shopping and having to go long way round to get back in.

      D4 - At school I am a kid and am rooting for our favourite teacher with other kids. There seems to be some kind of silent power struggle between to teachers.
      One teacher tries to humiliate our teacher by getting a kid to bring him a dish of what looks like pinky orange melon in a star anise shape. I looks horrible, wet and cold.
      He tries to eat it and it goes everywhere. The girl next to me brings him a load of tissues. He flinches when she dabs at his chin, then excepts thankfully.
      He gives us the thumbs up saying something about the red t-bones we are wearing as neck ties.

      D5 - Decorating the front room, which has a rectangular padded black bath in it. Behind the bath the wall needs painting. I cant complete painting it light blue as there is a patch where the condensation makes it impossible to apply the paint. The peeling paint around the long gap is in the shape of many pairs of hands. I suggest having a tank of sand to absorb the excessive moisture in the air. At the end of the bath I put the sand with some shells on it, there are strong objections to this idea.

      - Person with red paisley shirt with skin burnt/cut stuck to it.
      - Staying at house with no heating waiting for repairman.
      Tags: black, blue, music, red
    12. Tower

      by , 09-05-2016 at 09:09 PM
      Trouble sleeping night before back to work, woke 1.15am tried to recall dreams but unable to recall anything.
      Then not only could I not remember dreams but I couldn't remember who I was or anything. Was real weird.
      I had a thought that it was like reincarnation, my mind was a blank slate and I felt like I was floating, observing. Anyway was revelation time for me.
      Had a horrible sore throat and cough which brought me back to reality.

      D1 - In a rocky bay surrounded by cliffs, it was dark and the water was dark. In the middle of the bay high, high up above me was a gigantic knarled dead tree (as big as a skyscraper), its branches touching the sky. It was suspended above a frozen cascade of water, which touched the sea.
      [After dream I felt this represented the Archetype of the tower from the tarot]

      D2 - I am engaged with some others in anti-government operations and am inside the house of parliament.
      We are leaving but first must take a video tape with us. It is white with a stip around it.
      Needing to get away we take it hurriedly only to see that the 3 editors are looking gleeful, showing their teeth. When I enquire why, I find it is because unless they finish the procedure the tape will be wiped and useless within an hour. So we wait pensively for 4 mins and 19 seconds, then leave hurriedly.
      Outside it is night, and we can see all the lights of the city.
      I got a lift from hagrid (out of harry potter) on his motorbike up into the night sky. He was able to protect me from lightning.
      [lightning is link to tower again]

      D3 - Anne is asking at a dinner party whether to like a drama series as the ending is not the sort she would usually like.
      I say that if she likes it it is because a part of her likes it, either he adult or child self and she should give it attention.
      I ask her tentatively if she like the Highlander historical fantasy series.
    13. Witch, possessed

      by , 09-05-2016 at 04:01 PM
      A young woman's walking quickly through the woods just before dawn - the trees are sparse and thin, lots of fallen leaves from past seasons covering the ground; she's wearing simple dark clothing and a white cap, from maybe around the 1500s. She's very nervous. I follow her as she steals a black hen - she's thinking about some dog as she does it - and makes her way to a well.

      But just as she reaches the well, an older woman grabs her and shouts, "Witch! Possessed!" This woman's familiar to me. Painfully thin, red hair so short and strangely cut that I suspect it's growing out after being shaved off completely, wearing a nightdress as if she'd just seen my witch and jumped out of bed to stop her, but I don't believe it's a coincidence that she's here; I believe hunting witches is something she's done before.

      The scene changes. Three men - two middle-aged, one older, all still looking like it's the 1500s - are discussing the woman who'd been caught as a witch, and her mother. Her mother had been the same, accused of "magical transformations," but she'd died years and years ago, and the daughter had been raised by another since she was a child, changed her family name. The last these men had heard of her, she was to be married to some knight. They frame this marriage as a very good thing, that she had a good life that she's thrown away; but I hear them say this and I think indeed she was married to him, and that had gone very badly for her, and that's why she summoned me.

      Later. Different scene entirely, my IRL home, a pair of men attempted to break in and I turned them into cats. Cat burglars. They made for very angry cats but I was pleased with myself for the joke, and my sister had been wanting a white cat anyway.

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    14. Scorched earth

      by , 07-25-2016 at 06:07 PM
      D1 - needing to see a solicitor
      D2 - Walking through gardens in the baking heat, back garden is natural and covered with vines. At the front of the house my brother is standing on a well kept lawn. I talk to him about something to do with houses and gardens.

      D3 - I am with a survivor colony, we are somewhere very barren looking. The earth is blackened, maybe volcanic. I then go down into a cavern which is open wide the surface. We are all in rags and are discussing how to survive.
    15. 07.20.2016 Travel-Shop

      by , 07-21-2016 at 04:05 PM
      Too many July birthdays today! With all of the festivities, made it to bed around 1am.
      Easy practice day. The last 5 days have been workout hell so I gave myself an easy day.
      Echinacea drops in 2 oz of water before bed, along with a myriad of B supplements.

      DR 1
      I'm in vacation clothes- a type of short sarong dress with a bikini under it(black). I'm walking around with friends and we are in a building with a huge open area. The walls and floor are white/light grey. There are people kind of buzzing around and I can hear "crowd noises". It feels as if we are in an airport, but we are not in a rush to get to a gate. People are shopping and we are exploring. I am in third person view for awhile, as the place is bigger and expands. I can see that the area is a lot bigger than I initially thought. We are on the second or third floor of the bulding/plaza, and there are stairs and elevators to my right. I was trying to find something. I was having a good time doing it though. There is a man in our group; we are conversing.

      Side Notes:
      Recall is so bad when I go to bed too late.
      Colors: white, grey
      non-lucid , side notes
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