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    1. Confrontation

      by , 10-21-2017 at 12:51 PM
      Usual dream where something is repeated over and over. Losing money as I have spent money on chocolate chips (which are an investment commodity in my dream Oo)
      but the percentage of chocolate is really low so i'm being ripped off. I then decide to buy large bronze coins that were a better deal. I have them kept a small cardboard box (reminding me of when I was little I kept "precious" things I a small box).
      My brother is being mean to me and is enjoying antagonising me. I tell him to stop it or it is over and I don't want to see him again.

      At an assembly I am standing with others watching and say something that really pisses off someone nearby, I can see they want to punch me. I notice Andrea and someone else laying on a bench watching and make my way over to them. When I get there I find they have changed into small children. Everyone is now leaving the hall and i'm feeling really uncomfortable so I float up and out of the door. Mr B looks up at me as I float up the stairwell outside.

      [notes i'm not sure what this conflict is about]
      Tags: school, security
    2. Fragments: Locomotion Routes in Orlando, Ubering Main Street, Knott's Security, Weird Stuff

      by , 07-04-2017 at 04:48 PM
      06-30-2017 -- Three tonight, all rather fragmenty. (Well, some of them are longer fragments than usual, but I'm still lumping them together.) Third starts (as far as I can remember) at the BP Nazarene church. I'm poking about a little, but some people are giving me some hassles, so I just walk away, down Page, then the side street that takes me out near Orangethorpe. Somehow I walk down the block a bit further, until I turn the corner onto another street, heading back toward Page (Stanton, perhaps.) By this point it is getting a little strange, because I seem to be laying out route lines in Locomotion, putting in tram stops about every four spaces.

      Soon I am hitching a ride from Carl Baumer, Starting from next to where the first route ended, heading across and down another side street to Page, ending at a shopping center where I am asking Carl to drop me off. He thinks it is to go to a tire company, but I don't really know what business I am looking for here. I just know I am looking to start a third route where the first ended and the second started, this one going down to Page, then to the right, until it largely completes the pattern I've been setting up.

      I am also pausing, glancing around, at an auto repair place I've seen in many dreams that has gotten constantly worse at fixing problems or selling me good cars and cycles, and glancing at a spot in the middle where I am trying to place a station, but having problems of getting it to place, and then finding I'm placing the wrong thing, and its an ad or something, instead of a tram stop.

      Don't know how the change happens, but the next thing I know, I'm now driving Uber (no idea what vehicle) and have a little old lady in my car who is telling me to ignore the GPS and just follow her directions. She must know what she is doing, because following her instructions, I now find myself driving her through the Fantasyland paths at the Magic Kingdom, where you can't usually take cars.

      But about the time we reach the Hub, it has changed to where I am pushing the lady around in a Publix shopping cart, and I stop and remove her because I think Disney will object to people using Publix carts on their property. I am trying to explain this to the lady (hoping she won't object, because a young family has already taken the cart and loaded their two young girls in it), but she's like "Of course, now come on, we're going to miss the Wild West Show," leading me over into Frontierland.

      As we walk along, the speakers are making odd announcements about people dying, and lawyers, and other strange things that have no place in a Disney park. Continuing along (now back in the car) we are passing Margaret, who I am surprised is still alive (its been a long time), and I roll down a window to call out hello to her, but she turns her nose up and ignores me. I think about making a comment about ol' Laser Lips.


      06-30-2017 -- Somehow playing around with (and building) some sort of rolling marble game, where I am trying to tilt a board to make a marble reach different points. There is a tiny hint of stuff about the TARDIS, and patterns painted on the board in a strange red ink that appears and disappears, depending on where you are in the game, and hints of buses or trains as well.

      Somehow I then find myself standing around at Knott's Berry Farm, late at night. I don't seem to be really doing anything, so I may be security or something. Vince Williams is here, and is speaking to me about two things. The first is that his van is locked in the parking lot, and there is no way to get it out. (There is a pole system something like the one used at House of Imports), and it seems they lock the parking lot up at night, but don't warn the employees of that fact. The second is that he is muttering something about idiots who set up the bus systems where two buses run in opposite directions on the same street, but each has a different route number. I think about explaining I laid out the system, and it was just coincidence that the two routes are running on the same street, so they shouldn't have the same number, but I don't really feel like bothering.

      Meanwhile, I say I think we can get him out of the lot, and I grab a sort of crowbar that is sitting around in the warehouse I am guarding, and approach the pole gate. I remember from my time with House of Imports, a locking system where the crowbar releases a latch within the pole that allows you to open the gate (the real system was nothing like this), and I've soon popped the latch and let Vince out. He's rather happy. Myself, I am hoping I haven't triggered any alarms or gotten myself in trouble.

      Anyway, he's driven off, and nothing has happened to me, and I soon find myself in Rosemary's place, and Vince, who is another of the roommates shows up. It is now a day later, and I want to ask him about the situation, and if he got in any trouble the next day, but don't want to tell anyone of the situation, so I'm like "What about ... was there any ...?" "Nope. No mention of it." Meanwhile, I seem to be eating a piece of hard lasagna noodle with spaghetti sauce spread on it, and when Rosemary walks in and sees it, she is freaking out. As I said, only fragments tonight.


      06-30-2017 -- First one is even more fragmented. I am in a warehouse, working security, but it is late at night and dark, and most of the staff has already left, so I am trying to watch something a bit sexy on TV. Unfortunately, there seem to be a few people who are working all night long, and I feel like they are trying to spy on me, so I turn the TV off. A couple of the guys are being rude and obnoxious, saying odd things, making odd threats. It kind of reminds me of Ray Burke a bit, but seemed more wrong and threatening.

      Somehow I more or less think I am dreaming, but can't think of any way to test it, so I am kind of wandering around, feeling up the occasional attractive female if I can find her alone, but not daring to be too pushy about it, since I am not sure I am dreaming. One girl is pleasuring a guy, so I pull her skirt down, planning to do a bit of pleasuring, myself, only to find under her skirt is a bit of a metal chassis, rather than legs and human skin and stuff. Very strange.
    3. Trying to Stop Security Guard's Theft by Beating Him to It

      by , 06-13-2017 at 07:49 PM
      05-29-2017 -- Two from last night that struck me as kind of interesting. In the second, I seemed to be back working security, or at least kind of. But there were some special guest stars. Somehow it seemed someone who used to be one of our guards was 'caught' with four copies of his old security reports, which led us to believe he was planning to come back and do some kind of stealing or bothering people there or something. So we were in the process of making plans to stop him ... by staging our own robberies at these places. (The idea being that he wouldn't hit something that had just been hit, but that as soon as things were over, we could return what had been stolen. Well, it made sense in the dream.)

      But it was kind of a cross between security and mystery shopping, which was odd, and the whole thing was strange. At one point the bad guy seemed like it might be Steve G., but at another time he seemed to be one of the ones working with us. Another one working with us was Jaqueline Smith's Angel, except she was going by the name of Jill Monroe, which of course was Farrah Fawcett's Angel. But I have to admit, it was enjoyable working with her.

      On another of the cases, the site was one of the hospitals I have both worked security in, and been wandering through or picking up medical specimens in, in dreams over the last few years. So I was taking medicine (including for hbp) before having tests done, while trying to protect the staff, and trying to explain what was going on, without leaking anything important enough to allow the bad guy to catch what was happening if he heard anything, while the staff was thinking I was still working there, when I hadn't actually worked there in several years.

      Then there was one of our guys doing his robbery at gunpoint, waving around his fire-arm (some sort of machine gun) while talking to us, and explaining how he'd got caught, but still managed to only get something like 3 days of jail time for the event. Or the fact that one of the patients in the hospital was Lita (wrestler) who stopped by to visit or pick up or something her little boy. It was just odd stuff, all around.
    4. Security at OPC and HOI, back gate, almost squished, strange cat

      by , 06-13-2017 at 07:09 PM
      08-11-2016 -- Didn't feel like writing this down, so am typing directly, at the end of the night, so bits may have been forgotten. Dream started with me working a security post that felt pretty much like an OPC site, but the dream started right when I was about finished with my shift. Unfortunately, or perhaps otherwise, I was then supposed to move right on to a shift at HOI, except that instead of being in the showroom, I am working a security shift at the employee gate, out back.

      I am walked in to meet the person I am relieving, and somehow have to explain why I haven't written out a security report for the evening, instead of the person I am relieving having one for me. The guy seems to very quickly change from a guard to one of the mechanics, and is kind of walking me around the property, while I explain that I've actually worked here before, just not concentrating on this area. I explain about having to go out at about six in the morning and unlocking the gate so it is ready for the employees, at least a few times in the past.

      I should have jotted notes down right when I woke up, because most of the dream has faded now. I know after a bit of walking around, a female employee gives me some kind of drink. Something that may be somewhat alcoholic, and I find it also has some pills in it. I don't know what they are, but am not interested in taking any sort of pills, so I am avoiding drinking it. There is also a place where somebody is backing up a truck, and I am trying to get out of the way, but I can't move fast enough, and the truck is getting closer and closer, and I look like I am about to get squished, until someone else gets the driver's attention and gets him to stop.

      At another point, I am looking out the gate, at the fence next to the I-5, where there is a cat chasing balls or something, and it's kind of cute and kind of fun, but nothing too terribly special. There's also a bit where I am thinking to myself that I ought to put in another application to work directly with them again, and use Ray Beshoff as a reference, and maybe this time not bring in my computer until the staff has left for the evening again, to avoid any problems. There were more bits, but I can no longer remember them, so this will have to do. Idiot!
    5. More fragments.

      by , 05-02-2017 at 06:13 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Last night, I only slept about 6 hours because I had to leave at 4:45 AM to catch a 7 AM plane flight.

      So the only dream I remember was some guy asking about tuplae.

      I also took a nap for pretty much the entire plane flight in order to make up for lost sleep. I had a (not particularly vivid, but ok) dream that I was going through airport security again. I realized that I had already gone through security, so I had to be dreaming! I then tried my new telekinesis reality check suggested by someone on here, and it worked quite well. I think I walked through security without finishing, saying something like "screw you" to the guard (I promise I'm a nice person irl c: ) and then used telekinesis to throw some random toy guns around. It worked great!
    6. [25-09-2016]

      by , 09-25-2016 at 09:28 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I saw it from top-down view. I was wandering in some dark corridors of a dungeon. I searched for some loot, and then a powerful warrior attacked me. I slashed him with a scimitar, but he was much stronger than me. If not for life draining properties of my scimitar, I'd be dead. I defeated him - his name was Korsak - and moved on. I found some more loot and doors to a huge chamber. I opened them and archers immediately shot arrows at me. I jumped back and then Korsak appeared again - this time with some magical barrier around him. He chased me, but when his barrier stopped working I cat a shrink spell on him and squished him like a bug.

      Second dream

      It was an evening in a city. I saw a group of people near a building that have suddenly collapsed. I came closer, picked up debris and started chewing it while watching a couple talking about marriage. The man had quite long facial hair, his hair were brown. The woman was a redhead, they were both in mid twenties.

      Third dream

      I was in school, it was some kind of lesson I can't quite recall. There were only few people. I left my desk, teacher didn't minded, and went to speak with a redhead girl with a pale complexion. She was wearing a pale pink blouse and jeans trousers. I asked if she'd go on a prom with me, she smiled and agreed.

      Later that day I visited doctor for some reason.

      Fourth dream

      I was in some apartment in a flat, searching for something important and valuable. It was in a secured block of flats - there were security guards wandering around. My family was there too, searching through other apartments. Mistakenly I kicked a flower pot and had to do something with soil that fallen out - I opened a window and thrown it down. This alarmed security, I left the apartment and started searching for a way out. There were security cameras in a corridor I was on, and there were entrances to other apartments. There was also a locked door to staircase, lit by red lights. I ran to elevator and pushed a button - a wall moved and I stood in front of a huge hole opened to flat's exterior, and after a while the elevator appeared.

      I entered it and among hundreds of buttons I pressed the right one, going to ground floor. After a while a voice said through speaker "Welcome in age when elevator users are screwed!". And elevator moved down with speed of a rollercoaster, taking different angles all the time. I finally got to ground floor and got to a corridor same as upstairs, but this time closed doors led to exit. There were also windows, I jumped through one, smashing glass pane and getting out of the flat. Security reacted immediately - one dude started shooting at me. I slowed time down, grabbed bullet and thrown out back, but guard managed to dodge it. Then another guard appeared, I punched him and got his pistol, then shot another one.
    7. [15-07-2016]

      by , 07-15-2016 at 11:54 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in a mall, holding a shopping list in my hand. First position on the list were potatoes, so I went to the vegetables section and started to sort which potatoes were good enough to take. Suddenly a dark haired woman in mid thirties appeared. She was wearing a flowery dress. She asked me about something in German language. I couldn't fully understand her and asked what she wanted in English. First she asked me about price of the potatoes, then wanted me to show her when the checkout is. I led her to that place - there was a really long crowd. She slightly pushed me into the crowd and we made our way to the checkout window. A short haired, blonde dude without one eye. I was angry at him for some reason, started shouting and tried to punch him. Then the security appeared and thrown that dude out, as he wasn't even hired in that place. I led the german woman to checkout and went back to my shopping. It was really late already so I went to potatoes stand again, but then I heard that the shop is about to close. I went to checkout assistant and paid 0,5 PLN for whole shopping - which due to helping the woman was limited to a few bread loaves. Then I checked my pocket and realised that I don't have my phone. I asked workers if they'd let me inside for a little longer so I can find it. They agreed and I wandered the dark shopping mall. I found a Samsung phone, but it wasn't mine. I turned on flashlight in it and searched again. When I found nothing, I decided to leave the mall and get back home. A walk through doorway was enough to bring me back home. I turned on that phone.
    8. College Fly Away. (#294)

      by , 05-04-2016 at 01:05 PM (Lucid Time!)

      I'm on campus, pretty, clear spring day. There are signups for summer classes (they start tomorrow) but there are also, more fun and pointless activities. I remember the author of Harry Potter was on campus and she was going to assign people to one of four dorms in the dorms that I stayed in last year, only they had been renamed to be the four Hogwarts houses. (Gryphindoor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin) This was supposedly a part of a role-play type thing to make college more fun. Also, if you signed up to live in these dorms, you could be a part of a quidditch team.

      IWL or in dream, I've never been a huge fan of Harry Potter. (You may have noticed some butchered spellings.) But in dream there were a lot of HP fanboys and fangirls hanging around the table waiting. Don't remember why I was waiting there, I think I had some friends who were interested in signing up for the HP dorms.

      I remember I got bored. There was a tree nearby so I figured I would climb it. A few other students were trying to climb it so they could sit on the branches and pretend they were flying on broomsticks. I betted that I could climb the tree easily. I ran up the trunk a couple steps and grabbed a low hanging branch, then pulled myself up gracefully to the top of the branch. The students were pretty impressed with my feat. (I wasn't even lucid) But a security guard showed up and told me to get down. So I jumped down.

      I think one of the students asked what spell I was using. I was curious until I looked down and saw that I was floating about 3in off the ground.
      This caused me to RC and become lucid. I started flying off. At first I was flying really low, only a few feet off the ground. (Though it was still faster and more fun than walking.) I began making my way around campus when I noticed strong winds disrupting my flying. A few of them blew me into the sides of buildings. I remember at one point the wind blew me face first into a brick wall. It was the brick wall that broke and not my skull fortunately. My head was now sticking out of the wall of what looked like my high schools gymnasium, and there was a cheerleading class going on. Everyone looked on surprised and confused.


      I figured if I could get higher, then I wouldn't have to worry about the winds blowing me into buildings. At this point I was flying down a narrow alley. I heard someone yell "Freeze" and saw the campus security guard along with several others. A mecha walked in behind them, pretty small and probably unmanned, but I still don't see why Campus Security needs a battle mech.

      Spoiler for Mech looked like this, but painted white with police siren.:

      I don't know what these guys want so I just figured I'd fly away. I tried to fly down the alley, but I saw Jack (OMG I thought you had left my dreams) with a giant fan that was creating the winds. Apparently he was a junior officer on Campus Security and he wanted to get me in trouble.

      I finally managed to fly upward. I heard shooting but tried to ignore it, hoping that the dream would drop the plot of security trying to stop my LD. I managed to get away, flying in a spiral around a large skyscraper-ified version of the language building. I kept having to say "Faster, Faster, Come on!" As I got up, I saw a city (not there IWL). On the left were several rocket launch pads. Each one had one of these odd space shuttle looking craft on it. (I think the space shuttles had extended noses or something.) There was also a Washington monument type thing in the middle of a big hexagonal park and a huge cluster of tall buildings.

      I decided to go and investigate the space shuttle pads. I remember it looked sort of like a cargo shipping dock. There were these big robot arms on tank tracks that would lift boxes of cargo into the shuttles, and they would take off and fly into space. There was also a giant field full of parked shuttles. Someone started explaining to me that "The Professor" had designed these for easy space travel. Now he was working on a space ambulance version that looked exactly the same, but with a red medical cross painted on it. He said that he wanted to do a space fire truck version but he couldn't because there was no oxygen for fires to happen in space.

      Lost the dream and woke up.

      Side Notes: Last night I made a goal of Manifesting Manei. Became lucid and seemingly completely forgotten about. I've gotten very good at this, becoming lucid and forgetting my goals. I need to figure out ways of better remembering my goals and staying focused.

      My lucidity is almost to 1/night. Some nights I have two or three, balancing out the nights where I have none. (At least how its been for the past 3 weeks.) I think I've figured out how to have an acceptable quantity of LDs. Now it becomes about having good LD quality...

      Not complaining about flying LD though.

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    9. dark shopper

      by , 11-02-2015 at 06:32 PM
      I'm in a supermarket, there is almost total darkness except for some emergency lighting shining from one corner of the ceiling. Giving a green tinge to everything. I am shopping but i am not along. There is a couple shopping also. A woman and man with lank hair, glasses and moustach.
      They go to leave. A worker uses a flashlight to see what they have bought and workout their bill. In the light he sees the man has an ice cream wrapper at the bottom of his other basket. He has been scoffing stuff secretly. The worker in a floursent jacket and cap, glasses, radios security to tell them the man has not been eating a balanced diet.
    10. Insurrection, sneaking in

      by , 08-01-2015 at 01:02 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was dark, cold night. I was wearing a gray hoodie and jeans trousers. I was moving through many dark alleys, avoiding street lamps or any spotlights. It was an anniversary of an important insurrection, I moved from an alley to a street with a strange can in my hand. I opened it, and made a signal. More people moved out of alleys, and opened their cans. It had some kind of paint inside. We threwn our cans at a government building and ran away.

      Another dude joined me on the way through the alleys. He told me that there is a house with stuff from the time of insurrection, and that we have to sneak inside to take them back. I agreed, and we moved far away from the city. There was an old house in damaged state, surrounded by forest. We thought that we won't meet anyone here, and proceeded to break in.

      The dude found keys to the house in a broken flower pot. We tried to open the doors, but keys just phased through them to the floor on the other side, with a loud noise. Suddenly, lights in the building turned on and we had to seek a hiding spots. The dude hidden behind a hedge, and I had no good spots, so I scrambled to a free space under the building.

      I felt heavy weight lying on me, and had troubles with breathing. I could see the dude hiding, and heard the door open. An old man wandered outside for a while, then went back inside. We went out of hiding spots. The lights were still on, and we tried to break inside again. The old man must have heard us, and called for security.

      The dude hidden behind the hedges again, and I looked for a new, more comfortable hiding spot. The men were coming closer, but I managed to find a good hiding spot behind some bushes. All of them just sat down and waited, knowing that someone is hiding there, without chances to escape.
    11. Harry Potter and the Shifting Realities

      by , 02-24-2015 at 08:18 PM
      06-25-2014 -- Am in a weird Harry Potter world that I think is based on a fan-fic I rather disagreed with right before I went to bed. Sort of fan-fic by message board, with multiple people posting the story, and each chapter not only advancing the story, but changing things from earlier in the story, rewriting it on the fly. Friends are now enemies, are now friends again. Then Dumbledore sets in motion a ritual which is supposed to cause Harry to be married in x years and y hours, but he messes something up. Harry is immediately plunged underwater, and is now scheduled to be married in x hours and y minutes. Harry will be married tonight at something like 11:20. And instead of a bond between two people, it is a sort of odd loyalty bond between up to 20 people, depending on how many of the 20 are able to reach the location on time, as they are compelled to. Nice job, Dumbles!

      So far the gold and red counter floating in the upper corner stands at four, for the four Weasley children that were already here with their parents, but more will likely be arriving shortly. Then suddenly a new writer takes over, and I am Harry Potter, in a different universe, while the author is paraphrasing Jo's text, but subtly (or not so subtly) changing it so that the Dursleys move from being quite mean and slightly physically abusive, to horribly mean and horribly abusive, physically. I have run away from the Dursleys and am hiding in the muggle world. Soon I am a 20-year-old Harry Potter pulling a security shift at a weird cross between a British Heritage site and an Orlando Paving plant. It is the middle of the night on a holiday along the lines of Memorial day, and I am somehow asleep on the floor of the control tower.

      I am clad in only a pair of tighty whities, as I wake suddenly and am trying to scramble into clothes as I discover there are people wandering around the grounds. I am soon dressed and interacting with them, explain how there is only security here on holiday weekends, and how we help to preserve and protect the heritage of the Boy-Who-Lived, without ever letting it slip that I AM the Boy-Who-Lived. Strange, fun stuff.
    12. Sneaking stuff from the airport

      by , 10-04-2014 at 10:56 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Sneaking stuff from the airport (Non-lucid)


      I wanted to go to the airport for some reason, but I did not have intents to fly, but apparently, I was going to pick up some suitcases that I left there, so I needed to jump behind security.

      I was able to do it and wondered how could I cross back to get out from there and got kind of worried. Suddenly, someone told me that he would give me a fake flying ticket so I could just cross it but I was asked to not show my US passport but show a passport from Spain instead and play as a Spaniard citizen so it would not be as tough the control. My wife was also there.

      I got to cross and I did not need to be scanned. The lady welcomed me and said that the passport was valid but that the system was not picking up properly the flying ticket.

      She called a couple of supervisors and entered a barcode of the ticket into the machine, but it gave the invalid error. I started to panic as I would be busted.

      I had to wait in a small room for a while, but after a while, the lady told me I was good to go. I was worried for my wife, but I was able to meet with her as she had no issues. As we were living (we were outdoors now) someone called my wife and she told me to grab the car. I accepted and then started to wonder how was I going to grab a car since our car was not there.
    13. WTC Prevention Sim, Snow Day

      by , 09-19-2014 at 12:51 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am taking part in a scientific study that looks at how to prevent another 9/11 type attack. They are researching building materials that can resist aircraft crashing into them.
      The test takes place on a flat, tropical island that is mostly an open, grassy plain. There is a small base in one corner of the island and there are mock skyscraper frames, two of them nonetheless erected in the center.
      And I am to pilot two defective military UAVs into the towers, one into each tower, just like 9/11. I remember it being like some sort of video game, where I was controlling the UAV in third person. On my first pass, I actually missed, so I came around and stalled the aircraft above the tower coming down on top. The test was still conclusive and the scientists said the material seemed strong enough. They wanted me to fly another aircraft into the other tower though.
      I lined up the aircraft and gunned the engine full throttle wanting to put these materials to the test. I hit the tower hard enough that I managed to bend a few of the supports.
      The scientist appreciated that I did the second test at a different speed. He said that he had gotten some good data.

      FA. My roomie (we'll call him D) says there has been a snowstorm. Three inches of snow. All classes cancelled. I look out the window and see that he is correct.
      I drive home from college on weekends, so I may as well drive home now. D says the storm is going to continue all the way to sunday. I tell him that If I don't leave now, conditions are only going to get worse. I get my keys and start to leave.
    14. Quite Fun, Vivid Semi-Lucid

      by , 07-29-2014 at 05:26 PM
      This is a semi-lucid I'd say...quite fun and vivid...from a few nights ago (not during competition). I was going to save it to tag in my next LD DJ entry but it seems to deserve it's own space anyway.

      7/26/14 I have roommates and one of them is a woman or a woman is over and she goes to take a shower and leaves the bathroom door wide open. I go in there planning to check her out if I take some pictures I can see her naked body move past the doorway and I set up and feel kind of heavy. I end up laying down on the floor and she comes out and catches me in the bathroom with her but she kind laughs it off. seeing her demeanor I decide to be more bold and I ask her if I can take some pictures of her and she says no but smiles and I caress her naked body and tell her how beautiful and sexy she is. It seems like I suggest that we should make love. I don't remember the transition. At some point we are walking outside towards her real house but now she is a guy. After walking away as she turns around she's wondering if she passed her house and I am wondering how it is that she could forget where her house is. I asked her wasn't that your house while you were
      taking a shower and she says no I just took a shower there because it's more comfortable the one at my house is something I can't remember what she said. At some point we hop on a train that i estimate that we ride for about 10 minutes at night all riding on top of the train I see a jet come down at a sharp angle and I am amazed and pointed it out. When we get off the Train I seem to have the understanding that we are in the eastern part of Los Angeles. I tell him this is a bad part of town so be careful. We walk past and in between some people that look homeless hanging out on the side of the street but make it through okay. Also when we hopped off the train we landed right behind it and I was worried it may go back the other way and if it starts rolling right away we gotta get out of the way. I even suggested maybe we should get back on the train in case it takes us back. I also did math during the dream suggesting that we were probably travelling at
      about 50 miles per hour on the train for about 10 minutes so I said 50 miles per hour divided by 60 minutes in an hour would put it somewhere close to 10 miles away or slightly less although it seemed like in the dream maybe it was a 20 minute train ride and I was estimating close to 20 miles away. We talked about whether or not it would be worth getting a taxi. Third person said some taxis will take us that far, some will not. Then I guess we are in Las Vegas instead and three of us now decided we can have fun in Las Vegas now since we're going to go there later anyway. We thought there are lots of fun things we could do full of debauchery. We go to some kind of gentleman's club where you get a wristband for entry. You go up into this tunnel entrance where you go into the main club with an announcement kind of like when basketball players come through the tunnel at an NBA game with lights and a big announcement and everything. We seem to be on a moving
      walkway and there are beautiful performer women all around. One looks kind of young she is in a bikini. I comment to the other guys she doesn't look like she could be more than 14! One of the guys says ewww (gross). We go down to the floor of the club and there doesn't seem to be a lot of people yet, maybe too early in the evening. One of the guys decides to go out through the exit so we can go back through that fancy entrance again. One of the security or bouncers looks at us funny as we go out through the exit. As it go back up into the entrance it looks like they recognized us as the guys that just came through. Been on a separate entrance and then there is some kind of different announcement like we've been discovered going back through the entrance again. Instead of slow-moving trip through that tunnel with all of the fanfare instead descendants through 1 at a time and the ramp drops off steeply to where we slide down to the Club floor 1 at a time.
      Wen i get to the bottom I play it off instead of being embarrassed we're trying not to look embarrassed I start jumping really high. I am jumping up very high notes lot of fun and I am hitting the ceiling tiles a couple of times. Then we make a way out the tub again I think because we had to and I was trailing behind a little bit first two guys get gathered up by the exit and they're doing something with the wristbands living the wristbands on but putting like taper around it and marking the wristbands so we can't use them to come back in anymore. But they seem to have forgotten about me and I make my way towards the exit past several guys don't look at me like they are not sure if I'm one of three. Wen i get to exit one guy asks who are you with and I kind of motions at myself like oh just me here by myself. I asked him if there is any places to eat nearby or he suggests Round Table Pizza. I cross the street and there is this light skinned black woman
      with a cute baby in her arms. (She reminds me of the baby I saw last night at the grocery store IWL.) the pizza place looks like it has just now been closed up as a woman is coming out of the door and turning the keys to lock the door. I continue down to my left an area that looks more like a European town. Down a set of stairs looks like kind of the food court and all the places are closed there are maybe 6 to 8 places to eat, all closed. But I hear some arcade sounds and I see a door open. I think for a moment about calling my two friends I got separated from on the phone but I dismiss it for some reason. I look down into the Arcade it's kind of dark and I dont see anyone inside I look back out the entrance and back down and something makes me think of a dream or that this is a dreamlike scenario but I don't recall coming to the exact conclusion that I'm dreaming. Anyway I go down into the Arcade and there is
      this wonderful large contraption but its like a huge mechanical mermaid and it is on in a swimming motion like a fish or mermaid. There are curtains around it & I go up and down the length of it checking it out. The room ends towards the head of the mermaid and I go back the other way and I am fascinated by this contraption that I guess is some kind of old mechanical arcade item that you to put in a few quarters to watch it go. I head down towards the tail and there's another door in a dark hallway with lots of curtains. I decide not to go down that way.
      When it's time to go out of the Arcade it was like the arcade was down some stairs but instead of going up the stairs I find myself climbing out of the arcade and having trouble climbing over the mermaid machine. I woke up while crawling out.
    15. House of Imports, Acid Goop, and the Bobcat

      by , 07-02-2014 at 05:05 AM
      07-01-2014 -- Working a shift at HOI, relieving Jim for the weekend shift on Friday night, and arrive when it is already late, perhaps 9 or 10, but there are still a lot of people running around, going in and out of the building. I stay there for quite a while, just poking around, at first, then hooking up my computer and working on it for a bit, back in the receptionist/security monitor area, but the customers and sales people keep wandering around. Eventually I find lots of people entering the place and heading back to the parts department for some sort of meeting, I decide to check the time, and it is already something like 6 AM, and I've completely lost track of the time.

      People have been working and in and out of the showroom all night long, and as it is now morning and the day shift is starting to come in, I realize I had better get the security keys, which Jim had left hanging in the door lock. Actually should have gotten them many hours ago. It's still pitch black outside, and I can't decide if it is because it really is that dark, or if it is the new, super dark tinting on the showroom windows. Turns out it is a case of both. Though it is now getting on to 7 or 8 in the morning, it is that rare day when the sun just doesn't manage to get up until even later. (Once in a great while really did see days like this.)

      I decide to start getting my stuff together, including packing the computer up and wrapping the power cord around the flat screen monitor (wish I had had a flat screen back then, would have been so much easier than hauling around a CRT.) The day time security guard arrives and tells me I can go, but I realize I never clocked in on a time card. I figure I will have to hand-write the clock in, and just clock out. The clock and the cards and rack are all here at the reception counter, but as I start trying to find a card, all I can find are other people's cards, which they are already using. After a lot of searching, I finally find a stack of blank time cards buried under some other stuff, and grab one. I try to fill it out, but I am writing my name wrong and messing up the letters and just can't do it. I finally give up on that card, fold it up and stick it in my pocket. Want to get another card and try again, but again I can't find the cards.

      By this time the other security guard is really pushing for me to go, and he goes as far as to call his company and complain about another guard being here and not letting himself be relieved. But first off, he is relieving me early, and second off (as I take great enjoyment in telling him) I don't work for his security company, I work directly for the House of Imports ... even if only for a couple of holidays a year. I'm trying to look through the stuff where I found the last card, but the tiny ledge by the window that they were on is getting larger and larger, and soon I can't reach the stuff without climbing onto the ledge, itself. The receptionist has arrived, and wants me out of there, but is at least trying to be helpful about it, and joins the search. But it seems they are just about to switch to new cards that were just printed, and which they were going to start using on the next pay period, in a few days. But these cards are jet black, and nothing is going to show on them from the old time clock, which is the one that is still in use. So I finally give up on managing a time card at all.

      I start looking for my stuff, and just can't manage to find it anywhere, so I start to wonder if, even if I can't remember it, I might have already taken it out to the car. I head outside, and start to look for the car (the old two-tone Oldsmobile I had when I was really working at HOI), but it's not there. I am starting to get aggravated, wondering if my car has been stolen AGAIN (happens all the time in my dreams, never in real life) but then I notice the sign by the road, and remember they do street cleaning on Manchester Sunday morning, and either ticket or tow cars left on the road at their discretion. Blast it! They also have heavy construction going on on the street, with only barely enough space at the driveway open to get a car in.

      I head back up to the showroom, one assumes to pass on word of what happened, though it is not like the dealership can actually do anything if the police towed the car, but as I approach the showroom stairs, there are several people there screaming at Francisco and the other morning help, yelling about the construction along the road. They are a weird cross between customers, the next dealership down the road, and a news crew, and are screaming about the mess and the difficulty of getting around the construction, and demanding information about how long things are going to be like this. Francisco and the like are just the guys who drive the cars in and out and get them washed and things, so he isn't likely to have detailed information on any construction, and certainly isn't the one who should be asked. So I am apologizing to them for the idiots screaming, not that it has anything to do with me.

      I end up walking down the sidewalk, heading toward Orangethorpe and eventually the 7-11, and I end up walking with the folks from the other dealership/news crew. We're dodging around construction, half climbing over small pipes and things, and the entire time the pipes are gurgling, and every few seconds, this thick, slimy, red sludge comes spitting out of the pipes. Some is all over one of the news lady's stockings, some more splashes all over my clothes, though I try to avoid it, and I have to admit it is annoying and disgusting. I keep walking, until I am on my own, and get further and further down the street.

      Soon I am passing several short sky scrapers (five or six stories tall, not that great for sky scrapers, but much taller than anything actually on Manchester) and come up with the idea of calling the police. If I stress my security work enough, and sound pathetic enough, maybe I can get my car released for only $20 or $30, so I pull out my cell phone to call them, only to discover that some of the red slime got on the phone and melted the screen, and I kind of collapse to the ground by the fence separating the road from the freeway, and start to cry, as it has all gotten to be too much.

      But then I start to realize it is too much. My luck is being so bad, it is absurd and highly unlikely. I glance at the sky scrapers, and realize they are out of place. I look at a sign on the freeway, glance away, and then look back, and the numbers are changing and shifting around. I hold out my hand, concentrate on my fingers, and they start stretching and distorting! I thought so ... I'm dreaming! I concentrate on my finger, and it stretches out five or six feet, and pokes a sleeping feline by the fence, an odd cross between lion, tiger, and perhaps bobcat. The thing jumps up and starts to snarl and stalk me, and I whisper soothingly to it and gesture at it with power, and it starts to calm down. I slowly start to pet it, and every time it starts to get upset again, I mentally calm it.

      By this time, the scene around me has changed, and instead of being outside by the freeway fence, I am inside a building. I can remember walking in a back door that was unlocked [though I never did so, things just shifted around me] and I am still trying to soothe the bobcat. Then I hear somebody unlocking the front door and opening the office, and I realize even if they left the back door unlocked, they aren't going to like me being in here. So I bolt for the back door I entered by, and the guy coming in the front hears me and chases after me. I draw his attention by running, and he demands to know who I am. I give the false name of Fred Flores [sorry Fred], but am kind of stuttering, and he starts claiming that I said the name wrong, which indicates I am this or that, and it just doesn't make sense. I run out the building, and into the next building (heading back toward HOI) and it is a cross between the other dealership and a parts store.

      I run through the place, duck under a counter, and out a back door, and I find myself on a very strange loading dock where a large crane is picking up box trucks and hoisting them into position at the dock, in the air. I am trying to get out of the way, but I just can't move quickly enough. I manage to avoid the first truck easily, and the second truck with more difficulty, but only barely make it out of the way of the third one. So I am standing there, breathing heavy and trying to catch my breath when the lighting fixtures right above me start to lower, turn into some sort of equipment, and start dripping boiling hot oil on me. It's turning into those nightmare sort of dreams where everything mechanical is coming to life and pursuing me, and I have to kind of flex my mental muscles and sort of scream "Enough! This is still a dream, but it is MY dream!" and things start to settle down ... which is when I wake up.
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