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    1. Five shorter dreams, including a snake in a cake

      by , 09-08-2017 at 09:46 AM
      Morning of September 8, 2017. Friday.

      Instead of making a separate entry for each of these five dreams of today, I will, at least for now, include only their summaries in one entry. (These are not all of today’s dreams as I sometimes remember fifteen or more, rarely ever less than five or six, not including the hundreds of short hypnagogic sequences, though those are usually of apex lucidity and too personal to post.) There were other dreams both before and after this sequence of five.

      Dream one: “Sighting a Red-winged Blackbird Near a Bus Stop”. I am in an unknown area in an unknown city, though I do not consider it as unfamiliar or how I got here. A kindergarten teacher is trying to get all of her students to gather together in one area, possibly near the bus stop. (She reminds me a little of my own kindergarten teacher from my childhood.) They may have been on a field trip. The streets have mostly commercial buildings. There is an open area which is mostly like a park on the opposite side of the street from where I am. I see one bird walking about on the short grass. It is a red-winged blackbird. As it slowly moves away from my view, sometimes hopping or flying a very short distance, I notice that the spot on its wing seems different at times, either more red or more yellow, but I consider that this relates to how its wing is positioned. It faces to the right at times. I point at it and cheerfully say that it is a red-winged blackbird. The teacher acknowledges me briefly but seems more interested in gathering her students together. (This is a typical combination of return flight waking symbolism mixed in with coalescence waking symbolism, with the bus stop analogy of returning to wakeful consciousness. The preconscious - the teacher - is passive here as it is not my last dream of the sleeping period.)

      Dream two: “Shaving with a Guinea Pig’s Shaving Cream”. I am with an unknown male in an unfamiliar bathroom, though I seem to be him at times. The other male is in the bathroom to shave, but he uses shaving cream which belongs to the guinea pig. The “guinea pig”, who actually seems mainly like an ordinary male human, stands off to my left and warns about a human being using it as it may be toxic to them or unsuitable at best. I shave slowly and carefully while looking in the mirror as I am seemingly now the other male. The detail is very clear and vivid. After this, with mostly smooth skin, guinea pig hair seems to grow out smoothly and cleanly from where my shaving occurred, mostly around my chin. I am not that concerned as this is apparently happening to the other male and not me even though I presently seem to be him. (This is partly related to removing most of my facial hair recently. Our guinea pigs are sometimes presently kept in the bathroom because of the cold weather, though in a fully-enclosed cage with a solid bottom.)

      Dream three: “Stolen Dimensional Gateway Emerald”. I am with a few unknown males. We enter a large room that has an unusual glass structure in the center which is higher than our height but only about two-thirds the height of the room. It would be cross-shaped if viewed from above. There is a glass room in the center, with four smaller rooms of slightly lesser height coming out from each direction. Each room’s walls are transparent. Here and there are multicolored rocks of the type found near some railroad tracks. I am aware that the emerald used to control the dimensional gateway is missing. In fact, I consider that I may have taken it. There is a vague sense of amusement as another male is annoyed that he cannot use the gateway. I look over a few of the interesting railroad track rocks and mention how the gateway emerald could be replaced, not to actually be usable, but so that other people do not know the real one was taken. “They don’t have anything like that at Walmart,” says the other male angrily. (This is some sort of distorted and failed reinduction - that is, dream reinitiation attempt, my dream self coalesced with the preconscious and my subliminal will projected as from another character.)

      Dream four: “Snake in a Cake”. There is some sort of party (possibly a birthday party) in a mostly featureless room that mostly only has a very large three-tiered pink cake that is about a foot higher than me. I get the impression that it may be taking place in the house on St. Cloud Street (where my older brother Earl lived for a time years ago). A lot of people are present, most unfamiliar, some relatives. After a time, a very large snake crawls across the floor. I relay what I see to the crowd, some people trying to leave, but there are too many people pushing about. I watch the snake smoothly crawl into the base of the cake and disappear. The imagery is mostly in pinks, oranges, and yellows. I relay how the snake has gone into the cake. Someone, an unknown male, says that he is not eating any of the cake. Later, the cake starts turning like a merry-go-round, which is caused by the snake’s actions. The cake eventually falls apart but there is seemingly not that much of a threat from the snake. (This probably relates to becoming dizzy in the past presumably from too much sugar, but I have not had problems with that lately, and I no longer drink cola at all. The snake was not rendered very realistically - more of the “War of the Serpents” mood and style from my childhood, so not serving as a vivid and more dominant waking prompt in itself as in other cases. Pink of a specific hue is often related to mild indigestion in sleep, based directly on taking Pepto-Bismol a number of times when I was young.)

      Dream five: “Earl’s Puppies”. This is fairly vivid. I walk into a room that is mostly featureless. Earl (older half-brother on my mother’s side who died in November of 2007) is standing in the room. There is not much light. He seems healthy and appears mostly as he was in the 1980s. I am aware that he has at least three puppies (perhaps four) inside his abdomen. I hear them whimper a few times and there is movement on his skin’s surface. (His shirt is up.) I am not sure if he had (either deliberately or accidentally) swallowed them whole or is willingly to be some sort of surrogate mother. I ask him if he is concerned about being bitten internally or if it might hurt. He seems cheerful and resolute. (This is likely a result of mild indigestion mixed with hearing the dog next door whining in real life through the veil of sleep.)

      There were a number of other dreams, a couple of which I may post separately at a later time or date. These dreams in order of vividness and clarity were five, two, one, three, four.

    2. Puppies, Babies, and Walton Straw Game

      by , 03-19-2017 at 09:19 AM
      Morning of March 19, 2017. Sunday.

      Dream #: 18,353-03. Reading Time: 1 min 38 sec.

      Ben Walton (as from the fifth or sixth season of “The Waltons”) finds a litter of bulldog puppies in a large basket near the end of an alley. There is a male that has unusual markings. I am not sure if someone else is still looking after them (though Ben may have bought the puppy).

      Before getting the puppy, Ben performed calculations and concluded that once an adult, it would produce offspring, possibly with the same markings, with a pedigree, even though it would technically be a mongrel. It will supposedly make him rich.

      Later, there is a scene where Erin and Ben Walton are playing a game at a small table. They appear to be gambling with boxes of drinking straws. Ben has about six straws (which seems to mean he is losing), and Erin has two.

      Erin finds some notebook paper with Ben’s writing and somehow understands that he was using a calculation to gain an unfair advantage (even though he was losing in this case) regarding the supposedly special puppy. She starts complaining about his selfishness and supposed cheating.

      He reminds her of the supposed proverb “Visit yourself before you visit someone else.“ It supposedly means that you should look at your faults or limitations before finding fault with others. It turns out that his calculations were incorrect and the puppy will not make him rich after all.

      My dream changes into an unrelated scene. Nancy (with Ronald) Reagan (July 6, 1921-March 6, 2016) is on an airplane flight to California, traveling from somewhere west, going over the Pacific Ocean. She is going to have and raise two of our babies (possibly male and female). I do not consider how outrageous that is. I believe that Zsuzsanna and I will be able to meet them one day (when they will only then learn that we are their real parents).

      I watch a monitor near the top of a wall in an unfamiliar building. It has four digits in an LED display that require reading from right to left. The original value is “0 0 3 1” at one point (to be read as “1 3 0 0”). I wait in anticipation because it is supposed to read as “1 1 0 0”, which it soon does. It means that she had one baby, and then two hours later, the other one. (There is skewed logic whereby “two hours” is subtracted from the three to read as one baby.)

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    3. Yogurt puppies

      by , 02-11-2017 at 08:26 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I dreamed that I was in a convenience store in Thailand. They were selling small newborn puppies in yogurt cups.

      I also had another dream fragment where me and a girl got in a spat because we hate each other.

      I also dreamed about playing Team Fortress 2.
    4. Angry Brother, Angry Dog, WILD and more Family Stuff

      by , 06-20-2016 at 06:37 PM
      I went to bed early last night on 3 glasses of wine (yeah I know) and mild depression. I woke up around 2am with memories of a dream where my brother was very angry with me. I have these dreams fairly regularly, where either my brother, my mom, or my husband really seem to hate me and I can't figure out what it is that I have done that has made them feel this way, or to this extreme. I also had memories of being near a black dog -maybe a lab/mastiff mix?- who was viciously defending her puppy from my dog Cayna and I. I was trying to slowly back away and keep my dog from interacting with the angry dog mama, and my fingers were very nearly bitten off several times. When I woke up with these dreams still on hand, I felt too sick and too apathetic to write them down.

      I read for about an hour before I laid back down to attempt sleep. WILDs were on my mind, they almost always are in the early morning hours because I've had so many in these circumstances. I usually know I have to lie on my back and remain very still until I feel myself getting sleepy, then the buzzing/synthesizer noises come and then I feel myself push out of my body and float away from the bed. I tossed and turned and slept for minutes at a time until I returned to lying on my back and feeling really sleepy. I heard loud discordant crashing sounds instead of the more usual buzzing/synth sounds. I felt myself rise out of my body, and I floated to my right and up until I was against the wall. Where my face was touching the wall, I could see an Iggy Pop poster hanging there in the darkness. I don't actually have this poster or any poster hanging there, but I didn't think much of this, and I continued to float, but towards the ground at the foot of my bed. My dog's bed is there, and when I landed I saw her; her face slightly distorted like it has been in other lucid dreams, sort of snarling and scared. I tell her it's ok, I'm dreaming. As usual, I worry if I am really at the foot of my bed and talking out loud. I get up and try to fly. It works, and I start wondering around my house. The clarity wasn't the best I've had. My house was dim, somethings were normal, and others weren't. As I approached my front door I thought, 'Wait! I should experiment here. Should I meditate? (I've done this before with strange effects) Then I decided I would try to reinvent the interior of my home, because as I was trying to fall asleep earlier in the night I have visualized a fantastic treehouse/hobbit-hole house in a forest of giant trees. I closed my eyes and told my self that when I opened them, my house would be amazing. It didn't really work. My kitchen had expanded and looked different, but my old rotten house was still mostly there. From here I lost lucidity or my memory of what happened next.

      New dream: I was with my Mom and Step-Dad in an upscale department store/hotel. They were trying to exit the store by climbing up some rocks that were part of a display, and I was trying to explain that all they had to do was walk through a couple of hallways back to the hotel and exit from there. They didn't seem convinced, and anyway, had already managed to mostly slip through a crack in the wall to the outside sidewalk above.

      Then I was with my brother in McDonalds (!!! I haven't eaten fast food in a long time). We each had our laptops and it seemed like we were having a meeting. I was just going to order some coffee. At first we were trying to squeeze into a booth with 4 other people, and then I noticed all of the other empty booths around and suggested we use one of those. The dream gets even less cohesive here—my brother's wife was there, then we were either at their house or my Mom's. Dialogue happened but I can't remember much of what we talked about. A portion was about Shepherd puppies, and people breeding them, and how one guy had a web-cam on his to help sell them. I was trying to share my knowledge of Shepherds but no one wanted to listen.

      Then I was in a car, maybe in the backseat but someone else was definitely driving. My mom and her husband were saying things about me that I found really out-of-touch, like laughing about how I love certain things/celebrities that I haven't been into since i was a teenager. I tried to correct them but they just smiled like they knew better. Then my Dad called. (he passed away last year) He told me Happy Birthday (not my birthday, but maybe I was thinking of Father's Day?) and was his usual excited and goofy self. He also joked about me liking a certain celebrity and things I used to like when I was a teenager. I turned to the woman driving, who I could now see (and I seemed to be in the front passenger seat now) and I knew she was my dad's girlfriend(dream only, not IRL). I tried to tell her that I wasn't the same person they thought I was, and she seemed to pay more attention, but still didn't really believe me.

      Last, I was walking and talking to a vague someone and explaining to them how it seems that I must come off as stupid to everyone because it seems like everyone treats me that way. The look on their face told me that they also thought I was stupid, but was trying to placate me.

      I gave a lot of exposition throughout, so there isn't much extra to add. I think I have self esteem issues, anxiety, and guilt over not seeing my family much nor feeling very connected to them.

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    5. [07-06-2016]

      by , 06-07-2016 at 09:15 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in my house. It was a cold and grim rainy day. I was in my house, in a kitchen. Our dog gave birth to many puppies. She was lying with them in a cardboard box.
    6. [22-05-2016]

      by , 05-22-2016 at 09:38 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in some kind of sewer complex. It was built of an old, rusted metal plates. I wanted to bring a revolution upon rats living there. These rats, and all the animals around were intelligent and could talk. I started making an empire, bringing them constitution and laws. Then I heard someone enter the sewer - agents of government already knew about my empire and tried to get me. There was also a lost kid with his teddy rabbit. I decided to get him and jump to lower sewers, which were mostly unexplored area. One of the agents, a redhead female (agent Scully?) chased us and fallen to lower sewers with us. Now we had to cooperate to get out of there.

      In the meanwhile, rat empire was falling apart, swollen by rebellion. Rats fought against each other, many skeletons fallen down to lower sewer, making a huge pile of bones. Suddenly I saw people in their houses, watching news. Animals were working in tv stations, there was a crocodile who showed the news. It was talking about weather and soccer championships. He also said that they planned a "2000 riddles audition", but pans changed due to championships.

      Then I found myself in some kind of administrative office. I was a humanoid badger wearing a trench coat. Office workers looked at me strangely. I heard knocking to the doors of office, it was probably my business partner. I opened the doors - there was another badger in trench coat. I went out of office, knocked to doors and came back inside. My partner got confused and said "You are inside a room, yet you enter it from the outside?" Then an office worker said "Being in two places at a time... Typical badger." I looked at my partner, he had huge sunglasses on.

      Second dream

      I was a thief, sneaking around the town. I was wanted by a city watch for my crimes. It was a sunny, warm day. As usual I was jumping on rooftops, escaping from guards. It was on a main street, which was a curve with upward slope, meeting with another quarter. Jumping from roofs of merchant buildings, I charged towards a huge roof in front of me - it belonged to city watch. Roof tiles around the streets were colorful. I climbed to the top of rooftop and thought about the first time o tried to climb up there.

      It was a sunny day, just like this one. I saw myself from third perspective. I was a great haired man wearing a black thief suit. I had three puppies with me that were sniffing around the shop, detecting gold for me. But this was an ambush and I had to run away from Le'Rauxe, as a sudden text appeared and said that this was name of city watch captain. Perspective changed, I could see everything normally. I quickly climbed up a roof and started jumping, getting as far as to the city watch roof. This if where I slipped and fallen down to guards. Last thoughts I had was about the puppies, I never met goldfinding dogs again.
    7. Moon Puppies

      by , 04-03-2016 at 03:13 AM
      I had a false awakening, I knew I was dreaming because I heard voices from a TV/radio. It was very hard for me to get out of my bed, my body was moving very slow. I kept focusing and once I got out, I walked out my room towards the front door. I counted my fingers on my right hand and their were 6 of them. I went outside and started flying to the right. I then was flying up, and I could actually see myself as I was jumping up, I wasn't wearing a shirt.

      Next thing I know, I fall down and I'm on the surface of the moon. I started to fly around, I saw some building, they looked like they were made from moon rock. I landed and wanted to go inside one. Then a bunch of moon puppies started chasing me. They were all blue and looked liked skeleton dogs. They reminded me of skinny ryhorns, from Pokemon.
    8. 11-3-14 Florescent-yellow puppy!

      by , 11-03-2014 at 07:52 PM
      For whatever reason, I dreamed I could time travel.

      I went back in time to the point that I was about 8 or 9 years old. I was at a friend's house, and it was late at night and it was raining. The family was furiously cleaning their house and preparing food. I remember the mom sweeping a pile of huge leaves that were lying in the living room into a dust pan. They all seemed to be preparing for company.

      Then company arrived. It was a family I am friends with, only everybody was much younger. Some of them were only twelve. Other significant changes were the fact that one of the son's names was changed to Chris, another son wore glasses, and the eldest children of the family were some dumb-looking twin brothers.

      We all sat down to eat. I kept glancing at one of the daughters. I think I had a crush on her.

      After dinner, the Chris guy and another guy went into another room and started playing with legos. The daughter I had a crush on went in and sat down to watch them. I kind of stepped up next to her and asked if she was cold. She smiled gratefully but didn't reply. So I took off my coat, sort of draped it over her and tore out of the room. I was very shy.

      The next day, we were outside playing. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. My friend had a huge swing in his front yard. I got on it with the girl I had a crush on. I was still 8, but she was suddenly much older and appeared to be 19 or so. I sat on her lap and held on.

      The swing got going, and instead of going just back and forth, it swung in circles around a pivot mounted on a high pole. The rope extended to be nearly a mile long, and the girl and I swooped around and around a huge radius at a thrilling speed.

      I looked up at the girl. Her hair was blowing, she had her eyes closed, and her face was raised to the sun. She was smiling. I held on tighter, rested my head against her and watched the scenery speed by.

      Then I dreamed we gave our dog a surgery enabling it to have puppies. Then she gave birth to a garish, florescent yellow dog. Think highlighter pen. It was weird. We also owned a steamroller.
    9. Hospitals, Boats, Virtual Duck-Hunt

      by , 11-23-2013 at 09:28 AM
      Original journal entry dated July 20, 2002:

      I had a nightmare that I was in the hospital because I was going to have a baby, only it was actually twins. (this may be because back in reality, I had a stomach ache). Anyway it pretty much resulted in the doctors have to make a few strategic incisions, which I was not happy about. On the other hand one of the little boys was adorable. Or would have been, had he not born an incredible resemblance to a prune.
      So I had to go to the bathroom really bad, but the bathrooms in this hospital were absolutely DISGUSTING. They were old and even sort of old-fashioned, and very rusty and cracked, and disgustingly unclean. Most of them didn't even work. And none of the working ones were free, either. And the place really stunk. So I had to wait for someone to get done so I could go, but even then I didn't want to touch the toilet seat because I was afraid I'd get an infection because those incisions were still healing. And there wasn't enough space in the bathroom stall, either.

      Anyway, then my dream cut to an alternate reality where I was blessedly not having a kid and instead my dog had puppies. So everybody was eating in the hospital cafeteria even though I don't know why we took a dog to a human hospital and then I needed to find a way home. I knew I could take this one public transport, if I wanted to. But before I did that I had to do work, and for some reason we ("we" meaning my fellow patients and I) were treated like criminals and forced to do heavy cleaning duties and stuff. So then I found a combination grandfather's clock/guillotine, and it had a secret panel in it which led to a very old wrought-iron elevator, but the elevator didn't work so I couldn't escape. Then I had to go back to the person in charge and get on the transport. Then the woman driving the transport wouldn't let me on without payment, so I gave her some chicken soup.

      And then there was this riverboat cruise thing, and alligators and stuff. And the guide kept yelling at me to get out of the water but I couldn't because there wasn't enough room in the boat, since he had taken too many people with him. And the water was very murky and dirty. For some reason we were in the Rock River, which runs through Rockford, IL, but it's only fitting that I'd have a nightmare about Rockford.

      So then my dream changed and I was playing Virtual Reality duckhunt with some guy, only we had lifepoints too, and we wound up having a shootout because I was cheating.
    10. Nov. 22 Dream Journal: Sick children and one-legged puppies

      by , 11-22-2013 at 07:52 PM
      I am helping to clear out tables in a gym for some sort of lunch event. At one point I shot a stray basketball, but I missed. I then shot my jacket (seeing as there's no other place to put it), and it hung itself on the rim. I remark something like "well, of course that worked."

      Things moved to the actual lunch itself, where I'm situated in the middle of a long table near the corner with a single push-door under a green EXIT sign. The food was mediocre at best, and I didn't really want to be there. The table next to us was serving "Mexican" food, but all I can recall were fries and fried chicken. They looked like they were enjoying themselves much more.

      At this point, C, someone I have a very poor opinion of, showed up, and he has a 2 or 3-year-old nephew that looks just like him. They both have close-shaved heads, and that makes the kid look like a kiwi, so I stuck a piece of red tape (missed MILD cue alert) like you'd find on bananas in the store on the side of his head. A mutual friend, T, appeared just to roll her eyes in disapproval.

      I reappear outside, and I'm by a bus stop in what looks like a rainy day in downtown Vancouver, probably somewhere in East Hastings judging by the condition of the buildings. I just missed my bus, apparently, so I run back inside to take a shortcut.

      It's now a mall inside, and I'm running towards one of the large department stores at an end of a wing. Along the way, I notice a gathering/event, and it's for -- I'm still a little distraught at this -- pairing dying kids with one-legged puppies. And Dream Me -- I need to make a distinction between the two of us -- hurdles over a sick, bald boy with tubes up his nose who's petting a one-legged collie that is sadly flopped down on the floor. Dream me didn't even look back.

      ANYWAYS. So I arrive at my destination, which is a theme restaurant/hotel much like the Hard Rock cafe. I sprint through the restaurant and head down a flight of stairs next to the bar.

      I re-appear in one of those Jeep/SUV hybrids, like a black Range Rover or something, and I'm barreling down a glass tube in the water like you'd find in aquariums (or maybe screens showing water/marine life, or both?). And when I say 'barreling down,' I mean a literal vertical drop off at least 30 stories, and towards the end, it looked like an elevator shaft. I wasn't panicking at the fall, but it felt more like "ooh, the bump at the end is gonna hurt my ass." This was still a part of the restaurant/hotel's architecture, by the way.

      I somehow exit the tube (not sure how), and now I'm out in the field on my motorcycle (Red motorcycle -- Missed MILD cue alert) in gray, autumn weather. I'm heading towards a large structure that stands out a bit like Scrooge McDuck's vault, except I know this is like a memorabilia building/museum for the restaurant/hotel. I also noticed that there is a money counter to the top right of my vision at something like $71,XXX/$154,000 (I'm surprised the values were this vivid). When I crash my motorcycle through some giant glass windows and start purposely wrecking the place up, I begin to meet my quota.

      At one point the lights go out, and security is walking about with flashlights above me on some sort of glass pane, but they don't notice me at all. So I keep purposely running into things, and I think I was at $151,XXX when I notice that I unplugged my router. Apparently, my earphones got caught, and this all somehow forced an end to whatever I'm doing. It's also at this point that a security notices something is going on, so I scoop up my router and earphone (I tried to untangle them first, even) and make my escape. It's night time at this point, and I see headlights on the road. It's wet and windy out, and the leaves are yellow and orange. My dream ends.
    11. Puppies

      by , 08-21-2013 at 09:20 PM (The Dream Cauldron)
      I'm not sure if I actually dreamed this but....

      A bunch of puppies are eating a big pile of bones.
    12. Puppies, Ninjas and Time Travel

      by , 01-03-2013 at 10:15 PM
      There are some references to Naruto in this entry that can be considered spoilers, so read with caution if you are watching or reading Naruto and are not caught up.

      So In my dream I'm with my best friend at what appears to be a dorm room in a college of some kind. For some reason my brother is there. My friend pulls out weed and a pipe and hands it to me. I debate smoking it though because my brother is there. It doesn't really matter though because then someone walks in talking about how there are puppies in the other room and they want me to keep them from leaving. I go into the other room and start playing with the puppies. There are like ten of them and they each keep trying to escape but i won't let them.

      A girl walks in about the age of ten. she had blonde hair and was wearing a red dress. Beside her was older dog in a wheel chair. It's face resembled a dog version of Jack Black. The dog was talking to the girl and i was highly confused. The girl was surprised i could hear the dog talk because apparently people thought she was crazy for talking to the dog because to everyone else it was just a normal dog.

      I continue to watch the puppies and the girl and Jack Black dog leaves. Later she comes back crying and says her dog died. I feel bad and decide to take her to the park. While at the park we walk around and talk and i pushed her on the swings and that's about it. On our way back we pass a tree. In the tree I see a bird in a wheel chair who looks like Jack Black. I look at the girl and say " Look, your dog was re-born as a bird!" The bird and girl look at each other and recognized each other. The bird started crying and said how much he missed her. Then the bird flew out of the wheel chair and landed on the girls shoulder and they went off together.

      About that time Kakashi from Naruto ran up to me and said he needed my help stopping Tobi from taking over the world. To do this he was going to send me back in time to kill Tobi before he was a threat.

      I go back and time and end up at a camp of some kind. I meet young Kakashi. I ask him where Tobi is and some how he knows I'm there to kill him. At the time him and Tobi (Obito) are friends so Kakashi refuses to tell me. I walk around the ninja camp and find that no one knows where Obito is or they won't tell me.

      My dream slows down there and I woke up
    13. Last few days' dreams: Superhero instruction DVD, Liz Taylor, Animal Abuse, NY minecraft, and AWANA.

      by , 09-05-2012 at 04:40 AM (Exterminate)
      Been too lazy to write dreams lately, gonna write what I remember. I should really start writing in a physical DJ by my bed instead of waiting until I get online.

      I was watching a DVD that had a scene selection of about 13 videos. Each one showcased a different super power. I recognized flying, so I skipped that one. I watched another video but was uninterested, so I put in a new one. This video was about transmogrifying, or bending objects midair. Making items into different items, etc. I thought I could do it, and after a few tries, got a mattress in midair and bent it. I tried with a heavier item, and found weight was no issue. Sweet. Now I have two superpowers. Next video was about telekinesis... I had to know telekinesis to do the previous skill, but I wanted to keep watching in case this video had anything to offer.The dream ended shortly after that.
      Two more things that happened in the dream, but I do not know when, or what connects to them. Me, my brother, and my mom were in this shop. I ordered like a milkshake or something like that, my brother orders a 176 slice pizza special for like 10 bucks, it also came with a container of wings. I remember thinking "Why didn't I get that..? Wanna share?" Another thing I saw was the inside of a company I used to work for, real quickly though, I think it was in the back of that place the tv was..

      Liz Taylor in Virginia City (9/3/2012)
      So me, a female church friend, my older brother, and my mom were in Virginia city. Pretty much everyone who came up to me told me to go take a picture with Liz Taylor, meet up with her, etc. "Ooh, shes famous, go meet her!"
      Well I didn't even know who she was..I met her, and she was like 20 years old, blonde, but very down to earth. She wasn't like "Oh I'm popular", it was as if she grew up here, and loves the town. On the edge of the town, there was a shop, my mom went in there for the rest of the dream. I noticed the road was all torn up, leaving big sections set apart, big holes going down in-between the road sections, and a huge yellow crane obviously having something to do with it. Me, my brother, and my friend walk around, then eventually want to get back to the town, as we drift away a bit. We follow this crane, but it leads us to some random government company that we sneak around hoping not to get caught. Well we do get caught, and instead of letting them throw us in jail or something, we ran for it. We ended up at this road, and instantly I know it is 2-4 miles away from the town, on the way to it. Instead of walking the road to get to town, or going back to the company, we see this path on the side of the road, and follow it, maybe it can bring us back to town. So we follow the path, it is very windy, and mostly dirt. At one point there is asphalt, so narrow, it is like 4 inches thick. Dream kinda ends here, as we are on our way back.

      Demon cats (9/4/2012)
      So me and my brother are at this government place, and we see two puppies. I catch one, and another is behind a door with like iron fencing with barbwire on either side. my brother grabs the puppy, and a pickup truck comes out of nowhere shines light on my brother. I try running, then decide I wouldn't get far, and I am not leaving my brother Kris. So we both get thrown in the back seats. A dangerous man is driving, and throws the puppies in the bed of the pickup. the pickup is not your normal pickup, as the bed of the truck was pretty much level with the back windows, so not much room, but a flat spot on the back of the truck.
      The man gives me and Kris two kittens and says they will be our death. He says some crap about their claws being so sharp they will kill us and something like if we get bitten by them after two minutes we will die from some chemical from the kittens... Kris and I weren't buying it.
      So what do we do? I pick a kitten up and grab it by the neck, put my thumb to its neck, and start squeezing. I last about a minute and stop, somehow as I am squeezing it is biting one of my fingers? I hand it to Kris and he holds both kittens and laughs through the pain, but as the kittens are slowly dying Kris makes like a trophy out of them by writing their faces on a large piece of paper, and signing it..
      Since the kittens are dead, the driver gets pissed, next thing I see we drive out of a tall building and I see out of the windshield the ground approaching fast in front, and I brace for impact, then out of nowhere the truck stops midair..or so I thought. the front of the car stuck into the ground and we were all safe. Tragically the puppies in back didn't survive the crash. The driver gets out and picks the puppies up then throws them on the ground in anger.

      I gotta say this dream had a lot of animal abuse... .-.

      NY Minecraft (9/4/2012)
      I am talking to the owner of this minecraft server I have been banned on forever, and tell him how I was originally banned unfairly, then an alt was banned unfairly, then someone else was banned unfairly, etc. I eventually get my main account unbanned, and since I was mod for 2 months on the server before, my mind assumes I am mod3 on there
      (a mod type on present on my normal server) with two mods from my normal server on it as well. The weird thing: It was first person, not a game, and it was in a grocery store. So I walk around, trying to use the /thru command that normally brings you though walls, but it wont work. I try spawning a compass and using that instead, but I realize the owner of the server banned /thru because he thinks mods would abuse it. As the dream progresses I find more and more I hate about the server.

      Strange AWANA location (9/4/2012)
      Another dream takes place as AWANA starts
      , and I am forced to volunteer. So I go there, and it is like 4 rooms in a hallway, then down the hallway is 1-2 more rooms. There were about 15 people helping out, which was a lot given the space, and amount of kids. I didn't do anything other than observe. As the AWANA thing finished, the kids were let out of their rooms, and as the last door opens Diane from our church looks inside, shields a kids eyes and yells "Oh my God!"
      Welp. You have my attention. I take a peek inside the room and wish I hadn't. Warning, it ain't pretty. What I see inside is a weird old dude in the back watching another old guy having sex with an old woman WTF. The people from inside walk out, after putting clothes on, and everything goes as normal.

      I assume it is like the next day or something, because here I am walking around some random store. I see a ramp and go down it, and I find myself at a shoe, casino, and general clothing section of the store. As if those things are really related. I look for a way out because I have no interest here at all. As I walk leave the store some bells go off. I see confetti and people start clapping. I walk back in after being told it was set up for a just married couple to walk through. I look for an alternate exit and see a few fire exits, but I know they are all alarmed. I see another normal exit and walk out of the store again. I do not know why, but I go back inside the store and I see an older couple look for an exit as well. They walk out one of the fire exits. As expected the alarm sounds off. I quickly run up to them and inform them that they made the mistake I just made, but they seemed confused. I return back the way I entered into this section of the store. I find the ramp and go back up. I check the time and AWANA is about to start again. I see a room filled with first graders and one has like bright red hair, like he just put dye in it or something. I walk into the main room of this building (It is like right outside the grocery store) and sit down in front of a desk. Someone comes in with a big brown bag and pulls Chinese food out, starts dishing it out to people, then the dream sort of ends.

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    14. I'll be happy when I stop dreaming like this

      by , 12-22-2011 at 12:03 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I remember heading out side...I think I was on a Bicycle, and three preople approached me on the road. The youngest little girl stopped and asked me a question. I told "um...I'm not sure but how much". One of them sped off and told the to leave too. The little girl told me that she asked me if I'd be her friend. I told her it sounded like she wanted me to buy candy from her. Anyways, I headed back to my house. Animal Fest 2010 I get there, and there's a Cheshire cat there. This cat is rubbing all against me. It's pretty huge, and it's walking between my legs and brushing my balls. It's so WTF right now, and I'm about to head in the house, and I see all these puppies in the ditch. My friend R comes by on a truck asking me if I saw a certain dog. I told him he could have one of ours. D was there....he handed him a pup. There had to be about 20 or so puppies there, and two grown dogs and two cats. FA My house has a garage.....I'm dreaming FA I get in my car and I see this thick fog everywhere....almost like smoke....I say to myself "well it's obvious that I'm dreaming, but what do I do". FA I'm in some store with Tina Fey, and cameras were rolling. I think I was in an episode of 30 rock. We were just going back and forth ad-libing things just to see who would break character and laugh first. I got her a few times, and then she finally got me with one. It went into all kinds sexual innuendo, and I was fondling her breasts. And some kinda of way the sprinkler system went off. But the water was weird...like thick globs. That's when I knew I was dreaming again. It stopped, and I suggested we might as well continue what we started......and once again shit got WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIRD. I'll leave out the details, but the dream faded out and back in, and things were normal. She got on top of me...started riding, and wanted me to cum so bad. I was still a little freaked out by what I saw earlier, so it wasn't happening. Woke up shortly after.
    15. Critters, Casinos, and Crafts

      by , 02-05-2011 at 09:34 PM
      1. Something about taking along an old copy of Return of the King to read on the steps of some building while I'm bored. I don't actually open the book, however, and just wander around reciting the "Arise, riders of Theoden..." speech.

      2. Something about petting a raven while it nuzzles me with its beak. (A better bird-encounter than some other dreams I've had - most of them end up nipping or clawing me.)

      3. I go to a weird casino with some guys my age. The first game past the entrance involves peeing in a container, and if you can fill it up to a certain line, you have the option of paying for a diamond necklace. Otherwise, you can just dig through a big drawer of prizes - mostly coins, bead strings, feather fans, and pocket watches. Then there are all sorts of prize-grabber games for winning stuffed animals (odd ones at that - tribbles, insects, bats...) and various games that call for special tokens. I'm getting ready to cash out, but what I thought was a $20 bill was actually $20 in foreign currency, and I couldn't figure out the exchange rate.

      4. Something about misplacing my Ghost in the Shell messenger-bag.

      5. Something about puppies in an enclosure that resembles one of those restaurant play-spaces with tunnels and stuff. I also play with a large silvery-colored hamster that lives in a wire birdcage shaped like a house.

      6. Something about trying to weave a basket out of pink fleece and sewing pins.