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    1. Reworking a deal

      by , 01-26-2016 at 09:28 PM
      A deal has fallen through. Sort of. I've got a prince in my debt, but that's pointless - what I needed was for him to eventually become a king, so that a little further down the timeline, he'll be able to ask another king for a favor. But the princess I'd intended him to marry has now been burned and beheaded due to a minor demonic possession incident, so now he's useless to me.

      I find another kingdom that will work, a desert. Two daughters. In the throne room, I meet the younger daughter, but that timeline doesn't interest me. The eldest is locked in the dungeon, and I take the prince to meet her instead. I recognize her, though she doesn't recognize me - I'd met a version of her in another world. She'd been a he at the time. The prince had known her in that world too, and I think that could work out either very well or very badly. She's a lot angrier this time around, something of a freedom fighter, turned against her own father. This is promising.

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    2. A ghost story, no life is cheap, a tango

      by , 01-25-2015 at 12:04 AM
      I'm being told a story. There's a man, a shapeshifter who can seem to be anyone, but when he smiles you see the shards of glass filling his mouth, grotesquely. I see the moment he'd died, falling from a horse and landing on a glass bottle full of something he'd been carrying, shattering it.

      The story shifts to the woman he'd loved when he was alive. She was called a witch, and a mob took her and chained her to a tree in the forest, with a circle of some kind of wooden pegs placed in the ground to prevent the body from leaving that spot after death. Her body's left there without her head. I 'hear' the body briefly feel a dim sort of awareness of the presence of something familiar and loved nearby.

      Over time, the body comes loose from the chains as it decomposes, sinks into the ground and is covered by - I hear the word 'loam', but I'm seeing moss growing over the body. The arms separate from the rest and hang from the chains. At one point, a horse that had belonged to her while she was alive comes to the tree and noses at those decaying arms, and they reach out and pat it. At another time, the body rises up from the ground and seems to dance, with those arms dancing along as if they were still attached - slightly altering how my vision works, I can see dark strings which would be invisible, manipulating the body like a puppet. That man with the mouth full of glass shards is pulling the strings.

      Later, a scene in which I'm using Mephisto as a pseudonym.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      On a ship after some incident in which several of the crew died, the captain came to me privately to ask a question. He's under the mistaken impression that I can see the future. I don't see the future, I just have more memories to draw on to recognize old patterns playing out again. The captain asks, essentially, whether any of those who died were important - he uses the word 'cheap.' I say to him, "No life is cheap." He acknowledges that this was poor phrasing, but "I need to know-"

      As he speaks, I see a go board. The point is made that certain moves will have a drastic impact on the outcome of the game, and others won't. The captain needs to know if any of the people we lost would have been necessary for this journey to succeed, in ways he can't foresee himself.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm looking at paintings hanging on a wall, a series mostly depicting figures of the zodiac, with one in the center of a man labeled Dream.

      I'm meeting with a man named Snow who'd initially tried to conceal his identity from me. He's disappointed to find I recognized him immediately. The persona he'd put on for me was this sort of affable type; the real Snow is - well, he gives the impression of being intimidating but I'm not personally intimidated, I'm just enjoying watching how complete his transformation is.

      The majority of the scene after that reveal consists of a tango, during which he leads - which is different, but I find I have no difficulty following. Great fun. He's proposing some kind of deal - there's something about him recognizing the way I've been challenging myself, and how working for him would be beneficial for both of us, something about working for a greater cause, a sense of direction - but when the tango's over and he wants an answer, I just start laughing. Man, have you got the wrong guy. I'm thoroughly enjoying every aspect of his presentation - the intimidating attitude, the seriousness of the deal he's proposing, the song and dance, his whole look - it's all incredibly appealing, but I have no intention of taking it seriously.

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    3. Being Pursued By Murderers, Brief Lucidity, and a Crowded Skating Rink

      by , 08-08-2014 at 03:12 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a grocery store with many other people. Two people had been let in that wanted to murder us, an older guy and a younger girl. One person had already gotten pretty much killed; his head was being held on only by this full body cast. I knew that once that was gone, his head would fall off. I "remembered" it as if it had happened before. I was being pursued by the girl, probably of about 18-20 or so. She was skinny and had her blonde hair pulled up into a ponytail. I was on the ground in one of the aisles, and she was trying to stab me with this sharp, yellow crystal. I kept avoiding it and was trying to fight her off. I think I may have gotten hit a couple of times, but I can't remember for sure. I was yelling for help quite a bit, hoping someone would hear me.

      Eventually, I fought her off. I got the crystal from her hands, so now, she had no means to kill me with. We were both standing up now, facing one another. I remember looking at her face and she just had this evil smile. I also noticed she was wearing some sort of uniform; I remember dark red being one of the colors in it. We somehow got her and the guy out of there. I remember speaking with the guy whose head was beheaded and being kept alive.

      Later, we locked the front glass doors. We were standing by them, and I saw the two murderers standing outside, trying to get in. I was talking to someone, telling them NOT to let those people in no matter what. They would try to coerce their way in. They'd try to play on their pity. But they were NOT good people and would kill us. I knew the girl would come back after me. I thought about her getting another crystal. I believe the guy fought with a crystal as well.

      I remember at one point seeing the guy who got beheaded without his body cast. His head slid off his body, or almost did.

      I then was in a garage somewhere. I saw Dallas in the doorway, and realized, out of the blue, that I was dreaming. I said
      "Dallas! This is a dream!"
      He had started to speak to me during my exclamation. I wasn't sure if he had heard me. He then said something about it being a dream, so I knew he had.
      I went up to him, and felt the dream was going to end soon; it felt a bit unstable. I examined my hands, focusing on their detail, and it worked for a little bit. I was standing with him and started to remove my clothes, when everything around me gained a faint white aura.

      I then woke up.


      I was at the skating rink I used to frequent in my youth. The rink was much smaller than I remember; they had re-done it so it now it was much more cramped, and you could barely skate on it if there were too many people. There were many people there, mostly kids. I looked at the rink from the side area and thought about how cramped it looked, and that it wouldn't be nearly as much fun now that it was like this. I'm pretty sure I had skates on. I remember seeing some of the employees that patrolled the rink, skating around on the crowded rink with the kids, guiding them over hurdles and such. There were just too many people. I wanted to skate freely, not cramped up with a zillion little kids. I also had a point where I wondered if I was too old to be there. I felt kind of weird being one of the oldest people there.

      I was there at some point before the rink opened. I wondered if I could skate even though it was closed. There was no one there at least, so I'd have it all to myself.


      I was dreaming something this morning when my husband was about to leave for work. He was stroking my shoulder IWL, and I kept falling in and out of sleep. I finally woke up so he could tell me goodbye and that he'd see me later.


      I know I dreamed way more than this last night, and I told myself I'd remember, but alas.

      Though I am happy for the lucidity I've been having lately, even if it's just brief. I have been lucid WAY more lately than I have in a very long time, dare I saw ever. Usually I'm lucid on average once per week when I'm focused on it. I've been lucid every other night just about. It's been a huge change of pace. I'm happy for it. Hoping it continues. I guess I just need to keep doing what I'm doing, meditate more regularly, and use more intention.

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    4. If at first you don't succeed, rewind time and try again

      by , 03-12-2014 at 10:44 PM
      A man walks up to a wall and shouts at the guards on the other side, trying to get them to chase him somewhere. It's part of a bigger plan - but I've already seen this happen, and the plan didn't work, we need more people. So I shout to the guards too, telling them this man is a monster, send help, send backup, send everyone you've got. He turns around to look at me and is completely bewildered - he doesn't know me, he has no idea what I'm trying to do. But it works. He ends up being chased by far more people than he was expecting.

      They've surrounded him, and everyone's drawn their swords. There's a small audience of people who are thinking of this as a duel, despite the difference in numbers. He's killed immediately, but I rewind time to let him try again. As I do so, I see an image of a page in a book describing this scene as though it were a story - it only describes his actions, the duel, not the part about me turning back time. He keeps being defeated, and I keep rewinding time by moments. He's the only person aside from me who's aware of what just happened, so he has the chance to adjust his actions accordingly, although that's easier said than done and he dies over and over again. But I'm giving him an infinite number of chances to succeed.

      Just now he's cut the head off one of his opponents. The people watching the 'duel' exclaim over this. From his perspective that was the end of a long struggle in which he's lost far more often than he's won, but from the audience's perspective, the duel's only just started and he's completely dominating. A woman calls it horrific, the way he coldly executed his opponent. A young man who's an aspiring duelist is admiring what he calls 'the skill that comes with experience,' which amuses me, given my very different perspective on how well this fight is going.
    5. Vampires, beheadings, and crows

      by , 11-29-2013 at 11:39 PM
      In a wild west-inspired setting, there's someone called 'the Kid', although he's a grown man with greying hair and wrinkles. I'm watching him ride a motorcycle out of town, and I'm thinking that although he may not be a Kid, it'd also be wrong to call him a man, since he's not human.

      There's a man and a woman in some kind of storage space, looks like an attic. She's asking if he's ever even tried moving to 'a real town' and setting up 'a real life,' the way she says other heroes have done. He's surprised she called him a hero and says she's got the wrong idea, and that he's not even human. As a third person observer, I'm thinking how cliche he is, the self-loathing vampire hero type. I focus on his appearance for the first time - a man in a red coat, with a face that reminds me of some actor but covered in scars and boils, and I'm thinking that at least this one's not pretty.

      There's a dead guy on the floor between the two of them, and now he wakes up. The guy in the red coat picks up this huge sword with a curve in the blade which I associate with beheading, and he says something about how what he really wants isn't 'a real life in a real town'; what he wants is this weapon, automated, on a massive scale. The dead guy says something about being grateful before his head's taken off.

      There are people arguing in the town square. The guy in the red coat gathered everyone here and is standing up on a wooden stage trying to talk to them. One person says, "You act like one of 'em, the game's won!" 'Them' meaning vampires, and 'won' meaning won by the vampires. The person he's arguing with says, "You resist 'em, the game's won!" Everyone seems to think it's hopeless. While the guy in the red coat is focused on them, he doesn't see the burned and headless body which is crawling out of town.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      Dracula, a girl, and a priest/vampire slayer, in a field in daylight. Dracula's kneeling, and the priest's saying that He often seems to hear him and know what's needed. In response, black shapes fill the sky, blotting out the sun, which Dracula doesn't like at all. As a 3rd person observer, I'm thinking about how this is an interesting switch; normally you'd think of darkness favoring vampires, but Dracula was fine with sunlight. The girl says something about sending him to hell, but she's got it backwards; the priest isn't in the business of damning souls. On closer look, the things blotting out the sun are crows; and then among them appear the souls of all those he'd turned.
    6. Painting visions

      by , 09-11-2013 at 06:10 PM
      A voice saying "The demonic lovers, burnt out in the darkness," and an image of same: a beautiful woman, a witch, in profile, breathing out smoke, cigarette holder in her right hand, and as implied by the voice, she looks burnt out. Her left arm is cradling the severed head of a blond man, her husband. It's still alive, and in pain, and can't die. The things they did out of love led to this.

      A man I know has come to my apartment to ask for my help. He looks like he needs it - pale, strung out, in a stained and rumpled suit. He wants me to draw or paint my visions, specifically the one I just saw, the witch with the severed head. He's still in the hall, I'm leaning against the door frame with my arms folded, I'm not letting him in because while I'd like to help, I don't believe I can do anything for him. I'm sure I can't paint/draw well enough to capture that image, not the way he needs.

      Wrote a fragment down earlier tonight as "Talent, innate vs. developed" - no memory of that dream anymore but seems like a related theme. Other fragments were all very dull - a woman with tiger-striped hair, a game that summons pieces of different cities, walking in the rain and thinking about someone, the word 'mirror' in my notes with no memory of what that was about.
    7. True Blood, Louis, Antoinette, beheading a snake, and a festival

      by , 09-04-2013 at 08:48 PM
      I'm evacuating a place where True Blood's Eric and Bill had been staying; Bill's already gone, but Eric's chained to a chair, and I have no intention of freeing him. I'm going to carry him out in the chair. Despite this, I have nothing against him, and I'm asking him if he wants me to bring any of the belongings he's kept in these rooms. I'm kneeling in front of the chair as I speak to him, and I say that I may need him to carry something of Bill's in exchange, to which he consents. Aside from 2 belongings which needed no discussion, he says he doesn't need anything else. It seems a shame, the rooms are full of things he's collected over his lifetime. I pick up a sword he has on display with a hilt that looks like carved ivory or bone, and I say sure, you may not need anything else, but it's better if it can come, isn't it? I put it on the chair with him.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      Fragment: a mention of Louis, a king.

      I've heard about a gathering of people I'm thinking of as 'the British' tonight - there's a connotation of a specific politically subversive group in my mind - and I intend to arrange a meeting with the queen, although I'm not as close to her in this reality as I have been in past iterations; I've spent too much time focusing on other contacts this time through. I sit down beside the queen at her mirror. Her daughter, Antoinette, is here as well, standing by the window; she's beautiful but spoiled, self-centered. That's largely my fault - in other versions of this reality I'd devoted more time to her and she'd developed into a very sweet girl. This time around, we're not particularly close, and she notes only that she owes her name to me. In French, I ask the queen her plans for this evening after the party. I don't speak to her in a particularly deferential manner. She seems wary, suspicious, but I think I have enough influence with her to pull this off.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I need to kill a giant snake, but I can't find a weapon. Finally, a woman produces a long knife and beheads the snake herself. But I tell her that it's still alive, you need to destroy the brain, otherwise beheading it is just slow death by suffocation, it's cruel. I point to its eyes, which are still moving; I tell her it's suffering. She doesn't care. It's harmless now, that's all she cared about. I can't believe this. But I do my best to put it out of its misery without a weapon, until finally its eyes stop moving and its skull is crushed. I pick up head and body and carry them outside.

      When I reach the door, the storyline changes - at first I was still aware I was carrying something and needed to get rid of it, but I forgot about it quickly and so the snake disappeared. I was distracted by the sight of colorful glowing orbs floating down the river, just through the trees. There's a festival going on all this week, and tonight is the children's celebration. I walk past the women handing out colored orbs for the children to light candles inside and carry down to the water, and as I walk I see a couple kids carrying their lights the wrong way, down to the sea instead of the launching place at the river. Some adults are trying to point them the right way, but the oldest kid says something about their father's ship out at sea.
    8. Dreams. Lots and Lots of Dreams. Okay 2 dreams and a couple fragments :p

      by , 08-26-2013 at 01:50 AM (SilverWolf's Sleep Sessions)
      I remembered more dreams last night then I ever have in a single sleep session, which is really super awesome for me! so yaaay!

      Now if I can just get lucid.

      Dreaming within a dream, trying to escape dream!! Fragment. Induction Method attempted: MILD

      I was dreaming that I was dreaming, and in this dream I was trapped! I don't know how or why, but I was trying to escape my dream, and could not find my way out. I tried to escape the dream several times (in my dream) and even tried to wake myself up, to no avail! These dream-within-dreams are very freaking confusing!!

      Rodents, Wolves and Bears, OH MY Sunday august 25th 7:00 am Induction method attempted: WILD/WBTB

      A FULL dream, huraaay!

      My dad goes to town, and comes back with two pets for Mom. One of them is like a giant overgrown rat. I want to say it's closer to a guinea pig, but that doesn't feel right, even if it looked the same. The other pet was a strange creature; I don't know their name, but I think they are an Australian critter I know I've seen before on TV. It had grey-blue fur, long back legs, shorter front ones, a long tail and big ears. We named it Roosey because it hops around like a Kangaroo, though it is also capable of skittering around really fast. The other critter was never referred to by name in the dream; I'll call him Mouse. Mouse was round, fluffy, with brown fur.

      My dream skips forward to that evening, after Dad brings home the pets. They are not kept in a cage though. Instead, they are able to roam free; we just have a wood divider separating the living room half of the house from the kitchen half of the house. This way, our dog Meatball can't get to them to eat them. I end up going into the living room for some reason, and the divider doesn't close all the way behind me; Mouse and Roosey come flying through it into the living room. I leap on top of Meatball, holding him down and call for help, because he is struggling like mad to get to the two critters.

      Dad scolds me for letting the divider open like that, and then has me let the little guys outside to go to the bathroom. It is dark outside, and I need a flashlight. I get them, and take them outside; Mom and Dad warns me not to let them get too far away, Well.

      As soon as the door opens, BOTH of them just run as fast as they can, waaay in the yard. I can't see them anymore because it's so dark. Mouse, with her waddling gait, comes into view; she's not quite as far away as Roosey. I scoop the lil' critter up, and start looking for Roosey; I'm about halfway into the yard by now. I can't find her at first, and then...THERE! I see her, but she is right next to a fox! I start to go after, but she hops away again. I decide I need help, so I turn around, heading back to the house. I get to the driveway, when I notice a large grey-white timberwolf sitting in the driveway, staring at me. Knowing they seldom attack humans and needing to get Mouse inside, I walk by. Then, right by the door, theres ANOTHER wolf. As I head up the stairs, the wolf tries to snatch Mouse from my hands. I yank away, its fangs grazing my hand. I throw open the door and dash inside.

      Breathless I tell mom and dad about Roosey and the wolves and fox. Mom takes mouse, and examines my hand while Dad goes into their bedroom to get his rifle. Mom sighs, shaking her head. I'm only scratched; she's worried about Roosey. She tells me that it's messed up--Dad doesn't often get attached to these rodent type pets, like mice and stuff, but he's really bonded with Roosey, and now she's probably out there, hurt or worse. She says it's just not fair. I agree, looking out the window into the darkness. Then Dad comes out, rifle in hand, and I go outside with him to show him where Roosey is at.

      WE go outside, and dad fires several shots into the air. THe wolves all dash away immediately; there wasn't just the two I saw, an entire PACK of them runs off. I lead dad to where Roosey is, and find her. But she's rolling around on her back, badly injured. I'm about to pick her up when I notice a bear at the edge of our yard (a very large brown-bear). I point out the bear to Dad--it hasn't noticed us yet. He takes aim with his Rifle, putting his fingers to his lips to make sure I stay quiet. But for some reason, he doesn't shoot. The bear looks up, and starts plodding towards us, and STILL Dad doesn't shoot the bear. I'm freaking out now, and I ask him what the heck to do, and he hands me a shotgun that he did NOT have when he came out. AND it's not the gun we have IRL, it's a double barrel shotgun. Dad is watching the bear, and I aim the gun. I ask, as it gets creepily close, if he wants me to shoot it. He doesn't answer. My fingers wrap around the trigger, but it's so sensitive that at my slightest touch, the gun goes off and misses the bear completely!

      The bear stands up on his hind legs, roars, and then notices the same fox from earlier. It is skittering by him, and the bear claws him, shoving the animal in his mouth. Dad tells me the bear isn't interested in us, and tells me to grab Roosey. We start to head back into the house, and Roosey needs to get to the vet. The alarm wakes me up as we are crossing the yard.

      Demonic Dog 10:00 am Fragment, INDUCTION method attempt: WILD/WBTB

      Dad and I are in the house. He explains to me that our pet, Tori, is actually a demonic dog--even if she has not yet shown it. HE tells me that she will be used to do things, such as enter our world, if something isn't done about it. For some reason, he believes that I have to be the one to kill the dog. I don't want to do it, the thought saddens me deeply, but I go grab my survival knife that I keep in my room (for when we go camping or fishing). I hide the knife behind my back, and approach Tori. I hug her, give her kisses and pet her...and then I stab her twice in the chest, very quickly. I then carry Tori outside where I sit with her, holding her head in my lap, and apologize for having to do this to her, and for her being used by evil. I am crying at this point, watching her die. I wake up still feeling the intense emotions from the tail end of the dream fragment.

      A Knight Beheaded Time unknown Induction Technique Attemted: WILD/WBTB

      Another good vs. evil dream, with a bit of humor at the end. I'm in some strange area where all of the plant life is grey and dying. The trees are dead, the grass is dead and crumbly beneath my feet. There is an entire crowd of people around me, most dressed like modern day people, but there is one man, a knight in full silver colored armor. We are all enclosed in some giant fenced in area, which leads to some open arena-style place with two exits. We are being herded towards that arena place. Someone speaking from an unknown location, as if from some kind of loud-speakers, tells us that there are two men, one for each exit. One of the men is evil, the other is not. We are told that we have to choose which one is the evil person, and make our way through these shadowy-looking beings in the arena area, and kill him. If we choose correctly, we can all go home. If we choose the wrong person, our world will be in grave danger.

      The knight steps up first; that's when I notice he is blind, wearing some kind of headband over his eyes. He leaps over the fence into the arena, drawing his sword. He immediately slashes at one of the creatures, killing it. Then he turns behind him, and slashes at the fence! One of the creatures laughs at him, and beheads the knight with long claws. His head sails over the fence, his body collapsing to the ground. The head then floats back into the arena, re-attaches itself to the knights body, and he closes his eyes and looks as if he's just gone to sleep! I wake up at this point.