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    1. Wednesday, February 6

      by , 02-17-2019 at 12:36 AM
      I am, I think, outside of a large, unfamiliar house. It’s slightly above me in elevation, and there’s a slightly winding walkway down to the water? It ends in an octagonal and covered dock. It’s covered in what seems like a green canvas material. There are multiple pieces of it, resulting in slight openings where their edges meet. Someone is/was with me; I ask her if she thinks the weed scent would linger down here, and she says no. I recline in a chair and light a joint. After a few tokes, I shake off the resulting clump of ash.
    2. Monday, June 11

      by , 07-21-2018 at 08:56 PM
      I am outside somewhere that looks very familiar - very similar to Frenchmans. There are three lines of people, with about 20 or less in the largest line. I get into the ‘Lovebug’ line and none of the people my age in it look familiar. Someone clarifies that we have ‘moved up’ to Fireflies, so I move over. The lines now proceed up a moderate hill on an old, overgrown dirt road. I am wearing pants and long socks. The socks are kind of annoying on my ankles and the pants are hot and not giving me as much flexibility as I’d like. Someone walking with me makes a comment about them taking us on a strenuous walk. I don’t think it’s bad, but as I look at the incline and overgrowth, I could see how it would be for someone not used to it. We’re now reaching a crest in the hill and a building up here. I end up in this building - a bar and grill or something - with Dad. We’re seated at a table close to the corner and the bar, and we’re going to try a beer here. A lady comes over, I think we need a little longer, then it takes a while for her to come back. Looking out the window, I think about how there’s still a little ways to go. I am now back outside and walking. I’m with Jon, and we’re on more flat but forested terrain. It is greener and almost more inviting. The air is cooler and it is more dim and not as exposed. There is also a small river up here. I think there may also be a house, as Jon is saying and keeps saying something about ‘Jim’. He also keeps saying something about a spider (the image in my head is a large, black one, maybe a black widow). There are multiple wooden bridges across this river as we move onward. They are dark wood pieces placed parallel with the river, creating a flat bridge with supports every few pieces. When I watch Jon walk over some of them, the pieces move, swiveling, like a bead on a necklace. He’s been fine so far, but when he jumps onto one of the bridges, quite a ways from the bank, the pieces give way, causing his legs to slip through and him to be caught on one of the supports. He does have a grasp, but appears mostly stuck. I end up by him (in the water?) and am going to help him up. He places a small, circular, water-logged piece of meat onto the wood and then proceeds to clamber out of the water that seems turgid and turbulent yet somehow still.

      I am outside somewhere that seems like a college campus or some other communal area. It seems slightly dim out. I have a pack of cigarettes and am smoking one. Others here are doing the same. I hold it between my middle and index fingers, noticing that everyone else does too. I think Niki is here. This carton is overly large and light blue. The inside slides open, revealing the cigarettes that also seem too large and like they’re made of plastic. I smoke one down, self conscious of my aggressive in and exhales, and want another, ashamedly. I think I smoked it too far? and it felt like the soft plastic piece sort of broke off when I got to the end. I think I now go somewhere with Niki - though it feels not as if we’re going together - but simply to the same place at the same time. Chelsea is here. It is brought up how she’s all but kicked a heroin habit, but is about to take it up again. We try to dissuade her, but she is blank, resolute, inconsolable. It is brought up where she would find the substance, and they say you need only follow this street. My gaze follows it down. It’s well known that it’s not the best place, and must be known for a prevalence of the drug. I think it’s residential, though it seems dirty and desolate out here.

      I am outside and moving through some dirt trail between houses in a fairly rural neighborhood (almost like Dad’s). It seems I cover a lot of ground too quickly, almost like I’m watching it happen, instead of actually walking or running. I come to a straight-away that ends in a left turn that dead ends at the side of a house. On top of the path is a dilapidated train track. It follows the straight-away but is a few feet/a body’s height off the ground when it rounds the corner. I wonder how I am going to move along this, as it twists right before the house and may be incomplete in a section. The wall that the track runs into is a neutral color (light blue/grey?) and is slightly aged and worn and bare except for one large window. Through the window I see a partially drawn curtain and two chairs. I can hear people moving about talking inside, and these people are moving out of this house. It’ already pretty bare, but I start moving cups and other everyday items off a shelf. I think the people here don’t know that I am here? I now start moving stacks of DVDs (the ones we have at Mom’s, I’m pretty sure).


      Later today, I go on a walk with Mom, on which we seem to come to some realizations about the first and third dreams from last night. What prompts these realizations is the sighting of a small bridge being constructed in a front yard. I find this significant, as the bridge as of yet only consists of the support pieces. I liken this to the recounting of my dream bridge and its support pieces and other swiveling pieces. I tell Mom that this dream involved multiple bridges over water and Jon jumping onto one, only to become stuck and in need of my assistance. I find it necessary to detail the background to this dream having any significance, that being me viewing the movie Hereditary on Saturday night and consequently contemplating a séance of my own with a plausible intention being contact with Opa. mom and I agree on the bridges, water, Jon, and my helping Jon all being symbolic in strict relation to Opa and his passing. Mom is the one what mentions that Jon was the one not present and therefore behind in coping with the situation. I seem to be helping Jon in this process and to me it seems to be because of my recent inclinations towards the idea of performing a séance to contact Opa. i believe the bridges are direct symbols of the ‘bridge’ to the ‘other side’. As I write this I begin to experience chills when contemplating the ‘turgid and turbulent yet somehow still” water, probably because it represents what the symbolic bridge physically bridges. Is probably significant that Jon surmounts the bridge. I am unsure of the piece of meat, as well as any meanings ‘Jim’s house’. During a pause in writing this, currently being unsure of the presence of ‘Jim’ and the spider, I go to the garage. Kneeling down by the fridge (which is right where the Black Widow used to be) I get a pre-recorded phone call in which the voice tells me his name is Jim. i immediately think it’s odd that it’s a Jim, but it isn’t until I’m recounting to Mom that I got a phone call from a Jim that it hits me that it was right by where we had the black widow, the one from the dream. Later on, still unfinished with this analysis, I text Kat telling her briefly what happened and asking if she’s had anything happen that has to do with Opa. She tells me a little while ago she had a dream of him in a silver Subaru, then she mentions how he is probably wishing he could’ve been at the graduation. It then hits me that the very beginning of the dream is probably a representation of the graduation. In it, I say ‘moved up’, which directly relates to Opa, while the whole scene can stand for Makayla’s graduation. As of now, it seems that the annoyance of my long socks and pants is the only part without apparent symbolism. As Mom and I started discussing the bridges, I realized that the train track in the third dream bears much resemblance to this image of a track or some sort of conveyance with missing or otherwise inoperable pieces. I believe this represents the contact or attempt at contact with Opa. The train tracks are an overt reference to Opa’s involvement with the V&T as well as a visual metaphor. The neighborhood is significant as well. I also feel that the tracks dead-ending in the house seems to be significant, as the house is another symbol for Opa or for the ‘other side’. The window conveys pretty much the same meaning, and the two empty chairs do not feel arbitrary. Mom mentions the two chairs that were always in Opa and Oma’s living room, and though that is true, the chairs in this dream were wooden and straight-backed, facing each other slightly, seemingly symbolizing conversation. I think it is symbolic that I never really see the people but only hear them (an image of the ‘spirit world’ or the impression of people contacting it) and also that they are moving out of this house. After all of this, I am left with the feeling that these dreams did not by chance occur so noteworthy and significant-seeming directly after my inclination towards conducting a seance. I with impressed with their impression, considering my lack of detailed dreams for quite a while, and believe that alone makes them significant. And then the sighting of the partially constructed bridge was the conduit for the deeper, real meaning. Every association produced varying levels of chills, which is enough for me to know that I have found the dream’s real ‘meaning’. I believe the dreams were some spiritual connection to Opa or an affirmation towards the idea of contact, with the same feeling of knowing I had about the dream in which he came into Starbucks when I was working, though not quite as understated.
    3. …and they were searching for drugs

      by , 08-23-2017 at 02:23 PM
      Morning of August 23, 2017. Wednesday.

      Considering that I neither smoke nor use drugs (even legal medication), this was a rather impersonal dream on some levels, but with the typical preconscious initiation symbolism as since early childhood.

      I discover two large marijuana cigarettes in a drawer, which I am aware belong to my older half-brother Dennis. Completely unlike my waking self mentality, I am actually thinking of smoking both of them (though this is about subliminal dream state revivification rather than having any waking life relevance). Still, when Dennis shows up, I pretend that they should be shared with him. Curiously, he says he does not indulge in such acts anymore.

      For what seems to be a long time, I stand near the end of the Cubitis driveway near Highway Seventeen. It seems to be late at night. I feel very good. I smoke one of the cigarettes, being clearly aware of the odd way the smoke and fire spreads out from it.

      Eventually, a team of at least four men show up during what seems to be the next day. Apparently, they are here to search the house for drugs. The main one, the personified preconscious, whose job is to make me realize I am dreaming and thus should wake (to attend to important biological needs), is a chubby unfamiliar man with a gray beard. My mother is present in some scenes, mostly appearing as she was in the 1970s. I have no recall that she had died in 2002.

      In another scene, the men are in a meeting in the house. I find a large box which contains sweet grass in a few different forms as well as several other herbs, some braided. I consider that they might see the plants as illegal drugs but this is not the case. They know it is sweet grass and even discuss how useful it is.

      In another scene, the preconscious brings out a tackle box from somewhere. He seems to believe that he may find drugs in it (though the real purpose is obviously to get me to think about fishing, which symbolizes activating neural energies to arise from sleep). This angers me somewhat. Still, when he opens it, there are two large globs of stale cat food, though he does not seem to know what it is at first and expresses disgust. I inform him that it is cat food and that the tackle box had not been opened for many years. (As a cat has been validated to be some sort of “guardian” of liminal space as first determined in dreams when I was about five years old, this suggests I am still subliminally attempting to sustain my dream in unusual ways by having supposedly “hidden the cat food for many years” so as to halt a particular shift in consciousness. There is sometimes a subliminal hypnopompic association as well, based on “cats always land on their feet” to downplay the waking start that often includes a falling sensation of which is biological and has no waking life relevance.)

      In one of the last scenes, I decide to go into the bathroom, as I still have a joint in my right pants pocket (though no one has checked me thus far) and I plan to stay in here until they leave (and this is likely an awareness of needing to wake and use the bathroom, but the urge is not yet that dominant). While I am in here, the shadow of the preconscious is cast through a window (which suggests he is closer to coalescing as my emergent consciousness). I stand near a different wall, but I still suspect he is watching me and I start yelling at him about spying on people, telling him I will call the FBI, which he seems to find amusing.

      The emergent consciousness factor shifts back into subliminal reinduction as the preconscious is now clearly in view through another window. He comes into the house again and I consider that they may go through every container in the house no matter how long it takes. Before I see the preconscious inside the house again, I go into a room that is similar to our oldest son’s room in the Barolin Street house. I drop the joint down a vertical opening between the wall boards (at about elbow level) oriented to the right of the room on the north wall. The tip is barely visible. Perhaps they will not find it, but it still seems a possibility. (Note that a wall symbolizes real-time divisions of neural energy patterns and the more defined division between levels of consciousness. This validates the basic real-time subliminal theme of this dream.)

      Getting tired of the presence of the preconscious (and only knowing what his presence indicates at a subliminal level), I stab him numerous times with a dagger (which validates non-lucid dream control as this is something I would not think about consciously in a real-life situation as such unless my life or a family member’s was directly threatened). There is a lot of blood; so much blood that there seems to be more blood than physical volume of his body. Soon, the other officials enter the room and look down casually at the remains. “Well, that didn’t work,” says one male, “He’s still not awake.”

      They perform some sort of ritual to resurrect him. His remains transform into some sort of computer console as from the 1950s though I am aware it is female. The men watch the screen and I see a young version of Zsuzsanna walking around, but what this implies does not fully register. (A computer typically represents increasing neural activity in the waking stage as the unconscious does not possess viable thinking skills). I am not sure if they had intended to change him into a female computer console or not. Maybe it happened randomly, but they do not seem puzzled. They turn dials and study the actions of Zsuzsanna on the monitor. “Neural activity increasing,” says the male watching the console while the other two stand around. There is a list of Hz values on the right, the top one being 22 Hz (supposed intelligence enhancement). (Zsuzsanna was awake at the time in reality and had been walking around in the house.)

      Then…I am in an unknown room at a table in a less vivid offset dream, sitting with most of my dream’s characters. I am drinking grape juice and notice that I have “hidden” the joint in the glass. It illogically remains in a vertical position near one side of the glass. (There may be an association with attempting to drink through a paper straw, which always irritated me in real life.) I tell them that I do not really care much about the taste of what I am drinking and my dream fades. (Almost all of us wake up with a strange flavor in our mouths. Your tongue accumulates a series of bacteria stored overnight.)

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    4. Quaint Town, Strange Brothel in Cafe

      by , 01-30-2017 at 07:11 PM
      First thing I remember, I was sitting on a horse in a quaint town. There was another guy on a horse who was leading the way. He showed me how to speed up and we galloped through the town. He disappeared while we were riding. I stopped when I saw a boy trying to open a big warehouse door for a delivery. I helped him open the door and a man from inside the warehouse took it and secured it open. Then a large box was delivered (a piano?) A woman handed me a money order and said that I could cash it at the local bank and she gave me directions. I asked her about a bookstore in town. She told me there was a new one that would be opening tomorrow.

      I walked through the town admiring its quaintness and thinking that Peg and I might want to move here. I saw where the new bookstore would be opening. It was to be mostly a used book store. People walking on the street seemed to be pleasantly buzzed. I mentioned to a middle-aged, female, passerby that it was a little bit like the movie, The Stepford Wives. I was not sure if she would get the reference but she did and agreed with me.

      I went into a diner. I had a bag with clothes in it. I noticed a woman smoking at the table next to me. I asked her to confirm, “We can smoke in here?” At first, she seemed to think I was messing with her and kind of gave me a snarky response. Then I looked and saw that there were ashtrays on all the tables. I thought, “Peg would love this place.” I lit a cigarette and decided that I should take a selfie photo of me smoking a cigarette in a restaurant. By this point there were more people wandering up to nearby tables and chatting, mostly attractive women. I took the selfie and noticed that there was a flirtatious-looking woman in the background. It occurred to me that Peg might not be that happy with me hanging out at this place. I tried to text her the selfie on my phone but I could not find the photo. There were a bunch of photos that I had not seen before, of a wedding that my sister Christine had attended. I struggled with the phone for a minute but had to give up on sending the photo. (tech fail)

      Then an attractive woman approached me and asked me in a flirtatious manner if I wanted to go downstairs. I asked her what happens downstairs. She said something like, “Generous men buy subscriptions to our magazines.” I thanked her but said maybe another time. Then a young guy approached me and asked me about my refusal to go downstairs with the woman, intimating that I would have a good time. I told that man that I was married and politely refused. An older gentleman sitting nearby said that I should have gone downstairs but not engaged in anything saying that this would make me intriguing to them.

      I was getting ready to go and I started organizing the clothes I had in my bag. A middle-aged woman took my lunch tray and began walking off with it. I said that I still had to pay and she stopped. I worked out the payment with her. There was also a large pile of change that I had left on the tray. She tried to give it back to me but I told her to keep it as a donation to the women who were selling magazine subscriptions.

      I walked through a different room, intending to exit the restaurant through a different door. There were some little private boxes that were like free standing closets. I realized that men were meeting women in these boxes to chat privately before going downstairs. I ended up stepping into one of these boxes. It was a particularly small one, about the size of a phone booth. A woman stepped into the box and spoke with me for a minute explaining that the magazines were around $12 per issue. That seemed kind of expensive to me. But I said that I could probably buy a three-month subscription. We left the box and I was presumably going to meet her downstairs. But then I was captured by a group of men and put into a primitive box with sticks going through the top so the box could be carried by several men. I was afraid that they were going to send me to South America to be a slave.

      They brought me to a darkish room downstairs where there was an auction going on. They were auctioning off men for sexual encounters with men and women. I was not too happy about this. Some people told me that it was not that bad. One gave me a clear plastic glove to make things less messy.
      By then Peg had showed up and we discussed the pros and cons of the two of us working at a place like this. I guess it paid pretty well. But we would have to have sexual encounters with people of either sex. I think we were leaning against the idea. But then I woke up before we had decided.

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    5. The dream of partying with strangers.

      by , 12-24-2015 at 06:27 PM
      Had several dreams last night, only one was Lucid.

      First dream took place at an unfamiliar house, but in the dream the house belonged to me and it seemed as if this place was part central. All of the dream characters were strangers to me. Just your standard party dream with drinking and being stupid. Things got out of control eventually and faded to the next day where me and some dude were talking about maybe not having another party the next night. [ This is funny because I had just joined this site and my dream was full of strangers celebrating ] Later in the dream I was throwing a football with one my old college fraternity house brothers. I was telling him about the time i smoked dank and passed out standing up hahaha. He was like, "Yeah dude you can't hold that shit in too long or you will fall out". I have started actually talking outloud to characters in my dreams, and this has become a trigger because I wake up but stay in the dream state, because I can hear myself talking in reality, but the dream keeps right on playing. I have been tempted to try to stand up and remain in the dream state. For some reason I resort to whispering to dream characters because once I start talking out loud, I can't go back to mentally thinking what I want to tell everyone in the dream. So, later on in the dream it turns into my typical first person shooter [ Playing too much Farcry will do that] I rocket launchered a semi carrying a load of canned ham...then had to explain to police why my dream boiled over into reality and that I didn't really mean to shoot a RPG into traffic [ false awakening]. Then i woke up, saying WTF?
    6. Smoking cola

      by , 04-02-2015 at 08:28 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in a flat. I was at my family's house. I didn't knew where they have a toilet, so I opened the window and did my thing. I looked down. I was at a third storey, and there were people training down there. Suddenly I felt that I need to do it again. A cousin joined me, ut he was only looking at the people down there.

      Then his mother appeared, shouted at me and showed me where thay have toilet. It was occupied though. And then a priest came to visit the family. They were eating, while I waited for the toilet. I decided to go down to the basement, as I was sure there's another toilet that nobody uses.

      I was sneaking. It was dark down there, but I went on. One section of it was flooded a little, so I decided to check whats wrong. I went there, and saw that I'm not the only one in the basement. I saw cousin's brother going to meet someone. I tried to hide, but they spotted me and hidden.

      Suddenly landlord appeared. I tried to hide underwater, but he somehow spotted me. With the cousin and his friend we went to the landlord. He asked what we were doing here and I said Smoking cola! Surprised, he said that we can go away if I'd smoke all the cola in ten seconds.

      I took some parts and made a coca-cola smoking pipe. The landlord filled the reservoir with cola, and I smoked. I felt strong smell of cola in the air. I almost done it. I was late only a second.
    7. Fast Burn

      by , 01-07-2015 at 02:33 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #396 - DILD - 7:12AM

      I was feeling really off this morning and decided to sleep a little longer before going in to work. The result was a cool LD. Totally worth it.

      I wake from a dream and try to DEILD. I as I sink back into sleep I feel very mild vibrations. I get overly excited and feel my heart race. I try to calm myself but the vibrations end. I should nose plugged here to make sure but I assume I woke up too much. I try to focus on relaxing my body as I put my attention on my crown chakra. I quickly lose focus.

      I am at some mixed version of my current workplace and my old elementary school. I see several people from work. Someone is walking with me outside. There is an open area where many people have gathered together holding yellow lilies. Somehow I know they are having a funeral from someone's pet. I remark to my friend how dumb this is as we walk through the crowd and enter the building on the other side.

      I feel like I am sitting in a car but I am inside some room. There is a fat bearded guy talking about selling me some herbs. He mentions a list. I only recall him talking about Achuma and Kratom but the list is actually much longer. I say, "That's ok dude. I buy all my shit online."
      He replies with, "I also have some weed."
      I was about to walk out of the room but I pause at this. "Um... ok. Do you sell bags or single joints?" I really just want a joint.
      "Both", he says.
      I remember that I have some cash but I left my wallet in the car. Also, I worry that other people will hear this exchange. "Um. I'll get with you later." He nods and I step back outside.

      There are still many people gathered around for the funeral. I realize I am smoking a cigarette next to Spencer. I remember that I quit smoking and begin to feel sick. I have only smoked half the cigarette and I feel a little bad for wasting it as I throw it down. I look up at the people standing around, as I wonder why I was even smoking. I look back down at the cigarette and watch the rest of it fast burn into ash. At that moment I recognize that I must be dreaming. I know I had a goal in mind but I don't care because, I think what I just saw was the coolest thing ever. I also notice that I have never smoked a cigarette in a lucid dream.

      I quickly search around for another cigarette. I don't think to check my pockets but instead rummage around the nearst area. I see two empty plastic planters stacked on a low concrete wall. I quickly find something the right shape, but as I focus on it, I see it is a white crayon. I decide this will do and I hold it like a cigarette as I mimic a lighter motion with my other hand. I see sparks and flame as I put it to the end of the crayon. I take a nice long draw from it and in hale. Jeff is standing next to me watching and I intentionally blow the smoke in his face. I notice the taste and feel as do this; it's all very faint. Jeff smiles and lets out a laugh while looking astonished. I walk away and decide to show off for the crowd. I really want to repeat the fast burn cigarette at will. I spot my friend Lindsey in the crowd as I step up on the low wall. I avoid her gaze as I know she would disapprove of my smoking in waking life. I hold the cigarette up for all to see and point at the tip with my other hand. As I move my finger from tip to butt the cigarette fast burns and drops away as ash. I hear a few people gasp but mostly there is laughter. The dream goes black and I quickly wake up.
    8. Mirrors in an opera house

      by , 12-07-2014 at 07:48 PM
      I've been following something in the form of a child through a place that reminds me of the Flavian Amphitheatre, though I'm aware this isn't Rome or any other physical place; I'm climbing a spiraling staircase along the outer wall, with the arena far below to my left, and arches to my right looking out onto water, and I've just gone lucid in order to focus on remembering what I'm seeing through those arches. The sky is dazzlingly bright.

      As I climb higher, the water is replaced by images of another place. I'm seeing an opera house sometime in the early 20th century, but at impossible angles - I see the audience in their boxes, a row of tables outside the theatre proper, a strip of grass and hedges from the little garden outside the building, all at the same time. The effect is something like looking through a faceted gem or a kaleidoscope, with images from different angles jammed right next to each other. Instead of seeing the walls, I see mirrors reflecting nothing, just bright, shining glass. I spot a man I think of as me, though he looks nothing like me - a young man with white hair, sitting at one of the tables outside the theatre proper and smoking. And as I continue climbing, my perspective moving along the audience, there's a woman in one of the boxes who catches my attention - a young black woman with her hair pulled back tight into a bun, in a pale purple gown. It strikes me as very important that I'm seeing her here in the audience, not on the stage.

      I looked around for text in order to get some context, but while I found plenty of writing, it refused to cooperate, even swirling into spiraling shapes before my eyes. I don't normally have trouble reading while dreaming, lucid or not, so I thought of this as being deliberately evasive.

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    9. Superman smoking?

      by , 09-21-2014 at 11:30 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Superman smoking? (Non-lucid)


      I believe I might have been superman in this dream, but I did not look like him nor was dressed like him, so maybe I just believed I was superman and had some of his powers.

      I was in a mall, and this mall had a huge tower next to it, apparently, it was owned by some weird people that accused me that I was smoking in a no-smoke place. So I went inside this tower to complain and as I tried to fly up, some guy fought me but I was able to beat him easily while I was flying upwards.

      They thew something at me as I started to feel dizzy and see everything fading, but I was able to focus to get on the top, but when I did, some of they guys threw a small white sphere, that for some reason I had the urge to pick it up before it smashed at the bottom of the tower. It looked something like this:

      I flew fast to grab it, which I successfully did and went back up and got into the office. As I entered, there were a few reclining chairs and some people eating bread. There were two females that appeared to be awakening at a spiritual level and my wife was there too. I was considering in sharing with one of those two ladies that I was no Superman, but a psychic medium and give her a reading, but my wife was not sure if any of them would accept it.
    10. Change in Earth's Rotation, Work/Recess/Paper Praise, and Open-World Gaming

      by , 09-21-2014 at 11:25 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was watching something play out about this teenage boy who was going to have a meeting at his house about a change happening with the planet's rotation. There was someone, an adult woman, who was trying to stop him from having the meeting. He did finally have the meeting, and I saw this really cool holographic image of what I guess was the Earth spinning with some gold trail coming off of it when it spun.


      I was at work, but it was outside in this big field. It was still the bakery; there was an open building in the middle of the field. I saw Brittany, a girl I worked with at another job, shopping. Others saw her too and said hello, saying she didn't even look like she had had a baby (she had a baby a few years ago IWL). She then started to work there. I guess she worked at another store. I "remembered" that she sometimes came and worked at our store. I also saw my brother there, talking on the phone. I tried to get his attention to talk to him, but he was ignoring me. Was he mad at me for some reason?

      I then walked out of the bakery and into the field. There were many people there, all outside for a very big recess. There was a school nearby. I ran into my first real boyfriend from high school, B, and someone else, a girl. They were smoking this huge, weird, skinny pipe that had traditional wooden yellow pencils sticking out from it all over the place. B asked me if I wanted to smoke. I took the weird pencil pipe and wasn't sure which side I was even supposed to smoke out of. There was smoke coming out of it, and it smelled horrible. I asked what they were even smoking, and B said it was weed and something else, can't remember what. I thought about taking a hit and being high, which would break my sobriety. It would also impair my thinking, so I decided against it. Besides, with all the smoke billowing out of that thing, I'm sure I got some sort of second-hand hit without meaning to.

      I then was inside the school in a classroom. I was there with only a few others, and the light was off in the room. We had written these papers about what we wanted to do with our lives, and we would actually get to spend some time doing a sort of internship having to do with the subject of our paper. I had written about wanting to help disabled children. The teacher had already read the papers. She then told me that mine was outstanding and really praised me for it. I thought about an internship and spending a lot of time with children. I was nervous, because I really haven't spent time with little kids since I was a kid. I saw a group of people walking towards me. There were kids, adults, and what looked like a League of Legends character, Fizz I think is his name.


      I was playing this open-world online game where you could pick your character. I was some small either blue or purple fox-like character playing with another one that was either blue or purple, whichever color I wasn't. We were running around in this field, doing some platforming and stuff. We did this for quite awhile. My character would sometimes say something in a feminine voice, like gameplay tips or something.

      We then were in this boss room that we didn't mean to go into. It was a circular room with another, smaller glassed-in room in the middle. All these guys started to come out. The person I was with was now my friend Caitlin, though she was still the fox in-game. I heard her voice say something about the boss in a panic, but I can't remember what. We ran into the glassed-in room for safety, and watched more and more guys come out. We needed to get out of there somehow without getting hit. We eventually made a run for it and got out of the boss room and were in another weird-looking dark room. It was creepy because I didn't know if enemies would come out, but they didn't.

      I was outside again, but this time, with a different character, a more humanoid one this time. More running around and platforming. There was a point where I was alone and platforming, and my character gave me a tip about gliding. I then was in first person, and felt like I was actually the character in the air mid-glide.

      I then kept waking up every few minutes and going back to sleep briefly and entering the dream again, knowing that I had to be up for work soon. I kept seeing different, later times in the dream than it was IWL, andI'd wake up and look at the clock, only to see a few minutes had passed.
    11. Weird Sex Ed Class

      by , 09-12-2014 at 07:52 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Just gonna put the whole thing in a spoiler tag. This dream doesn't strike any personal issues with me, but some people might find it inappropriate.

      Proceed at your own risk.

      Spoiler for not for the faint of heart:
      Tags: condom, crush, sex, smoking
    12. Petrol Station Thief, MMA TUF (13.8.14)

      by , 08-13-2014 at 01:06 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1 - 4:50AM

      I'm inside a petrol station when someone steals. The store clerk (SC) hits the panic button which is next to me at the counter. I think the panic button locked doors from the inside or called police. The person gets out in time and enters a car which has a sanded down side door panel. The SC walks out into the back room. I wander around the shop and I start to feel as if I would be suspicious if caught walking around the shop by myself with no SC to be seen. I see the SC walk back into the room and try and make it as if I'm not up to no good, so I ask if the person got away. They did. I see the car drive passed station on the main road. I see someone behind the SC that I know. It's Pet Rediva. He asks me how to update a graphics card for a computer. I reply asking if it's an AMD card, which it was, and tell him to download a program called AMD auto-update. My cousin Phill who was next to be nods his head and agrees that it's the correct way. Phil looked like he was thinking of an option to download as I said it. I tell Pete that I you can there is generic brands which is linked to AMD, which can also be updated. Pete gives off the impression that he's confused.

      More people are now in the petrol station and there's a long L shaped table which is about 10-15 metres long, with people sitting at it. I seem to be smoking, and see that MMA Legend Tito Ortiz is standing next to me at the counter. I don't think he likes the smell of cigarettes and I respect that and turn away from him towards the bin. I then move to the other side of the table where I see a chair under the table. A man is tapping his hand on it and I feel bad for taking it and think about giving it back to him.

      I'm now at my house and it's night. Dad and I are outside and reversing car into garage. He's backing up on a different angle then he usually does and I think about getting out and helping him. I didn't want him to drive too dose to my gym or mess up the gym flooring.

      Dream 2 - 8:50AM

      I'm in a MMA cage and I see 2 MMA fighters, Uriah Faber playing around wrestling with Jon Jones.

      Two Thai fighters are at each corners of the cage and ready to fight one another. There's an announcement of a new season of The Ultimate Fighter. The cast members of the season all walk into the cage. They all look around 5 foot tall and look of Thai descent. The fighters in the corner are in the new season also. One of them is upset when he figures out who's going to be his coach. It's Tim Kennedy.

      Dream Fragment:

      Dad says something about knowing that his parking sucked due to seeing my dream diary. I thought it was fascinating that he changed what he was going to due to my dream entry. (Think this another dream linked to first dream when Dad was reversing the car)

      Side Notes:

      Woke up at 4:45AM and couldn't get to sleep for some time. Practiced the SSILD technique for the hell of it.
    13. The Smoking Hero, Making Up The Numbers (24.7.14)

      by , 07-24-2014 at 01:51 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1
      Recorded at 6:10am

      I see a scene where Ellen Degeneres is interviewing a black guy. [i think he's famous IRL]. They're sitting on single seated couches. He's smoking while getting interviewed and Ellen seems bothered by it and whooshes smoke away from her when it drifts over.

      I'm now in the car with Kayley. She's driving and I'm in the passenger seat. I see that Kayley is smoking [she doesn't smoke] and It reminds me that it need smokes for when I get home. Kayley shows me my deck of smokes which I left with her. I have a look in the pack and notice that there's quite a few still left. I see a smaller cigarette compared to the rest of them and think that it might be a joint. I think about smoking it but then think about how I usually feel when I smoke [anti-social and dumb lol]. I light up a smoke and start to smoke it [i don't smoke]. I expect it to taste like home made smokes. It doesn't have a very strong taste at all.

      I arrive at a house which is either Daryl's old house or close to it. It looks like it's been abandoned or trashed a little. I see armed forces take position outside house. I take a peek out and see that they have guns drawn. It's blurry at first when looking at the soldiers but as I focus more it becomes clear. They begin shooting in my direction and I flee into another house. This house has a futuristic feel to it. Metal walls and massive automatic opening doors, which open like a supermarket door would. I see a scene of a commercial. It's showing some text and some artwork while explaining that black people need to send this message onto a white person. For some reason I feel I should give it to Kayley. I feel bad for Kayley's house and ask her to reload the scene so I could do things differently and change what has happened.

      The scene has been reloaded and I go into Kayley's house and see that nothing is inside it.

      Dream 2
      Recorded at 8:20am

      I'm playing football on a football oval in a real match. I feel hesitant to get fully involved in the game. A couple times I get and run as hard as I can after the ball but lack top speed [I'm a quick runner IRL] to chase down the ball before the opponent reaches it.

      I see Luke Nite on the opposition team. We rough each other up a little to show that there's no such thing as mates during the game. A free kick has been given and it's up for grabs on who wants to take it. Jeff Bradsure offers to take it. He looks more leaner then he usually looks. He lines up for the shot and kicks if from the 50 meter mark and kicks it through the goals for 6 points. I start to wonder why I haven't been benched yet, due to not getting a touch of the ball yet. I look to the bench to see if we have enough players for subbing one another off and on. I could see 2-3 people on the bench.

      I'm now off the pitch and walking along side the oval. I see soldiers laying down looking for targets. I line up my gun up to head height and pull the trigger. I'm after headshots only [previous day I played a game where I needed headshots to unlock a gun]. I reach some sort of skinny trench and I think I've been spotted by the enemy near the exit. I see him and kill him also.

      I see a restricted and patrolled area up ahead. There's explosive barrels bunched up in front of the ramps from stopping people from using the ramps for riding or driving over for fun. I get on a quad bike bike and avoid the barrels and head straight for the ramps. I get a decent amount of air and seem to be having a good time. My bike begins to bounce higher and higher each time I land. It gets to the point of where I am bouncing at least 20 meters into the air. I keep just missing the barrels as I land and just my judgement. I either mention or show my Dad of what I'm doing.

      I'm now at the end of the patrolled area and it feels as if I'm at the end of a map (as if I'm I was playing a video game). I get off the bike and walk to where I expect it to end and I see that there's paint there. I try to see if I can walk beyond that point and to my surprise I could continue walking. The area seemed to be deserted and had the feeling of half night and half day.

      Side Notes:

      I have a good nights sleep. I have a decent chance to attempt a quick wild as I awaken. I see fairly vivid imagery and scenes which come and go. I stay completely still hoping for the dream to appear. I start to think about my dream I just had and figured it would be close to my time to get up, so I stop the wild attempt and focus on my last dream I have just had.
    14. processing dream.

      by , 07-20-2014 at 06:54 AM

      Before bed.
      Four shots of cheap light rum. Smoked. Ate Nutter Butters with milk.

      I finally recalled a dream (barely).
      I know smoking affects my dream recall greatly,
      but I'm going to start experimenting with that.
      It wasn't much a dream.

      It was actually a process dream, which I have just read about.
      I was at work, in uniform and all. I had a lot of free time.
      [ I've been ahead at work lately, so I'm guessing that's where that translated from. ]
      So I started folding a bunch of these little pink pastry boxes.
      [ I work at a bakery. ]
      And that's all I did in my dream. Fold box after box after box.

      Sort of annoying. But, I'm just happy to have recalled anything at all.
      Blame on the alcohol?

    15. 6/26/14 - throat cancer

      by , 06-27-2014 at 06:28 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      Dream Fragment:I'm standing in front of the tv in the living room just staring at the wall behind it, then my mom walks in and starts talking about how she's been talking to my dad, and me and my sister become angry, but then she says he has throat cancer then I become somewhat concerned, but only somewhat. I think to myself it's probably from all those cigarettes he smokes. I tell her to tell him to poor his urine down his throat and then to stop contact because it might be one of his tricks again.
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