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    1. Spellbee's Spooky comp night 12

      by , 10-28-2016 at 01:34 AM
      1 pt non-lucid
      2 pts wbtb
      = 3 pts 3+ 114.5=117.5
      3 Step Goal:
      Element Manipulation
      Practice a Waking Life Hobby

      Personal New Goals:
      Voyage through a crack I make in the earth
      Find my dream house
      Take a magical train to another country

      Week 2 task Intermediate:
      Put on a halloween costume and gain the powers/abilities of the costume.

      D1: Walking to my car after shopping at a flea market. I make a wrong turn & so do a bunch of other ppl. We are all trying to walk to our cars where we are in the middle of a gun fight. There a gang of mean bikers. ( I should note that most all the bikers that I've ever met in my life were nice ppl who raise money in my town.) They are everywhere & haul us all back to their cabin where they make us all work for them. A man & his wife were running things but mostly they weren't seen together. This dream was really long. There were a lot of escape attempts that went bad & ppl got hurt in various ways. We started wearing padding under our clothes because of all of the bullets that were flying so often. These ppl holding us there were really violent. I kept having to gather intel to try & find a way out & to try & stay safe. I was informing the new ppl who had just arrived about the padding. I'm gritting my teeth & they break & chip off. I'm trying to convince the woman to ease up on us. This place was being attacked by another gang, hence the padding idea helped quite a bit. There was a horrible blood bath fight so I upped my search to find a way out. So when they took us to this water slide being made out of actual tunnels that were next to the cabin. It wasn't finished but I was told it would be the most expensive slide attraction in the world when it was done. I start my decent down the slide when Meesha Cat jumps on my head in real life & I freak the hell out! It was only 2 minutes until my wbtb alarm so I'll count that as this time.
      D2: I'm fishing in my parking lot for a living. You gotta love the dream world! Other ppl were fishing out fish & other odd things. My dream grandson was supposed to be watching a movie in a near by movie theater type place but it's supposed to be an elaborate daycare. It was really big, like an auditorium. There is a roller coaster in there & things are happening that is some what like a Harry Potter kind of theme of things that are magically happening. I try to call my daughter at work & some guy tells me that if I was a good mom she would be there but cuz I won't take care of her kids she has to stay home. I'm so mad but I don't say anything to correct him. I ask him if he is her boss & he says no. My alarm goes off & I get up.
    2. Another nightmare about the movie "Saw"

      by , 11-17-2012 at 04:19 PM
      I'm in my grandparents' house (my father's parents), yet somehow the house looks messed up and the rooms are bigger and contain strange tools...suddenly, I see my 2 cousins S&K in a trap by Jigsaw..they are hanged from their upper bodies and they have to get their hands in a device that will cut/crush them or in 30 second their legs will be cut....unfortunately, they lose and the device cut their legs...they fall on the floor n start spitting blood and then they die (sorry for being graphical, but it was even worse in the dream)
      next scene...I'm in the bedroom (same house) and the furniture is the same as in real life this time..then my cousins are behind me, I say: how come you're alive???!! they say that this is a new episode so everyone lives again..
      I was afraid Jigsaw would put me in a trap...but after what they said, I was a little relieved.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    3. Centi Pizza/A Cleaner Workplace/Car Murder

      by , 08-15-2012 at 03:59 PM (Into the Whirlpool)
      Centi Pizza
      There is a particular brand of frozen pizza that is supposedly all the rage right now; in fact it's attained legendary status as some sort of superfood. However, I've never had it because the store I shop at has never carried it. (Later I learn that this is because supplies of the pizza are tightly rationed for some reason--maybe overwhelming demand?) Today I'm in the store and everyone is buzzing because THE PIZZA IS HERE. At first it seems like I'm not going to be able to get my hands on any because while there are free samples available, people apparently needed to reserve a sample in advance! But as I'm walking around the store that doesn't actually seem to be the case. I start to see samples set out everywhere, with labels like "Try this tonight for dinner!" The pizza is basic cheese and pepperoni and comes in little bite-size rolls. I take one and pop it into my mouth. It's lukewarm and doesn't really taste like anything special--I can faintly taste the pepperoni, but otherwise it almost has no taste at all. Yet after I've had one bite I discover I can't stop eating it. I NEED more. I'm walking around the store eating handfuls of pizza bites, and I can see open pizza boxes everywhere because apparently store employees and customers alike are all just WOLFING this stuff down. I see M.M. from work, who holds up a pizza box and says "Hey Coyote, did you hear about the new pizza they finally--" and I interrupt him with a cheery "Yup, way ahead of ya!" Apparently this pizza goes under the brand name of "Centilavi" ("Cantilavi"?) or just Centi for short. I think E.L. from work is also there.

      There are also other pizza samples in the store, but they're from a different maker and they're whole pizzas, not bite-sized things. I take a bite of one piece and discover it is actually pizza cleverly interwoven with large sticky blocks of pasta. It actually doesn't taste bad (it's similar to the Centi pizza in that I can't really taste anything) but the idea of a pizza-pasta hybrid grosses me out, so I stop eating it. Another piece (of regular pizza this time) is supposedly "super spicy" and features some kind of meat with spicy sauce, but again I can barely taste it, and what I can taste doesn't seem spicy at all.

      A Cleaner Workplace
      I'm leaving work, but before I go I have a conversation with someone about how much cleaner the place used to be when it had a full complement of cleaning staff. I pass through a number of small rooms and hallways on my way to the exit (it's a pretty labyrinthine workplace in my dream, apparently). Just before the exit there's a large room that serves as a warehouse area; the left side of the room is fenced off to create a corridor for foot traffic. In the warehouse is a woman who starts out looking vaguely like S.W. (medium-length blond hair) but ends up having dark, very curly hair by the end of our conversation. We talk about the same thing: the office's former cleanliness. The woman mentions that we also used to be fully OSHA-compliant (I think she said OSHA) and I have a memory of seeing some sort of chart with green dots on it that illustrates our former compliance levels. "If you go way back to the 90s," she says, you'd see a real difference in how things looked. I start to laugh at this, thinking she's making a joke by saying "back to the 90s," but then realize she's not laughing. I quickly apologize and say that I've only been working here since... 2008 (it takes me a minute to come up with the year) so I wouldn't know what it was like back then. She nods. While we are talking, a few more people have come into the warehouse, and I'm suddenly aware that they're all standing fairly close by as if they're listening to us. (One of them looks like J.R. but has his hair in a ponytail.) I suddenly feel uncomfortable bitching about the workplace in front of them. I'm about to leave the woman with one last assenting remark that her observations are right on the money, but because of the onlookers I change my mind... and then am at a complete loss for what I should *actually* say. I stand there with my mouth open for almost 10 seconds while I try to come up with something. Finally I say something like "If we meet again, I'd like to talk more about this" and this seems to satisfy her. I walk away and realize I don't know her name and she probably doesn't know mine.

      Car Murder
      There's some sort of incredible new model of car that I may have been test driving (this part of the dream is hazy). I'm walking down the sidewalk to get to where my car is parked and pass one version of this model, but it's not my car. I can hear a group of young guys partway down the street heckling loudly at someone's car because it's the shiny new model, and I know instantly that they're looking at my car. I increase my pace and hope I don't find them vandalizing it or anything. I get there and discover that my car is actually kind of a hybrid of old and new: it has the new model's frame (or maybe just part of it?) but still has its old tires and the same beat-up front license plate. Well, when I say it has its old tires, it actually only has *two* of those tires: both the right front and right rear tires are completely gone, yet the car is upright and balanced as if nothing was missing. I think the gang stole the tires (I am dimly aware that they're surrounding the car) but I don't see any signs that anyone there is responsible for the theft, aside from the continued heckling. As I watch, the car suddenly bucks, like a horse, all on its own; the front of it bends in a weird way as if there's some kind of extra joint in the hood. This gets a louder jeering from the crowd. One guy approaches the front of the car, and suddenly the car bucks again and somehow *grabs onto him* with its front fender. The car rears up high in the air, then comes down hard, slamming the guy into the pavement. He brokenly tries to get to his feet, stammering "But I--" and the car picks him up and begins to roll forward, slamming him down again and again and again until there's nothing left of the guy except a smear of red paste stretching down the road. I am standing on the sidewalk, stunned, with my mouth open. From across the street the guy's mother comes running out of an apartment. "Joe! JOE!" she yells. There's a pause and then the mother lets out a wordless, resounding shriek that echoes off the buildings. At this point I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to be held accountable for Joe's murder (even though I had nothing to do with it) since I'm the owner of the car.

      [small skip] The mother is kneeling on the sidewalk next to me. I am next to her with an arm around her back for support. I can see blood on her dress. She talks quietly and seems much calmer after her initial outburst. There is a tight group of people surrounding the two of us, but they are friends. I don't feel threatened at this point, since it doesn't seem like the mother is looking to place blame on anyone for the incident. (A calculating part of me knows this is because I made sure to be by her side and befriend her from the get-go.) For some reason we're talking about mental health, I think. I don't remember much of the conversation except that at one point someone asks "Well, how's Chihiro Onitsuka* doing these days [with her issues]?" Someone replies that she's hanging on, but barely, and that the national health system "let her off with a warning," whatever that means. It's an odd conversation but suggests that mental problems are pretty heavily stigmatized and that people have few if any resources when it comes to seeking help for them.

      *Oni is a wonderful Japanese singer.
    4. The Important Seeming One...

      by , 06-14-2012 at 03:22 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid
      I don't really remember anything from last night, so let's go back through the archives and post one of the most standout dreams I've ever had which was lost when that hacking incident occurred. This is a slightly smaller version of the original post due to me forgetting a lot of it during the interim.

      It has a really vivid series of characters, most of whom I know from real life but only in vague sort of ways.

      Shit gets a bit full-on at the end and I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on it:

      10th of February, 2012

      It was mine and Nooks' wedding day but I'd forgotten to organise a suit or even groomsmen.

      Eventually that fact changed and the wedding was to be tomorrow instead, so it all worked out. To celebrate this new fact, I went to a casino-type place and ate oysters covered in absinthe and vodka (*shudders*)
      After a fair bit of rowdiness and haziness, I awoke in bed with Danni (a random girl who sold Nooks her car) but it was a purely platonic thing; I was just sleepin'.

      Danni told me that her wedding to Arin (her boyfriend at the time) had been particularly average at best, and that he'd most recently just gotten her porn for her birthday. She was pretty upset and we talked for a while with her warning me to do my best or some such thing.

      At one point I must've left because I next found myself coming home, where I discovered a bunch of people (Danni included) moving our bins out onto the kerb for collection. They were bringing them out of a strange little indoor glasshouse/bike shed so I went to help them and casually mentioned that today was my wedding day.
      To clear my head I went for a stroll/ride down the street where I bumped into Seon's dad, who was apparently a doctor. He looked at me then ran into the street and began yelling out this amazingly lovely speech about me- things like "His eyes are truly open!" and semi-profound dream statements like that.

      During his little moment, Arin came up and was talking to him and crying. We asked him what was up and he said that he and Danni had broken up but that it was okay because she was beautiful and wonderful, but not the girl he really loved.

      After that he went off and began working at a corner-store which I followed him to and ordered a spring roll. He got one from a bookshelf and gave it to me and I thought it was only half cooked coz it was all soggy on one side. Turns out it was actually half cheese, half spring roll. D'uh.

      I realised I'd left my phone and wallet on a table outside at that moment, so I went out to collect it and eat my gross lunch. From the doorway, I noticed Tabitha taking my money and gleefully counting it. I accused her of stealing but she refused to give it back so I started getting physically violent with her. I decided that the best course of action was to have a People's Court and asked those around what they'd seen. Somehow they sided with her so I grabbed her by the throat and threw her inside the store, warning her that "I reckon at least one prostitute is killed by a man every day... It's a bad day to be a prostitute." Then I laughed coz it was a bit of a stupid insult.

      Somehow she became a deputy of some kind that I reported to a Sheriff who was having a cup of coffee nearby. As I was doing that, I noticed a TV playing in the background which I entered the vision of:

      It was a woman sitting on a deck in a rocking chair, slowly cutting up a baby in this profoundly, excruciatingly, extremely graphic nature; just sort of peeling it and getting covered in blood. The baby was just sitting there staring straight at me and blinking every now and then. Not making a sound as she slowly cut off it's arms and feet. It was mortifying but I couldn't look away.
      After a while of watching this I began to vomit grey goo over the railing and then I woke up, disturbed yet intrigued by the contents of such a dream.
    5. The murderer's accomplice

      by , 01-22-2012 at 06:55 PM
      Dream: January 14, 2012

      This was another one of my 9-day dreams, the dream that occurs once every nine days since I began blogging/journalling. Although more of my dreams were being remembered now, this one was particularly stark (reader's discretion advised).

      A dark tragedy unfolded in 1989: the Montreal Massacre, at the École Polytechnique in December of that year. The perpetrator was Marc Lépine, who went on a rampage against those he called 'feminists'. This time, he was still alive, had an accomplice, and that was me.

      I didn't know what the murderer really looked like, but the description seemed to fit. He uncocked his gun, shot fewer than a dozen people, who fell to the ground. That part would be blocked out from my memory, for I too was in shock.

      We ran onto some grounds, a mix between a university campus and a hospital. The perpetrator again pointed his gun, but this time some security guards ran out, using walkie-talkies to signal each other that there had been an incident nearby. One or two of them were female, blonde, but none of them knew of our presence. Other than the atrocities we were about to commit, it was a rather fine day, little or no snow on the grass, and not a cloud in the sky.

      We ran beside a concrete wall, in some type of enclosure. Marc lined up four adults: two men and two women; two Asians, one middle-eastern and one Caucasian. None of them seemed related. I stood to the side as the crime scene unfolded. The lights dimmed. It was a scary sight.

      One by one, he shot them with a semi-automatic revolver. Blood flowed from their faces, and they dropped to the floor. A short time later, I woke up, trying to remember what was going on.

      I had had some dreams before, in which a murder took place. Usually though, the person being pursued or killed was me. This time, though, I had actually been the accomplice to a murder. Never before had I been the actual murderer. Well, let's just hope it stays that way.
    6. Vitamin B-12

      by , 12-04-2011 at 06:21 PM (The Labrynth of the Mind)
      I tried 1800mcg of vitamin B-12 before bed last night. However, I did not get to sleep until late, and I had to take other medication for a cough that I have. I only remember one dream, which was kind of vivid but my recall is poor.

      Bleeding disease

      I am watching some people doing something. One guy has a terrible disease, which is contageous. Still, he spends time with his wife, and other people. He and his wife are sitting at a table in a restaraunt, and the "camera" focuses on the wife. There is something significant about the way that she scratches her leg, and I realize that she is getting the disease. I then see the guy, who is bleeding from his mouth. His mouth is filling with blood, and I know that this is part of the disease. The disease causes people to bleed everywhere, until they dissolve and die. Where the woman is itching, I know that she will start bleeding.

      In another scene, the man has gone to visit Sherlock Holmes. They are talking, and I think the man is now bleeding from his eyes. Holmes finds out what is going on, but is he able to stop it before he himself is killed? His fingers begin to itch, and soon he is bleeding from his fingertips.
    7. Nighthog's Archive: 21 January 2010

      by , 06-11-2010 at 02:37 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      21st January 2010

      I had somewhat trouble to sleep and woke up constantly. Though I did manage to have decent recall for now. But there were so many different scenarios.

      House in living tree:
      I'm in some kind of RPG and I have entered this house but when I exit we need to cast spells to kill the monster plants that come down from the branches around the house. I see it's house inside the tree.
      I cast some kind of spell that looks like water rain falling on them and that subdues the plants. I need to walk all around the tree to do so for all these things. From somewhere I get a hint that there is a golden amulet dropped somewhere. I need to find that. It's like a special item that you can find here after you defeated the plants.
      I have almost walked all around and see this small water stream come from underneath the tree I stand in the water looking if the amulet might be there. No luck.
      Then I see there is this hidden path on the backside of the tree and I decide to walk on it and I enter this hidden room behind. There is various stuff about I remember. Sadly I woke up.

      Here I got up and woke myself good for to try a WILD, sadly it didn't work to well as I could not keep myself asleep.

      Portal to the moon,Finding the mirror, the frustrated adventure:
      I'm entering the sleep beeing lucid, I can walk about but it's really dark. Haven't gotten fully there. Sadly it manages to fade...

      I try again and again but I just have random stuff popup.
      At last I fall asleep... but I'm not completely lucid.

      I'm in university I recognize. What am I doing here? I see the place is crammed whit people. Looks like I'm still a student. Some course is about to begin. I see people I somewhat recognize.
      I see the girl I like... She is walking to the elevator. I want to talk to her and follow she doesn't notice me. As she gets to the elevator some other guy comes from the other direction and they greet each other happily asking stuff what the others been doing.
      They both enter the elevator I decide I should not bother and let them go in and I walk away.

      I enter a computer class room figuring I'll sit at the computers... I look around the computers are diffrent from what I remember.
      I look back to the entrance door. I see some people. I know I'm in a dream. What to do?
      I walk out from the class room and keep walking in the corridor. I see a window outside. I can just as well jump out I figure. I pass through the window like it's not there and float down to the grounds below. The place was at the third floor. I see all kind of people about outside. There usually isn't this many outside...
      I see there is some tables set outside and such. A fair? It's summer. I slowly levitate down to the ground and I see some person recognizes me. But I don't know him. He smiles and is about to ask me something. He did but can't figure out what it was. I really didn't answer back. Just made a pass by remark to get to what I want. I'm lucid.
      I escape and walk away I look around and whats going about. The students are enjoying themselves I see.
      I just about exit the school turned away from the building I was in...
      Wait I'm lucid so what am I gonna do? I'll go to the moon... A portal... damn I need a mirror. There were mirrors in the toilets in school... I turn around... The school and all people are gone?! Damn it...

      I walk back... can't see a hint off the university at all... Were the heck can I find a mirror now.
      I can try and summon one! I do so and try... no mirror appears...
      Ok... So I'll need to go and find one then. I start to walk in some direction. I'm close to the city central, but more like walking the outskirts. I can probably find a mirror in some shop I guess.
      I walk in some streets to find a shop. I see a truck in my way have to walk around it. There is a shop on the other side and I enter it. They have house lamps and whatnot random stuff there. But no mirrors?! I'm disappointed and try to look harder. No there isn't any... Maybe they have a toilet? Can't find it... I've now entered some other themed shop.. Looks like stuff for woman.. I feel discomfort I try to exit. Can't find the exit door. I walk and walk and the stuff changes on what you can buy... more neutral stuff. But still no exit door... Then I see a hint... I walk into something that looks like a spiral staircase. There is a small passage on the side... Looks like a window.. I squeeze myself to the small passage and see it's a door... More like a emergency exit though. The door opens upward so I have to lift it. I walk out and see some older woman walk by. She is confused about where I just came from...
      "It's really a door" I say and close it carefully.
      "Oh really?" she asks in amazement.
      "there is a shop in there" I say.
      She looks and sees the stuff but I see she is confused why to hide the entrance like that.
      "I have no idea why the door is like this. Maybe it's a secondary exit or something"
      "There is probably a main entrance somewhere"
      I say good bye and start to walk away. I see some other older woman walk by and they were looking/listening and seemed amazed as well. I just gave a short nick and look as I passed by.

      there is a discrepancy on what happened next, I think I woke up shortly.
      But the frustrated adventure begins next.

      When I got back I was going through some loading dock inside a building I had just exited another shop I guess through their storage part. I see a truck going along this path to this huge weird door that opens. I pass out as the door was still open...
      Where I enter next is nothing at all what I expected. I've gone down to some huge construction and industrial area. I'm in a huge dug hole and I see something huge is being constructed there in steel. The steel rods for some building I guess are being assembled in a huge area. I look back from where I came and it looks like a huge industrial machine spitting out the material for the construction. It's as huge as a industrial plant. The place looks surreal. Kinda given a WOW effect in my mind. But the place was eerily creepy and desolate. I decide to leave and go back this dirt path from where I came. I walk next to the thing spiting out the stuff for construction. There is a paved road going there into the distance next to the plant. The entrance where I exited is replaced whit this conveyor where the stuff comes out from. I start to walk on this.
      As I'm leaving behind the area I was just in I see I'm in the industrial part of town I'm guessing. It will take time to get home I guess. I see some houses in the near by. Not many in this part of town. I now have suddenly a motorbike to cruise around. I start to travel on some side walks and bicycle roads instead of the main roads. I suddenly realize I can't travel on a motorbike on these roads and start to lift it up and walk insteadand try to get back to the main roads.
      I end up getting to a river and there is like this old ship pier there... but only like the thing cut out from the river banks where the smaller boat would be put. I see it hasn't been used for ages. Stuff has grown everywhere now. Must have been used minimum 100years back. The sides have some concrete block. My bike is gone. There is only some forest paths here. I see some older house near by where one path goes into. Can't enter there I figure and the other path goes next to the river.

      I woke up.
      I think I had some more adventures to find a mirror but never did I manage. memory is vague... then came the sudden weird dream that was really creepy.

      The... what the **** happened
      I enter a scene I'm not part of the dream but like a 3rd party observer looking at parts of a movie where the cameras would be.

      WARNING! BLOOD AND GORE... disturbing!

      Spoiler for read if you want:

      The Sword:
      I managed to put the before off from my mind for a while to manage sleep again.

      I was again walking in town somewhere. I jumped down next to a smaller ledge to a street below I think. I saw there a garbage container. I somehow just picked out from below some junk a sword just like that. I looked at it a bit and the sheet for it. It was wooden handle in natural colour. The blade seemed be made out from real good craftsmanship and ultra sharp I felt. I decided I want to keep it.
      Some lucid thought I had thought of keeping it in storage in a portal or the sort. For a time when I would need it. But no such thing appeared.
      I decided to hold it instead. I had it out from it's sheet and was going and walking along again. I saw a park or something in front of me and was heading toward there.
      Some people had from somewhere joined my walk. I came up to the park and had a short thought I can't be walking around whit a sword... I put it back in it's sheet. I saw it was weird. You could pull it out sideways from it as it was open on one side. I almost cut my fingers thanks to that.

      lucid thought again, doesn't matter it's a dream. I can have the sword around.
      I saw a table and benches here and this old Asian looking man. From somewhere I thought it would be a good idea and approach him.
      "What do we have here" I hear him say. Looking at me and the Japanese sword I thought it was.
      "I just found this in the garbage container over there" I said and pointed over to the container where I had found it.
      He looked there and seemingly had a look of amazement. He seemed to know much about swords I thought.
      "Can you take a look at it?" I asked and handed him over the sword in it's sheet.
      "Let me see" and he took it and looked a bit at the hilt of the sword and then drew out it and looked at the blade. I saw some kind of mark in the hilt.
      "This must be from the XXXX era" he mentioned and then continued.
      "Quite the masterpiece, good craftsmanship." he seemed really pleased to be have been the privilege to hold such a sword. I saw him look back at the dumpster. I was thinking it must be weird to find such a thing there.
      "It must be worth at least 40,000 (something)" someone close might have said.
      The old man gave me back the sword. "What will you do whit it now?"
      "It's at least worth X million"
      "I would like to learn how use swords" I said whit a smile. Thinking I must learn how to use one if I'm gonna be having one.
      "Oh, so you want to learn swordsmanship" he said whit more seriousness now.
      "The sword is a tool of death" he started to say before I in the middle interrupted whit.
      "I want to learn to defend myself whit this"
      I saw the old man then pull out like the short knife version thing and making a stab moment whit his hand in the air. But I saw nothing in his hand though looking closer. huh?

      Things were fading and I woke up shortly.

      The singer:
      I'm floating about here and there until I enter this concert. The music is playing and I stand about in the front row but to the side as I entered from the back stage from somewhere. The front row are all seats. I think I saw family members.
      The concert is about to end and it's on the last song. I just stand there to wait and listen to the last parts of the last song. She says good buy to the crowd and gets off stage to my side and walks by and hints for me to get whit her. I join her and we exit the place to get to her car. I ask if I can drive her car for now.
      "I want to drive, do you mind?"
      "Sure, her you go" she says and throws the keys as she sits on the passenger seat and I in the driver seat.
      "You know I have no drivers license though." I mention. But we know I'm a good driver even if I didn't go and take my license. It's a real nice car.
      I start the engine and somehow the car flies forward and then backward. What the heck? I was surprised. Maybe because I hadn't sat in a car for a while. Well I get control and we drive away to her place.
      I worry about the police but figure it won't be a problem. It's just around the bend, her place.
      We enter this steep upward hill. As I approach a intersection I see a truck coming from my left and I try to slow down.. Breaks aren't taking... car is moving forward.. I pull the emergency brakes.. it slows down a little but not much but t manages just to stop before the truck passes by...
      Now the car starts to roll backward down the hill. I'm pressing and pressing the brakes but it's not working.. We roll backwards down the slope now.
      Almost halfway down I figure I can use the gas to stop the acceleration.. We manage to make a stop just at the bottom section. I try the brakes again... nothing.
      We exit the car to figure out what the problem is.. I let her seat and try the breaks... I see stuff bloop out from underneath. The brake oil is leaking? We realize the brakes won't work at all. I somehow lift the car up somewhat to take a look at the brake lines and such. It's much transparent stuff and I see wires and tubes and stuff. Somehow I figure the problem is out from view. The stuff is leaking from somewhere else and is taking this one tube to exit. But the fluid should not even be in that tube I figure.
      "lets push the car, it's just a short push" I say. I end up pushing and she steering up the hill and then left a few meters into the parking of her house/apartment. We leave the car there. I figure I don't want to bother fixing it.
      We enter the building and we get to the top floor. She had invited me over. but as we were to enter her apartment I saw she greeted her boyfriend there. I got cold feet and left for outside, to take a look around.

      I see we are on a sand beach kind of place. I see people about partying and such. I walk about to look what others are doing. Some are barbecuing.

      I end up climbing this tower. When I hit the top. I see my brother come up like being the sergeant of this troop of soldiers in training and they are using this tower for training and such. It's like this climbers challenge tower. He is commanding and being a bitch at the others. People star to jump and climb down one side of the thing. There are various alternative ways to climb up and down I see.
      The tower is quite high. 50 meters I estimate as minimum... I don't want to get close to the sides.. The tower is swaying a lot.
      I realize this is a dream. I can't get hurt in any way. Next thing I know I decide to jump off the building straight down but I grab this bungy jump line whit my left hand and I fall down and just at the ground it slows down to a soft touch down and I let go of the bungy jump line.
      People seem exhilarated that I dared do such a thing I did.
      "Did you see him?" I hear and similar.

      I see the singer on the beach now. She invited me to go to her apartment again.
      Almost there I ask.
      "Can I really go to your place?"
      "yeah you can" laughing a bit at the question.
      She enters and I follow being more at ease this time. We go out to a perch or whatever it's called in the sun up there. I see her supposed boyfriend. He seems not to like me one bit. I see her sit a bit apart from him and the only places for me is between him and her. There are 2. He looks at me dirty as I pass by.. I sit next to the chair to her. I look down at the sand beach below shortly.

      I woke up.

      Flying about:
      Short version:
      I was flying about in town. Encountering people and situations. I saw a "magic" show and illusions about floating and such. But I saw the wire strings. I was next to the front seats floating already... So as he did that stuff I floated higher and about trying to show how fake his was. Not many noticed or paid attention me flying and levitating about everywhere.

      Sylvester Stallone:
      Shortened version also:
      Later after leaving the place where the show was I meet up whit Sylvester Stallone and had a little chat whit him as we went together somewhere. I was floating he was walking.
      We entered some industrial areas. I was commenting about earlier dreams and settings and stuff. We then came to a river. He kept falling inside it and swept away but getting up many times. I was just levitating above them.
      At one point I see some of my luggage has fallen down and I go to pick it up. Mostly dvd's but I have then some emeralds and ruby's and I show them to Stallone as he just climbed back up from the river below.
      I pointed in the end toward the factory in the distance I figured if I was right the warming plant for the area where I live. I was heading for home.

      I woke up again and didn't feel like trying to sleep anymore.[/QUOTE]
      lucid , non-lucid