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    1. Ghost House Treasure Hunt

      by , 02-20-2018 at 04:23 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2018, 02-19

      Ghost House Treasure Hunt

      I am with some other people and we are going into an abandoned house of some kind. It is a large place and I am wanting to get photos and video footage of the place. It is night time outside, so the interior of the house is very dark. I have a flashlight that I use to find my way around. I hear the other people with me, I think there are two of them, but I donít think to turn the flashlight around to see them better. The place looks abandoned, dusty and dirty, and a bit creepy, but Iím not afraid. I want to get videos and photos that I might be able to use for making a video game, I am not thinking to find ghosts or anything creepy here. I see a spider scuttle up the wall when I shine my light on it and that seems to freak out one of the men with me. I just tell him the spiders are more scared of him than he is of them. He says heís not so sure about that. I add that the spider we saw was a tarantula, and they are completely harmless to humans even if one does bite him. I use my flashlight for light and take a few photos of the antique furniture in the room.

      I leave the first room, which was furnished like a living room. I then enter what appears to be a dining room. There are plates and silverware on the table, as well as blobs of gross looking stuff that might be whatever is left of a dinner set up many years ago. I wonder how any trace of the food is still there, animals and bugs should have eaten it by now. I take more photos of the table, the chairs, the plates, and even the gross stuff on them. I am now wanting to document everything I find, I have the feeling I wonít be able to ever return here. I see some stairs and head up to the second level. There is a bathroom up there that smells like a rotting zombie just had diarrhea and didnít bother to flush, then collapsed by the toilet and continued to decompose. I think I might be sick, so I just snap a couple quick photos of the bathroom before closing the door and moving away quickly.

      I glance behind me to see if the people with me are still following me and I can barely make out their dark forms in the dark hall following me. I go into a large bedroom that must be the master bedroom. The master bathroom smells every bit as bad as the first bathroom so I close the door to minimize the smell. Now I start taking photos of the room. After taking some photos I go to a chest and open a few drawers. There are old and worn out clothes in the drawers. I then start wondering if there might be anything of real value still here. I start searching through more drawers. I come to what looks like a large jewelry box and I open it. The jewelry box is full of shiny sparkling jewelry. I wonder if any of it is real and valuable or if it might all be trash costume jewelry. I reach in and pull out a pair of earrings. One of the men with me says Iíd better not put that on. I tell him I wouldnít try it on until Iíve cleaned it thoroughly. He says no, he means the fact itís cursed. I donít take the comment on the curse very seriously. I keep looking at the jewelry. There are some nice looking pieces here that I want. Every time I go to take something, however, the man with me gets upset. I decide that in spite of thinking earlier that I could never come back, I would find a way to come back and collect this jewelry. No one else was using it, so it wasnít really stealing!

      I leave the master bedroom and look in the other rooms. I am wishing I could get separated from the men with me so I could return to the master bedroom and collect the jewelry. In one of the other rooms I go into a closet and grope around the far wall to find another exit. I find myself in another bedroom and I go from there back to the master bedroom. I go to the jewelry cabinet and pull out anything I can get my hands on into my purse. When I turn around I see a woman with long dark hair standing in the room and watching me. She looks annoyed, but also a little amused. She says the jewelry is hers and I shouldnít take it. I do a double take, I donít remember seeing her beforeÖ and this house is supposed to be abandoned. I comment that I thought it had been abandoned, I didnít realize someone might come back for it. She says she canít come back for it, but I should be truthfulÖ those beautiful jewels would be disgraced to be worn by a fat ugly pig like me. She says she will wait while I put the stuff back. But now Iím annoyed at her and I throw a piece of broken wall at her. That goes right through herÖ sheís a ghost! Instead of being afraid I realize she can do nothing to stop me from taking the jewelry. I tell her if sheíd been nice I would have put it all back, but since she had to be a bitch and insult me, Iím keeping it. I walk right past her and into the hall. One of the men is there. He asks if I woke the curse. I tell him the curse is as impotent as a bullet with no gunpowder.
    2. Mini Sports Car Joy Ride

      by , 01-25-2017 at 12:56 AM
      I was apparently at some sort of store where somebody was planning to steal a tiny miniature sports car about the size of a skateboard. They were going to cause a distraction and then steal it. But somehow, the distraction was caused but I ended up stealing it. I went out the back way, sat on the car and sped off and drove for a few blocks, pretty fast, low to the ground. Then I turned it around and drove back. When I returned to the store I tossed it to a friend who was there. I believe he took a ride on it too. I did not get in trouble.

      There was a mob meeting that I attended. We all wore different sorts of masks. Somebody was trying to say that I had done something bad like ratted on somebody and I was saying that I had not.
    3. 16-07-11 Russia, Dog-Monsters, Escape From Lodge

      by , 07-13-2016 at 07:27 PM
      I was in a very rural (and cold) region of Russia. There was tundra, and patches of snow and ice everywhere. I was in some kind of muddy, outdoor parking lot, located on the side of an even muddier trail. There were quite a few people there. Some guys (kids?) wanted to show me their motorcycles. I acted all interested, and got on one of them. They were still enthusiastic, but careful - and told me not to do anything. Before they knew what was happening, I had started the bike and raced away from there. I felt like I had "a job to do", and I needed this vehicle to do it. I rode a twisty asphalt roads for a bit, until I knew I wasn't being followed. Then, I turned around and rode back - back onto the muddy road next to the lot. There was a lot of police and bystanders on the lot after my theft. I turned off the engine and "pedaled" instead, as if it was a part bicycle, part motorcycle. This was, I managed to quietly ride past them, and escape. During the ride, I noticed it had been a long time since I had ridden a bike (5 years in real life, I stopped after a crash) - but it went well, and the bike had a surprising amount of grip despite the mud, snow and ice.

      Me and a partner entered a dilapidated building, a kind of giant warehouse. We were there to kill two monstrous dog-like monsters and save two women who were being attacked by the beasts. The beats were probably based on Woola, the 'dog' from "John Carter", a movie I watched the day before. The beasts created some kind of 'portals' high up on the walls. They would drag their prey up, and inside he portal, where they would be consumed. Anyway, we both had suppressed pistols. My partner engaged one of the creatures on the far side of the warehouse. Suddenly, I had a machine gun instead. I encountered the other creature in the corridor right before entering the actual warehouse. I shot and killed it with the MG. I realized the the girl, who looked like Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider reboots, was safe for now - despite hanging from one of the portals below the waist. I decided to go help my partner instead.

      I went with my grandfather to a dark place, presumably up north. There were long nights and very short days, just a few hours that felt like minutes. In no time, I wanted to go back, but I knew I needed plane ticket.

      I needed to flee a house/lodge/shack on a hill. The environment was once again cold, and possibly snowy. There was a short way down, but I "failed" (it was like a quick-time event in games), and came down a little further. I was forced to climb over several wooden structures/obstacles to reach the helicopter (?) for extraction, before the whole place blew up.

      I only remember an area by the water, probably the docks. I remember swimming, and a dressing area for women that I was sure wasn't there before.
    4. [29-03-2016]

      by , 03-29-2016 at 08:06 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was late afternoon. I was in a huge mansion, sneaking around the rooms. I held a pistol in my hands, it was silenced. I tried to sneak past cloaked figures and take something out of the mansion. I moved really carefully as I felt immense danger. I moved between rooms and floors, finally I found some book and jumped to the streets through a window. Suddenly all the robed people, police and soldiers appeared and started shooting at me. Someone called me from the other side of street. It was a black man, he said "Run bro! I'll keep them away!" and took a pistol, then ran to shoot at them. I ran away to a square, it was getting late. I saw two girls from my class park a small car. I stolen it to escape. I barely fit inside, I was driving in a small alley. A thought about lucid dreaming went through my mind. I looked closely at beams of light falling on the cobble road, then everything went black and I woke up.
    5. Communication and a journal

      by , 01-29-2016 at 08:59 PM
      (Though not lucid, this first one was about dream control.)

      I've finally figured out how to work with this house. I've begun simply telling it, out loud, what I need from it - not exerting any effort or willpower, just a statement. "House, we need x thing," and the house takes care of it itself, without any effort on my part - simply informing the house what's needed instead of trying to control it. Amazing what a difference clear communication can make.

      I'm talking to a servant girl in a room about the size of a closet where she both works and, I'm surprised to learn, sleeps. I ask if she'd like her own room, which of course she does. "House, we need a spare room." I walk out the door and find a new room's appeared, though it's dark and half-finished and covered in dust. "A nicer spare room." Now it's something suitable for living in - and I don't think I looked away, and there didn't seem to be any transition. One moment it had the first appearance, the next moment it was completely different. The girl explores the new room, exclaiming over it. There's a little bundle of fake white roses in a bowl of sugar.

      There's what I think of as a wildfire at the edge of the house, just small patches of burning grass but I know it'll grow if I'm not careful. I have the impression this is the result of carelessly reshaping things, creating vulnerabilities around the edges. I have the house stop the fire, and though the fire's stubborn, it goes out as I walk towards it.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      A servant girl came running into a room at the back of the household after hearing one of the other servant girls shouting, but I grab her at the door and stop her. I can hear voices outside, and I recognize the voices of some soldiers who were causing problems with that second girl earlier, somewhere more public. They were reprimanded. Clearly they resented it and want payback. Realizing this, I admire the girl who came running to help; she's small and only armed with a kitchen knife and completely outnumbered, but she doesn't hesitate. Very noble.

      Unfortunately for both of them, I'm in a hurry, so I'm not going to let her go help her friend. I'm just here to track down an object that belongs to me and which was stolen long ago, and which she stole from its most recent owner - a leather journal with a star on the center of the cover.

      She showed me her room where it was hidden and ran off as soon as I released her, and I start looking through the journal, full of brief observations and sketches I'd drawn. I stop at the sketch on the last page, Jules sitting in a chair with his head tilted back. I feel like there's something foreshadowing about this. And while I'm looking at it, I hear an old man's voice as if he's looking over my shoulder. He makes a comment that makes it clear he recognizes Jules, and then asks me, "Did you follow me?"
    6. The scorpion and the frog

      by , 05-25-2015 at 07:31 PM
      There's a woman who is retrieving a certain object for me, while I watch in third person. The object is in a cave, in the possession of this large, strange creature who she's speaking to now - she's got two or three people with her. He's willing to make a deal. But after discussing terms for a while, the woman ultimately refuses; she isn't willing to agree to his terms. He accepts this, clearly believing she'll be back eventually - she has no other choice, she needs that object.

      She and the others start to leave, but one of the others evidently has their own plan - another woman starts playing a strange kind of music that puts the creature into a kind of trance. She encourages the leader of their group to simply take the object. The leader is conflicted, so the woman with the music does it herself. The creature's trance is deep enough to allow her to get close to the object, but it snaps out of it once it recognizes that they're stealing from it. They run.

      The cave is in the center of a sort of maze of tunnels, but although it looks confusing, the tunnels are all interconnected; as long as they keep running in the same general direction, it doesn't matter which tunnel they choose, they'll get out eventually.

      They come out of the tunnels into a place that I think of as a certain type of dream, a sort of desert-like place, barren brown rock, with various dreamers here and there like landmarks. In one dream, there's a family in a yard where grapevines are growing; two heavyset old men who are brothers, and two grandchildren playing a little distance away. One brother leans in to say something to the other in a language I don't recognize, and the eyes of the one listening turn all black, which I recognize as an outward sign of the usual effect of staying in this particular type of dream too long. He's the dreamer here, these others are illusions. They see the group passing near the edges of the dream and just watch them.

      The group comes across a dreamer they know, a man who the leader of this group is in love with. The others hang back on a ledge overlooking his dream, but she approaches him. He's sitting in front of the ruins of a small house - it's meant to be their house, his and hers, though they've never actually lived together outside of this dream. There's dead bodies lying around outside, things he killed, but too late to save this place from them. When he sees her there, he says, "I tried," with a sort of smile, as if this was inevitable and the only surprising thing was that he tried to save this place at all.

      Then he sees the object she's stolen, and there's a shift - he stops paying attention to the storyline of the dream he's in. He asks her why she went to all the trouble of finding that thing, when there's no guarantee that the man she got it for will be grateful for it. There's an association here with trying to help a scorpion - the story of the scorpion and the frog, doing what's in your nature rather than what's in your best interest. She agrees with him, there's no guarantee that this will have the result she wants, but she wants to help the 'scorpion' anyway. She makes a joke about having a weakness for older men - lifetimes older, in this case. Her man doesn't find this funny.
    7. Stealing a car, a boy in a hospital

      by , 02-22-2015 at 10:15 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I went out of school with classmates, and we took my sisters car. I was a passenger while one of them was driving. He barely missed all those cars on the road, and police quickly reacted, and stopped our car. Then we were interrogated. The policeman was reading our notebooks from school, and asking questions from them. When it came to my turn I, quietly as always, said:

      - Amsterdam is a capital of Amsterdam!

      Then the policeman said:

      - I thought that it was a capital of Austria!

      Then another policeman came. They both were taunting us. I jumped mad, and told them that I have some random spinal malformation. I then said: Surprised!? They both nodded their heads simultaneously.

      Second dream

      It was in a hospice. Art exhibition was arranged there. Ill kids were making their own art, which later would be shown in another exhibition. Visitors were allowed to contribute in their art. After a small walk, I decided to take a pencil and draw some darker shades on one of the works. They were fitting to the composition, but the kid painting it was dissapointed. A few months later we drove with siblings to another hospice, where that kid was placed after the exhibition. My sisters were touched by the look of this small, ill child. I stood expresionless, even when the child was staring at me and crying. I was visiting it through the whole years, and he became some kind of brother to me. I was giving him advices, and telling him what awaits him beyond the walls of the hospice.
    8. "Thus I prove!"

      by , 01-24-2015 at 10:15 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      Not much this week due to illness. Haven't tried inducing since last week, but had a near miss last night and an LD this morning:

      I am on a college campus, inside a coffee shop. I am eating something in line and not paying attention. Suddenly it is my turn to get coffee. I apologize to the barista for not being ready and he walks away from me. I try locate the decaf. I see the dispenser for decaf coffee and ask if it is dark roast. He says that it is. I order a coffee and then hand him a plastic coffee cup/thermos I have picked up from inside. It is full of Cookie Crisp cereal (apparently what I was eating). He looks inside the mug, and then dumps all of the cereal into a trash. I am a bit shocked, as I did not expect this. I go back to the displays in the story, looking for another bag of cookie crisp. I find one, but realize that I had emptied a bag into the mug without paying for it. I decide to steal this bag since the barista ruined my opportunity to eat the other one. I shove them in a plastic grocery bag I am carrying.

      I return to the counter. The barista says I look familiar and asks where he's seen me before. I agree and say he also looks familiar but that I don't know. He asks if I went to a lecture the previous day. I say I didn't. I ask him if he's a lucid dreamer.

      "Yes," he says.

      "Oh, cool," I say. "How long have you been lucid dreaming?"

      "Since he walked in the door."

      I stare at him for a moment before nose pinching. Seems I am awake, but I check my watch anyway. It is spazzing out and being weird. Could be a dream. He comments on me looking at my watch, saying, "Oh, that's one of the ways you check to see if you're in a dream." I look suspiciously at him and say, "This is a dream, isn't it?" He makes some kind of noncommittal gesture.

      I look around at my surroundings. Everything seems very normal and very real. This seems like reality. I then realize that if I wake up in a few minutes I will be sort of pissed. I think back. When was the last time I went to sleep?
      And then I remember. I fell asleep at home. This is definitely a dream. Elated, I fly easily into the sky. The dream is providing me with good flying energy, and I am soaring higher and higher. I look down, and survey the ground below me, before diving headfirst at the ground. The street scene has become an ocean, and I dive beneath the waves. It unfortunately does not feel very real, and the dream begins breaking up. However, I continue flying along, hoping the visuals and tactile sensations will return. I wake up.
    9. "Wedding Rings"

      by , 08-16-2014 at 04:37 AM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      4:35 AM: I am on a vacation with my wife at Google. We are on the highway driving, and being passed by little Google pod cars--sort of like roundish hover craft-like vehicles. My wife says they are probably just "spy cars." I think they look cool though. We are then standing in a train station, watching the Google monorail pull up. When the monorail arrives, I see that it is a U-Haul monorail (US moving company) and people can put all of their luggage in the nose of the train.

      Then we are on the train, looking for a seat. We pass some odd-looking kids while moving through the carriages, and I decide to nose pinch. Either stuffy nose, or just not aware, because I fail the RC, but something still seems off to me. I inspect my hands, but they look fine. My wife begins to tease me.

      "Are you dreaming?" she asks, laughing.

      "Sweetheart, please stop that," I say, "Something is really not right here!"

      I finally decide I must be awake and proceed non-lucidly (!)

      We are now in Google village, shopping (sort of a Disney-like atmosphere, for those who have been). I am shoplifting small items, and slipping them into my pockets. In one of the shops, I hear my wife talking to a woman. She is discussing selling or trading something. I realize she is talking about selling her wedding band, and that some agreement has been made. The woman leaves to get her items, and I approach my wife.

      I ask her what she is trading her wedding ring for, and she shows me some glass beads. This frustrates me, as the beads are worthless. I try to reason with my wife, and explain how expensive and important her wedding band is, and add that the beads are worth nothing at all. She seems to be considering.

      Meanwhile, the woman comes back with her stuff. I explain to her that we may not honor the bargain. She replies that the agreement has already been made. I reiterate not to get her hopes up, as my wife will probably rescind the offer. I ask her what the beads are made of. She shrugs, feigning unimportance, and says, "I think glass." I appeal to my wife wordlessly, giving her a "see there?" gesture. My wife then reaffirms her decision to trade the ring!

      I suddenly have a false memory of my wife selling her engagement ring as well, some time in the past. I tell her--almost crying, almost screaming--how money doesn't matter, and that I can't bear to see her do this. I ask why she is giving away the rings that symbolize our marriage in exchange for trash? I am conscious now of making a scene. She begins crying silently and motionlessly, and tells me if giving the rings away will "benefit other beings," then she will do it. Her tears are like diluted red water. I think this is odd but am too distraught to really think about it.

      I now turn to speak to the couple--the woman and her husband--but they have gone. They have used the opportunity to abscond with my wife's rings. I run out of the store after them, and scan the village. There are people about, but the couple is gone.

      "You pieces of SHIT!" I scream, but then duck back into the store as I don't want to be kicked out of the park.

      Dream ends a little bit after, bits of images coming out of hypnopompic.

      If you made it this far, let me know what you think
    10. Cursed brothers, two versions

      by , 04-11-2014 at 07:18 PM
      There's a frozen lake with a hole in the center of the ice, and a school building at the bottom that's an exact duplicate of a building on land. As Dean, I'm remembering fighting Sam in this lake sometime in the past, when he was trying to stop me from taking something out of it - I'd been filling a canteen from something at the bottom of the lake. Now we've come back to that same lake, and I'm thinking out loud about the "misfortune" that "follows" people who steal from this place. I point out that we didn't take anything back then. Sam pulls out that canteen, revealing that he'd secretly kept it. There's blood inside it - I'd gathered it for him - and it's a neverending supply, so if he relies on that canteen, he doesn't need to take it from anyone else. But it's still cursed. So he says to me, I might as well go ahead and steal what I need from the lake; the misfortune has already been following us anyway.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There's a man talking to a woman just outside the door of a church, saying "What have you done to your hair?" He knew her in the past, but she's meeting him for the first time in her lifetime. I see images of him as one of six brothers who'd been cursed lifetimes ago. The images are like photos moving against a black background; he and his brothers give me an impression of being arrogant, self-centered, maybe not deliberately cruel but thoughtless, a vague association of violence. But the modern version of him had been very different, and I'm thinking about that change in him while I walk up my IRL street, into my IRL home, and start making tea. Standing over the stove, I'm thinking, "the debt has been paid" - the man suffering now has little in common with the brothers that the curse was originally placed on.
    11. Mission: Minor Obstacle

      by , 09-23-2013 at 11:39 AM
      My dream was set in a city street that was likely very old. Like those old buildings in Spain.
      I owned a store that was just a ways down from a palace in which the queen resided. ~I wasn't getting any customers and soon a pair of city guards, dressed in gold armour with Spartan helmets and blue capes, approached my store and said "You are unable to keep up with the costs of this land and so by order of the queen you have 1 day to vacate the premises"

      After they trashed the store and left I had an idea. "I'll rob the nobles to get the money I need for my store! After all it's not like they need it!" On my way to the palace I saw a television playing a news broadcast of a few students meeting with the 'queen'one of whom was holding an Ipad. It had ended early as the queen had "better things to do" and "wanted to be left alone" I thought now would be a good time to strike" I was then that i was stopped by an old man in sunglasses and he said "Hey. I can tell your thinking of breaking into the palace. If you do somehow make it inside there's an Ipad I remotely hacked to record one of the queens meetings. We suspect there's something going on up there" I remained silent and continued on my mission. I entered the first floor which was open to tourists and had a set of metal detectors in it. Since I didn't have anything incriminating, yet, I decided to enter this way. After wandering around for a while I spotted a fire escape and used it to scale the building to hallway that lead to multiple bedrooms. I looked out the window on the opposite end and saw the man with the sunglasses waving and pointing to his right at a scaffolding out the window. Remembering the original reason why I was there (but not realising I was dreaming ) I grabbed a silver vase, put it in my backpack and continued out the window.

      The scaffolding lead to a crescent shaped balcony that devided into three sections and was very heavily guarded by more of the men from earlier. They spotted me and began chasing so dodged the first set of guards and jumped to the next platform. Then the next group. Suddenly however when I'd made it to the third balcony section they'd all stopped trying to chase me and just stood and stared. I found it extremely strange but continued onward anyway.
      The door opened to a balcony just like the previous one except this was one large balcony in an L shape. I noticed there was no one around and that there were many holes in the floor. I took the silver vase out of my backpack and rolled it along the floor. It triggered something that made a loud click and suddenly large metal spears shot out of some of the holes in the floor and walls. I avoided the paths of the spikes using the silver vase to show me where they would pop up next and made my way to the end of the platform. Before me was A huge hallway with more spear holes in the floor. This time I ran and made it to the large door at the end of the hallway. I opened it and there was the queens bedroom. I took some jewellery the Ipad that belonged to the student from earlier and used the many ropes used to hold the curtains in place to repel down to the street.

      The last thing I remember seeing was the video on the Ipad of the queen speaking with a group of shady looking characters and then I awoke.
      Tags: adventure, theft
      non-lucid , memorable
    12. Christmas Theft at the Church

      by , 07-20-2013 at 02:05 AM
      07-16-2013 -- This one starts off with mom somehow driving me to church at the Buena Park Church of the Nazarene, though I have no idea what she drove me in. We park in the parking lot, and head inside for services. The church is very crowded and there isn't a lot of room in the pews. I head up near the choir loft, but I have no voice, so I know I can't sing with them. For some reason I don't feel much like a full, organized church service today anyway, so I take one of the hallways to the back of the building and up the stairs to where we used to meet as teens.

      I figure I'll find an empty room and just kind of hide out and read my Bible, but they've converted the entire upper floor into a single huge room without even a corridor, and I know I don't belong there. They are (politely) throwing out another adult who doesn't belong, but I turn around and head back down the stairs without needing to be asked to leave. I walk out the back door and just stand there for a minute or two, looking at the freeway and wondering if I want to walk home from here, remembering some of the trouble I have run into doing so in past dreams.

      While I am thinking about this, a huge bus pulls on to the median and stops, across the way on the freeway, and Brazilian tourists come flooding off. For some reason they are pulling down the fence separating the freeway from the road, and soon they are storming across the road to where I am standing. It must be the Christmas season, because both of the rear doors have strings of lights around them, and three huge colored light bulbs, as well, and for some reason the Brazilians decide they are going to steal our Christmas decorations.

      I try to stop them, but there are too many. I threaten to call 911, but they laugh at me and say they'll be gone long before the police can get here, and start back to their bus, our decorations in hand. They seem to have trouble with the bus, though, and can't leave as quickly as they want to, and I rush across the street to try and see the license plate of the bus before it drives off, but it moves too quickly for me, causing another accident.

      Almost instantly after that, the police arrive, trying to find out what they can about the accidents, and the bus that just drove by. I try to tell them about the tourists and the perloined Christmas decorations, but they don't want to listen, feeling the accident is much more important to investigate. I try to explain it was the same bus, and give them my information, but they refuse to hear me and I finally stalk off in disgust, and walk back to the church to talk to the assistant pastor, Terry. I apologize for 'losing' the decorations, and he admits it is not that important, and decides perhaps they needed them more than we did.
    13. Suitcase

      by , 05-17-2013 at 06:31 PM
      Last night, I dreamed I stole a $1200 suit case from an art exhibit and got chased by Kate Middleton through a shopping mall. The exhibit was being run by 2 old guys and one part of it was giant paintings someone had made of anime characters. Kate chased me into the bathroom (which, in my dream, was a bathroom for rich people). I hid in a stall and counted out cash, since I didn't want to be tracked by using my debit card. A girl in there kept asking what I was doing. I dropped some quarters on the floor but left them because bathroom floors are gross. I escaped the bathroom and made it to an elevator, and she was unable to follow me.

      The suitcase was actually a work of art created by a friend of mine, and it looked exactly like a regular suitcase. I was going to ask her to help me make some shoes and sell them at exorbitant prices later on. Everyone kept asking why I didn't have any art in the exhibit, and I felt really embarrassed about it.

      In other news, this makes me 1 journal entry away from 400 in my offsite dream journal, which is several years old.

      Updated 05-17-2013 at 06:35 PM by 32101

    14. Alcohol experiment.

      by , 04-21-2013 at 02:10 AM (Raven's Roost)
      Can't figure out how to edit old DJ entries so I guess I'll just post a new one altogether.

      If you haven't read my last post briefly explaining this, check it out here.

      Vividness: Slightly foggy but mostly clear.

      Lucid?: Nope.

      # of remembered dreams: 1


      In the only dream I could recall, that happened between 9AM and 10:30, I was in a small team of thieves very similar to The Italian Job. Small teams have been a reoccurring theme the past two nights - wonder if that is trying to tell me something. We were tasked with not stealing a safe or a statue or a diamond - but a person. A businessman of some super high importance. After researching his lifestyle, we deemed it would be impossible to capture him. There was no way on earth. "No way on Earth?" I thought, suddenly having an idea.

      We would steal him off of a plane.

      Cut to the theft. The businessman is flying in his private jet, when suddenly two Apache helicopters fly up on either side of it - this is us. A chill black dude flies one, and a really cool girl with a rasta hat on pilots the other. I'm on a hook gun in the Apache with Rasta girl, and someone else mans that one on the other heli. As the plane begins to try to land, we shoot our hooks and they stick to both wings. Right before it touches down, our Heli's heave upwards into the air, and the plane is ours.

      The air traffic control tower sees this, and they begin to fire rockets at our helicopters - evidently standard procedure in DreamLand as our pilots seem to expect it. They also send out three or four fighter jets on to our tail. To lose them, we see a gigantic tunnel that goes through a mountainside. The fighters are right on our tail, and in a last minute decision we fly two helicopters and a private jet through an automobile tunnel narrowly missing cars and the ceiling. We manage to lose them, however, and we sell the businessman for tons of money.

      Then I end up at a beach, placing bear traps in the shallow depths.... Yea.

      So, alcohol seemed to prevent any dream recall until I had sobered up substanitally around 9am. After that, dream quality was hazier than normal, and a bit disjointed. I had a FA after placing bear traps, but it was really brief and I was too exhausted and new to take control.
    15. Bags

      by , 03-24-2013 at 02:31 AM
      Again, another night where I didn't remember much. Frustrating. My sleep schedule has been irregular, which doesn't help.

      In the last dream of the night, I walked a few miles down the road from my aunt's house to a convenience store that doesn't actually exist. I wanted to buy 2 gallons of milk, some food, and some candy bars. I didn't have enough money for the entire purchase on one card, so I had to do 3 separate transactions for less than $4 each. The clerk put each transaction in its own plastic bag.

      I began to walk home. The milk was heavy and somehow both my hands and arms were full, and the bags were unwieldy. I stopped at another store to meet up with my mother. For some reason I set the bags down momentarily and went into the store. When I returned, my bags were gone. I didn't have any more money left to buy any more milk or food, so I curled up in a ball on the ground and began to sob.
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