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    1. My Father Coughs up Blood (prescient)

      by , 01-24-2018 at 08:19 AM
      Morning of November 2, 2016. Wednesday.

      I am in the semidarkness of an unknown bedroom but I am able to see clearly in my immediate area. I have my dream journal open in front of me as I am lying on my stomach on the floor. I perceive that I am only about twelve years old. My single bed is next to me to my left, closer to the doorway than another single bed and closer to the center of the room, though my head is presently nearest the foot of my bed and my feet are closest to the doorway. My fatherís bed is closer to the corner of the room, his head near the wall where the doorway is. He is lying on his back with his head opposite mine. Our beds are about two feet apart. My father (April 26, 1901-February 14, 1979) begins to cough. His coughing intensifies after a short time.

      I sense something is wrong as an unknown male (about twenty-five) comes into the room and helps my father get out of bed as he is coughing, apparently to get him ready for an ambulance. As he coughs when walking past me to my right, a large drop of blood suddenly flies from his mouth and lands on the lower right of the right page of my open dream journal. A smaller drop hits the back of my right hand near my fingers. I have concern for my father and a lesser concern about the pageís status, though I get the impression that the blood spot might eventually fade. I remain where I am, slightly puzzled. I start to think of how my father is old and his organs are not functioning like they used to. I wake shortly after he had left the room with the unknown male. I vaguely sense my mother is present but I do not see her.

      Inexplicable threads: Zsuzsanna had seen an event in a movie related to someone dreaming about blood coming from their mouth prior to my sleep. (I had not known of this prior to my dream.) Additionally, I developed a bad cough shortly after this dream, the worse cough I have had in my life so far (though there was no blood, only mucus). As a result, I consider this dream as both prescient and influenced by Zsuzsannaís thoughts, with three layers of synchronicity (as I had also recently reflected on a dream from March 1975 relating to watermelon as blood and flesh and coming out between pages of my dream journal).

      Biological prescience relating to my health validates that my father represented me in this dream. It is additionally validated by the doorway waking symbolism, as I am usually the one to exit a dream as my emergent consciousness.

      RAS mediation was atypical. Instead of the personified preconscious directing attention at my dream self, he escorted my father from my dream (additionally validating that my father represented my conscious self identity in a prescient sense, even though I was completely unaware of my current real life in my dream).

      This dreamís waking symbolism is oriented to my dream selfís right as it most often is. (This may be the result of sleeping on my left side.)

    2. Babysitting Troubles, Same-Sex Marriage Simulator and Coughing

      by , 02-01-2015 at 09:27 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      February 01, 2015

      Woke up a few times in the night, tried to WBTB or WILD, always failed...

      (Fragment) Two At Once?!

      I was at some sort of convention or event, walking with some friends, though I can't remember which ones specifically were there. I was talking to them about how two different families had asked me to babysit for them on the same night. I couldn't do both, so I was worried about which one to chose and how to tell the other family I couldn't be there. I was going to go with the family that had asked me first, but I felt so bad about saying no to the other family. I thought about trying to be in two places at once, but my brain would get fuzzy every time I tried to think about that.

      Just The Same

      I was in an interactive exhibit about how same-sex couples and families are just the same as hetero-families. In the exhibit, it would put you as one of the parents, and your spouse would be a randomly generated same-sex hologram. The kid(s) would also be randomly generated, and for an hour, completely normal things would happen. I don't remember what my "spouse" looked like, but she was a really sweet woman. The kids would come up to me, calling me "Mom" and her "Momma," and would ask for candy or help with their homework, or something.

      At the end of the exhibit, chairs were arranged in an oval so that you and all the other people who had just gone through the simulation could sit and talk about equal marriage rights and reflect on your experiences in the exhibit.

      (Fragment) Coughing, All the Coughing...

      This was a fragment in which my coughing was powering a ride at a carneval. So I had to just keep coughing, no matter what. I vaguely remember trying to cough so hard/often that I built up a backup so I could take a break from coughing, but the backup always disappeared right away, so I had to keep coughing and had wasted my own energy coughing harder :(
    3. Akashic Records and Deep State Meditation, Itachi Coughs Blood in a Youtube Video

      by , 12-19-2012 at 08:59 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Akashic Records and Deep State Meditation (Note)

      Spoiler for Personal notes:

      Itachi Uchiha and Youtube (Non-lucid)


      All I remember is that I'm posting a video on YouTube involving Itachi Uchiha coughing up blood as he's using the last ounce of his power to summon this Susanoo.

      It's not the dark orange color like in the anime, it has more red into it, and it looks quite scary as Itachi has blood dripping from his mouth and his eyes completely blank.

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