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    1. The Cigarette

      by , 04-17-2018 at 11:16 AM
      Morning of April 17, 2018. Tuesday.

      In this dream, I am not holding any valid conscious self identity at all (past or present) even though my dream self’s essence feels current.

      I am living in an unknown residence, of which does not appear as anything I am consciously familiar with, not even regarding the usual unique composite.

      I am aware of my “wife”, though she does not (in conscious afterthought only) actually seem anything like Zsuzsanna.

      At one point, I see that she is smoking a cigarette while seated in an armchair. At first, I am not aware of how wrong this is. It takes several minutes of dream time to realize that I do not want to be around anyone that smokes (and my dream self does not even consider the knowledge that Zsuzsanna would never smoke in reality even if there was a viable association with my current waking life). I find myself involuntarily throwing a very small undetermined spherical object at her cigarette as it is near her mouth. Only the burning tip of the cigarette is somehow knocked off and it bounces and rolls across the floor several feet from where she was sitting. The imagery of the embers is very vivid and realistic in its distance orientation, especially as the room is otherwise in semidarkness. I feel somewhat confused and ask her when she started smoking. I feel as if she started yesterday, since I do not recall seeing her smoke before.

      At least one dream per sleep cycle contains atypical material (mainly literal) that had been in Zsuzsanna’s mind, with no way of me knowing about it. This has been validated as having also occurred many times prior to our meeting in real life. (Technically, this is not the same as precognition, but I tag it as such due to its inexplicable nature based on what people pretend to know about how the universe and the human mind works.) Often, as with this dream, it seemingly serves no purpose other than making me aware of what Zsuzsanna had seen or talked about with someone else, often while in public or in a different building the day before. In other words, I dream as much about what I could not have known she was thinking than what she has said or shared with me in waking life. It is apparently not a factor of the known electromagnetic spectrum or I think people would, as a rule, understand more about it. (Then again, people have minds but usually lack any understanding of dreams or even understand what the dream state is.)

      In this case, Zsuzsanna had been in her sister’s new home. Her focus was on a large painting that her sister had created, which was a woman smoking (a painting Zsuzsanna had never seen before). Her sister had just hung it up. Typically, the most unlikely or unusual feature (such as the uniquely painted toy lizard in a different instance) or event of a particular day will be that which becomes a main part of one of my dreams the next morning.

      While in the non-lucid dream state, I usually have no viable access to either my unconscious mind (other than when it is personified for sleep-sustaining purposes) or my conscious self (to prevent false memories from developing). Ultimately, transpersonal factors and the preconscious are that which mediate between my fictitious dream self and my true conscious self identity in waking life. The non-lucid inability to viably access either my unconscious mind or my conscious self in non-lucid REM sleep is likely more than just a biological safeguard.

      Tags: cigarette
    2. Fast Burn

      by , 01-07-2015 at 02:33 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #396 - DILD - 7:12AM

      I was feeling really off this morning and decided to sleep a little longer before going in to work. The result was a cool LD. Totally worth it.

      I wake from a dream and try to DEILD. I as I sink back into sleep I feel very mild vibrations. I get overly excited and feel my heart race. I try to calm myself but the vibrations end. I should nose plugged here to make sure but I assume I woke up too much. I try to focus on relaxing my body as I put my attention on my crown chakra. I quickly lose focus.

      I am at some mixed version of my current workplace and my old elementary school. I see several people from work. Someone is walking with me outside. There is an open area where many people have gathered together holding yellow lilies. Somehow I know they are having a funeral from someone's pet. I remark to my friend how dumb this is as we walk through the crowd and enter the building on the other side.

      I feel like I am sitting in a car but I am inside some room. There is a fat bearded guy talking about selling me some herbs. He mentions a list. I only recall him talking about Achuma and Kratom but the list is actually much longer. I say, "That's ok dude. I buy all my shit online."
      He replies with, "I also have some weed."
      I was about to walk out of the room but I pause at this. "Um... ok. Do you sell bags or single joints?" I really just want a joint.
      "Both", he says.
      I remember that I have some cash but I left my wallet in the car. Also, I worry that other people will hear this exchange. "Um. I'll get with you later." He nods and I step back outside.

      There are still many people gathered around for the funeral. I realize I am smoking a cigarette next to Spencer. I remember that I quit smoking and begin to feel sick. I have only smoked half the cigarette and I feel a little bad for wasting it as I throw it down. I look up at the people standing around, as I wonder why I was even smoking. I look back down at the cigarette and watch the rest of it fast burn into ash. At that moment I recognize that I must be dreaming. I know I had a goal in mind but I don't care because, I think what I just saw was the coolest thing ever. I also notice that I have never smoked a cigarette in a lucid dream.

      I quickly search around for another cigarette. I don't think to check my pockets but instead rummage around the nearst area. I see two empty plastic planters stacked on a low concrete wall. I quickly find something the right shape, but as I focus on it, I see it is a white crayon. I decide this will do and I hold it like a cigarette as I mimic a lighter motion with my other hand. I see sparks and flame as I put it to the end of the crayon. I take a nice long draw from it and in hale. Jeff is standing next to me watching and I intentionally blow the smoke in his face. I notice the taste and feel as do this; it's all very faint. Jeff smiles and lets out a laugh while looking astonished. I walk away and decide to show off for the crowd. I really want to repeat the fast burn cigarette at will. I spot my friend Lindsey in the crowd as I step up on the low wall. I avoid her gaze as I know she would disapprove of my smoking in waking life. I hold the cigarette up for all to see and point at the tip with my other hand. As I move my finger from tip to butt the cigarette fast burns and drops away as ash. I hear a few people gasp but mostly there is laughter. The dream goes black and I quickly wake up.
    3. 11-16-14 Sailors don't understand running water

      by , 12-04-2014 at 08:15 PM
      I was looking at Kermit the Frog. He was holding something small and black between two of his fingers. I thought, "that must be a cigarette". And instantly it WAS a cigarette, and Kermit was avidly smoking.

      I was in a big mansion trying to explain how a kitchen sink worked to an old salty sailor.
    4. Flying With Adrian (20.9.14)

      by , 09-20-2014 at 01:42 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)

      I'm with Josh, Daryl, Kayley and Adrian. They're all smoking cigarettes. I walk up to Adrian have a convocation with him. I remember saying something about being unsure if it's scientifically proven, and Fasting.

      Myself and Adrian are flying around on something. He's controlling it. We're after some kind of Diamond (Spider man Unlimited). We go towards one that's on a building lookout. We miss the diamond and crash into the wall. We're fine and not injured.
      I'm now on the ground and can see two people walking on the sidewalk. They're dressed up as a Jedi. They're both wielding light sabers. The man in front's light saber is over sized.

      I'm now in a street near what is meant to be Ben's house. I think I'm with Daryl and someone else. I walk over to Ben and his girlfriend. He's girlfriend is naked. I can see her breasts and ass. She's kind of squatting down and I can see her pussy. She's hot and I'm having sexual thoughts.
    5. Imprisoned

      by , 09-15-2014 at 06:28 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm at a party with Daryl. I feel like I've had this dream before.
      I'm after a cigarette. I get it off either Daryl or some other guy. I grab the cigarette and snap it in half. Daryl walks over to a female and asks if he can share her internet connection. She isn't too keen on doing so but decides to do it anyway. I soon realize that he doesn't need to borrow it off her, instead he can buy WiFi from here.

      I leave with Daryl and begin to smoke the half cigarette outside. My head starts to feel fried from the cigarette and I begin to act as if I've had a heavy trip or drunk. A security guard notices how I'm acting and questions me. I soon realize it's illegal to possess drugs. The guard grabs me and takes me away. We are now outside and head towards an area that has what looks like horse stables. I feel like I know what's going to happen to me, due to being here before. He puts me inside the stable and locks me away as if I'm in prison. There's a peep hole that I can open and close. I know I'm about to be torchered so I close the latch. The man comes to my stable and opens the peep hole. I see that he's holding a weapon. I look behind me and see that I have a choice of weapons I'm allowed to pick. I choose the knife, but soon realize it's not as big as I first thought. I think about the range of the knife knowing it sucks.

      There's two options on how to get out of the stable. 1 is to fight my way out or second is to control the dragon. With the dragon, I need to control its path and make sure I'm following the cloud. It's really hard considering the controls are weird. The controls are not WASD or arrows, it's random letters which make it hard to remember which is left,right etc. I think about going into the options section and try to change them to what I'm used too

      Dream Fragments

      1. I see Kayley and she's with a new baby. It's a girl and I think to myself that she now has 2 girls, but soon realize that I'm mistaken and know that her first was a boy, so it's perfect for her.

      2. I'm playing basketball and I'm trying to recreate a Micheal Jordan moment, which is attempting to score 5 points in 5 seconds.

      To start off I steal the ball off the opponent and score which takes under 1 second, but feels like 5 seconds. As I score I run back down to the other end of the court and leap into the air towards the back wall. I grab onto the back wall and hang from it. I do this to show off my athleticism.
      I now let go from hanging and run back towards the other end of the court but I notice that my shirt is too small for me.

      3. I'm playing Heroes of might and magic V. I'm trying to upgrade my soldiers but I can't seem to do it.
    6. 7/2/14 - money on the floor

      by , 07-03-2014 at 03:54 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in what I accept as my room in the dream, (but in waking life isn't my room) I'm sitting on the floor it has grey carpet. The floor has a lot of clutter and there is a large long square piece of wood in front of me. Some scruffy looking guy walks into my room without knocking and talks to me. He looks a few years older than me. We hear my mom coming and we become in a hurry, he quickly rolls me a cigarette,and then lays it on the wood, it looks greasy and I think why did he do that as I quit smoking but I think to myself I smoke it anyways. Then he leaves and my mom comes in and just stands there rushing me because we have to go somewhere so I start picking up this money all over my floor before she see's it and takes it. I worry my mom will see the cigarette sitting there but I dont bother trying to hide it, I somehow know she wont look at it. I see larger bills, $50's $20's $100's and lots of quarters and a handful of pennies that I don't end up grabbing, just the quarters. It seems money keeps popping up in a crevice, it's endless and my mom is rushing me more and more.
    7. Ill-Fated Return to School; Family's Mars Voyage

      by , 05-28-2014 at 04:02 AM
      I was with an old music teacher, a phenomenal character and wonderful director, and one of my better high school friends. Someone else was with us as well, and he was describing to me things I could work on, flaws of mine. One was, when you start to talk, you have interesting things to say, but you start out by being BORING. After a while, I went to leave, and my old director gave me a very understanding and penetrating look. I smiled back at him, but I felt fake and a little hurt.

      I was back at my old school, a private Christian school. I was a new student, though it was more of a return than my first exposure. As I walked up, a friend's brother gave me a love note from a girl. I said, that's art. He agreed. I was assigned a locker, was given an American flag outfit, and puffed a cigarette an assistant manager of mine was finishing, as a couple people were smoking in the hall. I entered a social studies class, and as I went to choose a seat, I couldn't decide where I fit in. I usually sit in the back so I can see everything, but I wanted to be more focused and thought the middle would be better. I sat in the back anyway. The manager at work was my teacher. I realized I hadn't done the given assignment that everyone else had (man, really took me back to school days), so I slipped out of class. I didn't have my books, either, and decided to retrieve them.

      I ended up getting on a bus and traveling down the block a ways with a whole group of other people. The only notable DC was a young, tiny red-headed, blue boy who became scared at one point. I comforted him with a hug. We proceeded to wreck several times, sometimes flipping in the air. Our bus became a semi truck at one point, caught fire, exploded, returned to a bus. I ended up running ahead of the group once we got out. I had lost one of my USA flag shoes, but I had a Vibram on instead. Everyone was fine, because my dreams like safe car wrecks like that. I re-entered my school, and a boy greeted me and said there was naught but a minute left in class, so no point in returning. I showed off my bicycle to him, and a couple friends of mine came in and got food and dishes from a stocked kitchen the school had. We talked about how nice the school had become, a scholastic paradise compared to what it had been.

      Wake, sleep, dream. I was on vacation with my family, in town at the beach. We're sitting outside a building, my brother, sister and mother all go inside. I have a large piece of black paper, and I'm writing on it with my finger. It's a message to a woman on Mars. My whole family is going to a colony there, my sister longer than anyone, because it was stated she had been to the Dominican Republic (she does often travel). We return to the house, and I quickly go to the computer to email a woman, perhaps the same one. I wonder at why all I want to think or talk about is dreams (!!) and that it's good that she's my dream guide (!!). Great thing I became, lucid, or not. Missed freebie. Anyway, there's a strange segment of a hologram coming from the email that shows a couple people from school again.

      Afterward, or maybe in the email, I'm in a series of music videos. In the one I remember, it was quite hilarious; I was in a flamboyant, red, pimp-like outfit with feather, a hat, the works. I have a gang, a gaggle, a skulk, a pride of people behind me, and we're all carrying drinks. We're facing off with another group. As the leader, I dramatically pour my drink, maybe a beer, on the ground. The rest of my group follows suit, but the drinks from the taller ones fill up the shorter people's cups again so they have to pour them out again. There's another segment I can't remember.

      Next, I'm at home. There's a guy about my age with short, blond hair, who calls himself Patrick.. o'Leary, if I remember. He's mowing our lawn, though I end up finishing it. We make conversation, and at one point he says I might not even remember, it's not a big deal, but I had pranked him, or something of that nature. I can't remember and am confused. I ask, did I get you too drunk? He laughs and says never mind, and no. However, there's a strange vibe lingering in the air, like he's being outwardly fake but inwardly analytic. Next door, a cook at work is lying on a driveway looking in a mirror foppishly, sporting a mane of blonde hair that he doesn't have in real life. I say, hey, dude, to him. Patrick says, hey, Tony. We go inside and meet my mother on the way in. She gets a set of keys from Patrick, and is laughing and friendly but says she'll keep him accountable. I have covert plans to maybe offer Patrick some ganja now that my mother's leaving, even though (or due to how) I've quit smoking in recent days (hence the REM rebound). The strange vibe stays around, but we're quite friendly together. Before any more events transpire, I wake, disappointed to miss such a clear and present dream sign as the email.
    8. sketchy long cigarette and rainy south america

      by , 04-17-2014 at 09:35 PM
      Night of 4/16/14

      Dream 1:

      rolling up a long cigarette ( 2 feet long)
      smoke it
      feel a buzz

      (different dream?)

      (next to a jungle? in south america?)
      had to hide from someone
      we both had guns
      running around sparse small bungalows hiding
      lights out
      we both had guns
      friend was in a house with me, needed to protect him
    9. Driving Off A Cliff

      by , 03-26-2013 at 02:15 AM
      March 18, 2013

      In a dream I was driving a red car. There were three other people in the car. The road conditions were icy. I slid down a steep hill and managed to avoid a sharp drop-ff in the nick of time by coming to a complete stop.

      Looking down the chasm sent chills down my spine. The passengers where very quiet.

      That's all I recall from that part of the dream. The next part I remember ...

      I went in search of a cigarette (I don't smoke so why?). Anyway I found a man sitting alone in a park and he was smoking. I asked him if I could buy a cigarette from him and held out a quarter. I tossed the quarter into his lap. He was sitting Indian-style.

      That's it, that's all I recall.
    10. The Lit Match

      by , 01-01-2013 at 02:25 AM
      My last entry for the year... I woke up in a stranger's home during the night. I did not know most of these friends but I feel like I saw one of them on television before. Me and my family were hanging out here for the night.

      There was one room where I saw my parents and another married couple sleeping in the same bed just enjoying themselves. Now that I think of it, it's sort of creepy... Anyways, later on I ended up all by myself in this very dark room. There was no one in there at the time, so I expected something scary to pop up. This room also felt like one of the dreams I had before, one where I had to spend a whole night living a ghost town with demons.

      I walked around this room for just a few minutes. I was also smoking a cigarette and laying down on a bed at the time. I threw the cigarette to the ground a few seconds later after realizing I knew it was bad in reality. I had no idea how it happened but, I turned lucid when I first threw the cigarette to the ground. I still thought the dream was real and if I let that cigarette lit up, the house might not be able to make it alive.

      I couldn't get up from bed. I felt paralyzed to it. I tried using all my force to get up and destroy the cigarette but failed. I then laid there closing my eyes hoping it wasn't real.
    11. OGF_Kill; The Mob

      by , 12-11-2012 at 11:01 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      The Mob

      I was watching in 3rd person perspective as a guy in the mob was showing another guy this weird move. He was in a restaurant setting, but in his home. There were swivel chairs set up in a semi-circle. Golf balls were set up over the chairs, and their were lasers going through the air and connecting the balls and stuff.

      The mob guy jumped over a chair and ended up sideways and trying to hit a ball. This was supposed to show how much he'd practiced and to show his power as a threat.

      Then the mob guy was trying going to kill me. I had done something wrong. He ended up giving me two cigarettes. I didn't want them. He forced them on me saying that he had done something, so I should take the two cigarettes. He put them in my mouth. Someone somehow tasted one and said they weren't cigarettes. He meant they were poisoned.

      I told him I would take them anyway. (I didn't have much choice.) I started to walk away so I could then run away, but the steps I was going to use had a black guy walking up the stairs. He would have stopped me, so I walked back like I was just nervous, but wasn't going to go anywhere.

      I then did walk away over to an area with plants. I saw one plant with two spider webs that made balls of a sort. Then there was webbing connecting them and all around the plant. This was also good for the plant as it kept warmth and moisture in.

      I got out my phone to take a picture, and accidentally tore a bit of the web. That exposed a tunnel of spider web. I looked in and it had a blue light shining on it. It was so cool! I got out my phone to take a picture, but then the mob boss grabbed my arm and started pulling me to kill me again. I was so scared.

      I tried to take off my jacket but I couldn't. He made fun of me and sang a song about trying to take off dream jackets. I realized then I was dreaming. The mob boss dunked himself in the water to show how much control he was in. I imagined the jacket off and it worked, but the dream ended.

      I can't remember where, but one time I was trying to escape, I had looked one way and it was too far. As the mob guy was chasing me I turned to the right and saw a beach with beautiful water, but the mob guy caught me before I could get there. I can't remember where that fit in, but the water was beautiful.


      I was with an OGFJ. We were on a floating dock that wasn't big enough to hold us both. We were trying to make out. We fell into the water and had trouble getting back up to the dock. It seemed like I didn't want to move my arms to swim. The water was greenish and it was night time, so I could barely see through the water.

      We finally made it back up and she made a comment of displeasure. I said something like, "At least you could get to the dock!"

      Dream skip

      I'm with my cousin Michael. We headed to a party or something. I ended up getting into a fight with someone, then fighting someone else. I was trying to stab the second guy, but then he ended up with the knives. One was a little curved.

      When he got the knives, I said, "Oh no, knives!" Then the guy commented that it's OK when I have knives, but when he has them I get scared. He was right.

      I was in two t-shirts. I straightened them out because my arms weren't through the sleeves right. Then I ran. I was really scared.

      Then he was above me in some kind of cacoon. I had a razor blade in my hand. He started knocking things out of the ceiling (his floor) and I attacked them thinking it was him. It was just some sort of padding/stuffing. Eventually he did fall through. He was in some kind of suit. I jumped him and took the razor to his body. He was protected by his suit, but I started wearing away at the suit until I was cutting his body and his head.

      Once I had him good, he turned into a roach. I started chasing him all over the room to kill him. Once I ran over a bunch of bikes knocking the all down and stepping on and over them. I chased the roach into a corner and tried to kill it. He got away. There was shit all over the place, but eventually I got it with the broom.

      He ran up the wall injured. I saw another roach which was a diversion. I found the right one and killed it. Then he was a person again whom I buied, though I didn't actually have to bury him in my dream.

      Then I had to deal with the other guy. I didn't want to deal with him. I was afraid he would kill me. I started trying to find MJ in my phone to come pick me up.

      Eventually my friend Michael showed up. I kind of ignored him looking for MJ. Then a girl showed up and I was going to go out with her. That was cool.

      Then there was my first girlfriends mother. She sat down and was playing a card game with a kid from my bus. Since he was playing an adult game, he had to bet adult amounts instead of the half price kid amount to bet. At first the bets were real money, but eventually it was like monopoly money or something so it really didn't matter, but he was sad he had to bet the full amount.

      Some of the cards got wet and the front and back separated. We held them on with paperclips.

      I was driving a car on a dirt road with an unknown passenger. We drove until we found the main road.

      That is the end because I have to log a dream from 12:00 midnight (will be above) and I need to sleep some more.
    12. [I Need A Brake]

      by , 11-01-2012 at 12:25 AM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Wednesday, October 31st, 2012]
      I'm at Circle K, picking Alex up. I park it and walk inside. I have to go to the bathroom pretty bad, so that's the first place I remember heading. I walk in, and the door won't shut because of boxes and other things in the way.
      I try pushing them aside and get it as closed as I can. I see Leila trying to help me, but I can't close it all the way and I give up. I end up stealing something, like a pack of gum or candy bar... and it was almost subconscious how I did it.

      I walked outside of Circle K, Alex must have been waiting on me forever in the car. I get out there and Alex is spraying something on the tires and rims. She had an explanation like that it was to clean the tires or make them work better. I shrugged.

      Then I noticed the car was parked HALFWAY up the hill, almost completely on the wall.
      "WHOA. I did NOT park like that." I knew for a fact that I would never park like that.
      "Well, you did." Alex assured me.
      "No, fuck that. I did Not. I never park that far up."
      I tried climbing up the hill and it was almost too difficult to do that; I almost slid back down.

      "Fuck it."
      I ran back down the hill to calm down for a moment. Turning around, the car is on the ground, down the hill. I don't think anything of it, and I hop in. The car starts, and I roll the rest of the way down the hill...
      It won't brake very well. I throw it into Forward and... It goes forward. I park somewhere else and try braking.
      But it doesn't brake... hardly even slow down. Alex want's to go say something to someone inside, but I stop her-
      "Uh, Alex... the car isn't working. I run over the curb and fall off a small incline and land on the road in front of traffic.

      Me and Alex were driving away from Circle K- And my car wasn't braking anymore.
      "The brakes must have been clipped." I suggested, I started driving slowly through the backroads.

      <I wake up.>
      <I roll over and fall asleep.>

      Now Alex is driving, and we're headed to my Dad's to see if he can fix it. The brakes are working for now. We turn the wrong road, but I don't realize it until the road becomes narrow and lines with hedges. She turns left at a strange Fire Department building. With the garages closed, but a Cop car parked in front. We turn around and park... and stop for a moment... We get out and walk around.

      There's a couple really sweet vehicles like Mustangs and a black sports car here too now. Some other people drive up, get out and look around as if they're tourists. They admire the cars with us, and then I decide we should leave. We get in the car again, and have a small arguement that leads to us being grumpy at each other.

      "FUCK" I stop myself. "I'm stopping, I'm stopping." I bang my fists on the steering wheel once.
      "I'm not talking to you like this." She starts grabbing her stuff and putting it in her bag and opens the door.
      "Wait! I'm not even angry!" Frustration kicks in. Why is she mad right now?
      She starts walking away.
      "Oh come on, please don't do this!" Tears well up in my eyes.
      She turns around, "Stop crying. There are people around here!"
      I wipe my face and realize my face is soaked with tears now.
      We start walking again.

      "Apparently, Seth is up ahead. He's crying over something too." Alex let's me know. We walk on a sidewalk that runs along several buildings that came out of nowhere. A group of people are sitting on the ground listening to a British exchange-student friend of ours. She hasn't been here in almost a year. But everyone is listening to her tell a story. We weave through the people, ignoring it- and I see a few people sitting down up ahead.

      I light up a cigarette as we reach Seth. Alex and Seth start talking and I tune out. I take a drag, and exhale. What am I doing here? I wonder for a moment... Then Alex starts walking the other way. I follow suit.

      As we reach the exchange student's circle again, someone hands me a paper with the story printed on it.
      "When We First Kissed" by Hellogoodbye begins to play and the words change to match along with the song...

      Making points on white neon boards
      Is like,
      Pulling stars off the black sky"

      (My first dream lyric. And it's not exact, but it captures the point.)
      <My dream ends and I wake up. "When We First Kissed" still playing in my head.>
    13. Neon Stickers

      by , 11-08-2011 at 06:42 PM

      I'd just gotten a job at Best Buy. Like anyone on their first day of work, I walked around aimlessly not knowing what to expect, awaiting my orders. I ran into my friend, who was in line at a restock station with a cart to do the transporting. Seeming easy enough, I grabbed a cart too, but ended up in the wrong line, where people were waiting to return items. I had to be told this by a customer. When I get up to the employee giving away the items to be restocked, he looks at me and makes a comment on my appearance, how I'm the scraggliest looking employee he's ever seen. I apologize that its my first day and that tomorrow I'll be more presentable. He nods me off, and tells me he'll make my job easier and places two neon yellow stickers in the basket and sends me on my way.

      Not knowing what to do, I ask several employees. Each of whom laugh at me, as if to say "How could anyone be so dumb?" A girl walks up to me, young, beautiful, and my coworker, and tells me she'll show me what to do with them. She walks off into an open and outdoor area and explodes. The smoke from the explosion forms a dragon-like figure, fading shortly after.

      I'm now off work, but still in possession of the stickers. I'm at my friend's house and my girlfriend is there with him. I look at her puzzled and she informs me that she'll been cheating on me for quite some time with my friend. They mention how they'd thought it was obvious. Furious at my own ignorance and the betrayal of my friend and girlfriend, I begin to swing on my friend. He jumps into stance but it is no match for my blind rage. I get several good hits on him before I pick him up and slam him head first into the pavement, where he lays lifeless for a moment before motioning his defeat.

      My girlfriend, after seeing my passion for her, decides she wants me back. She's says everything she can think of to win my affection back, but it's no use. I pick her up, throw her in the pool, and leave. As I walk down the street downtown, I notice there is a concert event happening. I stop in and notice my friend standing there admiring the band. We share a cigarette.


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    14. Sick Nightmare/Telepathic

      by , 06-22-2011 at 06:54 PM
      I go to my recent ex's ("N") house for something important. When I get there, a lot of people are there, which is unusual in waking life. I see a blunt on the ground, partially ruined. I also see a glimpse of a girl, "D," on the couch with N and a few other people. This upsets me and I feel awkward so I run out of the house, grabbing the blunt as I leave. When I get to my car, a bunch of "white-trash" people in their crappy cars pull in and start driving all around me so I can't get out of the driveway. I have a feeling that they are D's family members in the car. I honk my car horn in an effort to get them to let me out. At the point a car hits me and a huge, bald man gets out and tries to burn me with a cigarette and hit me. I try to call the cops but for some reason I am unable to.

      Later, I am camping and we are on a back road riding in the flat bed of a truck. The road is very bumpy. One of my friends/ex-coworker, "J," is there and talks to me telepathically. I am taken aback and interested. Just then, we hit a bump and another friend/ex-coworker of mine (from he same job as J) falls on me and I am torn from the internal conversation.
    15. A door to my future, to heaven, and a fellow lucid dreamer.

      by , 06-17-2011 at 08:08 PM
      I think this dream started as I was riving down a really windy road on cliffs, it reminded me of the road from Apache lake, but much more dangerous. I remember driving up the hills and going really fast up them. I started to worry about falling off, and then sure enough the next turn I slide off. Somehow, my truck disappears, and I am just falling or something. I don’t feel afraid. I grab onto the side of the cliff, there’s not really anything to grab onto, but my fingers just have an insane grip. I think this is when I realize that I am in a dream. I debate letting go and falling or climbing to the top, and decide just to climb up. I remember pulling myself up... and then I’m not sure. I remember being in the desert. I feel like I lost connection with the fact that I was dreaming maybe. I just remember I eventually end up running through the desert with someone, I think Chris, until we come to a house.

      I enter the house through a Window and start looking around. I remember thinking the house looked strange. I mean, it looked normal, but I had never seen a house that really resembled it’s layout or decoration. Upon entering the house I had remembered that I was dreaming, and I was relieved to be inside of a house now so that I could draw doors. I started walking around looking for a good wall to draw on. I found one that kind of had some pictures and stuff on it, and decided to use it. I drew a door with my fingers. Just after that a man entered the house with his kids, he started yelling at us to get out and was ready to attack us. I told him to just wait a damn minute because I was writing “My Future” on the door and was about to open it. I ripped his shit off the wall that was covering my door. Apparently he tried to do something to us and it didn’t work, and then the man himself realized he was dreaming. His kids vanished and now he was just hanging out. I finished writing “My Future” in a pretty awful handwriting, and then I went to open the door. No door knob, but there was a fridge handle on it instead, I pulled it open to reveal the inside of a fridge. I tried climbing halfway in it to see if something special would happen, but to no avail, so I decided to make another door.

      I went into another room in his house and before making my door, the man sat on the couch and started to talk to me about how he was dreaming and how none of this mattered and that he knew he was dreaming when he did “?” and it didn’t work right. I think he tried shooting me. He was smoking a cigarette and I had him give me one, and I was having a hard time lighting it. I turned to him and told him to give me his real life phone number. He gave it to me slowly in double digit increments. I tried memorizing it, but I really wanted to go back to my door making... I turned to another wall, this time with Chris, by my side and made a perfect door. It even had a knob . I began to think about what to write on it, I didn’t want to write my future again so I started trying to think of something else. I was deciding between “Subconscious,” “Hell,” and “Heaven.” I decided on heaven. I wrote it on the door, but as soon as I opened it, everything in my dream went black. I laid there for a bit still conscious in the darkness, debating whether to open my eyes or not. I concluded my dream must be over, so I opened them.
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