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    1. Legacy

      by , 05-29-2015 at 02:09 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      With my school class we drove on a school trip. On the way we stopped in a shopping mall. Everyone ran around looking for something to do, I just walked around and looked for something interesting. Suddenly in the antique store I saw a kitchen cupboard.

      It was made of dark, oaken wood and ornamented with brass, silver and gold elements. There was something wrong about that cupboard. I came closer and started to search through it. Inside I found pans, pots and other various kitchen equipment.

      Then in one of the shelves I found some old documents, and old money. Suddenly I realised that it belonged to my grandma, and it was my legacy.
    2. FA/LD chain and unmemorable rebound

      by , 06-14-2013 at 07:12 PM
      Date: 13 June

      Not very funny FA and LD chain

      Total sleep time: 4 hrs

      Comments: Tonight definitely was a bad time to go for a lucid. We had a sleep over guest and I was nervous I had to wake up the same time as our guest and no idea when that would be. I repeated the same combo as yesterday (but had different results?), did SSILD to help with sleep and induce ld. I got into a rather nasty FA chain. The resulting lucidity was not to be envied either.

      Pre bed: Gingko

      WBTB: I was woken up, had 1/2 RB about half an hour later. Trouble falling asleep.

      Fragment: A DC that looks like my father shows aggressive attitude

      FA1: I am in bed and guest is knocking on the door, saying he is leaving now. I hear him and partially see him, but I also see some other layer with my reflection on it. I decide that I am dreaming the second layer, while he is trying awake me irl. I tell him to leave me alone and come back later because I am just either lucid or missing a FA.

      FA2: I am in bed, and there is trash, food leftovers and other stuff on the bedsheets. I find it a bit strange but swipe it aside and continue sleeping.

      FA3: I wake up and go to the toilet. I look myself in the mirror. I look terrible, my face is swollen. I think "What have I done, this is probably because of the supps/RB". As if that isn't enough, I feel a very strong pressure in my head. Ahhhh

      FA4 and DILD: I wake up and go to pee. Some nonexistent pipe breaks down and starts rhythmically pumping out water. I think this is too bad to be real life, and question the nature of reality. The pipe keeps pumping water, flooding the place, so I run into the room where our guest is sleeping to ask for help. He comes in the bathroom but it is not him at all, but a strange looking DC that has something not very human in his posture? I finally conclude that this can only be a dream. I go to the corridor, the strange DC next to me and an older lady. The dream gets distorted, images from other places appear in my mind, while I am thinking of an efficient way to leave our place. The dream disintegrates.

      DILD2: I renter some place but the DCs there keep getting in my way so I cannot go as I would like to. the dream fades

      DILD3: I am in another apartment, a geeky looking DC is trying to get my attention. I don't want to be here. I notice a large cupboard and am tempted to try passing through it. I am mostly wondering if I will be able to overcome the solidity and also see what will happen once I get in there. The cupboard is initially solid, but I push myself forward and it suddenly swallows me into the darkness with a strange gulp like sound. There is something very watery to that ex cupboard space, and I feel as if I am underwater. Very interesting, I think to myself. I swim forward ending in the void, the underwater sensations fading away. Back to my physical body, I may have even moved my real hands a bit while in the void.

      DILD4: Another dream starts and I am in an apartment again. A number of daring DCs are here as well. I try to go on my way, but this DC woman gets in front of me holding a bread knife. I notice that we are in the kitchen, and try to make her engage in slicing the bread that is there, instead of behaving menacingly. I meet resistance and am unable to control her much. I am adjusting my mood as not to expect her to do anything to me, trying to be as non-reactionary as possible. She has the knife in one hand and gets a cleaver in the other. I struggle with her hand, also attempting to grab the knife from time to time, while being careful not to cut myself. I know this is dream and I don't care so much, but I am annoyed that things aren't going my way. There is someone else pushing me, causing me discomfort and mild pain. I move away a bit, feeling exhausted and desperate.

      Since the dream is going nowhere, I allow the DC woman to get me, but now she has other intentions. I organize a pleasurable indecent scene and wake up shortly after.

      I wake up and go to the restroom and check out my reflection in the mirror. I look terrible. I RC. Tired, nervous and annoyed I consider if I want to go back to sleep. Shortly journal, then try to fall asleep but it is too late.

      This nightmare approximates to official count of 2 Lds? and 2 micro lds.

      Date: 14 June

      Total sleep time: 8 hrs

      Sleep quality and recall: Deep restorative sleep, below average recall

      Pre bed: Gingko

      Bedtime dreamlet: There is a discussion about the advantages of living in China vs living in France. It seems that living in China is much better. I am entering China, zooming in trying to determine my location. Very hard to describe I see the land and plants as if I am on the ground yet it is in the shape of the map of China. There are blackberries that represent each city in China, and are very close together which means very crowded.

      I realize that I am falling asleep and pull back from the dream, trying to commit it to memory.

      WBTB: very tired after yesterday's lack of sleep, so I just couldn't do it

      Dream1: I am on the street and there is a house to my left. Xanous comes from there. We talk about something. A friend of mine comes, I can't remember now if Xanous knows him.

      Xanous is now gone somewhere. Me and my friend are trying to have a shared dream via DV but actually don't know that we are having a shared dream with each other. What are the odds? I tell this realization to my friend and we are happy. He invites me to his place where I have been in dreams. I check out the furniture. He leads me through the corridor, but I insist on having a look at the bedroom. There is a sliding door, double bed with white bed sheets, and a wardrobe with a mirror to the left.

      Fragment2: My class meets again, this time boys only. I don't know why I am here and they behave like idiots. I look at them and have a strange feeling that something is not quite right here (as in this is a dream!) but continue being involved in the scene.

      Progress with goals as the 14th morning:

      - Do 100 RCs (15/100) *
      - notice real life DS 100 times and RC (17/100)
      - 10 proper WBTB attempts -> days (6/10)
      - 10 morning RCs (3/10)
      - 2 proper WILD attempts (0/2)
      - task flexibility
      - journal flexibility

      *I am also practicing some ADA, so it is not as bad as it seems, although I need to increase the RCs

      LDs: 12 (official count)
      micro-lds: 4 (not counted)
      suspicious events: 2 (not counted)

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    3. Hiding alien

      by , 07-01-2012 at 10:14 PM
      This dream is a weird one.

      I start off departing a flying saucer with a group of aliens. One of them is my father I think. All the aliens are white and sort of egg shaped, but still have facial features and limbs. We go to some area that's invisible to humans. There's a glass wall where we can see humans walking by. This area looks like a giant living room, and there's a bunch of random furniture that's all facing the same direction. Some aliens are hiding behind this furniture. Humans continue to walk by, and a slightly chubby little boy looks right at me, and he sees me some how. He starts freaking out, and I don't remember what we do with him.

      Then my memory fast forwards me to the living room in my house. I'm with an alien that I think is my father. There are humans coming into the house, and we hide inside a cupboard that doesn't exist in waking life. The last thing I remember is trying really hard to squeeze in there, and feeling proud of myself and very safe once I do. My alarm went off and I didn't get a chance to finish the dream.
    4. 10th December 2011

      by , 02-10-2012 at 01:56 AM
      I am at my daughters school and I am standing with Aunty C, Aunty L and some others. I need the toilet so I walk to the field where there is a cupboard, I open the cupboard and pull out 1 of the trays to wee in. I pull down my trousers and knickers and crouch down by the cupboard, the doors are covering me, I place the tray under me and hold it tight and wee in it . My Aunty C and my sister now walk over to me and I have to quickly shove the tray full of wee back into the cupboard and I think " why am I weeping in this?" I pull my knickers back up and pretend I was just looking in the cupboard for something and hope to god they didn't see what I was doing which they didn't. We now all walk back to the playground and join the others. My Mom is now there aswell and my Aunty C tells my Mom about me having a wee, I'm shocked because I didn't think she saw me but know I know that she did, my Mom says "she's got a weak bladder like me" lol
      My Aunty L now says " I've got to go and see the Grandkids" she points and says " it's over the road" we all walk over and I see the kids come out and think " what's she on about, there Aunty M's Grandkids not hers" the others standing with me say to Aunty L " get Miss Miles to take you to the graph board" lol they say this in a joking manner and laugh. My Aunty L now walks off to the school doors to see the kids. We now all go back through the school gates and onto the playground to get our kids.
    5. Drunk Dream

      by , 10-05-2011 at 12:39 PM
      I was in a a party which was taking place in a large room which resembled the kitchen of my friend's house where we party in real life. The dream was fairly dark and dimly lit. In this dream I was also very drunk.

      There was a small cupboard with two compartments in the corner of the room where I was sat. For some reason I sat in the cupboard for a while. There was a bottle of alcohol in there which I drank. There were also some snakes and some toad-like creatures. They looked like Toads but they had sharp little beaks - almost like a turtle. The snakes and Toads were hunting one another. My friend, Fred, who was there, found them extremely interesting.

      When I was back in the main room I noticed that an old friend, Aiden, was sat just along from the cupboard. As I walked past, he threw something at me and I threatened him as a response. I sat down near him and noticed there were stacks of playing cards. I was shuffling through some. There were Legend of Zelda themed one's in there also. Aiden picked up some and threw them, one at a time, against the wall. They stuck in a sort of colarge way.

      I got up and walked around a bit. At this point I could feel myself sobering up. Someone who I thought was my partner came into the room and I asked her if there was any more alcohol. But it turned out to be someone I didn't know. My partner came in for real after that.

      Back in the main room, there was a guy asking where his alcohol, that he had hidden in the cupboard, had gone. I sat down and kept quiet. Then another friend, Eddie, asked the guy if he wanted some of his Toffee-Cider instead. I turned to Eddie and asked if I could have some.