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    1. 26 Mar: Trump makes a terrorist attack in Europe, visiting a museum in France

      by , 03-26-2021 at 07:54 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      At some sunny city somewhere in southern Europe, I think, which has canals. There is some international event going on and I am actually walking away from it. Then I spot Trump in a very bad disguise on a motor boat, going in the direction of the crowded area. His kids Baron and some of the girls are going in other boats in different directions. I know immediately they are going to commit some terrorist attack and try to stop it, but can't.
      In the end, I end up with the ashes of the victims, for some reason.

      In France, at a natural history museum, I stalk a guided tour with high school kids, so I can listen to the guide. The guide notices me, but pretends not to care to avoid causing a fuss.
      There is a display of ancient dentures with semi precious stones as teeth. The guide tries to make me feel self-conscious by asking me a question about it. I feel embarrassed and I separate from the group and head to the museum shop. I am delighted with a Star Wars encyclopedia and there are books that resemble some of my childhood Russian books and I get very excited, but turns out they are just similar and not the real deal. A couple kids that were in the guided tour before, also come to the shop and start flirting with me. I feel flattered, but they are just kids. I go get my coat from the cloakroom and the guy there is really gorgeous and age appropriate for me so I also flirt with him a bit. I can tell we both feel like we don't want to depart so soon, but I am the one taking the step. I touch his hand and say I loved meeting him, but I have to say goodbye and that I am going away from this country soon and will probably never see him again. He looks heartbroken.
      At the exit we are thoroughly checked to see if we stole something from the museum, but instead they confiscate some pills I have on my pocket. I explain my need for it and make a bit of a scene, so they end up letting me go with it.
      Outside is already night and I have no clue how to get "home". I just have a vague idea I need to go to a bus stop near of after some place named L'Envers. I go to the closest bus stop and wait for a bus to come. My french is a bit rusty, but when a bus comes, I beg the bus driver for help and he ignores me and starts moving away. I keep begging for some indications and some Asian dude steps up and offers to help me. So the bus driver stops and and I come on the bus. The dude says he can help me to get closer to my destination and teach me what buses I need to get on and off to get there, so I sit a couple seats away from him.
    2. xlii.

      by , 09-26-2018 at 11:57 AM
      Non-dream stuff - had a couple of non-lucid dreams I remember in some detail. Chronological order slightly forgotten.

      Dream fragment:
      I was playing some sort of space game, I could see in third-person view the ship I was controlling. Though I distinctly remember being "in" the game, I know my partner was watching me play, and I was in a system that had 3 jump gates to other stars; the jumpgates looked a bit Stargate-like, but two were coloured red and one was green. I wanted to go in one of the red ones. The system was very dark, there was a red giant star at its centre and when I arrived at the gates (that for some reason were clustered together) there were 2 ships, which were part of local military.

      I remember using the jumpgate, though I don't remember the transition special effects, and when I got to the next system, it felt like it was a bit more dangerous. Visually it was confusing, I was struggling with the controls all of a sudden and the field of view adjustment kept changing for no reason. There was a blue giant star, and a regular yellow star; I remember some nebulae, blue, too, but there was something odd about the "skybox"* for the system.

      In my controls struggle I accidentally started warping, backwards, somehow. The warp got faster and faster and I could see a "ul" units measurement at the bottom of the interface, going up quickly from 0.x to ~700. I managed to stop it and was now in a different system. I remember commenting to myself "oh, I forgot that worked that way", regarding the system travelling feature of the warp. It reminds me now of the warp mechanic in Eliteangerous.

      Then I used it again and went forwards this time but steering at the same time, but when I warped out, I was in a planet with my ship, in the middle of a mega city, so I had to quickly try and maneuver up through openings I could see.

      I remember getting past the atmosphere though I don't remember what happened next.

      Dream sequence:
      On a plane, with my partner. I don't think I was too happy about it; but we were landing, and we were landing in a street somewhere in France. This was the planned destination and the landing worked and stopped more than few hundred feet away from the nearest building.

      We got out and I think we went to a flat somewhere, I think it was my aunt's and I remember some sort of interaction with my aunt before the dream started. But all I remember from the flat was that it was like our real kitchen and there was a bathroom. The bathroom was filthy, there was trimmed hair everywhere; there was a slight yellow tinge on things, not from urine or anything, as far as I can gather. There were no strong smells. But it felt filthy. I was trying to clean the toilet's rim with some paper, for some reason, and it was taking very long.

      There was a transition and the next thing I remember is being at a supermarket in the same city, and I'm picking up what looks like a sweetener capsule dispenser thing, but instead, they have pictures of great monuments on them. I pick one that has a Great Pyramid, and I remember thinking or commenting to someone near me, "with this we can build our own pyramid... seems it takes about 3.8 acres of land, so we just need to get some 4 acres of land somewhere".

      I walk to one of those self-checkout things, only carrying this little thing, and I scan it but I'm a little confused as to how things work and take a little while to understand where to place it; then I do, and I'm about to pay, but this other French guy about my age or younger starts using the same machine as I'm using, and I speak to him in English saying "excuse me, could you help me pay?" and he doesn't even look at me, which I feel to be rude. In the dream I have the distinct feeling they ignored English on purpose. I somehow manage to pay with my card, which I took out of my wallet blindly, but confirmed to be the card I wanted by the 4 last numbers, which were accurate to waking life as I remember.

      I leave the shop and go down some street. Of note, I go past a man painting some sort of tall vertical canvases, in his own shop, but do not talk or engage with him. Down this street I am looking for a suitable land for this pyramid I want to build. I find some plaza and some ruins, and in the dream I think that because there are some Aztec-looking ruins I could just use them as a base for the pyramid... It's a micro steppe pyramid in its own right, this ruin, and I remember a hole that would be the stairwell. It is exceedingly dark in here, but I can see somehow. There is a different hole next to a wall, big enough for any grown man to slide in, but I do not satisfy my curiosity and walk away instead. Something felt odd but that wall opening, like it would go down forever.

      I remember going up some street and then seeing some big building with a hand-painted sign that said:
      "2 any artist;
      60(something) (something);
      214 accomplished artist"
      or something to this effect. I got annoyed reading the sign. The numbers were value/money, and I felt that it was unfair to unknown artists. I commented something out aloud and realise that I'm standing next to the shop with that man from before, with the tall cyllinders that he painted. He said to me "unfortunately that's how it works; you can see how much work I have here - because it is exotic and unusual, I am not considered to be good or accomplished" or something like this. His shop was literally cluttered with all of his artistic work, some of it looked quite nice, some of it was indeed a bit unusual.

      There was another dream after this but I've forgotten most of the details, apart from a teen boy being naked and antagonising me, who I punched in the face, though he didn't back down and just kept being annoying. There was a little girl but she seemed sad, she had a little pink dress.

      • *The skybox is traditionally a scaled up 3D element that keeps the exact same position as the player and makes up the far-distance objects that can be represented either with 2D sprites or low resolution 3D models.
      • The comments of the other artist reflect partly the basic feel I have about art's value in general.
      • My partner was present at some points in the second dream but I don't remember the interactions between us.
      • I have been to France only once, when I was a kid, and had the possibility of going again when I was around 16, but didn't.
      • In the dream I just couldn't understand why at the supermarket the guy was rude to me. I was being polite and asking for help to get out of his way. But it later occurred to me in the dream that if I'd used my native language instead he wouldn't have been so rude, so it felt like it was a French/English animosity thing.
      • I don't know where the 3.8 acres figure came from (it seems very specific but for no reason) in the dream for the Great Pyramid's base area; but checking quickly has revealed to me that the Pyramid's base is about 13 acres, about 3.25 times my 4 acres land estimate in the dream. I do not have any intuitive understanding of the actual area taken by an acre in waking life, so if there was any accuracy at all, it would have been a surprise.
    3. A Couple of Nonlucids After a Late Night - August 30

      , 08-30-2018 at 07:12 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Aug 30 2018

      Long NL, the first thing I remember is walking up a staircase or ladder and entering a dark basement. It is finished and in some memories it extends lengthwise to my left and right with no windows, but in others it's small and box-shaped, closing in all around with a window in front of me under an eave. In both memories, there are cardboard boxes all around, and right in front of me there is a broken light bulb. I'm yelling downstairs to someone that the bulb is broken (I remember there are two lit floors below me). It felt like several others were in the house with me.

      Short NL when I fell back asleep after dismissing my alarm in the morning. I'm at a table in France. I'm a spectator, possibly without physical manifestation or presence. To the left is an american couple, to the right a french couple from another region of france. Both are travelling to this region and sampling some food. The backdrop is empty whiteness. The americans are making fools of themselves, and the french are snooty about it. I remember being both of them, and cutting open some toasted bread. There was also red sauce involved somehow (were these meatball subs?), and the dream ended with the frenchman laughing.
    4. Ups and downs [Lucid!]

      by , 08-08-2013 at 05:01 PM
      Isn't it funny how after I had a lucid dream I had two nights without anything?

      Welp, now I had another.

      Oh, mind...

      It started off with me in Africa with some cousins (We don't have any cousins in Africa, weirdness..). We were walking around a market and bought a watermelon then went on our way. I remember carrying two slices out of five. We came along a mud puddle and we jumped in it. For no reason.

      *Memory blindness*

      We then came to an intersection. To the left was a slight hill leading back to the marketplace, the front and back were a dirt road. On the left there was a small forest that ended a couple yards ahead. The sky was mostly cloudy, with some patches gray. It was raining.
      We met with some guy who was chubby, short, white, and had glasses. Everyone started talking to him except for me, my brother, and my younger cousin. He looked to be about 6 by the way.

      I started thinking about this trip. And how the airline ride went. Then I realized; there was no airline trip. I thought I just might have forgotten it, but then I did thought about doing a RC. Then my aunt said "Oh no, I can breathe, its a dream! We're not real!"
      I did and RC for myself, and I could breathe! I started thinking about all this stuff I wanted to do, and the task of the month and all.

      My mind, kind of got overwhelmed. I could feel it too, that anxiety of wanting to do things. The sky started flashing different colors. I started to remember the DV podcast, then I remembered the "Making out with the ground" trick.
      I layed down and started, uh, making out with the ground. I will admit, it took my mind off dreaming, I guess because you can't see anything, just dirt. Plus your preoccupied with thinking it'll work. The sky stopped flashing, and everyone looked like they didn't know a thing.

      I figured I would go to France. No particular reason. I just haven't gone there before. I then tried to teleport but instead my mind brought up a map of the world. I punched France with my fist, and it took me too another map with a map of France. I popped Paris and it made me turn right. It all seemed like a really badly made video game, but it seemed to do the trick. I walked out, and I could see the Eiffel tower! I was a long ways away though, so I tried to teleport again.

      But as we all know, for me, teleporting twice is a death sentence.

      My eyes in real life quickly opened, then I realised what I'd done and tried to fall asleep again.

      ly it didn't work.
    5. travel to France

      by , 07-20-2013 at 11:05 PM
      Me and 2 of my close friends was travelling in France. Me and one of them stopped near historical place and 3rd of us went to do something. It was interesting that words in there were Persian. When he came back we continue our path. I saw 2 of my uncles in a car that were looking us. My friend hug me after that. We cross the street and in another part we were speaking about freedom.
    6. FA/LD chain and unmemorable rebound

      by , 06-14-2013 at 07:12 PM
      Date: 13 June

      Not very funny FA and LD chain

      Total sleep time: 4 hrs

      Comments: Tonight definitely was a bad time to go for a lucid. We had a sleep over guest and I was nervous I had to wake up the same time as our guest and no idea when that would be. I repeated the same combo as yesterday (but had different results?), did SSILD to help with sleep and induce ld. I got into a rather nasty FA chain. The resulting lucidity was not to be envied either.

      Pre bed: Gingko

      WBTB: I was woken up, had 1/2 RB about half an hour later. Trouble falling asleep.

      Fragment: A DC that looks like my father shows aggressive attitude

      FA1: I am in bed and guest is knocking on the door, saying he is leaving now. I hear him and partially see him, but I also see some other layer with my reflection on it. I decide that I am dreaming the second layer, while he is trying awake me irl. I tell him to leave me alone and come back later because I am just either lucid or missing a FA.

      FA2: I am in bed, and there is trash, food leftovers and other stuff on the bedsheets. I find it a bit strange but swipe it aside and continue sleeping.

      FA3: I wake up and go to the toilet. I look myself in the mirror. I look terrible, my face is swollen. I think "What have I done, this is probably because of the supps/RB". As if that isn't enough, I feel a very strong pressure in my head. Ahhhh

      FA4 and DILD: I wake up and go to pee. Some nonexistent pipe breaks down and starts rhythmically pumping out water. I think this is too bad to be real life, and question the nature of reality. The pipe keeps pumping water, flooding the place, so I run into the room where our guest is sleeping to ask for help. He comes in the bathroom but it is not him at all, but a strange looking DC that has something not very human in his posture? I finally conclude that this can only be a dream. I go to the corridor, the strange DC next to me and an older lady. The dream gets distorted, images from other places appear in my mind, while I am thinking of an efficient way to leave our place. The dream disintegrates.

      DILD2: I renter some place but the DCs there keep getting in my way so I cannot go as I would like to. the dream fades

      DILD3: I am in another apartment, a geeky looking DC is trying to get my attention. I don't want to be here. I notice a large cupboard and am tempted to try passing through it. I am mostly wondering if I will be able to overcome the solidity and also see what will happen once I get in there. The cupboard is initially solid, but I push myself forward and it suddenly swallows me into the darkness with a strange gulp like sound. There is something very watery to that ex cupboard space, and I feel as if I am underwater. Very interesting, I think to myself. I swim forward ending in the void, the underwater sensations fading away. Back to my physical body, I may have even moved my real hands a bit while in the void.

      DILD4: Another dream starts and I am in an apartment again. A number of daring DCs are here as well. I try to go on my way, but this DC woman gets in front of me holding a bread knife. I notice that we are in the kitchen, and try to make her engage in slicing the bread that is there, instead of behaving menacingly. I meet resistance and am unable to control her much. I am adjusting my mood as not to expect her to do anything to me, trying to be as non-reactionary as possible. She has the knife in one hand and gets a cleaver in the other. I struggle with her hand, also attempting to grab the knife from time to time, while being careful not to cut myself. I know this is dream and I don't care so much, but I am annoyed that things aren't going my way. There is someone else pushing me, causing me discomfort and mild pain. I move away a bit, feeling exhausted and desperate.

      Since the dream is going nowhere, I allow the DC woman to get me, but now she has other intentions. I organize a pleasurable indecent scene and wake up shortly after.

      I wake up and go to the restroom and check out my reflection in the mirror. I look terrible. I RC. Tired, nervous and annoyed I consider if I want to go back to sleep. Shortly journal, then try to fall asleep but it is too late.

      This nightmare approximates to official count of 2 Lds? and 2 micro lds.

      Date: 14 June

      Total sleep time: 8 hrs

      Sleep quality and recall: Deep restorative sleep, below average recall

      Pre bed: Gingko

      Bedtime dreamlet: There is a discussion about the advantages of living in China vs living in France. It seems that living in China is much better. I am entering China, zooming in trying to determine my location. Very hard to describe I see the land and plants as if I am on the ground yet it is in the shape of the map of China. There are blackberries that represent each city in China, and are very close together which means very crowded.

      I realize that I am falling asleep and pull back from the dream, trying to commit it to memory.

      WBTB: very tired after yesterday's lack of sleep, so I just couldn't do it

      Dream1: I am on the street and there is a house to my left. Xanous comes from there. We talk about something. A friend of mine comes, I can't remember now if Xanous knows him.

      Xanous is now gone somewhere. Me and my friend are trying to have a shared dream via DV but actually don't know that we are having a shared dream with each other. What are the odds? I tell this realization to my friend and we are happy. He invites me to his place where I have been in dreams. I check out the furniture. He leads me through the corridor, but I insist on having a look at the bedroom. There is a sliding door, double bed with white bed sheets, and a wardrobe with a mirror to the left.

      Fragment2: My class meets again, this time boys only. I don't know why I am here and they behave like idiots. I look at them and have a strange feeling that something is not quite right here (as in this is a dream!) but continue being involved in the scene.

      Progress with goals as the 14th morning:

      - Do 100 RCs (15/100) *
      - notice real life DS 100 times and RC (17/100)
      - 10 proper WBTB attempts -> days (6/10)
      - 10 morning RCs (3/10)
      - 2 proper WILD attempts (0/2)
      - task flexibility
      - journal flexibility

      *I am also practicing some ADA, so it is not as bad as it seems, although I need to increase the RCs

      LDs: 12 (official count)
      micro-lds: 4 (not counted)
      suspicious events: 2 (not counted)

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    7. Fleeing Innocent

      by , 02-11-2013 at 07:09 PM
      I've been here before. The streets look exactly the same from the last time I dreamed of this place. The sun was out and the streets were busy, or at least I felt that they were.

      Me and this other girl were walking over to a mechanic's tool workhouse. Last time I was here, I tried to start a plane and fly out of the area. Me and this other girl were talking about random stuff before we got there. It didn't feel like the good, friendly talk.

      I turned my back on this girl. She said something offensive to me, so I decided to run away from her on the spot. I ran towards the mechanic's shop and jumped up to see if I could fly away. It only worked for a while. As I was beginning to slowly ascend higher and higher, I slowly came back to the ground. The girl started coming after me, I didn't want to get caught.

      There was a dock next to us. I was going to dump her in to the water and hoped she died. When I came down from the air, I used all my force to push her down there. It didn't work. She was still chasing me afterwards.

      I quickly ran and ran until I got to a place where I knew she wouldn't catch me. I walked up to two double doors and quickly opened them using the 'e' button on the keyboard(strange, I know right). After I got through so many sets of double doors, I finally reached the outside streets.

      This outside street, it looked nice. It kind of reminded me of the streets in France but instead of French people there was Asians. The Asians didn't feel to mean in this dream. There was actually one Asian woman in red who greeted me in to this area as soon as I entered it. There was a big field when I walked outside. It was really green, so I'm guessing it was a rich neighborhood.

      Seeing how there is a lot of open space in this area and the buildings were too high for me to jump on, I ran to the golf course to my left. The girl was almost there. I thought about flying on to one of the buildings but felt she could still catch me. I then rested next to the sidewalk of the golf course and waited for the girl to come to me. I woke up a few seconds later.
    8. Confusing Dream Fragment

      by , 06-21-2012 at 01:10 AM (Elegy Dreams)
      Everyone has those confusing dreams or dream fragments.
      Today I've had one of those and once again forgot to do a reality check, which is frustrating.
      Anyways, i was in Paris or France.
      I could tell cause of how the people dressed and the buildings as well. But the confusing part is when i am in the middle of the road and the world starts to tilt sideways and i fall to the very end of the road... which seems to be a wooden hotel room blocking the road, and an open window.
      Anyways the road becomes a wall, the hotel room becomes a floor and the window is the hole in the floor and if i fall through that whole, well i fall into space or wherever else.
      And there's beds in all hotel rooms right? Well this French mime is sleeping in the bed and is waken up by the chaos. Well he looks at me and -Facepalms-... which is when i start screaming.
      now that i think about it, it's a funny dream kind of but still very confusing and weird. Also i remember this guy walking up to me and saying " everything's upside down in Paris" some time in the dream... i think maybe when i was standing in the middle of the road.
      < END OF DREAM>
    9. Toorop and the French Resistence

      by , 09-20-2011 at 06:47 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I dreamed I was kind of a secret agent, but nothing like James Bond, more like Toorop (Babylon AD). I was walking in tunnels with a large bush knife and a machine gun, and I was going to dismantle a secret underground base that had an atomic missile. After passing through a tunnel filled with traps and guards I went into the silo where the missile was.
      I climbed the stairs and ended up in a wide street (after leaving the railing)
      Two men came running towards me with arms to keep me from fleeing.
      I stabbed the first in the right side of the abdomen, he immediately died.
      I continued to run, the second tried to shoot me, I was quicker and shot him with a machine gun burst. He fell to the ground, dead, I kept running.
      A third man saw me and released a German shepherd who began running towards me. I ran faster until i reached a river.
      I jumped into the water (jump and dive).
      The dog swam behind me too, but I managed to get to the other side of the river.
      My allies were waiting for me with tanks and troops. There is one person who helps me get out of the water, a brother in arms). The dog fled ... I managed to escape.
      I looked to my reflection in a tank ... I have long hair, a brown trench coat and a black and white scarf around me. I have military boots.
      The dream "tells me" that I am part of the French Resistance, and I am fighting against the Italians. The river that I crossed is the border between France and Italy.


      Comment: Part of the dateless dreams series
    10. fjord collapse; rescuing drowned boy; abortion jokes

      by , 09-13-2011 at 12:06 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      No vision, or just black. A voice said how "an entire fjord" (???) in France had collapsed into the sea.

      Dream #2

      A bunch of people, possibly including me, were on a huge ship like a cruise ship. A disaster had occurred -- possibly that another gigantic cruise ship had come apart and sunk. Almost everybody on board had been killed. The people on this new cruise ship were now out in the ocean, not to find the living people, but to pull out of the water a lot of dead people who were floating to the surface.

      The ship coasted over the black waters and under a yellow sky. A young woman with coppery skin and long, black hair stood out on the deck of the ship. She spotted the body of a young man who had apparently drowned. She threw out a rope to grab the boy's body. She pulled the body onto the ship.

      The woman was now in a cabin right on deck. The body of the young man was laid out on the floor of the front room of the cabin. The woman had walked into a back room. She now walked out to the front room. I may have seen from her viewpoint at this time.

      The young man on the floor was possibly Asian, with coppery skin. He wore a yellow t-shirt and darkish khaki shorts or casual pants. He was a little bit overweight and shaved bald. He looked older than his age, somehow. I attributed it to the stress of his death and the effect of the water on his body.

      But now the young man began to make motions with his mouth. He slowly mouthed some words and made some cringing expressions with his eyebrows, as if he were in extreme pain, and as if he were still afraid of dying. He may have coughed some water out of his mouth.

      There were some other people in the cabin, possibly including the Captain. It was recognized, possibly by the Captain, that the woman had saved the young man's life. I'm pretty sure I saw from my own viewpoint at this point, not from the woman's. The woman said that she had a feeling, when she saw the boy in the water, that he was still alive, or that he could be resuscitated.

      Dream #3

      I was watching a comedy. But it was also like I was reviewing the movie, after I'd seen it. Reviewing the movie, I commented that I had no idea there was going to be a scene with such crude humor in it.

      I could only partly remember the scene, and I kept trying to see it, but it had something to do with abortion. It was like it was blocked from my view by a lot of sillhouettes of people's heads.

      I then saw another scene, in which a group of "average guys," like in a comedy for guys, were all standing next to each other before a table filled with jars of aborted babies. The guys had to pull the babies out of the jars for some kind or humane reason. But they were all kind of bumbling about at the task so much that they were actually disfiguring the bodies.

      The men were using weird implements to get the babies out of the jars. One of the men used a huge knife, to which the baby stuck, like a magnet. The baby's back may have looked charred. The baby may also have had eyes with no whites, which were all a dark grey-blue.

      I felt bad because for some reason I had taken my mom to this movie with me. I had thought it was just an ordinary comedy. But those two abortion-comedy scenes were really gross, and I was afraid my mom would be freaked out by them.

      My mom and I were in a car, pulling into a space in a big parking lot. I tried to justify the grossness of the comedy in the movie by explaining that the film had been made by the guy who made There's Something about Mary.
    11. [LUCID] The Adjustment Bureau

      by , 08-16-2011 at 11:54 AM (The Lion Within)
      I was in a classroom, being taught a lesson, I presume.

      I stood up straight away, realizing that this is a dream, I don't know how I realized. I just stood up and thought 'this is a dream.' I walked over to a door, my class seemed not to have a problem with it. I remembered that I could 'change dream scenes' or as I called it, teleporting. I went through many doors, teleporting to different places, but wandering to the next door without exploring my surroundings. I regret that now, I could have discovered more 'lucid powers.'

      I come to another door, which is the last door I went through, and the only place I could remember. I decided I wanted to go to the Eiffel Tower, not a random place like I have done before. I ended up not directly under the Eiffel Tower, like I had planned. But with the Eiffel Tower a few blocks away, and me next to a river, coming out of a warehouse door, with some French lads opposite me. They taunted me, but I just ignored them and was about to go towards the Eiffel Tower, when...

      My mum woke me up, by getting out of bed and making noise. All I had is a brief recollection of this lucid, which I have patched together and made this story out of.

      I called this 'The Adjustment Bureau' because if anyone has seen the film, they travel through doors to different places, much like changing a scene, or rather dream scene, in my case.

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    12. Emporer of France

      by , 06-16-2011 at 04:40 AM
      June 15 2011

      I was just jumping around the dream thinking an item could make me the emperor of France. The item was a paper crown from McDonald's, then a piece of a chandelier, then a knife thrown near me.

      Yes a guy threw a knife at me but at this point in my dreaming life, even nonlucid, I know I have all these abilities and I am totally fearless. Actually I ran at the knife to get as close to possible to where it would land so I could get to it quickly being the item that would make me emperor and all.

      But this is the 3rd dream in as many nights where I thought something where another country was the main theme. Not sure what all this means, I have no trips planned nor do I want to take one. Hmmm.
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      non-lucid , memorable
    13. The Addiction

      by , 05-08-2011 at 11:01 AM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 08-06-10
      Length: 10 Minutes
      Vividness: 10/10

      I was in our vacation home in La Baule, France.
      I was in the living room sitting on the orange couch by the window.
      My sister, Marin, was sitting at the table, my girlfriend Dakota was right next to me, and my youngest sister, Manon, was on the white couch, opposite to the one I was on.

      I had a lit cigarette in my mouth, and I began smoking it.
      I remember preventing myself from inhaling the smoke by just blowing it out without actually sucking in.
      I've never smoked before, but in the dream, it was a very casual thing, like I had done it many times before.
      I kept telling myself that I wasn't addicted, and I could stop when I would want.

      After a couple seconds, the cigarette went out and I realized it was because I was smoking the lit end.
      I got up to get a lighter and found one on the table across from the bar.
      It was a sleek, metallic one that stayed lit when you press it down.
      I found Dakota's scorpion one next to it and thought I should tell her.
      I walked back over to the couch and Manon said she had something to show me, but she wouldn't.

    14. Dinner With Strangers

      by , 05-08-2011 at 10:12 AM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 08-04-10
      Length: 2 Hours
      Vividness: 8/10

      I was in a house with some random people, including Dakota (my girlfriend), my family and I.
      We went out to dinner and took the metro.

      We got to the restaurant and took our seats.
      My dad sat across and to the left of me.
      Dakota went to ask some question to one of the waiters, but when the waiter answered the question, everyone around them screamed out "way to spoil the answer!"
      While Dakota was gone, a random British boy sat next to my dad and started talking to him about girls.
      A girl then sat down next to me and I got nervous because I thought she was coming on to me.
      She left, and Sam Adams (a class mate), who I've known since 5th grade, sat next to me but left shortly after because she realized it was somebody else's seat.

      Suddenly, I was watching a commercial, but it was as if I were in it.
      It was talking about twins and their "guardian angel".
      There was a rather fat boy on a bed, my mind kepy flashing on things in his room; two pairs of shoes, a pair of something else, another pair.
      Pairs of everything, relating to some twins he was friends with, like he was made to serve them, or protect them.

    15. Paris & Mid-Flight Wake Up

      by , 01-24-2011 at 06:11 AM

      Dream1: France
      I was on vacation in France and waiting with fellow travelers for the tour guide or someone to come get us because the trip was over.
      I was seated on the cobblestone between 2 walls like this. I was sad because the trip was over. I looked around waiting I looked at people walking by and the giant concrete eagle on the wall above me. On closer inspection it was a giant pigeon. [This alone should have told me this was a dream]. Then I looked at some people and checked out the pigeon again. "Hmmm I could have sworn the thing was looking left...." I looked away then back and it was looking in different directions! Then I saw the giant pigeon head move like the stone was alive! I was relieved that I was not crazy, whew! [WTF? And I am a little disturbed to think that this is just what a crazy person would think! "no need to worry, the stone pigeon is alive!" Still no LD, amazing...] I looked around at what a nice day it was but I was getting board.
      Then I was in an apartment. I looked up to see a window and it was night. I looked around to see that there was a woman there (white, black hair, mid 20's) this was a living room and I could hear rain. I looked outside and saw it was very dark outside and the rain was pouring down onto the cobblestone ground outside. "I was in Paris twice before and it was raining then too" I said. [I have been to Paris twice but the weather was perfect.] I looked to the girl and she looked back like "so?" I walked off to see what else I could find while marveling at how real everything was.
      Then I was in a store a lot like Harrods. I strolled around and just when I thought everything was too boring someone said there was an alarm. I was thinking if I should leave or not when a woman came up to me and said in a heavy french accent "you should really go you know, its dangerous." Then she looked off into the store and from her I heard the word "bomb" even though she did not speak it. I looked outside for the massive bomb/anti terror squad there was sure to be but there was only one police car with its lights on and he looked like he was talking to a woman on a bicycle. "Hmmm, doesn't look like much of anything" I thought.

      Dream 2: Midflight

      I was driving on a road. Then I saw a line of people in a left turn lane, but they were people, no cars just people standing there waiting for the light to turn. This was interesting so I pulled in behind them and then I realized I didn't have a car but I was walking. The light turned green and everyone turned into a parking lot and walked into a bland white building's back door. I walked in a little after them. I felt like I was trespassing but I walked around only to see that it was a factory plant. I walked out the same door and saw a little old lady startled and then she walked off. "Oh this is really going to be boring." So I decided to fly but I was going to try the superman style take off I have been reading about. It worked! Then I realized that I still I had no idea what I wanted to do up here! Then then visionary shapes started to break apart into random lines and then darkness. I was awake, damn and had just taken off too!
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