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    1. #251 - Mushroom picking

      by , 06-25-2016 at 08:54 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I'm in a forest during day time for a school trip of some sort. I'm hanging out with my friends, I recognise Cameron here. I show him how to identify magic mushrooms as we walk along. He's like "oh cool man, dude that's awesome" as I remember him being really keen to try them IRL. We're heading down slope with the group, ahead of us they're talking about how they just found a huge nest of blue lipped mussels. The mussels apparently clack their shells in order to bounce around, achieving a sort of momentary flight-hop to get around. They're not even in the water either, they're just on land for some reason. I imagine that there must be a river nearby that they came from and we all start heading downslope to try find it. I remember also having something in my hand that I needed to feed, like a little animal. We came to a small river and waded in, only to get caught by a teacher who was peering over at us. Apparently it's illegal to try catch mussels from the river or something
    2. [04-03-2016]

      by , 03-04-2016 at 03:08 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was preparing for a school trip. Suddenly I woke up in the bus, my teacher was sitting in the front part of bus, directly in front of me. There was a weird string going from doors of bus. I grabbed it and pulled. It was really long, and placed firmly in the doors.

      Suddenly I woke up again. I was lying on two seats. There were two girls sitting in row in front of me. I looked around and wondered how I changed my position. One of the girls looked at me, she had curly brown hair and green eyes. I tried to lie down some more, but others regulated backs oh their seats that they almost crushed me. The bus stopped and we had a chance to visit a mall. I tried to put on my shoes, but I already had some on. I entered one of the sections of mall. There were loads of junk food on shelves. I went straight to checkout assistant and asked if there's a toilet nearby. I took the door that was nearby and ended up in a hospital hallway. I moved to doctors office and went back to the streets.

      I could see the bus from afar. I went towards it, but someone caught my arm and stopped me. It was a man with short, black hair. He had beard and moustache, and he was wearing industrial era worker clothes. He retired to so me, but I moved on. He drove a bike after me, and when he got close, he left it and charged at me. I jumped and dodged, trying to counter his attacks. I was a bit scared and all sweaty. He took a broad, gladius like dagger and tried to slash me. I felt adrenaline rush, but my mind was still calm. I thought "He should throw that knife at me, and I should catch it.". He did as I thought - thrown his weapon. I caught it and stabbed him in the heart. Then I moved back to bus.

      I got teleported away and had to play a game in which I chose spot and DC bird flies towards it. My goal was to kill a snake that hypnotized whole city and was ruling it. I failed and the game changed into nor sure scrolling adventure than a strategy. It was really similar to Captain Claw game.
    3. [24-02-2016]

      by , 02-24-2016 at 09:37 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was inside a bus, my father was driving it for some reason. We were driving through a city, picking up people on the way. I was taking different seats all the time, sitting with different people. In the end there was only me and my father inside it, driving through fields with a plow plugged to the bus.

      Second dream

      I was in a bus (again). It was a school trip to a nuclear power plant. Everyone was arguing all the time, and I was thinking if that trip would be successful. We left the bus and had to follow a road. I recalled this place from previous dreams, and knew where we had to go. I took the lead and we went to buy some tickets. Someone asked where is our destination, I said that I'm not sure, but I knew where the lakes are. We entered a building and went high up stairs. I had troubles walking up these stairs for some reason. Everyone was arguing. (This is where voices from TV turned on nearby added up, and story changed from school trip to student and teacher arguing about a dress that she has bought). I fallen down the stairs, and went outside. My father was waiting there. I said that we have to wait, the trip might not be successful.
    4. #166 - School trippin'

      by , 11-28-2015 at 03:44 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Went to bed later again as I was exposed to TV for the first time in a long while.. Where does time even go?
      I'll have to restart my dream recall goal (3 dreams every night for 3 days in a row).

      Dream - School trippin'
      I was on a school bus, we were going on a field trip somewhere. I had a lot of bags (these were the bags that I had left in my flat to be picked up by a moving truck) and I remember unloading them from the bus storage. So many bags, I can't possibly move them in one go... I pick up 2 bags and follow along with everyone else, deciding to make a couple trips to get everything to wherever we're headed. I distinctly recall there being a very realistic sexy big breasted (she had a boob job) brunette woman (in her thirties?) at some point who was guiding me. I don't think she appeared to me in person, but may have been an image on my phone. She had no shirt or bra either . There was also another girl that was the same age as me, she was a strikingly beautiful voluptuous blonde. She gets replaced suddenly by a feminine looking guy with short brown hair... Wait a second... Is that a wig? I think to myself that I think it's actually the girl in disguise. I continue to a playground train which we're supposed to climb onto. It's literally a playground, yet it's somehow a train? I climb up the bar ladder on to the wooden platform, Katie tells me that I shouldn't hog all the space because of how many bags I have. I say that I won't... So bossy. I dump my bags into a corner and climb back down to the bark ground, Katie comes up to me again with 2 of my other bags. Huh? She went and brought my bags for me? "Thanks, how many bags are left?" I say, she responds by telling me there's 3 left (she says it in a way that makes me think she's feigning that she doesn't care, though it's really nice of her to help me out). I think to myself that 3 can't be right.. I should only have 2 more bags? I don't stop to think about this properly. I look at my phone and I see that sexy big breasted brunette woman again, she's in a .gif with the brown haired guy. The woman has her breasts bouncing left to right (they're huge ( . Y . )), the gif is pretty well-made but I can see where the frame resets, the guy isn't doing much except trying to look cool. I notice that there are 3 loops in the .gif, they each play twice before seamlessly switching to the next one. WHOA! Suddenly it switches again... I notice that the guy has turned back into that beautiful blonde, I knew it was a wig! She's in tight-fitting gym clothes with her stomach showing and she's swinging her hips from side to side. It's incredibly hot . The entire scene of seeing this .gif on my phone wasn't very long but it was very vivid and very intense. The end

      Dream experience: 8 (pretty standard dream but the girls were incredibly vivid and the experience was quite intensive and has been on my mind most of the day)
      Dream awareness: 2-3 (Not aware enough to be lucid, but I was aware of inconsistencies during the dream. Awareness reached ~3 during the .gif part due to vividness and emotions)

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    5. Legacy

      by , 05-29-2015 at 02:09 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      With my school class we drove on a school trip. On the way we stopped in a shopping mall. Everyone ran around looking for something to do, I just walked around and looked for something interesting. Suddenly in the antique store I saw a kitchen cupboard.

      It was made of dark, oaken wood and ornamented with brass, silver and gold elements. There was something wrong about that cupboard. I came closer and started to search through it. Inside I found pans, pots and other various kitchen equipment.

      Then in one of the shelves I found some old documents, and old money. Suddenly I realised that it belonged to my grandma, and it was my legacy.
    6. [01-05-2015]

      by , 05-01-2015 at 09:20 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      With group of classmates we drove for a week lasting school trip. The first day we were visiting a theme park. There were many attractions, like rollercoasters, gambling stands or punch strike meter. There was also a national park, with tree stands considered to be of ancient origin.

      After the whole day, we went to a hotel and left our stuff in rooms. I had room with two other dudes, one was blond and medium built, and the second had dark hair and weight of a sumo fighter. I went to the bathroom, to take a shower. There were no cabins, only showers standing close. Due to this everyone took shower wearing t-shirts and underwear.

      There were two bathrooms for the floor. I went to another, and saw that there are no cabins too. One of the guys that was going to take a shower told a joke. I can't recall the joke, but it made me laugh. I went back to my room, and checked my things. Then I thought "Have somebody took my phone?"
    7. [29-04-2015]

      by , 04-29-2015 at 09:09 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Stolen wallet

      I was on a school trip to a huge metropoly. On the spot, I saw that it was only one shopping mall surrounded by wilderness. I could see huge mosquitos flying all around, and there were other animals too. With group of classmates from previous school, we went out of a bus, and headed for the shopping mall.

      I went there with my friend. We took some baggages, as this was a trip for a week. We entered the shopping mall, which was relatively small place. We walked the stairway, it was really crowded. Suddenly I felt that something is not right. I put my hand into the pocket and saw that I have no wallet.

      I told my friend about it, but he told me that I surely have it somewhere in the baggages. We went to the meeting spot. We waited for someone to tell us what to do next. I looked at the classmates, they were watching us and laughing for no reason.

      I went outside, and saw my wallet lying in a little valley. I took it, and checked if something was taken from it. There was a picture of an ugly woman inside, and all the documents too. I checked if I still have my money, and someone took it. Suddenly two of the classmates appeared, and told me who did it. Angered I went on a rampage against the thief.


      It was during some kind of a holiday. Everyone was celebrating. I went to the kitchen and saw some pies and bottle of wine standing on a table. There were also some fruits. I took a melon with a hexagonal shape, and went to the living room. I sat on a couch, and ate it while friend of my brother was preparing to go. He looked a bit different, and was wearing black suit.
    8. Competition Day 3 - dream in a dream

      by , 12-15-2013 at 09:10 AM
      First dream (fragment):
      I was on a trip with our school's orchestra (idk where).
      I was hungry so I searched something to eat. I bought carrots somewhere and ate them together with a couple of cupcakes.
      I met a couple friends, some of those I don't know in waking life. Then a teacher of mine came and said we shouldn't eat...

      Second dream:
      I was in front of a small house with green curtains and I immediatly thought "I'm in Paris".
      It was daytime. Then I started to follow the row in front of the house until a bride appeard. Suddenly I saw the 'Castel Sant'Angelo' and I realised I was in Rome. At that point it was also nighttime suddenly - also I was driving a motorcycle. I crossed the bridge and searched for a street name so I could find my way home. I met my sister DC, and she told me I was heading in the wrong way. At this point I fell asleep...
      I was talking to an old man. I kinda knew I was dreaming, but not really - I even thought that that guy had to be my dream guide - I was very close to lucidity. Then a classmate of mine spoke to me from behind (I couldn't see him). I don't remember whar he said. Then I woke up. Realising I had been dreaming, allthough still in a dream. I was in a red oldtimer together with my sister not knowing what had happened. Anyway I decided to try DEILD and as it was a dream I was succesful.Being *lucid* for a short moment - I just remember blackness from this one. It's just that at this point I knew I was dreaming.I woke up to the red oldtimer again - without having had the opportunity to do anything in my lucidity. Now my whole family was in the car. Then I woke up for real.

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    9. 5.02.13 - An Adventure!

      by , 05-03-2013 at 04:25 AM
      [Left work early. Got home around 3:00pm. * and took a nap, fell asleep around 3:15pm. Woke around 4:45pm.]

      [Playing a character in the dream but saw good friends from middle school (Chad and John), a former boss that constantly berated me (Nina), a current kind co-worker (Evelina), and an old interest that attempted to use me to gain a US Visa (Nawras).]

      I am going on a big trip with a group from school [not real school, class, ect]. We fly somewhere and are staying at the huge luxury resort. We are a part of some big event and there are groups from many other schools around the country. Nina is supervising our group and is not too happy about it. We leave our rooms to meet in a large conference room to read the event rules and regulations - what to do and not to do while we are in the resort.

      At the moment there is only a few of us and it is silent while each person reads the rules separately. Evelina, who finishes first, casually walks over to look out the floor-to-ceiling window (many stories up) that faces the huge parking lot. Laughing to herself she exclaims, "Wow! There's two HUGE cars out there parked where we have to use the restroom. Why would they do that?" Thinking HUGE means limousines, I quickly join her at the window to look outside. Despite half the parking lot being empty, there is a black and a white SUV parked on the grass right next to the small path leading to the bathroom. What jerks! There are PLENTY of spaces.

      Shaking my head, I walk back to other side of room and start reading. Apparently the rules are ridiculous because I read the first sentence and mutter, "DAMN!" This is met with a dirty glare from Nina and I immediately apologize and avoid looking at her. From the corner of my eye I see my friend is grinning behind her papers trying not to laugh at me.

      A few hours later, my friend and I go exploring in the lush green hills and bordering forest behind the resort. We noticed a lot of people have been disappearing down in that area and reappearing later giggling and chatting among themselves but refuse to tell us anything. We're determined to see what everyone is up to; plus, it is all the more exhilarating because we are not supposed to leave the hotel property and we're feeling a bit naughty.

      A mile or so behind the hotel we're almost at the line of the forest. There is a small shed like at my grandmother's house in front of a 5 foot high wood plank fence. Behind the fence I can see a wire mesh cage over a few small bushes. A little further behind the cage is a 6 foot tall wood chair, similar to a life guard seat at the beach, and next to this is a pile of brush. People are coming and going from somewhere nearby so I decide to pop over the fence and take a look.

      As I start over the top plank, my cell phone rings - it's an unknown number. Hesitating for a moment, I finally pick up. "Hello?"
      "Hi gorgeous. What's your name?"
      "Uuuhhh... Emily. Why?"
      "Emily, I love that sexy voice you have. You know what you should do with that smoky voice of yours?"

      At this point I remember someone telling me one of the groups at the resort got a hold of a handful of women's numbers and were calling them to attempt to initial what they called "phone flirting" conversations. At a loss of what to do next - because I am too nice to just hang up the phone and go back to my adventure - I look desperately to my friend to help. Huge grin plastered on her face, she takes the phone from my hand and interrupts the "charmer" on the other end with the most high pitched voice I've ever heard.

      "Hi, my name is Amie. How are you?"
      I burst out laughing while the confused guy on the phone sputters, "W...wait. Is this Emily or Aime?"
      "Oh fuck!" Click! Call end!

      Now we're both laughing our asses off over how randomly absurd the entire conversation was when I see my old friend Chad sitting in the life guard seat. As I turn to get his attention, John, who apparently has been looking for us, catches up. I start telling him about the phone call and my situation earlier with Nina.

      "I seriously could NOT get through that thing without muttering swears under my breath."
      Amie chimes in with, "No, really John, she could NOT stop swearing. She said like four things right in front of Nina and I thought she was about to get attacked. The look on her face was HILARIOUS!" John and I are rolling on the ground laughing and Amie is doubled over with laughter. We recover a few minutes later and I start to climb the fence again.

      I make eye contact with Chad and he is not amused.
      "How the heck did you get out here Chad?"
      "Only certain people can know and you're not one of them so you should just get back to the hotel."

      I just shrug off his shortness and start looking around. I can see a huge bush about 20 feet from the cage that I couldn't see before because the shed blocked my view. Heading in that direction, I walk past the cage and just happen to notice there are tiny baby rabbits inside the wire mesh; they look so soft and warm! Glancing to my left, wait... Woah! A random guy pushes up the pile of brush, sees me, and quickly disappears. It must be a secret trap door!

      In my excitement, I start towards the pile when Chad stops me. "No! Stop! That's private property and we cannot be near it. Listen, there's a tunnel in the bushes over there that leads back to the basement of the hotel. That's what everyone's been up to. Just go." Smiling triumphantly, I go check out the bushes and sure enough, there is a huge dark tunnel! So through it I go.

      Arriving finally back at the resort, I pop in somewhere to see Nawras. I must have known from before that he would be there with some friends but because the hotel is so massive, I did not think it likely we would even see each other. Momentarily I am dazzled by his sexy smile and well-toned body. The old crush surfaces at that moment and all I want to do is get him back to my room to finish off this attraction once and for all.

      Before I can even open my mouth to return his greeting though, the memories of his betrayals flood back into my head. When he used to blow me off for his friends but seem conveniently interested with me when he needed a ride. Then when he magically appeared in my life three years later, out of the blue, to talk to me on the phone for hours about why he is so much more mature than when he was in college. Finally finishing it off with his admission that he was going to ask to marry me so he could gain a US Visa but once he realized I was not leaving my boyfriend for him, he never talked to me again.

      Not only did he use me, but I was stupid enough to let him, even after catching onto his game the first time. Am I that in need of someone to talk openly with? A close friend? I think not, but there is a reason for everything - even if it is a bad reason. These negative emotions effectively wake me fully.

      I am seeing an interesting theme of negative emotions that I've set aside or ignored manifesting themselves suddenly in my dreams. I wonder if this is due to my openness to new experiences or if it is only because I am now making an attempt to remember my dreams. Hmm...
    10. Club Trips and Going Into Space

      by , 01-24-2012 at 04:18 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I was on some sort of trip with my school and it was filled with people from our ski club, so I assume it was a ski club trip. We arrived at some sort of field and pulled over on the left side of the road for some reason (in America, mind you). Then, suddenly, my mom pulls up in our car alongside the bus as we're all getting out and tells me I can take it if I want. Not being one to pass up a good offer I accepted. I took the car and drove a short distance through a casual neighborhood with a few friends accompanying me. We got the house, got out of the car and brought our stuff inside. The dream then skipped to an upstairs bedroom with a lot of electronics and stuff sprawled out on the floor. I was sitting on the floor using my laptop when somebody came in and asked me if I wanted to go to the store with them. I agreed, got up and went outside.

      Once there I could see a large group of about a dozen people. We were all going to go together. I decided to take the car but for some reason I drove very slowly and with the window down so I could listen/talk with them. I drove along a back road with everybody else walking in the middle of the road making conversation. Then, we got to a corner with a stop sign. I stopped, looked both ways and saw a car coming from the left. I started to pull out a bit but stopped thinking I wouldn't have any time. Then, realizing that I had just enough, I pulled out as fast as I could. The other car proceeded to turn down the road I had just pulled away from ...

      We got to the store which was just a small convenient store on the corner, similar to a 7-11 or something of the type. Once we got there I got out of the car and everybody else that had been walking along side me had caught up. One of them said, "Hey, smooth move back there. You almodt killed yourself." in a rather sarcastic tone. "Hey, I had plenty of time," I told him. "Oh well, doesn't really matter since you're asleep." He replied. "Wait, what? Are you serious?" I asked him, skeptical at first. "Oh yeah, its like 5:00 AM, go ahead, do a RC." I plugged my nose and tried to breathe in and
      I could! Awesome! A DC made me get lucid!

      "Well what do ya know, you're right! Thanks, man." I told him. "No problem, just don't waste it." He replied. Not wanting to waste it myself I rubbed my hands a little bit and focused on my surroundings. I thought of the TotY and the first one that came to mind was the hubble telescope. Alright, I have to fix it, I think. "To Cape Canavaral (or however its spelt)" I said as I snapped my fingers, picturing the space shuttle launch station. In an instant I was standing in front of a space shuttle and there was some odd looking thing on the tip of it, what I presumed was the telescope. I jumped up to the top and sat down right on the tip. The mirror was a perfect seat

      "Launch it!" I yelled. After a short moment I falt a large shaking and could hear a low rumbling. I looked down and saw fire and smoke coming from beneath the space shuttle. I sat back, relaxed and got ready for a ride. I could feel a slight force pushing me down towards the ground that slowly grew as it flew higher and higher. After about 10 seconds the force got to the point where it was hard for me to move. I leaned back, tried to relax and waited for the shuttle to get into space. After about 25 seconds the force was completely gone and I felt what I think was weightlessness and started to float up a little bit.

      Once we had gotten into space completely and started to orbit I got up and started to look around the telescope. The bottom part of the space shuttle which had contained all the fuel had fallen off by now and it was just the telescope. I couldn't see anything wrong with it and had forgotten which part was broken in reality. I pulled out a walkie-talkie from my back pocket (no idea how it got there) and radioed down to earth, "Hey, uh, guys? Isn't there supposed to be something wrong with this thing?" I asked. Aftera few seconds I got a reply, "Uh, well, by the look of the take-off I would say you're damn right there's something wrong. The mirror is all fucked up!" It said. "Okay, where?" I asked. "Well wouldn't you like to know, you're the one who sat on it and bent it all out of shape you fatass." Hey, I'm not fat

      "Okay, well... how do I fix it?" I asked them. "All you have to do is bend it back! I should look almost flat but a tiny bit concave." The voice said. I looked at the mirrors again and noticed that one of them was bent way out of shape, the opposite way they were supposed to be shaped. I floated over to it and pushed down on the mirror. Forgetting I was in space I just pushed it without anchoring myself to it at all. I ended up just floating back a bit and the telescope didn't move, at least from my perspective. I floated back to the telescope to give it another try. Floating in space was a lot like flying in a dream in general. I just thought of where I wanted to go and I went there.

      This time I put both my hands around the edge of the mirror and used my knees to push the glass. I started off gently, not wanting to break it, and then pushed harder and harder as it refused to move. I had to push extremely hard just to get it to bend. I'm glad we didn't have to break it . I looked over at the other mirror and tried to match its angle. Once I thought I had gotten it right I radioed back down to earth, "There, is that better?" I asked. "One second, we're taking a picture of the moon." They said. After a few seconds I got a reply, "Alright, it looks good. Good job fixing your own mistake." Jeez, they're mean .

      I had figured that, since I had already gotten one of them, why not go for another? I got it the last time so I could this time as well. The first one to come to my mind was the titanic one. I have to survive the sinking, got it. This should be easy. I decided to have a little fun with this one and, instead of teleporting back down to earth, I dove down, head first, like a meteor. I could tell that I had entered earth's atmosphere by the time I was on fire. It wasn't uncomfortable or anything, just warm, like being in the bright sun. It took about 5 seconds but when I felt like I was getting closer to the surface I looked up, or down in this case, and saw all blue, what I assume was the ocean.

      It came up extremely fast and before I knew it I was underwater. I must've gone down about 200 feet. I suddenly felt very heavy, as if I had weights on myself. No matter what I did I couldn't get up to the surface. I tried snapping my fingers to simply teleport to the surface, but nothing as happening. I tried the same technique I use to fly but this wasn't working either. Freaking out, I closed my eyes and pictured being on the deck of the Titanic. I snapped my fingers and, when I opened my eyes,
      I was awake in my bed, slightly out of breath. Looking back on it I should've stayed in the dream, given that you can never not breathe in a dream, hence the nose plug RC. If I had just relaxed maybe I could've stayed in the dream and done more. Oh well, I still got another one of them done. 7 down, 3 to go.
    11. Day 3

      , 10-05-2011 at 07:04 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      This is my third day of trying to get a LD. On day 1, I had MILD/DILD, but woke up just seconds after realizing I'm dreaming. Nothing on day2, can't recall even a regular dream.

      So I did my mantras - "Next time I dream I RC and realize I'm dreaming" and did couple of RCs - Nose Plug and Finger through Palm, also looking at my hand while asking "Am I dreaming", since this had worked for me the first time.

      So on day 3 I can recall 3 regular dreams.

      Dream #1. Something is chasing me. Looks big, like a Mech/robot. It is outside, I'm inside a one story, semi-circular building, quite bright, looks like an old fortress, running from room to room, ducking by windows so he can't see me. Not really scared, it's more like a game to me, although I know it's not a game. I know he can't get me. Building was clean, no dark shadows, smooth very light grey bricks, I kinda liked it. Outside was nice grass.

      [I just remembered, that I added to my mantra "My dream will be bright and clear" . Until now, most of my dreams were kinda in a soup of brown, grey, more on the dark side]

      Dream #2 I was in a large building, very bright, lots of windows and artificial lighting. Rooms were big, with hospital beds, and there was lots of people, but didn't feel like hospital, maybe like a mental institution? But everybody looked normal to me I was walking down this large room with big and bright windows on the left and I was trying to escape from there. When I got maybe 5 feet from the open glass door/window, alarm sounded and the doors closed. There were two nurses right by the window trying to repair a wall-mounted radio, so I helped them out and fixed it. Immediately there was a song on a radio - female voice. After this I was able to talk one of the nurses (black male)to open the door for me and he buzzed me out. Suddenly there was a bunch of people after me, I somehow thicked them into a large kitchen and closed the door after them. later I looked in and they were all eating from the fridge.

      Dream #3. I'm in a hospital room with 2-3 of my friends, but we are just renting this room. We are on school trip where we go from town to town and it's time to pack and go to the bus to continue on our trip. Room was very bright, lots of light, white colors. Some of my friends have already packed and took their suitcases, but I'm still trying to figure out, what time we are leaving. Nobody is telling me. They show me a yellow phone and tell me to call #10, they will tell me. I pick up the receiver of an old, rotary phone but for some reason I don't want to call.
      [In waking life, i don't really like telephones]. Then two nurses show up, they look kind of old-fashioned. Purses hanging from their arms, sweater around shoulders, and one of them tells me that they can figure out what time we are leaving, because that's the time their shift will start (since we were just renting the room to sleep over and didn't need the nurses, they would come back to work when we leave.] They were laughing and everybody was relaxed.

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