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    1. Nighthog's Archive: 17 May 2010

      by , 06-11-2010 at 05:41 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      17 May 2010

      A first forgotten dream early in the night.

      2nd I remembered after a while.
      Need to fight... and evolve.

      We arrived in front of this corner store on some street. Some guy had wanted me there and was kind of threatening. It was about some issue. I was supposed to handle some other guys debt as he had not paid it up. For sure I had refused. It's not mine. I exited the car and walked the side walk and I heard some threats. And a guy follow.
      I got the impression they were going to frame me for something. There were many by standers. But they didn't get involved much but look on worried.

      Skipping ahead a little I was inside the store now. The guy had now given me a miniature gun. I was supposed to take it. I didn't want it. I thought about something bad with it. When it was in my hand I pulled back the top part until it snapped off and parts flew about. I was going to destroy, disassemble it. The guy who gave me it didn't look upon this scene lightly. I even asked a bystander to go and get a metal saw in the store.
      I was in the mean while picking up the parts. He soon came back and said they didn't have any. I had to settle to discard of the gun in some other way. I tried to bend and break the parts I could and then threw various parts here and there where people could not get to them. Were a few different sewage holes I dropped parts inside. I think the guy followed me looking as I made the gun useless and non retrievable. This wasn't the plan I could tell.

      I came to be upon someone's house. We were gathering there to discuss further on how to go forward with the issue at hand. It was a rich guys house. I knew the kid who's house this is. Rather it was his parents house. I was invited inside through the garden into the living room. I saw a few multi-channel sound systems and stereo etc. Seemed someone was a music enthusiast here. Was not really cheap stuff either. In another corner of the room I saw old Victorian furniture or the like. Not in the best shape but was apparently just now been had in for refurbishment and then usage.

      We talked about something I can't recall but we decided we were to head for them this time. We were going to hit back.

      The continuation was we entered this base or lair of the criminals. It was some kind of super criminal syndicate with special technology and whatnot.
      We had one battle after the another and I got 'evolved' in the progress, after each battle or in the middle of one I got levelled up in a sense to get a new skill to use and fight back. But it was more like activation the more battles I did.
      I remember some thing that made the enemy stop by getting this sparkly mist in their face. Another was telekinesis to throw someone back. Then I got super slash... I mean a real super slash that cuts through anything generally. I could call it vacuum air cut. The room and enemies here where destroyed in two slashes. But I did also cut a few toes of and a little bit of the nose of one our allies who had been taken hostage for a moment. He was laying on the floor luckily. The others just looked at me in shock on what I had managed.
      But we went onward to the next room or hindrance where bullets and guns were spraying everywhere. Here I gained a skill to create a area or sheild/walls from which everything is reflected back in the same direction in same velocity as it hit it... This was a huge mess as allies and foes where spraying bullets left and right and me creating these fields made it fatal to be anywhere in the room. Everyone was soon running for cower.
      I managed to coordinate our forces and my powers next to corner the last of the enemy. They had absolutely no chance against us now.
      Actually each battle just became easier as I got more and stronger evolution of the powers I activated.
      We had won.

      Stargate Universe, the tick episode but with a slight twist
      I was dreaming about Stargate Universe episode 17. I just watched it before sleep. Though it had a bit different story.

      It was already inside the chaos by people hallucinating and started doing crazy things on the ship. I and a couple of others were trying to figure out what was going on and make sure things don't get to disastrous. But the people soon lose control and are seemingly controlled by now. Something is taking control of the people on the ship and making them do various things.
      We realize about the tick thing as someone comes to inform us but they have largely taken control already.
      They go to start to communicate with is soon enough taking us by surprise. They are revealing what they are doing and not to worry. It's some kind of emergency. Things need to be set correct and repaired on the ship fast or something real bad is going to happen. We are in hyper drive I gather from the context and it's something to do with that.
      I saw a kind of movie that explained things. But don't really recall.

      The end scene was that they had released everyone as they were done and we were talking to each others. The ticks looked like small hairy spiders. Or a ball with spiky legs going out. They had averted a disaster and also fixed up some various things we might find useful in the mean while. They know lots about the ship and other things. They are some kind of hyper dimensional entities.

      Crying at the hands of a young girl
      She was talking and comforting me. It ended with she telling me to rest and beginning a count to 45. I woke up before it hit 10. I don't feel like going into the details for this.

      Trying for a WILD, partial success

      After waking up I still wanted to sleep some more, I did not want to go up yet so I stayed in bed trying to sleep but had trouble. I moved around and at times it seemed like I was entering a dream with visions and moving about somewhere but I just woke up from it to loose the view. But after trying again and again I finally started to drift of more easily. I entered a few different scenes between waking up but soon I found myself to get to outside my house several times in a row and had control to move about. But the lucidity was wavy and unstable.

      I went to just walk about the street and around the garden. I was trying to make my lucidity more solid but it only kept going in this unstable fashion. When I tried to do stuff like RC or rub my hands I could not move my hands. I felt I was moving my real hands rather than my dream hands. But luckily I could look and walk around freely which I decided I would do. I was sleeping on my side so I had my arms underneath locked in place. I didn't want to loose my dream state so I didn't want to get up to have a better position as I would have to start all over again.

      As the dream was unstable I felt like I could not do something super advances and thought of going to visit the neighbour again. They are just a couple houses away. So I walked over the street and to their house. Upon coming to the last house on the row I saw the houses were not the ones in real life. I looked away and looked back several times and the house kept changing. I walked back and forth to make sure and see if I could a better representative house emerge. Finally it did and felt like it was the right house. I went to walk for the door and ring the bell but as I was walking up to the door the house and garden had changed again. I walked back out... This was not the right house I thought. This was surely not working right, my lucidity took a short back step and I walked away to head in my house direction again but I arrived elsewhere.

      I found this girl here somewhere, half lucid I just went for the sex thing again. I just really only went to sit with her and hug her but as it seemed this was going all right things went haywire. Something was changing. The girl morphed into something else and the dream scene changed. I managed to get a bit more lucid with this. I felt trapped, held in place. I could not escape or move. The girl had said some things but can't recall. But there was no girl present any more. I was trying to figure out what was going on now. Something had gone up my ass and something was going down my throat. They were just there doing nothing holding my in a lock-down position trapped not able to do much. At first I could not see anything. I could only feel what was around me. But thanks to my lucidity I was not really panicked or distressed to much as I've become when this thing has happened in the past. I was sure I wanted to figure out what this thing is. It's happened a few times, it's not something I like at all.
      "What is going on?"
      "What is this?"
      "Let me go!"
      I yell out but get no answer. I try move and get the things away but it seems futile. They are not moving away at all.
      I said some things again like to start a conversation. Bad recall but one was "show yourself" another "let me see you"
      I was discomforted to max as I was getting no response but soon this deep male voice was heard. It was a response to "What is your name!".

      I heard a name spoken loudly and clearly seriously. "H____m___as" Heramaias, hermius, Haremiuas. Something to the sort. It was a proud confident voice. But not really a nice warm voice. A cold one.
      I finally got a response. I tried to talk and convince it to let me go but only got a indication that he would not. I felt like he would not let me see him and as such would not let me be free. I tried to struggle again to get the things away and get free but only felt as much as I moved things away they still were there not going anywhere.
      After struggling a little bit and saying things to him, I felt the thing in my throat to move away. It was moving out and it was long and slithery. Like some tentacle thing. It was thinner a the point. As it was just getting out my throat and mouth I could see again. It was this slithery thing going back into something that looked like a hand. It was a thumb. The thumb of left hand but faced so it was on the right side of the hand but the hand looked like it was facing me. It went inside and it looked like a crude hand with a big thumb... I had been moving around and feeling about to try and figure out what was holding me. I had been feeling the contours of this hand. It was hard and crude with pointy bumps. As I now could see again it was really big and green in colour. My hand could just about hold around this hands thumb. But not completely.

      He soon said something to me. It was to the like of the following:
      "What do you think about my brother who is a ____ and a dragon."
      It was a question to like assess me but I had no idea what he meant by that and could not really answer. I said something in response. It was no correct as nothing happened. I then tried to struggle again and trying to let me free or let me see him. I started to yell some stuff but my words coming out were at times different from what I intended. I had to like enforce my own words to come out the way I myself thought or else words of someone else seemed to exit. But the other words seemed to make more sense and knew what this was. But I did not notice this in there and just yelled that I would not be taken and soon with more struggling and enforcing my minds will was waking me up.
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