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    1. 21 Feb: German crush from yesteryears, werewolfs in fortress and labyrinth hospital

      by , 02-21-2019 at 09:24 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      With Zilla and other people. Her German cousins are visiting. She tells me her cousin, for whom I had a crush, is this fat guy with a squeaky voice. He already has a daughter, he is very friendly, but it is a disappointment for me.
      We are at a fortified town and at night people go indoors and warn tourists about a werewolf, but tourists either don't believe or are excited with it. I am hiding at a high view point of the fortress, I notice some movement, some people are outside and sound the alarm and the creature climbs to rooftops and terraces and tries to escape. I follow it. Goes inside the castle where there is an event happening and people are still there. He attacks and a couple of persons are bitten, adding to the chaos, as at least one starts turning. I hide at a locker room where some ladies are changing, unaware of it, and then a few more people hide and lock doors. I don't want to stay put, as I find an exit leading to an old hospital. It is not empty, it is just quiet, cause it's night and some hallways are closed to the general public, but I dress as a doctor and wander around and no one suspects. Then I can't find a way out and becomes surreal. I hide from some female doctors in an area with rooms or apartments for doctors to rest. They sense my presence but I sneak out from room to room and they don't see me or just have glimpses of me and think are hallucinating. Then I find a secret door leading to a chamber and then another door to a toilet and god knows why, I have to climb inside the toilet and flush to open up a passageway to exit this place. But I hesitate, I am afraid of doing it and look for some normal exit. End up by the side of a bed where one doctor wakes up and sees me again but assumes I am in a dream, so I just lay down by her bed and pretend I am a character of her imagination and wait for her to fall asleep. I finally exit this place. Go to airport where the security stops me and I lose my plane.
    2. 18 Feb: Have a pet cougar and scenes from school and childhood

      by , 02-18-2019 at 09:01 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At a house with a long corridor, like my grandparents' home in Moita. I'm going around locking up the windows. My dad is there. I also have my cats and a cougar. The cougar was raised by us but seems not to like us or the cats, and picks up fights. The cats are afraid and bite me several times. The cougar then bites a cat but lets him go, clearly not with the intention to kill. Still I yell at him and throw him out in the street. A couple of twin old rich ladies, my neighbors, see it and come to rescue the "poor thing". I try to warn then that he is behaving badly, but they don't care as they always loved the cougar.

      Staying at a hostel, changing the sheets in the bed. Someone caught a mouse in a jar.

      Go to school and I am looking for my classroom. I am late, Ana Sofia and others also are just arriving. Not many places or chairs available. I sit in the back, can't hear the teacher. A girl in front row is an ass kisser to the teacher.
      Then in the middle of the students, I spot my guru as a young boy, he is being teased by a indian kid pretending to be fishing.

      A guy who's been stalking me disappears, but I think he faked his own death and will come back to haunt me again

      Start dating my childhood crush Marco. We've been flirting for a while, I sit in the back of the classroom and so does he. One day he sits at a piano to serenade me and I sit by his side, feeling warmhearted.
    3. 8 Feb: Soldiers, alien, lonely researcher, police chase and vampire war

      by , 02-08-2019 at 11:00 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Slipping through an underground garage with someone. We need a trick to distract a security guard, so we attract the attention of another female guard outside and we manage to hide. We walk through a train track and we get caught by soldiers. They don't know us, think we're just lost, so we obey their orders and walk the direction they take us on. But we are on a mission, we have something or we know something and we need to escape. Then some other soldier who identifies us, sees us and starts shooting us all, including the soldiers. He's got a machine gun. I survive by pressing myself against a wall as I watch others going down. I manage to get closer to the soldier and I ambush the guy. I knock his gun out of his hands.

      Giant killer alien outside. One has to move carefully around town. I go to some place but it is not safe. The alien infiltrates the building and we have to be masters of disguise to escape him. A friend of mine has no bones (?).

      I am a researcher at a university. I write a letter to a teacher about a theory I have and want to deliver it in hand. I am a bit afraid of the elevators, so I enter a tower of stairs that leads to the lobby of his department. When I arrive there, there is a bunch of noisy guys coming out of an elevator and I get mingled with them as we walk to the entrance of the department. We need a card or someone to let us in. A man unlocks the door and lets me in. The other guys also want to, but he says one at a time. I arrive to the office of the teacher and he asks me about my theory, but it is a different one from what I want to deliver and she is puzzled. She asks her assistant something and they realize there was some mistake. She was expecting the other guys outside who also had sent some email with some theory and that's the ones she was expecting. They come in. I explain I didn't want to fool anybody, just wanted to hand my letter. She looks at me with contempt but I hand the letter anyway. I am sure once she reads it, she will be just as excited as with these guys' theory, but I don't know if she will even read it. They kick me out. I go back to my dorm room. It actually has great space, several extra beds like bunk bed and sofa bed, I can sleep in different beds everyday, but I clearly have no friends to make use it. It is so sad and pathetic I feel sorry for myself in this life.

      Helping two guys who are being chased by the police. Actually the cops don't know they are two, or three since I'm helping them. They are looking for just one guy, so they keep passing by us and letting us free. We are not simple thieves, it's something for a greater good and the cops are at the service of a corrupt system.

      Walking through some artisans crafts market. Meet Zilla and her friends and tag along. Then meet Riverstone and we all head for a building. We find the elevator not working and two maintenance guys come. One of them is my pre-teen sweetheart Marco, don't know if he recognizes me, so I don't say anything, but he calls me by my name and asks for help. I leave my friends and go help him. He has to dangle from some cables and needs me to push him in a certain way, I help but at some point he swings out of a window and I see him falling to the ground outside. I am terrified to go check on him, but he is fine, just hurt. He fell on something soft, he said he knew it was there since he knew this could happen. I go downstairs and sit on the sidewalk as he recovers from his soreness.
      Zilla and the others are passing by again and also sit to show me some cool things they bought at the market. Lovely boots and glasses, very steampunk. Marco also loves it, he is also into steampunk. As we talk I feel we have so much in common.
      Then some people come take a car that is parked by our side and we notice they have a dent on the side caused by his fall, but we don't say anything.

      Something about a vampire community and a bad vampire that has the power to kill others and is wiping them out. He just blasts some energy field and they are reduced to ashes. And I come to help them, because some of these vampires are my friends. He has two other very strong allies by his side. I get to fight the woman and I find that I can't defeat her, so I just distract her long enough so others can attack the bad vampire in the hope to win. The final fight between us is on top of a cliff by the ocean shore.
    4. WILD success-ish

      by , 07-23-2018 at 01:35 PM (Exterminate)
      I changed my alarm back this morning from 5:15 to 5:05. I also put the 11pm a bit quieter. I got off computer at 10:30 as normal and meditated for a half hour. Turned off alarm and put on sleep mask and went to sleep. Woke up to 5am alarm. I sat up and said I would be going back to sleep very soon. I set a few intentions and tried to recall any dreams to no success. I laid still for what only felt like a few minutes. I felt some vibrations, and then I felt some more running across my body. I tried super hard to form a dream and then I remembered that was my mistake the other day. I relaxed and let it come to me naturally. I tried to tell the dream to put me at my old house.

      I saw the dream in front of me, but it was like looking at a small low res screen surrounded by darkness. I knew I was in the dream already because of how colorful it was, but I wondered how I'd pull myself into the full dream. I imagined I was viewing the dream through some sort of camera. (I was wearing my sleep mask which is likely the cause of all this) I took a deep breath and put down the camera on a table in front of me and my FOV expanded completely. I was now in the dream. It was extremely vivid. I could see everything clear as day. I was at a strange house that was kind of a mix between my old one and this one. There was a barbecue or something going on because my whole family was there, including cousins. I rubbed by hands together and knelt to the ground. I felt the concrete texture and then I punched it a few times to test its solidity. The dream was so real and stable. I then remembered something about keeping lucidity by playing music in the background so I tried that to no success. I didn't think to try other methods of summoning music aside from pure will. I gave up on that and went back to the house. I said to myself the house would transform as I entered the door. It would change to the house I wanted it to be. I opened the door and found it was still the weird mix of homes instead of the one I wanted. At one point I entered the void. I do not recall if I fully recovered from it or not, but I do recall taking off my sleep mask and still seeing the void. I realized I was still dreaming and tried to bring back a dream but as I said, I think I failed.

      Gah...Accomplished a lucid via WILD, but it was shortlived and I succeeded in none of my goals. Oh well, just another step towards my goals!

      I also remembered another dream throughout the night. I was doing yoga with a room full of people. There was no set routine, but a few of us noticed that the majority of the people were doing a routine in sync. They were all mirroring the exact same movements at the same time, looking stone faced in a single direction. There were murmurs throughout the people that something weird was going on. I admitted I couldn't do yoga and talked to my dream crush. I can't say I fully recognize her irl. She reminded me of a mix between a previous acquaintance and an previous coworker. Both of course I had found attractive. We struck up a conversation about the yoga people and then I asked her to dance. I said I didn't know how and she got all happy. She said she'd like to teach me and she was glad I asked. She offered me her hand and I put my hand in hers, and then I put my other hand on her hip and she started telling me what to do from there. I was in bliss while the dream faded away.

      Dang. I sure am lonely, but that dream was real nice. No, I do not do yoga. I am neither in the shape or is it something I am interested in. But I should probably go dancing.
    5. A game, a whale on the beach | Huge trees, AoT and my crush and his friends

      by , 08-30-2017 at 05:27 PM
      Okay, that's a great title but whatever. AoT means Attack on Titan (or SnK/Shingeki no Kyojin) if you're wondering. What's important about it now is that it's basically titans versus humans. (Go watch it. Contains a little blood tho. A little). But yeah, I guess being inactive here is a habit for me now. I haven't got LDs after my last DJ entry (too long ago) but I've still been active enough with my dream recalling imo. Active enough means at least one dream per day. Last week I had nine dreams in total, a week before that it was 12, a week before that...six?? And a week before that it was 13. Good enough for me. But here are my dreams from last night:

      1# I was in a game. Or "game", because it's graphics were way too realistic. My dad was there too. He had made the game. Yeah. We were on a beach. It was sunny. There was only a little water where we were standing. Like, only a puddle. I don't remember if anything happened before this, but there was a whale. It obviously wasn't under water but in a puddle if even that. It was still alive. I was looking at it. It was very small compared to a real whale. It was gray, black or blue. Not sure anymore. Then I realized that you shouldn't go too near it for some reason. It was something relevant in the game. I was too late. Somehow the whale "threw" me in the air and ate me. It had a big mouth. I saw it from a third perspective so it wasn't scary. It was a game over. I think you could respawn after that, but the dream ended.

      2# I was in a forest. The trees were very big. There were supposed to be titans, but I didn't see any. There were other people including my crush and some people that were his friends. There was a "hole" in one of the trees. Like a cave. That's how big the trees were. Or then we were small. There were red ladders in front of the "cave". We were analyzing if titans could climb to the "cave". Then we went inside. There were some furniture. We did...something. I'm not sure. We went outside too.
    6. Nightmare - Aliens - Textile work - A girl | 2 dreams | Restaurant - The Sims 4

      by , 06-21-2017 at 08:56 AM
      Ok, I don't know if you understand the title but I do so whatever. I got four dreams on Monday, but I was busy. I tried to write them here on yesterday too, but website was sooo slow I gave up. But here are the dreams:

      #1 This was a nightmare. I remember wathching some scary pictures. There were normal people and ghosts in them. I only saw two pictures until I woke up.

      At this point I tried to get myself motivated to get a LD (MILD) but it didn't work.

      #2 There were only aliens on Earth (expect that I was a human, I think). The aliens were big and colourful. They ate something, propably meat. This dream was really interesting.

      #3 I was in school and had textile work. One girl (who actually didn't have textile work IRL so...) was talking about how every girl had like A for it, expect me, apparently. I felt a little sad for it. She was mean.

      #4 I was in school again, and talking to another girl. She talked about her crush. She described him. It didn't sound like it, but apparently she was talking about my crush. I told her that I liked him too. I think I had this dream because I'm always so jealous.

      So those were the dreams I had on Monday. I had two dreams yesterday, but they were a little boring and I don't remember them that much. I also tried WILD in the morning, but my siblings were noisy so I failed. Here are the two dreams for today, however:

      #1 I was on a restaurant. Its food was not the typical kind, but it was good. The restaurant had dark brown walls and a weird mascot. I think I went to the actual kitchen after eating.

      #2 I was playing The Sims 4 with my favourite family, butI then its dad made a fire so I immediately quit without saving. Then I played it again avoiding the thing (not a stove) that caused it.

      So, those were the dreams I've had recently. No LDs, but I guess I'm still happy.

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    7. My crush as a player - Haunted house at the beach - Another haunted house

      by , 06-17-2017 at 09:18 AM
      So, I got three dreams and to make it simple I'm just going to write them all at once. None of them was lucid. Btw I'm writing all my dreams to my own notebook too and because it's my main DJ I might not write here at all if I don't feel like doing so. But here are my dreams from last night:

      #1 This dream was pretty short. I remember my crush being there. He smiled weirdly and was trying to get me date him even thought he didn't really like me. I knew that but apparently I still fell for him...The dream ended.

      #2 At first I was hanging around with some girl. I didn't know her IRL. We were at the beach and there were some random red stairs so we were hanging there. Then my companion changed to my family and relatives and we went to some house. It was round and off the ground (it had pillars). It wasn't that big and I think it was red too. The house was haunted and had quite disgusting history. Also it was swinging like a boat for some reason. Some of the walls were unstable. There was propably some secret room. I felt sick and was afraid some ghost would show up. Others had no problem with the house and seemed happy. I went outside. I puked. It was very weird but not as bad as IRL. The dream ended.

      #3 Another haunted house dream. This time the house was more big. It looked gray. The dream begann already inside it, I think. There were people I know IRL including my sister. Most of the people were girls and younger than me, but there was one boy who was the same age as me. Some went to a room that seemed scarier than the other rooms. Or atleast I felt like it was scarier. They got stuck for a while and the boy went to save them. I just ate salad that someone found. There were plastic forks. Weird . The dream ended.

      I also remember having a fourth dream, but I only remember that I was in school in it, so it doesn't count imo.

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    8. Basic ToTM #1 and flying

      by , 06-16-2017 at 02:18 PM
      At first I was outside near my house and there were random people there. For some reason, they were a threat to me. I can't really remember this part. However, I realized it was a dream (there was no particular reason how I knew) and flew away. I wanted to fly to my crushes house, but one of the people at my house wouldn't let me and made me return home somehow. It was a boy, and one of the "cool kids" (or teenagers). I flew faster and then he couldn't do it because I was so far away already. While on the way to my crushes house I stopped because I realized I could do one ToTM, the recalling one. I succeeded. It was cool. I didn't know I could do that. I also looked at my environment and sky just for fun. The houses there looked cartoonish. The sky was boring. It wasn't even blue. I continued and realized I could fly faster if I was heading down rather than up. There were trees. Finally (this sounded like the trip was long but it wasn't) I got to the house. I made myself small and used some hole instead of a door (????logic) to go inside. I saw though the walls and felt uneasy. Rooms were small. My crush, his sister and his brother were there. I talked to his sister. Then the dream ended.
    9. Melt My Heart, Why Don't You

      by , 10-10-2016 at 09:22 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I am with my dad, at a bookstore in Thailand. My dad picks a large volume, "I was looking to buy this one for you" he says. I do not remember the title or the topic of the tome.

      There are vague interactions between me and a boy who looks like one of those kids from Mr. Osomatsu. I haven't seen that anime. He is drawn in anime style, but nobody seems to notice or care. He is cute, as in my dream has decided that I should find him cute. His behavior is endearing. He holds my hand a lot. I am a big sucker for that, I admit.

      My dream transitions to me being on Facebook, which I don't go on that much in real life. I add the boy (who I'm going to refer to as "Osomatsu") on Facebook. Then I invite him toe Hentai Group. I'm serious. I don't recall much interactions with him about the Hentai Group, but I recall the Hentai Group discussing everything except Hentai, and that's why this dream's title doesn't have an NSFW warning.

      We interact somehow, I don't rememebr what it is that we do together, but we do them in my boarding school's "Gala Day" event. He is very small. He is in a MEKA (from Overwatch) and he reminds me of gremlin D.va (it's an Overwatch meme)

      I play a game similar to Dark Souls or Bloodborne, with another person who is likely not Osomatsu. An enemy warrior chases me. I don't recall much, except that they are female, and her face is covered with her helmet. She reminds me of a valkyrie, maybe. Or a harlequin. I think she wields two curved blades, or they might be fused into her. She is unkillable, her health regenerates rapidly and I can't kill her. I ran to find my friend working on an incredibly cryptic but engaging puzzle (some colored tiles on the floor). I ask him to help me pool together damage to kill the Valkyrie.

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    10. July 18th 2016, 03:15

      by , 07-20-2016 at 03:39 PM
      Settings: Near the school, unknown place, a building.
      Lucid Dream: No
      Characters: My crush, Mark, a driver and someone I forgot

      The dream started in a van near my school. I all of them. The driver is very fast, but can stop easily. The van gone out of control so he parked it. Then we, crush, Mark, and the one, went inside a building. We planned to separate, I and my crush on the one car and the rest is on the other one. BUT we should communicate every 30 mins. 2 of the phones are half charge and the rest are no battery at all. We separated. My crush will drive, while I hold the phone. Then my crush know a shortcut, which leads to highway I know, but very dangerous! We finished crossing the shortcut. And found ourselves in a familiar highway. It has many car. But safely exited the highway. The other group called on the phone. When I tried to push ANSWER, the dream ended.
    11. 11-3-14 Florescent-yellow puppy!

      by , 11-03-2014 at 07:52 PM
      For whatever reason, I dreamed I could time travel.

      I went back in time to the point that I was about 8 or 9 years old. I was at a friend's house, and it was late at night and it was raining. The family was furiously cleaning their house and preparing food. I remember the mom sweeping a pile of huge leaves that were lying in the living room into a dust pan. They all seemed to be preparing for company.

      Then company arrived. It was a family I am friends with, only everybody was much younger. Some of them were only twelve. Other significant changes were the fact that one of the son's names was changed to Chris, another son wore glasses, and the eldest children of the family were some dumb-looking twin brothers.

      We all sat down to eat. I kept glancing at one of the daughters. I think I had a crush on her.

      After dinner, the Chris guy and another guy went into another room and started playing with legos. The daughter I had a crush on went in and sat down to watch them. I kind of stepped up next to her and asked if she was cold. She smiled gratefully but didn't reply. So I took off my coat, sort of draped it over her and tore out of the room. I was very shy.

      The next day, we were outside playing. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. My friend had a huge swing in his front yard. I got on it with the girl I had a crush on. I was still 8, but she was suddenly much older and appeared to be 19 or so. I sat on her lap and held on.

      The swing got going, and instead of going just back and forth, it swung in circles around a pivot mounted on a high pole. The rope extended to be nearly a mile long, and the girl and I swooped around and around a huge radius at a thrilling speed.

      I looked up at the girl. Her hair was blowing, she had her eyes closed, and her face was raised to the sun. She was smiling. I held on tighter, rested my head against her and watched the scenery speed by.

      Then I dreamed we gave our dog a surgery enabling it to have puppies. Then she gave birth to a garish, florescent yellow dog. Think highlighter pen. It was weird. We also owned a steamroller.
    12. More Parkour

      by , 09-16-2014 at 08:09 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)

      I was in a house or mall. I was taking the parkour workshop. We were supposed to do a flow from one area to another. The catch is that we're blindfolded or we have our eyes closed. I was able to do rolls. cat hangs, etc.

      10:39 p.m.

      I was in a parkour training session. We were traveling from place to place. One place is a mall of sort. One guy was to be the "rabbit" and we were to chase him. I had a skateboard or a mall cart with someone on it. I was supposed to move him as well while chasing the guy. We gave the guy a few minutes then we chased. I think we were supposed to make him wear the shirt or take it off.

      It didn't take long and I was disappointed. I started doing solo. I jumped from ledge to ledge, on the wide stairs, and I did some amazing flow. I went up high on the floors and watched some of the traceurs below. I thought of wearing a disguise, if I was the "rabbit", and walk inconspicuously among them if ever.

      We were going down, sliding and vaulting, the stairs on the way to the train station. I saw my crush down below.

      It was EDSA and it's usually really tight. I was talking/thinking about how to avoid it by taking certain routes on the sides.

      I was seeing the routes at night, quarter-top view. The roads and the lights are visible, but it's mostly dark.

      I was in a motel. I think it was a prize of sorts. Or I was just staying overnight somewhere.

      I was looking down at a map. Trying to figure out where QC is or certain places. There was supposed to be a Tibetan meditation event the next day. Somehow, one of the members needed/wanted to join and was hoping the rest would join as well.

      I was looking at a map of a mountain separating two areas. There's QC. What's the other side? Not clear.



      - I went to sleep around 8:20 p.m., hoping to get some shut eye as I was getting really tired. I woke up around 1.5 hours later. I first checked my phone and saw 10:xx p.m. and was surprised. Then I thought it was just the phone. Maybe the time and date reset when it was off. But I though it must be earlier than 5 or 6 a.m. since the alarm hasn't sounded.
      - I opened my computer and saw the time was accurate.
      - Twilight Zone
      - No parkour training last Sunday due to rain
      - Been trying to jump a bit around in the unit.
      - Weird how I kept missing my dream signs (train, mall, crush)
    13. Weird Sex Ed Class

      by , 09-12-2014 at 07:52 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Just gonna put the whole thing in a spoiler tag. This dream doesn't strike any personal issues with me, but some people might find it inappropriate.

      Proceed at your own risk.

      Spoiler for not for the faint of heart:
      Tags: condom, crush, sex, smoking
    14. Lame Frags

      by , 08-25-2014 at 11:33 PM (Lucid Time!)
      My friend was so kind as to call me on Skype and talk to me for half an hour that all I got last night was frags.

      Something to do with my old crush from sophomore year of high school. I tried to ask her out but she turned me down. As I looked at her closer I noticed that she was actually really ugly. She had very large bulbous eyes for her head that were bloodshot. Some of her friends looked like that too.

      Something to do with my grandparents. They had moved into this house in the middle of town and they were fighting about frying pans. My parents went over to their house to try to break up the fight, but the fight eventually turned violent.
    15. She Can Help Me

      by , 05-29-2014 at 05:09 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Driving around town to post flyers at different shops, I realize that it is a lot easier with a car than on a bicycle. I notice the front windshield is cracked all the way down, and should be fixed, but I am prioritizing fixing the engine if anything on this old clunker car. I look at the different shops around, a liquor store, a liquor accessory store, and a sandwich shop that's not quite opened yet. I go in the sandwich shop and get the owner's attention. Asking about leaving some there, he says I can leave just 1. So I do just that, and walk out the door. All the other shops are closed because it's too early in the morning.

      Driving down the road with my friend, it's very snowy now. I tell her I want to go somewhere, but don't tell her where. I get stuck at the bottom of a hill in front of the house I grew up in. In 3rd gear, the tires just spin. I downshift to 2nd, drop the RPMs a bit, and do better, but still not enough traction. A couple cars drive past us easily.

      We get out of the car and climb up the side of the road, but it is also too slippery to walk. We just fall and slide back down. I try again, and am more gentle with my motions, and stick my fingers into the snow for more of a hold, and climb up successfully. I point out some bushes under the snow she can grab onto. We get to the top and sit down to rest.

      Sitting right on the ground, I realize how cold my fingers and toes are. Having had frost bite a few years back, they get colder easier, and it wasn't a good idea to stick them right into the snow like that. I tell my friend "This is why I don't do stuff like this anymore" as I shake my hands to indicate they're really cold. She tells me I need a girlfriend to help me warm up. I think she's right. I remember my good friend from school lives right about here. I point off to the right where a house stands a few hundred feet down a long driveway and say, "That's her house"

      We're now in a car, with another friend from school, and he asks me if she's my girlfriend. I tell him, "No, but I like her. I'm not sure what will happen between us though." He asks me, "How long have you known her?"
      "Since going to school"
      He pauses to think... "So ,bout 3 years then?"
      I don't answer, but think there were 3 years of college, plus 4 of high school, and a few more after college, so more than 8.

      We drive past a cool fun looking part of the forest next to the road, and suddenly I'm outside, walking in it. Admiring the cool trees, and space between the forest growth, I walk alongside the road. It looks even cooler above a ridge. I climb up a steep hill to go there, but once I see it, it is just a regular forest, and the part I'm already on is prettier. I hold onto a few branches as I make my way down the steep part. A couple of them break when I grab them, making it a risky descent. I reach a point where there are only a few trees to hold onto, then it is too steep to walk. The trees are good sized, but I test them before committing to their support. Each one of them breaks loose from its base and falls down the hill. Happy that I didn't go for it before testing them, I notice my room mate who I hadn't seen before behind me.
      "I don't know about this man, I'm turning back" he tells me, and walks away. I follow him, it is an easy route. Once I am low enough near the road, I turn around, and take a safer path alongside the road this time.

      I stumble into my dad's house, with a girl I really like accompanying me. We go upstairs toward my room. She goes into my room right as I notice my younger brothers and sisters are home. They run up to greet me. I give them all hugs and we talk a bit. The youngest tells me, "I didn't think you were coming home so soon!"
      "I didn't know I was either - It's good to see you!" I see my dad and step mom, and greet them too, getting a sort of cold response from my step mom, but I forget about it.

      Remembering the girl I was with, I want to spend more time with her, so I invite her outside to help me mow the lawn. It seems like a strange request, but I don't really intend to mow the lawn, I just want to get her outside.

      Suddenly, I'm outside, but with my other room mate. He asks me about mowing the lawn. I tell him, "just a little path" and point to a path that is already mowed. I grab a hand powered mechanical mower and start pushing it. He grabs the electric mower and asks me if it would be better. I tell him, "It would be, but I'm just doing this little area here, so I'm just gonna use the old school push mower." I push it along the path, and it churns up dried cut grass, cutting a bit of the new growth as I go.

      Now, the girl is with me, but it's winter. I feel like once we get away from the house things will be better somehow. I have her follow me, but it is a long journey. We are outside already, but under the porch. At the edge of the porch, we climb down a fence, then go under a stairway with a low overhead, and reach another climbing part. I try to make sure I'm not out-climbing her, unsure of her skill. She is keeping up just fine.

      ...woken up by my room mate, the power went out, he wanted to make sure I wasn't late for work. I have the night off.
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