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    1. Quick lucid after along dry spell!!!!!!

      by , 02-01-2019 at 07:15 AM
      Ok.... I havent had a lucid dream for about a month... I went from having about 1-2 a week to ZERO!!! During Christmas and new years my focus on dreaming started shifting towards another hobby.. I bought a Nintendo switch some time before Christmas, and u know me, I'm a tryhard personality. I have a full-time job and a hobby and a wife and a dog, so adding lucid dreaming on top of that, I used my last extra energy on lucid dreaming. The Nintendo switch kinda took up the extra energy I feel..... I still have had VIVID af dreams, but lucidity never occurred. Well tonight it did, so I guess I'm back on track ?!?!

      Before the becoming lucid I had 2 normal dreams.in the first dream u was in a room with my wife and we were playing a computer game together. The next dream I was driving a car through an old neighborhood I once lived in. And saw 5 people gang up on this one guy. They one guy keeps saying that "the guy in that car will come and fuck u guys up!". I told them I certainly would. I parked the car, normally (in daily life) when I park my car, I leave the car I 1st gear and turn it off. However in this case, I left the car in first gear, stepped out and then reached back into the car to pull the handbrake. Werid I thought to myself... I started taking my jacket off so it would be easier to fight these guys lol... While taking off my jacket I started thinking back to what I did before bumping in to these guys. I couldn't remember lol. I got lucid!!!!!! Mother fkin yeeeesss!!! I remembered I had these two dreams before this one. I reality checked, and certainly enough to, I was dreaming.
      I wanted to find one of my friends, so I tried asking the guys infront of me. But they started fighting so I didn't get an answer. I looked around, and to my surprise, my friend was standing on top of building with a psir of binoculars overlooking us. I shot webs to the building like Spiderman would, and swang to the building. I said hi to my friend and woke up....

      Success!!!!!! At last lol!!!! My wife woke up at 5 am and couldn't sleep, so I woke up to. It was after this wbtb that I had this lucid!!! Thanks wife lol 👍 I also fell asleep doing my mild preps, so that might have helped me get lucid.
      Lucid dream was withing 5:30 and 6:50
    2. 25th August 2012 - 18th Lucid Dream [Meeting my mother in her childhood]

      by , 08-25-2012 at 07:12 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Light Purple Text = Partially Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      As expected, my dry spell finally broke when most unexpected. I went to bed late last night and was worried about dream recall, let alone lucidity. I woke up for my WBTB and remembered no dreams but shortly after I tried to go back to sleep I was disturbed by my Dad. Apparently we had a power cut and he wanted me to call the power company to find out when it was back on. This resulted in a much longer WBTB than I usually have (About 30-40 minutes, as apposed to my 10-15 minute normal ones). I went back to sleep after a lot of rolling around trying to relax after waking myself up so much and the following dream occurred.

      I was in a supermarket of some kind queuing up with my mother when we bumped into my aunt, my sister and my niece. We all decide to go for a picnic and as we're heading to the park my niece picks up a blade of grass, attempting to perform a grass whistle but doesn't seem to be succeeding. I laugh and figure I'd show her how to do it later on.

      We get to the park and we set up on this picnic bench. My sister pulls out these cards and wants to try this game with me. I'm not entirely sure what happened with the first game, she had some Pokemon drawn on these cards and it was something about matching their colours to country flags. Really confusing.

      The second game was much more interesting. The cards now had moving images on them of old 1950s style streets, with retro cars driving around them and the game was to count all of the cars in the scene. At some point I just became part of the scene, I was no longer looking at the cards and watching it, I was walking around the streets myself. I then noticed on the side of the road a lime-coloured extremely modern car which first prompted my awareness.

      As I continue walking I enter a sort of layer zero mindset, somewhat knowing what I'm experiencing wasn't waking reality but not fully lucid yet. I'm heading down this street and keep trying to pull my awareness forward, it's really hard to describe, almost like flicking switches in my brain to become lucid.

      I finally reach a point of awareness where I know I'm dreaming. Everything looks amazing, the wind against my skin and the vividness of the trees around me. I even notice the warmth of the sun and how it makes me squint as I walk into it.

      At this point I remember to reality check, just to stabilise myself more into the dream state. Something I've been forgetting to do in any lucid experiences recently which have resulted in them quickly dying out or fading back into non-lucidity. I lift my hands and my fingers had their normal odd lengths so I knew I was dreaming. I got really exciting, finally I was lucid again!

      I decided to stray away from the path of the dream and phase myself through this hedge on the side of the road that I'm standing on. I enter somebody's yard, it's huge and inside the house I see a man cooking dinner but decide to ignore him. As I'm walking down the side of this house, tracing the grey cobbled wall, I remember that I wanted to summon a dream character. I also remember that the best way to do this would be passively.

      I come to near the end of the wall that I'm tracing and I say to myself "When I get around this corner, my mum will be standing there." for some reason at this point I look down to the ground and the wall seems to extend further beyond its original point, my subconscious obviously toying with me. I pay more focus to this wall and finally reach the end.

      I turn the corner and I'm disappointed, nobody was standing there! I'm about to walk back behind the wall to try again when I see a character running towards me from a distance. I recognise that it's my mum immediately, although, she looks about 6 or 7 years old and tagging along behind her is her twin sister and my aunt. I'm completely baffled at my subconscious power to do this without me even suggesting it or having anything to prompt it!

      They're running around me laughing and I can't help but laugh with them. The hilarity of meeting my mother as a child was just too much. I go to sit down with them on a bench and again am insanely glad that I'm finally lucid!

      I start thinking about where I fell asleep, for some reason while lucid I thought I fell asleep in the park from my non-lucid segment before this DILD. I was going to wake up and not have my dream journal to write the lucid down in! Thinking about waking must have shocked my subconscious because the dream sort of "jumped", as if it briefly zoomed in and then zoomed back out rapidly before fading to black and the dream ended. I didn't have any time to stop it.

      I fade back into waking life, and at first I'm somewhat confused that I'm in my bedroom considering I thought I was in a park in my lucid. I jump up and immediately write down my lucid in my dream journal, ecstatic that my dry spell was broken.

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    3. 2 Normal Dreams and an Hour Long LD! Finally!

      , 04-11-2012 at 12:52 PM (My Nighttime Experiences)
      Dream Journal April 11, 2012
      Messy Locker
      I was going around school, but everywhere I went, I was going way behind everyone. I was never ready to leave any of my classes when others were, and for some reason, it seemed like my entire locker was randomly spread out around the school, so on my way from one class to another, I would sometimes find a big pile of belts, books, and just stuff ALL over the place. When I did arrive to class, already being late, I didn't have my homework done either, so it sucked twice as much.
      -4:50 AM

      Double Pussy Slide
      Me and some other girl were going down some real long red slide the twisted and curved and looped a lot. At one part of the slide she would speed ahead of me and turn her body into like a double sided pussy, so I went through her every time I went down the slide. And I went down the slide at least 3 times.
      -4:53 AM

      Fell back asleep between 5:30 and 6:00

      LDthat lasted an hour to a hour and and a half!
      I just knew I was lucid right after a WBTB. I didn't fall asleep till 5:30. It felt like this LD lasted hours!!! I RCed SOO many times! I was in a carnival in one, carries friend was trying to hide her gift under a blue bucket, and then later Carrie flattened it. One I was in school and everyone was trying to stop me cause I went down to the gym, then out the gym door to try to sneak outside, but there was some banquet on the stage so I got caught... I think I might have accidentally killed someone, because everyone even my sister and cousin and aunt were asking me to stop. Then my sister showed me something on her droid, so I just calmed down a bit, but I was still jumping everywhere! IN one part every teacher started class by being on the toilet and I saw their legs, then they flushed. It was weird and gross. IN one part my dad was driving me places and I was telling him it was a dream, and he was like "nahhh" but then I told him to look at the clock in the car, it said 7:77! That was obviously wrong, and I wasn't asleep that long yet! There were a whole bunch of hobos in this little campground full of old cabins. All their clocks were saying weird times and I remembered, and said, then numbers on clocks can’t add up higher than 23. And then someone said something like how hard it would be to open a safe. In another part I was in an amusement park! There were a couple rides and I wanted to show people this was a dream. I went on this one where it is a big circle being held up by something like a crane, and it spun in circles. There were little seats on the circle too. I told some girls this was a dream, and only one girl stayed on with me. I started swinging the ride around and she was scared then I totally flipped it upside down and she fall of and went "Splaaat!" I hopped off the ride and saw a pile of goo. So I put my hands over it and started reviving it! Then she came back to life! I also saw some rollercoaster that went off its tracks but it hooks back on its tracks after about a 10ft jump! And there was one roller coaster that went up real high, the tracks disappeared, and it latches onto a Blimp and the blimp carries it to the other side where the tracks start again~! (Scary amusement park for people who don't know it's a dream!) In another part I was in my basement and I found something that I wanted to spear someone with, and I went up my stairs and threw it at my cousin Brandon. (It was some like toy gun that's actually a pen so it’s long and narrow.) Then I was in my mom’s bathroom and she was in there on the counter and I was trying to seduce her and she liked it. I would have to RC ever so often because I didn't want to forget I was dreaming. But every time I look away for a sec, she would disappear! And then I'd go into a different part of the house and I'd find her. Then I'd take her back, and we'd try again. She said we should try in the bathtub, but the water was a grayish-brown color and it was just dark and scary, so I was like nahh let's not go in there. I put her up on the counter sitting down and I was doing stuff then she said look in the mirror. (There are two mirrors on my counter that can open and shut, so one of them was open, making the mirrors reflect each other, looking weird.) I could see myself and her in the mirrors, but I looked away quickly just so I didn't see anything scary. (But me and her both looked normal, so it was ok! lol.) Then in the carnival place, there was some ground so I wanted to try to earth bend. It was hard though because there was that clear kind of carpet on top of the ground and there were pipes! So I tried it, lifting my hands like I was lifting the earth, but I only bent some pipes and the carpet stuff. Earth bending is really hard, haha. I need to practice that!
      -7:33 AM

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    4. Breaking a dry spell with a failed hovering

      by , 04-01-2012 at 05:54 AM
      So, I had my first lucid in over a year on my second DV anniversary! Excellent timing, brain!

      I remember looking at my hand. I counted it over twice. On the first time, I had six fingers. The second, my fingers had weird 'half fingers" in between them. Very obvious signs of a dream!

      In a very poor attempt to stabilize and increase the vividity of my dream, I felt the texture of my mother's laptop in front of me. This didn't actually do anything to help that. I should have just looked around carefully and taken in my surroundings.

      At this point, I get up from where I was sitting and decide to try and hover. I get up from the couch in m living room and start to jump as hard as possible. I was trying to jump to a degree that would make me "stick" in the air and hover like that. It didn't work AT ALL.

      I woke up at this point.
    5. Nothing :(

      by , 01-11-2012 at 04:57 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I didn't remember any dreams last night I even woke up a couple times in the middle of the night but couldn't remember anything. I even did reality checks when I woke up but they failed. Hopefully I'll have better luck tonight.
    6. First dream remembered for a while!

      by , 12-15-2011 at 06:15 PM
      This is the dream that made me interested in dreaming, and lucid dreaming.

      I am biking home from school. Someone had broken my Plastic ocarina that I'd brought in, and it is crumbling to pieces like foil.

      Whilst biking, I see Ronan Parke, except he doesn't look like Ronan Parke. He has short, brown, weedy hair and I only catch a glimpse of him standing in an archway of a medieval castle-like building with lots of doors and arches. I walk into the building and open a door. All of a sudden there are several over people with me, yet I can't remember their faces. A massive, spiky cartoon lion head bursts out and tries to grab me. The others fight him off whilst I slam the door.

      Looks like this, but with a lot more spikes, colours and ferociousness.

      I move on to another door, and I am on the sidelines of a film set, even though we were standing around a medieval courtyard. I am watching the filming of Link visiting a fairy house. I get bored, so I grab a security camera and try to break it, or push it away. Some people become annoyed at me because I was blocking the camera.
      I am watching a premier Inn advert, with Lenny Henry in it.
    7. Some conclusions...

      by , 11-03-2011 at 08:23 AM (Oneiric Mirror)
      All my lucid dreams were product of MILD technique.

      Ive decide to try the WILD technique, and reached the conclusion that its fundamental to any lucid dreamer development and progression to find the right technique, or else the dreamer will get frustrated with his own project, and quit.

      This is a conclusion that i think you all took it some time ago.

      Being able to know yourself is fundamental in the process of lucid dreaming...

      Its impressive the amount of dreamers that dont take the time to know themselves, and just grab a technique that they think its the right one for them...

      A lucid dream is a door to a realm, to your inner realm...and the path to your inner realm should not be be built upon fragile structures, and such structures can only result from lack of self knowledge and a sense of hurry in reaching a lucid state....

      I was once like that...always in a hurry to have the next lucid dream.

      Right now im going through a dry spell stage...

      I need to get of that dryspell stage, but im not worried, because it can only go away with ease of spirit and a calm mind...the opposite is only going to make the dry spell last....

      I felt the need to share this with you all, because dry spell stages are something that in my opinion is not discussed often in here.

      Anyway all this was just a thought.

      Walk the path, open the door and lose yourself in your own eternity.

      Red King
    8. breaking the dry spell

      by , 09-29-2011 at 08:51 PM (cinema of the mind)
      im driving with my car when i suddenly turn lucid. i stop it and get out of it. i go away some metres, i can still hear the engine of the car. i confirm that im dreaming with the nose pinch rc. its been a long time since i had breathe through my closed nose the last time.

      so the next thing i wonder is what to do next. my little brother is standing in the door of a house nearby. hes nearly 2 years old. why not fly with him? i grab his hand and go outside. i think i explained him how to fly but i dont know why we didnt.

      then i remembered some tasks from mattes class like doing a good a and a bad deed but i found that eating something would be easier :-) i got into the kitchen of the house and opened the refridgerator. i spot a tomato and take a big bite. i dont like them in wl, this must have influenced its taste. it had a tomatoish taste but much more sour and bitter. it tasted terrible.