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    1. The moons of Tibaro and some planetary devastation

      by , 10-30-2016 at 10:39 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      This certainly wasn't the standard type of lucid dream for me, and I'm happy it lasted longer than a couple of seconds as well, here goes.

      I was in a big city, and I had my bike and my smartphone with me (I don't own a bike in real life). And then... a talking monkey stole my bike, I was uncertain what to do at first and considered calling the police. Instead however I decided to run after the monkey and got my bike back by kicking against the back wheel and knocking it off. I went back to where I was first, all the while that monkey insulted and threatened me.

      That's when I got angry, and lucid. As it often happens in my dreams, even lucid, I tapped into a certain power as if it was the most natural thing ever. I called upon the moons of Tibaro.
      ("Moons of Tibaro" is the clear sentence I remember I said or thought in the dream. A really interesting side note is that I thought about the dream while being awake and still had a piece of information imprinted on me when I thought about the moons, one of them was called "Shadow of Pria". I might be wrong about the Pria part but I know for sure it was a short word starting with P. But yeah, I didn't remember that from the dream, the information just popped up in my mind as if I was still dreaming.)
      What I essentially did was some sort of telekinesis/summoning to call in an outrageously devastating storm of meteors from the moons of Tibaro (I think there were 3 moons and I brought debris from all of them). The impacting objects were all mostly black, maybe a bit gray, and had a structure and sheen like obsidian. With time the talking monkey transfigured into something entirely different, something that I almost killed a couple of times but every time I almost had it finished it regenerated before the final blow. It didn't even have a defined shape anymore.
      At some point during the fight I also got to see things from a system view. I could see the moons of Tibaro, a large but uninvolved object which I presume was the planet Tibaro, and another... planet or moon that I was on. I really wonder what that place was I was on, considering it seemed to have the size of a moon, was very close to Tibaro, yet was not considered a moon of Tibaro. And here I also got the impression that the moons of Tibaro had some consciousness of their own, and they disliked the object that I was on. This is also why I said telekinesis/summoning earlier, because I feel that I've both called upon their power as well as using my own in the form of telekinesis to direct the meteors towards me.
      The fight was so huge the city was turned into fine dust in which we continued to fight, and soon the planetary object I was on got a large part of its surface blown off by the fight, up to the point that the once almost perfect sphere was now VERY unshapely.
    2. Nuclear blasts, a floating city, and I successfully overcame a false awakening

      by , 04-23-2016 at 04:18 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was in a house, it likely seemed like one of my earlier homes, the house my family used to own. There was someone else with me but I don't know who it was. I looked out of the window, and the scenery was a lot different, I saw mountains and plenty of green out there.
      The sun was about to rise and we saw it, but we also saw light of... nuclear explosions, 3 or 4 in total.
      (I think it was around here where I got lucid but oddly enough I'm not sure, maybe I already was lucid)
      I pointed out the explosions to my companion, expecting some sort of shockwave to hit us, but it never did.
      After that a scene in some kind of floating city came, there were many fragments floating around, some with buildings and/or plants. For the life of me I can't remember the transition from the house to that city, even though I think it was only 1 or 2 minutes in the dream. This floating city had mostly dark gray elements and some orange, and I know that orange was the most prominent color all around us, partially from the sunrise, maybe partially from the blasts. It looked a bit medieval and fantasy-like, probably inspired by some game. I moved upwards with strong jumps, like in a platformer. On a slightly larger island, where 2 or so buildings and some plants were, there was a group of people in dark clothes. I went to them and talked about something, I don't remember everything. What I do remember is that I explained the game Sonic Riders to them, and how I would love to have a pair of those floating shoes and how I liked the idea of them more than hoverboards.

      Then everything went black and I felt the dream fading, and as usual I struggled against it. It seems I was out of the dream for a short moment but this time I managed to hold on to my consciousness without completely waking up. I'm pretty sure this would've become a FA if I hadn't manage to hold on to my consciousness by a thread.
      After some time of focusing and struggling I saw light, and quickly noticed that it was kind of like the light you'd see coming from under and around a door when it's bright outside and you're in a dark room. I reached for the door and opened it, just to see the same thing again. Then another door, and another one. Then, after I think I opened 4 or 5 doors I actually got outside and had full visual input from the dream again. It was cloudy but bright outside, and I was in some kind of village with broad streets and little to nothing happening. I tried to fly, but was only able to float. The last thing I did was changing the sky into a clear night scenery with tons of stars, which looked and felt beautiful, but alas then I woke up for real.
    3. Bluescreen, double smartphone and taking a stroll through the snow in underwear

      by , 03-16-2016 at 12:20 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was in my current home, mostly correctly rebuild in my dream as well. One of the most notable differences was the fact my apartment was on the wrong side of the house. In the beginning my wife and my best friend were there, we were in the staircase I think. We talked about something I guess but I don't remember well.
      The point from which I remember the dream well was when I was lying on my bed, looking at the screen of my PC across the room. It suddenly had a blue screen and then a really weird boot screen, like it would be possible and even reasonable for a boot screen to look like that, but I know none that actually does.
      I kind of had a sync of the blue screen on my smartphone too, there I saw something that didn't fit in there. Oddly enough I can't seem to chronologically order these events correctly either.
      Also I suddenly had a perfect copy of my smartphone, on in each hand. I swiped in my complicated unlock pattern, but I didn't copy it correctly, rather I mirrored it. Both phones unlocked.

      At this point I had a smile as the fact I was dreaming had undeniably dawned on me. A nose-pinch RC confirmed that.
      I didn't pay any attention to the fact I was apparently only wearing underwear and went outside (that whole getting lucid in a dream and going outside thing seems to become a thing in my dreams nowadays), it snowed and it was pretty cold. I, walking around with hardly any clothes, felt that cold in a somewhat realistic, however not unpleasant manner. After some time I got used to it and didn't really feel any cold anymore either.
      I spent most of the time walking around my neighborhood, which also was mostly correctly, all the while looking at my hands and turning them into lizard type hands, scales and stuff. It worked out pretty well too. The last thing I remember that sometime in between I shouted something out into the dream which seemed to help stabilize it.

      Eventually I woke up, or rather I had a false awakening. It seemed like I was in the same home that this dream had build, or mostly similar anyway, and my wife was beside me too.
      I shouted the same thing and startled her, and stupidly didn't realize I was still dreaming. Had I realized it I probably could've gone on a bit, but alas I woke up shortly after.

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    4. Arsenic meat is good for lucidity

      by , 02-03-2016 at 07:45 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Now this dream had a seriously weird start. I think there was something happening before I got lucid but I don't remember it.

      I was in some kinda camp close to a small creek. There were tents and some structures which I guess were placed to dry clothes or so. I had some self made "arsenic meat" with me, it was in an aluminum pot and was essentially raw meat in a clear liquid that consisted mostly or to some degree of arsenic. It smelled abhorrently chemical and I know that I accessed a Wikipedia page on arsenic via some kind of direct neural interface, no intermediate electronic device needed. On the page it talked about its psychoactive properties (not existent in real life as far as I can tell). Either I ate a piece of that or the smell alone was enough to induce said effects and I experienced visual distortions and some degree of control over these. That promptly made me lucid.

      Spoiler for TL;DR: I had sex with my wife:

      After that I had a FA but I did not wake up. I was in my home, and for once it was spectacularly close to my actual home, only minor details like color were off which is super rare. I was standing in the bathtub and was fiddling with a tarp that had seemingly become dirty when my wife and me had fun. I had also worried about my wife getting pregnant since we didn't use any contraception. And the tarp was mostly in the toilet... the weirdness of it all snaps me back into lucidity, I do the nose pinch RC. I go onto the bed in my bedroom, and my wife was also there, talking about something. I know I half consciously listened but since I knew it was DC I didn't pay it too much attention. I thought about trying shared dreaming but ultimately didn't try.

      I jumped outside, I'm pretty sure from my balcony. I look at the sky and... it's obviously bright day from all my surroundings yet it's actually night in the sky, it's black and I see the stars.
      (I only saw it in the dream but found it weird after I woke up and thought about it, this mix between night and day at the same time is new to me.)
      I thought about flying up but didn't want to spent too much time in a black void, so I improvised and filled the space partially with a beautiful green nebula, it worked quite spectacularly. I fly up into the sky, aiming at the border of the nebula. I was rather disappointed to see that the night sky was only a texture several kilometers above the planet. Instead of fixing it I turn back towards earth and spin it around to take a trip to Japan. It takes me a moment to find it, and it's not a normal earth globe either but I managed. The globe w
      as... it was still a perfect sphere and the countries had roughly the right shape but it was vastly scaled down, so that each country was only barely a large city. I entered Japan on the east in some kind of harbor and went westwards into an industrial area. I remember seeing some soldiers and then I used a weird high precision zoom interface to inspect my surroundings. I see some products and wares and eventually find and pick up a lead-pouring game, you know that Sylvester tradition thingy. Right then I'm violently yanked out of the dream and wake up.

      And incidentally I realize I had this dream right on time to finish my first TotM (I had this dream only hours into February), and I didn't know the task by then either.

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    5. First lucid stellar flight

      by , 01-25-2016 at 01:27 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was in a room in a surprisingly normal appearing house, it was rather dark and the only light that was present were from the stars and a planet that appeared unnaturally big in the night-sky. It had a mostly yellow surface but it was possible to make out details without a telescope.

      This immediately made me lucid and I reality checked. Just like in a previous dream I tried to break the window I was looking through, oddly enough again without success. I just opened it and jumped out, it took me a moment but then I took flight towards the planet. The dream told me it was 4 parsecs away but that's not a realistic unit, it was more likely maybe... several times the distance between earth and moon? Something with that magnitude. I accelerated to FTL speed and reached the planet within a matter of seconds. I worried about decelerating properly but actually managed to do it perfectly and had a soft landing. The plants and animals there were loaded as 2D sprites at first (typical case of dream WTF) and were replaced with actual 3D representations a moment later. I don't remember much details about them, I think because there weren't many details. As far as I remember I was on some kind of beach and the water was to my left.

      Then comes a somewhat hazy segment, I'm pretty sure I traveled to another planet but I don't remember much about that.

      On this other planet (which I think was grayish-green) I saw a really weirdly shaped moon, which was very close and on crash course (stellar stuff, it might have still taken months for it to hit). The shape was a bit like a thimble, but with other details. There were more of those in the system, and then I also saw a damaged Tactical Borg Cube (it was wrongly labelled as destroyed).
      I went close towards it but suddenly found myself inside without entering it, where I fought with some turrets. After this I woke up.
    6. Ice cold raptor flight

      by , 05-14-2015 at 09:39 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      This was a rather short but nevertheless nice lucid dream. The thing started with me being some kind or raptor in a forest and people were hunting me. I had the ability to turn invisible and used it to confuse them, creating several different tracks before fully turning invisible and flying away. The landscape was very detailed, it seemed to be a very odd mix of winter with snow and yet it also resembled spring with some greenery.
      I became lucid, and tried to stabilize, with mediocre success. I tried to feel the temperature, and indeed it felt really ice cold, like it would feel with my real body, with the exception that it wasn't unpleasant in any way whatsoever. A feeling I commonly thought about in real life, as I actually love the feeling of cold, and only my body making a fuss about not freezing is what makes cold unpleasant, not the feeling itself. The absolutely awesome panorama that hit me after I passed a mountain caused such a strong feeling of positive excitement that I woke up.

      I should've put more effort into feeling my surroundings and stabilizing, but the panorama was worth it I guess.

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    7. [Long and detailed lucid!] Desert jumping, wife summoning and weird dream character antics

      by , 05-01-2015 at 12:52 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      This must be the longest and most stable lucid I ever had! Not just that, it's the 3rd lucid in a row! I'm really hyped and pumped up about that as I really seem to be getting my old strengths back.

      I'm not quite sure where and how exactly it started but the first thing I remember was in the desert.
      I lucidly observed a guy meeting his father in some kind of shop and the father looked in utter surprise, and that surprise was utterly and ridiculously emphasized by the fathers face and eyes constantly expanding and morphing. The guy was called something like Abbot I think, and the father was called Akbarra or Akharra I think. Not really sure but all the names start with an A at least. The village I was in was called Aldiba, I'm a bit more sure about that at least.
      (The names were likely inspired by the system names of Space Rangers HD)

      Then I was outside, still observing in 3rd person. The story now revolved about a man and his wife, who were sentenced to death by starvation. They both were bound to small walls, and the were covered by a rugged piece of cloth, like half a tent, preventing anyone in the village to see them and vice versa. However the man had his brain and with that his essence/soul/whatever implanted into another person, that was also visibly shown by the person at one of the walls having an opened head and no brain inside.
      (Mind you the scene was not gory, the art style was... unique, hard to describe. There was no blood and a much more purple color to the bodies.)
      His wife however died without being rescued, and he only managed to extract her brain and took it with him. The dream did not state whether it was possible to revive her from that, so for all I know maybe it would've been possible in that dream land.

      At this point I took on the perspective of that dude, albeit the actual plot the dream followed so far was pretty much dismissed. The new body was behind the wall the man was chained to, and I had to get away from the village (Aldiba). Behind the walls the desert started, so getting away was only a matter of 200m or so without being seen. The village seemed mostly empty, however there was a wandering merchant entering the village from the left but I managed to get away unseen. At this point I jumped my way through the desert, with the jumps almost being equal to flying. There were a bunch of annoying black dogs all around who intended to attack me when I came close. The first one followed me but I jumped down a steep cliff, being rather sure that the dog would very much dislike the impact, unlike me who didn't care in the dream. Not completely sure if it followed me but I think it tried, and then stopped following for obvious reasons. I think at this point a saw a forest bordering the desert to my left.
      The next dog that tried to attack my felt my annoyance through a sand fountain propelling it very high in the air, for a certainly more than just unpleasant impact. The 2 or 3 next ones got the same treatment, albeit the fountains I called then were not as strong.
      Then there was a lost dog trying to attack me. I jumped up and raised the sand along a bit, essentially burying the dog. Now I was standing on the border to a new territory. There was fertile earth and a few plants here and there. I felt the dream fading but stabilized by taking in all the details of my surroundings, mainly by moving further, watching the plants and loudly wording the details I saw. Eventually I think a reached a point where the earth kind of was on the roofs of buildings, a rather weird but interesting sight.

      I went into a building at some point and here a lot of stuff happened of which I'm not completely certain in which order it happened.

      I was in a staircase, and there was an elevator door, it was a normal single metal door which a big piece of glass allowing to look through. It looked somewhat dark and sinister. I considered breaking in and using the elevator or the shaft to get around but decided against it.
      I'll describe the staircase structure from the point standing in front of the door. In front of me is the elevator, directly left to that were stairs leading down, directly right of the elevator were stairs leading up. 90 right and left from me were hallways to the rest of the building I think.

      I was on a in between level and there were a bunch of dream characters. For some weird reason I thought about turning that place into a living space which... didn't make very much sense.

      Eventually on that level I decided trying to summon my wife for shared dreaming. The dream actually gave me an interface, listing her artist name. The interface obstructed like 80% of my view. I looked at it and eventually found a summon button on the far left. After clicking it a piece of color was gone from the button, stuck to my finger as a small piece of paper. I consciously took notice that the dream basically giving me an interface made out of paper, which I found funny and interesting. As nothing happened yet I clicked the button again. Eventually she was summoned in a very fiery and somewhat flaming form, albeit the dream/my subconscious/something realized that it was not possible to actuall drag her into the dream and the avatar was replaced with... Samus Aran in her Varia Suit, albeit a somewhat more gray variant. I followed her, instinctively knowing though that I didn't manage to summon my wife. We ran past a bunch of people and my mother, or at least her voice asked me about the severe injuries of someone. That someone had his butt injured (butthurt pun? I wasn't butthurt myself though so no clue what or who...) but I didn't particularly care and responded that I knew about it, but didn't care, not intend on getting dragged into the pace of the dream characters and their weird antics. Eventually though the dream faded and this time I couldn't stabilize it again.

      However it felt like a good 30-40 minutes of lucidity all in all, which is amazingly awesome.

      3 days in a row I sleep with Chakra aligned minerals beside my bed, and 3 days in a row do I get lucid. Did the minerals help? I have a healthy amount of skepticism, but the results really speak for them self and the speak is more than just a bit statistically significant. Whether they 'purify my energy' or just cause a positive psychological reaction, I'll believe in the positive results.
    8. Flying up high and walking on metaphorical water

      by , 12-26-2014 at 08:20 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Partially due to technical issues, mostly due to laziness and a lack of time I procrastinated posting this dream.

      In the dream I became lucid and had to struggle with trying to control the dream and flying for a moment, then I managed to get through a window and I fly up into a beautiful blue sky, then I saw myself from above and zoomed out further, somewhat like in the game Spore. The dream felt rather awesome. Then I found myself walking on some water and wanted to fly higher, but then I realized that the water was just a metaphor or the highest plane I could move up to at that time.
    9. Falling elevators, an awesome panorama and being interrupted while lucid again

      by , 09-25-2014 at 03:39 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Today I had a fairly interesting dream in which I even became lucid! What a darn fuck I've been awakened to instead waste more life, time and health in the company... Anyway,

      I was in some rather huge complex which was located in the sky, far above the clouds. It might've been roughly inspired by a documentary about the Sony center in Berlin I saw yesterday in the company. The construction largely consisted of mostly golden metal strands, with mostly glass and/or transparent materials for grounds and walls, so the clouds could be permanently seen from anywhere. I remember there was some event going on, and for some reason Sasuke could be heard, expressing his hate for purposeless people. I was distrusting the elevators I used and eventually one elevator stopped one level below the place I wanted to go out on, just that there was nothing there yet, so as the doors which were transparent anyway opened I looked down onto clouds and a long fall. I was somewhat scared (not much though) and then the elevator started dropping. It was a really long fall though, so there was plenty time to stop it, and I was talking about fixing it with some voice, and eventually it was fixed in time.

      I already was close to the ground where an astonishingly awesome panorama greeted me. It was rendered at first in the old FF8 style, I was probably on some cliff, close the ocean. Ahead of me was a big yellow platform on which I controlled some characters in FF8 style, I think there was another platform behind it, smaller and slightly to the right. Further ahead was either another island or a part of the one I was standing on, connected through the land I saw at the edge of my vision to the left. My vision also seemed to be wider than in real life. Where the beach of the opposite piece of land would've been was a stone construct with water pools and creeks, with repeating patterns.

      I've been taking in the awesome sight which grew increasingly realistic, making me lucid by sheer awesomeness and feelings!

      My fear from the situation with the elevator before turned to its opposite and I jumped down the cliff, gently gliding, until the alarm wakes me midflight...

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    10. Big forest mountain

      by , 06-23-2014 at 10:44 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      This dream likely started somewhere earlier, but I have a gap in my memory here.

      The first thing I remember was that I was flying a few meter above the forest of a ridiculously huge mountain, it went down at an angle of around 45, and I was aiming for a very certain person, which was marked with a blue symbol in my vision. There were a few trees which were higher than others, the color was a dark, strong green and it was a bright and pleasant day. Soon I reached the bottom, and barely managed to stop without colliding with anything since I picked up quite a pace. Down there also was one exceptionally big tree. I landed gently, the ground was covered with some very light gras patched. Somewhere here I became lucid, once again through realization only. I didn't really do anything fancy though and lost lucidity fast. From here I only remember I found the person I was searching for and sat down on the table were he/she was waiting. The table was big enough fo 6 people and there seemed to be more tables and other things around.

      Well, I wish I would've stayed lucid so I could've made something out of it, but I got lucid again after barely more than a week, so now I'm definitely sure that things are looking up.
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    11. Nonsensical missile, flying and a mountain panorama

      by , 06-06-2014 at 11:07 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      My last lucid was already weeks or months ago, and my last lucid with good control and details was defnitely months ago.

      It began with some kind of event, it was night and there were many people in something like a stadium. There was some kind of woman with a deo-spray goblet (WTF...) on a pedestal, closely surrounded by people. During this part of the dream I was not yet existent and only observed. The woman flew away with a missile and some dude clung to her missile with a rope. He wanted to get up to her, there was some dialog I could remember, but honestly it was pretty nonsensical stuff, like comments from the dude about the age of the woman. He eventually stopped on a clocktower or something, held the missile and let it rotate around the tower so it would speed up and he could get up to the woman. The physics here we're pretty broken.

      Eventually one of them, the dude I think, dropped down from the missile into the city. I then assumed his position, searching for the woman, but there was no one anywhere in the city. I came around a corner, it was day again, the street was empty, and there were boring buildings to both sides of the street. My mind suddenly became a lot more clear, I wanted to do a reality check, but considering the events that previously happened
      I knew that I was dreaming and no RC was necessary. Instead I focussed on stabilizing, imagined wings, flapped my arms and started to fly, immediately it was like the gravity was largely negated for me. I couldn't properly imagine the wings but kept on trying to train myself a little. When I flew up I got to see an absolutely astonishing panorama of nature with mountains and greenery, the closest mountain had a sharp stone peak at the top, but none of the mountains were covered with snow or something like that. I could see at least as good as in reality, maybe even a little better. I kept flying for many minutes until my mind got clouded a tiny little bit again. I flew into a building, probably a school, and there I met a particular weird monster with a magic wand (both from UT2k4, the so called magic wand is a different version of the shock rifle). It fired at someone and I planned to rob the weapon from it, but then I lost my focus on the dream for a moment and woke up. It somehow was similar to dropping something out of carelessness, I might've been able to continue the dream otherwise I guess.

      Unfortunately I didn't remember any of the things I wanted to do in my lucids, and so only flew around.
    12. United States Vs. Italy

      by , 05-25-2014 at 06:38 PM
      The government was at war with..I don't remember...italy? At that time, for some reason, the government was moving huge skyscrapers with helicopters. At that time, I was in one of them, so I accidentaly fell off. The building was collapsing, but for some reason when I hit the ground I was alive. I ignored that (lol) and then the building was collapsing behind me. I was stuck in rushing water, and I had to jump between tight bars and debris platforms. This jump was huge, and as I jumped everything wen't in slow motion. Everything got REALLY vivid. Then it went back to normal as I grabbed the bar and the building was so close to crushing me.

      After that, I guess the government was switching out newer flatscreens with older TV's. They weren't TV's though, they looked like computers. I dunno.

    13. The day Slender Man was nice to me

      by , 08-18-2013 at 02:58 PM
      So I was at my house in the living room, a casual day. Somehow I was able to summon Slender Man and he was hostile at first. Somehow I was able to make him my ally, and told him to get in the refrigerator, wrapped in a umbrella. ( Some imagination I have ) The refrigerator was white, and old looking. I opened the refrigerator and grabbed the umbrella Slendy was in. It didn't weigh much. ( Maybe a magic portal, hm.....)

      I walked down the street passing a few people and got on my bus for school. I was sitting at window side with my friend. I looked at my umbrella it was a Gatorade bottle. "Hey Slendy is in my bottle." I said. He took the bottle and started to splash it on the floor making a mess. Every time he splashed it on the ground a small boom noised started. I think slendy appeared in the back of the bus and he killed everyone except for me... Time fast forwarded to when I was walking home at night without my great murdering ally! I was walking down a street that curved around a park, at the back of it there was a forest. I was near the front of the giant park when I stopped walking, and noticed a motorcyclist chasing at me.

      I don't know why, I had this urge to run fast to my house. I started running faster then the motorcycle , down this street thinking it was the street to get home, until I read a sign saying I took the wrong turn. Scared, I jumped over my neighbors fence, and over the fence at the back of it. I noticed a dead end and went back to the other backyard. Out of nowhere about 23 police man charged at me, knocking down the gate in the process. I was doomed without Slendy.

      At the right time Slendy jumped off the roof and started kicking some ass. He was doing martial arts kicks! The cops were closing in on him but he managed to distract them, to allow me to get to safety. I looked where Slendy was at, and noticed we were on a steep hill with a city at the bottom of it. I jumped off the hill and tried to swing on the pole of a lamp post. I fell down and woke up.
    14. 1st July 2013 Long dream, Video game mix

      by , 07-02-2013 at 12:35 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Pretty long and cool dream and good recall.

      I was in some video game on some mission, i was with some group assaulting enemy base and searching for something, then it was like an RTS and i was commanding some forces, some of which looked like something from megaman series, then we were at some power plant place and we used some technology to fly into the sky(possibly jetpacks).
      There was some passage built in the sky that lead us to the train station. We were using trains to travel around on rails right in the sky, the structure of place was weird and i figured that the game is full of references to various stuff, on the way we met cartoonish woodpecker and wolf that were fighting eachother all over the place, setting traps and stuff. We were having a bit of problems with switching rails and dead ends, but eventually after getting back and forth we got to some old temple entrance, in the sky.
      We were going through the passage and there were a few switches and traps, i disarmed one trap that was some kind of idol connected by the rope to the ceiling that fell when triggered.
      Shortly we reached the other side, which was kinda futuristic metallic area, like space station or base, with alot of different paths, we were exploring and fighting enemies, we reached the rooftops area and we were on the top of some palace apparently, there was pretty cool view over the nearby area. But we had to go back and then through temple again, i accidentally triggered that trap with falling idol, which almost hit one of the team, then we were back to the train station and on the train we went to another place.
      It was some kind of a dark fantasy town, game turned RPG-stylish and SilentEternity joined instead of the team that was with me before. We went exploring some locations in the town and then some graveyard while he was explaining some of game mechanics to me, including something related to inventory. We got some quest and we went to the canyon, we were on the top and there were some turrets, enemies were running through the bottom so it was like some kind of tower defense game.
      Done with that we returned to the town, that's where story of the game catched up. There was something about reviving ancient dragons of various colors to fight them. One was revived after the mission but we could not fight him because we were not ready. We talked with him and started the fight anyways, but we had to retreat. Shortly dragon flied away to somewhere else and we were attacked by more enemies, i died and i noticed class change window, i selected some other class.
      Now i was some insect-like thing, somewhat like mantis, but a bit larger than human, and i actually felt different, it was awesome, i went to inventory screen but then noticed lack of stuff that i had, SilentEternity mentioned something about that different classes don't share same inventory. We continued fighting enemies and our next goal was to find some gem items around the town. I noticed that my attack stat was lower than with the previous class and i could use some kind of modules to change stats around, SilentEternity said that it's better to have balanced stats than highest attack anyways so i switched stuff around till it was balanced. I also could use some kind of magic attacks.
      After finishing with gems we went to another mission. It was happening in even darker place, it was very open area with few chunks of ground floating in few places and some dome-like structure in the middle. it was pretty difficult, alot of enemies were spawning around, there were some humanoids with long arms, some with weapons and also some ranged enemies that looked like liches. After alot of kiting and running around trying to take them all out, i managed to die again, though this time SilentEternity casted revival spell in time so i was back in the fight. We had to target enemy spellcasters because they were the only enemies not respawning and they were guarding the items that we needed. Soon SilentEternity was too low on HP, we had to retreat but too many enemies followed, we had some glorious dialogue and then i found some option of HP transfer and gave some of it to SilentEternity, we fought rest of the enemies and defeated them.
      Then i was randomly back at the level select and was trying to unlock hidden level behind the wall, i got through the edge of the screen incorrectly and due to glitch my leg was stuck in the wall on the other screen......... it felt very very very weird then dream ended.
    15. Amazing Antichamber X-Sectors and the Club la Forge

      by , 06-15-2013 at 05:51 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was flying around in an undefined spaceship and everything was much like in a X3 game. I went to a special sector where something interesting was said to happen and the whole sector was filled with fancy things like special shaped colorful moving micro-nebulas and a lot of things that behaved roughly like the physics in Antichamber. There also was this huge in weird colors glowing weapon flying around, close to one of the mentioned micro-nebulas. At some point I went to one of those chambers and then I was outside my ship (no special equipment needed), I and some other people where watching the everchanging effects until I started interfering with them, and then they took on more and more shape, until eventually a small keyboard appeared. I played on it and there were several distorted mirror like versions replicating the same accords that I played.
      Eventually I got to see something hotel like and in perfect Antichamber manner just stepped into that place, it looked a little rustic. On the frame of the big entry door was a small sign with 4 words "X Club la Forge" (I don't remember what the X was, but I think it was 'To', as in 'To Club la Forge'). Somehow I was really hyped about that (La Forge by the way definitely refered to Geordy la Forge from Star Trek) so I went out and somehow had Data accompany me there, it were just a few meters. Something about Club la Forge made me realize I was dreaming, like "damn it's the Club la Forge,
      I must be dreaming!".
      Inside I tried to start stabilizing softly with taking in all the details of my surroundings. I was at a table where a beautiful girl was sitting, maybe she was representing my girlfriend but I'm not sure. She tried to talk to me but I heard really loud music and couldn't hear anything else, then I just had the weird idea of taking my smartphone and turning down the volume, which surprisingly worked though not completely. She waved me to her so I brought my ear close to her and heard her talking, she said something about efficiency but neither do I remember what she said, nor did it make sense to me. Then I unfortunately already woke up.

      This was my 60th lucid dream.

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