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    1. 20190220: Ld #138 (WILD!)

      , 02-20-2019 at 05:35 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      WBTB when F left for work. As I got back in bed I thought briefly about LDing but didn't MILD or anything. I relaxed and drifted, but right before I slipped out of consciousness I snapped back into awareness and began to feel the waves of vibrations. I was having the transparent eyelids effect and could see I was in a replica of my room. I had some expectation of SP/RA since I've had a few pretty spooky instances of that lately when I've MILDed (or sometimes when awaking from a DILD). However none came, and I started drifting up and to the right. I relaxed and let myself go.

      Slowly I floated over to one of the walls and when I felt my dream body was free, I pushed off the wall onto the floor and walked down the hallway. I said "lights" and hoped that would work but it rarely does and didn't. I decided to do the thing that almost always fucks up my WILDs and phase through my window, hoping that that would be more successful than walking through my almost pitch-black apartment. This time instead of trying to phase through the curtains (which I always do for some reason), I pulled back the curtains and phased through the glass. It was double-paned with about six inches of separation between the two, so I thought I may have trouble getting through, but I decided to expect it to work, and it did.

      Outside seemed like my apartment grounds at first, but it became clear that I was in the quad of my old college campus. I floated down (my whole body was engaged, it was a nice and quite physical dream, with some light gravity). I aimed my fall and landed on a nice bush, grabbing it with my hands and balancing myself on it with my feet, before I dropped to the ground. It was still night, and everything was lit by tall streetlamps along the path. One of them had its box cracked open, with the plastic exposing lots of thin red and blue wires. I walked along for a bit and then woke up.
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    2. Quick lucid after along dry spell!!!!!!

      by , 02-01-2019 at 07:15 AM
      Ok.... I havent had a lucid dream for about a month... I went from having about 1-2 a week to ZERO!!! During Christmas and new years my focus on dreaming started shifting towards another hobby.. I bought a Nintendo switch some time before Christmas, and u know me, I'm a tryhard personality. I have a full-time job and a hobby and a wife and a dog, so adding lucid dreaming on top of that, I used my last extra energy on lucid dreaming. The Nintendo switch kinda took up the extra energy I feel..... I still have had VIVID af dreams, but lucidity never occurred. Well tonight it did, so I guess I'm back on track ?!?!

      Before the becoming lucid I had 2 normal dreams.in the first dream u was in a room with my wife and we were playing a computer game together. The next dream I was driving a car through an old neighborhood I once lived in. And saw 5 people gang up on this one guy. They one guy keeps saying that "the guy in that car will come and fuck u guys up!". I told them I certainly would. I parked the car, normally (in daily life) when I park my car, I leave the car I 1st gear and turn it off. However in this case, I left the car in first gear, stepped out and then reached back into the car to pull the handbrake. Werid I thought to myself... I started taking my jacket off so it would be easier to fight these guys lol... While taking off my jacket I started thinking back to what I did before bumping in to these guys. I couldn't remember lol. I got lucid!!!!!! Mother fkin yeeeesss!!! I remembered I had these two dreams before this one. I reality checked, and certainly enough to, I was dreaming.
      I wanted to find one of my friends, so I tried asking the guys infront of me. But they started fighting so I didn't get an answer. I looked around, and to my surprise, my friend was standing on top of building with a psir of binoculars overlooking us. I shot webs to the building like Spiderman would, and swang to the building. I said hi to my friend and woke up....

      Success!!!!!! At last lol!!!! My wife woke up at 5 am and couldn't sleep, so I woke up to. It was after this wbtb that I had this lucid!!! Thanks wife lol 👍 I also fell asleep doing my mild preps, so that might have helped me get lucid.
      Lucid dream was withing 5:30 and 6:50
    3. Lucid - Finally Had A Lightsaber Fight! - September 30

      , 09-30-2018 at 07:41 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 30 2018

      (3 dreams, 2 lucids)

      pre-star wars interstate/table in front yard, F's car - why are the keys on a table in the front yard? they can be stolen! have to get her car back, getting angry

      lucid/semi-lucid star wars dream* (badass)

      wbtb (lasted for 3 hours)

      lucid with D and 8, and roach antenae then hopping away like a deer, short, got lucid halfway through

      space station dream getting a delivery, we were running out, boss says forget about the reeses puffs and then they give us twice the delivery (everyone mad "we could have been getting twice this whole time? we didn't even get any reeses puffs") and guards and cutting ribbon lines (dad, w/ gun or broom) and other stuff (transformed into noir music video at end); remember the black slats on the divider vividly, and the floor; like an arcade! vivid, long

      lots of HI and feeling for dream scene, but no successful WILDs
      feeling for a white tennis shoe
      feeling for a white metal corner with slats on it

      *Star Wars dream:
      I'm in the office of 9. My best friend (A) and his previous long-time girlfriend (T) are there. There's also another girl from the previous dream who has orange hair (we'll call her O; I had a feeling she might have been a manifestation of my guide). A has a hooked nose unlike in real life, and he's standing next to the bookcase in the far left corner comforting T. O is sitting in a chair looking at me. It's a persecution-style dream, someone is going to eradicate us. I think I had to kill someone in the office, someone was a traitor. I become lucid but decide that instead of pursuing goals I'll let the dream take me wherever it was intending to go. I have a lightsaber and there was someone else there (my dad or F?) who had one, so I offered the group mine thinking that the other person and I could take them with just one lightsaber. They declined and I decided against it anyway, I would need it. So instead I give them a purplish greenish small box of parts to make their own. The dream shifts and I'm in the front yard in the passenger seat of the van. My sister and F are across the street selling pumpkins (as a disguise/to make it seem normal that we're there and that we have nothing to hide). They need to close up so we can go. In the car with me is O, and my dad and possibly mom are near the car. [I say something to someone.] Sister brings me a pumpkin in F's WL purse, it's ripping, I tell them to stop messing around, there's danger. Eventually the scene transitions and the pumpkin stand disappears, it's darker outside, I can tell Sith are coming. I think I told the van to drive away but I can't remember now.

      I walk to the curb and it's much darker like a storm's coming, dust blows by me dramatically and I see two white Hutts at the very end of the street. I remember now that I had told them in the van not to fire their blasters unless they had to, because if they did the others would know where they were. For this reason I don't draw my lightsaber yet (it's probably about 6 houses until the end of the street so I have some distance to cross). When I reach about halfway I notice three more Sith, they looked like Tuscan raiders. Unexpectedly one of the Hutts charged me! It was much faster than I expected because instead of slithering towards me it floated/levitated towards me at an alarming rate. It also held its red lightsaber in a fully forward way, arms up and forward at the chest. It was very intimidating. It also had force lightning. By this point, I had succumbed to the dream's validity to the point where I was still lucid in awareness, but it was more like an elevated state of consciousness and control of my own actions, not control of the dream. In any case I didn't think to use dream powers but was limited to the constraints of the universe, so because I had a blue lightsaber, I only had force push, and becuase they had red, they also had force lightning. So essentially we would circle around each other while facing each other, him sending lightning at me and me pushing or lightsabering it away. This was very intense and I was still only facing one of them. Once I had sen that the van was gone, I decided to flee as I couldn't face them all. I think I may have killed one of the Tuscan raiders first? I ran to a kid's bicycle and as I boarded it, one of the raiders had come up behind me on a Star Wars bike. I used the force to lift the bike up and start flying. The raider and I get into a contest of side-swiping and I dismount him. I have to pull up because there's a white fence/gate at the end of my street.

      Now the sky had gone from storm-blue with dust in it to full-on apocalypse brown. I was flying past twisted trees and power lines, turning sideways to dodge them. At some point
      the dream faded.

      Most of these dreams came from day residue; the SW part came from listening to an episode of MBMBAM discussing naming a kid Anakin; we recently got a new end table by our front door where we leave our everyday carried items, and it's next to a window with blinds so I recently thought "what if they can see through those?"; the arcade-themed space station was due to seeing a Dave and Busters-themed scene in the show F was watching (I think Once Upon a Time). Anyway the lightsaber fighting was badass, even though it wasn't as conscious as it could have been; but it probably would have been much shorter if I had been fully lucid the whole time, so I'm in part glad that the dream and the threats it posed felt 100% real.

      Interesting note: At the end of the SW dream, I was in an FA with the layout of my room being slightly different and although my eyes were closed, I could see a thin strip of light in front of me (in reality, this would have been to the right of me). I sat recalling my dreams and had a brief visualization/WILD attempt within the FA! Then I woke up. For some reason I wrote in my DJ that it's possible I had the SW dream stemming from visualizations during my FA? Interesting but I don't remember about the FA to say for sure now.
    4. WBTB Lucid Dream - Coach Station, Kids, Gloves

      by , 11-18-2017 at 08:15 AM
      #WBTB Method

      I was woken up by my daughter who's not feeling well. I attended to her and then returned to the kitchen where I thought about stacking the dishwasher. I picked up some random items and stood there for a while ...


      I ate a banana, cos I was kind of hungry and thought about whether to get up or go back to bed.

      It was 4am.

      I was planning to be up between 5 and 6, so going back to bed risked oversleeping. And I wasn't feeling tired.

      I got back into bed to tinker with my new old mobile phone and go back to sleep. I downloaded some apps, including Instagram and Twitter, which is where I ended up. Read some tweets and then tweeted about #wbtb and then read some more. Twitter didn't work properly on the phone.

      Finally, the light and tapping noises seemed to be disturbing my wife's sleep, so I set the device aside and lay down.

      I focused on relaxing and staying aware of how I was feeling.

      I counted every breath.

      I was surprised to find that I was feeling very, very, very relaxed, with my body feeling heavy and almost paralysed, but still aware. I was surprised because I'm normally asleep before noticing this.

      I reached 12 before losing count and being immersed in a pleasurable slumber. It felt like being aware of being asleep. Not aware of dreaming. Is lucid sleeping a thing? Just being asleep and aware of being asleep.

      I could feel the mattress and the blanket and my body. I'm not sure if I couldn't move or didn't want to. It was peaceful and safe; moving was the last thing on my mind.

      Everything was very dark grey and close, like the world was soft around me. I was looking around, so I figured that I was in a dream now. I suppose I was in a kind of doorway to the dream, because there was only sensation. Nothing to see at all except very dark grey.

      I heard my daughter in the kitchen then and she called to me, so I prepared to go to her, disappointed to be roused from bed again ... except I was standing up, leaning against a chest of drawers.

      I walked very carefully across the dark room and considered whether I was sleeping because I had been lying down under the covers earlier and I didn't remember standing up.

      Caution seemed wise. I went out into the kitchen, but the kitchen wasn't there. It was a coach station.


      The key things that I think contributed to lucidity:

      Not being tired
      Eating a banana - at the time, I thought it might help with lucid dreaming. I imagine the thought was more powerful than the banana.
      Reading, looking after daughter, doing something for 30 mins instead of going straight back to sleep.
      Reading about dreams
      Tweeting about lucid dreaming


      In the dream, I'm thinking about what to post on Twitter.

      Focus Dean!

      I'm sure there was something I was meant to do in my next lucid dream...

      Now I'm holding two samurai swords. I spin them round a little bit, but it seems to obvious. I think I should explore a bit.

      A coach is reversing over grey concrete, performing a laborious three-point turn.

      At the end of the coach station that is nearest me, two teachers are sitting at cluttered desks. They call some young students over. A boy who is clearly not interested in being here comes over and collects a drawing from the male teacher. The drawing contains his results for his exam.

      He walks off with it without even looking at it.

      "Hey," I say. "Can I see that? I'm interested."

      He hands it over, looking like he's expecting to fail.

      I'd like to tell him that he's done well, but I can't understand this evaluation at all. It just looks like a kid's drawing. It's not even a good one.

      "Well done, kid," I say. "It'll be okay." And I hand it back to him.

      He takes it and just looks at me. He doesn't even shrug. Then he walks away, sort of swallowed by darkness.

      I catch the eye of the male teacher. He doesn't say anything either, but he looks at me as if to say: "You see? This is what we're dealing with here on a daily basis."

      I lose the dream here for a while, but I remember thinking about flying or doing a super jump, but again, I didn't want to do anything obvious.

      I end up outside with my wife who is gardening. I was thinking about gardening in waking life earlier and I make the connection in the dream.

      A friend arrives. She's brought us gardening gloves. I smile at her, delighted, but she avoids my gaze. At first, I think she's being modest about her gift, but then I think that maybe I've misconstrued the situation.

      I start to suspect that these are not gifts but only a loan.

      As I have the thought, she glances at me, as if she heard it and is agreeing.

      Under my gaze, the gloves degenerate; holes appear in the fingers and palms.

      I'm aware of my body in bed and I shift to get more comfortable. I'm still in the dream, but it closes on me and again it goes dark grey. There is no up or down, just comfort and gentle floating.

      In the darkness I hear my wife getting out of bed.

      The light comes on.
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    5. 4th LD Flying above the mischievous teens

      by , 03-13-2017 at 10:40 PM
      I tell the whole story in my handwritten journal so I won't recount it all here. But the big picture was that teenagers were causing mischief around the house. I was hiding from them, and had the thought that this might be a dream. I did the RC, realized it was a dream and then for some reason wanted to continue the storyline a bit, but just change how I was participating. I wanted to fly, of course. I just love flying in LD.

      So I flew around sabotaging more marauding teens and men. The lands morphed from my parent's neighborhood to Mexico or India. I had some of them chase me, fire weapons at me and then I found and recovered my baby that I had been searching for earlier in the dream. Then I became mentally exhausted when I got back to the house and didn't want to face more mischievous teens, so I decided to just wake up and end the dream.

      I did have the thought to stop and do one of the tasks of the month, like make some tea, but that just seemed so opposite to what was already happening in the dream, I just let myself get caught up in the storyline.

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    6. Totm's - Tail manifesting and body swap

      by , 09-07-2016 at 03:51 PM
      Bed around 10 after listening to Dream Yoga audio for 20mins and fall asleep with mantra's like - ' Tonight I lucid dream' and similar

      Woke up around 12.30 with first dream and then stayed awake for ages - did my best to keep mind focusing regularly on dream stuff...finally fell asleep

      Wake around 4.50am sit up and listen to Daniel Love's Wbtb audio for my Wbtb.
      Lay down with the audio finishing probably around 5.10am

      Get lucid with dild some time between 5.30 and 7am - I am pretty sure I get lucid while walking down the road .... I am remembering things and looking at where I am thinking
      ' is this for real?...Could I be dreaming?' ...it felt very much like real life but I dare to test the surroundings by pushing my hand through wall a wall I am walking next to - it softly and gently pushes it's way through the wall like putty - great " I am dreaming!'
      I carry on within the dream frame and speak to one the the DC's about this being a dream- I look around and see I am at a large depo/bus stop,lots of folk waiting for different buses. Remembering the task I move close to a middle age lady - I tell her I am about to come into her body and see what it feels like and she could switch to mine...she is a bit defensive and not up for it initially- I carry on and move into her body. I can sense her agitation as I feel how it feels in her shoes. After the initial awkwardness she relaxes and seems to move out or relax enough for me to get comfortable in there

      I am sure I am in her body but struck with how comfortable it is ...it's still me ...I am not sure if she went into my body or not as I look around for my body I can't see it. I get on the bus when it comes and soon move on with my lucid

      Does that mean the task is done or not?

      Ok I am sitting lucid on the train and remember the ' grow a tail ' task. I tell the gentleman next to me that I am about to grow a tail for the totm. He is intruiged and watches my back side in anticipation

      . I put my hand there and feel around - I am aware I havnt manifested anything like this before in a lucid so it's gonna be good - I am excited! I keep my hand just above my butt on my lower back feeling for movement ...Yes! I feel movement from within

      - soon a little stub of a tail grows out! I start to laugh and show the man - he is as surprised as me and we both watch as it keeps growing until it's about half a meter long...it's thin and grissely but it's deffinatelly a tail - I am delighted.

      I stay on the train for a while - I am laying down on a seat and pushing first my hand, then my feet into the wall - pushing gently in and out sometimes pulling the structure of the wall out and playing with with it reminding myself this is a dream - my dream - test myself see the surroundings and test them - I do this by walking into and through walls etc as I mentioned.

      I am sure I awoke a few times and Dield back in gently - there was more but I dont remember all - just know it was awesome to be aware in my dreams again!

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    7. Experiments with a singsong😊

      by , 09-01-2016 at 09:29 PM
      Just spent ages writting it up and went back to check something and it all disappeared

      So a short write up

      Deilds about 4 I think - after a good long wbtb around 3.30am till 5ish. Had things on my mind but sat long enough to clear and get dozy - great !

      During some lucid dreams this morning I remember to change the colour of object and have some fun with that~

      I see a couch chair I turn from its original brown to blue. I see an object on the side like a plate or something and turn it yellow. I look at a DC's face and turn it blue and another's green.

      Did a lucid dance to keep me in the dream and sang a song something like

      " I am lucid in my dream hahaha hehehe" again and again

      Homed in on object to keep the story going and keep from waking as I felt very close to waking a lot of the time

      Great fun ✨ and realy happy about the experiments

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    8. SpellBee Comp my first night

      by , 08-01-2016 at 12:04 AM
      SpellBee Comp my first night of trying.

      I was in what appeared to be a group home setting. One of the
      male staff was taking a special interest in me, in an intimate
      He kept flirting with me. I became lucid due to the fact
      that this raised a moral flag to me & also due in fact that I was
      in a home as a child & there was a sense of familiarity of a rehab
      I was in multiple times as an adult in my 20's.

      I woke up & kept my eyes mostly closed to go pee. And laid back
      in bed to try & continue this dream as a WBTB method & WILD.

      I fell right back into the dream. Unfortunatley the content was
      too overwhelming for me to conciously start preforming the task
      of the competition yet my dream continued from the get go fully lucid!

      Completely lucid from the start now. I am realizing that the
      other staff & young women living here are taking notice to this
      situation that's unfolding. I look around & am no longer thinking
      this is a group home. It's more of a rehab which in my actual
      experiences is close to the same thing yet on an adult level. But
      of course my reciprocating actions by flirting back & feeling
      much affection towards this man is conforting & mutual from a
      sexual view... I am in my bed & there are other women, not girls
      around me in their beds but we are all watching tv but I'm not
      paying attention to it, only that I notice it's a movie & the
      lights are low. The bedroom scenerio is bothering me so I change
      it to a living room setting which has sectional couches. This
      wasn't a hard reach for me because I had a point of reference
      from when I was in a similar setting in a rehab minus this
      particular man. (I'll explain later) I am cuddling with him & am
      enjoying the intimacy. We pull the covers over our head & we can
      see the light through it from the big tv & can hear others
      wispering. I feel I know him very well. I lay my head on his chest
      & I can feel he is getting an erection & I'm also feeling aroused.
      I realize why I feel like this. He's my husband. My real life
      husband. I decide I need to wake up now because he may still be
      in our bed & I need to be in the waking world.

      This dream has representation's of things merged into this weird
      dream. For one, I was in a group home when I was a teenager, two,
      I was in a rehab in my twenties multiple times. One of those
      times like other times I also entered on the domestic violence
      side & actually did have an affair with a male staff member. I
      was an adult at that time. And the reason my husband is represented
      like this is because in December I had a hysterectomy which made
      it difficult for us to start having sex until right before my
      son came back for the summer from college. Due to him being here
      we haven't been able to be intimate so obviously I'm missing my
      husband & can't wait for my son to go back for his 5th yr of

      SpellBee Comp Points: (If I get anything wrong plz feel free mods
      to correct me.)

      1/2 pt: 1/2 non-lucid fragment
      10pts: First wild of the night
      2 pts: WBTB
      2 pts: Interact with a DC
      10 pts: Advanced Object changing (beds to couches)
      Total: 22 1/2

      (I changed a whole room so if there is a point system number for
      that that I have overlooked, plz someone let me know. I wasn't
      sure if it would count as full transformation.)

      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown
      Competition Notes-Teal

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    9. Family Trip

      by , 07-13-2016 at 09:16 PM
      Non-Lucid to Lucid: My family was going on a vacation on a big river or lake somewhere. There came this big rain & some of us had tents that were right next to the water & had to try to find other places to sleep. Things were just so surreal at this point so I knew I had to be dreaming & became lucid so knowing my family I wanted to see what else was to come that I could amp up on steroids through lucidty. But for now I was seeing where we were walking along & it was going well under the circumstances so I was just waiting for my "in". Then we were going down the dock on our way to get the the buffet that was supposed to be available but went right past it cuz it was just this one little cart. So we were disappointed. It was time to go look for other things to do but Mike called & ruined it!

      Oddly enough it reminded me of another dream I had years ago on a lake. It just popped in my head & that was pretty cool in itself... I'd say this dream was probably about me being overwhelmed & wanting to do some positive things with my family where I don't have to think about the stressful things for a while. It's all about time management. But this weekend is about Mike. He needs to take a vacation day for himself & not just use them for shit that needs to get done so maybe next week or weekend. I also want to get back to doing a little wbtb stuff next week & hopefully some chaining. Setting an alarm helps a lot.... I also had a failed v-mild which I was using a mirror but not gonnna elaborate cuz it's a little personal.

      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown
    10. #4 - Dream Chain A

      by , 06-21-2016 at 04:23 PM
      I had this series of dreams after waking up early and going back to sleep, which is typical for my previous lucid dreams. I was familiar with some of the features of these dreams: a realistic environment not usually drawn from real life, realistic dream characters who are part of the scenery instead of the plot (and sometimes ignore me), and dream chaining.

      I can't quite remember the beginning. Before I went to sleep, I recall deliberately daydreaming to occupy my mind, so it might have developed out of that. At some point I found that I could have WILDs really easily. All I needed to do was let my mind wander, I'd soon see some realistic imagery (or once, a geometric pattern), and at some point, rather than getting caught up in the dream's plot, I'd just go 'yep, this is a dream'. I was able to improve the quality by shouting 'increase lucidity' and so on. The dream chain included:

      - One where I found myself in a large building with a vague 'institutional' feel, having corridors and a reception desk. Most of the dream characters seemed to ignore me, even after I did the "You're all in my dream, what do you think of that!?" thing, which I sort of felt like I wasn't supposed to do. I found an old lady who did respond to me and asked her something, but I don't remember what she said.

      - A non-lucid false awakening in which a kid climbed through my window, much to my anger, causing me to go and get a sort of spatula in case I needed to repel the intruder.

      - One where I found myself in a garden or courtyard surrounded by three-storey Edwardian architecture. There was a small, cubical brick building similar to a power substation. I decided to test my dream control abilities. Simply by telling the dream that my hands were sticky like a gecko's, I climbed up the brick wall and stood at the top. I then marvelled at the feat and pondered what to attempt next; I didn't want to try anything that might disrupt the dream. I considered trying to turn into an animal but rejected it, for example.

      - Misc.: I also recall some SP-like sensations of shouting but having no voice coming out, being unable to feel myself breathing, or having a dry throat but being unable to clear it. I recall trying to shoot 'energy balls' out of my hands by sheer willpower and failing. I recall looking at my bedroom despite knowing my eyes were closed and sagely recognising it as a false awakening. I recall the realistic sensation of having an orgasm after doing nothing more than passingly thinking about it. I recall the sensation of partially separating from my body by sitting up in bed but failing to fully do so.

      I don't know if the chain started with a real lucid dream, and I definitely caught onto one or two bits of false awakening imagery while still asleep, but as soon as I woke up in real life I realised that my supposed 'really easy WILDs' were actually all from a false awakening. I'd been dreaming about lucid dreaming the whole time.
    11. A Cat, 2 Dogs, Roommates & a Fire

      by , 06-16-2016 at 04:07 PM
      Dream 1: Non-Lucid dream fragment. Meesha was rubbing up against my feet while I was in bed & I woke up. She wasn't there in real life & she never does this, lol.

      Dream 2: Non-Lucid dream. I went to this apartment & was babysitting a small dog. The owner came home. We were talking & then we heard something coming from the back part of the apartment & these 3 people who were apparently hiding there & they found another dog there that had just been born in the back of the apartment. They were friends of the owner. Suddenly there was a fire in the back of the apartment. We put it out but it had opened up a wall & area that wasn't there before. The owner suddenly said, okay you guys can fix this part of the apartment & you can live there. It was funny.

      I listened to a soothing subliminal Lucid Dream tool while I was sleeping & I woke up in a good mood. It actually let me use the WBTB method.

      Explanation of details-Blue
      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown
    12. 08.11.2015

      by , 11-09-2015 at 09:27 AM (Chessica's Dream Journal)
      Tried a WBTB today. I woke up after about 5 hours, and lay awake for about 30 minutes. Felt like I just would not get back to sleep. I heard the traffic outside and got a bit annoyed by the noise. I sort of gave up on the WILD attempt and put on a podcast on my phone (using ear phones). It was Lucid4life podcast.

      After a while I must have fallen asleep, but I was dreaming I was still in my bed trying to WILD. I got up, thinking it was hopeless, and went downstairs. It was a mix between our current home and our last home. I went into the office room and looked out the window. It was dark outside. I didn't want to go out for a cigarette after all. Somewhere around here I was thinking that this big, almost empty, office room should be furnished with the furniture we don't have room for in the living room. I went to the kitchen. On top of the fridge there was several paper/plastic bags filled with huge brussels sprouts. H. apparently had discovered that they were ripe and picked them from the garden. When I saw the brussels sprouts I immediately knew I was dreaming, I heard H. come downstairs and hurried to do a nose plug RC just in case. I knew I was going to be able to breathe, and I was! H. came around the corner, I resisted the temptation to tell him it was a dream. Instead I just kissed him and we started some sexy time. This woke me up in just a few minutes, and the Ld was over.
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    13. Lucid last night...albeit only for a short time

      by , 10-24-2015 at 11:06 AM
      It was a short lucid event...as mine tend to be...but encouraging nevertheless (and anticipated). Yesterday, for the first time during the day, I managed to jerk out of my daytime “dream” on about 10 occasions (the “dream” that isn't “awareness”) I usually get so caught up in daytime living that I only manage a few.

      I only practiced the awareness for a few minutes each time...looking around, thinking “this is a dream,” noting body sensations (particularly the feet) but the real breakthrough was the fact that the “trigger” occurred much more frequently. Maybe reading about the brain is helping...”use it or lose it” as the book says and I'm much more aware how neurons, axons and dendrites work and how critical it is to stimulate the brain by repetition.

      I think I really pushed my brain sections when I first learned the dream routines. I remember how tired I often felt, how sometimes I awoke feeling really ill and (what I called) the “flashing” in my eyes. I now know that neurons were being frantically sequestered from other tasks to cope with my new demands. The basics are now firmly implanted so hopefully, when health problems etc are resolved I'll be even more back on track.

      I was dreaming about a town and I had somehow entered a place where I sensed I shouldn't be and I was poking about in some equipment and I broke a piece off. I retreated apparently still clutching a bar of metal and decided to return to the (hall?) and replace it but I couldn't find the place again. That's a major DS for me and might have started the LD process. The dream was more vivid than usual and I remember tossing the metal into a nearby bush then thinking “I'm dreaming!”

      By now, I can keep the excitement at a reasonable level and I resolved to look around and not dash off (another first really). Then I thought “RC” (good) and decided to levitate. I had resolved to try 2 or 3 RC's and maybe suddenly change the order (further validating the lucidity) but I'm happy that I full-filled most of my training.

      I rose cautiously but started to go out of control a bit so I abandoned that and focussed on a nearby pub. It was beautifully clad in small bright green tiles and all there was a small war memorial alongside it. Then I felt the dream ending. Damn!

      I have same old 2 problems...the shortness of my LD's and the fact that they are generally at the top of the night (usually after at least 7 hours sleep + a WBTB). I assumed it was lack of melatonin but I now have 1.9mg tablets which I've occasionally taken at various times throughout the night with no effect so far. I'm going to try 2 tabs one night (although the Spanish chemist was apparently shocked when asked for 4mg tabs and, knowing how even Spanish painkillers are at higher strengths than allowed in the UK, I'm understandably cautious)

      Hopefully, the “awareness” trigger is here to stay and I can further extend the periods of awareness. So...a good result for me and maybe a sign of more to come

      P.S. I had a “romantic” dream 2 nights ago...not sex...but hey! that's over-rated (I can afford to say that at my age) But, I'd rather have a romance with a good plot than a quick “wham bam thank you DC” but can I have it lucid next time?
    14. A nightmare turned into a lucid dream

      by , 08-07-2015 at 07:37 PM
      Finally! After two weeks of trying to lucid dream once again, I finally have another one. As usual, I woke up before sunrise and went back to sleep, reminding myself to do reality checks if I dream.

      The Dream

      The dream started off as a false awakening nightmare. I was lying on my bed in the dark and there were these figures in the shadow talking about how much they hate me because all my weaknesses and insecurities. They talked about how much they hated me and that my roommates are trying to kick me out because they are starting to dislike me. Then I tell myself to stay calm - this is just a dream.

      I floated on up and out of my bed to use the bathroom. I did another reality check by looking at my hands. My fingers were deformed; it must be a dream then because my fingers aren't broken in real life. I looked into the bathroom mirror and saw that my hair was gray and my skin was wrinkly; this must be a dream since I'm much younger in real life. I jumped and try to fly, but could not - it felt too real. Next, I decided to open the closet. I tried to imagine something magical. But there wasn't: There was a teddy bear on the top rack and a glass of red wine in the lower one.

      I was apprehensive about drinking the wine since I don't know what will happen after. Why did my subconscious offer me a teddy bear and a glass of red wine? Why did I turn into an old man with deformed hands? I don't know what possessed me about I held the large wine glass with two hands, bowed to the closet, and gulped it down as though it were an antidote. I blanked out.

      Dream Signs: Looking into the mirror. Hand/finger check. Nightmare.

      Interpretation: A very literal reflection of my fears and insecurities.

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    15. LD: Bending Skills

      by , 08-06-2015 at 07:28 PM
      I got up at 3:15 and tried for a WILD. I laid there and laid there and felt the time pass and pass...until I finally saw the sky outside my window brighten. I was pretty discouraged. But this was the first morning in a long time where I was going to be able to sleep in. I finally decided that if I kept trying for a WILD, I would just stay awake. So I decided to just get into the most comfortable position and just try to sleep and hope for a DILD. I often have that happen when I can't WILD.

      As I was drifting off, I heard my dog barking. It was making me angry, because I really needed to go to sleep and not be bothered by barking. I finally got up and went outside. I was surprised to see that there were at least 6 other dogs that had gotten into the back yard. No wonder my dog had been barking. But when I looked for him I couldn't see him among the other dogs. Suddenly the yard was full of kids and teenagers. They helped me get the dogs out of the yard and would help me find my dog. As we went down the road I saw the that number of dogs had increased to about a dozen or so.

      Something about this wasn't right. And really, who were these people I was with? Could I be dreaming? It suddenly seemed much more likely that I was dreaming then walking down the road with all these random dogs and people. I took a jump up....and continued to fly.


      I very quickly remembered my goal of practicing all my bending skills. I flew to a big tree and sat on a large branch. I cupped my hands in front of me and concentrated on making fire. At first nothing happened. I wasn't too worried because fire is the easiest one for me, and I have had quite a lot of practice over the years at creating fire. So I continued to concentrate and soon saw little heat waves coming up off my hands. With a little more concentration I saw a little fire form within my cupped hands. That was good enough for me. I wanted to move on to water.

      I looked at my hands. The fire slowly faded away and in it's place I saw that my hands were filled with water. That was easier than I thought it could be. I have only one memory of water bending in all my lucid dreams and that was years ago--and that cup of water had already been on the table. So I was thrilled that the water just came to be. Now for the next part. I concentrated again on the small pool of water in my hands. Soon I saw a section of water start to snake up. I pulled it with my mind and made it twist and turn. I finally made it head to my mouth where I drank it all down (that had been my plan all along--and it was quite satisfying--the more interaction with the water, the better, I say). I then saw Jeff next to me. He said he was hot. I filled my hands with water again, and this time focused on it until it became ice. It was not quite solid, still kind of slushy, but still intact enough for me to pick it up with one hand and give it to Jeff. He seemed happy with it so I moved on.

      I saw that I was in the park next to the airport. I flew over to the fence and saw some small rocks sitting on the fence. I concentrated until those pebbles floated over and into my hands. I then formed a dust devil and those rock went swirling up into the very small dust devil in my hands.

      I felt very satisfied that I had been able to do all four elements.
      At this point I think I had a false awakening. Or I lost lucidity.

      I was in what was supposed to be my backyard. I was looking at my tomato plants. I noticed that I had a lot of ripe tomatoes. Many more than I had remembered seeing before. I then noticed that my squash plants were also covered in these big cool looking squash, some orange and other pink with green on one end. As excited as I felt seeing all the squash, part of me started doubting. Again, I decided that there was more chance of me being in a dream than all these squash suddenly growing in my yard (had I even planted squash this year?). No, I was dreaming again. And that was okay.

      I suddenly thought about all the bending I had just done. I wasn't quite finished. I wanted to make a bigger dust devil. I concentrated on the ground in front of me and made a 6-7 foot dust devil appear. At first it was just made from random dust and debris. But then I wanted to be creative. I used my mind to lift some reddish colored sand at the base of the dust devil. I watched as it started to swirl slowly up the dust devil. It was so fascinating that I did it again with more sand. Then again. The dust devil had all these swirling stripes, spinning and spinning. I focused again and made the patterns even more complex. It was beautiful, intricate, and so symmetrical. I was in awe.

      But then I remembered my next goal which was to summon some new music by Angels and Airwaves. I had been wanting to do this for a while. I hadn't been successful the last time. I hope to be this time. I saw Daniel next to me. I asked him if he had a radio or music player of sorts. He said yes, and pulled out this funny orange and yellow colored box. He pushed a button and music started playing. I told him I needed to hear some Angels and Airwaves...but not just any old Angels and Airwaves, but something new. Something they hadn't created yet. He messed around with it. Several more songs came on, but none of it was what I was looking for.
      Then the dream faded. And I couldn't get back.
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