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    1. Kittens, Study, and Travel

      by , 10-29-2017 at 05:26 AM
      I was working in the backroom of a retail store. My boss, Casey**, was there and we were the only two. There were two openings in the backroom the led into caverns. Casey wanted me to retrieve some kittens from the cavern. I do not remember what happened exactly when I was in the cavern but I do remember that I was able to acquire the kittens. The kittens were very intelligent and were able to learn tricks. We really liked having them around.

      In a later dream fragment, I was attending college in England. I don't know why but they had to assign me to a girls dorm. I arrived late at night and my dorm mates were already asleep. The funny thing is, it wasn't so much a dorm as it was a two-story duplex. The place I was staying in consisted of a living room and a bathroom. We were to sleep on mattresses on the floor. There were two girls staying with me and they were already asleep. I was afraid of how they'd respond when they found a guy in their dorm. There was a mattress waiting for me. I walked over to it, lied down and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up before the girls did and looked around the room. The walls were wooden and the floor was covered with a purple shag carpet. Our dorm overlooked a beach and the big windows gave us a clear view. My roommates woke up soon after. One was surprised to find a guy sleeping in their dorm but the other explained that I would be staying with them. The took a moment to examine me and commented that I was "hot." Apparently, they were both warming up to the idea of having an "attractive" male in their dorm. I don't know why but this made me uneasy.

      I left to use the bathroom then came back out to find that they were listening to a song by Slipknot (I don't remember which one). They were curious as to what the meaning of the song was and so I began to explain it to them. I woke up before I was done explaining.

      **Casey (not her real name) is my boss IRL though we I actually work at the mall, not a retail store.
    2. May 16, 17, & 18 2015 Dream Girls, Flight with DC over England; Beautiful Aurora!; RC miss,Wait! RC!

      by , 05-21-2015 at 10:31 PM
      < Don't worry, you don't have to read the whole thing to comment >

      Sat, 16 May 2015:

      SSILD: maybe I was already asleep because when I thought I was still trying to get to sleep, I was noticing how the things I was imagining were folding into my HI's. I was having unusual control over them or influence of the HI's so maybe a short NREM stage. I lost track of my awareness though until a little later.
      I am in a home setting that is unfamiliar when I look back from waking perspective recording this dream. I'm in a family room and my son and his girlfriend and others are there including members of my extended family. At some point I seem to be losing clothes and end up in my underwear. It seems like my son's girlfriend is trying to go look at my junk bouncing around in my underwear. I don't want my son to see that so I move behind the couch. At one point everyone starts looking at me like I did something wrong and my first thought is what did I do?
      But then I realized this is a dream scenario! I am dreaming! My son's girlfriend comes over to me as I'm sitting on a chair and leans over me and I can see down her blouse . her breasts seem smaller than in waking life, though I'm only guessing, because I've never seen her naked of course…except in dreams that is. The previous one with her started off non lucid and I felt so guilty! Some of those feelings came in here but I mentally reminded myself that this is just a dream. (Memory gap) we are driving in the van with openings between the two front seats and my wife is getting frisky
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      and this cute lady in a short skirt is in the backseat pretending that she is sleeping but I can see her eye slightly peeked open.
      I think of her joining in and regain my lucidity . (memory gap) I'm in a new house and there is a lady actually it's the same lady from the backseat and she has a baby in arms and a little girl who is maybe 5 to 7 years old. I talk to the baby and wonder if I disturbed his sleep. I have lost my awareness again. ( memory gap) she's going home and she is outside of her door holding the baby carrying something else and trying to deal with her little girl and I asked her if she needs help. she says sure and brightens up her smile and tells me to come on in!

      this is when I realize I'm dreaming again and get my awareness back. she is sitting on a chair and her short skirt alluringly and the kids are now gone. start
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      before another memory gap. A guy brings me outside and wants to show me something. We take off flying. He says we are passing over England and Manchester City. I look over at him and it is my son.

      We are flying together high up in the sky. I wonder if we are high enough that I can see the shape of the British Isles and after moments of looking for it I am suddenly in a blank space with a solitary standing elephant-dude figurine. Primarily colored in soft blue and white.

      Several memory gaps, perhaps my awareness work needs to be stepped back up during the day and have come to rely on the G + C combination which I did not take this night. I really wanted to be lucid tonight because I wanted and natural lucid dream before my next G experiment the next night. On the other hand I am hopeful that this could be some sign of "breaking down the wall" that Thomas Yuschak speaks of. #323

      Sun, 17 May 2015:
      *Longish dream+DILD: we are in some foreign country, possibly India and I am waiting in our vehicle at a small airport drop off area and the doors are locked but after a little while people start trying to open the doors and before long many people are trying to open the doors. one guy gets in and then lets another in and soon the truck is packed. It is like a van sized SUV. One last guy crams in and I thought he was going to sit on top of me or something but he went crawling to the back. I was in the front passenger seat. one of the guys that got in started driving. He seems to be the patriarch of this family and he is driving too fast and I told him to be careful driving so close to the other cars. I asked him what is going on, why is everyone so frantic? he says that the Muslims want to vote (so I assume that they are protesting and rioting). I think to myself why were they not allowed to vote? This goes into a false awakening where all of the people in the van and some additional people are in a big room sleeping and people are starting to get up and wake up and I notice how dark it is. I asked couple of girls near me why is everyone getting up? What time do you go to bed? And one answered sometimes 12 or 1 and then I realized I asked the wrong question. what time do you usually wake up? and she answered around 8. I see a clock or somehow know that it's 6 a.m. and I ask why is everyone getting up at 6 a.m. then? No answer, but some one by the window says but there is an aurora borealis happening right now. I say "well I'll get up for that!" I go to the window where they are peeking through the blinds. aluminum style 1 inch or 1 and half inch blinds. I look up and all of the clouds in the sky seem to be glowing a little bit but I don't see what he's referring to at first and then I notice the lower set of clouds closer to the horizon are glowing more so and the colors are undulating. As I look more, it gets more impressive!

      I say out loud this must be a dream! Somebody sees react like yeah yeah. I try to look at my hands but it is too dark in the room although it does look like there is something about my hands I moved to the nose pinch RC can do it several times to be sure
      before I think about starting to mount various women in front of all these people. I'm able to breathe through my pinched nose and I lookout after night display some more. it is so beautiful! Let's start shooting back and forth across the sky along with a laser gun sound effect that is interesting but the lights are so beautiful! After a while of looking at it i turn my attention to looking for a suitable mate and walk through the room passing several girls that are too young including a little blonde girl . I see a beautiful girl, probably 20's, holding the hands of two younger girls and leading them into a room.
      Spoiler for BEWARE-negative schema (but resolved). NOT sexual content:
      I decide I will just fly up through the roof and I do! This leads me to a series of different scenes all seemingly underground with no windows but some more interesting than others. one was wide open and what would look like maybe a big space station somewhere on a planet perhaps

      and I spend a bit of time flying quickly through there enjoying flying indoors. At one point I came to somewhat of a dead end but there was an opening that led to a very dark hallway and I wasn't interested in exploring that way

      so I turned around and flew some more and eventually I fly into another scene. This next one was full of DC's. They all look like military or worker guys in dark blue jumpsuits

      and I think about how in the podcast Sensei talks about how in some place, some powers don't work and sure enough here I don't have all of my normal dream super powers. I take a few swings at two of the guys and they kind of laugh at me. one guy takes me by the arm almost as if I'm being arrested or at least taken out of there. he's a boisterous guy that seems like a bit of an asshole . we look across the room and theres is a guy dressed a little differently, dressed like a movie star in casual attire. the guy who grabbed my arm says that guy is an asshole. As we approach I feel like messing with them and I start to say hey this guy says you're an... But the guy fills in and says something like yeah he is a whole lot of something trying to playoff what he really said about him using words that sounded a bit like what he really said, "a whole." I chime in and said no he called you an asshole. I think I'm forgetting some parts but at some point
      I feel myself back in bed and with a strong urge to reposition myself off of my sore left shoulder. After trying to stay still for a few minutes I eventually have to turn over and maybe I waited too long because my shoulder is still sore. It was worth it though! #324

      empowering non-lucid: Water park amusement park bathroom mini golf. Guy kicks my wife. I fight him though he is bigger. Guy says they will break up fight if I get off him. I do but guy starts fighting me again and I quickly break his neck with head twist.

      Mon, 18 May 2015:
      Later driving into fancy neighborhood #lostMyWay trying to find my car parked outside. Became a covered area suddenly from aerial view (map?).
      Go into a big resort like place and try to pass through to get to where we are heading. #Wife #son security system starts to drop down as if I am not authorized to pass but moves back up as I back away, then down again as I approach. Finally a flying droid thing stays with me until #security arrives. He holds a fork like stick to my balls while questioning me. Must you? I ask. Later they let me go and with family back inside car
      and I think about how dream like that was...why didn't I RC? I should now! Hands hmmm...look away and look again
      ..yeah I just counted 6?...hard to see one of my fingers!
      Nose pinch yep! Tell family I'm going to take off and fly out of car a little and see youngish girl reminds me of one I saw that day. I walk up and I remember my plan to make it feel okay and remove any negative thoughts and ask the girl (brownish blonde, more blonde) to take off her clothes.
      Spoiler for Strong Sexual Content & language:
      5-6min count as 5 for contest. #325

      Late am btb: HI's to quasi dreams? Very good fantasy visualizations with GF and C and friend. Later even said time to RC...hand look 3 times but then quickly felt back in bed so didn't count as a separate LD.
    3. The Goblin King, Orpheus, and tracking down roses in China

      by , 12-09-2014 at 08:11 PM
      Speaking with Jareth, I end a sentence with "god!" A general exclamation, but that's not how he takes it. He replies, entirely serious, "Don't call me that." I didn't, but good to know your arrogance has some limits.

      I'm singing the title role of Don Giovanni, wearing a mask that covers my entire face, even my mouth. Reminds me of the McKittrick. While on stage, I switch places with someone else, identically dressed.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm swimming in a pool with a woman who's offered to grant me a wish. To do so, she tells me I must go to Thailand and walk into the jungle in a certain place until I reach an abandoned building. Here, I must draw one of two specific symbols in the dirt. It doesn't matter which one I choose, what matters is the reasoning behind my choice. Whichever I choose, she'll draw the other. She'll stand at my back, using those two symbols in some way, during which time I must not turn to look at her or communicate with her in any way. Success depends on her understanding why I made the choice I did.

      A young man runs out of a house, pursued by several women wearing black and red. Shortly afterward, inside that building, I come across three young men, and I ask, "Which one of you sprinted out of here looking like Orpheus with the Bacchae on his heels?"

      I'm looking over some photos of the new cast at the McKittrick. (Side note - last time I dreamed of Orpheus, he was in the McKittrick-as-underworld.) A new storyline has been added in. The photo I'm looking at now shows the woman at the center of that new storyline, sitting on a stool at a diner counter - sad expression, short wavy blonde wig, purple dress, purple purse on the counter. The character's female but always played by a male actor. In the background behind her, there's a man in a suit slouched in one of the booths, watching her. He's a sort of sycophant character, sleazy, untrustworthy, but entirely loyal to her in his own way.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      Edwardian England, there's a heavyset, motherly woman gently pushing a sick young woman back down into her bed, over the young woman's protests - she's feeling much better but she's having a hard time thinking straight enough to make herself understood. At this point she's just saying, "No, no." The light from the window is hurting her head, it's much too bright. I'm sympathetic about that, but mostly I'm relieved to be able to see her like this at all, relieved that she's all right and that the connection that lets us see what the other's doing is now working. I haven't seen her in some time.

      I see images representing all the other people I have those connections with, with an image representing this woman now added to the end of the line. There are maybe two dozen images here, older connections as I look back farther. The most recent image, aside from that Edwardian scene, represents someone I just saw recently in person, pleasant feelings. As I look farther back, there's one image that instantly brings up feelings of irritation - we don't keep in touch, we've never been able to understand each other, and just this brief visual reminder of her brings up that old frustration. There's a few places where an image should be there but isn't - the woman whose death I dreamed of recently, the roses that turned to ash. And at the other end of the line, the very first two: the first, a woman with a long red braid, a sword in her hand, standing in a snow-covered forest. The second, a more symbolic image - a variety of colorful butterflies hanging in the air against a dark background, two trees just barely visible in the darkness. And a little bit apart from the last of those images, a simple black image to represent me.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm lying on my back in a field hospital in 20th century China. There's a young woman treating me, wearing a uniform, with her hair tied up in two braids. I've been enjoying speaking with her. I haven't been enjoying whatever's in that IV. I'm thinking about the woman mentioned in that previous scene, with the roses turning to ash.

      Still in China, I'm in a small boat that a middle-aged man is steering by pole. I've hired him to take me and an old woman back to her hometown, though it's been flooded and abandoned for a very long time. The old woman doesn't live in the present anymore. Her hometown is the place where I last saw that woman with the roses, though that was a long time ago and I don't know if I'll be able to find anything useful there. I haven't been back to this part of the world since before this area was flooded. I focus on the ruins of a building I recognize, as the boat passes underneath.
    4. The mission comes first

      by , 11-26-2014 at 09:16 PM
      I'm flirting with this young woman. A while ago, me and Julia had this mission that required us to help her. I think of her as sort of coltish - she's got an unbelievable amount of power and no idea what to do with it, aside from awkwardly trying to help the people around her. Incredibly endearing to watch. Afterward we'd gone back to England, but now I'm back in America. Julia didn't come this time, and I said it's because she's busy with her music right now, which is true. But the main reason I'm here on my own is because our mission might require this girl's death. Julia doesn't know, and I don't want her to have to be involved - she likes this girl, we both do.
    5. Florence

      by , 10-19-2014 at 08:48 PM
      I'm someone playing cards with three other guys, and one of them mentions the (some surname beginning with T) manuscript. It's this anonymous collection of old medical notes. A few copies have been made of it, but it was never published, so it's very rare. I tell them a bit about that manuscript - I love having the chance to do so, I enjoy sharing stories from the past a great deal.

      During the war, it was an open secret that T. was seeing a certain woman. He always used a nickname when he mentioned her to others, but everyone knew. (As I'm saying this, I'm seeing an image of myself playing cards with T. in the past, much like the scene with these men now, both of us in uniform; and then an image of that woman walking down a street.) And she'd often go to his room to make use of his typewriter. (I'm seeing a typewriter that doesn't actually make sense for this time period.) For whatever reason, when he left to return to England those notes she'd been working on were mixed in with his typewriter and his other things. He didn't make it back to England of course, and when his things were eventually recovered, that anonymous manuscript was naturally associated with him. But the identity of the author of the T. manuscript is Florence Nightingale.

      This doesn't get the reaction from the other card players that I'd been hoping for - I get some odd looks but mostly they just seem bored. They change the subject, talking about pharmaceuticals. I'm disappointed - I'm reasonably certain Florence is still a household name, recent enough and well-known enough that I'd thought they would find this interesting, even though they were all born well after her death. It's always an isolating feeling when this happens - no one much cares about old dramas. But at least they only see it as the eccentricity of a history buff, and I don't have to worry about them seeing me as a threat.

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    6. Fragments

      by , 09-22-2014 at 09:21 PM
      A flood warning in Boston - they expect the buildings around the harbor to be under three feet of water. Evacuation is recommended.

      Post-apocalyptic setting, there's a human doctor taking care of a human-looking robot going by the code name Rabbit. It has black stitches in a ring around its throat. It put them there itself - they're decorative.

      Late 19th century England, two immortals dressed all in white are talking. "Just defend (this place)." "Domi, this is a terrible plan."

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. Dyson and a duet in a garden

      by , 09-20-2014 at 08:32 PM
      England in the 1940s or so, I'm disembodied and watching a man and a woman singing a duet in a garden. Both of them are thinking about a man named Dyson. They were friends when they were younger, but he left the country years ago and they haven't heard from him since; in their memories, he's a sort of ideal. I'm thinking how disappointed they would be if they were to see him now.

      When their song's over, they talk with the people who'd been listening. The woman who'd been singing is speaking to a particular man, very wealthy, and hinting that she's expecting him to invite her along to a particular event. But although they clearly have some kind of history, he finds this suggestion laughable - he hardly even thinks of her as a woman. I'm surprised, since I'd just been thinking about how beautiful she is - the dream image had zoomed in on her profile as she was talking to him, and I'd been admiring the curve of her nose, the softness of her hair. Very beautiful. But the man walks off with most of the others - they're heading back toward the house. The man she'd been singing with comes up to her and says he saw her talking to that wealthy guy, and how they seem to get along well. She says, "Sure do."

      My POV turns around, not following them - I'm focusing on the opposite direction. On a hill overlooking the garden, there's a man who'd been hiding among the trees and bushes, watching them. This is Dyson.
    8. A weird, recurring day in England

      by , 08-08-2014 at 11:33 AM
      I was in England. A lot of songs were being sung coming from a loud speaker, almost as if it were to distract you from something. Sounded kind of like propaganda. Trains; many trains carrying hundreds of spoons and forks, some carrying pork, all in Ziploc bags. One of the songs that was constantly sung was about spoons and forks, which sounded kind of like it was from CK2. Another was about Porkwood, whatever that is, and had a horse angry guy singing it. "Porkwood, Porkwood, it's good for you. Porkwood, Porkwood, [something else]. Porkwood, Porkwood, [another thing]. We sing our mighty tune!" I also remembered the spoon and fork song, but I forgot it now.

      I also remember my family being in my house. At some point in the dream, I remember seeing a Vietnam-War-esque army base, close to a jungle. It might have been a flashback. I also remember having to work with a powerful cop, then when he got to my basement, he turned on me, stated that I knew too much, and proceeded to order the soldiers that came with him to kill my entire family, as they went downstairs to the basement on their own, for some reason. I would then fail in killing him, and probably die (I forgot what would actually happen to me). I would then respawn at the point where I had to work with the cop. This time, it was a different cop, but the exact same thing happened. This kept recurring until the dream eventually ended. The excuse for it may have been time travel on my part. I should have realized that this was a dream then.
    9. Non-Powered Slayer Working in England

      by , 09-18-2013 at 02:31 PM
      09-18-2013 -- Running around in England, half with a local girl, half with my friend BC, who has decided she wants to be a sort of slayer, running patrols and trying to protect the people in the area, except that she has no super strength, no powers, and really not much to defend herself with.

      So it is kind of late in the evening, and we're running around some dark, cramped, and dirty streets, some bad sections of town, and we've heard some sort of prophecy about some dangerous rocks or something, and we're running up and down these streets, looking for any trouble. But as we make our way up one street, checking the shops on both sides of the street as we move along, we reach the end, and start back down the same street.

      We get maybe two or three shops down before I realize that we checked both sides of the street on the way up ... it is wasteful for us to be checking the same street on the way down again, so I lead us through an alley to the next street over, and we start looking through it.

      There is a small sort of statuary here, and it feels like it might tie in with the rocks a little bit, but we find no sign of any bad guys. But as we keep making our way through, we start to notice some of the Adventurers Club performers around, and they are doing some sort of craft thing. I think Graham is leading it, but Philip and Joe are also here, and though Graham is kind of friendly, the other two seem a little more stuck up, like they really don't think we can do much with these crafts. Unfortunately, they may be right.

      It seems to involve taking logs (that are very quickly turning into very small twigs) and twisting and bending them into interesting shapes. We have no supplies because we didn't know we were going to be here, but I grab a small log out of a trash dumpster, and start peeling off spare branches and the like. Problem is, as things are shrinking, they are also becoming more and more brittle, and soon instead of a nicely bent up little creation, I simply have a handful of inch long twigs. I toss them aside, and get back to hunting trouble-makers.

      We run down another street, where BC kind of warns off a couple of her girlfriends, and finds some guy who is hitting on her and wanting to date her. Since it is late at night and a bad area, and all the rest, even if this guy isn't too bad, I can't help but feel that her parents are not going to be too happy about this, and as they kind of start to materialize next to me as I think about them, I'm right. They aren't happy.

      But it turns out the guy is bad, and one of the problems we expected. He pulls a knife on BC, and she knocks it out of his hand with a kick. So instead he grabs a gun, and starts to try and aim it at her, and I start running for the scene. He's rather incompetent, and his first couple of shots miss, but he is getting closer and closer, making dodging more and more difficult. Meanwhile, the gun is getting bigger and bigger. What started out as a pistol or revolver first grows into more of a rifle or shotgun, then some sort of very large mounted gun, perhaps about 12 feet long, with about a 90 mm diameter gun barrel that the thug is only aiming ... his partner on the other end has to 'pull the trigger' so to speak.

      BC is trying to throw herself in front of this thing, to protect others, not realizing she is the one who needs protection, and I am trying desperately to get there first. I know she has no powers, but I just have this feeling that if I focus on it correctly, I can sort of adapt my bad luck to turn it into bad luck for others. I manage to shove BC out of the way, and throw myself in front of the barrel, and there is a loud sort of crack as the guy shoots. The huge shell explodes through the barrel and reaches me at the end, and ... nothing happens for a few seconds.

      The crook aiming the gun sort of looks at me like 'Huh?' but his partner realizes that all that energy is going to have to go somewhere, and turns around and starts to bolt! Seems like a good idea to me, and I throw myself at BC, trying to cover her from the explosion as the large gun blows to bits, taking the thug who was aiming it with him.

      BC's parents are there almost immediately, laying into their daughter and having it out with her about this foolish idea, while I can't help but think that just because we took out one or two thugs doesn't mean that there is no more trouble around here. I start to look around and find indications of more problems, but as I try to get BC's attention, she doesn't seem to be interested, anymore.

      So I wander over to a small shop where I hear voices raised, and find four elderly American tourists laying into a Middle Eastern looking fellow, about the evil thing that he was just doing. Somehow they don't seem to realize that he could do evil things to them. Meanwhile, he is crouching over a large barrel of water, and as he works with it, the swarthy coloring seems to be washing off of him, and he turns out to be a pasty white Englishman who has been disguising himself as a Middle Eastern guy to hide his identity. And since they know this, they are in trouble.

      He is reaching for the first of them, seemingly about to strange him, when I jump in and grab him. His three partners are also approaching. I start to wrestle with the guy, and the four old tourists keep telling him off, and I stare at them in amazement before telling them to shut up and run, before one or more of them get hurt. They finally seem to realize they are in danger, and start to scatter. Three of their fellows follow, as I wrestle with the fourth, but it takes me a couple of minutes for me to put him down, and I only succeed when I break off one of his hands and leave him in a crumpled heap on the ground.

      I start down the alley that the tourists ran down, followed by the other three crooks, but I am a couple minutes behind, and am afraid I will lose them, so I leap into the air and try to fly, hoping I will move really fast and be able to catch up. Unfortunately, while I can kind of float, I have no speed, and it might be even a tad slower than running. I can't see any of them (the crooks or tourists), until I finally run into a sort of Arab laundry or something (or at least something pretending to be), and find one of the bad guys, who becomes no problem as I quickly break off his thumb. Then I wake up. Fun dream.
    10. Driving in England and Sleeping in a Church

      by , 07-20-2013 at 02:07 AM
      07-16-2013 -- I find myself driving around in Cambridge, England (at first) though slowly it morphs to London, England. I have no map, I just seem to know the general layouts of the streets from all my past dreams here. While I am still in Cambridge, I find myself thinking I might go visit Diane Farrow for a bit (the person who provided a room for me while I spent a sememster studying in England). I think she is just a couple blocks away, but as I am traversing those couple blocks, the shift to London occurs.

      I am soon driving up a hill in a little yellow car, but end up having to stop because there is a lorry sprawled across the roadway unloading Subway sandwiches for the large church we are driving past, but doing so very slowly. I am considering trying to back up out of the area, but a huge tractor trailer has pulled up behind me, and he is already trying to back up, and pulverising a couple of parked cars in the process, so I think I'd just better wait a bit. Soon the Bobbies have arrived, and are threatening the unloaders to get a move-on, so things finally start to clear up.

      As I head further up the hill and prepare to make a right turn from the right lane I am in to the right lane of the street I am turning on, I am mentally congratulating myself for remembering to drive on the left. [I'm not, I'm driving on the right but calling it the left. But so is everybody else in the dream, so eh ....] Soon I have parked the car (in London? Now I know I am dreaming) and am walking along on foot, considering inexpensive things like walking tours, since I have somehow made this trip to England with almost no money. Dale has found a church where they will let us sleep in the pews at night, but right now it is the middle of the day, and they are about to provide a meal.

      There are some odd theme park-like queue lines that involve climbing up and around scenery, and somehow Dale has gotten several places ahead in line, and I am trying to catch up. Oddly, somebody behind me in the line starts to cut my hair, trimming out the oddly dyed pink bits that I somehow know I got in another dream, even if I can't remember such a dream.

      I'm now around the back side of the church, wandering around two or three large buildings, and the queues have dispersed and Dale is not in sight, so I am trying to figure out where to go. The building directly ahead of me somehow looks a bit too fancy to be where destitute tourists would eat, so I keep walking, and soon find myself right behind a guard who seems to be preparing for a visit from the queen, and is really starting to question my presence here. He eventually sics a large German Shepherd on me, and I end up wrestling with the dog, but he doesn't really try to hurt me, just chews on my hand a little bit, and is a friendly sort ... to me.

      Soon I find I have circled the entire building, and am back near the posh entrance that I doubted was the right one. This time I continue up to the entrance and find myself in a sort of buffet line, being offered all kinds of meat that might be somewhat common in England, but it much less so in America, such as venison, lamb and the like. But I never do catch up with Dale.
    11. Neville and Poker, Midget Wrestling, and England Travels

      by , 07-20-2013 at 02:02 AM
      07-15-2013 -- I am standing around Fullerton College, visiting with people and talking to Neville Longbottom. He needs to find a way to make money, and somebody suggests a high-stakes poker game, but he declines, saying he knows how they collect what they are owed if you lose money, and he needs all his limbs, thank-you-very-much! I try to make a joke, saying maybe he ought to try testing new drugs. I did, made a lot of money, and it never had any effect on me, ::spasm, seizure, drool:: but it falls flat. Never was very good at telling jokes.

      Unfortunately, talking about the tough guys seems to bring them about, and they are suddenly after us, even without losing in any high-stakes poker matches. In the process of running from them, we find ourselves in the world of the Wheel of Time, being chased by dark friends as we try to both protect and limit some of the control of the Aes Sedai, while behind us there is a ring where midget wrestling is going on. I don't know why, but every single midget hates every single non-midget, and they are all trying to attack us every chance they get, while we defend ourselves as best we can while trying to ensure nobody gets seriously hurt.

      Eventually I escape from that mess, and do a little travel that leaves me arriving in a small sea port where there are lots of small stalls selling sea-related items like carp and sardines and nets and things. There is also a huge six-floor branch of Harrod's, which seems tremendously out of place in this tiny harbor. I am considering going inside and looking for travel guides, which I have decided I want to collect. Soon I have moved inland a little bit, and find myself standing on a slight slope leading to the entrance of some ancient stone works, or perhaps some kind of coal mine, and somehow I know I am somewhere in Gloughchester or Glastonbury or some such area in England.
    12. Doctor Who and the Amusement Park

      by , 05-16-2013 at 05:56 AM
      1-16-2011 -- Will try to remember more of start if I can. First part I can remember at the moment is that I am with the 10th Doctor, and we're on a highway in England. Drivers have been getting killed, and we're trying to figure out how and why and what is happening. We've just come across one woman who looks like Margaret Thatcher, and she's dying, not dead yet, but she is in the last few seconds. The Doctor sees a slight white spot on her face, almost like the red dot of a laser sight, and suddenly she is dead.

      We're almost following a sort of list of the people who are going to die. We've been told ahead of time, but we can't really do anything about it. We just know who, right in their last few seconds. We continue on, splitting up a bit. I suddenly find myself near another woman who is dying, and I am trying to position myself so that I can attempt to block the little white dot, yet I don't want it to get me, either. This time the woman is dying, but it is a very slow process. I'm trying to think of any way to help her or save her, but nothing comes to mind.

      She is just laying there, having a slightly hard time breathing, barely able to mutter anything, getting closer and closer to death. It takes her about 15 minutes to die, with nothing happening the entire time, except her laboured breathing. Then she finally passes, and I gently close her eyes. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking that this episode has now officially been padded to make it a two-parter, because 15 minutes of watching a person barely breath while nothing happens is very boring television.

      The Doctor and I continue on, and we've soon moved into a sort of a wilderness area. The Doctor has been talking to some people, and somehow teleports away to another place, saying he'll be back, and asking us to see what we can find here. I find myself looking at some scruffy guys standing around talking, and one of them is using the Doctor's sonic screwdriver. I know I also have my own version of the sonic screwdriver, but I don't know any of these people, and I don't think they trust me much, even though I came with the Doctor.

      The guy who seems to be in charge of things says to follow him, and starts walking down the path. He seems to think we might be followed or something, so he is doing things like randomly change directions, or double back on his own path, or loop around in odd patterns, but since the area is a wide-open meadow, I don't get why. Anybody watching could see everything he does, anyway. But we all follow the same odd path, and I'm telling myself unlikely as it seems, there might be something I can't see which causes him to act this way.

      He leads us for a bit, and eventually we come to what seems to be an old, beat up, abandoned computer lab. There are maybe 20 or 30 tables with twice as many computers sat on them. The cases have been torn open, they are being salvaged for parts, and there is no electricity in this place, anyway. The guy starts messing with some of the wires in one of the computers, and is talking about what a great engineer he is, and he manages to make a small bit of land (perhaps about an acre) tear out of the ground and float maybe 50 feet into the air for a couple of seconds before it drops back down. But that's all he can do with it.

      A second group calls out that they have managed to do the same thing, and proudly cause another small bit of land to rise for a few seconds. But again, they cannot make anything else happen. I ask "What if you both concentrate on the same plot at the same time? Maybe either the concentration of power or the conflict of the two separate forces will change something?" The engineer dude that has been in charge points me at another of the cases, and urges me to tear in and try my idea. "Um ... I'm afraid I'm more of a software guy, myself," I tell him. "I know nothing of wiring and engineering." He's utterly disgusted with me, and writes me off as a total loss.

      So we've been here for a little while, and he suddenly asks where some girl is, just as she walks into the area. As she enters she has a different name (that I can't remember) than she does later in the dream. Something about the timing of wondering about her right as she shows up worries me, but I ignore it.

      The guy pulls out a map, and begins to lead us on a path to the east. We're walking along, and somehow I now have the map, and we're following the others, but I'm getting a little bit behind. As I do, the girl glances at the map, and glances around the area, and asks "What's missing?" I look, and can't see anything missing. She asks again "What's missing?" like it is a vitally important question, so I start looking around. To the south, I see vaguely medieval looking buildings. I compare them to the map, and the rough forms match up with the map pretty well. Further east, where the others have continued on, goes off the end of the map, but nothing is missing, it is just off the scope of the area the map covers. Then I look to the north.

      There is a bit of a fenced in area, where it is hard to see what is inside, but when I look on the map, it doesn't show anything there. That's what's missing. We find a gap in the fence, and push our way through. I find myself looking at a very small and very rickety corkscrew roller coaster. It's like a kids version of a coaster, with a smaller coaster train that only little kids could fit into, and at the highest points, it doesn't get more than 20 or 25 feet in the air. And yet it is a real corkscrew coaster, with three or four inversions visible around the place. And it is very old and half off the tracks, and very broken down.

      As I try to walk through the area, I see the corkscrew track is interwoven with some kind of flying mouse ride of about the same scale, with individual cars rather than trains on the track. Somehow these things are still running, but very slowly. I am trying to walk through the area, while dodging the vehicles. With the flying mouse, it is easy, but the corkscrew trains are much harder, and the space is so limited. At one point I misjudge things, and get hit by one of the corkscrew trains, but it is running so slowly and weakly, that nothing happens except it causes the train to stop.

      There doesn't seem to be anything else to discover in this small section, so the girl and I head a little further north, ducking out of this wooden-fenced area, and then finding a way to enter the next fenced area, which is surrounded by the easy to see through chain link fence. As we're looking in, we find ourselves looking at what seems to be a carnival set-up. The kinds of rides you carry on the back of a truck, small booths to sell cotton candy and the like, carnival stuff. The girl is really excited, and goes running inside. I follow just slightly slower, and lose sight of her.

      Unfortunately, I only get a few yards in, when a gang of toughs start to show themselves. They are quietly ranting and raving about how bad their universe is, how everything is falling apart, and how the world is coming to an end. And they are very firm about the fact that it is all Michael Eisner's fault, with what he did to Disney. And since he's an American, and I'm an American, they are going to take it out on me. They advance on me, and I'm trying to back away, but they've got me surrounded. They are trying to stick me with needles and drug me, and I feel the pricks as they succeed.

      I'm desperately trying to get away, and manage to stumble back out of the section, but they keep following me, and I am getting more and more dizzy, and am starting to fall to the ground. The girl is back, but the others are ignoring her, and she is just standing over me, leering. I start calling out for her help, just calling her name a few times, but she does nothing but grin at me. I'm just crying out "Pepper ... Pepper ... Pepper ...." as I pass out ... and wake up.
    13. Fighting Demons and Meeting David Tennant and his Bat'leth Again

      by , 05-15-2013 at 03:10 PM
      Posted this many months ago, but through some sort of forum glitch, it was replaced with a different dream that was already listed. And since it was a good one, I wanted to make sure it was still available on here:

      11-25-2012 -- At a hotel somewhere like New York or something, and interacting with Xander Harris (Buffy the Vampire Slayer character). I think we're busting into different rooms and killing demons or something. Very fast, very violent, and a lot of dusting going on. We're on the top two floors of the hotel, the penthouse and just below, and going back and forth between floors a lot to be sure we get everybody.

      I guess we eventually finish, because I soon find myself exiting the hotel. Its still either New York or maybe downtown Orlando. Orlando would make more sense, since I run into Bonnie C waiting for a bus. We end up walking and talking for a bit, just chatting and hanging out, then I end up driving off. I'm not sure if I am in a car or maybe on a segway ... things keep shifting. I find myself driving along a wharf near a medium-sized ship.

      There are some cops nearby, and I am trying to stop, and really having problems with it, but they don't seem to care enough to go chasing after me, which is nice. Somehow I lose control of what is becoming more a segway all the time, and end up plowing right into the water and under the boat, right as it is starting to pull out. I'm being sucked under it, and having to avoid any damage from the propellers, or getting pulled into its wake, only to discover it is some kind of simulator, and not a real boat, so there really isn't too much danger.

      I soon exit, dripping wet, into a gift shop, where I drop a bunch of cheap trinkets while I try to talk to the cashier, and make sure I've avoided any trouble. Soon I walk out of the shop and find myself in downtown London, and it feels a lot like some of my older dreams shortly after my semester studying in England.

      As I walk down the block, I run into David Tennant, who is dressed like the Doctor, but isn't playing him right now. We're standing next to a somewhat decrepit old building, and he is holding a large, double Klingon Bat'leth (kind of like the double pick from Stealing Creation in Runescape) which almost seems to be made out of plexiglass. He is using it almost like a pick-axe to sort of 'mine' the building.

      The first time he does this, he manages to pull out a very cool looking black cat figurine with emerald eyes. The second time he doesn't come up with anything, but the third time he manages to free a gorgeous half-nude blonde in an odd bikini-ish outfit. He just kind of dusts her off and sends her on her way, but she is very hot!

      I ask him if he is doing anything the next couple of months, then cringe and blush and say "That came out very, very wrong. Are you performing in a play anywhere over the next couple of months, since I'm in town and could get a ticket!" He isn't, but its still cool to get to hang out with him for a bit and shoot the breeze while he brings down buildings and finds treasure in his spare time.
    14. Fighting Demons and Meeting David Tennant and his Bat'leth

      by , 12-30-2012 at 04:23 AM
      11-27-2012 -- I've been dealing with several different sorts of jobs throughout this dream, including security work, courier stuff and mystery shopping, all kind of mixed together. Hey it all involves some driving around. I soon find myself in the office being told off by somebody who is either Laurie or perhaps Sheila S., and they are yelling me up one side and down the other, blaming me for late deliveries and the like, threatening to fire me if delivery speeds don't pick up.

      The problem is, the delays that are making things late are all their fault, and I soon find myself on the edge of just screaming back at them. But I know if I do, I'll be fired on the spot, so I am trying desperately to hold my temper. I fear if I open my mouth, I may quit before they have a chance to fire me!

      So finally, I just grab a list of 'deliveries' (which are in fact a bunch of seeds to be planted) and head for the door. John (Courier Express) tries to stop me on the way out, and tells me I'm not doing so bad, the others are just over-reacting, and tells me to just get out there and plant these as quickly as I can. AAUUGGHH!!

      I need to get 11 seeds planted, or maybe it is 15, as fast as I can. I am wearing my balloon apron, but instead of balloons, it is stocked with seeds. The first plot I come to is a square, right outside the office, not an allotment patch. I think I plant some kind of tree. Just a few steps away is the ectovial farm patch, and I think I plant watermelons there. (This is a spot that has been in several dreams recently.)

      I sort through the other seeds, and I've got seeds for maple and willow trees, flowers, all kinds. I'm walking along the side of a road that seems familiar from other dreams, and it is almost more like Farmville than Runescape. Several of the patches that I am walking by have been pulled up by the city, because it has been so long since the last time I dealt with these. One of the patches, near the entrance of a park, is hard and rocky. It has really dried out, and might need some real work to get it back in shape. Another seems to have been entirely paved over. I'm avoiding cars and motorcycles entering the park as I clear weeds from other patches and start to replant them.
    15. The Blonde Mechanic and the English Thug Van Thief

      by , 12-20-2012 at 08:21 PM
      12-18-2012 -- I am out driving, probably for a very long time, and very cross country. I find myself arguing with a friend about state borders and rivers and stuff like that, well into a very long trip. We eventually end up in Casselberry, on 17-92, just north of 436. I turn in to a business park or shopping center on the East side of the street, running an errand or just arguing with somebody or something.

      When I eventually come back out, it is to a very nice sedan convertible. Couldn't tell you what kind, but very nice, attractive, beige model. I climb into the car, turn into traffic, and head south. By this point I am alone for the moment. I crank up the stereo, and have the music running through my head. [I might have woke humming it, but I am not sure.]

      The brakes are not working perfectly, very soft, not much stopping power (noticing a trend here in my dreams?) and the car keeps pulling to the left. I am driving in the center of three lanes, but keep finding myself drifting into the left lane. I decide I have to do something about this. I soon find myself heading north on a narrow street, pulling up to a garage or service station.

      At this point, I have the convertible, and also a large gray van, very much like the A-Team van, or the one my roommate Randy drives. It is a very old van. I find myself talking to the repair woman, who is a gorgeous blonde, kind of looks like Julie Musante (first couple of images) from the Ministry of Peace on Babylon 5, a woman about whom Ivanova commented "Captain, I think you are about to go where everyone has gone before."

      She is telling me the van is very old, probably from the 70s, and it is going to take at least two days just to check over the thing and see what kind of condition it is in. The convertible will be much quicker. I ask why, and she explains, but I can't remember anything of the explanation. I am thinking of trying to hit her up for a date, when there is a yell from outside.

      I step out to the curb, just do see Dale yelling, and the van disappearing around a corner. Somebody has stolen it. We climb into the convertible, and start to give chase. We head perhaps a quarter of a mile south, and turn west on a side street the van turned on, and I realize we're in England, so I turn onto the left side of the road, while reminding Dale to remind me of the proper side of the road to drive on here. In the process, we almost hit the van, which turns off of the side street, and is heading south on the street we just turned off of.

      We travel maybe 2/10 of a mile down the side street to find a place we can turn around, then make it back to the main street and head perhaps another half mile south before we turn east on another side street, where we find the van parked on the north side of the street, in a driveway, on the diagonal. We pull in behind it to block it, and find two things.

      One side of the van has already been painted a baby blue, as the thief tries to change it enough that people wont recognize it, and we are facing a large, thuggish punk who doesn't want to give it up. I try reasoning with him, explaining I need the van. I have no job, no money, and if I have no transportation to get around and find a job, I'll starve. He tells me he is in the same position.

      He's a big, strong guy, in great shape, not a fat, out-of-shape, poor condition slob like myself, and I'm being very careful about how I speak to him, but I look at him and say surely he ought to easily be able to get work in a warehouse or digging ditches or anything like that. His reply is a surly "Don't want to." Obviously its he doesn't want a job, not he can't get one or can't do one. Accent and attitude seems rather like a stereotypical Liverpool tough from TV shows.

      Anyway, we've caught him before he can paint the van, and know where he is at, and could bring the cops, so he realizes he isn't going to get away with this, and he starts to try and make a deal, instead. He really wants a cake. If I buy a cake for him, he'll give me back the van. I don't want to buy the guy a cake, of course, but I agree because it will avoid trouble, and be a halfway easy solution.

      He leads me another block or two south on the main street, and the street turns to head west. Right on the south corner of that curve, he leads me to a very dirty, very dingy bakery. We walk in, and the place is a mess. There aren't many cakes, there are a ton of people in line, and it almost looks like something out of Dickens. I am glancing at the small cakes, mostly round double layer cakes of the sort you would find in supermarkets here in the states, but they are selling for prices in the range of 38 to 45 pounds each. These are expensive bloody cakes.

      The lighting is very low, it is very dingy, and there is a very long line. I suspect I will have to wait in that line a couple of hours. I walk back outside, and decide if I have to wait that long, I am going to have a book to read, as I do so. I am glancing down the street at all the shops, figuring there has to be a bookstore somewhere. I am looking for a Chapters, but since this is England and not Canada, I probably should be looking for a Dillons or Heffers instead.
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